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									Outdoor Furniture Built To Last
What I love about outdoor wicker furniture is that it offers the classic appearance of
traditional wicker, and is constructed to last a lifetime. Wicker furniture is also available
in a wide variety of materials but you can find pieces made from everything from wood
to rattan, the most durable type of wicker patio furniture is generally made with UV-
resistant vinyl, hand-woven over a solid aluminum frame.
Whether the wicker sofa is situated under a covered porch or patio, or directly outside,
durable vinyl construction will withstand the elements far longer than any other type of
Is it genuine willow wicker? The woven design of all weather wicker furniture is so
realistic, it's hard to tell!
All weather wicker furniture has the expensive look of wicker, without the high
maintenance upkeep. Constructed of durable plastic resin "wicker" on a natural rattan
frame, the woven design on all weather wicker furniture is so realistic, it is almost
impossible to distinguish it from actual wicker.

The bonus of buying all weather wicker furniture is that it's basically maintenance free!
Try putting a real wicker chair outside and you can quickly tell the difference. Unlike real
wicker, all weather wicker furniture is UV fade resistant and weather resistant.

First decide if you want to buy a few pieces of all weather wicker furniture, or a whole
wicker patio set. It is less expensive to buy furniture in sets, and you will find it grouped
in a variety of ways. For example, one all weather wicker furniture set may include two
wicker chairs, a wicker love seat, and a wicker coffee tables. This gives you plenty of
seating for your patio or deck.

After you decide which all weather wicker furniture pieces you want to purchase, then
you can decide on the color. Wicker is available in a wide variety of colors, although
most of them are natural and lean towards earthy tones to create that realistic willow
wicker look. Choose the color of wicker you like, white wicker furniture is the most
popular. Cushion fabrics come in a variety of motifs. Choose between stripes and solids
or patterns with various tropical themes.

Cushions for all weather wicker furniture are specially treated for weather. They are
water resistant, fade resistant and mildew resistant. Even though the cushions are treated
for outdoor use, they are still soft and comfortable. All weather wicker furniture cushions
are filled with polyester batting for a soft, supportive comfort that lasts.
Choose outdoor wicker furniture when you want the classic look of traditional wicker
without all the work.

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