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					              BE A SPONSOR
Hosted by the Rotary
Club of Lantzville in          Gold Sponsor – save $180                  $1,000
partnership with the Golf       Includes four entry fees and dinner
Canada & the Canadian           Hole Sponsorship
Cancer Society, we are          Recognition at Awards Dinner
helping build awareness         Two Golf Carts
about the fight against
breast cancer. This is a        Silver Sponsor – save $130                 $800
fun event, and it’s our         Includes four entry fees and dinner
                                Half-Hole Sponsorship
chance to help raise
                                Recognition at Awards Dinner
money for research and
                                Two Golf Carts
to assist those that have
been affected by breast         Bronze Sponsor – save $90                  $500
cancer, as well as the          Includes two entry fees and dinner
many causes that the            Half-Hole Sponsorship
Rotary Club of Lantzville       Recognition at Awards Dinner
supports.                       One Golf Cart

                             Other Sponsorship Opportunities:
   Fairwinds Golf Club
                             Your choice:
   Friday, May 6, 2011       Cart Sponsorship                              $1,250
      1:30 PM Tee-off        Putting Contest                                 $250
                             Hole in One                       Cost of insurance
   Contact: Brian Rodgers    Long drive, Men’s’ and Ladies’ – each           $250
             250 758 3059    Half Hole Sponsorship                           $250
                             KP / Fun Holes                                  $250

      Hosted by:                      Presenting Sponsors:
 Rotary Club of Lantzville

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