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					   The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act allows a
    consenting individual to donate his or her
    organs and tissues upon death for the purpose
    of transplantation or medical research.

    You may express your wish to donate your
    organs and tissues for transplant by
    designating the words "Organ Donor" to
    appear on your NJ driver license or non-driver
    identification card. This designation is for
    individuals 18 or older.
   Organ donor registration is available online or
    in-person at your local MVC agency. When
    registering at an agency, you must present the
    required six (6) points of identification as well
    as verification of your address. Remember that
    you must confirm your decision each time you
    renew your license or non-driver ID.
   Could there be any conflict between saving
    your life and organ and tissue donation?
    No. Donation cannot occur until after a person
    has died. In the event of an accident or
    emergency, physicians and nurses will do
    everything possible to try to save your life. In
    fact, the medical team treating you is always
    completely separate from the transplant team.
   What organs and tissue can be donated?
    Life-saving organs for transplant include the
    heart, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, liver and
    intestines. Tissue such as bones, ligaments, and
    tendons are needed for surgical procedures to
    repair injured or diseased joints and bone.
    Donated corneas, heart valves and skin also
    improve the quality of life.
The student is to complete this assignment in two parts.
  The first part of the paper the student has to research organ
   donation from various reliable sources. The sources most be sited.
  The second part of the paper the student will discuss organ
   donation with their parents/ guardians and share what they have
   learned about their parents/guardians decision or opinion on this
   subject. Then the student has to make a choice whether or not they
   would like to donate their organs.
  At the end of summing up all the information the student has
   acquired they are to complete a two page paper, doubled spaced
   and typed please include a work sited page.

   If you need any assistance please inform me.

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