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					                                            OFFICE OF
                                                                                            San Diego
ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY   THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY                                     330 West Broadway
                                                                                       San Diego, CA 92101
                                      COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO                                 (619) 531-4040

                                       BONNIE M. DUMANIS
                                         DISTRICT ATTORNEY

   For Immediate Release                                                   Contact: Steve Walker
   December 29, 2010                                                                619-531-3890

DA Announces Settlement in Television
  Manufacturers Screen Size Case
 TV Makers to Pay $1.25 Million and Change Industry Standards
   San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie M. Dumanis today announced several international
   television manufacturers have entered into settlements regarding the representation of screen
   sizes of televisions. San Diego County was joined by six other California counties in bringing a
   consumer protection regulatory action against LG Electronics, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, and
   Sony after it was discovered manufacturers were rounding up the actual size of TV screens.

   “It may seem like a small discrepancy, but the District Attorney’s Consumer Unit is responsible
   for protecting the consumer and making sure corporations are complying with the state’s truth-
   in-advertising laws,” said DA Dumanis. “In addition, as a result of this settlement, schools and
   other public entities will benefit in a very direct way.”

   The manufacturers agreed to contribute a total of $1.125 million worth of televisions and other
   audio-visual equipment to schools and other public institutions throughout California. They also
   agreed to pay costs and other relief in the total amount of $1.25 million. Further, the
   manufacturers are now subject to an injunction that clarifies how screen size measurements are
   to be represented in the future

   Viewable picture size is one of a number of characteristics that are disclosed to consumers on
   packaging of television sets, brochures, owners’ manuals and, in certain instances, advertising.
   The manufacturers and sellers historically described the viewable screen sizes of the television
   models they manufacture and/or sell by rounding the number of inches, measured diagonally, to
   the nearest whole number.

   A television that was described as “40 inches diagonal” or “40 inches” might have had an actual
   diagonal viewable picture screen size that was smaller. This practice of rounding was a long-
   standing, industry-wide practice. It was the opinion of the District Attorneys that this practice
   was incompatible with existing California law.

   The action was filed in Alameda County and the manufacturers stipulated to the judgments
   without admitting liability. The California Division of Measurement Standards and the local
Weights and Measures Departments brought the consumer action to the attention of the local
District Attorney’s Offices.

The manufacturers have cooperated fully with the District Attorneys by voluntarily changing
their practices. For the last four years, the named manufacturers have been posting, in a clear
and conspicuous manner, the viewable diagonal picture sizes of the television sets to the nearest
tenth of an inch.



Thomas Papageorge, Special Prosecutor, San Diego County District Attorney’s Office
(619) 531-3971

LG Electronics:   John I. Taylor        (847) 941-8181
Panasonic:        Jim Reilly            (201) 392-6067
Samsung:          Michelangelo Troisi   (201) 229-4149
Sharp:            Chris Loncto          (201) 529-8680
Sony:             John Dolak            (858) 942-2905

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