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					UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO                                         PETITION INSTRUCTIONS             Retain for Reference

                       All enquiries regarding petitions must be made through your college adviser.

PETITIONS: Students may petition the Faculty’s                         DEPARTMENTAL ISSUES: Matters involving
Committee on Standing for an exemption from a rule,                    term work, such as the organization of a course,
regulation or deadline of the Faculty as set out in its                grading practices or the conduct of an instructor fall
Calendar and website at      under the authority of the department or college
uate/course. In particular refer to the headings: Sessional            offering the course. Please raise such issues with the
Dates, Degree and Program Requirements, Academic Rules                 instructor of the course or the appropriate
and Regulations (Petitions and Appeals). Note, however,                departmental or college representative.
that petitioning is a serious matter. Petition decisions are
based on the validity of a request. Not all requests are
granted. If students have failed to observe deadlines, to              COUNSELLING: The college registrar’s staff is
heed warnings or to organize their academic priorities                 able to advise students regarding petition procedures
accordingly, or if they have been negligent about their                and issues. The staff is not required to support all
responsibilities, then special consideration may not be                requests and may discourage petitions that are
warranted. The petition process is not a means to salvage              unlikely to be granted due to lateness or insufficient
courses and the academic record, after the fact.                       grounds.

FILING A PETITION: Write a clear                      DEADLINES: Specific deadlines have been established for filing
and concise statement of the reasons                  petitions and will not be waived.
why compliance with the rule,                         Term Work: Petitions must be filed before the end of the examination
regulation or deadline is/was not                     period.
possible, or why special consideration                Examinations: Requests of any type regarding examinations must be
is being requested. The statement                     filed within a week of the end of the examination period. December
should be no more than two pages,                     examinations: at the end of the first week of classes in January. Do not
double-spaced in 12-point font or                     wait until the results are available to petition. Note: There is a fee
legibly hand-written. All petitions must              deferred examinations: $70.00 for one, and $140.00 maximum.
be supported by appropriate                           Late withdrawal without academic penalty/changes to the record
documentation and submitted to the                    (courses, status) Petitions must be filed within six months of the end
college registrar with this form. If                  of the session in which the course was taken or the status was earned.
documentation is not submitted within
three weeks of initiating a petition, the
                                                      Medical Documentation: The faculty will accept only the University
petition may not be accepted. Note that
                                                      of Toronto Student Medical Certificate in support of petitions that cite
it can take at least a week before the
                                                      illness as the reason for the request. A copy of the certificate is found
Committee on Standing receives a
                                                      in the Registration Handbook and Timetable, on the University of
petition from your college. Incomplete
                                                      Toronto web site at, and at various offices in
or late petitions will not be forwarded to
                                                      the University. Please read the Calendar entry, Appeals and Petitions,
the Faculty.
                                                      or refer to the Web at

RESPONSE TIME: The Committee on Standing can normally respond to most petitions within three weeks of receipt.
If incomplete documentation or an insufficient statement has been provided or documentation is delayed, the college staff
will not forward a petition to the Faculty. Please contact the college registrar with questions or concerns if a decision
seems to be unduly delayed. Petition decisions can take several weeks to be issued if they are returned to the college for
lack of sufficient information, if they need to be referred to instructors for further comment and recommendation, or if the
petition must go to a full Committee meeting. DECISIONS WILL BE SENT TO YOUR UTORONTO EMAIL ACCOUNT

For more information, please refer to the Web:
The appeals procedures are outlined on page 497 of the 2008 Calendar and on the web site shown above.
                                                                                    PETITION to the
                                                                                COMMITTEE ON STANDING

A.        PETITION OF: Student I.D. ___________________________________             COLLEGE:____________________________

          LAST NAME/FAMILY NAME                                                 FIRST NAME

          TELEPHONE # (Home): ______________________________________ (Cell):__________________________________

B.        The petition decision will be sent to your UTORONTO e-mail address only. Please activate your e-
          mail account (, if you have not done so already, and check it regularly.

          UTORONTO E-mail ADDRESS:

          NOTE: Do not forward your UTOR e-mail address to other servers which frequently fail to deliver
          forwarded mail. Non-receipt of a decision is not an acceptable reason for further special consideration,
          petitions or appeals.

C.        Date Petition Filed: _________________________ You are responsible for submitting a statement and
          full and official supporting documentation with your petition. See E & G. below. If the College permits you
          to submit an incomplete petition you will be given a maximum of 3 weeks to provide the documentation
          to make your file complete. After that time, the petition will be considered late and will not be
          considered unless you convince the Faculty that there were extraordinary reasons for the lateness.

D.        Have you made a request to graduate? If so, please checkmark the graduation period:                June /      Nov

E.        REASON(S) FOR PETITION: (Attach a full statement and supporting documentation)
          □    Illness         □    Personal       □    Domestic

          □    Other (Please specify): ____________________________________________________________________

F.        It is recommended that you sign and submit this form only after you have spoken with a staff member in
          your College Registrar’s Office.

G.        Before signing below, carefully review and checkmark the following:
          □  I have provided accurate and complete information on this form and with my petition. I have also
          read, understood and will abide by the petition instructions that were attached to this form/on the
          petitions website.
          □    I understand that there is no guarantee that my request will be granted.
          □  If one or more of my requests is for a deferred exam: A college adviser has informed me of the
          examination period(s) for the deferred examination(s) requested and if the petition is granted, I will pay
          the deferred examination fee immediately, and attend the deferred examination(s).
          □ Supporting documentation has been provided. I am aware that the petition will not be forwarded to
          the Faculty for consideration without complete documentation to verify the reasons for the request.

Student Signature

OFFICE USE ONLY                                                                                                       March/08
Courses not showing on ROSI: Between session/ withdrawn by college/ FINCA’d :

G/R/N               Date Entered:                    Initials:                                      (over)            Page 1/2
Student #: ____________________________                                 Surname: ________________________________

Session                      Course                    Section*           Exam Date                    Exam Time              Appeal
(e.g., 20079)                (e.g., HIS106Y1Y)         (e.g., L0101)      (e.g., April 25, 2008)       (e.g., 2:00 p.m.)       (X)

                                                                                                                      % of        Extension
Session          Course                Section*         Type of Assignment (e.g.               Original Due           Final       Date           Appeal
(e.g., 20079)    (e.g.HIS106Y1Y)       (e.g.,L5101)     essay, term test)                      Date                   Grade       Requested       (X)

□ I understand that I am expected to continue working on the incomplete term work and will submit it to my College
Registrar by the extension date requested above, to be date-stamped and held until a petition decision is issued. I
understand that there is no guarantee that my request will be granted.

OTHER REQUESTS (e.g. late withdrawal, exemptions to other Faculty rules)

                                                                     Session          Course                 Section*         Appeal
Request(s) of Petitioner:                                            (e.g.,20079)     (e.g., HIS106Y1Y)      (e.g.,L5101)      (X)

* It is important to enter the correct section, particularly as different sections may give different examinations.

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