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									Castro Garnier Attorneys and Associates
 opened                                             Notarial Services                                 With regard to Trademarks Law
         in January 2000, offering our clients      Our professional path gives us the right to       Our experience allows us to assist our clients
a group of attorneys with broad knowledge in        elaborate notorious documentation that            in the registration of trademarks, commercial
diverse law areas. This allows us to render         gathers the necessary statements to take to       names, marks logos, and copyrights in all of
services of legal advice in corporation law,        a happy ending all that our clients have          the international nomenclature classes.
which includes restructuration of companies,        entrusted to us.                                  Castro Garnier Costa Rica Attorneys at law
due diligence processes, merging and                                                                  also offers services in the defense of marks,
acquisitions, aspects of financial and banking      With Regard Real State                            objection to the registration of future marks,
law, real state and real state investment           We provide representation to a wide               and elaborates appeals against the uprisings
funds.                                              spectrum of clients involved in real estate       of the Registry of Marks, and the CopyRight
                                                    transactions. We work with buyers, sellers,       Office.
All Castro Garnier Attorneys at Law Costa           and a network of real estate agents,
Rica members, have extensive knowledge              mortgage brokers, lenders, investment             With Regard Mercantile Law
and experience in Costa Rica legal subjects         groups and developers to facilitate the           Our office offers services in the elaboration
and such experience and knowledge let us            purchase, refinance and/or sale of a home.        of shareholders Meetings and constitution of
improve our potential every day, when taking                                                          companies, pursuing corporate management
care of the issues that our clients have            With regard litigation                            of constituted companies, Loan contracts,
trusted to us .The experience regarding             Our knowledge and experience in the               such as mortgages, mortgage debentures,
collections and lawsuit in civil law and            exercise of civil, commercial, stock market       securities, trust contacts, Syndicated loans,
commercial affairs, and arbitral proceeding in      exchange, arbitral and enterprise law, allow      lease agreements more specifically for Real
general and litigious is vast. Besides, we are      us to relate the law with corporative             Estate Funds, lines of credit, Joint Venture,
strategically located, as close to the Court of     business, financial and real state areas, which   sight account contracts, Current account
Justice as to the National Registry, in San         we have always worked diligently with             contracts, Purchase of mercantile and
Jose, Costa Rica, Barrio Escalante.                 positive results for our clients, arbitrage       financial entities, and resale contracts.
                                                    proceedings, litigious and bidding in and out
Our practice specializes in this areas              of court collection processes                     Bank, Finance, Investment Funds, and
Costa Rica Legal Advise in Mercantile Law           The experience in the litigious legal area is     Fiduciary Services
and bank loan credits, Costa Rica Public            based in the preparation, presentation and
Notary services, Transaction and pursuit to         defense of processes of judicial collection as    We are experts in banking and financial
litigious processes, judicial collection, and       well as mortgaging and securities processes,      normative being with holding entities, central
arbitration    processes.      Elaboration     of   anticipated confessions, processes of ousting,    banks, commercial banks, and financial
Trademark defenses, objections and appeals          ordinary process, and brief process, monitory     markets,      commercial        loans,   invoice
to diverse proceedings in Trademark Law,            process, interdicts, preventive bankruptcies,     discounting, financial services, administration
Tax Department and management of                    agreements, transit process, recognition of       of     financial    institutions,    government
fiduciary    property,Certificates    of    legal   private documents and evidence, successor         regulation in financial institutions, regulation
capacity, notarization of private, judicial, and    processes,     encumber     of    goods, and      and structure of international banking,
testamentary documents, elaboration of              possessions.For the judicial collection we        protection to the investor, and investment
vehicles and real estate transfer deeds,            count with localizers of ample experience in      funds. In this particular area our services
notarization     of    Shareholder       Meeting    aspects like locations, notifications and         include     the     elaborating,     negotiation,
agreements, and notarization of litigious           seizures.                                         execution of the administration and collection
processes.                                                                                            of trust deeds, all types of credit, and
                                                                                                      factoring services.
Castro Garnier Attorneys and Associates opened its offices
to the public in an independent manner in January 2000,            Emilio Garnier Borella
offerings its clients a group of attorneys with broad              Alvaro Emilio Castro Garnier
knowledge in different areas of law.                               María Cristina Guardia Chavarría

This permits us to offer services of legal counsel in
corporate law, which includes company restructuring, due
diligence processes, mergers and acquisitions, aspects of
financial and bank law, real estate and real estate                Leonel Alvarado Zumbado
investment funds.                                                  Gabriela Porras Arias
                                                                   Kattya Mejias Villalobos
The experience in collecting and contentious proceedings
in civil and mercantile law, arbitration proceedings in           Asistentes
general and in litigation is vast.
                                                                   Jaime Jiménez Umaña
Furthermore, we are strategically located, near the Courts
of Justice as well as the National Registry in San Jose,           Hannia Fonseca
Costa Rica, Barrio Escalante, from the Santa Teresita              Esteban Barrantes Reyes
Church 200 meters east and 100 south, house number                 Felipe Fonseca
                                                                  Administrative Accounting
We offer our clients a personalized service and attention of
great quality, where we maintain them informed at every            Emilio Garnier Borella
moment of the diligences and proceedings that are in               Virginia Chan Jiménez
                                                                   Carolina Ramírez Vergara
Our practice specializes in this areas

Litigation, Collection Proceedings and Alternate Resolution
of Conflicts (member of ICC International Chamber of
Commerce-CCI Costa Rica.). Administrative Proceedings.
Commercial, Civil , Family and Corporate Law. Notary and
Registry Services (Certificates of legal capacity, notarization
of private, judicial, and testamentary documents,
elaboration of vehicles and real estate transfer deeds,
notarization of Shareholder Meeting agreements, and
notarization of litigious proceses). Bank and Finances.
Trust Services (management of fiduciary property).
Factoring Services. Investment Funds and Stock Market.
Real Estate and Municipal Law. Intellectual Property.
Castro Garnier Attorneys and Associates is characterized in
offering its clients a personalized service and attention of
great quality, where we maintain them informed at every
moment of the diligences and proceedings that are in
process in the following areas of Law:

  Notary and Registry Services
  Intellectual Property
  Family Law.
  Fiduciary Services
  Litigation, Proceedings, Alternate Resolution of Conflicts
(member of ICC International Chamber of Commerce-CCI
Costa Rica.), and Administrative Proceedings.
    Bank, Finances, Investment Funds,Trust Service,
Bursatile Stock Market, and Factoring Services.
   Real Estate. Development of Commercial Real Estate
Projects; Acquisition of Real Estate; Real Estate Contracts;
Property Titles; Studies of Property Titles; Submission to
the Time Sharing Property Regimen and Municipal Law.
 We can help you!
 All Castro Garnier Attorney´s at law and our
 professional team have extensive knowledge
 and experience in legal matters, which are put
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 at test each day when they take care of the
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