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					                                   Andrew D. Jones, Jr.

Department of Mathematics                                         1441 Country Club Drive
Florida A&M University                                            Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Tallahassee, Florida 32307                              
(850) 412-7421                                                    (850) 942-MATH


May 1999      Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics, Brown University

May 1998      Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Brown University

May 1991      Master of Arts in Pure Mathematics, Duke University

May 1992      Completed Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Physics, Duke University

June 1987     Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Cleveland State University
              Minor in Chemistry and Philosophy, Cleveland State University

Professional Experience

8/00 – Present Associate Professor of Mathematics, Florida A&M University

8/05 – Present Adjunct Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering, FAMU-FSU

8/02-8/03     Chairman, Department of Mathematics, Florida A&M University

8/99-6/00     Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Morehouse College

8/97-5/99     Doctoral Candidate, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University
              Topic: Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of Materials Processing

9/95-8/97     Graduate Fellow, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University
              Concentration in Scientific Computing and Materials Engineering

8/93-8/95     Instructor of Mathematics, Morehouse College

8/92-5/93     Visiting Lecturer of Mathematics, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

8/88-5/92     Graduate Student of Mathematics, Duke University
              Concentration in Differential Equations with Graduate study in Physics

7/87-5/88     Microgravity Research, NASA-Glenn Materials Processing Laboratory
              Mathematical and Numerical modeling of experiments
Summer 08     Summer Faculty Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
              High Temperature Reaction Kinetics and Gas Transport

Summer 04     Summer Faculty Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
              Numerical simulation of broad area lasers

Summer 02     Visiting Scholar, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
              Research in Chemical Vapor Infiltration

Summer 01     Summer Faculty Fellow, NASA-Glenn Basic Materials Laboratory
Summer 00     Research in Composite Materials Engineering

Summer 99     Summer Faculty Fellow, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
              Testing and revision of programs for the
              Radiation Safety Information Computational Center

Summer 95     Instructor of Physics, Morehouse College Upward Bound Program

Summer 91     Director of the Computer Science Laboratory and Instructor of Mathematics,
              North Carolina Central University

Summer 90     Instructor of Mathematics, Duke Preview Program
Summer 89     A preparatory program for rising minority freshmen

Areas of Research Specialization
Composite Materials Processing including: Chemical Vapor Infiltration/ Deposition for thermal shielding,
nuclear radiation shielding, armor, and break-pads; Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding for large
scaled composite’s; Semi-Conductor Production Crystal Purification. Multi-scale Mathematical Modeling
and Mathematical Physics

Awards / Activities
2006-2007             Chairman of the Mathematics Curriculum Committee, FAMU
2006-2007             Principle Investigator, Composite Materials Contract, Air Res. Lab.
2003-2007             Member, University Honors Program Committee, FAMU
2001-2002             Principle Investigator, Defense Adv. Res. Projects Agency Research Grant
2000-2003             Principle Investigator, Department of Energy Research Grant
1999                  Delivered Graduation address to the class of 1999, Brown University
1999                  Elected Member, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society
1995-1998             Faculty Fellowship, UNCF / IBM / Mellon
1994-1995             Chairman of the Committee on Faculty Development, Morehouse College
1991                  Presentation, Opening Opportunities in the Sciences, Minority Student Today
1989-1990             Member of the President's Council on Black Affairs, Duke University
1988                  Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation
1985-1987             Dean's Honor Roll, Cleveland State University
1981-Present          Volunteer Tutor, Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry
1980                  Poetry Award, The School on Magnolia Drive
Professional Affiliations

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematicians
National Association of Mathematicians
Sigma Xi Scientific Honor Society
American Ceramics Society

Academic Service

Alliance Grant Writing Committee
Change of Grade Committee
Study of the Upper and Lower Division Course Offering in Mathematics Curriculum Committee
Engineering Mathematics Curriculum Committee
National Security Initiatives
Mathematics Faculty Search, Screen and Selection Committee
University Honors Advisor and Planning Committee

Journal Articles, (Peer Reviewed)

A. D. Jones, D. K. Rollins, “Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of the Chemical Vapor Infiltration
Process”, in preparation for submission to Carbon

D. K. Rollins, D. J. Rollins, A. The, R. Grier, A. D. Jones, “Kinetic Modeling of Pyrocarbon Reaction
Data from Elementary Reaction Networks”, In preparation for submission to Composite Science and

Pierre Ngnepieba, A. D. Jones, A. A. D. Jones, “Application of the Newton’s Method to the
Data Assimilation Problem”, Submitted to Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM
Interdisciplinary Journal, February 2008

A. Jones, “Estimates for the Void Fraction during the Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process”, WSEAS
Transactions on Mathematics, Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2007

D. K. Rollins, D. J. Rollins, A. D. Jones, “Spatial-Temporal Semi-empirical Dynamic Modeling of
Thermal Gradient CVI Process”, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Accepted, March 2007

A. Jones, “Analysis of the Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process, Computational Experiments”
Computers and Mathematics with Applications, Vol. 54, Issue 9, 2007

A. Jones, “Profile of an Unsuccessful Process and the Criteria for a Successful Process for the Chemical
Vapor Infiltration Process”, J. Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol. 30, Issue 3, 2006
Conference Papers

A. D. Jones, “Mathematical Model of the ICVI Process”, Carbon 2007 Conference

A. Jones, Pierre Ngnepieba “Inverse Problem for the Chemical Vapor Infiltration” Process, 12th WSEAS
International Conference on Applied Mathematics, 2007

A. Jones, “Upper and Lower Bounds for the Void Fraction for the Chemical Vapor Infiltration” Process,
5th WSEAS International Conference on System Science and Simulation in Engineering, 2006

Invited Talks

A. Jones, “Achieving Excellence in College,” University of Evansville, August 2007

A. Jones, “Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process”, Applied Mathematics Department, University
of Washington, July 2007

A. Jones, “Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process,” Department of Materials Engineering, Rice
University, February 2007

A. Jones, Panel, “Getting Into and Out of Graduate School Successfully”, North Carolina A&T
University, October 2006

A. Jones, “Benefits and Properties of Composite Materials,” Department of Mathematics,
Rochester Institute of Technology, October 2004

A. Jones, “Numerical techniques used to solve coupled systems of PDE’s that resulted from
transport process and continuity assuming general reaction kinetics”, Brown University, June

A. Jones, “Improvement of Aircraft Brake Processing”, The Boeing Corporation, March 2004

A. Jones, “Numerical Models of the Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process”, Department of
Chemical Engineering, University of Karlsruhe, June 2002

A. Jones, “Analysis of the Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process,” Department of Industrial
Engineering, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, March 2002

A. Jones, “Impact of the Process on Properties of Composite Materials”, Math Fest X, National
Association of Mathematicians, October 2000

A. Jones, “How to Excel in Undergraduate Science and Engineering Study,” Benedict College,

A. Jones, “Modeling of the Chemical Vapor Infiltration Process,” University of the Western
Cape, June 2000

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