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									Who            Suggestion                                                                                     Response / Action
Murray         1. Bold headings between paragraphs are floating in the middle, between paragraphs                1. The spaces between subheadings and
               rather than being closer to the paragraph it precedes below it.                                      text will be removed.
WANGARA &      Not a common practice with designers who tend to link headings to paragraphs. Looks               2. The word „Lightbox‟ is a popular search
JOONDALUP,     visually better as well.                                                                             term.
WA             2. Check spelling of lightboxes in headings.                                                      3. The word Cloth Banner is a popular
               3. Not sure about the tern "cloth" banners without better description and explanation.               phrase and other websites refer to Cloth
               Suggest you check with suppliers what the best term is to accurately get the message                 Banners too.
Chris Eales    Hi we do not have 310lpi and can we look at dropping the reference to 300 altogether.          The reference to lpi has been removed
NSO                                                                                                           throughout the site
ANDREW         The new-look site is awesome and the editable microsites are absolutely outstanding!!          A textbox has been added to your Microsite,
ROBERTSON      One suggestion – could we have a text box on the website for messages etc? Perhaps             above the advertisement which may contain 5
CBD Rowes      entitled “Centre News/Special Offers” and located above the picture and below the Centre       lines of general information about your Centre,
Arcade, QLD    Name …                                                                                         products/services or general information.
               One more thing I just noticed – when looking for a centre using the drop-down menus the
               centre name is obviously linked to the centre address in the microsite. This will need to be   The issue regarding the displayed Name of a
               changed – for example the address for my Rowes Arcade centre is BRISBANE Q 4000 but            Centre on the Location Pages has been resolved.
               the centre name is CBD Rowes Arcade. You will need to make the centre name for the             The actual Name of your store is displayed and is
               drop down location finder fixed and not tied to any fields in the microsites.                  also showing on the Micropage below the logo.

GRAHAM         Hi Katharina, on viewing our new web site, I have noticed that my store name - Caulfield       This error has been fixed and missing Micropages
JOHNSTON       South, is not listed in the Victorian drop down selector.                                      have been added to the site and appear in the
Caulfield      Could you please add Caulfield South to Victorian Centre Locations.                            relevant location pages.
South, VIC     General over view of the new site, it looks great.

               Hi Katharina, thanks for your response with the fix up for Caulfield South.
               I have had a closer look at the new WOP site and it looks great, well done.
               The site is much more user friendly and has a lot more general info, which is easy to find.
               Great job.
               Regards Graham.
Renee          The new website looks great!! Congratulations. Looking forward to the launch.                  Every Centre is able to change all details of your
Woodward                                                                                                      centres using “Edit Your Micropage” function in
Strathfield,   However the address and phone number for Brookvale and Silverwater are incorrect. At           the Marketing Centre.
NSW            the moment they both have the Parramatta Road address (where our Strathfield store is
               located) in Silverwater and Brookvale but this is incorrect. This address should actually
               have Concord as the suburb but it applies to the Strathfield store only, so please change
                 the address's suburb to Concord for the Strathfield store (we are called Strathfield but the
                 store is actually in Concord).….

Helen Witting    Typo's in the Meet the CEO:                                                                    We‟ve fixed that.
GRAVATT -        How do you think your competitors
QLD              would describe you?

                 Honestly, I've never really stopped to think about it! My focus is on make sure what were
                 offering is relevant to the client.


STEPHANIE        Our store details are incorrect on the new website :                                           Every Centre is able to change all details of your
WALLS            Opening Hours : 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday                                                     centres using “Edit Your Micropage” function in
HAMILTON         Address: 17 Allen Street, Hamilton                                                             the Marketing Centre.
Giselle          Hi Katharina - I think the new website is very user friendly – I would prefer not to see the   The picture on the homepage will change
Gabbani          large “thicker paper…..” on the home page – and I like the butterfly exploding but because     frequently reflecting current promotions and
QLD              it is part of the logo I would prefer to see the butterfly on each „page‟ and the home page    marketing activities.
                 after the exploding.
                 Also not crazy about white background – looks a bit bland – especially that our branding is    A flash on every page will slow down the speed
                 blue, name and butterfly                                                                       the website is displayed. Branding is being
                                                                                                                revised but colours are based on corporate look
                                                                                                                and feel and the readability of content.
Murray           It‟s looking great so far.                                                                     We‟ll add a new function below the picture on the
Howse                                                                                                           Microsite to attach downloadable pdfs.
Bundaberg,       Just a couple of comments though. Is there a way of making the map to find our store only
QLD              display when a link is clicked. It seems a bit of a waste of space as once people have used    The map is a feature most Centres wanted to see
                 it it is no longer relevant.                                                                   on their Microsite. The power and functions of
                                                                                                                Google Maps was demonstrated in the Franchise
                 This would clean up the page and leave more space available for the graphic. Could there       Meetings as requested. The Google Map is not
                 also be an option to click on a downloadable pdf, which could be a centre specific             available as link option.
                 newsletter or monthly promotion flyer? Like the one I‟ve dropped in our page.
Phil Wilkinson   Can you have our location name changed in the center locations search list to say Sydney       The issue regarding the displayed Name of a
Clarence St      or Sydney CBD please.                                                                          Centre on the Location Pages has been resolved.
CBD                                                                                                             The actual Name of your store is displayed and is
               Why is our center the only one in Australia that is identified by only a street? Clarence st     also showing on the Micropage below the logo.
               WHERE!?????                                                                                      Remember the „Name of your Store‟ needs to
                                                                                                                reflect the description stipulated in your Franchise
Philip Adler   We received a phone call from Philip, who was generally pleased about the website.               1. Centres will be the only point of reference in
Bondi, NSW     1. He was confused about the copywriting section as it gives prospect clients the                the Copywriting section.
               opportunity to contact centres or email a request to the Wordplay team direct.                   2. References to products that are not available
               2. The website references large format product which are not necessarily available               throughout the network will be taken out.
               nationally.                                                                                      3. References to stock that is not consistent
               3. Reference to certain stock should be treated with cautions as product offers might differ     throughout the network will be taken out.
               from centre to centre.                                                                           4. This will be fixed and your Centre will be
               4. The request a quote page and upload artwork function doesn‟t pre-populate the                 selected when accessing these pages from your
               Centre‟s details when selected from a Centre‟s Micropage                                         Microsite.
Ken Dowling    1. In the Design section, screen grabs and text copies are used in examples. Many are            1. Most of the Design section is a reference point
Richmond,      difficult to read and some are impossible to read (I am using a large screen new laptop).        for interested Designers only, but we‟ll review
VIC            Doesn't look good, more especially in a Design section.                                          these pages in the next website overhaul.

               2. I note in the Design | Artwork Guidelines | Creating PDFs, there is no reference to the       2. This will be changed.
               newly released WW v3.0 Job Options.
                                                                                                                    3.1. A postcode function is not possible to
               3. In the Find your centre section, there is no provision for the additional suburbs that most            implement as many Centres share the
               centres encompass in their territories.                                                                   same postcodes and share overlapping
                                                                                                                         territories. Google Map will show
               3.1 I ask that an option for a search by postode be made available. Most territories                      customers exactly where about the
               cover multiple postcodes yet each Centre is named for only one of those postcodes. In my                  Centre is located in proximity to all other
               case, which would be fairly typical, prospects in 3 of my postcodes could assume that we                  suburbs.
               are located quite a distance from them. So they find a Snap or Kwikcopy that is in their             3.2. The aim of the website is to show
               suburb or adjacent. Yets we are right on the border of our 4 postcodes thus very handy. I                 customers where their nearest Centre is
               have raised this issue previously and had expected to se it resolved with the new web site                located and provide contact details to
               release. A postcode search is commonly used and thus fairly easily implemented.                           their convenience.
                                                                                                                    3.3. That would be a disadvantage to
               3.2 . Additionally, each Centre should also have their territory suburbs listed in their web              Worldwide as there are territories that are
               subsection. Is this something we are able to add ourselves or will you do it for all centres?             not yet covered based on a list of
                                                                                                                         suburbs. Customers will choose
               3.3 And in the Select Centre drop down, it would be very easy to list each suburb covered                 Worldwide because of its products,
               by Worldwide Centres.                                                                                     services and they will select a Centre
                                                                                                                           perceived being most convenient to
               5. The Google map in our subsection loads with the Centre virtually at the bottom of the                    them.
               map. Shouldn't it be centred on the map?                                                          5. This is Google‟s standard map layout. If
                                                                                                                 customers wanted to change the view on the
                                                                                                                 page they can zoom in out, move the map around
                                                                                                                 as desired.
EILEEN         Hello Katharina                                                                                   Every Centre is able to change all details of your
MELLOR         Bundall opening hours are 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday thankyou                                    centres using “Edit Your Micropage” function in
Bundall, QLD                                                                                                     the Marketing Centre.
Ron            Hi Katharina                                                                                      That has been changed.
Woodbine       New website feedback!
NSO            Great site, at first glance, it‟s got lots of impact, good clean site, and modern images/icons.
               Also - easy to navigate and well balanced. I did find an error on the training page; it still
               refers to Suzanne Waldon for more details.
NSW            1. The design of the new website is very monotone using gray and blues, can‟t we add              1. There is a complex science behind colours and
Franchise      some more colour?                                                                                 their effectiveness in the web. Colours can make
Meeting                                                                                                          and break a site. Gray and blue are great colours
               2. The job posting on the Vacancy page is not in chronological order.                             to portray the image of a trustworthy, stable and
                                                                                                                 serious business website. Did you know that
               3. The Micropage displays the Centre‟s email address in form of a link like on the old            using too much intense contrast and colour
               website which might generate Spam. Can we get a contact form build in instead of having           causes the eye to skip about?
               the link?
                                                                                                                 Would you have done it differently? We
                                                                                                                 encourage all Centres to develop a design mock
                                                                                                                 up of the website within the next 5 working days
                                                                                                                 sharp to suggest a different look before we go

                                                                                                                 2. That will be fixed; we‟ll also display the state
                                                                                                                 your Centre is located in for the visitor‟s

                                                                                                                 3. We have scheduled to develop a contact form
                                                                                                                 in the net

Jon Bull       1. Why are we displaying advertising on the site and linking to third party websites. Aren‟t      1. The placement of the advertisements on the
SA             we loosing customers and traffic?                                                                 website was indicative in the development of the
                2. Can I create a link from my Micropage to a webpage outside of Worldwide?                     site. As Worldwide hasn‟t actually entered into
                                                                                                                negotiations about advertising on the site we have
                                                                                                                removed the outgoing links from the banners
                                                                                                                preventing visitors from exiting the site.

                                                                                                                2. All links from your Micropage shall remain
                                                                                                                within the worldwide domain for following
                                                                                                                          1. Worldwide is unable to control the
                                                                                                                               content on third party sites.
                                                                                                                          2. We loose hits and ranking of our
                                                                                                                          3. Messages and design on third party
                                                                                                                               sites are inconsistent leaving
                                                                                                                               customers confused.
                                                                                                                          4. Third party websites are not included
                                                                                                                               in the Analytics reports and we don‟t
                                                                                                                               know where Centres are loosing the
Vanessa         I have just logged onto the new website - I like all the new information on it - but I cannot   The initial log-in to access the Marketing Centre is
Hurst           log in as a user. The instructions I received said to use the Centre's suburb (we are the       the Name of the Store or Suburb and the
NSW             Sutherland store - so I typed in Sutherland) and our postcode (our store number is 2232)        password is your Centre‟s Postcode. We
                with no success. But I have also typed in the suburb our store is located in which is Gymea     encourage every Centre to change their
                and the postcode here is 2227. I have also tried mixing and matching these as well.             Password when they first log-in and on a regular
                                                                                                                basis thereafter. If you have troubles to log-in
                Could you please let me know what my log in is please?                                          please email katharina.kotte@worldwide.com.au
                                                                                                                to request the details.
Wayne           Sitemap problem. When you go to site map and pick any of these below lets say QLD it            This error has been fixed.
McKay           gives you all 82 stores in the group, yet its header says Worldwide Design & Print Centres
Market Street   in QLD
Heather         The site is easy to use, all self evident where each area is, and the text is great! The        1. Centres are still able to order business cards,
Ciesiolka       section on Design should be a great help to punters. (and ME!)                                  letterheads and compliment slips as individual
Upper Mt                                                                                                        items from the CMS but you would sell it as a
Gravatt,        I must admit I had a bit of giggle at the headline 'thickness matters' :)                       Pack to the convenience of the client.

                1.Stationery packs.                                                                             2. Each Centre controls their own Micropage and
                Since the change to CMS, this product isn't available. I don't know if that is going to be      can easily make changes to their profile in the
              fixed in the future, but at the moment, we can't order any stationery packs. That was the         “Edit Your Micropage” section of the Marketing
              last info we got from Qld State Support anyway.                                                   Centre.

              2. Opening hours                                                                                  3. I‟ve fixed that.
              Our opening hours at Upper Mt Gravatt are 8am - 6pm.
                                                                                                                4. The idea regarding the spec guide for the
              3. In the Design > Understanding Colour printing page, the second par is a repeat of the          templates is great and would be of great use to
              second half of the first par. (you probably would have picked that up anyway)                     customers. We need more of those from Centres
                                                                                                                to put on the website.
              4. Templates
              Just a suggestion, we use a specs sheet to give to customers to get their artwork right           5. We are looking into improving the upload
              (attached) Could be an idea to have this kind of thing available in the templates, or             artwork function and looking for more feedback
              downloads?                                                                                        from other Centres.

              5. I love the drop down boxes in the quotes section that ask what product and quantity. Is
              there any chance that could be added to the Upload Artwork section as well? I only
              mention it because often clients just assume I know what they are ordering, and in many
              cases it is obvious from the art. But things like finishing, quantities and size are often left
              out when I get uploads. And I'd really like the client to provide that info, not me having to
              call or email or follow up somehow. Maybe it's just our clients :)

Derek Bird    Having a look at the website and in my Firefox browser the header is not displaying               This problem has been fixed as the browser
Balcatta      properly (animated gif.). I cleared all the cookies and re-loaded but it still hasn‟t displayed   compatibly testing was completed.
Kelvin Wong   1. Large format print section may neet ot be re-vamped such that no specific product or               1. We‟ll review all products and ensure that
SURRY         specification is provide. This is not ideal but given that Worldwide does not have a large               they are available throughout the network
HILLS         format provider and every franchiesee is using their own supplier, the product and                       and we‟ll also amend the product
              specifications listed in the proposed website is inconsistent with reality. For example, the             specifications (sizes etc)
              banner specifications in the website restricts sizes to a maximum witdh of 1250mm. This               2. That hyperlink has been removed as
              not necessary true. We can print 2400mm wide. Also, as mention before, motorised                         Banner Wall Systems are again a product
              banners are not universally available                                                                    that not available throughout the network
                                                                                                                    3. This is only related to the words and
              2. The hyperlink for Banner Wall Systems doesn't go to a banner wall                                     copywriting.

              3."We can help get your target market to open your email beyond the preview pane and
              increase the number of clicks from stories to your website" What product or service are we
              actually proposing to offer here? Are we proposing to design, writing, manage & deliver
             email marketing campaigns for clients?

Emma Kate    I have a suggestion, we have a lot of clients who like to design their own work however do      Thank you for your email. I think the pdf templates
van der      not have indesign or quark. My thought is can we also have the main templates in a pdf          are a great idea. Are you planning to create a
Moezel       form because these can be easily used in other adobe programs and I do believe pdf files        PDF version for all Templates on the website?
Fyshwick     can be opened in other programs to. I understand we are trying to promote our in centre
             designs however there are many „amateur‟ designers out there who can get quite offended
             when given some design „advise‟. If it is a possibility for the pdf, I thing, it would create
             more correctly supplied files
Stuart       1. I firmly believe that some aspects should only be changeable by head office, notably             1. Centres are still bound by the rules
McLean       items that in the franchise agreement require WWOP approvals to change;                                outlined in the franchise agreement i.e.
Alexandria                                                                                                          store names, address details etc but
             Store Name                                                                                             we‟ve disabled the ability for Centres to
             Store Address                                                                                          Change the Name of their Store as this
             Store Phone / Fax / Email                                                                              might affect the ranking on the Location
             2. Also when people navigate to a centers micro site could it be possible at that stage to          2. Sorry but there is only one banner
             change the 1300 number on the top to the centers number?                                               placement holder for all Micropages and
                                                                                                                    therefore can‟t be tailored to each
             3. MAP OF AUSTRALIA / WORLDWIDE LOCATIONS                                                              Micropage.
                                                                                                                 3. The map is a commonly used template in
             Cairns is not a Capital city so should not have text on it.                                            the web space but we‟ll have a look at it.
             The ACT does not include Sydney in it's boundaries.
             States that do not have centers in them should perhaps default to a marketing micro site
             (or similar) so that the enquiry can be dealt with by WW & farmed out to the appropriate

Murray       1. In general, all product descriptions need to be checked to make sure they are                    1. We‟ll revise the product descriptions.
WANGARA &    technically accurate and standard trade "talk".                                                     2. Point taken.
JOONDALUP                                                                                                        3. The list represents a mix a most popular
             2. When requesting a quote it needs a "Tick preferred option/s" above the various product              products based on sales from the last two
             choices.                                                                                               years and products that haven‟t been
                                                                                                                    selling very well and should be promoted
             3. With letterhead quote (and all quotes) make sure the selection ALWAYS has our                       more. If we were to list premium products
             premium products at the top and the least expensive at the bottom.                                     at the top we would create a most
             At the moment a 1 colour letterhead is at the top and this will encourage more to choose               expensive product list. This wouldn‟t give
             that item.                                                                                             Centres the ability to up sell or win the
                                                                                                     customer because the initial price is a lot
4. I couldn't seem to send a multiple quote request without having to fill out all my details        higher than your competitor. Up selling is
with each request. Is this right or did I miss something?                                            the key.
Can we request multiple product quotes and only have to fill out 1 detail form?                 4.   We‟ll consider that for the next phase of
5. Delete business card from the letterhead quote section. No point inhaving a little used      5.   The pack will remain in that section. It
product mixed in with letterheads and with comps.                                                    promotes cross selling/ up selling and
                                                                                                     increases exposure of Worldwide
6. The description Offset paper is not accurate for letterheads. We normally use "90g                products.
white laser bond paper". Unless there have been changes.                                        6.   The reference has been changed to
                                                                                                     “White Laser Offset”.
7. The artwork section is confusing. YES/NO means nothing to a customer. It needs               7.   We‟ll consider that for the next phase of
something like                                                                                       developments.

ARTWORK Are you supplying artwork? What file format will you supply?

PDF (preferred)
Other: Details please

Please quote to provide artwork.

Many customers say yes to supplying artwork but in fact it's a rubbish Word doc which we
can't use.

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