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									                  2010 SHENANDOAH DISTRICT CONFERENCE
                           DAILY PROCEEDINGS

                              FIRST SITTING, Monday, July 12, 2010

The ninth annual session of the Shenandoah District Conference was held at the Parkway Wesleyan
Church in Roanoke, Virginia, July 12-13, 2010

District Superintendent, Rev. Greg Reynolds presided over the opening service with Jimmy Davis and
Rev. Steve Wingfield for all pastors, delegates, and friends. Rev. Wingfield presented a devotion from
Ephesians 6:18-29.

District Superintendent, Rev. Greg Reynolds welcomed everyone. Appreciation was given to Dr. John Ott
and Parkway Wesleyan Church for the use of the church facilities.

    Introduction of Presiding General Superintendent – Dr. Thomas E. Armiger
         Rev. Greg Reynolds welcomed Dr. Thomas Armiger as the presiding General Superintendent.

  General Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Armiger called the conference to order at 9:12 AM.
  Introduction of Conference Session Committees
       Courtesy Committee – Glen Gentry, Chair
       Tellers Committee – Kristi Fitzgerald, Chair

        The Conference Sessions Committees (Courtesy and Tellers) were introduced by
        Assistant District Superintendent, Rev. Robert Phaup.

Roll Call - The roll call was taken by ballot. The following delegates were present for the Monday
session of Conference:


    John Aldrich, Matthew Alford, James Alley, Dale Argot, Thomas Armiger, Barry Ashbrook, Myron
    Atkinson, David Bayse, Grant Beecher, Jeff Bennett, Thomas Bird, Theresa Blyskal, Dennis Boone,
    James Collins, Gary Conklin, Gary Combs, Gregory Criswell, Brian Custer, Dave Daigneault,
    Kenneth Davis, Patricia Deavers, Moe Diggs, Kenneth Dupin, Wayne Earley, Fred Eddy, N. Michael
    Ennis, Eliseo Flores, Kenneth Foutz, Thelmon Fugate, Martin Furrow, Randy Garner, Edwin Gentry,
    Reed Goe, Art Good, Nathan Green, Scott Grigonis, William Groves, Paul Haithcock, John Hannan,
    Jack Harris, John Hathaway, David Henry, John Holland, Jess Holmes, John Hopkins, Joseph
    Horrell, Heidi Hovan, Kevin Hovan, Tyler Hudgins, David Hurd, Robert James, Tony Johnson,
    Charles Jones, Brian Kiehl, Bob Kincaid, Robin Kingery, Roger Kratz, Richard Lathrop, Michael
    Lauridsen, Barry Lawson, James Long, Michael Maddox, Barry Miller, Stephen Miller, Lincoln Miller,
    Russell Mills, Robert Moore, Robert Moore, Michael Newman, John Ott, Alan Page, Jason Page,
    Aaron Patriquin, Bernard Pennington, Robert Phaup, Kenneth Reed, Sharon Reed, Dale Reynolds,
    Gregory Reynolds, Matthew Reynolds, Gary Rich, Glen Robinson, Gerald Rodgers, Ricardo
    Rodgiquez, Roy Rogers, Ronald Rogers, Colin Sasser, Barry Shaffer, Arlis Shelor, Chris Shinn,
    William Smith, Bradley Snyder, Brady Stephens, Charles Thomas, Barry Van Steenburg, David
    Vanderpool, Adam Watts, Paul Wheeler, Steve White, John Williamson, Steve Wingfield
    Russell Wooten, Barry Wright

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 1
    Lay Delegates

    Mandy Atkinson, Bonnie Baker, Benny Baliles, Patsy Baliles, Nancy Ballengee, Kathy Barger, Earl
    Barger, Mayilyn Bell, Beverly Belton, Sally Bird, David Bjorkman, Burl lackburn, Laura Blasiole, Nancy
    Boles, Deborah Boles, Jamie Botkin, Carol Bottomly, Michael Bull, Deborah Bull, Stephen Byrum,
    Gayle Campbell, Charles Campbell, Charles Cantley, Louise Carlton, Elwood Carver, Carolyn Cecil,
    Helen Collins, June, Custer, Rochelle Davis, Pamela Day, Sally Eddy, Darrell English, Anne
    Fitzgerald, Stephanie Francis, Paul Franklin, Iris Furrow, Sue Gibson, Joyce Gibson, Barbara Glass,
    Joyce Gordon, Erwin Guhr, Zana Hall, Ira Hartman, Joanne Hartman, Gladys Hill, Kendall Hill,
    Melissa Hoback, Corby Hoback, Barbara Hoskins, Barry Hudgins, Linda Hudgins, Alpredo Huentas,
    Starlett James, George Jones, Opal Keller, Pete Keller, Ethelyn Kilmer, David Kipe, Jerry Lacks,
    Raymond Laffoon, Dana Laffoon, Herb Lennox, Bonnie Lockart, Lou Loema, Whitlock Louis, Bonnie
    Lucas, Fran Martin, M. Miller, Hiram Morton, Mitchell Nelson, James Norris, Peggy Overstreet, Bill
    Overstreet, June Perkins, Lois Price, Millie Proffitt, James Pruitt, James Putzlocker, Mickie
    Rhodenizer, Ed Roberts, Karen Rogers, William Sanford, Kelly Schuhmann, Cody Sexton, Wesley
    Shields, John Sink, Sandra Smith, Mark Taylor, Wanda Thompson, RichTippey, LarryTitus, Wayne
    Via, Windy Walton, Freda Wright, Kathy Wright

    D.B.A. Members

    Edward L. Arrington, Jr., Terry Hall, Dewey Gunnoe

Conference Bar - A motion was by Assistant District Superintendent, Rev. Robert Phaup made and
   That the first seven rows of the center sections and the first five rows of the side sections, the
   platform and the sound booth be established as the conference bar.

Agenda Adopted - The Agenda was adopted as a guideline for the District Conference Sessions as
amended by General Superintendent, Dr. Tom Armiger.

                            2010 SHENANDOAH DISTRICT CONFERENCE
                                      ADOPTED AGENDA

** Numbers in Parenthesis = Packet Page Numbers

Monday, July 12, 2010

8:00 am Registration & Packet Distribution

8:30 am Opening Service

9:00 am Welcome & Announcements – Rev. Gregory D. Reynolds, D.S.
        Introduction of Presiding General Superintendent – Dr. Thomas E. Armiger
        Conference Convenes
        Introduction of Conference Session Committees
          Roll Call - Ballot
          Establishment of Conference Bar - Voting Delegates
          Adoption of Agenda - Establish Hour of Sittings

9:30 am     Report of the District Superintendent                                         (Pg. 6)

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 2
10:15 am      Break

11:00 am Denominational State of the Church Address - Dr. Thomas E. Armiger   (Pg.4)

           Courtesy Committee
           Partial Report of District Board of Ministerial Development        (Pg.68)
           Assistant District Superintendent's Report                         (Pg. 13)
           Election of the District Superintendent
                   Report of District Treasurer
                       District Ministry Budget 2007-2008                     (Pg. 15)
                       Church Budget Assessments 2007-2008                    (Pg. 17)
                       Balance Sheet                                          (Pg. 19)
                       Church Budget Assessments 2008-2009                    (Pg. 21)
                       District Ministry Budget 2008-2009                     (Pg. 23)
           The Gathering Video – “Together Stronger”

12:00 pm   Recess for Lunch
           Pastor’s Wives Luncheon

1:45 pm    Conference Business Resumes
              Courtesy Committee (Retired and New Ministers)
           Report of District Statistician
              Charts                                                          (Pg. 25)
              Statistical Report                                              (Pg. 32)
           Report of Committee on Public Morals & Social Concerns             (Pg. 66)
           Report of District Property & Casualty Insurance Coordinator       (Pg. 72)
           Report of Wesleyan Bible Bowl Director                             (Pg. 74)

3:15 pm    Break

3:25 pm    Memorial Service
           Report of Wesleyan Youth Director
           Courtesy Committee – Special Guests
           Report of Wesleyan Women Director                                  (Pg. 60)
           Report of Women’s Ministries Treasurer                             (Pg. 62)
           Report of W.K.F.M. Director                                        (Pg. 65)

4:30 pm    Recess for Dinner

6:30 pm    Ordained Ministers and Spouses Meet at Parkway

7:00 pm    Ordination Service - Dr. Anthony Graham, Speaker

8:15 pm    Reception for Newly Ordained Ministers

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

   9:00 am    Conference Reconvenes
              Praise & Worship
              Report of District Education Director                           (Pg. 77)

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 3
                   Southern Wesleyan University
                   Bethany Bible College
                Report of Courtesy Committee - Presentation of Special Guests
                Presentation of Excellence in Ministry Awards
                Report of District Missions Director                                    (Pg. 58)
                Report of District Director of Evangelism and Church Growth             (Pg. 68)
                   “One of 300” Awards
                Report of District Board of Ministerial Development (Final)             (Pg. 73)
                Report of Shenandoah Family Camp                                        (Pg. 78)
                Report of the District Building Committee

10:30 am    The Gathering Video – “Remembering ‘07”
            Report of Discover the Joy!
            Report of DBA - Pastoral Relations & Ministerial Appointments               (Pg. 79)
            Reading of Pastoral Appointments                                            (Pg. 86)
            Unfinished Business referred to DBA

11:30 am    Conference Adjournment

12:00 pm    Lunch Break

1:00 pm     Seminar – Church Legal, Tax & Insurance Issues

2:30 pm     Seminar – Cultural Diversity Journey

3:00 pm     Shenandoah Shoot-Our Golf Tournament

7:00 pm     POWER RALLY

District Superintendent’s Report (pg. 6; 9:20 a.m.) – Dr. Armiger recognized District Superintendent
Rev. Greg Reynolds, who presented his first report to the conference as District Superintendent. The
report was received with appreciation and applause.

Courtesy Committee Report – All first time delegates were introduced to the conference. Special
guests: Randy Wright, Harvey Mays, Ryan Gillenwater of Carlton Wright Insurance; Steve Wingfield, of
Steve Wingfield Ministries; Rebecca Miller, Missionary to Guatemala; Rob & Monica Rogers; Rev. Bob
Gray, Missionary to Mexico and El Salvador; Dr. Jim Dunn, General Department of Spiritual Formation;
Dr. Kerry Kind, General Department of Education and Ministry; Kevin Hovan, U.S. Army Chaplain; ?Rich
Avery, Wesleyan Native Missions; Rev. Philip Bottomlee, Pastor of Roanoke area church.

Partial Report of the District Board of Ministerial Development (pg.68)
    The following were recommended for election as Ordained Ministers:
        Grant C. Beecher, David A. Daigneault, Heidi M. Hovan, Robert G. Jackson, Lincoln D. Miller,
        and Alan J. Page.
    Recommendation Approved by Acclamation

       Robert F. James was recommended for Ordination Validation
    Recommendation Approved by Acclamation

Report of the Assistant District Superintendent (pg.13) – Assistant District Superintendent Robert W.
Phaup presented his report, which was received with appreciation.

The conference also voiced appreciation to Mrs. Debbie Braisted for her outstanding work as office

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 4
Report of the District Treasurer (pg.15) - Rev. Bill Smith highlighted his report with a PowerPoint
presentation. A review of the 2009-2010 Operational Budget Report, Church Budget assessments, and
balance sheet was provided. The 2010-2011 Operational Budget and Church Budget Assessments were
reviewed. Opportunity for questions concerning the report was given. The conference received all
reports and provided an expression of appreciation for the great service performed by the treasurer.

Conference recessed 10:25 am

Conference reconvened 11:00 am

    Motion Made by District Secretary John Williamson
       That Dr. Jim Dunn, Dr. Kerry Kind, Rev. Philip Bottomlee, Rev. Bob Gray, Miss Rebecca Miller,
       Missionary to Guatemala; and Rich Avery, Wesleyan Native Ministries; be seated as honorary
       delegates to the conference.

Denominational Address (11:03 am) – General Superintendent Dr. Thomas Armiger presented the
Denominational Address. He referenced his official report that was included in the Conference packet,
and then based his remarks on the “Big Picture” of The Wesleyan Church.
Dr. Armiger shared Five Characteristics of a Missional Church Acts 2:40 – 42. A missional church is 1)
Biblical; 2) Hopeful; 3) Intentional; 4) Connectional and 5) Global

Dr. Jim Dunn was introduced and shared some highlights from the Department of Spiritual Formation.
The Department of Spiritual Formation is organized around four “H’s”: Head – what are we teaching;
Heart – do you know Jesus Christ personally; Habits – how are we living; and Hands – when does Jesus
show up in our service to him;

Report of the District Statistician (pg. 25) - A summary of the district statistics was presented by Robert
W. Phaup and received by the conference with appreciation

Dr. Kerry Kind was introduced and shared highlights from the Department of Education and Ministry.

Rev. Bob Gray was introduced and shared highlights from Global Partners (El Salvador).

“Together Stronger” a video promoting The Gathering, Jacksonville, FL. 2011 was shown.
District Superintendent, Rev. Greg Reynolds encouraged pastors to attend and recommended churches
make provision to offer financial assistance to pastors so they can attend The Gathering.

Recess for lunch - Announcements were made and a break for lunch began at 11:53 a.m.

SECOND SITTING, Monday, July 12, 2010, 1:45 p.m.

Conference Session called back to order by General Superintendent, Dr. Tom Armiger.

Chair of Conference was handed to District Superintendent Rev. Greg Reynolds by General
Superintendent, Dr. Tom Armiger.

Rich Avery was introduced and shared highlights from the Wesleyan Native Ministries.

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 5
Report of Courtesy Committee – Rev. Glen Gentry introduced the following new ministers:
   Tony Johnson, Wesleyan Community Blacksburg; W. Scott Lockard, Doran; David Henry, Five Forks;
   John Aldrich, Raven Rock; Reed Goe, Arvonia.

    The following retired ministers were introduced to the conference: Rev. David Bayse, Rev. Kenneth
    Foutz, Rev. Thelmon (Bud) Fugate, Rev. John Hathaway, Rev. Russell Mills, Rev. Dale Reynolds,
    and Rev. Paul Wheeler

Report of the Public Morals and Social Concerns Committee (pg.66) – The report was presented by
Dr. Lewis Sheckler and was received with appreciation.

Report of the Property & Casualty Insurance Coordinator (pg.72) – The report was presented by Rev.
Bob Phaup and was received with appreciation.

Report of the Wesleyan Bible Bowl Coordinator (pg.74) – The report was presented by Rev. Myron
Atkinson and was received with appreciation.

Report of the Wesleyan Youth Director – The report was presented by Rev. Paul Haithcock (District
Youth President); Rev. Ricardo Rodriquez (leader of children’s camp); Rochelle Davis (western area
youth camp) and was received with appreciation.

Report of the Women’s Ministries Director– The report was presented by Christy Van Steenburg was
received with appreciation.

Memorial Service – (2:27 pm) The 2010 Memorial Service was conducted by Rev. Glen Gentry. The
Honor Roll of deceased members of local churches of the Shenandoah District was presented through
multi-media. The service was closed with prayer.

Report of the District Board of Ministerial Development (pg.68) - The report of the DBMD concerning
Annual Service Reports and Licensing was adopted by the conference with corrections.

Report of the Women’s Ministries Treasurer (pg. 62) was presented by Karen Rogers and received by
the conference.

Report of the W.K.F.M. Director (pg. 65) – was presented by Pam Argot and were noted and received
with thanks.

Presiding Chair, Rev. Greg Reynolds expressed appreciation to Dr. John Ott and Parkway Wesleyan
Church for the use of the church facilities and as the sponsor of the Monday morning conference break.

Report of the Shenandoah Family Camp (pg. 73) - A statistical and financial report of the operations of
the Shenandoah Family Camp was presented by Dr. David L. Hurd and accepted with appreciation by the

Recess for Dinner– 3:35 PM

Ordination Service - See report of Ordination Service in this Journal

Reception for Newly Ordained Ministers

THIRD SITTING, Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 9:00 a.m.

PRAISE & WORSHIP – Rev. Greg Reynolds led in a time of praise, worship and prayer.

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 6
Multi-media presentation on living a holy life

Reconvene - The conference was called to order at 9:14 a.m.

Roll Call - The roll call was taken by ballot. The following delegates were present for the Tuesday
session of Conference:


    John Aldrich, Matthew Alford, James Alley, Dale Argot, Thomas Armiger, Myron Atkinson, David
    Bayse, Grant Beecher, Thomas Bird, Theresa Blyskal, Gary Conklin, Gary Combs, Gregory Criswell,
    Brian Custer, Dave Daigneault, Kenneth Davis, Patricia Deavers, Moe Diggs, Kenneth Dupin, Wayne
    Earley, Fred Eddy, N. Michael Ennis, Eliseo Flores, Kenneth Foutz, Martin Furrow, Randy Garner,
    Edwin Gentry, Art Good, Nathan Green, William Groves, Paul Haithcock, John Hannan, Jack Harris,
    John Hathaway, David Henry, John Holland, Jess Holmes, John Hopkins, Joseph Horrell, Heidi
    Hovan, Kevin Hovan, Tyler Hudgins, Robert James, Tony Johnson, Brian Kiehl, Bob Kincaid, Robin
    Kingery, Roger Kratz, Michael Lauridsen, Barry Lawson, James Long, Michael Maddox, Barry Miller,
    Stephen Miller, Lincoln Miller, Russell Mills, Robert Moore, Robert Moore, Michael Newman, John
    Ott, Alan Page, Jason Page, Aaron Patriquin, Robert Phaup, Kenneth Reed, Sharon Reed, Dale
    Reynolds, Gregory Reynolds, Gary Rich, Glen Robinson, Ricardo Rodgiquez, Roy Rogers, Ronald
    Rogers, Colin Sasser, Arlis Shelor, Chris Shinn, William Smith, Bradley Snyder, Brady Stephens,
    Charles Thomas, Barry Van Steenburg, Adam Watts, John Williamson, Russell Wooten, Barry Wright

    Lay Delegates

    Mandy Atkinson, Bonnie Baker, Nancy Ballengee, Mayilyn Bell, Beverly Belton, Sally Bird, David
    Bjorkman, Burl lackburn, Laura Blasiole, Nancy Boles, Deborah Boles, Jamie Botkin, Carol Bottomly,
    Michael Bull, Deborah Bull, Stephen Byrum, Gayle Campbell, Charles Campbell, Charles Cantley,
    Louise Carlton, Timothy Carpenter, Elwood Carver, Carolyn Cecil, Helen Collins, June, Custer,
    Pamela Day, Sally Eddy, Darrell English, Anne Fitzgerald, Debbie Floyd, Charles Floyd, Stephanie
    Francis, Paul Franklin, Iris Furrow, Joyce Gibson, Barbara Glass, Joyce Gordon, Zana Hall, Ira
    Hartman, Joanne Hartman, Gladys Hill, Kendall Hill, Melissa Hoback, Barbara Hoskins, Barry
    Hudgins, Linda Hudgins, Robert James, Starlett James, George Jones, Opal Keller, Pete Keller,
    Ethelyn Kilmer, David Kipe, Jerry Lacks, Raymond Laffoon, Dana Laffoon, Herb Lennox, Bonnie
    Lockart, Lou Loema, Bonnie Lucas, Fran Martin, M. Miller, Hiram Morton, Mitchell Nelson, Richard
    Nedrow, James Norris, Peggy Overstreet, Bill Overstreet, June Perkins, Lois Price, Millie Proffitt,
    James Pruitt, James Putzlocker, Mickie Rhodenizer, Cody Sexton, Wesley Shields, John Sink,
    Sandra Smith, Mark Taylor, Wanda Thompson, RichTippey, Windy Walton, Freda Wright, Kathy

    D.B.A. Members

    Edward L. Arrington, Jr., Dewey Gunnoe

Report of the District Education Director (pg.77) – Rev. Ricardo Rodriguez presented his report which
was accepted with appreciation.

    Bethany Bible College Representative – Rev. Mark Gorveatte was introduced and brought
    greetings and information from Bethany

    Southern Wesleyan University – Dr. David Spittal was introduced and brought greetings and
    information from SWU.

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 7
   Wesley Seminary – Dr. Wayne Schmidt was introduced and brought greetings and information from
   Wesley Seminary.

Dr. Dick Wynn was welcomed as a distinguished guest to the conference by District Superintendent,
Rev. Greg Reynolds

Dr. Louis Carlton was introduced by Greg Reynolds and shared remarks regarding the “legacy” of
Christian Education.

Special Thanks – Mrs. Louise thanked everyone who assisted in preparing the Ordinands reception.
The conference expressed appreciation to Dr. Carlton and the preparation staff.

Report of the District Missions Director – Rev. Robert Jackson introduced Rev. Aaron Patriquin who
presented a check in the amount of $200.00 to missions. The check represented proceeds raised
through The Bridge (coffee shop). Brookhill Wesleyan was recognized as the church with highest giving
to missions and Baywood Wesleyan was recognized as the highest per capita giving church. The report
included a multi-media presentation “The Wesleyan Church in El Salvador”. Rev. Robert Jackson’s report
was received with appreciation by the conference

Report of Discover the Joy (pg. 64)– Becky Reynolds presented the Discover the Joy report which was
accepted with appreciation by the conference. The report included presentation of $250.00 to
missionaries Rob and Monica Rogers from the Ruth Fund (silent auction) and $2,500.00 to the
Shenandoah District for Church Planting from the Sunday morning offering.

Report of DBA – Pastoral Relations & Ministerial Appointments (pg. 79) - The Comprehensive D.B.A.
report on Pastoral Relations and Appointments was read by Assistant District Superintendent, Rev. Bob
Phaup. Corrections were noted and the report was adopted by voice vote.

Chair of Conference was handed back to General Superintendent, Dr. Tom Armiger by District
Superintendent Rev. Greg Reynolds.

Report of the District Building Committee - Rev. Greg Reynolds presented the District Building
Committee report which was accepted with appreciation by the conference.

Report of the Evangelism and Church Growth Committee (pg. 58) – Rev. Greg Reynolds introduced
John Holland, John Williamson and Randy Garner who each shared on their respective ministry areas;
Evangelism, Church Revitalization and Church Planting. This report was accepted with appreciation by
the conference. Dr. Tom Armiger presented a check for $250.00 to Jess Holmes as a way of saying
thanks for planting the church.

Excellence in Ministry Awards - General Superintendent Dr. Tom Armiger presented certificates to the
following churches: Christ Community; Cornerstone Community, Charlottesville; Grace Wesleyan, Living
Hope Fellowship; and Three Mile.

Multi-media presentation – Hope and Holiness Trust initiative.

“One of 300 Awards” - General Superintendent Dr. Tom Armiger presented certificates to the following
churches: Christiansburg, and Fredericksburg.

Pastoral Appointments – Rev. Greg Reynolds read the report of church/pastor appointments. This
report was adopted by the conference as corrected.


Motion to Adjourn - A motion was made to adjourn the 2010 Conference of the Shenandoah District at

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 8
11:40 AM. The motion was approved by singing the Doxology.

Statement of Certification
    We, the undersigned officers, duly elected by the Shenandoah District Conference of The Wesleyan
Church, do hereby certify that in our opinion the printed copy of the minutes of the proceedings of said
District Conference held at the Parkway Wesleyan Church, Roanoke, Virginia, on July 12 & 13, 2010, to
which this statement is bound, is a true and correct copy of the minutes of said session.

    Dated this 14th day of July, 2010.

                Greg Reynolds               (Seal)
                Superintendent of the
                Shenandoah District

                John C. Williamson           (Seal)
                District Secretary of the
                Shenandoah District

                                     Proceedings/Reports - 9
                                          ORDINATION SERVICE
                                                    July 12, 2010
                                                      7:30 P.M.

         The 2010 Ordination Service began with the procession of Ordained Ministers. The procession of the
Ordination Council was then led by Dr. Thomas E. Armiger. Dr. Barry Lawson welcomed the congregation,
followed by the call to worship and invocation by Dr. Kerry D. Kind, General Director of Education and the
Ministry. A time of praise and worship was led by Rev. Paul Haithcock, followed by the presentation of Ministerial
Service Awards. Offertory prayer was presented by Mrs. Carrie Hopkins. Special music was provided by the Paul
Haithcock band.

        An inspiring ordination message was delivered by Dr. Anthony Graham, pastor of New Hope Family
Worship Center in Brooklyn, NY.

        The candidates for ordination, Grant C. Beecher, David A. Daigneault, Heidi M. Hovan, Robert G.
Jackson, Lincoln D. Miller and Alan J. Page were presented by Rev. Gregory Reynolds. Dr. Thomas Armiger
accepted the candidates, Rev. Ricardo Rodriguez read the Epistle, Dr. Kenneth R. Foutz read the Gospel, Dr.
Armiger delivered the Minister’s Challenge, and Rev. Reynolds delivered the Charge. The examination of the
candidates was led by Dr. Armiger, along with an accompanying covenant with the spouses. The Act of Ordination
was performed, followed by a Prayer of Enduement led by Dr. Armiger. Robert F. James was then recognized as a
candidate for validation of ordinaton. The right hand of fellowship was extended to the newly Ordained Ministers
by the Council of Ordination, followed by a blessing offered by Rev. Robert Phaup.

         The newly ordained ministers were honored by a reception in the fellowship area..

                                    Candidates for Ordination

Grant C. Beecher is the son of Wesleyan Pastor, Rev. Gary Beecher and his wife, Martha. Growing up in a
parsonage educated Grant early to the true cost of following Christ. Grant graduated from Indiana Wesleyan
University in 1997 with a degree in Criminal Justice and Christian Ministry. While at IWU Grant served as Youth
Pastor at Greentown Wesleyan Church where he met a beautiful young lady from Roanoke, Virginia named Amy
Reed. Grant and Amy were married on July 1, 1995. In July of 1998, Grant moved his family, under God’s
direction, to create a ministry to assist pastors and their families. While attending Parkway Wesleyan Church in
Roanoke, Gran received a clear call into full-time ministry and has been pursuing that calling diligently for the past
five years. Grant served as Preschool Pastor at Parkway for two years and in June of 2009 accepted the position of
full-time Children’s Pastor. Grant and Amy are blessed with four beautiful daughters – Hannah Fait, Tabitha Joy,
Bethany Hope and Estelle Grace. Grant and Amy are excited about God’s newest addition to their family, expected
in October or November..

David A. Daigneault was born in Attleboro, Massachussets and grew up as a member of St. Stephens Catholic
Church. At age 12, Dave moved with his family to Norfolk, VA. Dave entered into law enforcement in 1975 and
eventually became the Chief of Police of the James City County Police Department, where he retired in 2005. Dave
has a Bachelors Degree in Public Administration from Golden Gate University. In 2000, Dave met Pastor Randy
Garner of Christ Community Church in Williamsburg and became a member of the church shortly after. He became

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 10
very active in the church, having served as a trustee, the Vice-Chair of the local board of administration, and
treasurer. He has also participated in several mission trips to Guatemala, two trips to Bayou La Batre after
Hurricane Katrina, and has served with the International Justice Mission in Cambodia, training the national police in
helping to combat human trafficking. It was in Guatemala in 2004 that Dave received his calling to the ministry and
retired from the police department in 2005. Dave is married to Bobbie and they have two children, Christina and
Matthew, and three grandchildren.

Heidi M. Hovan was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Daniel and Margaretta Withers. She was
actively involved in youth and music ministries at Chapelwood United Methodist Church before embarking on a
Masters of Divinity degree at Asbury Theological Seminary. At seminary she promptly met Kevin Hovan, an
ordained minister in the Shenandoah District, and sensed God changing the direction she had thought she had for
her life. They married in August, 2003 and enjoyed studying together for their degrees as well as preparing for a
shared call in the military. Heidi has served as Children’s Pastor at Dupont Villages Community Church (Church of
God – Anderson) in Dupont, Washington. Heidi and Kevin enjoy moving all around the world and proclaiming the
good news of salvation through Christ to soldiers and their families. Heidi supports Kevin’s work as a chaplain by
being a spiritual resource for the families of soldiers and raising their two children, Shana (3) and John (1). She
enjoys teaching Bible studies and discipling others and senses God’s call to ordained ministry together with her

Robert G. Jackson was born and raised in Salem, Virginia. He grew up attending Methodist Churches in the
Roanoke Valley. After joining and serving in the Navy, Robert moved back to Salem and joined the Salem
Wesleyan Church. While participating in a mission trip to Guatemala in 2001, God began to open his heart and
eyes to serving and encouraging others to serve in missions. Robert has served as Missions Director, Sunday
School Teacher and District Mission Trip Coordinator. He currently serves as the Missions Pastor at Salem
Wesleyan Church, where he and his wife, Jerri and son Dylan, recruit, lead and serve on various missions trips. He
is also currently the Shenandoah District Director of World Missions. Robert and his family desire to follow God’s
calling in their lives, engaging congregations to go and serve on mission fields around the world.

Lincoln D. Miller is the son of a Wesleyan pastor, Rev. Barry Miller and his wife, Yvonne. Lincoln grew up on
the Eastern Shore of Maryland. As a teenager Lincoln felt a call to the ministry and accepted it. Lincoln spent four
years at Southern Wesleyan University as a ministry student and as pitcher on the baseball team. The time that
Lincoln spent building relationships on the baseball team served to help ignite a passion in his life for those who do
not know Christ. After graduation, Lincoln moved to Roanoke, Virginia to serve as the Technical Arts Pastor at
Parkway Wesleyan Church. In March of 2008 he became engaged to Lindsey Ott, and in December they were
married. Lincoln and Lindsey have led life groups and helped lead young adults at Parkway. Both Lincoln and
Lindsey have an open heart for whatever God has in their future.

Alan J. Page was born in Pottsdam, New York and grew up in the United Methodist Church. He was led to Christ
by a Southern Baptist preacher in 1991 just before going into the U.S. Army. Before being discharged in 1994,
Alan sensed the call to ministry, but did not begin pursuing that calling until 2001. He became a Wesleyan in 2002
where he served as a licensed lay minister. Alan graduated from the State University of New York in 2004 with a
BA in Business Economics. In 2007 he earned a Master of Arts in Ministry degree through Indiana Wesleyan
University’s distance learning program. After coming to the Shenandoah District in 2008, Alan earned a Master of
Arts in Leadership through Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served in both the Walk to Emmaus and
Kairos Prison Ministry. Alan married his wife Marie in July of 2005. They have seven children and one grandson.
Alan and Marie’s desire is to see people come to Christ and grow in God’s Word.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 11
                        Candidate for Validation of Ordination
Robert F. (Bob) James was born in West Virginia and received his primary education there. He earned a
Bachelors Degree in Education from Cleveland State University in Ohio and a Masters Degree in Social Work from
West Virginia University. Most of his employment history was in the area of social work supervision. He has
served as an adjunct professor for numerous colleges. For years he served as Sunday School Superintendent,
Trustee, Discipleship Trainer and lay minister with the Oak Hill Gospel Tabernacle. He also served as a lay speaker
for the Gideons International. He then accepted the position of pastor at the Derwent Church of Christ in Christian
Union near Cambridge, Ohio. Bob has published two books on Christian loving and discipleship, and is currently
working on a third regarding “The Shrinking Church” in America. Bob was married to his wife Star in 2000. She
is an invaluable asset to his ministry, serving in discipleship training and other ministries. Combined they have
three sons and five granddaughters.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 12
                                            In Memoriam

                                     Rev. John Kendall Jenkins
The Rev. John Kendall Jenkins, 71, of Millenbeck, Virginia went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, July 25,

Rev. Jenkins was born on March 12, 1938, the son of Lloyd and Olean Williams Jenkins. He was first licensed as a
ministerial student 1n 1991, completing the requirements for ordination and becoming an ordained minister within
The Wesleyan Church in 1995. During those years he served as Associate Pastor of the Millenbeck Wesleyan
Church. In 1997 he accepted the call to become Pastor of the Emmanuel Wesleyan Church in Danville, where he
served until 2000. He then moved back home to Lancaster, Virginia, where he assisted with the group at Millenbeck
and was available for pulpit supply.

He is survived by his wife of 38 years, Mary L. Jenkins; children, Andrew J. Sarlis and wife, Dorothy B. of Ozark,
AL, Joyce Robinson and husband, Rowe, Jr. of Dunnsville, Christina Schools and husband, David of Tappahannock,
Billie Jo Frost and husband, Bobby of Buffalo, NY; two sisters, Frances Terrell of Columbus, OH and Donna
Thomas of Lancaster; two brothers, Phillip Jenkins of Callao and Lee Jenkins of Bertrand; 15 grandchildren, 21
great grandchildren and 9 great-great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by a daughter, Bea Reynolds.

Funeral services were held on July 28, 2009 at the Currie Funeral Home in Kilmarnock, Pastor Winfield Talley
officiating, with interment in Corrottoman Baptist Church Cemetery, Ottoman, Virginia.

                                        Rev. Joseph P. Braisted

The Rev. Joseph Paul Braisted, 50, of Roanoke went to be with the Lord on Thursday, September 10, 2009. Born on
July 28, 1959 to a Wesleyan minister, Joe served in The Wesleyan Church as Pastor, Assistant Pastor and as a
Missionary for 28 years. The last 5 years he served as Assistant Pastor at Emmanuel Wesleyan Church, and was
also serving as the Shenandoah District Missions Director. Joe served in the areas of music, missions and Christian
education in churches in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida and Virginia.

Joe was preceded in death by his mother, Eleanor Braisted. He leaves behind his loving wife of 28 years, Deborah
Braisted; three sons, Michael Braisted and wife Amanda, Joshua Braisted, and Timothy Braisted; grandson, Landon
Braisted; granddaughter, Nohemi Braisted; father, Rev. Paul W. Braisted; brothers, Timothy and Phillip Braisted.

A memorial service was held at Emmanuel Wesleyan Church in Roanoke on September 15, 2009 with the Rev.
Michael Ennis and the Rev. Dwight Addington officiating. Interment followed in Mountain View Cemetery in

                                     Rev. Alfred Huston Moore

The Rev. Alfred Huston Moore, 84, of Roanoke passed from this life on December 31, 2009. He was born February
21, 1925 in Salem, VA, the son of Jacob and Emma Sweeney Moore. He served with the US Navy in Hawaii and
the Marshall Islands during the Second World War.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 13
In June, 1949 he married Lois Bayse of Salem, VA and answered God’s call to the ministry. After graduation from
Allentown Bible Institute in Allentown, PA, his first pastorate was Christo Pilgrim Holiness Church on Bent
Mountain, VA. He also pastored in Christiansburg, Boissevan, Stuart, Ararat, Gladys, and Rocky Mount, VA. In
addition, he filled many pulpits around southwest Virginia as a supply pastor. He had a secondary career as a
painter at the Salem Veterans Administration Center. He loved woodworking and created many beautiful pieces of
furniture for himself and his family.

He is survived by two brothers, Edward and Jack Moore, nine children and spouses, Glen and Fran Moore, Ronald
and Ruth Moore Wilson, Mary Moore Mabe, James and Roberta Moore, Ronnie and Karen Moore, Raymond and
Debbie Moore Laffoon, Micah and Margaret Ann Moore Travis, John Moore, and Randy and Sandra Moore Bandy.
Lois, his wife and partner of 55 years, preceded him in death in 2005 and his daughter, Lois Juanita Moore Owens in

Funeral services were held on January 4, 2010 at Emmanuel Wesleyan Church in Roanoke, with the Rev. Greg
Reynolds officiating, with interment at Fairview Cemetery.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 14
                T   H   E    W   E    S   L   E   Y A   N    C     H    U   R   C   H    S   I   G   N   A T   U   R   E      M   I   N   I   S   T   R   I   E   S

  The Vision
  Fulfilling the Great Commission
  in the spirit of the Great Commandment

GLOBAL PARTNERS                  EDUCATION AND                         SPIRITUAL FORMATION               EVANGELISM & CHURCH                  2009 DASHBOARD
H.C. Wilson,                     THE MINISTRY                          James A. Dunn,                    GROWTH                               INDICATORS (U.S. & Canada)
General Director                 Kerry D. Kind,                        General Director                  Philip T. Stevenson,
                                 General Director                                                        General Director

• Opening of Cuba as a new       • 20,419 students enrolled in         • Led training events for over    • Held District E&CG                 • 1,716 local congregations
  mission unit with 18             North American Wesleyan               5,000 pastors, teachers and       Directors’ Summit at HQ              (including 37 new plants —
  churches, 19 preaching           colleges and universities             leaders for 5th straight year   • “The Expanding Wave”                 4,418 churches worldwide
  points and 3,000 members       • 140 persons certified for            • Launched new Spiritual            weekly e-newsletter                • Average primary worship
• Appointed first tentmakers        ordination; 152 certified for          Formation website at              provides motivation and              attendance 203,076 (3.8%
  to Israel                        district ministerial licenses         www.headhearthand.com             practical tools for missional        one-year gain) — 386,890
• Spontaneous support for        • 32 active Wesleyan military         • Hosted four Area Wesleyan         engagement                           worldwide
  Haiti Earthquake victims         chaplains                             Youth Conventions (Love         • Mailed E-Source monthly            • Number of persons saved
  has come from fields as         • Oklahoma Wesleyan                     Mercy ’09) with over 5,500        to District Superintendents          23,378 (64 per day) —
  divergent as Croatia, Sierra     University dedicated a new            in attendance, over 600           and District ECG Directors           59,587 saved worldwide
  Leone, and Australia             $6 million library–debt-free          called into vocational          • Published Your Church Can            (163 per day)
• Record response to the         • Indiana Wesleyan                      ministry, and $45,000 given       Win – a missional resource         • Number baptized — 7,797
  Wesleyan Emergency Relief        University dedicated a new            to World Hope Int’l for           based on “best practices” of         (33% of reported converts)
  Fund enabled early               3,800 seat chapel–debt-free           water wells in Africa             Wesleyan churches that             • Total members (student,
  response to the Haiti          • Wesley Seminary at IWU              • Began the plan to launch a        grew by 20% or more                  covenant & community) —
  earthquake and ongoing           opened under leadership of            Young Adult Movement for        • Revised “Individual                  139,008 (0.1% one-year
  long-term rebuilding             Dr. Wayne Schmidt                     The Wesleyan Church               Missional Action                     gain) — 343,906 worldwide
• Held a vision consultation     • Bethany Bible College               • Released “iFollow”                Plan” ( IMAP) to help              • Number of credentialed
  involving all seven Area         elected a new president,              intentional discipleship for      established churches                 ministers in U.S. and
  Directors from around the        Rev. Mark Gorveatte                   Wesleyan Youth movement           become more missional                Canada 5,261 (47.4% of
  world, District Directors of   • Houghton College adopted            • Released “Explore”              • Convened Hispanic                    world total) — 11,110 total
  Global Partners in North         a new, decadal vision for its         intentional discipleship for      Leadership Council for               ministers worldwide
  America, and local               natural sciences and                  Wesleyan Children’s               strategic planning and               (52.6% outside No. Amer.)
  missions pastors                 mathematics programs                  movement                          implementation
• Rolled out system-wide         • Southern Wesleyan                   • Launched partnership            • Conducted a Community-                 * Above data is based on 2009
  accountability and vision        University implemented a              between Wesleyan Church           Based Ministry Forum to                 District and Local Church
                                                                                                                                                   Annual Statistical Reports
  casting protocol                 bold, new strategy for its            and Kids Hope USA                 develop a national strategy
                                   adult professional studies

                                     The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters 13300 Olio Road Fishers, IN 46037          www.wesleyan.org
                                                                   Proceedings/Reports - 15
               T   H   E    W   E    S   L   E   Y A   N    C    H    U   R   C   H   S   I   G   N   A T   U   R   E      M   I   N   I   S   T   R   I   E   S

                                                                                                      The Mission
                                    Exalting Christ by evangelizing the lost, discipling the believers,
                                                   equipping the Church, and ministering to society

Kevin J. Batman,                HOUSE                                Martha J. Blackburn,             FOUNDATION                           Ronald D. Kelly,
General Treasurer               Donald D. Cady,                      General Director                 Craig A. Dunn, CEO                   General Secretary
                                General Publisher

• Total North American          • Launched nine new titles,          • Anti-Human trafficking          • Made 124 new loans to              • Updated General Board
  denominational giving was       including Faith Legacy by            training for men and             churches last year, brining          Policy and General
  $283,907,565 — up               Jim and Jerolyn Bogear               women held at the World          total number of current              Administrative Council
  $2,183,930 or 0.8% from the     (over 3,000 copies sold in           Headquarters with 165            church loans to over 830             Manual
  prior year                      the first 4 months)                   participants                   • Over 5,400 individuals and         • Extended The Wesleyan
• North American per capita     • 12 new releases on track for       • A Leader’s Kit was               churches earn current                Church presence to Twitter
  giving (based on total          release in 2010                      prepared and distributed         account rates up to 3.5%             and YouTube
  membership) was $2,042 —      • Launched Ignite, a new               throughout North America       • WIF IRA rates up to 3.5%           • Produced a Wesleyan
  up 0.6% from the prior year     quarterly print catalog and          for this training to be        • View savings or loan info            Church video brochure and
• United Stewardship Fund/        advertising program                  replicated which is              online 24/7                          other free media resources
  General collection rate of    • Launched a “used book”               happening in many places                                              for local churches and
  91.6% in conference year        site on “WPH Online”                 across the country             WESLEYAN PENSION FUND                  denominational website
  2008-09 compared to 93% in    • Using new technologies in          • An Electronic Newsletter,      Craig A. Dunn, CEO                   • Created a personal
  2007-2008                       production and delivery of           Wesleyan Women                 • Retirement planning and              testimony video series in
• Total USF received for          resources, such as print on          Connecting is now                investment services for              cooperation with
  General Church support in       demand (POD)                         available in Spanish and         over 3,100 members                   Evangelism and Church
  conference year 08-09 was     • All WPH titles now                   English                        • All Wesleyan pastors and             Growth Department
  $5,198,774                      available on Amazon.com            • The Southern Area and the        lay staff eligible for             • Updated denominational
• Total USF received for        • Revised and updated                  North East Area Leadership       membership with required             dashboard indicators (key
  Educational Institutions        Wesley Bible Curriculum              Development Institutes           contributions by churches            statistical evaluation tools)
  support in conference year      for children and teens will          brought hundreds of            • Over $110 million in               • Sent two staff members to
  08-09 was $6,140,501            be available Fall 2010               women together                   premier investments                  Social Media Conference
                                • Developing a site to               • Spoke at the Ibero-              carefully selected and             • Upgraded Headquarters
                                  download free Sunday                 American Conference for          monitored by professionals           recording studio facilities
                                  School, small group, and             women held in Puebla,          • Ministers’ pension benefits
                                  personal Bible study                 Mexico                           tax-free after retirement if
                                  materials                                                             used to provide housing

                                    The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters 13300 Olio Road Fishers, IN 46037        www.wesleyan.org
                                                                 Proceedings/Reports - 16
Rev. Gregory D. Reynolds

To General Superintendent Dr. Thomas E. Armiger, Assistant District Superintendent Rev.
Robert W. Phaup, Retired Ministers, Pastors, Lay Delegates, Local Church Members, and
Honored Guests of the Ninth District Conference of The Shenandoah District of The Wesleyan

        My heart and voice say with “the living creatures and the elders” as recorded in John’s
Revelation of Jesus Christ, “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor
and glory and power, for ever and ever!” (Revelation 5:13b). Jesus is the reason we gather on
this special day. He is our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and soon coming King!! He is the Head of
the Church and the Hope of Glory!!

       It is indeed an honor, privilege, and responsibility to stand before you and deliver the
Ninth State of the District Address. This is my third conference as District Superintendent of
Shenandoah; thank you for allowing me to serve in this capacity.

        I believe that you want to join me in welcoming Dr. Tom Armiger back to Shenandoah.
Most of you are aware that he is an official member of our district. Dr. Armiger is a true servant;
he has been very helpful to me whenever I have called upon him. We are also privileged to have
other denominational officials with us for this conference. Dr. Jim Dunn, the General Director of
Spiritual Formation is in the house, as is Dr. Kerry Kind, General Director of Education and the
Ministry. Two of our college Presidents will be with us tomorrow; we will welcome Dr. David
Spittal and Rev. Mark Gorveatte. We also welcome our other honored guests who will be
introduced later in the day. I am glad that all of you are here!

       As I begin to report to you on the state of the district, I begin by reporting the “home
going” of some dear ministerial servants. Some of these were some-what expected while others
were more of a shocking nature:
           1) Not long after the rise of district conference last year, the Rev. Joseph P. Braisted
              died of sudden heart failure. Needless to say, the Braisted family, Emmanuel
              Church, and the entire district were stunned. Pastor Joe and Debbie served The
              Wesleyan Church for 28 years in various capacities. Brother Joe was 50 years
           2) The Rev. Alfred H. Moore graduated this life on December 31st. Brother Moore
              served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, was a graduate of Allentown Bible
              Institute, and pastored his entire career in Virginia. The elder Moore’s raised a
              great family who now carry on the faith of their mom and dad.
           3) In February, Mrs. Louise Kirtz Massey went to be with the Lord at the age of 91.
              She was the wife of Rev. Albert Massey, one of our four living former District
              Superintendents. The Massey’s were some of the most gracious people I ever
              knew. Sister Massey was a faithful pastor’s wife and servant.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 17
           4) One of the more surprising notices we received was the passing of the Rev. J.
              Kendall Jenkins. He was a humble servant who had multiple talents. He pastored
              the former Emmanuel Church in Danville, Virginia and served as an Assistant
              Pastor of the Millenbeck Church. Brother Kendall consistently referred to his
              “occupation” as: “Minister, General Handyman, and Waterman.” May God bless
              his memory.

        ……has experienced a difficult year. Last July we said “good-bye” to our Brentwood
Church in Lynchburg. Even though the separation was hard, our Lord’s Kingdom was not
wounded, like so many times she is in those situations, or put in a bad light. That local church is
thriving in her impact for Christ. The economic challenges of our time came to Virginia and
West Virginia with greater intensity this past year. The economy adversely affected the giving
of our people. Total district assessable income totaled $6,682,697 in ’09-’10, compared to
$8,426,108 the previous year. Some of our local church leaders (pastors and laity) have taken
numerical and relational hits due to significant ministry decisions. Even though some, if not all,
of those decisions were the right ones, they did not come without a heavy price. Sin and
selfishness also has taken its toll on local church ministry. The Church of Jesus Christ cannot be
built on the “sinking sand” of dishonesty, personal agendas, and divisiveness. For many decades
the Wesleyan Movement has preached surrender and heart purity, “the sanctified life”, but in
some cases we don’t practice our own message.

       The District Dashboard tells us that collectively we were down in every area in 2009-
 Primary Worship average attendance was 4,933 compared to 6,101 in ’08-’09.
 Conversions totaled 771; we praise the Lord for every one of them!! However we were 15%
   below the previous year’s number of 903.
 Baptisms reported on the statistical report were 224. At the last district conference we
   reported 307.
 Local church membership (community and covenant) totaled 4,831 compared to 5,157 in
 A year ago 70 of 72 churches paid their USF in full; the most recent report revealed that 59
   of 70 paid their full assessment this past year. For the first time since the Virginia and West
   Virginia merger we are not able to pay 100% USF-EIF to the General Church.

        ……twenty-six of our local churches achieved or past our goal to see five or more people
cross the line of faith in 2009-2010. Parkway of Roanoke (Dr. John Ott) reported 386
conversions, Vinton (Rev. Ricardo Rodriguez) reported 36, Three Mile (Rev. Billy Burdette) 35,
Christ Community (Rev. Randy Garner) 28, New Beginnings (Rev. Brian Kiehl) 28, Brookhill
(Rev. Joe Horrell) 24, Christiansburg (Rev. David Hurd) 19, Cornerstone (Rev. Nathan Green)
16, Fredericksburg (Rev. Brad Snyder) 11, Valley View (Rev. Art Good) 11, Bridgeway (Dr.
Dennis Boone) 10, Radford (Rev. Barry Van Steenburg) 10, Cinco (Rev. Jim Brown) 9, Asbury
(Rev. Gary Rich) 7, Crosspoint (Rev. John Williamson) 7, Emmanuel (Rev. Mike Ennis) 7, Oak
Grove (Rev. Barry Ashbrook) 7, Wesleyan Community (Rev. Ron Hodge) 7, Fairmont (Pastor
Timothy Carpenter) 6, Blacksburg First (Rev. John Hopkins) 6, Grace, Culloden (Pastor Jason

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 18
Page) 6, Homeland Community (Rev. Brady Stephens) 6, New Hope ( Rev. Pat Deavers) 6,
Huntington First (Rev. Glen Robinson) 5, Five Forks (Rev. Jeremiah Clements) 5, Salem (Rev.
Ken Dupin) 5. While some of you didn’t reach our stated goal, you did see people come to Jesus
through your local church. Let’s rejoice with every local church over every person who bowed
at the foot of the cross this past year!

        In the area of Baptisms we need to increase our efforts. Baptizing new Believers can be
an exciting time in the life of a local church. We had six churches that baptized 10 or more this
past church year: Parkway of Roanoke (32), Three Mile in Elkview, West Virginia (19), Christ
Community (16), Brookhill (12), Emmanuel (12), and Grace, Culloden (11). I commend pastors
John Ott, Bill Burdette, Randy Garner, Joe Horrell, Mike Ennis, and Jason Page for their
leadership in this area. I also want to highlight those churches and pastors who baptized 100% or
more of those saved last year: Broadcast (2 saved, 2 baptized), Clement Memorial (3 saved, 5
baptized), Faith Community in Charleston (3 saved, 3 baptized), Salem Faith (3 saved, 3
baptized), Grace, Martinsburg (3 saved, 6 baptized), Homeland Community, Parkersburg (6
saved, 6 baptized), La Familia de Dios (2 saved, 6 baptized), Living Hope in Troutville, Virginia
(4 saved, 6 baptized), Penn Forest (4 saved, 5 baptized), and Vienna (2 saved, 2 baptized).. Let’s
rejoice over this accomplishment with pastors: Jess Holmes, Matt Alford, Chris Shinn, Roy
Rogers, Ken Reed, Brady Stephens, Eliseo Flores, Robert E. Moore, Myron Atkinson, and Jack
Harris. Good job!

        In reporting the state of the district when it comes to Covenant Membership the news is
less than good. Out of 70 local churches in Shenandoah 47 reported no gain or reported losses in
membership; 15 of the 47 have a membership of twenty-five or less. The top five churches in
Covenant Membership gain last year were: Three Mile (18), Christ Community (16),
Bridgeway, Virginia Beach (14), Cornerstone (9), and Wesleyan Community (9). We celebrate
with pastors Bill Burdette, Randy Garner, Dennis Boone, Nathan Green, and Ron Hodge.

        The Primary Worship Attendance is a key indicator of growth and health. Last July I set
a goal for every local church to grow in this area by at least 10%. The churches and their pastors
who met the goal are: Cornerstone (Nate Green) 91%, Cinco, West Virginia (Jim Brown) 72%,
Christ Community (Randy Garner) 29%, Grace, Culloden (Jason Page) 27%, Faith Community
(Christ Shinn) 21%, Three Mile (Bill Burdette) 20%, Brookhill (Joe Horrell ) 17%, Minnies
Chapel (Brian Custer) 16%, Vienna (Jack Harris) 15%, Nellis (Roger Kratz) 14%, Preston
(Marty Furrow) 11%, New Beginnings (Brian Kiehl) 10%. Congratulations to all of you! Praise
the Lord!!

Parkway of Staunton, Virginia, under the leadership of Dr. Barry Lawson broke the 100 barrier
in primary worship attendance last church year. New Beginnings, located in the Morgantown,
West Virginia area also broke the 100 barrier, averaging 110. Our newest church plant,
Broadcast Church in Chesapeake, averaged 71 in her first three months (February-April). A big
“way to go” to Pastor Jess, Charity and their team!

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 19
       The following chart shows the average Primary Worship Attendance breakdown of our
70 churches:
                             0-50                 40
                             51-100               20
                             101-150               6
                             151-200               1
                             201-300               2
                             950-1000              1

        In the last year two of our churches were closed: Faith Madison in West Virginia and La
Iglesia Christiana Emmanuel of Roanoke. The good news about La Iglesia Christiana is that the
very small group of Believers we had there have joined in with La Misión Hispaña. La Misión
Hispaña is a ministry of Parkway House of Prayer, pastored by our own Rev. Jeff Keaton. I am
pleased to report that La Misión Hispaña is seeking an affiliate relationship with the Shenandoah
District. I owe a major thank you to the Rev. Eliseo Flores for his excellent work in facilitating
the merger of the two Hispanic churches. I also express sincere appreciation to Pastor Dave
Calhoun and the gracious people of La Misión Hispaña for their open arms and heart; they are
true brothers and sisters in Christ. All financial and property issues related to the Faith Madison
Church have been properly cared for. I offer thanks to the Captain for his time and personal
attention to the Madison affairs.

        PRAYER is a vital part of any local church or district. Even though we can’t “measure”
prayer like we measure conversions or baptisms, we can see the results of fervent prayer. In his
book “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire”, Jim Cymbala writes, “The truth of the matter is that the devil is
not terribly frightened of our human efforts and credentials. But he knows his kingdom will be
damaged when we lift our hearts to God.” Last January the D.B.A. called our churches to prayer
and fasting. Not only do I appreciate the fact that many responding positively to “the call”, but I
rejoice in the various reports that came after the fact. Our Emmanuel Church (Rev. Mike Ennis)
gave an entire Sunday morning to a “concert of prayer” that practically electrified the place.
God’s Spirit was manifested in their midst. Friends, God did not birth His Church while
someone was preaching or leading worship, it was while the early Believers were praying.
Prayer is the Work!

       In the Pastors Forum that Dr. Armiger lead last September in Staunton, one of the
questions asked was: “What needs to be revived, refined, reinvented and/or restructured in order
for The Wesleyan Church in North America to achieve its vision?” A few of the responses by
some of you were:
    ● “Revive use of altar as a place to meet God.” Prayer is implied.
    ● “More dependency or God in prayer.”
    ● “We need more eruptions of genuine worship and service arising in the church.” Jesus
       said, “...this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” (Matt.17:21)

        Even though you have heard very little about it this past year, we are continuing to
cultivate a ministry partnership with the nation of El Salvador. Becky and I traveled to that
Central American country last December where we spent time with pastoral couples, spoke, and
sat in meetings. We saw a growing Wesleyan Church in downtown San Salvador that feeds the

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 20
hungry by calling them to an early morning gathering on Thursday. I traveled to the El
Salvador-Honduras border with Rev. Bob Gray and Rev. René Melindez to connect with a local
church pastor. The young shepherd’s name is Noá Arabia and just last month his congregation
became a part of The Wesleyan Church. We now have three churches in this developing field.
Since January (2010) we have also witnessed a young couple coming to El Salvador from
Columbia to work as missionaries in one of our churches. In less than a year Bob Gray has
provided excellent leadership in moving the work forward. I have asked our Missions Director,
Rev. Robert Jackson, Missions Trip Coordinator, Rev. David Daigneault, and Rev. Bobby Phaup
to travel to El Salvador ASAP. We hope that many of you will soon have opportunities to go
and engage in significant ministry.

       I am pleased to report to the conference that our district churches gave a total of $20,
277.11 in response to the Haiti earthquake earlier this year. I certainly appreciate the
compassion, prayers and monetary gifts that came from the hearts and wallets of our Shenandoah
family. Haiti continues to recover and rebuild from that terrible national disaster. Our district is
made up of a lot of great people. Praise the Lord!

        ……and beyond, we have the confidence that we serve a living God who offers HOPE
and HELP. He says to us through the Prophet Jeremiah, “For I know the plans I have for you….,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. …..Then you will
call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” (Jeremiah 29:11-12). If we as
pastors, laypersons, and district leaders will commit ourselves to prayer and trust in the God of
hope we can witness…
    1. Many Genuine Conversions between now and conference 2011. I challenge The
        Shenandoah District to report a grand total of at least 1,000 first time conversions at next
        year’s conference.
    2. Baptisms like we’ve never seen before. With our goal of 1000 new converts I challenge
        us to baptize at least 500 of them. Use your baptistery, fix your baptistery, borrow one,
        rent one, buy a portable pool, go down to the creek, or break the ice in January. Good
        night, let’s do something beside make excuses! Are you with me?
    3. In Primary Worship on overall increase of 10% or a district goal of 5,425, in average
        attendance. I challenge every lead pastor to lead your local church to at least 10% growth
        between now and next May. I believe some of you can grow by 20%, 30%, and more.
    4. Healthy and growing membership rolls. I ask that you review and clear your rosters
        where appropriate/needed. Receive new members making good Wesleyans out of them.
        Last year I shared with you that “leading believers through intentional discipleship and
        into meaningful membership will assist us in gaining health”; that principle still applies
        today. Let’s lean a little more aggressively in this area in the coming months.
    5. Experience the resources of our God flowing into our churches through the people of
        God. In the economic climate of our day we must be sensitive to the needs of our people.
        We cannot afford to discourage or demoralize people over giving or lack of giving. We
        can, however, continue to challenge them to God’s principles of tithing and the early
        church’s example of giving. I believe that God’s economy is much different and more
        reliable than the global economy. I believe He can still take the simple “loaves and fish”
        that we have to offer and multiple them to meet all the present needs. I believe that He’s

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 21
      far more dependable than the government and is much more solid than Wall Street. As a
      matter of fact He is The Rock of Ages, The Solid Rock, The Chief Corner Stone, and The
      Foundation of the Church. His name is Jesus! We have HOPE today!
   6. Revival and Renewal….What would this look like at your local church? Is revival all
      about having a series of meetings for six or seven days and an evangelist? Is it having a
      40 day “Purpose Driven Life” emphasis? Is it drawing a visible circle on the floor,
      getting inside the circle, and telling God you’re not coming out until He sends the “rain”?
      Whatever it is in your town or current culture, I ask that you go for it. This dying world
      is hopeless in and of itself, but we have HOPE in these days because of the Christ of The
      Church. ____I borrowed the words of Pastor Jim Cymbala earlier, I use them again,
      “Today God’s eyes are still running all across America, Canada, Mexico, the islands of
      the sea, the world…looking for someone – anyone – who will totally and passionately
      seek him….. For such a person or group, God will prove himself mighty. His power will
      explode on their behalf. “(Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, page 165). Will you be that person?
      Will we be that group?

      ……I want to express appreciation to
    Every local church pastor for his or her service to Jesus and His church. Thank you for
      serving in The Wesleyan Church and more specifically, The Shenandoah District. I love
      each of you.
    Every layperson who has given of their time, vacation, etc. to be a part of this conference.
      Thank you for your labor of love on the local level, your tithe, extra gifts, and excellent
      leadership in specific areas. You along with your pastor(s) make a huge difference. I too
      love each of you.
    My Evangelism and Church Growth team: Randy Garner, John Holland, and John
      Williamson. These men have done an excellent job leading their areas of this district
      ministry. We met as a team on four occasions in locations such as Staunton, Chesapeake,
      and Charlottesville. The men then traveled throughout Shenandoah meeting and working
      with pastors and local churches. They will present an excellent report tomorrow.
    To the district board: Bobby, Bill, John Williamson, Terry, Louise, Ricardo, Dewey,
      John Ott, Edward, Randy, Christine, Barry, Barb, and Mike. The District Board of
      Administration met in session four times and conducted business electronically on
      several occasions. You elected a great board last year; they will serve the second year of
      their term this conference year.
    The many other district leaders who I will not try and name. Each of you have done a
      good job and I am very, very grateful. Some of our district ministry efforts have really
      “picked it up” recently. You will hear from them later today or tomorrow.
    Every local church and pastor who supports Global Partners, the mission’s arm of The
      Wesleyan Church. According to our most recent statistics the district as a whole gave
      $138,833 alone to Global Partners. I believe that many more dollars went out to worthy
      mission causes beyond Global Partners. I thank you on behalf of missionaries such as:
      Rebecca Miller, Scott and Rachel McNett, Matt and Anna Lawrence, Mike and Amy
      Knox, and Luis Martinez. I lovingly and compassionately challenge those of you that are
      doing nothing in the area of missions. Step out in faith, trust God, and give, pray, go.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 22
     God says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.”
     (Ecclesiastes 11:1)
    Brother Bobby Phaup, our Assistant District Superintendent, and Mrs. Debbie Braisted,
     our office assistant. These two do most of the office work of a District Superintendent.
     It has been a very challenging 10 months for Debbie, but she has been awesome in the
     office. She is now working four full days; she’s a vital part of our team. The Captain
     and Lisa have driven many miles, gone beyond the call of duty and are now facing their
     own family challenge; their youngest daughter, Heather, is fighting a significant battle
     with breast cancer. Please pray for them…. Bobby is our own “personal computer” in
     the flesh; he’s a wealth of information.
    Becky, my wife, ministry partner, best friend, world class leaders, and mother of my kids.
     She works like a beaver, prays like she means it, loves to teach piano, and breaks the
     silence with her laughter. We are looking forward to being grandparents very soon; one
     this month and two more in October! ☺
    To my God and Savior for saving, sanctifying, and calling me. I love Him and want to be
     faithful until the end of this earthly journey.

       Let’s turn things around this year. We can do it because we serve the God of Hope!

Respectfully Submitted,

Gregory D. Reynolds
District Superintendent

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 23

To General Superintendent Dr. Thomas E. Armiger, District Superintendent Rev. Gregory D.
Reynolds, Pastors, Delegates and Friends of the Ninth Annual District Conference of the
Shenandoah District of The Wesleyan Church

This year marks my tenth year of full-time service through the District Office, and the
completion of five years as your Assistant District Superintendent. I continue to be amazed and
humbled at the honor you have given by allowing me to serve in this capacity.

One of the greatest benefits of this position continues to be the opportunity to travel across the
district, meet personally with the pastors, LBA’s and congregations, and worship in many of our
local churches. It is a wonderfully rewarding and revealing experience. Our local churches
continue to be “where the action is”, and the success or failure of the Shenandoah District is
irrevocably connected to the success or failure of our local churches. Our churches come in a
variety of shapes, sizes and personalities, but with one common trait – they are finding unique
and innovative ways to minister to their own community. It is this willingness to be innovative,
to change and adapt our methods while never compromising our message, that will enable the
church to not just survive but to thrive and to be relevant in this day and age. My heart is with
each and every pastor, every member of every congregation as you work on the front lines, and
my goal is to assist you in any way possible, providing you with the resources and support
necessary to assist you in doing the work of the ministry. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to
every pastor and church for the ministry that is being provided through your efforts.

Listed below is a summary of my primary areas of responsibility:
       Served as Interim Pastor of Welcome Wesleyan through September, 2009
       Annual Church Visits as assigned (19 Churches – Oct. ‘09 through April ‘10)
       Travel – 12,500 miles in District service
       Planning and preparation for all DBA meetings.
       Serve on DBA, DBMD, Missions Board
       Serve as District Office administrator, overseeing the office staff and the areas of
          finance, office management, mailings & publications, website maintenance and
          electronic reporting.
       Planning and facilitating District Special Events, including Power/Conference &
          Minister/Spouse Gathering
       Preparation of District Conference materials, publication of District Conference
       Trustee and legal representative of the Shenandoah District
       Trustee of surplus district properties
       Property & Liability Insurance Program Administrator
       District Statistician

As our statistics and other data show, this has been a challenging and difficult year for many
churches and for the district as a whole. It would be very easy to just focus on the negatives and

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 24
to give in to despair. Never forget that God is still God even in the difficult times. His job is to
be God – our job is to be faithful. In times of trouble and doubt, perhaps we should just be still
and know that He is God. This is still His church and we are still His people. If you want cause
for joy and celebration, consider this – there are 771 new members in the family of God today
due to your efforts! Could we have done better? Certainly. Will we do better in the future?
Absolutely! But for now, on this day, celebrate together the 771 new believers who have bowed
and said “Yes” to the Creator of the universe.

In closing, I give thanks to those who make this assignment both possible and rewarding:

         To the Lord for His faithfulness, strength and constant reminder that He is not only my
          Lord, but my Friend.
         To my wife, Lisa, for her support, encouragement, tolerance, forgiveness, patience and
          all those other attributes necessary in putting up with me. She makes it possible for
          me to do almost everything that I do, and deserves far more credit than she ever
         To my co-worker and our District Superintendent Rev. Gregory D. Reynolds, for his
          support, encouragement, guidance, trust and friendship. His steadfast relationship with
          the Lord, and earnest desire in seeking Him is an inspiration.
         To our office secretary, Mrs. Debbie Braisted, who continues to make herself
          indispensable to the operations of the District Office. My sincere thanks go out to her
          for continuing to serve in a most gracious and efficient manner during this extremely
          difficult time in her life.

Most of all, thanks to each of you – the ministers and laity of the Shenandoah District for
entrusting to me this position of honor. I will continue to do my very best to uphold, uplift, and
support you as you do the work of the ministry.

I love you all!

Respectfully submitted,

Robert W. Phaup
Assistant District Superintendent

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 25

To: General Superintendent Dr. Thomas Armiger, Assistant District Superintendent Rev. Robert
Phaup, Retired Ministers, Pastors, Lay Delegates, and Friends of the Shenandoah District.

        The District Board of Administration granted me the privilege of serving as the chairman
of the District Evangelism and Church Growth team last year. Excited to receive the
appointment I began to build my team choosing Rev. Randy Garner, Rev. John Holland, and
Rev. John Williamson. Pastor Randy agreed to lead the district’s church planting efforts, Rev.
Holland accepted the challenge to lead in the area of evangelism, and Pastor John stepped up to
lead our revitalization efforts. These three men have given of their time and energy to travel,
train, and invest in others. I applaud and thank them for accepting their assignments and leading
their areas.

        Our entire team has met on three occasions (October, February, and June). The men have
met with people in their area of concentration beyond our team meetings. I have invited the men
to recruit and build a team in their individual areas; that process has started to take place.

       I still believe that new church plants are a must if Shenandoah is going to see significant
growth and evangelistic effectiveness. Your prayers, finances, and enthusiastic support will be
imperative for us to be successful. Would you consider becoming a partner with us for Jesus

        We have one of the best in evangelism training when it comes to John Holland. He is
available, primarily at district expense, to come to your city, town, or village for encouragement,
training, and coaching. This brother is passionate and a pro when it comes to winning the lost.
See Pastor John today for information and/or scheduling.

         Local church revitalization will be the difference between some church moving ahead or
closing. We have approximately 17 (may be conservative) local churches that are “at risk
churches”. These churches could find themselves facing very hard decisions in a short period of
time, if renewal does not happen. John Williamson has been a student of revitalization this past
year and is now working on two separate projects in Virginia and West Virginia. Some people
ask at times, “How do we know if a church is at risk?” The answer is, if there’s no faith, no
vision, and no leadership the church is at risk.

       In working with and $8,000 budget for the past year, our team came in under budget at
$6,697.65. Our leaders have been very responsible in the financial area.

         I also want to acknowledge and thank Rev. Eliseo Flores for his service to our Hispanic
efforts. Pastor Flores made trips to Roanoke on two or three occasions to work with our Spanish
speaking church. He was very instrumental in merging our small church into the Parkway House
of Prayer Hispanic Congregation. That local church has now become an affiliate church of the
district. Praise the Lord!

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 26
       Thank you, Shenandoah, for allowing me to serve with you in the service of our Savior,
Lord, and coming King!

In HIS Service,

Evangelism and Church Growth Chairman


To the General Superintendent, Dr. Thomas E. Armiger; District Superintendent, Rev. Gregory
D. Reynolds; pastors, delegates, and friends of the Eighth Annual Conference of the Shenandoah

The Public Morals and Social Concerns Committee tried to help Shenandoah District Wesleyans
to be aware of the importance of morality and social concerns in private and public life. District
churches were encouraged to observe a Sanctity of Life Sunday and a Moral Awareness Sunday,
and to play an active role in promoting individual morality and a moral American society.

The following things were sent to pastors:

1. Some available sources of information for Sanctity of Life Sunday sermons, which provided
information about the abortion issue and about some things we can do to reduce or stop this
horrific, shamefully legal destruction of many millions of innocent, vulnerable children

2. A suggested time to observe Moral Awareness Sunday

3. Briefings about things that were occurring that would impact morality and social concerns,
with suggestions about Christian responses.

Morality and our religious freedom are under fierce spiritual and cultural and political attack.
Are we on the sidelines in this war or are we engaged on all three fronts? We have a rich heritage
of cultural and political action by people serving God. A few of the many examples are:

• Esther lobbied the king, and saved her people

• Joseph became a chief policy maker, who saved the world from famine

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 27
• Daniel became a senior government official, who got a law against prayer changed

• The apostles resisted the Sanhedrin – their Supreme Court – when told not to preach the gospel

• Paul stood up for his rights as a Roman citizen• William Wilberforce used his position in the
British Parliament to stop the British slave trade

• Many of The Wesleyan Church’s founders fought boldly against slavery in the U.S. Some were
leaders in this moral fight.

Abortion, obscenity, homosexual behavior, and gambling were illegal in our nation, until many
Christians stopped taking political and economic action against these evils and their political
and business supporters. The result? American children are now exposed much to all of these

Our nation has a representative form of government and a capitalistic economy. We choose those
who govern, and we can become those who govern. Furthermore, what we buy influences what
is sold. God has placed in our hands big responsibilities and opportunities. It is our choice: we
passively let evil win or we stand for what is right. Is each of us doing what God expects us to

I thank very much the assistance of Rev. Bob Phaup and of the other members of the committee:
Rev. Gary Combs, Rev. John Hopkins, Norma King, and Sandee Johnson.

I appreciate having the privilege of serving as the chairman of this committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Lewis R. Sheckler, Chairman, Committee on Public Morals and Social Concerns

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 28

To General Superintendent, Dr. Thomas E. Armiger, District Superintendent, Gregory D.
Reynolds, pastors, delegates and friends of the Eighth Annual Conference of the Shenandoah


We recommend that the following be elected as Ordained Ministers by The Shenandoah District
Annual Conference and that they be ordained at the time scheduled in the adopted conference

              Grant C. Beecher                              Robert G. Jackson
              David A. Daigneault                           Lincoln D. Miller
              Heidi M. Hovan                                Alan J. Page

We recommend that the following have their ordination validated by the Shenandoah District
Annual Conference at the time scheduled in the adopted conference agenda.

              Robert F. James


I.     The following have submitted satisfactory reports:

              Aldrich, John M. Jr.                                Burdette, Billy Lee Sr.
              Alford, Matthew D.                                  Calhoun, David
              Alley, James                                        Card, Greg G.
              Argot, Dale                                         Carpenter, Timothy D.
              Argot, Pamela                                       Clements, Jeremiah
              Argot, Rebecca                                      Cockerill, Gareth
              Armiger, Thomas E.                                  Collins, J. Leland Jr.
              Ashbrook, Barry                                     Combs, Gary L.
              Atkinson, Myron D.                                  Conklin, Gary
              Bayse, David                                        Conn, Susan K.
              Beecher, Grant C.                                   Conn, Todd A.
              Belcher, Stanley                                    Criswell, Gregory A.
              Bird, Thomas                                        Custer, Brian D.
              Blyskal, Theresa A.                                 Daigneault, David
              Bonham, Charles F                                   Davis, Kenneth W.
              Boone, Dennis                                       Deavers, Patricia
              Bowers, Charles H.                                  Donneberg, Charles E. Jr.
              Brown, James E.                                     Diggs, Moe

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 29
              Drillien, Ronald H.                               Knight, Walter R.
              Dupin, Kenneth J.                                 Kratz, Roger W.
              Earley, Wayne                                     Lafferty, Larry D.
              Eddy, Freddie W. II                               Lathrop, Richard A.
              Ennis, Michael N.                                 Laurisden, Michael
              Ernst, Jerald L.                                  Lawson, Barry G.
              Evans, William                                    Lemasters, John A.
              Flores, Eliseo                                    Long, David Earl
              Foutz, Kenneth R.                                 Long, Don L.
              Fugate, Thelmon                                   Long, James A.
              Furrow, Martin A.                                 Long, Violet E.
              Garner, Randy                                     Lupton, Richard D.
              Gogus, Roger D.                                   Maddox, Michael
              Good, Arthur F.                                   Marshall, Lucy
              Green, Nathan                                     McCloud, David
              Grigonis, Scott                                   McClung, Thomas Glen
              Groves, William D.                                McKay, Mark A.
              Guile, Dennis S.                                  McLean, Vicki L.
              Gunsalus, Harold R.                               McMurphy, Jason
              Haithcock, Paul A.                                Midkiff, Richard E.
              Hall, W. Curtis                                   Miller, Barry L.
              Hannan, John A.                                   Miller, Lincoln D.
              Harris, Jack H.                                   Miller, Stephen P.
              Hathaway, John E.                                 Mills, Russell D.
              Hodge, Ronald E.                                  Moore, Robert E.
              Holland, John W.                                  Moore, Robert J.
              Holmes, Jess                                      Moore, Robert L.
              Hopkins, John M.                                  Nedrow, Richard C.
              Horner, Samuel T.                                 Newman, Michael
              Horrell, Joseph D.                                Ott, John
              House, Gary                                       Page, Alan J.
              Hovan, Heidi M.                                   Page, Jason C.
              Hovan, Kevin M.                                   Patriquin, Aaron
              Hudgins, Tyler                                    Peverall, Alice A.
              Hurd, David L.                                    Pennington, Bernard C.
              Jackson, Robert G.                                Phaup, Robert W.
              James, Robert                                     Powers, Wilma Doris
              Johnson, Gregory D.                               Prater, Darrell E.
              Johnson, Tony                                     Reed, Kenneth L.
              Jones, Charles R.                                 Reed, Sharon
              Keaton, Jeffery                                   Reynolds, Dale
              Kelly, Eldred L.                                  Reynolds, Gregory D.
              Kiehl, Brian                                      Reynolds, Matthew
              Kiggins, Martin R. Jr.                            Rhodenizer, John H.
              Kincaid, B. R.                                    Rich, Gary II
              Kingery, Robin                                    Robinson, Glen H.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 30
              Rodgers, Gerald                                     Tennant, Jack
              Rodriguez, Ricardo M.                               Thomas, Charles D.
              Rogers, Karen H.                                    Tinney, Frederick N.
              Rogers, Ronald F.                                   Vanderpool, David
              Rogers, Roy C.                                      VanSteenburg, Barry
              Sasser, Colin                                       Walker, Ron
              Sells, Bryan                                        Walters, David
              Shaffer, Barry D.                                   Walton, Windy
              Shelor, Arlis W.                                    Watts, Adam G.
              Shepherd, Edward E.                                 Wheeler, Paul A.
              Shinn, Chris                                        Williamson, John
              Smith, William D.                                   Wilmoth, Thomas C.
              Snyder, Bradley D.                                  Woods, Huston G.
              Stephens, Brady                                     Wright, Barry
              Talley, Winfield C.

II.    The following were sent the proper forms by the Secretary of the DBA and have not sent
       their report to the chairman of the DBMD.

              Cox, Roger Dale                                     Lucas, Mitchell C.
              Gentry, Edwin                                       Reed, Rebecca
              Gossett, Gary M.                                    Riggins, Marshall
              Hornback, Greg D.                                   Rowlett, Kenneth M.
              Hubert, Freda P.                                    Shinn, Lisa
              Humphrey, Susan L.                                  Switter, Jeff
              Hurlburt, Ronald K.                                 White, Steve
              Lee, Micharel R.                                    Wingfield, Stephen R.
              Lewis, Don A.

III.   The following were excused from reporting due to being ill or out of the country.

              Braisted, Paul W.
              Elliott, Esther
              Martinez, Luis
              Massey, W. A.
              Nutter, S. B.
              Puffenbarger, George

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 31
IV.    We recommend that the following be dropped from our ministerial list due to their
       personal request, failure to attend interviews or submit reports, failure to take courses, or
       because of transfer.

              Carver, Nicolas                                        McDaniel, James G.
              Cote, Matthew R.                                       Miller, Brian
              Dupin, Jon                                             Pettit, Steven
              Duncan, Bruce                                          Singer, Christopher
              Geisland, Timothy J.                                   West, Timothy M.
              McCracken, Rick                                        Zug, Jason

I.     We recommend that the following be renewed as Licensed Ministers for the coming year.

              Bonham, Charles                                        Page, Jason
              Carpenter, Timothy                                     Sells, Bryan
              Eddy, Freddie                                          Watts, Adam
              Groves, William

II.    We recommend that the following be received as Licensed Ministers.

              Amstutz, Andrew                                        Peverall, Alice
              Argot, Pamela                                          Sasser, Colin
              Hudgins, Tyler

III.   We recommend that the following be received as ministerial students.

              Adkins, Michael Corey                                  McCloud, David
              Calhoun, David                                         Walton, Windy K.
              Elliott, Greg                                          Woods, H.G.
              Hunter, Danny                                          Wooten, Russell

IV.    We recommend that the licenses of the following Ministerial Students be renewed for the
       coming year.

              Argot, Rebecca                                         Maddox, Michael
              Bormann, Sarah                                         Marshall, Lucy
              Brandt, Chris                                          Rowlett, Kenneth
              Buse, Rodney                                           Sasser, Abigayle
              Grigonis, Scott                                        Tennant, Jack
              Kingery, Robin

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 32
V.    We recommend that the license of the following Ordained ministers in process of transfer
      be extended for another year.

              Burdette, Bill
              Conklin, Gary
              Midkiff,, Richard

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 33

To General Superintendent Dr. Tom Arminger, District Superintendent Rev. Greg Reynolds,
pastors, delegates, and friends of the Annual Conference of the Shenandoah District.

For two years in a row now we can state that the camp is alive and well.
The Spirit of the Lord truly was with us from the very first service to the last.

We hit the 200 mark in attendance and all support ministries reported growth in attendance and

Offering and mission giving was at a all time high. Over 5000.00 was given to two missionaries
not including three years faith pledges given by churches and individuals.

Our QUARTER OFFERING this year exceeded 21000.00. Praise the Lord. Total giving this year
in pledges and cash was over 45000.00.

We are pleased to announce the following slate of workers for 2010 Family Camp:
                                       Dr. Eldred Kelly
                                Rev. Greg and Becky Reynolds
                                       Song Evangelist
                                      Dr. Steven Emery
                                        Bible Teacher
                                 Pam Chaney / Deborah Hurd
                                     Children’s Workers
                                         Pat Deavers
                                     Missionary Service

A special thank you for all who supported the camp in attendance and financial support as well
as prayers. Meals again this year will be free on a free will offering basis.

A special thanks to Burl & Ruth Blackburn for their labors of love as Camp Manager and
treasurer and overseeing our Tabernacle Renovations. A special thanks to our District
Superintendent and his wife for their love and support of this ministry.

Dr. David L. Hurd
Camp President

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 34

Wesleyan Bible Bowl is an excellent ministry of the Wesleyan Church, but sadly one that is not
utilized much in our churches today. WBB is a collaboration between the church and parents
partnering together to instill God’s word in a young person’s life. Far too often our young
people spend more time brushing their teeth during the week than they do reading and studying
their Bible. Think about it. Twice a day we are supposed to brush our teeth for at least two
minutes. That’s 28 minutes a week. Too often our Bibles and our children’s Bibles sit on the
shelf until we pick it up to take it to church.

As parents we are concerned about:

   Our children’s physical health so we have them eat well
   Their social skills so we have them interacting with other children
   Our children’s academics so we send them to school, invest in tutors, and spend hours
    working with them on homework
   Our children’s athletic abilities so we get them into sports at an early age and run them all
    over the place taking them to practices and purchasing all of the equipment needed for their
   Their dental hygiene so we have them brush and go to the dentist

These are all important, but in the midst of it all we often forget that there is spiritual health and
an eternity with God to live for! We must first and foremost be concerned about that fact!
Deuteronomy 11:18-21 instructs parents and grandparents to teach God’s word to our young
people. Why? So that as they grow up they will not turn from following God (Proverbs
22:6 NIV), will avoid sin (Psalm 119:11 NIV) and will have direction for their lives (Psalm
119:105 NIV)! That’s a great incentive to teach our children the word of God! Wesleyan Bible
Bowl helps do just that plus gives earthly incentives.

This year the Wesleyan Bible Bowl nationals were
held in Houghton, New York June 23-26, 2010.
There were 15 teams from Oklahoma, South
Dakota, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland,
New York, and Virginia for a total of 72 students
quizzing. Penn Forest Worship Center of Roanoke,
VA represented the Southern Area. They had 6
individuals on their team: Josh & Megan David,
Matthew Jacobson, Jonah Meck, and Andrea & Buk
Phillips. After three days of team, written and
individual competitions the results were in. PFWC
placed 4th in the team quizzing and each player
received a $350.00 Wesleyan College scholarship. Andrea Phillips placed 8th in the written
competition receiving a scholarship of $350.00. In the individual quizzing Buk Phillips placed
5th receiving a scholarship of $1,500.00 and Andrea Phillips placed 1st receiving a scholarship of

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 35
$3500.00! We are very proud of these young people as well as their coach Nancy Phillips for all
of their hard work!

The Penn Forest Team was the only WBB team in our district. Next year it would be great to see
several teams not only in the teen competition but also in the children’s quizzing program.
Below are some places you can go to find out lots of information about Bible quizzing and to
order curriculum.

Teen Quizzing –
This year we will be studying the Gospel of John. Don’t wait for someone to walk you through
everything. Get online and start checking it out.

   Wesleyan Bible Bowl web-site - http://wbbquiz.org/ This tells you a bit about WBB and
    gives you a link to the Wesleyan Publishing House so that you can order materials directly
    from them.
   Youth Quiz web-site - www.youthquiz.com is an excellent place to go to for resources and
    practice questions. Both the Wesleyans and Nazarenes exclusively use the Youthquiz
    database of questions.
   Acme Resources - www.acmequiz.com is a good site for resources. They have a DVD on
    the Gospel of John that will help it come alive for the students. They also have interactive
    quiz questions. They use different rules to come up with the questions but it’s still helpful.
   Free online Applications - My Bible Quiz director found a great application for her ipad
    which works for the itouch too. It is GoBible NIV John. This is a free app. It shows the
    words and then reads it to you also.
   Quiz Camp – This is a great place to take your teens to get an idea of what it’s all about and
    have a great time. It takes place Friday, August 27, 7:00 pm until Sunday, August 29, 10:00
    am at the Nazarene District Campground where we have our children’s camp. The cost is
    only $50 per person.
   Nancy Phillips – If have never done quizzing you may want to email Nancy. She has been
    doing it for years and does a great job. Her email address is: nancykea@aol.com

Children’s Quizzing
We don’t have a quizzing program for children within our denomination but we have been
partnering with the Nazarene church. Children’s Bible Quizzing is a Bible Study for children in
grades 1-6. The philosophy of Children’s Bible Quizzing is Bible study. It is important to help
children know what the Bible says and help them demonstrate biblical teachings in actual life
situations. The goal of Children’s Bible Quizzing is for children to know the God of the Bible.
This year they will be studying 1st & 2nd Samuel.

1 and 2 Samuel show the Israelite people disillusioned with the Lord as their King, and their
desire to have a king “like the other nations.” Samuel, Saul, and David are introduced. Children
learn how Jerusalem became the center of Jewish religion. This study also prepares the children
for the next study, the focal point of the entire study, Matthew. Some helpful sites are:
 Nazarene Web-site for Children’s explanation, rules and more -
 To order Children’s Bible Quizzing materials visit www.gokidsquiz.com

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 36

To: General Superintendent Dr. Thomas Armiger, Assistant District Superintendent Rev. Robert
Phaup, Retired Ministers, Pastors, Lay Delegates, and Honored Guests.

        The District Building committee was active with three (3) projects during the past year.
In September we reviewed the conceptual phase of a relocation/building project with Aiken
Summit Wesleyan. The local church in Axton, Virginia had earlier purchased approximately 11
acres of land between Axton and Eden, North Carolina. No final recommendations or approvals
have been granted to date. On March 20th, Rev. Robert Phaup met with a member of the
Western Area Committee to review the proposed purchase of a new parsonage for Nellis (WV)
Wesleyan. The “new” parsonage is a three bedroom, one bath house and sells for $37,500. The
existing parsonage is to be sold; it is not in a good state of repair. Faith, Madison (WV) was
damaged beyond repair due to a single vehicle accident. The local church was below ten in
regular attendance; it was decided by local and district leaders that the church should not
continue. The lot will be cleared of the old building. We honor the memory of Rev. John Nester
and the faithfulness of his family for the vision and commitment to the work in Madison. All of
the three projects were recommended to the D.B.A. for official action.

       I thank those members of the committee that responded to our call to serve. Pastors and
laypersons alike offer valuable insight and guidance. Each of you are a blessing.

       As you and/or your local church consider future capital projects, please work with us in
following the proper procedures.

Respectfully Submitted,

Building Committee Chairman

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 37

                                      July 2010
                    Serving as Committee on Pastoral Relations and
                       Ministerial Appointment Comprehensive
                          Report on Churches and Ministers

                                I. Ordained Ministers


1. District Service
        Rev. Gregory D. Reynolds - District Superintendent
        Rev. Robert W. Phaup – Assistant District Superintendent

2. Pastoral and Local Service
   a. Aldrich, John M. – Raven Rock, Ararat
       Alford, Matthew D. – Altavista, Clement Memorial
       Alley, James – Calvary Chapel (Affiliate)
       Argot, Dale M. – Staunton, Parkway, Ass’t.
       Ashbrook, Barry - Oak Grove
       Atkinson, Myron – Penn Forest
       Beecher, Grant C. – Roanoke, Parkway, Ass’t.
       Bird, Thomas P. - Cuzzart
       Blyskal, Theresa – Jordantown, Ass’t.
       Boone, Dennis L. – Virginia Beach, Bridgeway
       Conn, Susan – Salem, Ass’t.
       Conn, Todd – Salem, Ass’t.
       Criswell, Gregory A. - Jordantown
       Custer, Brian – Minnies Chapel, Stuart
       Daigneault, David A. – Williamsburg, Christ Comm. Ass’t.
       Deavers, Patricia – New Hope Fellowship
       Diggs, Maurice - Roanoke, Parkway, Ass’t.
       Drillien, Ronald – Parkersburg, Davis Memorial
       Dupin, Ken – Salem
       Earley, Marshall Wayne - Trinity
       Ennis, N. Michael – Roanoke, Emmanuel
       Flores, Eliseo - Fredericksburg, La Familia de Dios
       Furrow, Martin - Preston
       Garner, Randy – Williamsburg, Christ Community
       Good, Arthur F. – Roanoke, Valley View
       Gogus, Roger – Lens Creek
       Green, Nathan O. – Charlottesville, Cornerstone
       Haithcock, Paul A. – Roanoke, Parkway, Ass’t.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 38
      Hannan, John A. – Charlottesville, Monticello
      Henry, David H. – Five Forks, Stuart
      Holmes, Jess G. – Broadcast Church
      Hopkins, John - Blacksburg, First
      Horrell, Joseph D. - Brookhill
      Hurd, David - Christiansburg/Blacksburg Mountain View Circuit
      Jackson, Robert G. – Salem, Ass’t.
      James, Robert F. - Summerlee
      Johnson, Tony R. – Blacksburg, Wesleyan Community
      Kiehl, Brian S. – Morgantown, New Beginnings
      Kincaid, B.R. - Williamson
      Lafferty, Larry - Mullens
      Lathrop, Richard - Crewe
      Lauridsen, Michael - Roanoke, Parkway, Ass’t.
      Lawson, Barry – Staunton, Parkway
      Long, James A. – Martinsville, Clearview
      Miller, Barry L. – Baywood
      Miller, Lincoln D. – Roanoke, Parkway, Ass’t.
      Miller, Stephen - Gladys
      Moore, Robert E. – Living Hope Fellowship
      Moore, Robert J. – United Wesleyan
      Newman, Michael – Brookhill, Ass’t.
      Ott, John - Roanoke, Parkway
      Page, Alan J. – Hillsville, Fellowship
      Patriquin, Aaron – Roanoke, Parkway Ass’t.
      Reynolds, Matthew – Salem, Asst.
      Reed, Kenneth - Martinsburg, Grace
      Reed, Sharon L. – Remlik, Ass’t.
      Rich, Gary T. – Newport News, Asbury
      Robinson, Glen – First, Huntington
      Rodriguez, Ricardo - Vinton
      Rogers, Ronald – Richmond, Grace Fellowship
      Rogers, Roy - Salem, Faith
      Shaffer, Barry – Covington, Supply
      Shinn, Chris – Faith Community, Charleston
      Smith, William D. – Remlik
      Snyder, Brad – Fredericksburg
      Stephens, Brady – Parkersburg, Homeland Community
      Thomas, Charles D. – Valley View, Ass’t.
      Vanderpool, David – Salem, Ass’t.
      VanSteenburg, Barry – Radford
      White, Stephen – Life Gate
      Williamson, John C. – Crosspoint, Lynchburg
      Wright, Barry – Lorton Lick

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 39
 b.    Ordained Ministers on loan to other districts of the Wesleyan Church for
       service as supply pastor: none

  c.   Ordained Ministers appointed to service in local Church Christian
       Education program: none


  a.   Associate General Evangelist:
       Combs, Gary – Aiken Summit, Interim
       Lupton, Richard

  b.   General Evangelist:
       Kelley, Eldred
       Wingfield, Stephen

  c.   Reserve Evangelist:

   a. Ordained Ministers elected by General Conference or appointed by GB as
      General Officials:
      Armiger, Thomas E. - General Superintendent

  b.   Ordained Ministers employed by a Subsidiary:

  c.   Ordained Ministers appointed by G.B. for service as Missionaries
       Martinez, Luis F.

 d.    Ordained Ministers employed to serve on the faculty of an Educational
       Cockerill, Gareth L.


       Collins, J. Lee - Institutional Chaplain
       Evans, William - US Air Force Reserve
       Hovan, Kevin – US Army
       Lemasters, John - Hospital
       Rodgers, Gerald – Marketplace Ministries


       Holland, John (Evangelism Explosion)
       Long, Earl (Vertical Kids Ministries)

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 40

      Ernst, Jerry (UMC)
      Hornback, Greg (Counseling)
      Humphrey, Susan (UMC)
      Keaton, Jeffrey (Parkway House of Prayer)
      Nedrow, Richard C. (UMC)
      Prater, Darrell (Church of God, Holiness)
      Walters, David L. (Evangelical Methodist Church)


Bayse, David R.                Hathaway, John                   Mills, Russell
Belcher, Stanley R.            Hodge, Ronald                    Puffenbarger, George
Braisted, Paul                 Horner, Samuel                   Reynolds, Dale L.
Foutz, Kenneth R.              Jones, Charles R.                Riggins, Marshall Ray
Fugate, Thelmon                Long, Donald L.                  Shepherd, Edward
Guile, Dennis                  Massey, W. Albert                Talley, Winfield
Gunsalus, Harold R.            McClung, Thomas G.               Tinney, Fred
Hall, W. Curtis                McKay, Mark A.                   Wheeler, Paul


      Card, Kelly J.
      Davis, Kenneth                      Johnson, Gregory D.
      Donneberg, Charles E., Jr.          Knight, Walter R.
      Kiggins, Martin                     Lewis, Don
      Gentry, E. Glen                     McLean, Vicki L.
      Gossett, Gary                       Switter, Jeffrey
      House, Gary K.                      Thomas, Charles


      1. IN: Shaffer, Herbert T. (Western NY)

      2. OUT: Clements, Jeremiah (East Michigan)


   Bowers, Charles (3)             Hovan, Heidi M.                 Moore, Robert L. (3)
   Card, Gregory (3)               Hurlburt, Ronald (3)            Reed, Rebecca Lee (3)
   Cox, Roger Dale (3)             Lee, Michael (3)                Wilmoth, Tom (3)
   Eastlack, Larry (3)             McMurphy, Jason (3)             Walker, Ronald

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 41

          IN:    Bennett, Jeffrey A. – Crosspoint, Lynchburg Ass’t.
                 Burdette, Bill – Three Mile, Supply
                 Conklin, Gary A. – Bramwell, Supply
                 Midkiff, Richard – Mount Hope, Supply



          Brown, James – Cinco Lighthouse
          Goe, Reed T. (Nazarene) - Welcome
          Kratz, Roger (Nazarene) – Nellis
          Lockard, W. Scott (Kentucky District) - Doran

                               II. Commissioned Ministers

        Pennington, Bernard C. – Paden City
        Shelor, Arlis W. – Salem, Faith, Ass’t.

        Rhodenizer, John

         1. In - None
         2. Out - None


         Shockley, Joseph

                                  III. Licensed Ministers

        Argot, Pamela – Staunton, Parkway, Ass’t.
        Bonham, Charles – Culloden, Grace, Ass’t.
        Carpenter, Timothy - Fairmont

                                       Proceedings/Reports - 42
         Eddy, Fred – Daybrook (Affiliate)
         Groves, William D. – Mountain Road
         Hudgins, Tyler – Williamsburg, Christ Comm., Ass’t.
         Page, Jason – Culloden, Grace
         Sasser, Colin – Fredericksburg, Ass’t.
         Sells, Brian – Roanoke, Emmanuel, Ass’t.
         Watts, Adam – Vinton, Ass’t.

        Peverall, Alice



                                 IV. Ministerial Students

      Adkins, Michael Cory                            Kingery, Robin – Parkway, Ass’t.
      Amstutz, Andrew                                 Maddox, Michael – Parkway, Ass’t.
      Argot, Rebecca                                  Marshall, Lucy
      Bormann, Sarah                                  Miller, Sarah
      Brandt, Chris – Brookhill, Ass’t.               McCloud, David
      Buse, Rodney E.                                 Rowlett, Kenneth
      Calhoun, David – La Misión Hispaña              Sasser, Abigayle
      Elliott, Greg                                   Tennant, Jack
      Grigonis, Scott–Penn Forest, Asst               Woods, H.G. – Three Mile, Ass’t.
      Hudgins, Tyler–Christ Comm. Asst                Wooten, Russell – Homeland, Ass’t.
      Hunter, Danny

                                     V. Lay Workers


         Hubert, Freda P.
         Long, Violet - Music & Children's Ministry
         Powers, Doris - Christian Education
         Rogers, Karen
         Shinn, Lisa – Children’s Ministry


                                       Proceedings/Reports - 43

     Elliott, Esther

      Harris, Jack – Vienna
      Via, Wayne - Waynesboro

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 44
2010 - 2011

Aiken Summit ----------------------------------- Gary Combs, Interim
Asbury, Newport News ------------------------ Gary T. Rich
Baywood ----------------------------------------- Barry Miller
Bramwell ----------------------------------------- Gary Conklin, Supply
Bridgeway -------------------------------------- Dennis Boone
Broadcast Church Plant------------------------- Jess Holmes
Brookhill. ---------------------------------------- Joe Horrell
                                                           Mike Newman, Ass’t.
                                                           Chris Brandt, Ass’t.
                                                           Tommy Hicks, Lay Ass’t.
Calvary Chapel, Dublin (Affiliate)------------ James Alley
Christ Community, Williamsburg ------------ Randy J. Garner
                                                           Tyler Hudgins, Ass’t.
                                                            Dave Daigneault, Ass’t.
Christiansburg/Mountain View Circuit-------David Hurd
Cinco --------------------------------------------- James Brown, Supply
Clearview, Martinsville ------------------------ James Long
Clement Memorial, Altavista------------------ Matthew Alford
Cornerstone, Charlottesville ------------------- Nathan Green
Covington ---------------------------------------- Barry Shaffer, Interim
Crewe --------------------------------------------- Richard Lathrop
Crosspoint, Lynchburg ------------------------- John Williamson
                                                           Jeff Bennett, Ass’t.
Cuzzart ------------------------------------------- Thomas Bird
Davis Memorial, Parkersburg ----------------- Ronald Drillien
Daybrook (Affiliate) --------------------------- Fred Eddy
Doran. -------------------------------------------- W. Scott Lockard
Emmanuel, Roanoke---------------------------- N. Michael Ennis
                                                           Bryan Sells, Ass’t.
                                                           David Turner, Ass’t.
Fairmont ----------------------------------------- Timothy Carpenter
Faith, Salem------------------------------------- Roy Rogers
                                                           Arlis Shelor, Ass’t.
Faith Community, Charleston ----------------- Chris Shinn
Fellowship, Hillsville--------------------------- Alan Page
First, Blacksburg -------------------------------- John Hopkins
First, Huntington -------------------------------- Glen Robinson
First, Roanoke ----------------------------------- Herbert T. Shaffer, II
Five Forks, Stuart       ---------------------------David H. Henry
Fredericksburg----------------------------------- Brad Snyder
                                                           Colin Sasser, Ass’t.
Fredericksburg, La Familia de Dios……….. Eliseo Flores
Gladys -------------------------------------------- Steve Miller

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 45
Grace, Culloden --------------------------------- Jason Page
                                                           Charles Bonham, Ass’t.
Grace, Martinsburg ----------------------------- Kenneth Reed
Grace Fellowship, Richmond------------------ Ronald Rogers
Homeland Community, Parkersburg-.-------- Brady Stephens
                                                            Russell Wooten, Ass’t.
Jordantown--------------------------------------- Gregory Criswell
                                                             Theresa Blyskal, Ass’t.
La Misión Hispaña (Affiliate)----------------- David Calhoun, Supply
Lens Creek --------------------------------------- Roger Gogus
Life Gate, Terra Alta --------------------------- Steve White
Living Hope Fellowship ----------------------- Robert E. Moore
Lorton Lick -------------------------------------- Barry Wright
Minnies Chapel, Stuart ------------------------- Brian Custer
Monticello, Charlottesville -------------------- John A. Hannan
Mount Hope ------------------------------------- Richard Midkiff, Supply
Mountain Road, Richmond -------------------- Bill Groves
Mullens------------------------------------------- Larry Lafferty
Nellis --------------------------------------------- Roger Kratz, Supply
New Beginnings, Westover-------------------- Brian Kiehl
New Hope, Fairfax------------------------------ Patricia Deavers
Oak Grove, Montpelier------------------------- Barry Ashbrook
Paden City --------------------------------------- Bernie Pennington
Parkway, Roanoke ------------------------------ John Ott
                                                           Maurice Diggs, Ass’t.
                                                           Michael Lauridsen, Ass’t.
                                                           Grant Beecher, Ass’t.
                                                           Aaron Patriquin, Ass’t
                                                           Paul Haithcock, Ass’t.
                                                           Mike Maddox, Ass’t.
                                                           Lincoln Miller, Ass’t.
                                                           Robin Kingery, Ass’t.
Parkway, Staunton-------------------------------Barry Lawson
                                                           Dale Argot, Ass’t.
                                                           Pam Argot, Ass’t.
Penn Forest-------------------------------------- -Myron Atkinson
                                                           Scott Grigonis, Ass’t.
Preston---------------------------------------------Martin Furrow
Radford--------------------------------------------Barry Van Steenburg
Raven Rock, Ararat------------------- --------- John Aldrich
Remlik-------------------------------------------- William D. Smith
                                                            Sharon Reed, Ass’t.
Salem ----------------------------------- ----------Ken Dupin
                                                            Matt Reynolds, Ass’t.
                                                            David Vanderpool, Ass’t.
                                                            Todd Conn, Ass’t.

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 46
                                                            Susan Conn, Ass’t.
                                                            Robert Jackson, Ass’t.
Summerlee -------------------------------------- Robert F. James
Three Mile, Elkview---------------------------- Bill Burdette, Supply
                                                           H.G. Woods, Ass’t.
Trinity, Danville--------------------------------- Wayne Earley
United -------------------------------------------- Robert J. Moore
Valley View, Roanoke ------------------------- Arthur F. Good
                                                            Mike Mullen, Ass’t.
Vienna -------------------------------------------- Jack Harris, Supply
Vinton -------------------------------------------- Ricardo Rodriguez
                                                            Adam Watts, Ass’t.
Waynesboro-------------------------------------- Mr. Wayne Via, Lay Supply
Welcome ----------------------------------------- Reed T. Goe, Supply
Wesleyan Community, Blacksburg----------- Tony Johnson
Williamson--------------------------------------- B.R. Kincaid

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 47

        To Dr. Thomas Armiger, General Superintendent, Rev. Greg Reynolds, District
Superintendent, Pastors, Delegates, and Friends of the Shenandoah District Conference:
        Each year, as we anticipate spring and the rebirth of our world with fresh life, the
women gather in Williamsburg for a weekend called Discover The Joy. During this set aside
time, we are challenged to grow, learn, fellowship, pray together, and see The Church/District in
a different atmosphere.
        March 5-7, 2010, was just such a time. We enjoyed the worship ministry of Lauren
Tribble through music and heard the testimony of Ashley Smith Robinson, the Atlanta Hostage
Hero. God anointed and used this great team. Ashley spoke of her years of addiction and how
the power of prayer brought her through those years to a place of surrender to Jesus Christ.
        Saturday evening was especially blessed when Kim, Ashley’s aunt, talked about the
responsibility we hold as women to pray, even when there seems to be no hope. The evening
concluded with hundreds of women committing to prayer and intercession more faithfully in
their personal lives.
        Our prayer room was literally used for 24 hours, nonstop. We witnessed restored
relationships, forgiveness granted between some at odds, decisions made, and lives changed.
        Workshops were led by the very gifted and capable women speaking about marriage,
finances, living with unsaved spouses, forgiveness and the emotional health it brings, blended
families, and much more.
        One of our churches raised over $4,000 to help supply financing for women to attend
DTJ. From their testimony of sharing, many are preparing to raise funds to help ladies come and
be a part of future retreats.
        Our annual Silent Auction earned a record amount of money. Our annual Sunday
offering was $5,000 (also a record). The Sunday offering will be given to Shenandoah District
Church Planting and an orphanage for little girls in Haiti.
        We are in full swing of planning for 2011 (March 4-6) with a special evening celebrating
25 years of ministry. We will be welcoming Damaris Carbaugh as our keynote speaker and
Lauren Tribble’s Team for worship.
        Our hearts overflow with thanks to all who share the work and burden for DTJ. It takes
many to provide this pace-setting weekend. Our hopes and dreams are that DTJ will provide
opportunity for many, many more women to come to faith and grow. I anticipate the day when
all the women of Shenandoah District will view DTJ as an outreach and mission place to bring
people to the life-changing touch of Jesus.
        Thank you to every person and pastor that supports DTJ and encourages the women to
attend. We have a wonderful heritage of 25 years behind us and anticipate a GREAT FUTURE!

Joyfully submitted,

Becky Reynolds, Chair

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 48

To the General Superintendent, Dr. Tom E. Armiger, District Superintendent, Rev. Greg D. Reynolds,
pastors, delegates and friends of the Ninth Annual Conference of the Shenandoah District.

I am delighted to report that the Education Committee has awarded nine Shenandoah District Educational
Scholarships this year. Total amount of each scholarship is $500 for a total of $4,500

The recipients are as follows:

Anna Argot                       Parkway, Staunton                 Southern Wesleyan University
Rebecca Argot                    Parkway, Staunton                 Southern Wesleyan University
Jenny Jones                      First, Huntington                 Southern Wesleyan University
Amanda Lemasters                 Salem                             Indiana Wesleyan University
Trevor Pilley                    Christ Community                  Southern Wesleyan University
Brittany Rodriguez               Vinton                            Southern Wesleyan University
Rachel Shade                     Grace, Martinsburg                Southern Wesleyan University
Amanda Williams                  Asbury                            Southern Wesleyan University
Stephanie Williams               Asbury                            Southern Wesleyan University

We are proud of these fine young students who have chosen to pursue their education at our Wesleyan
schools. I pray we as a District will continue to encourage and pray for each of these students.

We recommend that our students, parents and youth leaders plan a campus visit to our Christian schools
of higher education to see the possibilities that are available to our students. Please contact me if you
need an application or campus visitation information. I will be glad to assist you.

Respectfully submitted,

Ricardo Rodriguez
District Education Secretary

                                                                              Oklahoma Wesleyan University
     Bethany Bible College
                                                                                  2201 Silver Lake Road
        26 Western Street
                                                                                  Bartlesville, OK 74006
     Sussex, New Brunswick,
                                                                                   Phone: 918-335-6200
        Canada E4E 1E6
                                        Indiana Wesleyan University                   800-468-6292
      Phone: 506-432-4400
                                          4201 S. Washington Street               Email: info@okwu.edu
    Email: admissions@bbc.ca
                                              Marion, IN 46953
                                            Phone: 765-674-6901
        Houghton College                        800-332-6901                   Southern Wesleyan University
                                        Email: admissions@indwes.edu                907 Wesleyan Drive
         One Willard Ave.
                                                                                     Central, SC 29630
       Houghton, NY 14744
                                                                                   Phone: 864-644-5000
       Phone: 585-567-9200
                                                                                Email: admissions@swu.edu
Email: admissions@houghton.edu

                                    Proceedings/Reports - 49

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