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									Press release
Samantha Bower – ‘Get Away'

Samantha Bower to Unleash Punk/pop antidote to Small-town Boredom
Young rocker Samantha Bower announces the release of „Get Away‟ the first single from her
upcoming debut album. „Get Away‟ is set for release on January 22 2011.

                   “Guys are stupid / girls are awesome” (S.B – Get Away)

Fragility, teenage angst, broken hearts, love dilemmas, all wrapped in rebellious ruggedness. With a
unique singing style, and a memorable emo/punk appearance, Bower is a rock girl with lots of girl
power. Raised by the likes of Sex Pistols but mainly influenced by American Punk/Rock acts such as
Blink 182, Letters To Cleo, Sum 41, The All American Rejects and All Time low - Samantha is surely
not your typical British female singer.

                  “People look at me and see me as no more than a waitress.
                   Sometimes I wish all the customers would just f*ck off”
Samantha Bower was 9 when she found out she wanted to rock. Her Father, Martin Bower, the
famous science fiction film modeller (his work include Dr. Who and the Alien & Flash Gordon films)
introduced her to some of his favourite CDs and vinyls at their home in Dorset. Samantha listened to
ZZ Top, T-Rex, The Beatles, and something happened. The loudness of the guitars and the drums,
the energy, they made her feel indestructible, and from that moment on, that feeling was the main
thing she was after.

Samantha started playing the drums at the age of 11, and by the age of 12 she was playing her kit
along to the music of Sum41 and Blink182. Something, maybe the kick ass attitude, was drawing her
to male-American-rock bands. As the years went by, Samantha turned into a proper rocker, often
misunderstood at school, often was called names, bullied, often felt completely alien among other
teens. She didn‟t fit in, and definitely didn‟t care for the other girls who were “into makeup, pink
clothes, Spice Girls, and working hard to please the boys with everything they did”.

She didn‟t care much for the Spice Girls either as “their voices were whiny, it was all fake and there
was no feeling in the music, there was no message”. Frustrated by her difficulty to fit in at school,
Samantha started playing the electric guitar - experimenting mostly with the distortion mode on her
amp - and writing songs about the things that were upsetting her. Soon after, she formed her first
band Rough Justice with two other girls and a drummer boy. And there she was, 14 years old, in a
band, smoking fags on her way back home from school. In the following 6 years she would write, and
rock, and write some more.

                “R&B is fake and doesn’t help anybody. Rock is real
                and helps you deal with problems in your life”

Now, Samantha Bower‟s moment to shine has come. And she‟s got a new band, a new single, and
soon a new album, to back her up. But it‟s not only recognition she‟s after, “I would like my music to
help girls through rough times, and give them strength, like other bands helped me through hard
times”. And as for working with a group of male musicians, she says “the band (Tim Desmond-Drums,
Danny Shwe-Bass, Kane Chandler-guitar, Jacob Krokodeilos-Keyboard) are great fun to work with”
and with that comes an additional benefit “I also get to learn a lot about what makes guys tick”.

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                   22nd of jan 2011 at iBar, Bournemouth,13th of feb 2011 at Luxe bar, London

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