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Example Letter


									Example Letter
                                                                              Template letter
                                                                       Fixed Term Employees


Address 1
Address 2

Dear (first name)

Offer of Fixed Term Appointment: Emergency Staffing Scheme

The (school) Board of Trustees is pleased to offer you appointment to the fixed term position of
(position title) commencing on (date). This offer supersedes any previous negotiations,
communications and commitments whether written or oral.

If you accept this position please note that it is for a fixed term.

The position is for a fixed term and will end on (date) due to the placement being arranged
through the Emergency Staffing Scheme. The scheme arranges for pool members to be placed in
school temporarily to cover emergency staffing needs. You are aware through your role as an ESS
pool member of the purpose of the scheme and therefore the reasons for all appointments being
for a fixed term.

Further engagement

At or before the expiry date of this term of employment, we may enter into a subsequent
employment agreement by agreement. Nothing in this or any preceding correspondence, however,
should be interpreted or understood to provide any expectation that this agreement will be
renewed, or that any subsequent agreement will be entered into. Furthermore, no assurance or
arrangement for any renewal or subsequent agreement shall bind either of us unless such
assurance or arrangement is in writing signed by both parties.

Terms and conditions

A job description is attached.

Coverage of Collective Agreement

The work to be undertaken is covered by the (insert title of relevant collective agreement)
Collective Agreement (CA). The CA covers the work that you will undertake and applies to
employees who are or become members of (specify union). A copy of that CA is attached.

Advising union

If you are not already a member of (specify union) you have the option of joining the
union and being directly covered by the terms and conditions of the CA. If you want to join
the union, you should contact (provide contact name and number of local union
If you consent, I am required by law to inform the union promptly after you have started
work. Please advise me, either direct or on the acceptance form, whether you consent to
the union being informed that you have started work at this school.

If you choose to join the union, the CA applies directly to you and will continue to do so as
long as you remain a union member.

If you do not wish to join the union, joining or not joining this or any other union is your
choice, your conditions for the first 30 days of your employment will be those in the CA.
After 30 days your conditions continue to be the same (as an individual employment
agreement) unless we agree to otherwise vary them.


Please sign the enclosed copy of this letter acknowledging your acceptance of the position
(and [if not a member of the appropriate union] the Individual Employment Agreement
attached [supply appropriate IEA available from NZSTA website]).

We look forward to having you join the staff of (name of school). If you have any queries
please do not hesitate to contact me on phone (home) or (work).

Yours sincerely

(name of school) School Board of Trustees


I am pleased to accept the fixed term position of (position title) on the basis of the offer
made in this letter.

I confirm I have had the opportunity to seek appropriate independent advice.

I am/am not already a member of (name of union) (please circle appropriate wording).

I agree/do not agree (please circle appropriate wording) to you advising the union that I
have been employed by the (school name) School Board of Trustees.

Signature                                                Date

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