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									                                                                                            A P U B L I C AT I O N O F

Serving the warehouse industry from Virginia to Florida to                 Louisiana. Education, information, community.

P.O. Box 898, Madison, GA 30650 • (706) 431-6025 • dean@swaonline.org • www.swaonline.org                   June/July 2011

Will Storit Tours Goggin Warehousing
Goggin Warehousing welcomed                                      types of
Will Storit to Shelbyville, TN                                   services that
and the Walking Horse Capital                                    Goggin performs. He wanted to see and learn as
of the World. Will’s timing was                                  much as possible. Will had hoped to visit more of
perfect as he arrived at our                                     the 21 warehouses and 1.6 million square feet of
offices just in time to make an                                  warehouse space in Alabama, Mississippi, Illinois,
appearance at the quarterly                                      and Tennessee but just ran out of time with all
managers meeting.                                                of these locations. So, we showed him as much
                                                                 about our operation and facilities that time would
                                                                 allow and gave him a nice visual of some of the
                                                                 remaining locations.
                                                                                               Will had the
                                                                                               opportunity to meet a
                                                                                               real-life professional
                                                                                               truck driver. He
Will was a hit and very popular with the members                                               got to learn about
of our team.                                                                                   all of the many
                                    What was                                                   different obstacles
                                    thought to                                                 they face on a daily
                                    be a possible                                              basis as well as the
                                    abduction,                                                 importance of a safe
                                    thankfully                                                 driving record that
                                    proved to only                                             helps him keep a
                                    be Will spending             healthy CSA 2010 score. Will thought it was great
                                    extra time with              learning about all
                                    our instructor               of the many runs
                                    during a                     that these guys
                                    recent training              do in support of
                                    session. This                and in addition to
year, each manager participates in career training               their warehousing
each quarter.                                                    business. The
Will attended                                                    dedicated truck
and stayed                                                       fleets that operate
later to brush                                                   for several different
up on some of                                                    companies provide
his skills.                                                      tremendous value
                                                                 and efficiencies.
Will was very
impressed                                                        While in Shelbyville,
with all of the                                                  Will got to visit
many different                                                   one of our largest
                                                                                                  (continues on next page)
Will Storit - Goggin... (cont.)
warehouses that
is the host to a                                           Webe visits
reverse logistics
project. They
are responsible
                                                           Leavitt Group
for receiving,
processing, storing,                                       of Atlanta
and repackaging
products to be
sold in the automotive after-market. From there,
he moved across town and Will had the pleasure to
see paper get handled with roll clamps. Will thought
he had seen something like this before but he was
equally impressed with the quality and precision
the team member used to pull and handle the order.
                              Will was getting tired.
                              He wanted to take a
                              nap but we told him
                              there was no time for
                              that. Daylight was
                              wasting and he had a
                              lot left to see. We left
                              Shelbyville and took
                              Will to Smyrna, TN. He
                                                           Here Webe is rolling up his sleeves helping me
                              wanted to tour one of
                              our food warehouses.         service customers and write new business. Lowest
                              So, we showed him our        maintenance staff member I’ve had in a long, long
                              AIB rated Superior           time!
                              Certified warehouse
that handles thousands of cases of food product for
various vendors. Will was impressed with the work
and attention to detail that these guys use while                              Jeff McConnell, CIC, CRM
unloading and checking in product. This is why                                 Vice President
their inventory was 99.9% accurate at this facility
last year.
Will wanted to make
one last stop. He had
heard many great
comments about the
fulfillment and contract
packaging operation
that Goggin performs.
He got to see actual
holiday gift baskets
that are assembled
each year during peak
seasons. He wanted to take one home but we told
him these were prototypes and that these were
very confidential.
Will’s visit came to an end. He was disappointed he
                                                              Carolina Business Solutions Inc.
was here the wrong time of the year and did not                            P.O. Box 472043
get to see a professional hockey or football game
during his visit. He had heard all the hype about                      Charlotte, NC 28247-2043
the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators. Will
was exhausted from all the travel and sightseeing.                        Ph. (704) 544-7292
Will left us to get some rest before his next journey.
                                                                      Contact: Gary or Greg Ball
                                                The Breeze – Page 2
                       EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S COLUMN
                             We are situated on the deck of
                             the family lake house on one                          SWA 66th Annual Convention
                             of the few really good weather            “Moving Forward, Giving Back”
                             days Kathy, Garrett and I have                   The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort
                             experienced during this month                          St. Simons Island, Georgia
                             of June. Bright, clear, in the 70’s                  September 8-10, 2011
                             and the lake beckons — for a
                             fishing session with my grandson      the merrier! Bill and Lauren Crow, Frank Anderson, Buster
                             followed by a swim in 60 degree       Franklin and George Davis have enthusiastically developed
                             water. Tomorrow a trip to the big     a convention event that guarantees a great time. My thanks
                                                                   to each, I appreciate their help and support. I will be sending
White Moun-                                                        reminders and flyers each week from here on in — with the
tains and a ride                                                   same message, we want to see you all on St. Simons Island,
on the tram to                                                     GA this September 8-10.
the top of Can-                                                      Interestingly, member recruiting has been
non Mountain                                                       active so far this summer; it is normally
for a view of                                                      a relatively quiet period until Sep-
northern New                                                       tember rolls around. We have three
England and                                                        potential warehouse members plus three
C a n a d a . We                                                   associate member contacts actively working.
understand the                                                     And Kim Campbell has been in touch to advise that he is back
heat at home has been tough so I guess I should feel guilty        in the warehouse business (Axia 3PL – Rogers, AR) and is
mentioning that our fireplace has been busy many morning           renewing his SWA membership. I look forward to seeing him
       and evenings and sweat shirts and jeans are the dress       in September!
         of the day. But first a few notes regarding SWA!             This issue of the Breeze is a “full one” with news from many
              First, on behalf of the entire SWA organization, I   different fronts — note the article from the Peel’s, significant
            am extending our sympathy, support and prayers         changes at Kenco, continued growth at a2b Fulfillment to
            to Scott, Hayes & Doug McWilliams on the loss          name some. We enjoy sharing news and hope more of you
               of Elaine who passed away on June 9th. And          will help by providing it to us! News, pictures, ideas, thoughts
                         to all members of the Callaway and        all help make our newsletter better.
                         McWilliams family as well. She was          Have a good, safe summer and keep in touch,
                        a dynamic lady, a friend who will be
                      missed by all who had the privilege of       	 	                  	 Dean
knowing her. My thanks to Andy Brown, the Ozier’s and
Ledford’s who were able to attend a memorial service on

                                                                         In Memory of our friend and member:
June 18th in Nashville, in part representing our organization.
SWA will be sending a memorial to The Minnie Pearl Cancer

                                                                      Elaine Callaway McWilliams
Foundation in Elaine’s name.
  With July now present, it’s time to ramp up convention
registration efforts! Both the social agenda and business
                                                                                She passed away June 9, 2011
programs are ready, registration forms and hotel registration
                                                                               after a 17 year battle with cancer.
information have been provided to all SWA members and
                                                                              Our sympathy is offered to Scott and
numerous promotional flyers have been distributed. Now it’s
                                                                                their sons Hayes and Douglas.
your turn — please complete and return your registration form
                                                                               SWA will direct a memorial to
to me as soon as possible! Early returns are very good but
                                                                      The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation in her honor.
we expect and hope for many more! In this case, the more

                                                        The Breeze – Page 3
                                  Tales from our “on the go” President
                                      THE GIFT TO THE SON
                                                  Wow what a
                                                  summer this
                                                  has been,
                                                  Cameron my
                                                  youngest son
                                                  from OLD Do-
                                                  minion Univer-
                                                                                                                     ese girl rides
                                                  sity in 4 years
                                                                                                                     by with her skirt
                                                  – Yeah. Well I
                                                                                                                     floating in the
      Picture one motorcycle of Cam               had made him                    The Rice Fields
                                                                                                                     air. Thus Cam
                                                  a deal when he
                                                                                                                     did not see the
was in high school that if he could graduate College in 4 years
                                                                    truck in front
I would take him on a business trip any where in the world
                                                                    of us and yep
he wanted to go and where Camrett did business. Now let
                                                                    we swerved
me explain we
                                                                    and right into a
have Canadi-
                                                                    market taking
an customers,
                                                                    down the um-
European cus-
                                                                    brellas’ up on
tomers, Mexi-
                                                                    the sidewalk
can, Brazilian,
                                                                    and right into
Indian, Korean,
                                                                    the window of
Chinese and
                                                                    restaurant. You             Motor Cycles everywhere
hope to have
                                                                    got it straight to
one in Vietnam
                                                                    Jail we went. PHO is the noodle of choice in their Jails, hot
very soon. Yep                     Budda Temple
                                                                    dirt floor and a hole in the floor for those personal things one
you got it he
                                                                    needs to do. 3 days later we get out with a $500,000 dong
picked Vietnam. Vietnam was the only country that I had not
                                                                    fine and asked to leave Hanoi immediately. They took us to
visited, so off we go to the jungles of Vietnam. We tried to
                                                                                                                     the train station
take Will Storit with us but he did not make it through customs;
                                                                                                                     and put us on a
Something about a pending violation with a Wanda Shipit in a
                                                                                                                     train the Sapa
hotel/bar in Columbia SC.
                                                                                                                     the Mountain
  Any way I speak no Vietnamese, have no clue on their cul-
                                                                                                                     region. Since
ture but off we go to Hanoi – Cam young and dumb decided
                                                                                                                     they took our
                                           he could ride a
                                                                                                                     suitcases and
                                           scooter along
                                                                                                                     did not give
                                           with the other 9
                                                                                                                     them back we
                                           million people
                                                                                                                     were there with
                                           in the streets
                                                                      Going on the train to the Mountains...         only the cash
                                           of Hanoi, so off
                                                                                                                     we stuff in our
                                           he goes with
                                                                    pockets and shirts on our back.
                                           me on the back
                                                                      From the Train Station the walk to the hostel was 12 miles
                                           holding on for
                                                                    through the rice fields, that night we sleep like bears hiber-
                                           dear life. A cute
 Sharing the walking path with the cows... little Vietnam-                                              continues on next page...

                                                        The Breeze – Page 4
THE GIFT TO THE SON (continued)                                   risking arrest.

nating. The Vietnamese are hard, hard, hard                          We left Nha Trang that night before
working people, they simply want to improve                       the police could figure out what had
their way of living, so going from a dirt floor with              happened on the pier that day. So
walls that are see through going up is not too hard to            off we went on a bus (no A/C) driving
do. Enough of dirt floors and 105 degree rainy weather            all night to Saigon’s Airport - I flew
we are headed for the beach. I bartered my Swiss                  back to the States, Cam went on to
watch to hitch a ride to Nha Trang the beach and                  Australia…his adventure is still going
landing area for the US forces during the war.                    - mine was back to the real world and
                                                                  rehab for my collar bone. It was an
                                                  Nha Trang is
                                                                  amazing trip that we will never forget Pigs in the road....
                                               a beautiful city
                                                                  just a Father Son get away. More
                                               with beach’s
                                                                  details to come at the convention in September.
                                               and reefs all
                                               around. It was     	 	                 	 Collin
                                               there that we
                                               met up with a
                                               group of Aus-
                                               tralians who
                                               like to dive, so
Morning Breakfast PHO mmmmm good. yep we went
                                               diving. While in                        SWA
a cave at 75 feet under water Cam finds what appears to be
a huge golden dragon. The next day we dive back down with
rig’s to dig it out and we are going to be rich…We returned
                                                                                    wishes all
to the docks the dragon in a burlap bag only us and the Aus-
tralians know about it. So we thought, a crew member had                              a safe
tipped off someone on the land side about our treasure. We
were carrying the bag off the pier when 4 guys on motorcycles
ran me down
breaking my
collar bone and                                                                     enjoyable
nearly knock-
ing me out.
Cam clothes-
lined one of
them knocking
them off the
bike, turned
and kicked an-                   The get away...
other off his;
we pick up the bikes and bag and took off as fast as we could.
As we rode up a ramp and jumped the bikes up over the pier
mates mine landed badly wrecking a car on the other side of
the road. Cam came to get me when the 4 guys arrived about                    Southeast Solutions, Inc.
the same time. I simply offered up the bag and they took their             186 Ben Burton Circle • Ste 400
bikes and rode away. The police had told us if we had any                      Bogart, Georgia 30622
more trouble they would lock us up for a year so we could not             706.353.7211 or 866.350.7211
report the stolen dragon, or wrecking the motorcycle without

                                                      The Breeze – Page 5
     Member                               News
Kenco Governance Continues With Next
Generation of Founding Families
   CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Kenco,
a leading provider of integrated logis-
tics solutions, real estate services,
                                                                          NEW MEMBERS
and material handling equipment,                                    SWA welcomes the following new members:
has announced that Jane Ken-
nedy Greene has purchased
                                                                         Warehouse Member
controlling interest in the Kenco
family of companies, and is now
Chairman of the Board and CEO.                                           R & S Logistics Inc.
  Gary Mayfield has retired as CEO after 18 years with the                Knoxville, TN
company but has been asked to serve as a member of the                    David Schmid (Owner)
Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.                           dschmid@re3pl.com

  Kenco Executive Management Appointments:                               Associate Members
Jane Kennedy Greene, CEO and chairman of the board
Shelia Crane, president
Andy Smith, COO*
                                                                         Southeast Solutions Inc.
Sam Smartt, Jr., Dealer Principal, Kenco Toyota-Lift.
                                                                          Bogart, GA
   CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — July 12, 2011 — Kenco, a                          Brian Finnan (VP/Partner)
leading provider of integrated logistics solutions, real estate           brian@sesol.net
services, and material handling equipment, has announced
the executive appointment of David Caines to President of
Kenco Logistic Services, LLC (KLS) and Kenco Transporta-
                                                                         Re Transportation Inc.
tion Services, LLC (KTS). His previous title was Senior Vice
                                                                          Memphis, TN
President of Operations.
                                                                          Johnny Long (VP)
  In his new role, Caines will have full operating responsibility         jlong@re-trans.com
for KLS and KTS.

  CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — July 12, 2011 — Kenco, a
leading provider of integrated logistics solutions, real estate
services, and material handling equipment, has announced
the executive appointment of Sean Coakley to the position of
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
                                                                              211 Commerce Street
  Coakley will set strategic direction for sales and marketing                     Suite 1000
activities for all of the Kenco operating companies.
                                                                               Nashville, TN 37219

                                                                                Fax: 615-726-0464
  GREENSBORO, GA. — a2b Fulfillment, a third-party lo-
gistics provider with a specialty in value-added services, has              Contact: Scott D. Carey
added Debbie Skerly as Director of Business Development                   scarey@bakerdonelson.com
– Direct-to-Consumer per Gary Latz, Vice President – Market-
ing and Media Contact.                                                      www.bakerdonelson.com

                                                                                                      The Breeze – Page 6
                                                 SWA 66th Annual Convention

                       “Moving Forward, Giving Back”
               The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort • St. Simons Island, Georgia
                                              September 8-10, 2011

The King and Prince At The Ocean’s                                     • Readers Choice Award          2006, 2007, 2008
                                                                       • Pinnacle Award                2006, 2007, 2008
    Edge on St. Simmons Island                                         • Expedia Insiders Select       2009
   The King and Prince,
                                                                        Come and enjoy The King and Prince. The Royal Treatment
site of this year’s con-
                                                                     Cottage is perfect for your wife’s massage and rejuvenating
vention, commands a
                                                                     treatments. There’s also clay tennis courts, a fitness facility,
landmark location at
                                                                     an indoor pool, hot tub, bike and beach rentals, as well as a
the edge of the Atlantic
                                                                     Starbucks Coffee Shop in the lobby. This is the perfect resort
Ocean. Founded in
                                                                     for our group and we know you will enjoy every minute of your
1935 by two friends
                                                                     stay. And we have not even told you about the hospitality room
whose reputation as
                                                                     yet. This could be the best Hospitality Room we have ever
rogues caused them to
                                                                     had. But more about that later.
be dismissed as members of the Sea Island Club, the K&P
has continued to grow and flourish while maintaining it’s re-          See you at The King and Prince in September!
laxed southern charm and luxury.
  Sun-splashed beaches and seaside pools adorn the
                               east side of the hotel.
                                                                           MISSION OUTREACH - HAITI
                               While the front of the                   As part of our “Moving Forward, Giving Back” theme for
                               Hotel connects the                    this year’s convention, I’ve been asked to do a presentation
                               guests with the Is-                   on a trip that took place earlier this year. I was privileged to
                               lands Wealth of shop-                 join a volunteer group,
                               ping and historic sites               known as God’s Pit
                               along with miles of                   Crew, for a week in
                               walking and biking                    Haiti. The mission was
                               trails.                               to build 8 houses for 15
                                                                     diferent families. Yours
  The resort’s array of guest accommodations delights every
                                                                     truly went along to help
taste and tempo:
                                                                     paint the interiors of the
  • The Oceanfront                                                   homes and to make daily reports to the newsroom at the radio
Building enjoys the                                                  station where I work. I have never seen such a level of abject
best views of the                                                    poverty. Yet, the people we met seemed to have a spirit of joy
ocean and resort pools                                               and strength despite their circumstances.
  • The Oleander                                                         In September we’ll show you scenes of incredible devasta-
Building features spa-                                               tion still evident from the earthquake a year and a half ago
cious rooms each with                                                ... and the tent cities that still house millions of men, women,
a balcony and ocean                                                  and children whose homes were destroyed by the earth-
view.                                                                quake. I’ll tell you why you NEVER drink the local water. And
   • The Historic Building presents guests rooms with a variety      I’ll introduce you to a West Virginia couple who has spent
of views in a casually elegant décor. Specialty accommoda-           the past 34 years ministering in this poorest of all countries -
tions include oceanfront suites, Tower rooms, and Cabana             building 43 churches, 18 schools and so much more, through
Rooms with oceanfront parlors and patios.                            their own organization − the International Missions Outreach.
  • Beach Villas for families offer full kitchens, spacious living   I hope you will join me for this presentation that’s guaranteed
areas, and patios or balconies with two or three bedrooms.           to tug at your heart strings. And truly speak to our theme of
 The King and Prince is a member of Historic Hotels of               “Moving Forward, Giving Back”.
America, The National Register of Historic Places and has              See you in September!
won many awards including:
  • Best of The South Award         2007, 2008, 2009
                                                                     	 	                  	 Kathy	Davis
                                                          The Breeze – Page 7
                                    NEWS & VIEWS
                                 FROM THE HOMEFRONT
  Warm greetings, (and I do mean WARM!), to all the SWA             “Put 100 Southerners in a room and half
members! Hard to believe that summer is past the half way          of them will discover they’re related - even if
mark here - the kids in our area return to school in three more    only by marriage.”
                                                                     “Southerners never refer to one person as
  Our month spent at our lake cabin in NH was relaxing and
enjoyable in spite of the cool and very wet weather - some
of which we could have used down South. Grandson Garrett            “Only true Southerners say ‘sweet tea’
loved every minute and was delighted to pull large bass after      and ‘sweet milk.’ Sweet tea means sugar
large bass out of the lake - all bigger than Dean’s catches, as    and lots of it. Sweet milk means you don’t
he was quick to inform everyone! Our month passed quickly          want buttermilk.”
and now we are attempting to return to “normal” - whatever
that may be!
                                                                     “A true Southerner knows you don’t shout
                                                                   obscenities at little old ladies who drive 30 mph
                                                                   on the freeway. You just say, ‘Bless her heart,’
  I am pleased to offer congratulations and                        and go on your way.”
best wishes to Collin and Debbie who
became Mr. and Mrs. Collin Peel on                                   “For those of you who are not from the South but
the 18th of June. We will be able to                               have lived here a long time. Y’all need a sign to
offer our best wishes in person at the                             hang on your front porch that reads, ‘I ain’t from
Convention in September!                                           the South, but I got here as fast as I could.’”
             ..................                                      Now while I go hang that sign on our front porch I send all
                                                                   good wishes for an enjoyable summer. I look forward to see-
  Next month’s “Homefront” article will contain some sugges-
                                                                   ing “y’all” in September!
tions/helpful hints regarding the upcoming convention - espe-
cially useful to those who will be attending for the first time.   	 	                  Kathy
Meanwhile, news is scarce as everyone is pursuing summer                                dkmatheson@att.net or
activities and/or travel.                                                               706-342-9915
  With the lack of news to report, allow me to share some
“facts” about Southerners that I enjoyed finding in a recently
published book of memories about the small Georgia town
of Bostwick in which we live:

 “Only a Southerner knows the difference
bet ween a hissy fit and a conniption fit, and
that you don’t ‘have’ them, you ‘pitch’ them.”
                                                                         Contingent Workforce Management Program
 “Only a Southerner knows how many fish,                                               and Services
collard greens, turnip greens, peas, beans, etc.                                 300 Wilson Road - Bldg. 800
make up ‘a mess!’”                                                                    Griffin, GA 30224
                                                                              770-412-0868 • Fax: 770-227-1139
  “Only a Southerner can show or point                                             www.impactoutsourcing.com
out to you the general direction of                                             Buster Franklin, VP-Strategic Sales
‘yonder.’”                                                                      BFranklin@impactoutsourcing.com

                                                        The Breeze – Page 8
              BOARD OF DIRECTORS
President            COLLIN PEEL
                     Camrett Logistics
                     P.O. Box 410
                     Wytheville, VA 24382
                     (276) 625-8103
1st Vice Pres.       ROBERT BALDRIDGE
                     Wilson Warehouse Co., Inc.
                     P.O. Box 748
                     Baton Rouge, LA 70821
                     (225) 382-5269
2nd Vice Pres.       GEORGE W. DAVIS III
                     Davis Storage and Warehouse, Inc.
                     541 Bridge Street
                     Danville, VA 24541
                     (434) 793-7721
Sec./Treasurer       BRUCE TRANTHAM
                     Tranco Logistics, LLC
                     P.O. Box 71725
                     Chattanooga, TN 37407-6725
                     (423) 822-1000

                                                                           June Birthdays
Past President &     FRANK ANDERSON
Pres. Council        RBW Logistics Corp.
Chairman             P.O. Box 10027
                     (706) 724-0106
                                                                 1st ................................. Tom Patterson
Executive Director   DEAN MATHESON
                     SWA                                         2nd ........................................ Cal Ozier

                     P.O. Box 898
                     Madison, GA 30650
                     (706) 431-6025
                                                                 2nd ...............................Tracey Parham
                                                                 14th ................................ Becky Grimes
                     STATE DIRECTORS                             14th ........................................ Tom Taul
Alabama              STAN JONES
                     Dothan Warehouse
                     P.O. Box 222
                     Dothan, AL 36302
                     (334) 793-6003
                                                                         June Anniversaries
                                                                                                                          what power you
Florida              TOM PATTERSON
                     Saddle Creek Corp.
                     3010 Saddle Creek Road
                     Lakeland ,FL 33801
                                                                 8th .......................Wesley & Pam Keller
                     (863) 668-4445
                     tom.patterson@saddlecreek.com               12 .................... Herb & Karen Harriss
Georgia              CHAD BARROW
                     CLG Inc.
                     P.O. Box 7707
                     Savannah, GA 31418
                     (912) 964-0707
                                                                 22nd .............. Dean & Kathy Matheson
                                                                 23rd.......................Bob & Margo Taylor
                                                                                                                          have to make us
Kentucky             BRIAN JOHNSON                               30th ................ Buddy & Carole Stalling

                                                                                                                          suffer and like it.
                     Advance Distribution Services, Inc.
                     2349 Millers Lane
                     Louisville, KY 40216
                     (502) 449-1720
                     ROBERT BALDRIDGE
                     Wilson Warehouse Co., Inc.                             July Birthdays
Mississippi          P.O. Box 748
                     Baton Rouge, LA 70821
                     (225) 382-5269                              2 ..................................... Larry Hicks
                                                                  nd                                                                — Russel
                                                                 12th ........................... Scott McWilliams
North Carolina       TOM MIRALIA
                     Distribution Technology
                     P.O. Box 7123
                     Charlotte, NC 28241
                     (704) 587-5587
                                                                 13rd.................................. Herb Harriss
South Carolina       VAN SWAFFORD                                20th ............................ Kathy Matheson
                     Swafford Transport and Warehouse Co.
                     1630 Old Highway 14 South
                     Greer, SC 29651
                                                                 26th ............................. Frank Anderson
                     (864) 848-3854
                     van@swaffordtransport.com                   27th .......................................Nell Duke
Tennessee            JOHN OZIER
                     UWT Logistics
                     823 East Holmes Road
                     Memphis, TN 38106

                                                                         July Anniversaries
                     (901) 948-3481
Virginia             DEVON ANDERS
                     InterChange Group, Inc.
                     1346 Plesants Drive, Suite 6
                     Harrisonburg, VA 22801
                                                                 2nd ....................... Marlene & John Lee
                     (540) 433-1900
                     devon.anders@interchangeco.com              29th .................. Diane & Fred Meredith
                 AT LARGE DIRECTORS
        ANDY BROWN                          JEFF LEWIS
Twin City Warehouses, Inc.         Kenco Logistics Services
  3302 Old Lexington Road                200 Riverside Drive
  Winston-Salem, NC 27107             Chatanooga, TN 37406
       (336) 499-7221                     (423) 643-3578
     abrown@tcwinc.com             jeff.lewis@kencogroup.com
          BILL CROW                       FRED MEREDITH
   Shaw Warehouse Co.             Meredith Whse. & Dist., Inc.
       P.O. Box 321305                   103 Carolina Court
   Birmingham, AL 35232                High Point, NC 27263
       (205) 251-7188                     (336) 861-5773
  bill@shawwarehouse.com          fred@meredithtransport.com
         BRIAN DUKE
Laney & Duke Terminal Whse. Co.
      1560 Jessie Street
    Jacksonville, FL 32206
       (904) 798-3500

                                                                               The Breeze – Page 9

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