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									                                     The Antediluvian
                       Ohio’s Floodplain Management Newsletter
Volume X                                                            Winter 2003                                                 Issue 1
THE FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM MISSION: To provide leadership to local governments, state agencies, and interested parties
toward cooperative management of Ohio’s floodplains to ensure the reduction of flood damage and the recognition of the floodplain’s natural
benefit. This mission is accomplished through technical assistance, public awareness, education, and development / protection standards.

National Floodplain Managers Conference is in Our Backyard!
Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) Annual Conference
St. Louis, Mo., May 11-16, 2003 and Friday of the conference week.
By Cynthia J. Crecelius, CFM      Information and the application for
Program Manager, Division of Water                  the exam can be obtained at
The floodplain managers’ premier                    enu.htm.
conference for 2003 will convene in                 This year’s program includes
St. Louis, Missouri, May 11-16. Ten                 presentations focused on: Com-                Technical field trips will showcase
years ago, all eyes were on this area as            munity Land Use and Mitigation                both traditional structural manage-
the “Great Midwest Flood” swelled                   Planning; Floodplain Mapping;                 ment of a large river system (locks,
along the Mississippi, Missouri and                 Lessons Learned–Great Midwest                 dams, levees) and innovative non-
other central rivers. Nearly 16 million             Flood; NFIP and Floodplain Man-               structural approaches (multiple ob-
acres and 25,000 homes were                         agement Issues; No Adverse                    jective recreation and trails, storm-
impacted. The resulting flood damage                Impact; Public Policy/International           water/land use initiatives, and miti-
cost $13 billion. This spring you are               Floodplain Management; and Tech-              gation projects.)
invited to join a broad range of                    nology for Map Modernization.
professionals in addressing the many                For the draft program agenda                  There will be networking activities
problems and issues associated with                 please see            throughout the week (including
reducing flood damage, managing                                                                   Cardinals baseball with the Cincin-
floodplain resources, and making more               The conference hotel is the Adam’s            nati Reds) to promote the sharing of
sustainable communities. The confer-                Mark flagship facility. Single room           knowledge and “lessons learned.”
ence will offer concurrent sessions,                rate will be only $99 per night. From
                                                    the front door of the hotel you will be       Prior to April 15, 2003 an early
training workshops, technical field                                                               discount registration is available.
tours, plenary sessions, networking                 within a stone’s through of the St.
events, and a comprehensive products/               Louis Arch. A short walk to the
services exposition. Ohio floodplain                riverfront, and you can experience                 This symbol indicates
managers have an opportunity to parti-              the “Mighty Mississippi” first hand.                         an Online
cipate in this national forum for                   St. Louis is a convenient drive or a                           resource.
                                                    quick flight from Ohio cities.
information exchange since the con-
ference will be in the heartland.                                National FPM Conference is in Our Backyard!….………………..1
                                                                 Call For Abstracts—Statewide Conference 2003…….………….. 2
The Ohio Floodplain Management
                                                                 PERSPECTIVE: Escaping floodplain takes time, money……….. 3
Association has also become a Chapter                            Ohio Floodplain Regulation Criteria Now Online….…………….. 4
of the ASFPM this past year. We                                  NFIP Changes…………………………….………………………… 4
                                                 In This Issue

have a direct line to the ASFPM, with                            OFMA Annual Awards Nominations Are Needed…………………         5
its 4,500 members from all 50 states                             Appalachian Flood Risk Reduction Initiative……….……………. 6
and many international parti-cipants.                            OFMA Annual Awards Nomination Form……….…………………            7
The theme this year is Lessons                                   MNUSS Worksheet and Instructions…………….……..…………. 9
Learned – Gateway to Flood Mitiga-                               OFMA Forges Ahead………………………………………………. 9
tion. The national exam for profess-                             Roll Call………………………………………………………………10
sional certification as a flood-plain                            Myths & Facts………………………………………………………. 10
manager will be offered on Monday                                Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week (March 23rd-29th)………11
Please consult the ASFPM website           national policy and practices in            coming year.
for a full brochure and registration       floodplain management. Please con-
materials:         sider the professional development          The state conference is planned for
                                           and information exchange available          August of 2003 and also promises to
Ohio floodplain managers have a lot        through this conference as you plan         be relevant and stimulating.
to contribute to the furthering of our     your budget and priorities for this

                           CALL FOR ABSTRACTS
                           Floodplain Management in Ohio—
                                                    Statewide Conference 2003
                           Ohio Floodplain Management Association (OFMA)
                           4th Annual Conference August 27-28, 2003—Columbus, Ohio

BY ALICIA SILVERIO, CFM,                            by email to christopher.thoms      citizens. Please develop your presen-
ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST,                  as a Micro-       tation using the sort of detailed and
DIVISION OF WATER                                   soft Word® or Corel Word-          useful material that you would like to
                                                    Perfect® attachment. Each          have presented to yourself. Not a
Anyone interested in making a                       item should be submitted as a      “sales pitch” approach, but one that
presentation to this year’s state                   separate file. (You will re-       will interest the audience in such a
conference must submit an abstract.                 ceive a return email to confirm    way that “off-line” conversations and
Abstracts will be reviewed by the                   that your submittal has been       follow-up actions will result.
Conference Planning Committee and                   received.) If you do not have
selected based on content and                       email or Internet access, or       Length and focus of presentation.
relevance to Floodplain Management.                 have other submittal ques-         You will have approximately 40
Submissions must be received by                     tions, contact Conference          minutes for your presentation unless
March 1st to be considered for                      Chair Christopher Thoms at         otherwise indicated on the agenda.
presentation at the conference. Incom-              614-265-6752.                      Please emphasize conclusions and
plete or late papers may be subject to                                                 recommendations in your presenta-
automatic rejection.                        Audience. The Statewide Conference         tion based upon your professional
                                            offers three tracks to accommodate         experience(s).
Abstract Guidelines:                        attendees and their various levels of
    ·   Submissions must be concise,        floodplain management knowledge            Audio-Visual. Authors selected to
        limited to 500 words, and           and experience.                            be Presenters will use laptop com-
        provide an accurate descrip-                                                   puters and LCD projectors provided
                                            The tracks are                             on-site, utilizing the Microsoft
        tion of the policy, educational,
        scientific, engineering, or             (1) Fundamentals in         Flood-     PowerPoint® program. Additionally,
        technological material to be                plain Management                   each presentation must be provided
        presented at the conference.                                                   to the Conference Chair by August
                                                (2) Advanced Floodplain Man-           1st, 2003 via email, CD, or floppy
·       Abstracts must be accom-                    agement                            disk. A moderator will monitor each
        panied by the Abstract Sub-                                                    breakout session. A CD will be
        mittal Form, which can be               (3) Engineering & Technology           loaded     that     contains   ALL
        obtained from the ODNR                      in Floodplain Management.          SUBMITTED PRESENTATIONS.
        website at: www.dnr.state.oh.                                                  There will be no time lag between
                                            Please adjust the technical level of
        us/water/ under New Pages.                                                     speakers due to the common problem
                                            your remarks and PowerPoint present-       of “swapping out” of personal equip-
                                            ation according to the track where you     ment. Laser pointers will be avail-
    ·   The Abstract Submittal Form
                                            will be presenting. As the only flood-     able.
        must be completed and sub-
                                            plain management conference in Ohio,
        mitted to the Conference Chair
                                            this annual event attracts a broad
        along with the biographical                                                    Please reference the entire Call for
                                            audience including local, state and fed-   Abstracts document at www.dnr.stat
        sketch(es) of the author(s), and
                                            eral government officials, engineers, for detailed informa-
        the abstract.
                                            consultants, planners, related non-
                                            profit organizations, and involved         tion and instructions.
    ·   Abstract should be submitted

                                                                                                                     page 2
PERSPECTIVE: Escaping floodplain takes time, money
                                                                                               arguing that it causes ecological
BY JOHN NOLAN                                                                                  damage. Removing homes and busi-
[Editor’s note: the following is a reprint                                                     nesses to convert a floodplain into a
from a January 17, 2003 Associated                                                             park or wildlife area is the best
Press news release]                                                                            solution, they say.
Pauline Wilson is hoping she can sell                                                               re
                                                                                               You' really just concentrating the
her house and escape the neighbor-                                                             water in a narrower area and moving
hood where residents get nervous                                                               it much more rapidly downstream.
whenever the creek rises. A flood in                                                           So, the damage caused by flooding
2001 killed two neighbors and ruined                                                           can be much, much worse now that
                                                 Pauline Wilson cleaning up in
her basement and family keepsakes.                       Fairfax, 2001                             ve
                                                                                               you' eliminated the natural advan-
But she and her neighbors are count-              Photo by Chris Russell / Columbus Dispatch   tage of a floodplain, said Betsy Otto,
ing on tax dollars for a long-awaited                                                          director of watershed programs for
                                             The state is contributing a $315,000              the American Rivers organization.
buyout, because they can' find t             grant from the Clean Ohio fund, and
anybody who wants to buy houses in                                                               s
                                                                                               It' almost always a cheaper solution
                                             the village plans to ask Hamilton                 to return that to floodplain, a natural
a low-lying neighborhood with a              County for community development
history of being flooded.                                                                      state.
I definitely don' want to go through
                t                                                                              Floodplain development dates to the
                                             Kaminer said she doesn' know t                           s
                                                                                               country' years as a society more de-
that again, Wilson, 65, said of the          whether residents would approve a
2001 flood that cost her at least                                                              pendent on waterways for commerce.
                                             property tax levy to raise money for
$20,000, including a ruined furnace,         the project, because that would                   The Fairfax homes were built either
washing machine and dryer and                require people who didn'buy homes
                                                                      t                        in the early 1900s or in a later surge
irreplaceable family pictures and            in the floodplain to pay to “bail out”            in the 1950s and 1960s, Kaminer
paintings. It' just like panic attack        those who did.                                    said. Fairfax was incorporated as a
around here whenever the creek                                                                 village in 1955.
comes up.                                         s                re
                                             That' an issue. You' buying in a
                                             floodplain, she said. Whose fault is
Public buyouts and demolition of                                                               In New Richmond, an Ohio River
homes to restore a floodplain to a                                                             village of 2,500 people, the federal
natural, undeveloped state cost tax-         Wilson said she and her late husband              government provided $2.4 million to
payers millions of dollars. But such         bought their home from a bank,                    buyout homes after flooding in 1996
buyouts are a better and cheaper             which informed them of the flood                  and 1997, village administrator
long-term solution than risking flood        risk. Before the 2001 flood, waters               David Kennedy said. The village
damage that imposes a heavier                had reached her porch but then                    bought and demolished 57 structures
burden on taxpayers and insurance            receded.                                          —all but one of them homes—from
companies, environmentalists say.            The previous homeowners left after a              the floodplain.
This suburban Cincinnati village is          flood ruined their newly redone                     s
                                                                                               It' much better now, Kennedy said.
trying to raise the estimated $7             basement, Wilson said.
million it needs to buy and demolish         She had a nervous breakdown and
41 homes near the Little Duck Creek          they moved out, she said.
and turn the area into a natural flood-
                                             I' been here 38 years, Wilson said.
plain, prohibiting future develop-
                                             I' not looking forward to moving,
ment. But with a $2.5 million annual
                                             but I can'stay here by myself.
budget and 1,000 residents, Fairfax is
not assured of raising the money by          Development upstream along the
the time the two-year project is             Little Duck Creek has cut into its
scheduled to start in June, village          natural floodplain where overflow
administrator Jennifer Kaminer said.         water from spring and summer rains
                                             could go. The result is worsening
The Federal Emergency Manage-
                                             damage for homeowners and busi-                           New Richmond 1997
ment Agency and the Army Corps of
                                             nesses near the creek.                                     Photo by Cincinnati Enquirer
Engineers have pledged a combined
$5 million, leaving the village to           For years, environmentalists have                 A number of homes that would be the
raise about $2 million, Kaminer said.        opposed construction in floodplains,              first ones to get hit are gone.

                                                                                                                                       page 3
                                                                                      the use of Ohio Floodplain Regu-
Ohio                                       contains base model floodplain regu-
                                           lations that meet the minimum              lation Criteria and the model regu-
Floodplain                                 requirements of the National Flood         lations. In presentations to commun-
                                           Insurance Program (NFIP). The base         ities required to adopt or update local
Regulation                                 model is an entirely new format            regulations for NFIP compliance and
Criteria                                   designed for ease of use by smaller
                                           communities as “special purpose”
                                                                                      adoption of revised flood study and
                                                                                      map information, the Federal Emer-
NOW ON THE WEB!                            regulations. Ohio communities are          gency Management Agency (FEMA)
                                           now downloading the manual for use         Regional Office now refers to—and
BY MICHAEL K. GEASE,                       in improving local floodplain man-         provides the web-site for—the new
SENIOR ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST            agement by evaluating and adopting         model.
DIVISION OF WATER                          regulatory standards that exceed the       Ross County communities are al-
                                           minimum federal requirements of the        ready using the new model regul-
The Ohio Floodplain Management
Program’s planning document, Ohio          National Flood Insurance Program           ations in adopting FEMA’s new
Floodplain     Regulation      Criteria,                                              countywide Flood Insurance Study in
(reported in the Fall 2002 edition of      Ohio      Floodplain       Regulation      April 2003. In addition to web ac-
The Antediluvian) is now on the Div-       Criteria now includes 18 different         cessible versions, Ohio Floodplain
ision of Water’s website. It is accessi-   higher standards, that can be incorp-      Regulation Criteria is also available
ble for download in a variety of for-      orated into the base model and             in print, on CD-ROM, and floppy
mats, at the Floodplain Management         adopted to achieve local planning          disk upon request, for those com-
Program home page of the Division of       objectives for flood damage preven-        munities with limited access to the
Waters’ website www.dnr.state.oh/wat       tion, protection of critical facilities,   website. For more information or to
er/floodpln/default.htm.                   and preserving the natural, beneficial     request assistance in developing or
                                           functions of the floodplain and wat-       updating local floodplain regulations,
The fourth edition (2002-revision)                                                    please contact the Floodplain Man-
                                           ershed. As Ohio communities find
includes guidance on floodplain plan-                                                 agement Program at (614) 265-6750.
                                           opportunities to amend or adopt new
ning, management and regulation, and
                                           floodplain legislation, we encourage

N                                                Post-FIRM A Zones premiums
                                                 (2.5%), Pre-FIRM AE Zone
                                                                                              (ICC) coverage will be
                                                                                              increased from $20,000 to
                                                 premiums (2%), Un-numbered A                 $30,000. Many floodplain
                                                 Zone premiums (3%), X Zone
                                                                                              managers are aware of the
                                                 Standard Risk Policy premiums                compliance difficulties when
                                                 (3%), and X-Zone Preferred Risk              a structure is found to be
                                                 Policy (5%).                                 substantially damaged. ICC
I                                            •   The Elevation Certificate will be
                                                                                              coverage was established as
                                                                                              part of flood insurance pol-
                                                 revised to include additional in-            icies to assist property own-
PROGRAM CHANGES                                  structions to the engineer com-
                                                 pleting the form, and the form
                                                                                              ers in meeting costs assoc-
                                                                                              iated with local regulatory
                                                 itself will be revised to include            requirements when substan-
BY: CHAD M. BERGINNIS, CFM,                      information about the elevation of           tial damage occurs.
PROGRAM MANAGER                                  the air conditioning and similar
DIVISION OF WATER                                units.                                   •   Optional deductibles are be-
                                                                                              ing revised. In addition,
Attention Ohio floodplain managers!          •   The Expense Constant will be                 higher limits are being intro-
                                                 eliminated. Basic limits rates are           duced for non-residential
Effective    May 1, 2003, several                being increased to collect the               structures and residential
changes     to the National Flood                same premium revenue that the                condominium building asso-
Insurance   Program will occur. The              Expense Constant currently gen-              ciations.
following    changes will be imple-              erates. Currently, the Expense
mented:                                          Constant is a $50 charge on all          Visit our website at http://www.
                                                 flood insurance policies, except
    •   Flood Insurance Rates will               Preferred Risk Policies.                 fault.htm for further updates as
        increase overall by about                                                         they become available.
        2.5%.    Increases include:          •   Increased Cost of Compliance

                                                                                                                     page 4
Annual Awards Nominations Are Needed!
By Cynthia J. Crecelius, CFM           Program Manager, Division of Water
 The Ohio Floodplain Management
                                                   be granted in a single year.             2001 Recipient was Chagrin
 Association (OFMA) was formed in
 1995 in response to a need expressed                                                       River Watershed Partners,
                                                   The nominee will be selected             Inc, Willoughby, Ohio.
 by floodplain professionals for a
                                                   based upon their leadership,
 common forum, and a network that
                                                   outstanding accomplishment               2002 Recipient was Dr.
 supports and improves their manage-
                                                   in the profession of flood-              Cornelia Dettmer, Village of
 ment of Ohio’s water resources,
                                                   plain management, and dem-               Manchester, Ohio.
 specifically floodplains. OFMA is a
                                                   onstrating personal/profess-
 Division of the Water Management
                                                   sional character of the high-
 Association of Ohio. The OFMA
                                                   est quality.
                                                                                     Peter G. Finke Award for
 Board has created the following                                                          Most Valuable
 recognitions that were awarded for
 the first time in 2001! The present-
                                                   2001 Recipient was Ray                 Contribution to
                                                   Sebastian, Clermont County,       Floodplain Management
 ation of the annual awards has
 become an exciting part of the
 Statewide Floodplain Management                                                    This award is a tribute to Peter G.
                                                   2002 Recipient was Jim Fox,
 Conference. The 2003 Conference                                                    Finke for his distinguished service
                                                   Butler County, Ohio.             and leadership of the Ohio Flood-
 will be held August 27 and 28 in
 Columbus, Ohio.                                                                    plain Management Program for
                                             Award for Innovation in                three decades. Peter utilized collab-
 Please join in the fun and help                                                    oration and creativity throughout his
 OFMA recognize outstanding local,
                                             Floodplain Management                  career and drew strength from his
 regional, and state programs by                                                    personal dedication to create a
                                           This award is intended to recognize      statewide floodplain management
 nominating one of Ohio’s unnoticed
                                           those who have developed and             program that improves the quality of
 floodplain management leaders!
                                           applied an approach that is “outside
                                                                                    life for Ohioans present and future.
                                           of the box”. Promotion of flood loss
 The OFMA awards, their focus, and                                                  He was also an integral part of
                                           reduction, stewardship of valuable
 criteria are listed below. Following                                               developing the national policy on
                                           floodplain resources, economic sus-      floodplain management.
 each description is the name of the
                                           tainability and quality improvement
 previous award recipients.
                                           may be elements of programs,
                                                                                            The nominee may be an
                                           projects, publications, and activities
  Floodplain Administrator                                                                  individual,    organization,
                                           nominated for this award.
                                                                                            public or private sector,
        of the Year                                                                         government agency, or
                                                   The nominee may be an                    regional agency.
 The Floodplain Administrator of the               individual,  organization,
 Year award is designed to honor an                public or private sector,
                                                                                            This award need not be
 individual whose contributions have               government agency, reg-
                                                                                            given annually.
 resulted in an outstanding local pro-             ional agency or academic
 gram or activity for comprehensive                institution.
                                                                                            The recipient will be
 floodplain management. The recip-                                                          selected based upon their
 ient of this award will serve as a role           This award need not be
                                                                                            outstanding contribution to
 model and inspiration to other local              given annually, or may be
                                                                                            the multifaceted aspects of
 officials.                                        given to multiple recipients
                                                                                            floodplain management.
                                                   in a single year.
         The nominee must be
         employed by a county, city                                                         The contribution supporting
                                                   Nominees must be currently               this recognition should have
         or village as a local flood-              working or contributing to
         plain manager.                                                                     a direct impact on improv-
                                                   active water resource man-
                                                                                            ing the quality of life
                                                   agement programs or pro-
         No more than one award will                                                        through      better    water
                                                   jects.                                   resource management.

                                                                                                                 page 5
         More than one award may be                   eral, state or local employee,             2001 Recipients were Jerry
         granted in a single year upon                engineer, planner, consultant,             Brems and Doug Johnson-
         approval by the Board.                       insurance agent, student, sur-             Past OFMA Presidents.
                                                      veyor, appraiser, real estate
         2001 Recipient was Peter G.                  agent, or interested citizen.              2002 Recipient was Ray
         Finke, Retired Ohio Dept. of                                                            Sebastian - Past OFMA
         Natural Resources.                           The recipient must be                      President.
                                                      currently active in the Ohio
         2002 Recipient was Cynthia J.                Floodplain Management As-
         Crecelius, Program Manager,                  sociation.                             OFMA Annual Awards
         Ohio Dept. of Natural Resou-                                                      Application and Instructions
         rces.                                        More than one award may be
                                                      granted in a single year upon     (Available at:
     Distinguished Member                             approval by the Board.            water/ )
         Service Award                                                                           Complete the OFMA Re-
                                                      This award need not be given
  The success of any professional                     annually.                                  cognition Award Applica-
  organization is rooted in the dedi-                                                            tion and supporting infor-
  cation and capabilities of its mem-                 The nominee must have made                 mation.
  bers. This award is intended to                     a significant contribution
  recognize a member whose out-                       through their leadership, dedi-            Publications,      videotapes,
  standing contribution has furthered the             cation, creativity or collabo-             letters of recommendation
  OFMA goals and objectives.                          ration to improve floodplain               and project descriptions
                                                      management in accordance                   may all be submitted as sup-
         The nominee may be an elected                with the OFMA purpose and                  port or justification of nom-
         official, appointed official, fed-           objectives.                                inees.

                                              that describes the structures         and Some communities used a percentage
Appalachian                                   infrastructure that are at risk.           scale to estimate the losses in flood
Flood Risk                                    The methods for developing the asset
                                                                                         hazard areas based on previous
                                                                                         events. Other communities had ac-
Reduction                                     inventories were as diverse as the
                                              communities themselves. The com-
                                                                                         cess to Geographical Information
                                                                                         Systems, or professionals familiar
Initiative                                    munities had to obtain the total number
                                                                                         with survey equipment. Those com-
                                              and value of all residential, com-
BY STEVE FERRYMAN, CFM,                       mercial, and industrial structures for
                                                                                         munities obtained elevation infor-
ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST,                                                                mation on structures in the floodplain
                                              their community. This task was rela-
                                                                                         and used Flood Insurance Rate Maps
DIVISION OF WATER                             tively easy for some of the smaller
                                                                                         to calculate the flood depth in each
                                              villages and cities, but some counties
This article is the third in a series                                                    structure. Knowing the flood depth
                                              had a more difficult time obtaining the
tracking the progress of the Appa-                                                       and building type, the core groups
                                              data. Many core group members have
lachian Flood Risk Reduction Initi-                                                      used “damage curves” to estimate
                                              made great friends in the county
ative (AFRRI). The AFRRI is a                                                            losses to each individual structure.
                                              auditors offices!      Once the asset
grant administered by the Floodplain
                                              inventory has been completed, the core AFRRI communities are beginning
Management Program to help com-
                                              groups must identify which assets are to move into the third and fourth
munities develop natural hazard miti-
                                              located in hazardous areas. The core steps in the planning process. These
gation plans that are compliant with
                                              groups also identified critical facilities steps are “problem identification”
the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000.
                                              in their community.                        and “goal-setting”. At this point, the
The fifteen AFRRI communities                                                            core groups have collected a signi-
                                              Now that the core groups know what
have made significant progress since                                                     ficant amount of information on
                                              assets are at risk, the next step was to
the last update. All of the core                                                         hazards and the problems they cause
                                              estimate dollar losses to those assets
groups in the communities have                                                           locally. The problem identification
                                              should a hazard event occur. The level
completed hazard profiles that de-                                                       step uses consensus-building techni-
                                              of detail in the loss estimations was
scribe local historical occurrences of                                                   iques to document those problems in
                                              dependent on the information available
natural hazard events. The next step
                                              in the community and access to
was to develop an asset inventory                                                                         (continued on page 9)
                                              professional assistance and equipment.

                                                                                                                      page 6
Name of Nominee ________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

Phone No. ________________________ Employer ____________________

Employer Contact/Phone __________________________________________

Type of Award Nominated For
       Floodplain Administrator of the Year
       Award for Innovation in Floodplain Management
       Peter G. Finke Award (Most Valuable Contribution to Floodplain Management)
       Distinguished Member Service Award

On a separate sheet or in letter please describe the activities of the nominee in support
of your nomination. Please note the criteria for each award and provide specific
information including any supporting materials in justification of the nominee’s

Nominated by ____________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________

Phone __________________________ E-mail ________________________

Fax ____________________________ Date Submitted _________________

Submit nominations to:
      Cindy Crecelius, Awards Coordinator
      ODNR, Division of Water
      1939 Fountain Square Drive, Building E-3
      Columbus, Ohio 43224
      (614) 265-6750 or
      (614) 447-9503 Fax

DEADLINE: June 1, 2003

                                                                                            page 7
                       AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED THE
                           AWARD APPLICATION,

                       & AFFIX POSTAGE.


                                                                Affix Postage
                                                                Post Office
                                                                Will Not Deliver
                                                                Without Proper

1939 Fountain Square
Columbus, OHIO 43224

                         Cindy Crecelius, Awards Coordinator
                         ODNR, Division of Water
                         1939 Fountain Square Drive, Building E-3
                         Columbus, Ohio 43224

                                                                             page 8
(continued from page 6)
                                            imately one stream mile in each            been completed. The flood maps for
the plan so that goals and action           community. Severe weather and              Crooksville and Caldwell are finish-
steps developed in the future mitigate      frozen creeks have hampered some           ed and in the process of quality con-
the actual problem and not symp-            of the field surveying that was            trol. We have more information a-
toms, or perceived problems.                planned for this winter, but crews         bout mitigation planning at our
                                            will be in the field in early spring.      websiteat:
The AFRRI grant also includes a
flood study and map for approx-             Ten of the fifteen field surveys have      r/floodpln/mitigation.htm.

 Map Needs Update Support System (MNUSS)
 Worksheet and Instructions
The Ohio Floodplain Management             to Input of Mapping Needs Into              FEMA to rank communities and
Program’s initial outreach to identify     MNUSS Both are available at                 prioritize future NFIP restudies and
National Flood Insurance Program          revisions. Completed MNUSS forms
(NFIP) flood map and restudy needs         default.htm                                 should be provided to the MNUSS
is underway. Using the Federal                                                         Coordinator at the following ad-
Emergency Management Agency                If you do not have internet access,         dress:
(FEMA) Map Needs Update Support            contact us at 614-265-6750 and we
System (MNUSS) worksheets and              will send both documents.                   Karen L. Amrhein, CFM
guidance, nearly 200 of the state’s                                                    MNUSS Coordinator/Special
715 flood risk identified commun-          The Guide provides an overview of           Projects Team Leader
ities have already participated in this    MNUSS with instructions on deter-           PBS&J
important component of FEMA’s              mining “map maintenance needs”              12101 Indian Creek Court
Map Modernization Program as well          (corporate limits and street changes,       Beltsville, MD 20770
as Ohio’s Flood Study Production           new subdivisions, revised Elevation         301-210-6800 x218
Plan (see The Antediluvian Fall 2002       Reference Marks etc.) and “flood            800-697-7275 x218
article Flood Map Modernization and        data update needs” (hydrologic              fax 301-210-5157
FEMA’s MNUSS).                             needs-changes to land use in the wat-
                                           ershed, comparison of recent flood
Your community can participate in          events to the FIRM, etc.; and/or            For more information, please contact
accelerating the flood map update          “hydraulic needs”-new bridges or            the ODNR, Division of Water,
and restudy process by providing           culverts, changes in stream charac-         Floodplain Management Program at
map and engineering needs data             teristics such as channel changes, or       (614) 265-6750, or visit the Flood
directly to PBS&J—FEMA’s Map               new development in the floodplain).         Hazard Mapping page on FEMA’s
Coordination Contractor—using the                                                      website at
MNUSS Worksheet form and Guide             The MNUSS data is then used by

                                                                                    graduating this spring. The majority of
ROLL CALL                                                                           his work with us is related to the
                                                                                    structure inventory project initiated by
BY DARLENE MAGOLD, GIMS                                                             the Floodplain Management Program last
SPECIALIST,                                                                         year. This includes identifying structures
DIVISION OF WATER                                                                   that are in or adjacent to flood hazard
Tim Beck is the newest addition to the                                              areas. By using a custom application
Floodplain Management Program. He is the                                            created in ArcView 3.2, he has already
recipient of a $2500 award provided by the                                          successfully completed the structure
Ohio River Basin Commission. This                                                   inventory for over 25 counties.
scholarship is intended to support the
                                                                                    Tim is a wonderful addition to our
education of a full-time student contributing
                                                                                    floodplain staff and is an important asset
to the field of water resource management.
                                                                                    in order to ascertain an inventory of
Tim is a geography major in his senior year       Tim receiving his award           structures at risk from flooding in the
at the Ohio State University and plans on          from Chief Jim Morris            state of Ohio.
                                                                                                                     page 9
                                                year’s conference will be a                     strategic plan. In order for
                                                result of a Call for Abstracts.                 OFMA to thrive as an effect-
              Forges Ahead . . .                Additionally, OFMA has                          tive organization, it is essen-
                                                formed a committee to explore                   tial that OFMA have a stra-
The Ohio Floodplain Management                  providing scholarship assist-                   tegic plan as a guide.
Association (OFMA) was formed in                ance to community floodplain
                                                administrators wanting to at-                   Monitoring federal and state
1995 to promote education and
                                                tend the conference.                            legislation affecting flood-
outreach in floodplain management,
                                                                                                plain management. In the
and to give Ohio folks interested in            Participation in the ASFPM
                                                                                                past year, OFMA has prov-
floodplain management a chance to               annual conference in St.
                                                                                                ided input to Ohio’s Con-
get involved in a number of activ-              Louis. This is the closest the
                                                                                                gressional delegation on
ities. Past OFMA or OFMA co-                    ASFPM national conference
                                                                                                issues such as FEMA’s map
sponsored activities include regional           has been to Ohio in many
                                                                                                modernization program, and
workshops, state floodplain manage-             years. OFMA will be send-
                                                                                                Hazard Mitigation Grant
ment conference, post-flood forums,             ing two officers to the con-
                                                                                                Program. Currently, OFMA
and supporting the two affiliated               ference, and several OFMA
                                                                                                is planning a breakfast for
organizations: The Water Manage-                members will be participating
                                                                                                state legislators that would
ment Association of Ohio and the                in the conference.
                                                                                                be concurrent with the 4th
Association of State Floodplain                 Creation   and     continued                    annual statewide floodplain
Managers (ASFPM). Our activities                development of the OFMA                         management conference.
in 2002 and 2003 reflect an in-                 website, www.
creasing desire for our members and                                                      Without active participation by our
board to be involved in floodplain              Currently, the website fea-
                                                                                         members; however, none of the
management issues. Here are a few               tures OFMA’s profile, mis-
                                                                                         above activities would be possible.
activities OFMA is actively engaged             sion, Code of Regulations, and
                                                                                         If you are interested in becoming a
in:                                             contact information.      Still
                                                                                         member of OFMA or would like
         Planning for the 4th annual            under      construction,   the
                                                                                         more information, please do not
         statewide floodplain man               website will be updated
                                                                                         hesitate to call Gary Ziegler, OFMA
         agement conference. Due to             periodically to reflect new
                                                                                         Chair, at (419) 424-7108, or send an
         several OFMA members in-               information.
                                                                                         e-mail to
         creasing their participation,          Creation     of    the    OFMA
         many presentations at this

MYTHS                                      FACT: You can buy federal flood
                                           insurance for buildings and contents no
                                                                                           FACT: You can purchase flood
                                                                                           coverage at any time, but there is a
& FACTS                                     matter where you live, if your com-            30-day waiting period after you have
                                           munity participates in the NFIP.                applied and paid the premium before
[Based upon                                MYTH: Federal disaster assistance will
                                                                                           the policy becomes effective. The
extracts from the                          pay for flood damage.                           policy will not cover a loss in
FEMA website                                                                               progress.]                              FACT: A flooded community may not
                                           qualify for federal disaster assistance         MYTH: Flood insurance is only
  Adding insult to injury, flood losses    because of insufficient damage. FEMA            available for homeowners.
  are often compounded due to fre-         disaster aid is only available during           FACT: Federally-backed flood
  quently recurring flood insurance        Presidentially declared disasters and           insurance is available to protect
  myths. We offer the following rebut-     federal disaster declarations are issued        homes, condominiums, apartments,
  tals to some of the more common          for less than 50% of floods. Typically,         non-residential (commercial, Indus-
  misunderstandings.                       disaster assistance is a loan that must be      trial etc.) buildings, contents, and it
  MYTH: My standard homeowners’            repaid with interest. An NFIP policy will       can be purchased through most ma-
  insurance will cover me if my house      pay for flood damage whether or not             jor private insurance companies or
  is damaged or destroyed in a flood.      there is a federal disaster declaration. If     licensed property insurance agents
  FACT: Homeowners’ insurance does         you are uninsured and receive Federal           who sell homeowners’ or property
  not cover flood damage. Federal flood    disaster assistance after a flood, you          insurance.
  insurance is the only guaranteed flood   must purchase flood insurance to remain
                                                                                           MYTH: I can' buy flood insurance
  insurance coverage available.            eligible for future disaster relief.
                                                                                           since my property has been flooded.
  MYTH: You can'buy flood insurance if
                    t                      MYTH: You can' buy flood insurance
                                           immediately before or during a flood.
                                                                                           FACT: It doesn' matter how many
  your property is in a floodplain.                                                        times a structure has flooded. You

                                                                                                                         page 10
are still eligible to purchase flood        ment normally found in a basement                flooding as a general and temporary
insurance as long as your community         (e.g., furnaces, water heaters,                  condition during which the surface of
participates in the NFIP.                   washers and dryers, food freezers, air           normally dry land is partially or com-
MYTH: The NFIP does not offer any
                                            conditioners, heat pumps, electrical             pletely inundated. Two properties in the
type of basement coverage.                  junctions and circuit breaker boxes)             area or two or more acres must be
                                            necessary for the habitability of the            affected.
FACT: Yes, it does. The NFIP defines        building. Many of these items are
a basement as any area of a building        covered under building coverage, and             Call the NFIP Telephone Response
with a floor that is below ground level     some are covered under contents                  Center, 800-427-4661 to get more
on all sides. While flood insurance         coverage. For the broadest protection,           information, including the name of a
does not cover basement improve-            both coverages are needed.                       local insurance company that writes
ments, such as finished walls, floors or                                                     flood insurance policies. For other NFIP-
ceilings, or belongings (i.e., furniture    MYTH: Property with federal flood
                                            insurance is covered against all water           information call 888-FLOOD29, TDD#
and other contents), it does cover                                                           1-800-427-5593 or visit www.fema.
clean-up expenses, the foundation, and
certain mechanical and utility equip-       FACT: The NFIP defines covered
                                                   Each year a Severe Weather Aware-           To download a severe weather safety
Spring Severe                                      ness Poster Contest is conducted for        information packet visit www.state.oh.
                                                   elementary-age     students.       The      .us/odps/division/ema/Weather.htm.
Weather Safety                                     winner=s poster is used to promote
                                                                                               The OCSWA encourages you to pro-
Awareness Week                                     severe weather awareness year-round
                                                   because the threat of severe weather is
                                                                                               mote severe weather (including flood
                                                                                               hazard) awareness as part of Ohio=s
BY CHRISTOPHER M. THOMS,                           with us throughout the year. Flood
                                                                                               Spring Severe Weather Awareness
CFM, ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIALIST,                     safety awareness is an integral part of
                                                   both Spring and Winter Severe               Week.
                                                   Weather Safety Campaigns.
As our nation understandably focuses on the
technological hazards so tragically thrust to
the fore by the loss of the shuttle Columbia,
along with the terrorist attacks and continuing          Floodplain Management Training Available
threats; many natural hazards specialists have
been called upon to lend their expertise in risk         For the latest information about upcoming Lender    & Agent Seminars
reduction and response strategies. Utilizing                         visit:
this complimentary expert resource is reason-
able given the extensive experience and many                 or call Rich Slevin, Regional Marketing Manager for the NFIP at
successes achieved in natural hazards risk
reduction.                                                                    (630) 577-1407
A key element in those successes continues to               FEMA offers on-campus & correspondence courses through the
be, risk awareness. Though we have renewed                Emergency Management Institute (EMI) in Emmitsburg, Maryland.
awareness of the wide range of technological                  For information or a course catalog describing EMI’s
hazards, we cannot afford to neglect our                               Floodplain Management Courses visit:
natural hazard awareness efforts.                    .

The Ohio Committee for Severe Weather                     
Awareness (OCSWA) sponsors two aware-                                                or call
ness weeks each year to draw attention to the
continuing need to prepare for severe weather.                              (800) 238-3358
This year, Governor Taft has pro-claimed
March 23rd through 29th as Spring Severe
Weather Safety Awareness Week.
OCSWA prepares severe weather information
packets for teachers and media.
The Antediluvian is produced by the Division of Water and is supported by funding through a FEMA Cooperative Agreement as part of
the Community Assistance Program - State Support Services Element of the National Flood Insurance Program. The contents do not
necessarily reflect the views and policies of the federal government.                              Christopher M. Thoms, Editor
Please send address corrections, additions, & other changes to our offices at 1939 Fountain Square Blvd. E-3 Columbus, OH 43224

An Equal Opportunity Employer-M/F/H                                                                     Printed on recycled paper

                                                                                                                                    page 11
     COLUMBUS, OHIO 43224
     Bob Taft,
     Samuel W. Speck,
     James R. Morris,
Fundamentals ODNR LOMR

                             Floodplain Management


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             FLOOD ALERT
                                                                                                                                              Elevation Certificate

                                                                                                                                                                      Hydraulic Modeling
                                                                                           ase Studies
                                                     CLOMR- variance

                                                                                                                                                                                           Zone A
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Flood Hazard
Flood Loss Reduction

                                                                       fringe LOMA

                            Ohio’s 4th annual Floodplain Management Conference August 27th -28th, 2003
                                                                        at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio

                                                                                             A cooperative effort coordinated by: OFMA, ODNR, and FEMA.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Class 9





   For information regarding this conference, visit our website at:                                                                           Become a Certified Floodplain Manager!
   www.dn or contact: ODNR Division of Water –                                                                            Check the ASFPM website at for all
   Floodplain Management Program at 614-265-6750 or e-mail:                                                                                   the CFM Exams offered along with application information.

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