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                                  Issue 4
                              March 2009

Epic Proportions graces LC
                                                                                                                        PHOTO BY MAGGIE THORNTON

by Maria Chumov
          Layout Editor
   “Epic Proportions,” a romantic
comedy production organized
by LC students and LC Drama
teacher, Greg Pschirrer, resulted
in plenty of satisfied and high-
spirited viewers throughout the
three days of its début on Feb.
19-21. The play features juniors
Melissa Utter (Louise), Emmet
Stackelberg (Phil), freshmen
Jesse Ward (Benny), sophomore
Jon O’Grady (D. W. Dewitt) and
a backup cast including: seniors
Zach Wymore, Juanita Andersen,
Laura McDowell; juniors Duncan                                                   PHOTO COURTESY OF GREG PSCHIRRER
Smith, Eric Grossman, Haley
Brinjones, Mackenzie Gwinn;            Epic Proportions was performed at LC from Feb. 19-21. Overall,
                                       everybody involved said the play was a tremendous success.
sophomores Jon O’Grady and
Michael SanMiguel; and freshmen        so I had no frame of reference,         performers. “The cast was [made          Senior Zach Alden, juniors Amanda Thompson and Beverly Am-
Max Chumov and Mica Pointer.           and I had to build my character         up of] only 16 people, and that          stadter, and sophomore Kevin Dunham represent the various
     The epic is set in Arizona        from scratch,” said Anderson.           was great because in small shows         emotions Washington students feel about changes to the WASL.

                                                                                                                           WASL to become
in 1934 when movie-making              “That was really exciting because       everyone really wants to be there
started to grow in popularity.         I could find new and different          and they always put in honest,
The story is about two brothers,       ways to try and make people laugh       hard work,” said Andersen. “Also,
Phil and Benny, who decide to          without having to worry about           when there’s a smaller cast it’s
join the production of a film          living up to people’s expectations      easier to bond and work together to
called “Exeunt Omnes,” which
is ironically Latin for “Everyone
Out.” The two brothers are
separated into crowds “3” and
                                       and being ‘like the movie.’”
                                           “I liked her (the character of
                                       Louise), she was really cute,”
                                       said Utter. “I had a couple
                                                                               make the show the best it can be.”
                                                                                    “The best part of the show
                                                                               is watching months worth of
                                                                               work come to life on stage and
                                                                                                                           HSPE next year
“4” in the shooting of the film.       of pretty funny scenes with             watching the growth in the                                         Proficiency Exams, or the HSPE.
  Phil dwells in the crowd with the    Benny and Phil; it was fun.”            performers,” said Pschirrer.             by Melissa Holmberg         Dorn has six goals for the new
easier task while Benny is forced         Pschirrer as well as the rest of     “It’s great to see them taking                        Staff Writer testing: to shorten the tests, reduce
to endure pain in different scenes     the cast and crew, believed the         this experience and applying it                                                  the amount of time students spend
of the movie, like the 10 plagues      show was a good representation          to their lives and enriching it.”                                                on written responses, return
in Egypt. During the making            of LC talent. “They [the cast                According to Pschirrer, the             Students will enter the 2010-       scores more quickly, increase
of the film, Phil and Louise, the      and crew] were great and very           timing was the most difficult part       2011 school year with the               the use of technology to reduce
manager and organizer of most          professional. They would do             of the play “since it’s a comedy.        large relief that the WASL              paper wastage, provide more
of the scenes, fall in love. Their     things instinctively without            It takes hours to make sure that         (Washington Assessment of               diagnostic information (strengths
relationship, however, starts          me asking,” said Pschirrer.             the timing works out so the              Student Learning) will no longer        and weaknesses) to families and
to weaken when Phil takes the                “All the actors were great        joke lands with the audience.”           be haunting their spring. Instead,      teachers, and to minimize costs.
place of D. W. Dewitt (O’Grady)        and it turned out to be a really          For Utter, the scene and costume       the new superintendent of student          The MSP will be administered
and becomes the main director.         funny       show,”    said     Utter.   switches were the hardest to deal        learning, Randy Dorn, plans to          twice each school year, and will
    Louise starts to have feelings       “I think the play went really well;   with. “I had a lot of extremely          introduce a new form of testing         allow students the opportunity to
for Benny, which only results          by the time we opened everyone          quick changes that involved              that will be less costly and provide    show proficiency more than one
in a chaos for the whole cast          had really gotten into the show         changing dresses, shoes and hair         a quicker way to view results.          time a year. They will provide
as Phil and Benny battle each          and into their characters. The          so I had to have a lot of people             The WASL is a standardized          diagnostic growth information that
other. Dewitt saves the day by         audience turnout wasn’t that great,     backstage to help me,” said Utter.       testing system that is given to         will allow teachers and parents
bringing everyone back to their        but the people who did show up               LC’s Drama Department is            grades three through eight and          to track their child’s strengths
senses, impersonating Moses.           were really responsive and really       preparing another performance            ten. However, the WASL, is not          and weaknesses in school.
The story ends when Benny              energized us,” said Andersen.           called Seussical on April 23-            as effective of a test that the state      The HSPE will be shorter and
encourages the cast and decides        “That was great because after           24 featuring some of Dr. Seuss’          wishes it to be, because it is very     contain fewer extended answer
to lead them out of the secluded       doing the show so many times,           most popular stories like “The           time-consuming,           expensive,    questions. The test, however, will
set they were forced to live in.       you start to wonder if it’s still       Cat in the Hat” and “Horton              and the results take months to          still be a graduation requirement.
   Each of the actors were forced      funny, but by opening night any         Hears a Who!” According to               determine; these downfalls do                  According to Dorn, the
to make up their own personality       doubts of that were long gone.”         Pschirrer, the musical will be           not provide apt warning about           tests will be just as rigorous
for their character. “There’s no         Working with other actors in the      a “family show so it’s aimed             a struggling child’s need to            as the WASL; however they
movie of Epic Proportions (yet),       cast was influential to most of the     at kids and the whole family.”           stay in their same grade instead        will be much more effective.
                                                                                                                        of moving on to a higher one.              “I hope they plan to make the
                                                                                                                              The new state assessment          new tests less time consuming so

 Novell crowned Miss Spokane                                                                                            system will be called the
                                                                                                                        Washington          Comprehensive
                                                                                                                        Assessment Program or the
                                                                                                                        “WCAP,” which will be taken
                                                                                                                                                                that we all can use our time for
                                                                                                                                                                things that will further benefit our
                                                                                                                                                                learning,” said senior Alix Silha
                                                                                                                                                                      State testing has benefited
                                                                                                                        completely        on      computers.    students throughout the years
by Sydney Harmon         The next part of the competition   She then competed for Miss                                         The WCAP includes two            because it challenges their ability
                         is the talent competition; Spokane. Novell said, “I did Miss                                   different tests that will be given      to take tests more thoroughly.
            Staff Writer Novell did a tap dance with her Spokane for the experience.”                                   to either elementary students, or       In fact because of the state
                                       tap shoes covered in jewels.               Novell would encourage any            high school students. Grades 3-8        testing      programs      students
     LC senior McKenzi Novell               The competition categories         senior between the ages of 17            will be given the Measurement           in the past have been taking
won the title of Miss Spokane on       include stage questions, evening        to 24 to do the competition              of Student Progress, or the             more and more AP (Advance
Sunday, Feb.19 at Northern Quest       gowns, and Life and Fitness.            next year. Novell said, “Miss            MSP. High school students               Placement) classes and earning
Casino. Along with winning             Novell wore a beautiful black           Spokane is a scholarship                 will be given the High School           college credit in high school.
the title, Novell also won the         dress covered in jewels, and            pageant. It also helps with

                                                                                                                        The News                                            Brief
People’s Choice Award and a            her platform is “assisting              interview skills and confidence.”
scholarship for over a thousand
dollars. Novell is planning on
going to the Miss Washington
                                       elementary             education.”
                                           Novell said that she prepared
                                       for the competition a by speaking,
                                                                                In order to be qualified to be Miss
                                                                               Spokane, a girl needs to be role
                                                                               model for others, present herself
competition in July of this year.      raising money for Children              with confidence, be talented,             page 2: WASL schedule                  page 7: Girls basketball
     Novell competed against 13        Network, staying in shape,              intelligent, active on issues that are
other Spokane girls and won. She       helping at elementary schools, and      important to her, and independent,        changes drastically                    finishes fifth in State
said, “It feels really good to win,    completing community services.          according to Missspokane.net              page 3: Robotics Club                  page 8: Special Olympics
my hard work really paid off.”          Novell first preformed at the Miss            The application for the
Novell took the title from Alyssa      Outstanding Teen competition            pageant is set up like any college        page 4: Rhoades and                    page 9: Boys basketball
Fennell, last year’s Miss Spokane.     with Julie’s Competitive Edge           application; it asks for your GPA,        Johnson with Tech Award                page 10: Spring cleaning
     The steps of the competition      Dance Studio, and then competed         future goals, club involvement,
involve a private interview that is    in the Miss Outstanding Teen            and     your      activities     your     page 5: Bryson Williams ti             page 11: Slumdog
only with the judges. This part of     pageant three years in a row.           community. This application can           climb Mt. McKinley                     Millionaire boosts Oscars
the competition is worth the most      On her final year Novell                be found on the Miss Spokane
at thirty percent of the final vote.   won Miss Outstanding Teen.              website at www.missspokane.net.           page 6: Olaf Olaf Olaf                 page 12: Starbucks
Page 2
                                                                         NEWS                           ///                                                                       Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                                              March 2009

     2009 WASL Schedule                                                                                                         Six receive first
Students taking the Reading and Writing WASL will need to bring
number two pencils and check the posters in the front hall to find
their assigned rooms. Leave all electronics at home.
                                                                                                                                at music festival                  the Teleman String ensemble
                                                                                                                             by Chloe Mell                         and the LC Vivaldi ensemble.
                                                                                                                                                                          Twelve students received
   March 16                               Reading               March 17                                Reading                           Staff Writer             an excellent rating, which is
                                          WASL                                                          WASL                                                       ranked directly below superior.
  Monday                                                        Tuesday                                                           Eastern Washington Music                Sophomore Ellie Hockett,
  8:00 - 10:10           Period 1                                 8:00-10:10            Period 1                             Educators Solo and Ensemble
                                                                                                                             Festival took place Feb. 7
                                                                                                                                                                   junior Hana Alicic, freshman
                                                                                                                                                                   Patrick Li, freshman Katie
  10:20 - 11:10          Period 2                               10:20 - 11:10           Period 3                             2009. “Solo and Ensemble”             Larson, junior Karl Gunselman,
                                                                                                                             is a music festival where             junior Nicole Larson, freshman
  11:10 - 11:50          Lunch                                  11:10 - 11:50           Lunch                                students from all over the            Molly Rupp, junior Tierra
                                                                                                                             eastern half of the state come to     Cominos, sophomore Nate Braks,
  11:50 - 12:40          Period 3                               11:50 - 12:40           Period 4                             perform in front of judicators        sophomore Kym Gerard, The
                                                                                                                             to get a score and a ranking.         bassoon duet, and the oboe duet
  12:45 - 1:35           Period 4                               12:45 - 1:35            Period 5                                   Six LC students received        all scored an excellent rating.
                                                                                                                             first place. The first place              “It used to be that we had more
  1:40 - 2:30            Period 5                               1:40 - 2:30             Period 6                             students qualify to attend a state    fundraising, so we could pay the
                                                                                                                             competition come April. Seven         student fees so more students
                                                                                                                             students received first alternate,    wanted to sign up. But now they
  March 18                                Writing               March 19                                Writing              meaning if the person who scored      have to pay their own fees and
                                                                                                                             first place were to drop out, the     the number of students and the
  Wednesday                               WASL                  Thursday                                WASL                 alternate would take his/her          enthusiasm level has gone down.”
                                                                                                                             place in the State competition.       Said choir director Kathleen Blair.
  8:25 - 10:35           Period 1                               8:25 - 10:35            Period 1                              Judicators gave first place awards   Alden has participated in this
                                                                                                                             to sophomore Ryan Katz on snare       festival for six years and has
  10:45 - 11:30          Period 2                               10:45 - 11:30           Period 2                             drum, senior Kellan Smith on          received nine superior ribbons.
                                                                                                                             trumpet, junior John Loft on string          Sophomore Anton Nosov
  11:30 - 12:10          Lunch                                  11:30 - 12:10           Lunch                                bass, sophomore Grant Eadie on        participated in solo ensemble for
                                                                                                                             viola, senior Stacer McChesney        the first time. “ I tried every year
  12:10 - 12:55          Period 4                               12:10 -                 Period 3                             on tuba and sophomore Michael         but I was always injured, I had a
                                                                                                                             Terhune on mallet percussion.         broken wrist or a fractured collar
  1:00 - 1:45            Period 5                               1:00 - 1:45             Period 5                                  These students all received      bone, and those prevent me from
                                                                                                                             superior ratings, which on the        playing. This was my first year
  1:50 - 2:30            Period 6                               1:50 - 2:30             Period 6                             scale the judges have is the          and it was so much fun! I think
                                                                                                                             highest score you can received.       I am going to do it next year.”
*Schedules for the April Math and Science WASL days (April 13, 14, 20, 21) have yet to be determined.                        They were included in the               “I am very proud of our students
                                                                                                                                 18/30 students from LC that       this year,” band instructor

    Chase Youth Award
                                                                                                                             received a superior. Others include   Larry Jay said. “ I have high
                                                                                                                             senior Maureen Ferries on flute,      hopes for the years to come.”
                                                                                                                             senior Janet Hong on violin and       “Its so fun because we get to
                                                                                                                             piano, junior Brandon Moss on         meet so many new people!”

commission to hold ceremony
                                                                                                                             viola, freshman Perri Greely on       said Nosov, “and prove that LC
                                                                                                                             viola, sophomore Phillip Siler on     is better than everyone else.”
                                                                                                                             French horn, junior Bobby Larson        “I always sense a difference after
                                                                                                                             on snare drum, the woodwind           my students have participated.”
by Heather Lewis          could include a community                                    regional     youth     department.    “Grand       Trio”       percussion   Blair said. “They seem stronger
                          involvement, courage, creativity,                               The commission is named after      ensemble, LC string quartet,          musicians because of it.”
             Staff Writer leadership, youthgroup, and high                             former Spokane mayor James. E.

Chase Youth Awards
                                           school/middle school clubs.
                                                All nominees will receive
                                           a nomination ribbon and a
                                                                                       Chase, who helped establish the
                                                                                       commission in 1985 and was a
                                                                                       champion of youth in Spokane.              Advanced
 honors local teens                        certificate. Individual award               More than 2,500 students were

                                                                                                                               placement tests
                                           recipients    in     the     youth,         nominated for the awards last year.
who work to better                         middleschool, teen, adult divisions
                                           will receive a medallion and
                                                                                            Sophomore Tessa Lee said,
                                                                                       “I have no idea what the chase
  their community.                         letters of commendation. Group              youth awards are but some of

                                                                                                                             rapidly approaching
                                           award recipients in each division           my teachers have talked about
                                           will receive a plaque and letters           it, and I thinks it’s a good idea
   The Chase youth commission              of commendation. According to               to honor students who help the
is honoring our community’s                the Chase youth commission.org.             community, maybe I would
outstanding youth, teens, and                  Doors will open 30 minutes              go if I was getting honored.”
adults. All nominees will be               prior to each presentation. Youth                 Second grade elementary         by Kevin Dunham          dependent on intelligence. You
honored at the annual Chase                and middle school celebration               teacher Debbie Morril sent out a                               have to be willing to work hard.”
youth awards ceremony on                   5:30-7:00 p.m. Teen and adult               nomination for one of her students                Staff Writer  LC offers AP courses in science,
March, 26, 2009 at Whitworth               celebration 7:30-9:00 p.m. “This            Jacob Headley she said. “Jacob                                              math, English, history and more.
University Cowels auditorium.              is our chance, as a community               Headley was a student in my 2nd            Advanced Placement (AP)            AP History teacher Susie Gerard
      These teens, youths, and             to let young people know just               grade classroom at Brentwood          students, test time is approaching    said that is important to “make
adults include people who                  how much we value them for                  elementary. Jacob has earned          rapidly. Test dates start in early    sure you are caught up in your
are making a difference in                 their character and contributions           the honor of Character Counts         May and run through May               class and study class handouts
our community or making                    to Spokane,” said Joanne                    Student of the Month; he would        15. Tests cannot be made up           such as reviews, and or a review
positive choices. The categories           Benham director of Spokane                  be perfect for the nomination.”       except in rare circumstances,         book. Look over everything.”
                                                                                                                             for which you should see                Beyond earning college credits,
                                                                                                                             guidance      counselor     Denise    AP Tests “demonstrate your
                                               NEWS Editor                                  Writers                          Gilmore in the student office.        maturity and readiness for college,
                                               Conor Wigert                                 Zach Alden                           The AP tests are scored on        and also “Show your willingness
                                                                                            Lacey Bachman                    a rubric from 1-5, depending          to take the most rigorous
                                               Sports Editor                                                                 on the qualification level of         course work available to you,”
                                                                                            Jaime Buckles                    the student, with one being the       according to Collegeboard.com
                                               David Sheppard
                                                                                            Jordan Butler                    lowest and five being the highest.      To sign up for the AP test that
                                               Opinions Editor                              Tucker Clarry                      Each test is 86 dollars, paid for   corresponds with your course,
                                               John Slater                                  Kevin Dunham                     in the business office, but can       see Gilmore in the student office.
                                                                                                                             save you big money by reducing        According to Woodard, successful
                                               Features Editor                              Rebecca Hance
                                                                                                                             the amount of credits needed for      AP students possess “dilligence,
                                               Amanda Thompson                              Sydney Harmon                    college. More than 90 percent         and resilience because in my
   Advisor            Photography Editor                                                    Melissa Holmberg                 of colleges and universities in       class I spend a lot of time
   Jennifer Showalter Beverly Amstadter                                                     Holland Kapstafer                North America recognize the AP        showing students how they are
                                                                                            Heather Lewis                    Program and accept credits for        doing things wrong. You can’t
                      Ad Manager                                                            Kristen Lindsay                  Advanced Placement. However,          get upset about being wrong.”
   Editor-In-Chiefs                            Andy Wood                                    Chloe Mell
                                                                                                                             most colleges require a score of
                                                                                                                             three or above to earn the credit.
                                                                                                                                                                     When taking the test, you should
                                                                                                                                                                   bring numerous number two
   Conor Wigert                                Layout Editor                                Kenny Rukavina                      Junior AP English teacher Eric     pencils with erasers, and remember
   David Sheppard                              Maria Chumov                                 Annie Pokorny                    Woodard said that the students        that the test will be held at a site
                                                                                            Alexis Storms                    that should do AP are “Any            to be determined. Preparing
                                               Waste Manager                                                                 students who are able to keep up      for the test is essential, and it is
                                               Sydney harmon                                Maggie Thorton
                                                                                                                             with a faster work load. I really     helpful to go to collegeboard.
                                                                                                                             don’t think that success in AP is     com for more study tips.
Issue 4
March 2009
                                                                      News                                                                                                   Page 3

     Robotics club goes for gold in Seattle
by Zach Alden             around it, while a                    PHOTO COURTESY OF ROBOTICS CLUB                                          before.”            robots) for extra speed. The
             Staff Writer machine program.”
                          runs a
                                                                                                                                           The regional
                                                                                                                                                             design has been a collaborative
                                                                                                                                                             effort between the Robotics Club
                                         The school’s robot                                                                              involves            and the Pre-engineering class.
      Lewis and Clark’s unique           responds to a remote                                                                            four      teams        Two grants were given to the
Robotics club will compete               control         signal.                                                                         throwing            school for this project. The
using a student-made robot in               “It’s a really cool                                                                          balls into each     two donators were from the
late March at For Inspiration            thing to build,”                                                                                other’s robot-      Office of Superintendent of
and Recognition of Science and           said senior Robert                                                                              trailers. The       Public Education and the Bezos
Technology (FIRST) Robotics              Kincaid, an active                                                                              robots      then    family, totaling at $10,500.
Competition. FIRST hosts annual          participant         of                                                                          have to carry       The club purchased a robot
competitions in several categories       Robotics         Club,                                                                          them back to        starter kit for $6,000 and added
each year. The team, Tyga Style,         which meets every                                                                               the thrower.        around $2,000 in accessories,
produced a robot, officially titling     Tuesday         during                                                                          The robots can      such as the extra engines.
it “The Holy Tronity.” The club’s        lunch. During the                                                                               block      other      The students enjoyed producing
nickname for the robot is Laquisha.      six weeks allowed                                                                               robots,      but    a robot, a new activity for many
  Each high school group received        to construct the                                                                                accessories         of them. “It’s extracurricular
the same box of parts and was            robot, the students                                                                             like       buzz     and constantly changing,” said
allowed a maximum of $3,500              met every Thursday                                                                              saws         and    Kincaid. Nanni said he learned
worth of add-ons and accessories.        and Friday in the                                                                               flamethrowers       about circuitry and power tools.
    The Holy Tronity is 112.5 lbs        Gonzaga University                                                                              are          not       The competition will be held
and five feet tall, fitted with carbon   engineering labs and                                                                            allowed. Tyga       in Key Arena in Seattle from
fiber and steel to complement            Saturdays through                                                                               Style designed      March 26th-28th, bringing together
its four engines. “It has a great        Monday at school.                                                                               the robot to        64 teams from around the
body,” said senior Alex Nanni.           David Grunzweig,                                                                                have        four    Inland Northwest. The winning
     But what is the difference          one of the officers,                                                                            engines (twice      team will receive scholarship
between a robot and a machine?           said, “I met all these                                                                          as many as          money, though the best reward
Junior Erica Howie said, “a robot        cool people I hadn’t Members of the robotics club pose with their robot, The Holy               the        other    will be, as Nanni said, “beating
responds to the environment              really         known Tonity. Their competition begins Mar. 26 and ends Mar. 28.                 competitors’        the geeks at their own game.”

        Penny drive                                                                                                                                                    PHOTO BY ANDY WOOD

       collects more
        than $1000

                                                                               Seniors Maddy Greeley and Ilsa Payne walk through a market in San Salvador, El Salvador. Both
                                                                               seniors are involved wit Los Hermanos, a club that raises money for a school in El Salvador.

                                                                                     Los Hermanos raises
by Jordan Butler         head start on helping children with
            Staff Writer their developmental delays. All
                                                                                   10k, travels to El Salvador
  Lewis and Clark’s CO-OP class,         the proceeds from the penny drive     by Kristen Lindsay                     attended: freshman Perri Greeley,      was to establish friendships with
taught by Lisa Weiler, held their        that we collect go straight to the                                           junior Andy Wood and seniors           the people there and let them
annual penny drive this month            school for them to use for whatever                Staff Writer              Robert Kincaid, Ilsa Payne, Juanita    know that we’re committed to
in an effort to raise money for          they may need it for.” Weiler said.      Los Hermanos is an LC group         Anderson and Maddy Greeley.            helping them,” said M. Greeley.
the Spokane Guilds School.                Last year Lewis and Clark students   that raises $10,000 annually            “On the 26th of December around            M. Greeley also added that
The focus of the CO-OP class             and staff collected $627.80 in        for the high school in the small       six of our members traveled to the     “language is barely a barrier at all.
is to teach students about life          donations. This year we collected     town of Huisisilapa, El Salvador.      village to make contact with the       I should probably mention as well
as a business owner and how to           over $1,000 in donations which is     These small town residents live        students and teach them a little bit   that Perri and Andy haven’t even
make your business attractive            almost $400 better than last year.    in poverty and have virtually          about our culture while learning       taken a Spanish class and Robert
and have a good reputation.              According to Weiler, collections      no economy, according to                                                      had only finished first year when
     “The point of my CO-OP
class is to teach my students
                                         included $549 in cash and ten
                                         buckets full of change. One
                                                                               senior member Maddy Greeley.            “The school, which                    we went, and it wasn’t a problem
                                                                                  “The school, which is the only                                             at all,” said M. Greeley. “Perri
about business ownership and             student from history teacher John     rural high school in El Salvador,         is the only rural                   had one of the best experiences,
entrepreneurship.” Weiler said.
“We have a penny drive to
                                         Hagney’s class donated $251.
                                               Winning class donations
                                                                               was built through the efforts of Los
                                                                               Hermanos,” said Greeley. “This is
                                                                                                                        high school in El                    even though she mostly spoke
                                                                                                                                                             to her family in sign language.”
teach them what they might do            included Hagney with $281.50,         really important because without        Salvador, was built                      Eight out of the ten members at
as a business owner to help the
marketing of their business. When
                                         English teacher Cory Davis with
                                         $158.30, and English teacher
                                                                               a high school education, the youth
                                                                               of Huisi don’t have a chance at         through the efforts                   LC will graduate in June, so Los
                                                                                                                                                             Hermanos is asking more people
businesses have penny drives they
build their reputation into a good
                                         Jennifer Showalter’s class with
                                         $144.53. The classes received
                                                                               going to college, and many are          of Los Hermanos,”                     to come and check it out. If you
                                                                               forced to come to the United                                                  are interested in being apart of Los
and viable one.” Weiler said.            donuts this week as a prize for       States illegally, as many of their                                            Hermanos and getting involved,
     The Spokane Guild School            their great efforts and enthusiasm.   fathers and siblings have done.”       theirs in return,” said senior         attend the meetings. They are held
is a comprehensive treatment              “I always enjoy any opportunities           Los Hermanos currently          member Mallory Whittaker.              every Monday at lunch in English
center for children aged from            to help out and donate money in       has 15 members. Ten of                   Each student had the opportunity     teacher Cory Davis’ room, 229.
birth to three, who show                 the community for the benefit         which are from LC while the            to stay with a different family           “Contact any of us in the group
delays in developmental skills.          of others,” said freshman Katlin      others attend St. George’s.            while visiting the village. They       - myself, Juanita Andersen,
    “They provide great services         Nystrom of Hagney’s class,                 Each year the members of          taught the children how to use         Ilsa Payne, Mallory Whittaker,
to children aged from birth to           “and this penny drive was a           Los Hermanos are given the             Microsoft Word and Excel, a little     and Andy Wood are all pretty
three with physical and or mental        perfect opportunity for me to         opportunity to travel to Huisislapi    bit of English and also painted a      lovely people and we really
disabilities.” Weiler said. “At a        give to charity and help other        and the school they helped to          mural in their town plaza. “The        want your help,” said M.
younger age it is easier to get a        people with their special needs.”     create. This year, six LC students     real purpose of the trip, though,      Greeley. “So come talk to us!”
Page 4
                                         FEATURES                                                                                                                         Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                                      March 2009

                                                                                                                   Outdoor Living
                                                                                                                   class offers lots
                                                                                                                   of adventure fun
                                                                                                                   by Annie Pokorney                       Mt. Spokane and ventured into
                                                                                                                               Staff Writer                the wilderness on skinny skis.
                                                                                                                                                              The group did experience
                                                                                                                      Every year the Outdoor Living some hardship however, as
                                                                                                                   classes embark on several their bus broke down at Costco.
                                                                                                                   adventures. In late Jan, the                 Ice fishing and skiing are
                                                                                         PHOTO BY KEVIN DUNHAM
                                                                                                                   classes took a trip to Eloika Lake not the only field trips the
                                                                                                                   to gain experience in ice fishing. classes take, the students get
Two SPS district employess, Mark Rhoades of LC and Yvonne Johnson of CTE, were named as                            They next traveled to the Mt. the chance to do more fishing,
Innovators of the year for their work with TEConnections by a national technology journal                          Spokane Nordic center on Feb eagle watching in Idaho and

         Rhoades and
                                                                                                                   12 to get in a few kilometers kayaking on the Little Spokane.
                                                                                                                   of      cross    country      skiing. “[The trips] give kids experiences
                                                                                                                         27 outdoor living students they wouldn’t normally get,” said

    Johnson win Tech award
                                                                                                                   experienced frozen fishing at the outdoor living teacher Paul Neff.
                                                                                                                   its best at Eloika Lake in Elk,              The trips usually correspond
                                                                                                                   Washington. Ice fishing, for with what the students are
                                                                                                                   those who                                                     currently
                                                                                                                   have never                                                    studying in
by Maria Chumov                        was looking for in 2008 were          Spokane public schools. “It’s         ventured                                                      the     class,
            Staff Writer               educators across the country          where all the computers come from     to a frozen                                                   w h i c h
                                       who were initiating programs          the manufacturers,” said Johnson.     lake       for                                                focuses on
     The Technological Horizons        that would enrich student                After the computers are fixed      some fish,                                                    outdoor
in Education (T.H.E.) Journal          performance,” said Rhoades.           and in working condition,             is fishing                                                    experiences
has named LC teacher Mark                    TEConnections is a club         the students donate them to           through a                                                     and natural
Rhoades and district employee          devoted to fixing and refurbishing    families. “Our target audience        hole in the                                                   history.
Yvonne Johnson as Innovators of        broken computers, but according       is low income families who            ice on a                                                      When the
the year for 2008. Rhoades is a        to Johnson, “it’s more than just      don’t have a PC,” said Johnson.       frozen lake.                                                  class        is
computer teacher at LC and runs        a repair shop.” The program                By donating computers to              “It was                                                  focusing
TEConnections, an after school         focuses on providing a chance         families, students are able to        r e a l l y                                                   on birds or
program. Johnson works at Career       for students to discover their        perform community service as well     c o l d ! ”                                                   prey,       for
and Technical Education (CTE),         talents and “equips students          as gain basic training in computers   said junior                                                   example,
and also runs the TEConnections        with the skill sets in Information        “The students get the benefit     Hanna Gay.                                                    they      take
program        with       Rhoades.     Technology (IT),” said Johnson.       of applying the skills and            “I      didn’t                                                the      eagle
  According to the T.H.E. Journal         The program shows students’        developing them personally            catch any                                                     watching
online website, the magazine           how       communication         and   because they have to talk             [fish],      I                                                trip to Coeur
is “dedicated to informing and         interaction with other students and   with families,” said Rhoades.         just sat by                                                   D’Alene.
educating K-12 senior-level            people is essential for most of the           According to Rhoades,         the heater.”                                                          Gay’s
                                                                                                                                                   PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET
district and school administrators,    careers that they would pursue.       one of the missions of the            G a y ’ s                                                     favorite
technologists, and tech-savvy            “I was looking for real work for    TEConnections program is for          favorite part Ice fishing can be an excellent new             trip      was
educators within districts, schools,   students. It’s an opportunity for     students “to develop soft skills,     of the trip hobby to start during the winter.                 the      eagle
and classrooms to improve and          students to gain some hands-on        or communication skills” that are     was looking                                                   watching
advance the learning process           experience,” said Johnson. “The       frequently required by employers.     at the fish that were caught. trip before she went skiing.
through the use of technology.”        hands-on part is giving them              Rhoades sees TEConnections           A few students from a similar             The float down the Little
   Rhoades and Johnson were two        the equipment to work with.”          as a “win-win-win” situation, as      program at Ferris attended Spokane River stands as Neff’s
of the educators nominated for the        “I think that if they have the     students who build the computers      the fishing trip. They caught favorite trip with the class. He
honor among numerous others in         hands-on application of what          benefit from learning, the            more fish than the LC students. said, “Cross country skiing sure
the US. “I was kind of surprised.      they have learned, it enhances        families that the students donate       A few professionals exhibited the can be a lot of fun too,” said Neff.
It’s always good to be recognized,”    their education,” said Rhoades.       computers to benefit with their       way to hold their fishing rods before      The goal of the outdoor living
said Rhoades. “At least I’m                 TEConnections receives its       impoved access to technology,         the students could begin fishing. class is to give students the
being recognized for what I do.”       computers from the Instructional      and the computers and materials           A few weeks later the class chance to get outside and learn
       “What they [the Journal]        Technology Support Center for         themselves are not wasted.            drove up to the Selkirk Lodge on about our natural environment.

Tincan Media needs new members to join club
by Maggie Thornton                                                                                                 submitted work to two film              that is completely free to join.
            Staff Writer                                                                                           festivals in Spokane. He is also        The program provides all the
                                                                                                                   learned a collection of specific        equipment that one would need
    Spokane’s own local media                                                                                      skills for any aspiring filmmaker.      to make a documentary. Their
production company is looking                                                                                            “[The program] helps to           office is located within walking
for members to join their high                                                                                     improve technical skills of             distance of LC on the West 800
school division. Tincan Media,                                                                                     aspiring filmmakers. You learn to       block of First Ave. downtown.
formally known as eMerge, is an                                                                                    work with camera and advanced              The Tincan Media group also
organization that teaches middle                                                                                   editing software and all elements       puts on a summer program
and high school teens how to                                                                                       of film,” said Lockwood.                where teens are paid to make
operate technical equipment used                                                                                    “The Youth Media group meets at        documentaries around Spokane.
in the production of a film. The                                                                                   Tincan Mondays and Wednesdays             “I learned how to use a camera,
program recently shifted its focus                                                                                 from 3-5pm at Tincan’s downtown         headphones,           microphone,
from a news package format to                                                                                      offices. Two new after-school           and how to interview,” said
creating short community based                                                                                     groups meet at Havermale and            junior      Nannette       Phillips.
documentaries around Spokane.                                                                                      Rogers High Schools. The Youth             Phillips was one of the many
    “[Tincan Media] is a media                                                                                     Media program is also teaching          students     that     participated
center downtown that deals with                                                                                    video production to teens in West       in the program put on this
a lot of high schools. The most                                                                                    Valley School District’s Contract-      summer       by     the      group.
popular program is a documentary                                                                                   Based       Education      Building         “It’s way harder to make a
group that makes films to submit                                                                                   Bridges program. Additional             movie than I ever thought it would
to local film festivals,” said                                                                                     Youth Media outreach includes           be,” said Phillips. However,
sophomore Dylan Lockwood.                                                                                          training staff at the YWCA and          she found the experience
The organization was started                                                                                       supporting their development            to be an overall good one.
with the help of several grants                                                                                    of a video production program              To get involved with program
including grants from Bill and                                                        PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET   for youth in their programs,”           contact the teen center at
Melinda Gates and Paul Allen.          Members of the Tincan Media group work on a summer project.                 according to their website.             (509)     216-3451      or     visit
    Lockwood, a member of the                                                                                          Participating in the program        their website at http://www.
Tincan Media group, has been           involved with the program for         three months and has already          is a volunteer opportunity              virtualteencenter.org/index.html.
Page 5
                                         FEATURES                                                                                                                            Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                                         march 2009

  Bryson Williams wants to climb McKinley                                                                or at least has been in the same                   begin at 7,000 ft at the base, and
                                                 PHOTO BY BEVERLY AMSTADER
                                                                               by Krissy Lindsey         boat, when it comes down                           trek their way up to the summit
                                                                                            Staff Writer to being a broke high school                       at 20,320 ft. McKinley is “kind
                                                                                                                      student, wanting to do something      of known as one of the coldest,
                                                                                                                      they love,” said Williams.            meanest and biggest mountains in
                                                                                Some kids like to play soccer, some    Mt. McKinley is located in central   the world,” according to Williams.
                                                                               kids like to ski local terrain, and    Alaska and takes about a month        “It’s used as a training ground for
                                                                               some kids like to ride their bikes     to climb. “McKinley is known for      other mountains like Everest.”
                                                                               for fun. Senior Bryson Williams        its bad weather, so there could be        Mt. McKinley is also
                                                                               likes to climb mountains. His                                                known as Denali because it
                                                                               newest challenge: Mt. McKinley.
                                                                                 “I’m going to be the youngest kid
                                                                                                                      “I’m going to be the                  is placed in the centerpeice
                                                                                                                                                            of Denali National Park.
                                                                               from Spokane to climb it,” said        youngest kid from                       As a way to raise money for his
                                                                               Williams. “It’s the tallest mountain
                                                                               in North America.” But he’s going
                                                                                                                      Spokane to climb it.”                 McKinley adventure, Williams
                                                                                                                                                            has      designed      Nalgene-like
                                                                               to need a little help along the way.                                         water bottles displaying his own
                                                                                    Williams calculates that it       a couple times where I’ll be held     personal logo. The water bottles
                                                                               will take an estimated $5000           up in a tent, enduring 100 mph        are selling for $10 each to sponsor
                                                                               to successfully attempt this           winds for a week at a time,” said     his climb and sport four different
                                                                               climb. “I’m trying to scrounge         Williams. “It could take awhile.”     colors; blue, green, orange
                                                                               up as much as I can right now,”            Along with enduring painful       and a specific shade of purple.
                                                                               said Williams. “The challenge          weather, Williams will be               Williams is planning on leaving
                                                                               that I am having is trying to          carrying about 120 lbs. of gear.      by late May or early June. If
                                                                               save up for college as well as         “Each person will have their own      you’re interested in buying a
                                                                               attempting to save up enough to        backpack,” said Williams. “But        bottle, or just donating a little
                                                                               live on a mountain for a month.”       along with that comes the sled        money to the “Help Bryson Climb
                                                                                    The money that he gathers         that each of us will be hauling       McKinley” fund, contact the kid
                                                                               will go towards “gear, plane           behind as well.” Williams will be     carrying around two different
Williams wants to be the youngest person to climb Mt. McKin-                   tickets and other necessities.”        joined by seven other climbers.       backpacks; one full of books
ley in Alaska and needs LC students’ support and donations.
                                                                               “I’m sure everyone understands,            Williams and his group will       and one full of water bottles.

   LC students     Students can find help with
place in Miss Spo- their Culminating Projects
kane’s Outstanding                                                                                                                               PHOTO BY MARIA CHUMOV   the subject. Ac-
                                                                                                                                                                         cording to the
                                                                                                                                                                         project website,

 Teen Competition
                                                                                                                                                                         the       portfolio
                                                                                                                                                                         must include “all
                                                                                                                                                                         the written docu-
                                                                                                                                                                         mentation         in
                                                PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET                                                                                               the Culminating
                                                                                                                                                                         Project process
                                                                                                                                                                         including       the
                                                                                                                                                                         body of evidence
                                                                                                                                                                         of      research.”
                                                                                                                                                                           The last part of
                                                                                                                                                                         the project is the
                                                                                                                                                                         oral presentation
                                                                                                                                                                         in front of a panel.
                                                                                                                                                                               Some com-
                                                                                                                                                                         mon       mistakes
                                                                                                                                                                         students make
                                                                                                                                                                         in the process of
                                                                                                                                                                         developing their
                                                                                                                                                                         project is avoid-
                                                                                                                                                                         ing the project
Maggie Thornton, Britney Cozza and Robin Kuharski were the                                                                                                               all together until
top three competitors in the Outstanding Teen competition.                                                                                                               the last minute.
by Lacey Bachman         I really wanted to try because                                                                                                                      “The students
                                                                                                                                                                         are so swamped
            Staff Writer it sounded like she had a                                                                                                                       with college ap-
                                       lot of fun,” said Thornton.             Students can start working on their projects as early as freshman year. The
The Miss Spokane’s Outstanding             The girls began by applying         topic for the project is up to the student, as long as it is school appropriate.          plications,      in-
Teen organization awarded two          online and from there filled out all                                                                                              ternships, tough
LC juniors spots on the court,         the paper work and attended many                                                                                                  classes,        and
after their participation in the       meetings in effort to compete.          by Maria Chumov                        Some key things that students trying to get their grades up. An
pageant. Robin Kuharski and              After entered in the competition,                                                    in their
                                                                                                Layout Editor must do create a projects are the independent project like thistheir
                                                                                                                    “4 P’s:”           product, paper, could fall to the bottom of
Maggie Thornton competed               the candidates went through a
in the pageant on Jan 17.              “series of mock interviews that                                              portfolio, and a presentation. For list,” said Smith. “I think stay-
    Miss Spokane’s Outstanding         prepared us to speak with the judges        LC seniors must create and students to “create a product,” stu- ing focused on it is really hard.”
Teen pageant is “a competition         of the actual pageant and we had        present a Culminating Project dents must choose a topic of their            According to Smith, students
for high school students between       to prepare a talent that showcased      every year as part of their gradu- choice (from personal experience should know that the culminating
the ages of fourteen to seventeen,     our personality,” said Kuharski.        ation requirement. Students can and/or from personal approval), project is “unavoidable. It is a state
they compete to have the title            The platform chosen by each          do a project of any topic that is gather research on the topic, and requirement and they can start on
of Miss Spokane’s Outstanding          candidate was an issue they found       safe and appropriate for school. integrate effective, creative ideas it as early as freshman year. So,
Teen,”        said       Kuharski.     important about the community           Students also have personal men-                                        there is no reason why students
                                                                               tor teachers that can assist them                                       can’t present in their senior year.”
                                                                               in creating their project and mak- “The project is sup-
   “The winner’s job throughout        that they wanted to change or
the year” says Kuharski “is to         work with throughout the year.                                                                                     The Culminating Project web-
raise awareness of their platform             Thornton’s platform was          ing sure it is finished by May 2. posed to be a stretch site offers a checklist of things
and to better their communities.”      promoting recycling within                 According to the culminating and will take a signifi- that students must do to be suc-
  Thornton finished as first runner    schools        and       Kuharski’s     project website, one purpose of                                         cessful in the culminating proj-
up and Kuharski was awarded            centered     around      improving      the project is to have students cant amount of time.” ect: “sign up for a class offering
second runner up. Coming in            nutrition     education        inside   “think analytically, logically and                                      culminating project, decide what
at second and third place both         elementary                  schools.    creatively, and to integrate experi- and analysis of the information. product you will create, fill out
girls attained spots on the court.        The winner of the pageant is         ence and knowledge to form rea-       LC Culminating Project Coordi- your academic mentor form, have
   “We still have to make some         a junior at North Central High          soned judgments and solve prob- nator MaryBeth Smith said, “The your parent/guardian sign the
appearances at places like the lilac   School, Brittany Cozza, whose           lems.” Another purpose of the project is supposed to be a stretch acknowledgment form, propose
parade and be good role models in      platform was Students Against           project is for students to “under- and will take a significant amount your project in a letter of pro-
the community,” said Thornton.         Destructive Decisions (SADD).           stand the importance of work and of time, so, it has to be something posal, begin your project keeping
      Both girls were inspired             Thronton’s advice for those         how performance, effort, and deci- they [the students] are interested all work in your portfolio, reflect
to participate in the pageant          interested in competing in              sions directly affect future career in.” Students are required to in- on your work in an i-search paper
after    talking    with      senior   the pageant in years to come            and educational opportunities.” vest a minimum amount of 20 when finished, and bring all your
Kenzi Novell, winner of                is “do a lot of research about            In creating the project, students hours of work into their projects. materials to your presentation.”
last year’s Miss Spokane’s             your platform, and choose               are expected to use their prior        The paper must represent stu-       For more information, visit the
Outstanding      Teen     pageant.     something you really care about         knowledge and research to gain dents’ extensive research and LC Culminating Project website at
    “Kenzi told me about it and        so you really want to do it.”           a new level of understanding. reflect the students’ thinking on www.theculminatingproject.com.
Page 6
                                         FEATURES                                                                                                                        Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                                     march 2009

‘Wonder Squad’                                                                                                                                                 PHOTO COURTESY OF THE INTERNET

 making a game
by Jaime Buckles              The group’s meetings are
            Staff Writer “sporadic,” and signaled by
                                       a classic 1989 Game Boy
     The LC Wonder Squad are           being ejected into the air,
working on a new video game            attracting      fellow     members.
called Wonder Squad Roll                       During these meetings,
Playing Game (WSRPG). The              they dance and sing, often
group describes the game as the        coordinating Broadway routines.
life and death of superheroes: a       In their spare time, they discuss
dying race’s last stand against        the downfall of Microsoft.
the evils of the “interweb.”                 One of the most attractive
    The Wonder Squad, consists         products of the Squad is their
mostly of Lewis and Clark              Youtube videos. Mostly filmed
sophomores who prefer to be            in the backyards and with
called by code names. Members          minimal plots, they capture the
such as Marc Parker (Darc Marc),       love of watchers. The Squad
Ryan Katz (Rambunctious Ryan),         has not recently posted a new            The members of Olaf Olaf Olaf, from left to right: juniors Bobby Larson, John Loft, Grant Oakley
Kevin Grow (Karate Kevin),             video but they will return.              and Michael Nave. The band was started as a hobby while the four attended Sacajawea Middle
Michael Telhune (Stupid Michael),         They are calling for all actors       School. Since then, their recognition has grown with their dedication to the music they perform.
Cooper Mellena (Cucumber               interested in participating in new

                                                                                        LC band Olaf Olaf
Cooper), Nick Hansen (Super            videos. The Wonder Squad wants
Mr. Hansen) and Rane Buyser            creative, pristine and serious actors,
(The Guy With a Cape) make             who can bring their own props.
up the highest ranking members.              The Squad has simplistic
                                       views for their future: “Love

                                                                                        Olaf gets 3rd place
     Although the squad counts
approximately 60 human members         and      passion,”      said    Katz.
to date, millions of entities are      They ask for more friendship.
affiliated with the group, including         During the interview, Katz
highly valued members like love        and Parker’s eyes caught, and

                                                                                        in RAWK contest
and hatred. “They are the only         together they said, “We wish
emotions we feel,” said Parker.        to express more emotion. An
    And those are the values that      emotion explosion, if you will.”
mold the organization as a whole.            Grow, on the other hand,
   Members view their Squad as         said, “Our plans for the future
a belief system, described as a        include ladies. With that, money
code of ethics, that cannot quite      and fame. I’d like to see more
be explained, but it includes          interviews, and possibly a motion        by Alexis Powers          four different preliminary rounds.                 Their music is “like a giraffe
a steady crusade against the           picture movie. In fact, we’d like                     Staff Writer Each band played one round                      drinking a peach smoothie and
growing evils of “the land.”           an animated television show.”                                                 and the audience voted for their     licking your cheek,” said Loft.
        The Wonder Squad is                   The only thing the group              LC student band Olaf Olaf        favorite. The bands earned bonus        Olaf Olaf Olaf started with the
essentially made up of super           had to say to readers was                Olaf placed third in the RAWK        points given by a panel of judges;   boys playing together in the jazz
heroes, if you want to force them      “send information to Hansen.”            Final Four competition on            the four bands with the most votes   band at Sacajawea middle school.
into a stereotype. “Can’t put              If interested in contacting the      Saturday, February 21 at the         move on to the Final Four round.         “We decided to start a band
a bar code on me,” said Katz.          group, forward questions to Parker.      Service Station in north Spokane.           “We were mildly and           and it was kind of a joke band
                                                                                The competition is put on by         indirectly asked to play the         called Scantily Plaid and we

    Byte this! How
                                                                                RAWK, an organization that           preliminary round and we made        decided to shift our music to the
                                                                                supports young bands that would      it to the finals,” said Oakley.      style we are now,” said Larson.
                                                                                not otherwise get promotion.            A “wild card” band was also            After a few years of hard
                                                                                      With over 600 audience         chosen to play in the Final          work, Olaf Olaf Olaf’s indie-

   PC storage works                                                             members in attendance, including
                                                                                Spokane Mayor Mary Verner, the
                                                                                Service Station was full of energy
                                                                                and despite coming in third place,
                                                                                                                     Four round. Judges randomly
                                                                                                                     select a band that played in one
                                                                                                                     of the preliminary rounds to
                                                                                                                     compete with the Final Four.
                                                                                                                                                          progressive style was born.
                                                                                                                                                                  “It was really just a
                                                                                                                                                          mistake, an accident; the
                                                                                                                                                          fates made it so,” said Nave.
by Melissa Holmberg       bytes are simply a letter, number                     Olaf Olaf Olaf did not disappoint.   This year the judges chose              You can see Olaf Olaf Olaf in
             Staff Writer or symbol on the computer.                              The four LC students who make      another LC band, Bodhi Drip.         one of their upcoming shows at
                                        You can get a good picture of how       up Olaf Olaf Olaf include juniors:       Along with Olaf Olaf Olaf,       the Empyrean or you may find
   The brain has cells that hold       large megabytes are by imagining         Michael Nave, guitar, Grant          the bands who made it to the         them “freelance dinner-jazzing”
information and help you to            a big, lengthy book, such as the         Oakley, keyboard, John Loft, bass,   Final Four were Death by Adam,       anywhere      around        Spokane.
remember things. Computers             Bible or a dictionary. These books       and Bobby Larson, drums. All the     Green Light Go and Raw Nerve.           “We find a place with a piano
have information holders too,          are about five or six megabytes.         members contribute with vocals.         Olaf Olaf Olaf’s set included     and see how long we can play until
only instead of having cells they      Go look at a single page in a                The competition started with     a sing-along and a few               someone kicks us out,” said Loft.
have things called bytes. Not          book and count all of the letters        twenty high school bands from        kazoos, not to mention an                 To learn more about Olaf
like a bite out of a sandwich, but     in the words and the spaces              the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area       encore with their infamous           Olaf Olaf, visit their MySpace:
a byte as in a form of memory.         between the words, and you can           that were chosen to play in one of   song “Chips and Tunnels.”            w w w. m y s p a c e . c o m / o l a f 3 .
     Unless you are really into        figure out how many bytes are
computers, however, chances            in the page. At this point in this
are you probably don’t know            article there are 1,163 bytes.
much about bytes and what they             Do you have a lot of pictures
do. So here is some information        on your computer? When saved
that will make understanding           in a computer a single picture
them a little easier as to how         takes up more storage than
they relate to the actual world.       over a thousand words of text
     A byte is a basic unit of         do. Now imagine how much
measurement for information            storage a whole memory card
storage in computer science            full of pictures would take up.
and is an ordered collection of           Do you have some music in an
“bits.” Think of “bits” as in bits     iTunes library? A single three-
of a sandwich out of a whole           minute track takes up more space
sandwich and each byte out             than a big stack of books full of
of the sandwich is the storage         text. A twelve track CD takes up a
system on your computer.               library of books on your computer.
     Each byte denotes a single           If you just bought a fancy new
binary value of 0 or 1. Most bytes     computer and are wondering how
have eight bits, but this depends      many essays, songs, and pictures it
on the size of the computer’s          can hold, you should first go look
operating system or hardware.          at the amount of gigabytes it has.
For example, computers built           A gigabytes is over a thousand
a long time ago won’t hold as          megabytes, so depending on how
many gigabytes of megabytes of         many gigabytes your storage
bytes for storing information as       system holds, you can upload as
a computer built today would.          many CDs and pictures as you want.
    Bytes in large quantities are         With all of the new technology
called megabytes. Megabytes are        being invented today, computers
about a million bytes, while single    will soon be able to hold even more.
Issue 4
March 2008
                                                        SPORTS                                                                                                              Page 7

          Girls basketball finishes
          fifth at state in Tacoma
by Sydney Harmon
                                          PHOTO COURTESY OF YEARBOOK
            Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                                       PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET

    The LC girls basketball team                                                                                       Firststring.com is the first sports networking site that connects ath-
finished overall record of 28                                                                                          letes. Athletes can correspond with teammates, opponents, and
wins and 3 losses, and placed                                                                                          coaches. The site features sections for every high school sport.
fifth in state. During the post

                                                                                                                        Sports networking
season they won the district
playoff game against U-High,
keeping the lead the entire game,
ending with a score of 54-35.

                                                                                                                       site becomes reality
       In the second half of the
season, the girls won against G-
Prep, 63-24, on Jan. 13. They
were not touched by U-High,
63-45; NC, 66-30; Mt. Spokane,
88-44; and Shadle, 63-47.                                                                                              by David Sheppard             The Team Profile contains
     These wins were key parts                                                                                                                  pages for team stats, a team
of LC’s run to a perfect 20-                                                                                                 Co-Editor-in-Chief message board, and a public
0     regular     season    record.                                                                                           and Sports Editor roster and schedule. The message
    During the G-Prep game they                                                                                                                              board can only be seen by those
won by twenty points, with a score                                                                                                                           who users approve to see it.
63-43. The closest game they                                                                                                 Firststring.com, a website          The individual Athlete Profile
played was against CV, 46-44, a                                                                                        launched in March 2008, hopes         also encompasses a variety of
game in which sophomore Riley                                                                                          to become the country’s premier       features that would be very
Holsinger hit a game winning                                                                                           internet     sports    community.     useful for a high school athlete.
shot with five seconds remaining.                                                                                      The website consists of a             Athletes will be able to display
    They ended the season                                                                                              variety of features that make         highlight videos, photos and
beating EV, Mead, and Rogers.                                                                                          communicating with teammates,         articles written about them.
    The girls then faced their first                                                                                   coaches        and      opponents     They can also list personal
loss in over 50 games against                                                                                          easier and more enjoyable.            rankings stats in this section.
Mead with a score of 59-57,                                                                                                  Founder Jonathan Eppers              Privacy and safety are both
on Feb. 19. They then played                                                                                           is convinced that Firststring.        major concern for Firststring.
against CV, and won 49-40.                                                                                             com will be a very successful         com. “Users can control who can
    After the Tigers’ disappointing                                                                                    idea. “There are currently ten        see their profile,” Eppers said.
loss in the District Championship,                                                                                     million high school athletes          “Athletes can still have family
they were determined to get                                                                                            in the United States,” Eppers         and friends view their profile.”
revenge and advance to State           Freshman Devyn Galland drives to the basket in the Rubber                       said. “Our goal is to have five         The website now offers a feature
for the seventh consecutive year.      Chicken. The Tigers finished the season 28-3 and fifth in State.                to eight million of them online       called “Play by the Rules.” It uses
    The girls played in regionals                                                                                      within a three year timeframe.”       built in tools for athletes to monitor
from Feb. 24-28. They lost                                                                                                 Eppers, a former high school      their profiles and flag issues or
against Walla Walla with a             a chance to redeem ourselves, and       five minutes of the third quarter. In   football and soccer player, has       conflicts with website personnel.
score of 70-52. The girls then         we wanted to send home the team         the last 13 minutes of the game, the    a specific vision about where               While Firststring.com does
went on to play three more             who gave us an embarrassing loss.”      girls managed to sink 32 points.        Firstring.com will go. “While         not consider itself a recruiting
times and won all three games.            LC girls then went to the state            The last game for the girls       developing Firststring.com, my        website, it does offer a section
     After the frustrating loss to     playoffs where they lost their          was against Bellarmine Prep             goal was to connect high school       for recruiters and potential
Walla Walla, the Tigers faced          first game against on March 4,          on Saturday, March 7, where             athletes and coaches,” Eppers said.   college athletes to communicate.
a difficult road to the State          which elimiated their chances           the game was close with score             Though Firststring.com mirrors      Since the recruiting system is
tournament: they would have to         for the state title. The girls lost     of 60-55. With 1:08 on the              sites like Facebook.com and           strictly monitored by the NCAA,
win three game in a 24 hour period.    with a final score of 48-61, which      clock the score was 55-53.              Myspace.com, but Firststring.         Firststring.com will not breach
     The girls played Kamiakin         puts them in the running for fifth      Cheerleader and senior McKenzi          com definitely has specific           any NCAA rules or regulations.
and won with a score of 79-46.         place. During the game, their was       Novell said, “The end of the            benefits for people involved             Firststring.com is starting to get
  The Mead game on Feb. 26 was         a two point difference, but the         game was intense because the            with high school athletics.           involved in signing endorsement
a high stress game because the         Eagles scored 28 points leaving         other team was catching up.”                   “Facebook and Myspace          deals with some major apparel
Tigers did not want to end their       the game with a 13 point loss.            Then junior Daisy Burke scored        are global websites for your          businesses and dealers.           All
season. They ended the game                 The Tigers then went to play       two free throws with 11 seconds         friends with tons of interests,”      Firststring.com members can
with a ten point lead, 55-45.          Jackson, on March 5, and won            on the clock, and that gave LC          Eppers said. “While you may           receive 20 percent off their
     In the second game against        with the final score 63-31.             the fifth place title. Kliewer said,    have a wider variety of people        first order at Eastbay.com. In
Walla Walla, the LC girls were             The Tigers played Kamiak on         “Obviously fifth is not first but we    on these social networks,             addition, the website is planning
convinced not to lose again            Friday March 6, and won with a          brought home some hardware.”            Firststring.com has more a            to sign agreements with Under
and won the game, 45-48.               43 point difference, with a score            The LC girls wrap up their         concentrated niche of followers.”     Armour, Hilton Hotels and GNC.
     According to senior Sarah         of 69-26. The game started slow,        season with a second place                 The website’s has a number of          The site also plans to partner
Kliewer, “We were caught off           and the first basket made was by        title in Districts, third in            features, including both an Athlete   with high school summer camps
guard for the first game. This was     senior Jeneva Anderson in the last      Regionals, and fifth in State.          Profile, and a Team Profile.          all over the country next summer.

  LC takes home three awards
  from annual sports banquet
                                         “I found out two weeks before         Powers was another trainer from
by Kenny Rukavina        the awards ceremony and it                            LC that was an applicant and a
                                 me by surprise. I didn’t
            Staff Writer caught would win,” said Hebner.
                         think I
                                                                               girl from Cheney,” said Hebner.
                                                                                   The team that got the Junior
                                       She’s been an athletic trainer for      Female Team of the Year was
                                       two years and has trained many          the Lewis and Clark Basketball
   The Spokane Regional Sports         different teams. Over the years,        Team. “It feels good, it’s a little
Commission handed out awards           she trained the girls’ soccer team,     unexpected, it’s good to know all
to one LC coach, one LC team,          boys’ basketball, and boys’ soccer.     the hard work we put in is getting
and one LC trainer. Jim Redmon           Being an athletic trainer, she has    recognized,” said basketball
won the Junior Female Team             to make sure that all of the athletes   captain     Jeneva     Anderson.
Coach of the Year award, the           are ready to play. She also has to            The girls basketball team
Lewis and Clark Girls Basketball       address an injury if there is one on    finished 28-3 and fifth in
Team won the Junior Female             the field, and make sure that they      the state as I write this.
Team of the Year award, and            get the proper treatment for it.             Their coach, Jim Redmon,
Whitney Hebner won the Student             Hebner was one of three             was     the     Junior    Female
Athletic Trainer of the Year award.    applicants for the award. “Ashley       Team Coach of the Year.
Issue 4
March 2009
                                                     SPORTS                                                                                                              Page 8

                                                                                                                         Wrestling team
                                                                                                                       hopes to build up
                                                                                                                       strength next year

                                                               PHOTO BY BEVERLY AMSTADTER
Megan Berriochoa takes on Coach Mark Vandine during the Special Olympics vs. Staff game.

 Special Olympics takes on staff
by Beverly Amstadter    ket of the game for the staff                       Barnes. “However some of the
                        team, before a steal and break-                     staff are gettin’ kind of feisty.
     Photography Editor away by #35 Junior Eric Yoder.                          The third quarter proved the
        The Special Education              Throughout the first quarter     break away point for the Tigers
class defeated the staff team         there were many back to back          when junior Christian Easterling
twice last week in a com-             baskets, but with four minutes        sunk another three for his team to
petitive basketball game that         to go #52 junior Brandon Win-         bring the game to 51-28. Also in                                              PHOTO COURTESY OF YEARBOOK
had the crowds on their feet.         ham scored a three to bring the       the third quarter Principal Shawn
   This year was the fifth annual     game to 7-4. The first quar-          Jordan was called for a techni-         Senior Jesse Halley shows strength while taking on his opponent
competition between the two           ter ended with a score of 15-8.       cal foul by Anderson, however                                                good overall, although I wish I
teams and the staff is yet to win a      In the second quarter, MVP of      the reason for the call is still un-    by Kenny Rukavina        did better at state, I only lost one
game. “A couple years ago Mrs.        the staff Vandine sunk a three        known and very controversial.
Nowak and I were eating lunch and     in the third minute to bring the         With five minutes to go in the                   Staff Writer GSL match,” said VanVoorhis.
                                                                                                                                                           The LC team is planning on im-
we just came up with the idea of a    game to 23-11 (Tigers). “The          third quarter freshman Grace                      The    LC      wrestling   proving next year. “The wrestling
basketball game,” said Mrs. Mey-      student team is totally schooling     Thomas had back to back points          team finished with a record of       program is going through a re-
er. “I always hope we’ll win but      the staff,” said senior fan Gilo      bringing the Tigers to 65-34 end-       2-6 in the GSL. “The season          building period. We had some big
we never seem to that ‘W’ (win).      Taka. “It’s really fun to watch.”     ing any hope the staff team had left.   had many highs and lows espe-        parts of the program graduate the
We put forth a valiant effort.”            The first half ended with a             The final score of the           cially with the re-scheduling of     last couple years, so kind of start-
    This year proved no differ-       score of 35-15 for the Tigers.        game was 67-40 for the Ti-              matches due to snow days,” said      ing over with some very inexperi-
ent. With the Tigers winning the          Reffing for the game was se-      gers who remain undefeated.             JV coach Jeremy Richardson.          enced wrestlers this season,” said
tip it was almost all down hill       nior Jeneva Anderson and fresh-          “We try to learn from LC bas-             As of February 21, Central      varsity wrestling coach Ty Lingo.
from there for the staff. Spe-        man Sarah Barnes. “It’s a re-         ketball coaches Jim Redmon and          Valley’s wrestling team was tied        Lingo predicts that within two
cial Education teacher Mark           ally intense game but the Tigers      Jeff Norton, but we can’t remem-        for first with East valley, with     to three years LC will have a
Vandine scored the first bas-         are really pulling it off,” said      ber any of the plays,” said Meyer.      a score of 9-1. In second place      competitive season again. In
                                                                                                                    was Mead with a score of 8-2.        the mean time, they are going to
                                                                                                                       Although they finished tenth in   work on getting their wrestlers
                                                                                                                    the league, the LC team enjoyed      more experienced and trained.
                                                                                                                    King of the Hill, a match against    “We had a great freshmen class
                                                                                                                    Ferris, Lc’s greatest rivial, on     and sophomore Nolan Temple-
                                                                                                                    Jan 29. “A Sweet highlight was       ton was a regional qualifier this
                                                                                                                    when Peter threw his guy out at      season and we hope to have him
                                                                                                                    King of the Hill,” said junior Ja-   improve on those efforts over the
                                                                                                                    vier Flores-Sparks. King of the      next few seasons,” said Lingo.
                                                                                                                    Hill was a match against Ferris,        The wrestling team has many
                                                                                                                    LC’s greatest rival, on Jan 29.      graduating seniors this year, but
                                                                                                                        Senior Peter VanVoorhis, the     despite so many people leav-
                                                                                                                    wrestler who threw his opponent      ing, some of the younger wres-
                                                                                                                    at King of the Hill, placed third    tlers have made a goal to make
                                                                                                                    in regionals and was a state par-    up for the loss. “My goal is to
                                                                                                                    ticipant. He was one of eight        try to get into state and/or re-
                                                                                                                    wrestlers to get their letter this   gionals next year,” said fresh-
                                                                           PHOTO COURTESY OF THE INTERNET           year. “My season turned out          men wrestler Ryley Hovde.
In their last match before returning home, the Sounders FC lost for the first time in Argentina.

 Sounders go for the big league
                                      LC goalie. “Since Shadow [Spo-        300 children in the Seattle area.
by Conor Wigert                       kane’s old semi-professional           Along with SCORES, the Sound-
         Editor-in-Chief              soccer team] left there isn’t a       ers also have a six week youth de-
                                      lot of good soccer to watch in        velopment program that “will be
          Come      this   spring,    the area. I am probably going         instructed by the finest coaches
soccer fans and players alike         to go down for opening day.”          in the northwest,” according to
in Washington will have                 The team promises to be good,       their website soundersfc.com.
their own team to support.            recruiting the likes of former               Furthermore, the football
     The Seattle Sounders FC          Swedish national team captain         club is offering a high school
will be joining the line up of        Freddie Ljungberg, Washing-           boys preparation camp right
teams competing for the Ma-           ton Kasey Keller and they also        before the high school season.
jor League Soccer title when          received first draft pick in the         Before they were a MLS team,
the season begins this April.         MLS super draft, Steve Zakuani.       the Seattle Sounders were in the
    The Sounders will be join-            “The line up looks promis-        same PDL league as the Spokane
ing the Seahawks as games will        ing,” said Hollman. “There            Shadow before the Shadow club
be played at Quest Stadium            are a lot of experienced vet-         folded around two years ago.
on the Xbox pitch with tickets        erans and young talent.”                 After the Shadow folded, Spo-
ranging from $16-$75 a match.           Along with being a MLS team,        kanites lost all connections to
      Training began in Rent-         the Sounders work to help kids in     any local teams. Because of this,
on on Jan 21 and will con-            the area by providing them with an    it is not only important to Se-
tinue up until the first match.       after school program, SCORES,         attle soccer culture that they now
    “It’s big,” said senior Chris     that works to promote literacy.       have a professional team, but
Hollman, an avid soccer fan and       The program already serves over       it’s important to the whole state.
Issue 4
March 2009
                                                         SPORTS                                                                                                               Page 9
                                        PHOTO COURTESY OF YEARBOOk
                                                                                       A-Rod’s demise is here
                                                                                    PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET

Taylor Eglet dribbles by a CV defender in a 47-45 win on Feb. 3

     Boys Varsity                                                               Alex Rodriguez has continuelessly been a bad role model to children who look up to sports athletes.

   Basketball earns
                                                                                by David Sheppard        a drug test in 2003. Then he did prehensive surgery is necessary
                                                                                                                figured             pretend
                                                                                      Co-Editor-in-Chief what Isorry andhe would: sincere. once the season is completed.
                                                                                                         to be            try to be         Many believe that this is a result
                                                                                       and Sports Editor

  second in the GSL
                                                                                                            While some may believe that of the wear and tear on his body.
                                                                                    So many professional athletes      A-Rod came across as honest             While this is probably true, I find
                                                                                in this modern era act foolishly       and forthright in his exclusive         it hard to believe that steroids
                                                                                and are terrible role models for       interview with ESPN’s Peter             did not play some sort of role
                                        with a 59-55 win over Mead dur-         children. On more than sev-            Gammons, I believe the contrary.        in A-Rod’s most recent injury.
by Beverly Amstadter    ing the first round. “Games are                         eral occasions, I have wondered            He said that he had taken per-        For those of you who have never
     Photography Editor won and lost in two minutes,”                           what gets into these athletes’         formance enhancing drugs from           seen A-Rod in his casual clothes,
                                        said Taylor. This proved an im-         minds. One athlete who tops the        2001 through 2003, but it does          jeans and a tight T-shirt, you can
      The boy’s basketball team         portant victory for the Tigers as       list for me is Alex Rodriguez.         not seem plausible that a guy who       not truly appreciate just how big
finished the regular season             during their last game against             I think we all know that A-Rod      hits 52, 57 and 47 homers respec-       this guy really is. When I saw him
with an overall record of 11-9          Mead they suffered a 43-55 loss.        was Major League Baseball’s            tively in the three seasons would       in a hotel lobby in May of 2007,
heading into post season play             The Tigers next took on G-Prep        poster child for the clean, steroid-   abruptly quit taking the juice.         nearly two years before anything
where they finished off earn-           once again, however after “one          free, innocent ballplayer. MLB           It seems likely to me that more in-   was released about his flunked
ing second place in districts.          of the hardest games [they’ve]          commissioner Bud Selig wanted          formation will trickle out over the     test, I said to myself, “There’s
       Regular play ended with          played,” according to many play-        to portray A-Rod as the savior         coming months and perhaps years.        no way this guy is natural.”
an exciting win over Rogers             ers, the team could not quite           of the game who could rewrite                Another interesting twist on         I hate to be the one who said,
51-50 on Senior Night which             grab the win. The game ended            Barry Bonds’ homerun record            the story that just recently broke      “I told you so,” but I could not
placed them in third place.             with a score of 57-55. Carrying         without the skepticism of use of       is A-Rod’s current injury that          but help but crack a small grin
       According to many play-          the Tigers throughout the game          performance enhancing drugs.           he had surgery on earlier this          across my face as a lifelong
ers, a huge turning point for the       was junior Austin Ehlo who                    Unfortunately for the com-       week. It was a hip injury that          Red Sox fan. Seeing a Yankee,
team came with the win over G-          knocked in four three point shots.      missioner and true baseball fans       required repairing of torn carti-       even more a Yankee who I de-
Prep, an exciting game ending              The team came back to win an         around the world, this would not       lage and a cyst. The recovery           spise, face a long journey back
with a one point victory to LC.         important match against Ferris 52-      be the case. Sports Illustrated        time is expected to be six to nine      to trustworthiness and reliability
   “After the Prep win, it seemed       43, qualifying them for regionals.      reported that A-Rod had flunked        weeks, but a much more com-             is a very pleasing in my mind.
like we all realized our style of           Making it to regionals was a
basketball and we played that           lot farther than the boys bas-

                                                                                 Gymnastics does well in season
style more confidently and consis-      ketball team has gone in a de-
tently and got more wins because        cade. The last time they ap-
of it,” said junior Sage Poland.        peared in regionals was in 1999.
  In fact, after the G-Prep game the         The team worked to keep
team finished off their remaining       it exciting. During their first                                                JV members competed which               at the Jan. 14 meet hosted by
ten games with only three losses.       round of regionals the boys             by Amanda Thompson      gave the girls more practice Ferris, the team conquered with
   According to many of the play-       took on Pasco which they won                    Features Editor since the scores did not count an all around score of 132.07
ers this season was also a lot more     in double overtime 75-73. The                                                  for the overall season score.           following behind U-high, who
enjoyable. “It’s fun to win,” said      Tigers grabbed the win when                                                        According to the GSL web-           placed first by only 30 points.
Poland. “It kind of feels like the      senior Taylor Eglet made a fade              The LC gymnastics team,           site, the team competed at the              According to GSL.com, the
football season two years ago,”         away just inside the three point        which began competing in early         Dec. 10 meet at Rogers and              teams had an accumulating
said junior Austin Ehlo. (Two           line as the buzzer went off.            Dec., finished off the season          left with an all around score of        score of 110.35 at the final meet
years ago our football team                 The boys proceeded to the           in the end of February placing         131.85 trailing only 30 points          of the season hosted at Shadle
won the state championship.)            second round where they lost            second overall in their meets.         behind University and giving            Park. The team placed third and
    The team did have more suc-         to Walla Walla by 15 sending              The team competed in four cat-       LC a second place win. “Over-           sent one freshman member off
cess this year, as last year they       them into the losers bracket.           egories including bars, beams,         all both JV and Varsity stepped         to compete at state in Yakima.
did not make it to districts.              There they faced G-prep once         vault and floor and placed certain     it up a lot,” said sophomore            Freshman Josette Johnson is
   “It feels good to do so well be-     again which resulted in a 49-34         girls into each competition de-        Stephanie Gouche. “We proved            the first LC gymnast to go to
cause we’re doing it for the se-        loss, ending the season for the boys.   pending on scheduling and athlet-      we are making a comeback.”              state in 20 years and compet-
niors,” said junior Levi Taylor.           “Overall it was really a great       ic skill. When the girls compete          As of Jan. 7 the girls had a fi-     ed Feb. 20 in the bar category.
“They’ve worked really hard to          season,” said Poland.            “We    the team members with the usual        nal GSL score of 1-8 and team                 The team has 21 girls
get here, and T-time [senior Tay-       worked hard and ended up go-            low score go first and the usual       captain senior Kelsey Doyle             and five who compete in
lor Eglet] literally took a punch       ing way farther than in recent          high scoring members go last.          and House had high hopes for            all     varsity     competitions.
in the eye to get where he is.”         years. Hopefully next year we             At the first meets of the season,    the team to excel in the season             Head coach sheri hause was
  In districts, the boys began strong   can be even more successful.”           which are GSL meets, mainly               According to the GSL website,        unable to be interviewed..

      Spokane Hoopfest                                                                   Support LC Spring Athletics in March: Cheer on our teams!

           2009                                                                 March 17:
                                                                                      Softball at GP 4 pm
                                                                                March 18:
                                                                                                               March 20:
                                                                                                                    Baseball at Ferris 4 pm
                                                                                                                    Softball vs Rogers 4 pm
                                                                                                                                                                March 25:
                                                                                                                                                                  Soccer vs Mt. Spokane 4 pm
                                                                                                                                                                March 26:
                                                                                      Soccer vs GP 5 pm        March 23:                                          Baseball at CV 4 pm
                                                                                March 18:                           Soccer at Mead 4 pm                           Softball vs Ferris
                                                                                      Baseball vs Ferris 4 pm  March 24:                                        March 27:
            Join us for 20 years of 3-on-3 Basketball Excellence!                     Softball at CV 4 pm           Baseball vs CV 4 pm                           Baseball at U-Hi 4 pm
                     Registration opens today!                                        Tennis vs Rogers 3:30 pm      Tennis vs. NC 3:30 pm                         Softball vs NC 4 pm
Page 10
                                                    OPINION                                                                                                              Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                                     March 2009

Students can enjoy cleaning                                                                                               Nouns should
by Amanda Thompson
        Features Editor
                                                                                      PHOTO BY BEVERLY AMSTADER

                                                                                                                         be used as verbs
  When the winter snow begins to                                                                                    by Melissa Holmberg       Crochet which could be taught by
melt and the rainy days of spring                                                                                   and Holland Kapstafer     English teacher Jennifer Showalter.
commence, the dust and cobwebs                                                                                                                   Furthermore, deleting verbs
start showing their unlovely                                                                                                    Staff Writers would make the dictionary an
faces all throughout people’s                                                                                             The verb has turned into         easier book to read; therefore
winterized abodes. It’s the time                                                                                    a useless part of speech; the          attracting     more      readers.
of year that many dread and few                                                                                     noun, however has become all              Helping verbs, verbs that help
enjoy. It is called spring cleaning.                                                                                the more permanent. English            express mood or tense, are okay
   Spring cleaning is a fresh kick                                                                                  classes in Washington should           to use when necessary, since we
off to what lies ahead in the warm                                                                                  adjust their curriculum to             have already learned so many
summer months filled with sun                                                                                       fit    some      new     standards.    verbs it would be impossible
bathing and vacationing. Nobody                                                                                         For example, why say “I am         to eliminate them entirely.
wants to dust and vacuum                                                                                            going to go play games after I do         Some steps you might take to
around the house in the middle                                                                                      my chores”? You could eliminate        follow the trend would be to buy
of summer when the clutter in                                                                                       the verbs, replace them with nouns,    a dictionary and scribble out all
their closet gets out of control                                                                                    and say “I will game after I chore.”   the verbs. Another way would
and the dirt covers every carpet.                                                                                       Instead of wasting your time       be to play endless hours of video
   As dreadful as it may sound,                                                                                     with the lengthy version, you can      games in which poor grammar is
cleaning can be a fun and                                                                                           save your breath for singing along     used. Then, when your parents
joyful adventure that both                                                                                          with the radio in the car. Along       ask what you’re going to do
young and old can learn to                                                                                          with saving your breath you also
enjoy. By doing a few simple                                                                                        decrease your vocabulary and              “The verb has
things to jazz up your cleaning                                                                                     therefore decrease the amount
                                                                                                                    of global word pollution; after
                                                                                                                                                           turned into a useless
 “As dreadful as it                    Junior Maggie Thorton and senior Zach Alden descover some                    all, the planet does need saving.        part of speech.”
                                                                                                                        With a decreased vocabulary
may sound, cleaning                    keys to successful cleaning are cheerfulness and organization.
                                                                                                                    you no longer need to learn as         later that day you could say “I’m
  can be a fun and                     dirt throughout the house, but
                                       if your feet ache after a long
                                                                              cleaning is to stay focused and
                                                                              have fun; otherwise you will
                                                                                                                    many words, eliminating the need       movie and party. I home… later.”
 joyful adventure.”                    period of time, wear tennis shoes.     go insane throughout the day.
                                                                                                                    for English classes, and for that
                                                                                                                    matter, English teachers. This
                                                                                                                                                             Not only will this confuse your
                                                                                                                                                           parents, but it will delay their
                                            Drink coffee, eat a healthy       Cleaning with other people is         saves the school budget some           response giving you time to make
experience, you can make the evil      breakfast and keep hydrated            always a good idea too because        serious cash. Perhaps the school       your escape with out them knowing.
adventure worth all the effort.        throughout the day. Before you         then they will keep you focused       would then be able to purchase a          Some disadvantages might be
    When you’re getting ready to       start cleaning, get all the supplies   and help out along the way;           snack machine with that extra cash .   the thousands of teachers out of a
begin your cleaning process, go        you will need out and ready.           four hands are better than two.             In this snack machine we         job. Unemployment riots of angry
around your house and make a               Make sure to turn on music              If you want to clean your        would have Skittles, Doritos, Top      teachers with books and rulers but
list of all the things you need to     that pumps you up and gets             backpack for instance, then you       Ramen, and most importantly,           think of the snack machines!!!
clean, placing the most important      you energized. Turn it on loud         can take everything out and           muffins. Instead of offering an          Another disadvantage could be
at the top and the least at the        throughout your house. Songs           sort through the papers that you      English class, LC would have a         the loss of IQ, but nobody really
bottom. Make a list of items           like “I will survive” by Gloria        need and don’t need. Throw            new program called Knitting and        wanted intelligence anyway.

                                                                                                                     True Valentine’s
you need to get from the home          Gaynor or “Fearless” by Taylor         away all the garbage and restock
improvement store and buy them         Swift are perfect for cleaning the     your binders with fresh paper
all before you begin the next day.     bathroom and “Hot and cold” by         and a couple pens or pencils.
    When you wake up the day           Katy Perry is great for cleaning         The same idea applies to cleaning

                                                                                                                    Day essence is lost
you decide to clean, get into          the stove. Salsa songs are perfect     your locker or your car. Go through
comfortable clothes that you           for mopping the floor because          everything and make that area or
wouldn’t mind getting bleached         you can slide across it just like      item look brand new again. Start
or stained. Shoes are not my           they do on Dancing with the Stars.     off the spring season with a fresh
favorite thing to wear when                  The most important thing         new outlook on life and clean like                             in stores around Labor Day,
cleaning because they track            to remember when you begin             you have never cleaned before.        by John Slater
                                                                                                                                             but it seems to be on its way.

   Laguna Café is impressive
                                                                                                                             Opinions Editor   Somehow, we became obsessed
                                                                                                                          Once every year, on the          with not only spending an arm
                                                                                                                    fourteenth of Feb., a day rolls        and a leg on random pink things
                                                                                                                    around dedicated to celebrating        that nobody will care about in
by Kevin Dunham                                                                               ravioli, and a        the kind of love that exists           two weeks, but we somehow
                                                                                              host of upscale       between two (hopefully) unrelated      thought that the general public
            Staff Writer                                                                      b u rg e r s ,        people. This love is symbolized        has great entertainment in
                                                                                              minus        the      by hearts, unusual amounts of          watching us *ahem* express our
Twigs on Regal may have some                                                                  upscale price.        pink and red and Hallmark cards        feelings to our significant other.
new competition from local                                                                      Laguna Café’s       inscribed with love poems or other       As a high school student, I have
newcomer, Laguna Café. Laguna                                                                 service, quality      sweet epitaphs. It’s nauseating.       subconsciously built a natural
Café is a restaurant located in                                                               and price are            The experience of Valentine’s       shield to protect my psyche
the Twigs strip mall that serves                                                              leagues above         Day is like eating ten pounds of       from public displays of affection
breakfast, lunch and dinner for less                                                          Red       Robin       sugar and following it up with         (PDA), but that doesn’t prevent
than pricey costs. A nice dinner                                                              and      similar      a Supersize chocolate shake.           it from existing all the same.
for two will run you between forty                                                            restaurants           After a few minutes, you start         The random couples I see on a
to sixty dollars, if you buy desert.                                                          like Outback          feeling slow, after which the          fairly regular basis who display
  Popular choices at the Café are                                                             Steakhouse and        pain of side aches and cramps          their affection in public seem to
the three cheese ravioli in your                                                              TGI Fridays.          set in. Then you need Tums.            be engaged in a spirited game
choice of a sun-dried tomato                                                                  Sadly though,             St. Valentine’s Day (or just       of I-Can-Eat-Your-Face-Faster-
pesto or a creamy mushroom                                                                    Laguna Café           Valentine’s Day, as consumerism        Than-You-Can-Eat-Mine           than
sauce. The ravioli comes with                                                                 probably won’t        has driven out any sort of religious   actually kissing. That or they
a starter salad for only $10.95.                                                              sing you happy        or holy aspect of the day) was,        are glued together at the lips
   A favorite of mine, the Tuscan                                                             birthday      on      at one point, a day for calmly         and remaining completely still,
Chicken Caesar Salad is greens                                                                command,              and privately commemorating            which is almost more disturbing.
covered in a house Caesar                                                                     a       popular       the bond you have with your               On top of all of this, Singles’
dressing, croutons, chicken and                                                               feature of the        special someone. That kind of          Awareness Day, which is ironically
shaved parmesan cheese. The                                                                   previously            thing is cute, which is a word         abbreviated as SAD, falls on the
starter included is your choice                   PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET                  l i s t e d           that I don’t often use. In the         same day as Valentine’s. In a
of soup. I would recommend                                                                    restaurants.          twenty-first century, Valentine’s      nutshell, single kids and adults
the Yukon Gold Potato soup.             The Laguna Café is an affordable, comfortable           As for desert,      Day      has     transformed…no,       are given the short end of the
    As for service, Laguna Café         and family-owned restaurant on the South Hill. Laguna            Café       devolved…into something rather         stick, if given any stick at all,
does quite well for itself. The                                                              had five or so         repulsive, at least for most people.   while they endure the sight of
servers were polite, friendly,         is a cross between a chic little choices, of which my friends and I              The amount of merchandise          the infinite couples surrounding
and always around if you need a        coffee shop and a family owned ordered the raspberry cheesecake.             American youth purchase, let           them expressing their feelings.
spare fork or napkin. Sophomore        restaurant, which Laguna Café is. Maybe it was last, and it was sweet,       alone is available, is shocking,          If I was to understate, I would
Nate Braks said, “I really liked         Laguna Café does have a limited but one thing I know for sure was          to say the least. Stores are loaded    say that I dislike Valentine’s Day.
how everyone treated you. They         menu, but what they make, they the cheesecake was killer, and                with pink stuff piled on more          I’m also male, which makes
came across as really liking           make well. From the Chicken Pot much less pricey than expected.              pink stuff and planeloads of           this justifiable as a defense
what they do, and that’s a plus.”      Pie to the Laguna Burger, this         All in all, Laguna Café is a          candies and balloons as soon           mechanism for the part of my
    Laguna Café is located next        place has something for pretty winner in my book, mainly                     as the hype surrounding New            brain that loves to build things,
to Verizon and Quiznos on              much everyone. I had a hard because of its reasonable prices,                Year’s dies off, which, according      get said things dirty, destroy said
South Regal. Not much in the           time deciding what to order, even good food and quick, friendly              to the stores, is December 30.         things…you know, guy stuff.
way of curb appeal, but the            with the small menu. For dinner, service. It’s no five star restaurant,         Valentine’s Day has not quite       And just so you know, I do have a
inside is where they focused           Laguna Café serves flat iron steak, and it doesn’t try to be. Laguna         turned into the consumerfest           significant other, and she happens
their attention. The restaurant        shrimp, meat loaf, Caesar salad, Café has its niche and sticks to it.        that it Christmas, which arrives       to dislike the holiday just as much.
Issue 4
March 2009
                                                    OPINION                                                                                                                 Page 11
                                                 PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET

                                                                                     Starbucks has a bad rap
                                                                               By Sydney Harmon                          PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET

                                                                                           Staff Writer
                                                                                 Starbucks is one of the most well
                                                                               known coffee companies around
                                                                               the world. Starbucks is viewed by
                                                                               some as evil for the fact that it is
                                                                               a corporate giant and run smaller
                                                                               coffee companies out of business.
                                                                                  Starbucks is known for having
                                                                               a store at every corner. For
                                                                               example Grand Blv has two
                                                                               stores three miles apart. This
                                                                               causes problems for smaller
                                                                               local companies that are trying to
                                                                               grow because favor people go to
                                                                               Starbucks because of familiarity.
                                                                                     Senior Chris Hollman, an
                                                                               employee at Rockwood Bakery
                                                                               said, “Working at a local coffee
                                                                               shop you kind of learn to hate
Rapper Lil’ Wayne has proven time and again to the music                       Starbucks. They spread like the
industry that his creativity is the gold standard in his genre,                plague, choke out small shops,
topping other well-respected names like Ludacris and TI.                                                               The Starbucks franchise has come under fire in recent years
                                                                               and serve mediocre coffee.”             because of the number of stores it has opened nationwide.

   Lil’ Wayne bests
                                                                                   In poor economic times, any         However, it has several redeeming qualities like employees’
                                                                               company who employees a small           benefits and eco-friendliness that people don’t often consider.
                                                                               army deserves a little more credit
                                                                               than what they have been getting.       health insurance, they also match        25 percent by 2010 according

   his competition
                                                                               The company has been accused            any funds that employees put             to www.greenerbulidings.com.
                                                                               of not agreeing to the Fair Trade       towards their 401(k) plans. Any          In 2007, Starbucks was using
                                                                               agreement; this means they have         company who can say that they            25 gallons of water and 6.78
                                                                               been buying coffee far cheaper          have an 82 percent approval rate         kilowatt-hours of electricity per
                                                                               than at market price. They recently     from their employees, cannot             square foot in each of it stores,
                                       “Paper Trail” fails in comparison,      bought one million pounds of free       be as horrible as perceived. The         according to Greener Buildings.
By Kevin Dunham          Young Jeezy’s “The Recession”                         trade coffee beans and are making       company has on of the lowest               Starbucks has decided to make
            Staff Writer is not even worth mentioning in                       it the coffee of the day every 20th     turn over rates of any of the other      a push for reusable cups. The
                                       the same breath, and Ludacris’          day of each month, according to         major corporations, according            company plans to use reusable
     Lil’ Wayne truly is the best      “Theater of the Mind” is nothing        the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.         to Workforce Management.                 ceramic cups and in the cafes
rapper alive. No one has improved      close to what “Tha Carter III” is.         The thing that saves Starbucks          On top of employing thousands         and sell more of their signature
at the rate that he has. “Tha Carter       His unparalleled lyricism and       from the seventh layer of hell is the   they also, as a company, have been       cups. They also plan to hire
I” to “Tha Carter III” shows a         tremendous work ethic make              fact that all employees who work        pushing to become green. With            consultants in the stores to show
transformation unlike any. Other       Wayne what he is, the best. His         over twenty hours a week receive        their plastic cups now reading,          the ways to low each stores waste.
artist have progressed over time,      imagination may be attributed           full health insurance, according        “15% less plastic than before,”              Starbucks is not bad for the
but not nearly as fast as Wayne.       to his high-all-the-time lifestyle,     to Workforce Management.                and “45% fewer carbon emissions          world, and not just because of its
       Wayne shows he is as            but truly he is just a visionary.       Starbucks is one of the only major      to make it,” this shows that it not      ability to addict people to caffiene.
multifaceted as anyone with            He is pushing rap to places that        companies that offer benefits           only the people of America they          Starbucks is helping the people of
“Tha Carter III.” The differences      it hasn’t been taken before.            to their baristas. In addition,         are worried about; they also care        America by providing them with
between “A Milli” and “Let the              When half of “Tha Carter           Starbucks offers a stock portfolio      about the greenness of our world.        jobs and benefits, and also helping
Beat Build” are astounding.            III’s” original songs were leaked,      to employees as a stock opinion.              Starbucks’ goal is to cut          the bean growers of the world
“A Milli” is the equivalent of a       Wayne turned around and released             On top of the stocks and the       energy in all of their stores by         become more economically stable.
freestyle rap, whereas “Let the        it as an EP, and continued to

                                                                                           The biggest mistake I
Beat Build” blends a soul hook         do work to improve. Other
with Wayne’s familiar rhythmic         rappers may have just released
style and imaginative lyrics.          the CD how it was, but Wayne
    Every song on the album has        chose to rerecord new songs.
its own unique sound. What is               On top of his work on his
even more impressive is that
some of Wayne’s best songs have
not even been released on an
actual CD, songs such as “Sky
                                       records, Wayne always says yes
                                       to an opportunity of appearing on
                                       a track, and then lets his manager
                                       work out the financial side. No
                                                                                          made my freshman year
is the Limit” and “Whip It” not        other rapper has appeared on nearly     By John Slater                              Disclaimer: The events depicted in this editorial are fiction.
to mention numerous others.            as many singles as him, and no one
   Looking past all of the awards      is as open to contribution as him.               Opinions Editor                  Any similarity to the work of John Lasseter is entirely intentional.
and fame to the true tellers of             Often when he appears on
success; respect, critical acclaim     another track, his verse is better        The first year at LC is never easy.   to feel that things had gone too         and stuck by me. I, though,
and comparisons to the greats          than the whole rest of the song.        It’s tough gaining your footing as      far. I just wanted science class         was too blinded by my hatred
Lil’ Wayne is truly the epitome        This goes for “Last of a Dying          a freshman. We all make mistakes.       to go back to the way it was.            of Buzz to take note of this.
of rap. No one works harder than       Breed” off Ludacris’ latest                 Now, as a junior, I will find           Then I did the one thing I                Buzz and I did not work
Wayne, and no one wants to be          CD, “Theater of the Mind,”              myself thinking back to that year       regret most about that year.             well together. Our work was
the best nearly as bad as he does.     and TI’s “Swagga Like Us.”              (often late at night, when I’m                 One afternoon, during a           interspersed with bickering and
     “Tha Carter II” was good,           All things considered, its just not   incapable of falling asleep) and all    chemistry lab, I replaced one of         fighting. It would have taken
but he blew us away with “Tha          fair to say that anyone is better.      that happened in that period of my      his chemicals with elemental             something drastic to unite us.
Carter III.” No one in recent          No one has the imagination,             life. It begins in my science class.    sodium while he was weighing                That is exactly what happened.
memory has done that or even           determination, or pure desire to             Like many freshmen, I took         a measurement of water.                      The “Pipe Bomb” Hall Pass
come close to doing that. TI’s         be on top like Lil’ Wayne does.         Honors Science 9 from Mr. Bennett.           When he poured the water            Incident (PBHPI) occurred while
                                                                                   His class was an intellectual       on it…well, need I elaborate?            we were cleaning test tubes. The
                                                                               high and, for awhile, I was               My immediate thoughts were of          kid who planted the fake device,
                                                                               one of his favored students.            fear and panic, and it only got worse.   Sid, locked us in the building
                                                                                    Mr. Bennett had me follow           A short, stout kid from Idaho, who      simply because we were the last
                                                                               him       around,     watch      him    went only by Mr. PH, had seen me         ones to realize what was happening.
                                                                               correct class papers, and,              in the act, and he ratted me out.            At that moment, our lives in
                                                                               likewise, I received his favor.              The class virtually revolted        danger, we realized that we were
                                                                                 I used to bring in the latest issue   against me, and Buzz tackled me.         not so different from one another.
                                                                               of “Scientific American” and                  Then he tried to use his             Both of us had the same goal: to
                                                                               we would talk about an article.         wristwatch laser to stun me. It          ensure Mr. Bennett’s room was safe.
                                                                                       Then a new kid, we’ll           was about to get really bad before          With our newfound teamwork,
                                                                               call him Buzz, came along.              Mr. Bennett reentered the room           we not only discovered that
                                                                                      He stole my spot as the          and we all hurried to our seats          the “bomb” was fake, but also
                                                                               favorite, and as something of           pretending nothing happened.             turned in Sid to the authorities.
                                                                               a showoff, he was in constant                  Buzz and I wound up                       Last I heard he was
                                                                               need of appreciation. He had            spending a great deal of time            transferred       to      Richland.
                                                                               a handheld computer, and the            together, in and out of class,                Mr. Bennett was so proud
                                                                               articles I used to carry to class       laboring to make amends for              that he even wrote “STEVE”
                                                                               he could download instantly.            the damage we had done.                  on the underside of our shoes.
                                                                                       After only a few days            One of my best friends, a wiry kid             Mr. Bennett has moved
                                                                               of his presence, I became               we called Slinky, was unwavering         on to other classes, other
                                                                               beyond irritated with this kid.         in his alliance with me.                 kids since then, but Buzz?
                                                                                 It got to the point where I began       He believed I was a good person          He’ll always have a friend in me.
Page 12
                                                     OPINION                                                                                                                   Issue 4
                                                                                                                                                                           March 2009

      ‘Slumdog’ an upbeat                                                                                                                                                 PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET

    change of pace at Oscars
By Conor Wigert
                                                                                          PHOTO COURTESY OF INTERNET
        and News Editor
   Hollywood received one of its
lowest viewings last year for its
annual Academy Awards with the
blame being put on the shoulders
of the pessimistically-inclined
nominees of the year such as
“No Country for Old Men”
and “There Will Be Blood.”
   One of this year’s heavy hitters,
“Slumdog Millionaire” takes a                                                                                           Rod Blagojevich’s attempt to sell Obama’s Senate seat was a
subject matter that could make “No                                                                                      shocker, even in a state where government corruption is com-
Country” and “Blood” look like                                                                                          monplace. Again and again he denies it, and he just makes a
“Horton Hears a Who” and adds                                                                                           bigger fool of himself each time. Somehow, though, the expres-
an unexpected twist of optimism.                                                                                        sion of utter bewilderment somehow fits that face.

                                                                                                                        Blago has no honor
    Faced with a corrupt criminal
system accusing him of cheating
on India’s equivalent of “Who           The optimistic, cheerful ending of “Slumdog Millionaire” put
Wants to Be a Millionaire,”             a refreshing spin on what could have been a hard-hitting,
Jamal, who grew up in the slums         depressing story. The movie industry, dominated by the high-
of an overpopulated India, finds        stress “There Will Be Blood” and gut-wrenching “No Country for                                           he cannot seem to answer any
                                        Old Men” last year, accepted the change with open arms.                         By John Slater           questions presented to him at all.
himself revealing his life story
to prove he legitimately knew                                                                                                    Opinions Editor Always finding a way around
the answers to the questions he         a wide audience with its “Who           award for Best Young Actor.                                                     the question, he is indirect and
was asked while on the show.            Wants to Be a Millionaire”                  Director Danny Boyle is no                 Ex-Illinois Governor Rod         unsure in his speech, making
    Along the way the audience          roots, the gang persuasion that         stranger to putting a happy             Blagojevich is currently one of         him sound downright foolish.
is exposed to the harsh realities       corrupts Jamal’s brother, Salim         ending on a sad story, as he did        the most laughed-at political            This is all not mentioning his hair.
that have faced Jamal throughout        and M.I.A on the soundtrack.            in his 1996 hit “Trainspotting,”        figures of modern times. It may            He looks as though he stepped
his lifetime, beginning with his             Leading the cast are two           a story about heroin addicts            be his policies, it may be what he      directly out of “Grease.”
mother’s murder. The slums where        newcomers, Dev Patel as                 tagged with an upbeat message.          says, it could be his hair. I think     For some reason, he thinks
the movie takes place provides the      Jamal and Freida Pinto as his             “Slumdog” captivates audiences        it’s a combination of all of them.      that      extraordinarily       thick
movie with something Hollywood          “destiny” love interest Latika.         with its rise-through-the-slums             His policies are probably the       bangs are stylish. He looks
and its audiences are not used          Patel’s performance has caught          storyline, and despite a storybook      least hilarious of the lot. They are    less like the governor of a
to seeing; life outside of the          the attention of critics and            ending that is closely followed         divisive, scheming and driven by        state than like a chorus boy
drug-ridden suburbs of America.         audiences alike, winning both           by a modernized knock off of            greed and corruption. These are         straight out of West Side Story.
  “Slumdog” adds diversity to this      the British Independent Film            a Bollywood music video, took           things that only Dick Cheney,             I personally would like to know
years nominees with its foreign         award for Most Promising                home 8 academy awards including         who absorbs light and happiness,        what’s on his forhead that he
lifestyle but remains relevant to       Newcomer and the Critics Choice         Best Picture and Best Director.         would         find     entertaining.    must keep so throughly hidden.
                                                                                                                            His attempt at selling Barack             Blagojevich’s ousting was
                                                                                                                        Obama’s vacant Senate seat              complete       and     total,    with

       Animal Collective album                                                                                          not only failed, but became a
                                                                                                                        national joke. Jon Stewart of the
                                                                                                                        Daily Show has used it as prime
                                                                                                                        material for his segment entitled
                                                                                                                                                                not a single vote in favor of
                                                                                                                                                                keeping him on as governor.
                                                                                                                                                                  The 59-0 vote was undoubtedly
                                                                                                                                                                embarrassing to Blagojevich,

      is among their best work
                                                                                                                        “Scum-Dog           Million-Hairs.”     but worse, it was an excuse for
                                                                                                                        Clearly, he is not in a good place      Americans to laugh at government.
                                                                                                                        to make executive decisions.                  Even still, after all of the
                                                                                                                         Even so, he tried to appoint Oprah     drama surrounding him, he
                                        the album, with a softened Avey         of their early tracks). What starts     Winfrey to fill Obama’s seat.           appeared in front of Illinois’
By Tucker Clarry          Tare and just an enlightened slow becomes a more robust and                                   Winfrey was laughing when she           senators and said, “I have done
             Staff Writer and euphoric escapement. confident clamoring with  similar                                    said she would not fill the position.   absolutely       nothing      wrong.”
                                             Track 2) “My Girls” (95%)~         cricketing vocals that jump                  On top of trying to do the             If one thing is clear, it’s that
   “Merriweather Post Pavilion”,        The first song heard off of the         through the song with smacking          governor’s job, his logic in            whatever Blago says should be
Animal       Collective’s      latest   album and in a heated competition       percussion and echoing clicks.          interviews is backwards and             reversed to discover the truth.
album, did not really receive an        for the best, “My Girls” offers             Track 9) “Lion in a Coma”
opportunity to peacefully arrive.       the pop trip of a “Leaf House”          (88%)~ With a woozy intro and
  The band’s album played as the        that brings the primal urge to just     heading Eastern feel, “Lion in
figurative pinata as hopeless fans      listen to the damn thing on repeat.     a Coma” is a break from some
scraped and batted their way into           With chirping synths, Panda’s       of their more droning/sublime
finding any sort of leak or early       drowning bellowing and layering         constructed songs and more of a
release of the latest work by Avey,     of claps and bass “My Girls”            streaming feel. It continues the
Panda Bear and The Geologist.           brings each repetition like a tide      repetitive vocals but with a swifter
    Something instantly different       becoming stronger and stronger          and stronger sound. With clanging
than their last album, “Strawberry                                              sticks and a freer Avey who makes
Jam”, was the absence of the                                                    an accessible version of himself.
abundant crackling and yelping
lead vocals of Avey Tare and a lot       “What starts out as
                                                                                 Track 11) “Brother Sport” (95%)~
                                                                                A personal favorite and possibly                       Something
more Noah Lennox (Panda Bear),                                                  the best dance songs unfettered
which will bring bliss to those
who were fans of his solo album
                                         hollow noise...turns                   by the band from Maryland,
                                                                                “Brother Sport” is just flat out
                                                                                                                                      on your mind?
“Person Pitch” and mourning               into the holiest of                   dazzling to get lost in. Moving
for those who adored the “For                                                   from one grand whisping world of
Reverend Green” and “Peacebone”                 jams.”                          melody to another until blasting a              Send a Letter to the Editor
tracks       of      yester-albums.                                             psychedelic dreamland of noise
~Songs         Worth       Noting~                                              and harmony of chorus with sound.               to the Newspaper Advisor,
  Track 1) “In the Flowers” (80%)                                               –
The introduction to the album, let      before it slowly subsides and shifts.               Animal Collective’s                    Jennifer Showalter, at
alone feels awfully familiar. The           With lines like “I don’t mean       “Merriweather Post Pavilion”
beginning harkens to the times          to seem like I care about material      is the closest thing they have               jennifersh@spokaneschools.org
of their song “Did You See the          things like my social status/I just     yet to or ever will release to a
World” with what feels like a           want four walls and adobe slabs         pop album and by far its most
giant splash from you cannonball-       for my girls,” the song is catchy       accessible. The hardcore fans may
ing into a lagoon of electronic/        with the repetition but not overly      be taken aback by the lack of their                  The Journal Staff wants
experimental/noise          delight.    monotonous, one of the strongest        former flavors but will surely be
     What starts out as hollow          styles that Panda Bear offers.          too busy forgetting it all with                      to hear your feedback!
noise and a tale of being caught         Track 5) “Daily Routine” (85%)~        the droning euphoric insertion
dumbfounded by the joy of dance         Starting with cricketing organs         into their minds caused by “My
and getting away turns into the         via dabbling, it feels like what        Girls” and “Brother Sport”.
holiest of jams with a booming          the band does to jam their way           The album itself serves as an outlet
sensation following “If I could         through a potential song and lead       to give pure euphoria, and could
just leave my body for the night.”      to their finished song (maybe even      be their most accessible album yet.
    The song sets the setting for       nostalgic enough to feel like one       [95%]

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