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THE CAMPBELL PROGRAM                                                    THE CAMPBELL FACULTY
The administration of justice is an endemic and critical issue that     What sets Campbell’s faculty apart from the others? Our faculty
confronts any free society. There are continual demands for more        members comprise a wide range of expertise, teaching experience,
and better-trained law enforcement officers, court administrators,      and interests. Having earned multiple academic degrees, they have
and correctional personnel.                                             been well-schooled in the discipline. Additionally, they possess
Our curriculum is designed to provide you with the knowledge            personal experience honed on the front lines — on the street, in
you will need to understand the institutions of the criminal justice    the courtrooms, prisons, or juvenile centers. Plus the faculty is very
process — police, courts, corrections — and the administration          involved in both regional and national groups related to this major.
of justice. You will acquire an understanding of the various            We also charge ourselves with the responsibility of performing
components of the formal criminal justice process, endemic and          rigorous and thorough advisement of each student to ensure they
emerging issues in Criminal Justice, and many of the incongruities      get the courses and support needed to succeed.
in the justice system. Additionally, you will be taught how to          Finally, the department sponsors a variety of different clubs,
critically assess some of the major controversial issues in policing,   organizations, and/or honor societies to facilitate bringing our
courts, corrections, and administration.                                majors together professionally and socially.
You will study criminology, victimology, political policy analysis,
research methods and other sociological tools used to measure and
understand the etiology of crime, societies’ response to crime,
and policy issues in the administration of justice. This
curriculum will lead you to reevaluate your views of justice, the
criminal justice system, and society in general. Noted criminologist
James Q. Wilson believes that “It may turn out that a free society             Criminal Justice Career Opportunities
cannot really prevent crime. Perhaps its causes are locked so deeply
into the human personality, the intimate processes of family life,            •    Law Enforcement (local, city, state)
                                                                              •    Criminal Investigations
and the subtlest aspects of popular culture that coping is the                •    Crime Prevention
best that we can hope for.” Perhaps so, but our goal is to equip              •    Juvenile Intervention
and prepare students so that they are on the cutting edge of the              •    Victim Assistance Programs
developments that have the best chance of “coping” with those                 •    Court Administrator
challenges.                                                                   •    Prisons, Jails, Penology
                                                                              •    Private and Corporate Security
                                                                              •    Drug Enforcement & Interdiction
THE CAMPBELL APPROACH                                                         •    Forensics
                                                                              •    FBI, ATF, SBI (State Bureau of Investigation)
At Campbell, we balance course instruction between theory and                 •    Probation or Parole Officer
practice. We use a variety of approaches to give you the theoretical          •    Law School
and practical framework you need, including labs, field trips,                •    Graduate Education in Criminal Justice
symposiums, and a required internship. A typical major class
will have just 20 students; some have as little as 10, so there is an
emphasis on careful discussion, analysis, and interaction.

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The Campbell Student                                                              The Campbell Advantage
We attract students who are analytical,
motivated, and interested in pursuing careers     While there are a couple of schools in North Carolina that offer a Criminal Justice
in law enforcement, government, or private        degree, the primary advantages for a Criminal Justice Administration major at
sector endeavors. Our criminal justice majors     Campbell University include: commitment to academic excellence and quality
typically work for government agencies,           classroom instruction, a friendly campus where small classes encourage closer
private security firms, the North Carolina        relationships among students and faculty, and a commitment to helping students
SBI, State Police, local police departments,      develop an integrated Christian world view in their major. You will find our program
and the Department of Corrections.                is also unique in the way it...
The Criminal Justice Administration program       •     Emphasizes a method of critical thinking and judgment with realistic
                                                        “hands on” learning.
concentrates on the goal of developing
competent professionals who can respond to        •     Supports you through a faculty that cares about the individual student and takes
the challenge of crime appropriately and                the time to see that you succeed.
ethically in any level of government..            •     Commits itself throughout the entire university to quality liberal arts education,
                                                        free enterprise, and our Christian Mission.
Criminal Justice Administration:
Bachelor of Arts
Requirements for a B.A. in Criminal Justice
Administration (CIP 443.0103)
Students who wish to acquire a Bachelor of
Arts in Criminal Justice must complete at
least 45 credits in Criminal Justice courses,
                                                Curriculum Outline
as well as Government 229, 230, 260 and
339 (CRIM 339). In addition, students must
complete 24 hours of suggested electives in     Criminal Justice
consultation with
their advisor.                                  FRESHMAN YEAR
This curriculum is basically for those who      SEMESTER 1                                      HRS            SEMESTER 2                                     HRS
wish to major in Criminal Justice without       INTRO TO CRIM JUSTICE                  CRIM 231 3              WESTERN CIVILIZATION II           HIST 112      3
having the advantage of technical school        WESTERN CIVILIZATION I                  HIST 111 3             ENGLISH COMPOSITION              ENGL 102       3
                                                ENGLISH COMPOSITION                    ENGL 101 3              MATH                                            3
background, or who may wish to strengthen
                                                INTRO TO CHRISTIANITY                  RELG 125 3              INTRO TO CRIMINOLOGY             CRIM 232       3
their academic coursework with the              FOREIGN LANGUAGE                           LANG 3              FOREIGN LANGUAGE                    LANG        3
possibility of graduate school in mind.         P. E. (ACTIVITY)                           EXER 1              FOUNDATIONS/FITNESS                PE 185       2
                                                CU WORSHIP                             CUW 100 0.5             CU WORSHIP                       CUW 100       0.5

                                                SOPHOMORE YEAR
                                                SEMESTER 3                                          HRS        SEMESTER 4                                    HRS
                                                INTRO TO LAW ENFORCEMENT               CRIM 280  3             COURTS & PROCEDURE               CRIM 270        3
                                                NATIONAL GOVT                          GOVT 229  3             STATE & LOCAL GOVT                GOV 230        3
                                                U.S. HISTORY I                          HIST 221 3             U.S. HISTORY II                   HIST 222       3
                                                FOREIGN LANGUAGE                                 3             FOREIGN LANG/ELECTIVE                            3
                                                NATURAL SCIENCE & LAB                            4             NATURAL SCIENCE & LAB                            4
                                                CU WORSHIP                              CUW 200 0.5            CU WORSHIP                        CUW 200       0.5
    Call us today and ask about Campbell’s:
                  Advantages                    JUNIOR YEAR
                Campus Visits                   SEMESTER 5                                          HRS        SEMESTER 6                                    HRS
                Career Services                 ETHICS IN GOVERNMENT            GOVT/CRIM 339        3         CRIMINAL LAW          CRIM 361                   3
                  Community                     ART/MUSIC/THEATER                         131        3         JUVENILE JUSTICE      CRIM 362                   3
                 “Creek” Life                   ENGLISH LITERATURE                      ENGL         3         ENGLISH LITERATURE       ENGL                    3
                                                STATISTICS                          MATH 160         3         CRIM JUSTICE ELECTIVE                            3
                 Financial Aid
                                                PUBLIC SPEAKING                      THEA 115        3         SCOPE & METHODS/POLIT GOV 260                    3
           International Admissions
                Residence Life                  SENIOR YEAR
                     Value                      SEMESTER 7                                          HRS        SEMESTER 8                                    HRS
                                                CRIM JUSTICE ADMIN                     CRIM 360      3         CRIM JUSTICE ELECTIVE                            3
              Admissions Office                 JUSTICE THEORIES                       CRIM 440      3         SENIOR SEMINAR                   CRIM 482        4
             Campbell University                INTERNSHIP                             CRIM 454      3         ELECTIVE                                         3
                                                RELIGION ELECTIVE                                    3         ELECTIVE                                         3
                                                CORRECTIONAL PHILO                     CRIM 430      3         ELECTIVE                                         3
       International: 01-910-893-1415

        Consider us. Visit us. Call us today.   The major requirements outlined within this brochure are intended as a guideline, and the curriculum outlines
                                                are only a sample. The most recent copy of the University’s Undergraduate Studies Bulletin is the official source
                                                related to curriculum guidelines. It is the student’s responsibility to consult with his/her academic advisor.

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