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					 Belmont Public Schools

Belmont Community Education
               FALL 2004

  Most Classes Begin: week of Oct. 4, 2004

          Mr. Scott Stratford
           Dr. Peter Holland
        Ms. Martha E. Reagan

    Ms. Rose O’Rourke, Chairperson
         Mr. Vincent DeNovellis
           Ms. Janice Ellard
           Ms. Lynne Gaines
           Ms. Janice Henry
          Ms. Clara Nickolson
          Mr. Charles Smerlas
         Ms. Margaret Sullivan

General Information                               4
Courses by Day                                    6
Fall Lecture Series                               9
Day Program                                      11
SAT Review Courses                               12
Evening Program                                  13
Computer Courses                                 13
Language Courses                                 15
Arts, Crafts and Skills                          17
Fitness                                          19
Travel & Recreation                              21
Personal Awareness and Careers                   23
Finance and Investments                          26
Calendar                                         27
Location of Schools                              28
Map of BHS                                       29
Registration Forms

Course notification
No confirmation is sent. Please report to class for the
first meeting unless notified otherwise. A course with
low enrollment may be cancelled or postponed. You are
notified, and a refund is sent if a course is cancelled.
        HHHGeneral InformationHHH
                     CLASSES BEGIN WEEK OF 10/4/04
                       (or as stated in course description)

                     REGISTRATION SEQUENCE

                    MONDAY, Sept. 13, 2004 6:00 - 8:00 PM
1     WALK-IN
              The first evening of registration is reserved for Belmont residents only.
              Enrollment must be completed in person, at Belmont High School
              (Cafeteria), and some form of identification must be shown.

                   TUESDAY, Sept. 14, 2004 4:00 - 6:00 PM
2     WALK-IN
              Non-residents as well as residents may register in person at Belmont High
              School Cafeteria.

                      beginning WEDNESDAY, Sept. 15, 2004
              SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, residents and non-residents may register
              by mail

      Mail          Belmont Community Education
                         644 Pleasant Street
                        Belmont, MA 02478
                   daily from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm in the Community Education
                   Office, now located in the modular units in the rear of the
                   Belmont High School. For further information call

Registration continues until the class is filled.
                    NO CASH ACCEPTED
Tuition fee as listed by course must be paid at the time of registration. Checks, payable to
the Town of Belmont, are the only acceptable form of payment.


The School Committee, through the Superintendent, reserves the right to cancel any and
all courses that are undersubscribed. An option will be offered to registrants in

Materials used in the class will be furnished by the student unless otherwise specified.

All judgments of regulating, enrollments, continued enrollment, time, location and length
of classes, as well as the class size, are the prerogatives of the School Committee via the
Superintendent and such judgments are final when rendered.

If the public schools are closed due to inclement weather during the daytime, there will be
no Community Education classes. If weather conditions become severe late in the day,
cancellation will be announced over WBZ, Channel 4, WHDH, and Channel 7. Classes will
be rescheduled at a later date. If there is a delay in the opening of school, Community
Education classes will be held.

     Email address for Belmont Community Education-



NOTE: People may not use the website or email for registering for courses. Please see
registration information on page 4 for course registrations.

                 HHCOURSES BY DAYHH
Course                                Instructor       Day    Page
Aerobic Kick-Boxing                   Tokyo Joe        Mon     19
Cardio Stretch & Strengthen           Rice             Mon     20
Computer Disaster Recovery            Ozer             Mon     13
CPR                                   MacClary         Mon     11
French, Beginners                     Sharkey          Mon     16
Has Anyone Seen My Keys?              Dembrowski       Mon     24
How to Cope with Viruses              Ozer             Mon     14
Maximize your College Aid             CFA, Inc.        Mon     26
Powerpoint Basics                     Kupres           Mon     15
SAT Verbal Review                     Bloom            Mon     12
Tackling the College Essay            Widmer           Mon     12
Unlocking the Secrets of Youth        Dembrowski       Mon     25
Yoga, Hatha Beginning                 Randall          Mon     21
Yoga, Hatha Intermediate              Randall          Mon     21

Adobe Photoshop Elements              Cirker           Tues    13
Begin Losing Pounds                   Widmer           Tues    23
Body Basics Cardio Fitness            Rice             Tues    19
Body Toning                           O'Brien/Marino   Tues    19
Book Group Discussion                 Reagan           Tues    11
Caregiving to the Elderly             Hubenthal        Tues    23
Digital Camera Explorations           Cirker           Tues    17
Evening with the Chef                 Hepner           Tues     9
First Impressions                     Fleming          Tues    24
Italian for Beginners (cont.)         Carrara          Tues    16
Knitting, Basic                       Wedlock          Tues    18
Line Dancing I                        Shackelford      Tues    20
Line Dancing II                       Shackelford      Tues    20
Mandarin Chinese                      Chen             Tues    16
Maximizing the Digital Camera         Cirker           Tues    18
Mindful Meditation                    Randall          Tues    25
Pressed Flowers Art                   Allesandra       Tues    18
Secrets of Interesting Conversation   Fleming          Tues    25
Course                               Instructor       Day    Page
Basic Piano for Adults               Houk             Wed     17
Digital Video Editing                Preston          Wed     13
Everyday Use of Internet             TBA              Wed     14
Excel                                Delorio          Wed     14
Golf for Beginners                   Desrosiers       Wed     21
Intro to Computer                    Reagan           Wed     14
Knitting, Continued                  Wedlock          Wed     18
Mail Merge in MS Word                TBA              Wed     15
Spanish, Beginning                   Casgar           Wed     17
Tai Chi                              Breslin          Wed     20
Women and Art                        Austin           Wed     10

Ballroom Dancing                     Pelavin          Thur    19
Bead Crochet                         Hunedy           Thur     9
Body Basics Cardio Fitness           Rice             Thur    19
Body Toning                          O'Brien/Marino   Thur    19
Boxwood Wreath                       Allesandra       Thur     9
Dog Training Questions               Potcher          Thur    24
English for New Learners             Stoller          Thur    15
Italian for Beginners                Carrara          Thur    16
Planning a Home Remodeling Project   Goldman          Thur    10
SAT Math Review                      Loconto          Thur    12
Spanish Conversation                 Casgar           Thur    17
The Art of Asia                      Austin           Thur    10
Yoga, Hatha Beginning                Randall          Thur    21
Yoga, Hatha Intermediate             Randall          Thur    21

All Aboard                           Myerow           Sat     22
Boston's Best Secrets                Myerow           Sat     22
The Place to be: DUMBO               Myerow           Sat     22

                  Welcome to the

Belmont Community Education Program

          We hope you enjoy our
    selection of courses for fall, 2004,
    and we welcome your suggestions
        for future course offerings.

                                           -The Belmont
                                   Community Education
                                     Advisory Committee

 Please contact us using one of the following methods:

                               phone: 617-484-4110
        USPS: 644 Pleasant St., Belmont, MA 02478
                HHHFall         Lecture SeriesHHH
                             (Please NO CASH)

BEAD CROCHET                                                              B.H.S.
Iona Hunedy  Teachers' Cafe $40                             Thur. 6:30 - 9:30 pm
NEW                                                           2 wks. (10/21 & 11/4)
    Be stylish this fall by wearing fashionable bead bracelets! You will learn the
basic technique for creating beautiful bead crochet bracelets. Topics covered
about the craft include selection of materials, starting, crochet stitch, ending,
joining, recovering from mistakes, basic patterns and the best places to buy
supplies. Materials provided in class include tools and supplies to make two
bracelets. Students must bring a small table lamp that can be adjusted to shine
directly on their work, and an extension cord to both sessions. Max.: 6 students.
Materials fee: $25 paid to instructor at beginning of first session.

BOXWOOD WREATH-Home for the Holidays                                       B.H.S.
Angela Allessandra Rm 145   $50                                 Thur. 6:30 - 9 pm
NEW                                                                 1 wk. (12/2)
   Join this class to create a 19" boxwood wreath to decorate your home for the
winter holidays. You may choose to create a fashionable square wreath or a
traditional round one. You may add a bow as an accessory. You will enjoy the
simple beauty of your wreath. A $20 material fee is included in the price.

EVENING WITH THE CHEF- Cpt. Marden's Seafoods     C.M.S.
Tom Hepner      Cafe     $23               Tues. 7 - 9 pm
NEW                                                                   1 wk. (10/19)
    Chef Hepner will present an evening of innovative fish and seafood recipes.
He will demonstrate creative ways to prepare and present seafood, covering all
the savory courses of a well-designed menu. He will exhibit for the group's
tasting pleasure 3 or 4 recipes from his repertoire as well as offer other recipes to
try at home. Items to be prepared may include smoked salmon bisque, Siamese
shrimp rolls, halibut gateau with olive tepanade filling, citrus glazed scallop
salad with sun dried cranberries, romaine and ginger. The focus of this evening
is to have participants gain more knowledge about fish purchase and prepara-
tion, develop creative fish dishes, and learn about wines to accompany fish
selections. He wants participants to break from the routine of preparing plain
baked, broiled and fried fish. (A $5 food fee will be collected at the class.)
PLANNING A HOME REMODELING PROJECT                                        B.H.S.
Nicole Goldman Rm. 102 $25                                        Thur. 7 - 9 pm
NEW                                                                  1 wk. (10/21)
    Home remodeling and renovation can be a daunting task to the uninitiated
homeowner. This workshop should take the mystery out and put details into
your planning. The instructor will cover how to create a design, how to choose
a contractor, whether and when to choose an architect, budgetary issues, what
to expect during construction, liabilities and insurance issues, permitting, and
when the end is in sight. There are tips to the trade! This workshop will help
you be an informed consumer and enjoy the final results. This is a working
seminar so participants should bring their ideas to receive advice from the
instructor. Ms. Goldman is principal owner of GoldmanArts and a designer and
a writer about renovations.

THE ART OF ASIA                                         Museum of Fine Arts
Claire Austin               MFA            $25              Thur. 6 - 7:30 pm
NEW                                                                    1 wk. (10/7)
   The finest collection of Asian art, outside of Asia, is housed at the Museum of
Fine Arts in Boston. Spend an evening learning about these works of art and
how they were acquired by Bostonians. Gems of the collection include Chinese
ceramics, Buddha statues, Japanese woodblock prints, silk scrolls and screens.
We will visit the very special Japanese Temple and the elegant Chinese house, as
well as the Islamic and Indian galleries. Meet in the West Wing at the Informa-
tion Desk. Parking is available in the adjacent lot and garage. We will try to
arrange free admission and car-pooling from Belmont. (Include an e-mail
address as well as a phone number on registration form.)

WOMEN AND ART                                           Museum of Fine Arts
Claire Austin MFA                          $25              Wed. 6 - 7:30 pm
NEW                                                                1 wk. (10/13)
    Did you know that women played polo in 7th century China? Or that Marie
Antoinette's favorite artist was a woman? Art gives us great insights into
women's roles in society. Join us at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see
what women as artists achieved, and to see how each culture portrayed women
in its art. Enjoy an evening at the museum that focuses on women. Meet in the
West Wing at the Information Desk. Parking is available in the adjacent lot and
garage. We will try to arrange free admission and car-pooling from Belmont.
(Include an e-mail address as well as a phone number on registration form.)

                    HHHDay           ProgramHHH

Day classes begin the week of 10/4/04, and are open to resident and nonresident
adults. Belmont Senior Citizens (65 yrs of age) will receive a 15% discount for
Day Program Classes ONLY.


BOOK GROUP DISCUSSION                                                    B.H.S.
Martha Reagan  Library                     $29                Tues. 3 - 4:15 pm
                                                  4 wks. (10/5, 26; 11/16; 12/7)
  For the first session, participants should read The Metaphysical Club, by
Louis Menand.

CPR (Red Cross program)                                                C.M.S.
Joan MacClary     Comm. Rm.                   $18         Mon. 2:30 - 4:30 pm
                                                       4 wks. (10/4, 18, 25; 11/1)
   This course will present the new expanded guidelines that will give indi-
viduals the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care for breathing
emergencies, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and use an
automated external defibrillator (AED) for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.
TRATION. Certification will be valid for one calendar year. Enrollment
limited to ten participants. No course fee for Belmont residents. Recertifica-
tion Class to be held 10/4/04 and the cost for all recertifications is $8.

          HHHSAT            Review CoursesHHH

S.A.T. I REVIEW- MATH                                                B.H.S.
Suzanne Loconto   Rm. 101                $80              Thur. 6 - 8:30 pm
                                                          4 wks. (10/7-28)
    This course reviews essential topics needed to successfully complete
the SAT Math exam: algebra, geometry, quantitative comparisons and
word problems. The course provides basic test taking skills; including
methods of speed and accuracy. Bring calculators on first day for
Diagnostic Exam. Max.: 20. Fee includes the SAT review book.

S.A.T. I REVIEW- Verbal                                            B.H.S.
Martha Bloom      Rm. 101                $80             Mon. 5:30 - 8 pm
                                                           4 wks. (11/1-22)
    This course will emphasize timing and test-taking skills in preparation
for the SAT-Verbal examination. Students will be expected to take one test
(in class) each week and then review the subject matter related to the test.
Max.: 20. Fee includes the SAT review book.

TACKLING THE COLLEGE ESSAY                                           B.H.S.
Jeanne Widmer, Ed.D. Rm. 112 $70                              Mon. 7 - 9 pm
                                                           4 wks. (10/4 - 11/1)
    It's the job seniors loath and parents dread. How do you begin to
tackle those broad college application questions so that your essay will
stand out from all the other thousands? What should you say? What
events are most important to describe and how? In this workshop,
students will have the opportunity to take their actual application
questions and produce an excellent finished product. Students should
bring to the first class their college applications - questions and essays
they've already begun to write.

                HHHEvening ProgramHHH
          Most courses taught in B.H.S., 2nd floor, Computer Lab
                         Maximum per course: 15

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS                                                         B.H.S.
Chris Cirker          $70                                                Tues. 7 - 9 pm
                                                               4 wks. (11/9-30)
   Many people have acquired the computer program Adobe Photoshop Ele-
ments but do not know when or how to use it. Did you know that it is used for
editing digital images? This workshop introduces you to the program's
techniques as well as its terminology. You will practice with photo correction,
color adjustments, the use of layers, and saving formats so that you can begin
to use the powerful features on your own.

COMPUTER DISASTER RECOVERY                                                      B.H.S.
Richard Ozer           $30                                               Mon. 7 - 9 pm
NEW                                                               1 wk. (11/8)
    Your business depends on your computer and data. How can you protect
yourself from time and information loss due to virus attack or hardware/
software failure? This seminar discusses the issues and provides a price range
of solutions starting from free manual software up to turnkey, worry-free
implementations. Topics will include data backup, data recovery, fault
tolerance, RAID disk arrays, backup servers and third party solution
providers. Free backup software will be distributed.
Richard Ozer is CEO of Woodcliffe IT, Inc., a computer services consulting company. He has a
Masters in Computer Science and over 30 years of experience in the industry.

DIGITAL CAMERA EXPLORATIONS                                               (see page 17)

DIGITAL VIDEO EDITING, An Introduction             B.H.S.
Richard Preston  $60                  Wed. 6:30 - 8:30 pm
NEW                         DROP-IN LAB                  3 wks. (10/20, 27; 11/3)
   In this seminar, students will learn the fundamentals of (nonlinear) digital
video editing, including the use of MiniDV digital video cameras and the
language of today's digital editing. During class time, students will capture
video images, download them to a computer and create a finished video
product using Windows Movie Maker editing software (or equivalent). This is
an excellent introduction into the world of digital editing for the novice and
videographer alike. Join the class to see how easy it is to edit video. Max.: 6
EVERYDAY USE OF THE INTERNET                                                     B.H.S.
TBA                      $30                                              Wed. 7 - 9 pm
                                                                    1 wk. (12/1)
   Do you know how to find someone's address, get a map of directions to a
particular location, or order from an online catalog? The internet is a very
useful resource for finding everyday kinds of information as well as for reading
the daily newspaper. Finding resources on the web is fun and practical. We
will use several search engines to locate information.

EXCEL (Microsoft Office 2000)                                                  B.H.S.
Ben Delorio         Math Lab $60                                  Wed. 6:30 - 8:30 pm
                                                           3 wks. (10/20-11/3)
   Would you like to use your computer to keep track of personal budgets,
company records or finances of any sort? This course will introduce students to
Microsoft Excel 2000, a modern spreadsheet application, that can do all these
things and more. Topics covered range from creating worksheets to using
formulas to producing graphs. Any introductory or beginner book on Microsoft
Excel 2000 is a useful companion for the course.

HOW TO COPE WITH VIRUSES, SPYWARE                                                  B.H.S.
Richard Ozer            $30                                              Mon. 7 - 9 pm
NEW                                                               1 wk. (11/1)
   The Internet is becoming an increasingly hazardous place to work. Virus
protection is no longer enough; new threats with strange names appear weekly.
How can a business protect itself from these menaces? This seminar explains
the buzz words (virus, worm, Trojan horse, spyware, adware, firewalls) and the
steps that can be taken to keep your computers safe. Free protection software
will be distributed.
Richard Ozer is CEO of Woodcliffe IT, Inc., a computer services consulting company. He has a
Masters in Computer Science and over 30 years of experience in the industry.

INTRODUCTION to the COMPUTER                                                       B.H.S.
Martha Reagan            $80                                              Wed. 7 - 9 pm
                                                              5 wks. (10/6 -11/1)
   Have you felt helpless when trying to use your computer? In this course
become empowered by learning the terminology, understanding how to do
basic computer functions, and practicing with computer programs. Beginning
computer users will be introduced to word processing, graphics, and web
browsers as well as the basic functions of starting, saving, and opening files.

MAIL MERGE IN MICROSOFT WORD                                           B.H.S.
TBA                     $30                                     Wed. 7 - 9 pm
                                                                    1 wk. (11/17)
   Learn how easy it is to create form letters, mailing labels, envelopes, and e-
mail distributions with the mail merge tools of Microsoft Word. You will use the
mail merge wizard which guides you in developing one announcement, letter,
mailing label which then can be sent to many friends and organization
members by just pressing the print button. You will learn how to customize
features of mail merge and to send your form document to a selected group
(not an entire list). Participants should have a basic understanding of the use of
a computer and word processing.

MAXIMIZING THE USE OF YOUR                                               B.H.S.
 (see page 18)

POWERPOINT BASICS                                                      B.H.S.
Kristin Kupres                             $45                  Mon. 7 - 9 pm
                                                             2 wks. (10/18 -25)
   Powerpoint is an easy presentation program to learn. In this class students
will experiment with templates, graphics and animations to develop a
presentation. They also will learn about the handout and notes features. A
basic understanding of using word processing is necessary.

                  HHLANGUAGE COURSESHH

Natalie Stoller Rm. 104 $75      Thur. 7:30 - 9 pm
                                                              7 wks. (10/7 - 12/2)
    This is a course for students who have a basic knowledge of English and
want to improve their skills. Each week, the instructor will focus on a
grammar point. Then, through activities and games, students will have the
opportunity to practice the lesson and reinforce their skills of speaking and
reading. Students will be given handout activities to review at home. Students
also will learn about Belmont's local culture and resources.

FRENCH, BEGINNERS                                                       B.H.S.
Monique Sharkey Rm. 106                     $75               Mon. 7 - 8:30 pm
                                                           8 wks. (10/4 - 11/29)
    You always wanted to learn French but procrastinated! Now is your
chance to start from the very beginning. You’ll be learning the correct
pronunciation taught by a Parisian. This course will help you in your trip to
France. If you have some basic French, this course can be a review. Material
fee will be collected by the instructor.

ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS                                                     B.H.S.
Pauline Lombardo Carrara Rm. 104                   $80            Thur. 7 - 9 pm
                                                                7 wks. (10/7 - 12/2)
     Planning a trip to Italy? Learning Italian will allow you to take advantage
of the less expensive facilities outside the big tourist centers and will make for a
more meaningful trip. This course will concentrate on pronunciation,
vocabulary, and creative learning of the language essential for communication.
Handouts will be provided and a text will be recommended. Ms. Carrara has
taught Italian for many years and has worked extensively with the Centro
Attivita Scolastiche Italiane.

ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS (continuation)                                       B.H.S.
Pauline Lombardo Carrara Rm. 104 $80                               Tues. 7 - 9 pm
                                                              7 wks. (10/5 - 11/16)
    This course is for those who successfully completed the Italian for Beginners
course offered in previous sessions and for those who already have a very basic
knowledge of Italian. Vocabulary, structures, and culture will be interwoven to
promote creative interaction and meaningful communication in everyday life
situations and travel experiences. The past, imperfect, future and conditional
tenses will be introduced. At the first class, the instructor will collect a
materials fee or suggest the purchase of a textbook.

MANDARIN CHINESE                                                          B.H.S.
Li Chen        Rm. 102                      $75                Tues. 7 - 8:30 pm
NEW                                                           7 wks (10/5 - 11/16)
     This 7-week course is for English speakers who have no previous
knowledge of the Chinese language. The goal of this course is for the
participants to learn the meaning, pronunciation, and usage of a small set of the
Chinese common vocabulary such as short sentences of greetings, ordering
food, asking for directions. A typical class will have three segments:
pronunciation and usage, practice, and conversation. After this course, and
with the aid of the provided materials, participants can expect to understand
the meaning, pronunciation, and usage of the vocabulary worked on in class
and may be able to make a simple conversation. A $5 materials fee will be paid
to the instructor at the first class.

SPANISH, BEGINNING                                                       B.H.S.
Carmen Casgar   Rm. 208                    $80                    Wed. 7 - 9 pm
                                                         7 wks (10/6 - 11/17)
     This course will cover pronunciation and basic grammar, with stress on
vocabulary and expressions needed in a foreign country. This course is open
to all future travelers.

SPANISH CONVERSATION, Level 2                                           B.H.S.
Carmen Casgar  Rm. 208  $40                                 Thurs. 7 - 8:30 pm
NEW                                                   4 wks (10/21, 28; 11/4 &18)
     This 4-class session is for people who have had an introduction to Spanish
or for those who completed the beginners' class last year. To continue on with
Spanish acquisition, the focus of this course will be to practice conversation in
Spanish. Each week students will be given topics about which to talk. This
course requires that everyone speak in class. The atmosphere will be friendly
so that everyone will feel at ease in participating.

              HHARTS, CRAFTS and SKILLSHH

Sara Houk        Rm 143   $70      Wed. 7:14 - 8:45 pm
                                                             7 wks. (10/6 - 11/17)
    Review those basic keyboard skills left behind years ago, or start fresh with
a musical activity that is enjoyable and personally satisfying. This course will
cover keyboard fundamentals, rhythms, simple notation and reading skills,
simple melody and harmony activities, and ensemble playing utilizing the
Chenery Middle School Electronic Music Lab. It is recommended that you
have an instrument at home on which to practice (piano or five-octave
keyboard). A music book will be available for a nominal fee at the first session.
Max. 10.

DIGITAL CAMERA EXPLORATIONS                                              B.H.S.
Chris Cirker     Lib. Mezz. $25                               Tues. 7 - 8:30 pm
                                                                   1 wk. (10/5)
    This demonstration and hands-on workshop is an opportunity to learn
about the range of digital cameras available on the market today. This
instructor, a professional photographer, will show you how the many features
of digital cameras and their printing functions work. Bring your questions.

KNITTING, Basic                                                          B.H.S.
Mary Ann Wedlock Guidance                        $60             Tues. 7 - 9 pm
                                                              6 wks. (10/5 - 11/9)
    If you have always wanted to learn to knit, or need a good review of the
basics, this is the class for you! Come and learn or relearn how to cast on, knit,
purl, increase, decrease, bind off and read patterns. For the first class, please
bring a pair of #8, ten-inch knitting needles and a small amount of a light
colored knitting, worsted weight yarn. Soon you will be creating a special

KNITTING, Cont.                                                         B.H.S.
Mary Ann Wedlock Guidance                      $60         Wed. 6:30 - 8:30 pm
                                                            6 wks. (10/6 - 11/10)
    Improve your knitting skills. You will learn more about patterns, shaping,
and fitting the garment. The instructor also will focus instruction on gauge,
yarns, and stitch patterns. Some knowledge of knitting is required. Any
unfinished projects are welcome, and ideas for new projects will be suggested.

Chris Cirker 2nd fl. Comp. Lab $45  Tues. 7 - 8:30 pm
                                                             2 wks. (10/19 & 26)
     Now that you own a digital camera, do you know how to operate it
skillfully? This workshop will review the basic functions of digital cameras
and then introduce their advanced features. The instructor will discuss all the
possibilities of the camera's output, e.g., paper output, downloading to
programs, and creative imaging with the computer. Max.: 12 students.

PRESSED FLOWERS ART                                                      B.H.S.
Angela Allesandra Rm. 145                     $30                Tues. 7 - 9 pm
                                                                    1 wk. (10/26)
     Pressed leaves and petals are used for their colors and shapes to create
delicate art landscapes evocative of places visited in memories. Participants
will work with a variety of materials to complete several projects that can be
beautiful home decorations or gifts. Angela is a frequent lecturer on pressed
flowers, topiaries, and garlands. She has received awards for her designs. A
$10 materials fee is included in the workshop price. Please bring a pair of small
scissors and tweezers to class.


AEROBIC KICK-BOXING                                                       CMS
Instructor from Tokyo Joe Small Gym $75                    Mon. 6:30 - 7:30 pm
                                                           8 wks. (10/4 - 11/29)
    Enjoy a high energy aerobic activity and non-traditional martial arts class.
You will get a total workout that boosts your confidence, tones muscles and
builds endurance. Exercises are a combination of boxing, kickboxing,
footwork, stretching and Chinese breathing. Wear comfortable clothes, e.g.,
shorts, sweats, t-shirts. Bring water.

BALLROOM/SOCIAL DANCING                                                  B.H.S.
Anne Pelavin Cafe $50/ind. $90/couple                      Thur. 8:15 - 9:15 pm
                                                           6 wks. (10/7 - 11/18)
    Learn more about the wonderful world of ballroom and social dancing.
You will learn the basics for dancing the Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, and
more. It's a great way to have fun and become prepared for weddings and
social gatherings. Come alone or with a partner, but come. Please wear
comfortable clothes and hard-soled shoes.

BODY BASICS: CARDIO FITNESS                           Butler
   Similar to "BACK-IN-SHAPE"
Judy Rice          Gym     $75 Tues. & Thurs. 6:45 - 7:45 pm
                              8 wks. (TUES: 10/5 - 11/30 THURS: 10/7 - 12/9)
    This low-impact workout is ideal for those who are getting back into shape,
the mature exerciser, those unfamiliar with exercise, or anyone who wants a
great workout in a relaxed setting. The class includes cardiovascular
conditioning, muscle strengthening, and flexibility work. The emphasis is on
working at your own pace and having fun! Each class will include a short
informational segment on fitness and exercise. Please bring a mat. NO CLASS

BODY TONING, Beginning and Intermediate                  B.H.S.
Mary O'Brien Ath. Fitness Ctr.          Tues. & Thurs. 6 - 7 pm
  and Stacie Marino       $90(twice/wk.) or $50(once/wk.)
                                    7 wks. (Tues.: 10/5 - 11/16 Thurs.: 10/7 - 12/2)
     Learn a variety of exercises to tone and strengthen your body. The classes
will begin with a short warmup and then move to working with the equipment
in the high school fitness center. Each week, the instructor will focus on
different muscle groups to tone, tailoring the lessons to individual and group
needs. You will feel great at the end of the seven weeks. Participant must
choose a day at registration, if attending once a week.

CARDIO STRETCH & STRENGTHEN                                                Butler
   formerly "AEROBICS"
Judy Rice          Gym  $65                                       Mon. 7 - 8 pm
                                                             8 wks. (10/4 - 11/29)
     Easy to follow and lots of fun, this balanced workout is great for those with
a limited amount of time for fitness activities. The class begins with an
energetic, low-impact aerobic workout designed to strengthen the heart and
burn fat. It is followed by strength training exercises using hand weights, and
abdominal conditioning work. The class finishes up with yoga style
strengthening and stretching exercises for an effective and well-rounded
workout. Please bring a mat.

LINE DANCING, Session I                                                  B.H.S.
Carol Shackelford Cafeteria                $40                Tues. 7 - 8:15 pm
                                                                 4 wks. (10/5 - 26)
     Line dancing is a great low-impact exercise. No previous experience is
required - just an enjoyment of music and a desire to have fun. You will learn
set step patterns done to a variety of music - some to classic oldies and others
will be new dances. Dances learned will be reviewed each week. Wear leather-
soled shoes and comfortable clothes. For your safety, please, NO high heels or

LINE DANCING, Session II                                                 B.H.S.
Carol Shackelford Cafeteria                $40                Tues. 7 - 8:15 pm
                                                             4 wks. (11/2 - 23)
    See description under Line Dancing, Session I. Continue dancing after
Session I, or begin with this session.

TAI CHI, Beginning and Intermediate Chenery Middle School
Lisa Breslin, LCMT, M.A. Small Gym $75    Wed. 6 - 7:15 pm
                                                            8 wks. (10/6 - 11/24)
    Learn and practice the fundamental techniques of this ancient Chinese
martial art known for its stress-relieving effects on mind and body. The slow
movements of this form, in addition to Chi Gung breathing techniques, help
the practitioner relax, stretch, and strengthen. No impact. Please wear loose,
comfortable clothing and no shoes or inside-only shoes, and be prepared to
stand for several minutes. Different levels will be taught in the same room, at
the same time. The instructor is the Director of Stress Management Associates
in Boston.

YOGA- HATHA, Beginning                                             B.H.S.
Bonnie Randall Library                  $75 Mon. or Thurs. 6:00 - 7:15 pm
    Choose one meeting day, Mon. or Thurs.            8 wks. (Mon.: 10/4 - 11/29)
                                                              (Thurs: 10/7 - 12/9)
     This gentle yoga class quiets the mind and energizes and aligns the body
with a flowing series of postures that stretch and strengthen. Breathing and
stretching are combined to challenge and relax the body. Yoga is an ancient
practice that greatly reduces the stress of modern life. The instructor is Kripalu
certified and Iyengar trained. Please bring a mat. (Max.: 20)

YOGA- HATHA, Intermediate                            B.H.S.
Bonnie Randall Library    $75 Mon. or Thurs. 7:30 - 8:45 pm
    Choose one meeting day, Mon. or Thurs.         8 wks. (Mon.: 10/4 - 11/29)
                                                           (Thurs.: 10/7 - 12/9)
    The intermediate hatha class is more strenuous than the beginners' class.
This class adds a slightly more dynamic flow of postures to increase vitality.
Asanas are held longer. Please bring a mat. (Max.: 20)


GOLF FOR BEGINNERS                                                      Butler
Bruce Desrosiers Cafeteria                   $65           Wed. 6:30 - 8:30 pm
                                                              6 wks. (10/6 - 11/10)
    Whether you have never played golf, are just beginning, or are an
occasional player seeking to improve, this course can help you. Proper grip,
stance and swing methods will be discussed and practiced indoors at each
session for tee shots, iron play, sand traps, and chipping and putting. The rules
of golf, etiquette, terminology, and club fitting for individual participants will
be reviewed to enable you to feel knowledgeable and confident whether
playing or just watching a match. Bring several golf clubs (owned or
borrowed) to each session for hands-on swing practice. Class limited to 12

DALE MYEROW TOURS – Three Selections
   Please make checks for these tours payable to Dale Myerow Associates.
   Tours to NYC and North Conway depart from the Newton/Riverside "T", Grove St.,
   exit 22 off Rt. 128. Participants can cancel up to ten days before to receive a full refund.
   No refunds can be offered by DMA after this time period because of our commitment to
   our vendors.

   NEW              $109                       Sat. 6:15 am - 6:30 pm

    We will make our way to North Conway, traveling along the
Kangamangus to enjoy spectacular leaf colors. We will board the Conway
Scenic Railway and travel through the scenery of the Mt. Washington
Valley and surrounding White Mountains. The train will travel northwest,
crossing the East Branch, Saco, and Ellis Rivers en route to Bartlett where
the locomotive will "run around" for the return trip to North Conway. On
the return trip you will dine aboard. To complete the day, you will have the
opportunity to shop at one of the area's extensive outlet centers. $109 per
person includes foliage tour, valley train, lunch, deluxe motor coach
transportation and escort.

   THE PLACE TO BE: DUMBO                        (10/16)
   NEW               $119                                        Sat. 7:15 am - 10:15 pm

    First there was SoHo, then NoHo, and now DUMBO (Down Under the
Manhattan Bridge Overpass) as the place to be for the energetic artistic
community of New York City. It is located at the foot of the Brooklyn
Bridge. When we arrive in Brooklyn Heights, you will have time to have
lunch on your own at one of the many cafes on Montague Street. Then we
will have a walking tour of the elegant neighborhood which has a feel of
being in the 19th century with its more than 600 historic homes and
churches. You will have time to explore the 8th annual DUMBO Arts
Festival or take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. En route home, relax
with a box dinner and movie on the bus. $119 per person includes deluxe
motor coach transportation, tour, admission and professional guide.
   BOSTON'S BEST SECRETS                         (10/23)
   NEW          $35                                                   Sat. 9:45 am - 1 pm

   This walking tour of Beacon Hill streets will include a private tour of the
Federal-style Prescott House which overlooks Boston Common. In the
house tour, you will see its collection of antique furniture, Chinese
porcelain, English ceramics, and 18th - 20th century costume collection.

  This is a national historic landmark that you may have walked by and
  never really noticed. The walk will take you to Louisburg Square as well as
  the maze of red brick sidewalks. Our guide will highlight what makes the
  area so special such as iron grill work, the elite residences and their owners.
  Wear comfortable walking shoes. The tour meets rain or shine. Meet at the
  corner of Charles and Beacon St. to begin the tour.

                      and CAREERS

BEGIN LOSING THOSE EXTRA POUNDS                                                B.H.S.
Jeanne Widmer, Ed.D. Rm. 112 $25                                       Tues. 7 - 9 pm
                                                                   1 wk. (10/5)
   Have you tried more fad diets than you can remember and gained those
pounds all back again? Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable and self-
conscious? Do you feel discouraged because will power and resolutions don't
work? Then look into this safe and proven method of losing weight: self-
hypnosis. Students will determine goals and learn self-hypnosis techniques as
well as lots of tips for taking off those stubborn pounds.
Jeanne Widmer, Ed.D., Director of the Center for Living and Learning, is a certified
hypnotherapist who also works with individuals on life and career planning issues.

CAREGIVING TO THE ELDERLY                                                     B.H.S.
Wendy Hubenthal       Rm. 103                           $25           Tues. 7 - 9 pm
NEW                                                                   1 wk. (10/19)
    Helping the elderly maintain a meaningful life can be very demanding on
the family and especially the caregivers. Often families do not know how to
provide appropriate care. This workshop will provide an overview of
caregiving and the aging process as pertinent to caregiving. The instructor will
discuss planning elder care with elders, strategies if elders resist care, well-
being of elders, including meaningful activities, and help for the caregiver. Ms.
Hubenthal is an educational coordinator at Springwell, Inc., a homecare

COMMON PET DOG TRAINING                                                             B.H.S.
Caryl-Rose Pofcher Rm. 103 $22                                            Thur. 7 - 9 pm
                                                                    1 wk. (10/28)
     Do you love your dog but find some of its habits difficult to manage? For
example, you choose not to take your dog for a walk because it is too difficult
to handle. Many dog owners face similar issues. Among some of the most
common are pulling on the leash, jumping on people, digging, barking, messing
in the house, and begging at the table. This workshop will address these
common issues and offer approaches to fix them. Although individual situa-
tions will vary, the training techniques and management suggestions provided
will be broad enough to cover most situations. The instructor is owner/trainer
of My Dog, LLC, Positive Pet Training.

Hank Fleming        Rm. 108 $38     Tues. 7 - 9:30 pm
NEW                                                            2 wks. (11/16 & 23)
    In business and social situations alike, you never have a second chance to
make a good first impression. When you meet someone for the first time,
interview for a new job, deliver the first few lines of a speech, or gain a sales
presentation, the other person's eyes and ears are immediately set into a
decision-making mode upon which they establish a foundation of YOU. In this
two-session class, we will discuss and demonstrate many valuable techniques
you can start to use immediately to make sure that the first impressions you
make are not only lasting, but favorable. Make sure you take that first
successful step every time.

HAS ANYONE SEEN MY KEYS?                                                            B.H.S.
   Insight to Aging (Part 2 of 2)
Dr. Gerry Dembrowski, D.C. Rm. 102                          $22               Mon. 7 - 9 pm
NEW                                                                  1 wk. (11/1)
     Your body is designed for repair and not to die! Why do we age? This is a
continuation of the Oct. 18 workshop focusing on how to improve your central
nervous system's (brain and spinal cord) function. Dr. Dembrowski will
discuss the latest causes and terminology (Free Radical, DNA, Methylation,
Glycation, Insulin Resistance, etc.) of the Aging Theory, so you can slow down
and to some extent repair some of the damage caused by the hands of time.
Remember, "health is your most prized possession. Without it, life is worth
less." Dr. Dembrowski is a chiropractor and certified specialized kinesiologist.
Prerequisite: Unlocking the Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger (p. 25).

MINDFUL MEDITATION                                                     B.H.S.
Bonnie Randall                         Libr.         $40 Tues. 6:30 - 7:30 pm
NEW                                                         4 wks. (10/12 - 11/2)
    Although meditation often produces deep relaxation in the practitioner, it
was developed 2500 years ago as a means of cultivating greater awareness and
wisdom. Through practice and class discussion, students will learn the
techniques of vipassana, a sitting meditation. The key to mindfulness
meditation is the quality of awareness that one brings to each moment.

SECRETS FOR DEVELOPING                                                     B.H.S.
Hank Fleming    Rm. 108 $38                                   Tues. 7 - 9:30 pm
                                                                2 wks. (10/12 & 19)
    Better listening results in better conversation by learning the famous
Artichoke Method of Conversation. There are two intertwining objectives of this
class. The first is to give you basic, usable techniques for starting appropriate
"small talk" and moving it to meaningful and interesting "conversation." The
second is to demonstrate some simple, proven procedures to help you "listen"
more efficiently in casual conversation and to speeches, lectures, presentations,
sermons, etc. You will receive an "action plan" for future improvement to
prevent "conversation stagnation" and "listening block."

UNLOCKING THE SECRETS TO LOOKING                                           B.H.S.
   AND FEELING YOUNGER (Part 1 of 2)
Dr. Gerry Dembrowski, D.C. Rm. 102 $22                            Mon. 7 - 9 pm
NEW                                                                  1 wk. (10/25)
     What if you were told your body was 60% fat? Is that healthy? Your brain
is 60% fat. If it's not, you won't be healthy! This course, based on Specialized
Kinesiology philosophy, is a simplified, comprehensive explanation of brain
physiology and function and its significance in the process of feeling and
staying youthful. Nutritional choices also affect the brain and nervous system
functions, and contribute to either good health or potential degeneration of the
nervous system and disease. Learn ways to achieve a healthy state. An in-
depth discussion of "Good and Bad" sugars and dietary fats will be presented.
Dr. Dembrowski is a chiropractor and certified specialized kinesiologist. See
page 24 for part two, "Has Anyone Seen My Keys?".


     These courses are not a substitute for individual financial counseling or legal advice relative to
investment. Belmont Public Schools may not be held liable for any action or lack thereof by the
participants based on the content of the courses or any advice or comments by any instructor.

College Funding Adv., Inc. Rm. 108 $22/ind. Mon. 7 - 9 pm
                                   $32/couple 1 wk. (10/18)
     This one-night workshop is a must for all parents of college-bound high
school students, including freshmen and sophomores. We will demystify the
college financial aid process and teach you how to access the more than $90
billion in financial aid dollars, monies that are even available to high income
families and business owners. Strategies will be presented that will help you
protect your assets by maximizing your eligibility for aid, effectively lowering
your college costs. You will learn the optimum time to set the strategies in
place (hint, best before the junior year) and why if you wait until the financial
aid deadline to file your forms, you may miss out on the full amount of aid for
which you qualify. You will also learn how to protect the equity in your home
and enhance your retirement savings as you educate your child. Bring a
calculator and a basic knowledge of your income, taxes and assets. A free
analysis will be provided for those attending the class.

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