August 24, 2011

  1. ART CLUB: Sponsor: Mrs. Gibson (T203). Meets every Thursday 3-3:30 p.m.
     Art club meets every Thursday for half an hour and we work on art projects for
     the community, such as murals and posters. The last Thursday of the month is
     craft day when the learning resource students come and we do craft activities with

  2. BEST BUDDIES: Sponsors: Ms. Carter (B107) & Mr. Wilburn (H226). Best
     Buddies is an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with
     intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships with
     their non-disabled peers.

  3. BULLDOG DANCE TEAM: Sponsor: Mrs. Hill. The Bulldog Dance Team
     practices twice a week to prepare dance routines to be performed during half-
     times of girls and boys basketball games.

  4. CREATIVE WRITING CLUB: Sponsor: Ms. Piontek (K220) The purpose of
     this organization is to provide a literary community where students have the
     opportunity to experiment as writers, gain support from their peers, and exhibit
     their work.

  5. DECA: Sponsors: Mr. Bennett (D112) and Mr. McKeon (B211). DECA is the co-
     curricular club for students enrolled in Marketing Education courses. Students participate
     in social, civic, and competitive activities that are used to supplement the classroom
     instruction. DECA is an international organization with almost 300,000 worldwide

  6. DRAMA CLUB: Sponsor: Ms. Myers (C113). This club is for anyone who wants to
     act, direct, build sets, design costumes, or otherwise be involved in theater. Drama club
     members prepare and perform a Fall Play, Winter Play, and Spring Musical.

     Rector and Mrs. Creed. We meet Fridays in Top Dog Cafe from 7-7:25 a.m. This is a
     Christian organization whose mission is to present God’s word regarding salvation
     through Christ to others, to serve Christ regarding our relationships with others; believers
     and non-believers, and to equip students and student-athletes as messengers for Christ.
     Everyone is welcome!

  8   .FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America): Sponsor: Mrs.
      Oburn. FCCLA is organized through the Family and Consumer Science department with
      a focus on character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal
      communications, practical knowledge, and career & technical preparation. Students have
      the opportunity to compete on the state and national levels.

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August 24, 2011
  7. INTERACT CLUB: Sponsor: Mrs. Fitch (B207) Interact is a community service club
     for young people, sponsored by the Brownsburg Rotary Club. The club is focused on
     developing local and international service projects. Local service projects are designed to
     benefit the local community or school. International service projects are designed to
     expand members’ understanding of the world and promote goodwill. Interact Club
     members will make new friends, improve the community, develop leadership skills, and
     make a difference in the world.

  8. INTERNATIONAL CLUB: Sponsor: Ms. Mitchell The Brownsburg High School
     International Club provides students with opportunities to celebrate international cultures,
     to raise awareness and understanding of global interconnectedness, and to support causes
     in the global arena that are social and/or political in nature through the creation and
     execution of various events throughout the year.

  9. KEY CLUB: Sponsor: Mrs. Esteb. Meets every Tuesday morning at 7:10 a.m. in C200.
     BHS Key Club is a coeducational service organization for high school students. The
     motto is “Caring-Our Way of Life.” The objective of the Key Club is to develop
     initiative and leadership, to serve the school and community, to prepare for useful
     citizenship, to provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, render unselfish
     service, and build better communities. If you are looking for a way to make a positive
     contribution to your school and the community then Key Club is the organization for

  10. KNITTING CLUG: Sponsor: Mrs. Gibson. The Knitting Club meets regularly
      throughout the year. Students learn how to knit and work on projects that are donated to
      various groups as a means of community service.

  11. GERMAN CLUB: Sponsors: Ms. Steed (B217) or Mr. Gill (H207) Allows students to
      learn more about the German culture through a variety of activities, including
      Oktoberfest, German State Convention, a symphony concert, and dinner at a German
      restaurant. German Club is open to anyone studying German or who has studied

  12. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Sponsors: Mr. Gill (H207) & Mrs. Benak (K207).
      Students must complete an application and be a junior or senior to participate. They do
      service projects for the school and community. See student handbook for meeting times.

  13. PERFORMANCE AUTOMOTIVE CLUB—Sponsor: Mr. Semenick. The
      Performance Automotive Club (PAC) was created by students to promote the
      understanding and appreciation of performance automotive engines.

  14. PROJECT LEAD THE WAY CLUB: Sponsor: Marc Braun (D108) Project Lead The
      Way is the name of the pre-engineering courses taught at BHS in the Tech Ed
      department. Club members will meet weekly after school to discuss issues related to
      Technology Education and engineering.

  15. QUIZ BOWL: Mr. Rott (H221), Ms. Ward (H214), and Mrs. Guzik (EM C106).
      Jeopardy-style team competition focusing on all trivia from automobile repair to ancient
      history to math. Students will compete on teams to answer questions and there is a
      varsity and junior varsity team.

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August 24, 2011

  16. SPANISH CLUB: Sponsor: Meets every Thursday after school until 4:00, where
      students play games, cook, make crafts, and have fun with activities that go beyond the
      classroom. Anyone taking Spanish or who has taken it before is welcome to attend.

  17. SPELL BOWL: Sponsor: Ms. Hemelgarn (B219). This is a low pressure academic
      competition with a short season from August to October. There is a total of 3-4
      competitions over pre-selected words. It is academic and it is a lot of fun!

  18. STUDENT COUNCIL: Sponsors: Mr. Gill (H207) or Mr. Wilburn (H226). Meets
      every other Tuesday at 7:15 a.m. in H207. They help with some of the school dances as
      well as spirit week activities and community service projects. They are also a sounding
      board for students to communicate with the school on student needs.

  19. SUPER BOWL: Sponsor: Ms. Ward (H214). This is a second semester activity. Teams
      compete in different areas including English, Fine Arts, Social Studies, Math, and
      Science. Additional competition is available in the interdisciplinary round which
      incorporates all those areas. The questions are multiple choice and focus around a
      different topic each year. Topics have included 1940’s and 1950’s, the West, Roman
      Empire, Renaissance, etc.

  20. EXPLORER’S CLUB: Activities include Science Adventure Club Hiking (State
      Parks), travel (Grand Canyon, Whitewater rafting, etc.), new experiences (Japanese
      Steakhouse, etc.) and service projects.

  21. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Sponsor: Ms. Jeziorski (G108). The biggest project
      for the freshman class is building the homecoming parade float.

  22. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Sponsor:. Building the homecoming parade float
      is the biggest activity for the sophomore class.

  23. SENIOR CLASS: Sponsor: Mr. Schnepp. Building the homecoming parade float,
      planning the senior dinner, and getting ready for graduation are all important tasks for
      this group.

  24. HOMECOMING: All classes compete in the float building contest. Students are
      invited to help build floats after school during homecoming week at the bus barn.
      Contact your class sponsor.

  25. REVEILLE—NEWSPAPER: Sponsor: Mr. Axsiom (C115). (Co-curricular) Our job
      is to tell the story of BHS from students’ points of view. Students need to enroll in
      Journalism as a pre-requisite. If you would like to contribute to a publication or learn
      more about what the staffs do, see Mr. Axsiom.

  26. TEMPO—YEARBOOK: Sponsor: Ms. Unruh (B104). The purpose of the yearbook
      is to document the year of the students. We do this by focusing on academics,
      clubs, sports, student life and of course the mug shots. Yearbook is a fun and
      social group, but it requires dedication. A prerequisite of journalism exists.

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August 24, 2011
  27. CHOIR: Sponsors: Mrs. Stainbrook or Mrs. Prather (F115) (Co-curricular) If you were
      in choir at your old school or are interested in singing, see one of the instructors.

  28. LATIN CLUB: Ms. Hemelgarn (B219) and Mrs. Marshall (K215). Open to any Latin
      student. Activities include community service, academic competitions, and club parties
      throughout the year.

  29. EXTENDED PLAY: Sponsors: Mr. Pierce (C114), Mr. Starkweather, and Mrs.
      Persinger. Group provides lighting, sound, and video coverage of many of the activities
      that happen at BHS. Extended Play covers everything from sporting events to choral
      performances to the high school prom. In addition, Extended Play is developing original
      shows for broadcast on the BCSC TV channel which reaches over 50,000 homes in
      Brownsburg. We are looking for students who want to learn the behind-the-scenes
      activities as well as on-air sports casting and news casting talent.

  30. DIVERSITY CLUB: Mr. Axsiom (C115). Meets on Mondays from 3-3:30 in C115.
      Come discuss diversity issues in our school, learn about different cultures and help bring
      students together!

  31. KNOWLEDGE MASTER: Sponsor: Mr. Rott (H221). This is a trivia quiz
      taken as a group. We meet after school just twice a year; once in December and
      once in April. Scores are tallied, and we're compared to schools across the
      country and the world.

  32. ATHLETICS: Coaches can be contacted through the athletic office. Boys’
      sports include: football, track, swimming/diving, wrestling, basketball, tennis,
      soccer, baseball, cross country, golf. Girls’ sports include volleyball, cross
      country, tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, softball, swimming/diving, track, and
      cheerleading. Most teams are always looking for “support staff" such as team
      managers and statisticians to help with a variety of duties. That may interest
      some who want to be involved in athletics, but not on the field/court.

  33. BOWLING CLUB: Sponsor: Mr. Ward. Established in May, 2007. Students
      may participate as a club member and/or become a part of the Brownsburg
      Bowling Team.

  34. JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE (JCC): Advisor: Mr. Arnold (B114);
      Assistant Advisor: Ms. Sampen (G101). This organization is for any junior
      student that wants to help fundraise, design, and coordinate prom. This includes
      pep rally, Mr. Bulldog Pageant, student vs. teacher competitions, and the Winter
      Ball. The purpose is to assist the 4 class officers with BHS Prom.

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