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INDUSTRY                            EMPLOYER                                    POSITION                                  LOCATION
Accounting/Auditing                 Deloitte & Touche                           Merger and Acquisition Planning           VA
Accounting/Auditing                 Edwards Consulting, LLC                     Certified Public Accountant               OR
Accounting/Auditing                 Boldt Carlisle & Smith                      Attorney & Certified Public Accountant    OR
Banking                             Northrim Bank                               CFO                                       AK
Banking                             Northwest Farm Credit Services              Attorney                                  WA
Business/Industry                   CB Designs, Inc.                            Vice President                            WA
Business/Industry                   Daimler Chrysler Services                   Associate General Counsel                 MI
Business/Industry                   Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation            Sales Director - New Business             ID
Business/Industry                   Hollywood Entertainment Corp.               Employee Relations Manager                OR
Business/Industry                   Intel Corporation                           Patent Attorney                           OR
Business/Industry                   Neon Images                                 Owner                                     OR
Business/Industry                   Oregon Iron Works                           Contracting Officer                       OR
Business/Industry                   PacifiCorp                                  Senior Counsel                            OR
Business/Industry                   Planar Systems Inc.                         HR Business Partner                       OR
Business/Industry                   Shamrock Mining & Metals LLC                Attorney                                  VA
Business/Industry                   Rapid Refill Ink                            Co Owner                                  OR
Communications                      Jordan Bishko Consulting                    President                                 OR
Consulting                          BearingPoint                                Consultant                                OR
Consulting                          Rolling Hills Casino                        CEO                                       CA
Education                           Portland Waldorf School                     Attorney/Operations Manager               OR
Engineering                         University of Washington                    Assistant Attorney General                WA
Entrepreneur/Financial              Self-Employed                               Credit Union Compliance Instr./Speaker    WA
Entrepreneur/Food Services          Piccadilly Lounge                           Owner                                     LA
Federal Government                  Internal Revenue Service                    Attorney                                  OR
Federal Government                  U.S. Department of the Interior             1 Federal Drive                           MN
Federal Government                  U.S. Navy                                   Senior Prosecutor                         OR
Federal Government                  United States Air Force                     Staff Judge Advocate                      AK
Financial Services                  Butte Community Bank                        Branch Banking Executive                  CA
Financial Services                  M Benefit Solution                          Vice President of Administration          OR
Financial Services                  Morgan Stanley                              Senior Associate                          NY
Financial Services                  Northwestern Mutual Financial Network       Owner/Financial Representative            OR
Financial Services                  UBS Financial Services                      Financial Advisor                         AZ
Health Care                         Ami Care, Inc.                              President                                 TX
Health Care                         PT Northwest, LLC                           President                                 OR
Higher Education                    Chemeketa Community College                 Chief Financial Officer                   OR
Higher Education                    Pioneer Pacific College                     Paralegal Program Director                OR
Higher Education                    University of Oregon                        Senior Technology Development Associate   OR
Higher Education                    U of Central Oklahoma College of Business   Dean                                      OK
INDUSTRY                                  EMPLOYER                                                 POSITION                               LOCATION
Information Systems/Computer Technology   FLIR Systems, Inc.                                       Senior VP for Corp. Operations & Law   OR
Information Systems/Computer Technology   State of Oregon                                          Senior Business Analyst                OR
Information Systems/Computer Technology   Sybase Inc.                                              Director, Business Development         CA
Information Systems/Computer Technology   Wild River Natural Foods                                 President                              OR
Insurance                                 Alexander Morford & Woo                                  Vic President & General Counsel        WA
Insurance                                 Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company                Underwriter                            WA
Insurance                                 Liberty Mutual                                           Attorney                               CA
International Trade                       Mission Critical Gear                                    Executive Vice President               UT
Law                                       A. D. Reynoldson, Attorney                               Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Ada County Public Defender's Office                      Attorney                               ID
Law                                       Aguiar Law Group                                         Attorney/Translator                    Ecuador
Law                                       AMS Legal                                                Employee                               OR
Law                                       Anderson, Julian, Hull LLP                               Attorney                               ID
Law                                       Ater Wynne, LLP                                          Attorney/Partner/Chairman              OR
Law                                       Atsumi & Partners                                        Attorney                               JAPAN
Law                                       Belanger & Plimpton                                      Attorney                               NV
Law                                       BenePartum Law Group P.A.                                Attorney                               MN
Law                                       Bennett Tueller Johnson & Deere                          Attorney                               UT
Law                                       Blalock & Blalock                                        Attorney/Vice President                CA
Law                                       Brena Bell & Clarkson PC                                 Attorney/Partner                       AK
Law                                       Brian D. Cox, Attorney                                   Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Brian R. Nielsen, P.C.                                   Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Brown Hughes Bird Rote Wetmore & Brouhard, LLP           Attorney/Partner                       OR
Law                                       Bush Ross Gardner Warren & Rudy                          Attorney/Partner                       FL
Law                                       Carolina Chambers, LLP                                   Co-Founder                             SC
Law                                       Clackamas County DA's Office                             Prosecutor                             OR
Law                                       Connolly Tacon Meserve                                   Attorney/Partner                       WA
Law                                       Davis Wright Tremaine LLP                                Attorney/Partner                       OR
Law                                       Steven E. Arntt Attorney at Law                          Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Dolan Griggs & McCulloch, LLP                            Partner                                OR
Law                                       Donna C Kreitzberg, P.C.                                 Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Dunn Carney Allen Higgins & Tongue                       Of Counsel                             OR
Law                                       Dunn Carney Allen Higgins & Tongue                       Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Edwards Widmer                                           Associate Attorney                     OR
Law                                       Farleigh Wada & Witt, P.C.                               Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Fisher & Phillips                                        Attorney                               CA
Law                                       Flaster Greenberg, PC                                    Attorney                               NJ
Law                                       Foster Pepper & Tooze, LLP                               Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Foster Pepper & Tooze, LLP                               Associate Attorney                     OR
Law                                       Frohnmayer, Deatherage, Pratt, Jamieson & Clarke, P.C.   Attorney                               OR
Law                                       Funke and Work                                           Associate Attorney                     WA
INDUSTRY   EMPLOYER                                             POSITION                      LOCATION
Law        Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel                     Attorney/Partner              HI
Law        Gowling Lafleur Henderson, LLP                       Associate Attorney            CANADA
Law        Gust Rosenfeld, P.L.C.                               Attorney                      AZ
Law        Hagans Ahearn McLaughlin & Webb                      Attorney                      OR
Law        Haugeberg Rueter Gowell & Fredricks, P.C.            Attorney                      OR
Law        Heinly Benson Killian & Kramer                       Attorney/Partner              CA
Law        HMH Advertising and Public Relations                 Account Coordinator           OR
Law        Holmes Weddle & Barcott                              Attorney/Partner              AK
Law        Hoss & Wilson-Hoss                                   Attorney/Partner              WA
Law        Howard W. Collins & Associates                       Attorney                      OR
Law        Jason A. Heym, Attorney At Law                       Attorney                      OR
Law        Jordan Schrader PC                                   Attorney/Shareholder          WA
Law        Kalicki & Schulze                                    Attorney/Co-Owner             NV
Law        Kannin Law Firm, PLLC                                Attorney                      WA
Law        Karnopp Petersen LLP                                 Associate Attorney            OR
Law        King County Prosecutors Office                       Deputy Prosecuting Attorney   WA
Law        Lamb Law Office                                      Attorney                      WI
Law        Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP                      Partner                       OR
Law        Law Office of Donald R. Slayton                      Attorney/Sole Proprietor      OR
Law        Law Office of John S. Razor                          Attorney/Partner              OR
Law        Law Office of Kent Hickam                            Attorney/Sole Proprietor      OR
Law        Law Office of Kevin K. Swanson                       Attorney                      OR
Law        Law Office of Marilyn Freeman                        Attorney/Sole Proprietor      CA
Law        Law Office of Michael A. Autio, LLC                  Attorney                      OR
Law        Law Office of Michael A. Munson                      Attorney                      IL
Law        Law Office of Philip J. Groh                         Attorney                      OR
Law        Law Offices of David L. Morgan                       Attorney                      UT
Law        Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Jones & Associates, P.C.   President/Attorney            OR
Law        Law Office of Ashlee Munson                          Attorney At Law               OR
Law        Law Office of Keri Trask                             Attorney                      OR
Law        Law Office of Rebecca A. Pescador                    Owner                         CO
Law        Lee H. Peterson, Attorney                            Attorney                      OR
Law        Louis A. Falcone, Attorney at Law                    Attorney                      WA
Law        Lowis & Gellen                                       Attorney                      IL
Law        Mackall Crounse & Moore                              Attorney                      MN
Law        Marla Heikkala & Associates                          Attorney                      WA
Law        May Trucking Company                                 Corporate Counsel             OR
Law        Miller & Wagner LLP                                  Attorney/Partner              OR
Law        Nancy R. McAllister, Attorney                        Attorney                      OR
Law        Naslund & Bassinger                                  Attorney/Partner              OR
Law        Nevada Supreme Court                                 Clerk                         NV
INDUSTRY                                      EMPLOYER                                   POSITION                                    LOCATION
Law                                           Newcomb Sabin Schwartz & Landsverk LLP     Attorney                                    OR
Law                                           O'Connor Berman Dotts & Banes              Attorney                                    MP
Law                                           Outcomes Inc.                              Chief Operating Officer                     OR
Law                                           Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker            Chief Knowledge & Technology Officer        CA
Law                                           Perkins Coie                               Attorney                                    WA
Law                                           Ravalli County Attorney's Office           Deputy Attorney                             MT
Law                                           Robert C. Dougherty, Attorney              Attorney/Sole Proprietor                    OR
Law                                           Rolland O'Malley Williams Wyckoff          Associate Attorney                          WA
Law                                           Schultz & Associates Law Center            Attorney/Co-Owner                           OR
Law                                           Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, P.C.           Associate Attorney                          OR
Law                                           Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, P.C.           Attorney                                    OR
Law                                           Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, P.C.           Attorney/Shareholder                        OR
Law                                           State of Oregon                            Staff, Internal Audit Division              OR
Law                                           Stephen D. Carlile, P.C.                   Attorney                                    OR
Law                                           Stephen F. Mannenbach, Attorney            Attorney                                    OR
Law                                           Stoel Rives LLP                            Of Counsel                                  WA
Law                                           Sussman Shank LLP                          Attorney/Partner                            OR
Law                                           Terrence Kay, P.C.                         Law Clerk                                   OR
Law                                           Tonkon Torp L.L.P.                         Associate Attorney                          OR
Law                                           Wheeler & Dick, Attorneys At Law           Attorney/Partner                            OR
Law                                           White & Lee                                Attorney                                    OR
Law                                           Whitehead Amberson & Coldwell              Attorney                                    ID
Law                                           Williams Kastner & Gibbs                   Associate Attorney                          OR
Law                                           Yorozu Law Group                           Attorney                                    CA
Law                                           Garrett Hemann Robertson Jennings          Associate Attorney                          OR
Law                                           Private Practice                           Attorney                                    HI
Law                                           Skinner Fawcett Law Offices                Attorney                                    ID
Local Government                              City of Bend                               Reserve Police Officer                      OR
Local Government                              Lane County District Attorney              Attorney                                    OR
Local Government                              Marion County                              Deputy District Attorney                    OR
Local Government                              Marion County District Attorney's Office   Attorney                                    OR
Local Government                              Meridian City's Attorney Office            Attorney                                    ID
Local Government                              Metro                                      Labor & Employee Relations Manager          OR
Local Government                              Whatcom County District Court              Chief Prosecuting Attorney                  WA
Manufacturing/District -Consumer Products     Healthwise                                 Chief Strategic Officer & General Counsel   ID
Manufacturing/District -Consumer Products     Hewlett-Packard Company                    Product Marketing                           WA
Manufacturing/District -Industrial Products   Karsten Manufacturing                      Vice-President/General Counsel              AZ
Manufacturing/District -Industrial Products   PECO INC                                   Director of Human Resources                 OR
Manufacturing/District -Industrial Products   Smith Equipment Company                    President/CFO                               MT
Manufacturing/District -Industrial Products   The Boeing Company                         Senior Attorney                             WA
Not For Profit                                Oregon Farm Bureau                         General Counsel                             OR
INDUSTRY                         EMPLOYER                              POSITION                                LOCATION

Other                            Nisbet-Lance Investigations           Investigator                            OR
Personnel Services               Cascade Employers Association, Inc.   Human Resource Compliance Specialist    OR
Personnel Services               The Associates                        Owner/Recruitment Coordinator           OR
Personnel Services               The Associates                        CEO                                     OR
Pharmaceutical                   Tamer Laboratories                    In-House Council                        WA
Professional Education           Law Seminars International            Executive Director                      WA
Real Estate                      General Electric Capital Canada       Asset Manager                           CANADA
Real Estate                      PNC Multi-Family Capital              Database Manager/Programmer             OR
Real Estate                      Salt Lake Board of Realtors           CEO/Government Affairs Dir/Lobbyist     UT
Retail/Wholesale/Franchise       Les Schwab Tire Centers               Attorney                                OR
Retail/Wholesale/Franchise       Rentrack Corporation                  Management                              OR
Retail/Wholesale/Franchise       Safeway Stores, Inc.                  Manager                                 CA
Secondary Education              Los Angeles Unified School District   Science Teacher                         CA
State Government                 IntegraAdvisors, LLC                  CEO                                     WA
State Government                 State of Connecticut                  Bureau Chief, Cert & Prof Development   CT
State Government                 State of Nevada                       Deputy Attorney General                 NV
State Government                 State of Oregon                       Management Analyst 2                    OR
State Government                 State of Oregon                       Chief Procurement Officer               OR
State Government                 State of Oregon                       Senior Human Resource Analyst           OR
State Government                 State of Oregon                       Assistant Attorney General              OR
State Government                 State of Oregon                       Trial Court Administrator               OR
State Government                 State of Oregon                       Information Technology Analyst          OR
Trade/Professional Association   Cascade Employers Association, Inc.   General Counsel                         OR
Trade/Professional Association   Oregon School Boards Association      Attorney/Labor Relations Specialist     OR


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