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									                           19 YEARS OF

Oak Park Area Lesbian and Gay Association
                                                          Empower                                                                  November 2008

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    Message from the Co-Chairs
                                                          Madonna Rocks United Center

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    Recipe Corner

    HIV Testing - A Personal View

    Film Fest Events in Oak Park

                                                          by Mike Cochran                                  arena, which she used at least once an arc,
                                                                                                           and often with multiple numbers. It was
    YYAAC Convened

                                                              Even the warnings about the high             out here that she did a modern version
                                                          winds hitting Chicago on Sunday, October         of her hit “Human Nature” (including the
    November Coffeehouse                                  26, were no match for the high-octane            talked-about Britney video that ended with

                                                          energy that was supplied by Madonna at           “It’s Britney, bitch”), which she followed
    Out and Proud Book Tour                               the first of her two shows at the United         with yet another different version of

                                                          Center. Although she turned 50 in August,        “Vogue.” Part of what is so incredible about
    Book Club                                             and recently filed for divorce from her          Madonna’s show is that a song as huge as

                                                          husband Guy Ritchie, one would never             “Vogue” would simply be another number
    Potlucks                                              know that anything was amiss from her            in the show, while so many other artists

                                                          latest Chicago performance. The LGBT             would have to rely on that as a signature
    Support Our Gala Sponsors                             community turned out in droves for the           closing number.That is what happens with

                                                          show, and it is a safe bet to say that none of   so many No. 1 hits!
                                                          them left disappointed.
    Annual Meeting

                                                                                                               Madonna has always been about
                                                             For the uninitiated, a Madonna show is        dancing, and so she returned to her roots
    BUNGALO News

                                                          much more than just a concert—she mixes          in Old School (80’s New York) for her
                                                          her songs with amazing dancing, striking         next segment. She used the video screens
                                                          visual imagery, extensive use of the latest      so concertgoers could see a version of
                                                          video technology, and dazzling theatrical        “Die Another Day” and then kicked it

                                                          staging. Beginning with her “Drowned             up a notch or two. Taking the stage to a
                                                          World” tour in 2001, she has divided her         gigantic Keith Haring backdrop and twelve
                                                          shows into four separate arcs, usually           dancers, she performed “Into the Groove”
    A monthly newsletter from the Oak Park                with an overriding theme to each. For this       and “Heartbeat” to roars from the crowd.
    Area Lesbian and Gay Association.                     year’s “Sticky and Sweet” tour, she chose        To anyone who wonders how she stays in
    JoAnn Ziebarth. . . . . . . . Managing Editor         the themes of Pimp, Old School (80’s New         the shape she is in, he or she only has to
                                                          York), Gypsy, and Rave. Proving once again       attend a concert to find out. In addition to
    Carnegie Printers . . . . . . . . . . . Designer
                                                          why she is a one-word phenomenon, she            all of her constant dancing and prancing
         To submit news, e-mail empower@                  turned each of these arcs into a separate        around, she jumped rope (including some
     opalga.org by the 2nd Friday of each month.          mini-concert.                                    double Dutch!) as part of this section.After
    The Editors of Empower reserve the right to edit
                                                                                                           doing a punk rock version of “Borderline,”
     news submissions for content, length, and clarity.       To open the show, Madonna chose the          she then segued into “She’s Not Me” and
    Opinions expressed by contributing writers are
                                                          Pimp arc to let the crowd know that this         “Music.” Again, it is incredible that a song
    strictly those of the authors and not those of        was going to be a night where they were          as big as “Music” is just another number to
              OPALGA or its Board of Directors.           on their feet the entire time. She chose the     her.
                                                          title track from her latest CD “Candy Shop”
    Oak Park Area Lesbian and Gay Association
           947 Garfield, Oak Park, IL 60304
                                                          as the opening number and followed this              The sellout crowd had been roaring
     TEL: (708) 848-0273 • FAX: (708) 848-7544            with “The Beat Goes On,” another high-           all evening, but it only got louder as she
               www.opalga.org                             energy dance tune. Part of her stage set         moved into her Gypsy arc. Using a video
                                                          was a runway out into the middle of the                         please see Madonna on page 3
    Message from the Co-Chairs
    by Mike Cochran and Liz Stallone

                Elsewhere in this issue, you will have noticed an article discussing OPALGA’s upcoming Annual
                   Meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, November 18, at Oak Park’s Unity Temple.This meeting,
                    which is provided for in our bylaws, has as its purpose “to review and evaluate the past year’s
                     activities, to formulate ideas for the coming year, to announce the results of elections, and
                      to set organizational priorities and goals.” We want to extend an invitation to all members
                      to attend this meeting and find out what is going on at OPALGA. The event is free to our
                      members, and hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be provided. In addition, the Annual
                     Meeting gives you a great opportunity to see some friends and have a great time.This year, we
                    will have the added enjoyment of discussing the just-completed presidential election, which
                  promises some stimulating discussion. Give yourself a midweek break, call a friend, and make
               plans to join us on the 18th for a most enjoyable evening. We hope to see you there.

    One of the stated purposes of this meeting is to announce the results of our annual elections.As usual, there has
    been a committee working behind the scenes to make all of this possible. From drafting all of the documents
    to actually calling up prospective candidates and urging them to run, their job is often thankless, but it is one
    of the most important things we do all year. Please join us in giving a huge thank-you to this year’s Nominating
    Committee, which is composed of Susan Anderson, Kim Hefner, Jim Kelly, Dan Salotti, and Davida Williams.
    They have done an absolutely fantastic job, and we are all grateful for their time and effort.

    Last month in Empower, we published an outline form of the 2008–2010 Strategic Plan, which is currently
    being used by the Board of Directors as a guide for the future. As with any strategic plan, it is only a guideline,
    and then the Board makes its decisions as to specific action steps it wants to take in order to implement the
    plan.As you might have noticed, the plan is divided into four main thematic areas: Membership, Programming,
    Structure, and Finance. Each of these areas is a major concentration for the Board, and we are currently looking
    at different aspects of all four as we strive to keep OPALGA moving to the next level. For example,
    • In Membership, we want to make your membership one of value and relevance, and we are examining all
    aspects of how this can be improved;
    • Within the area of Programming, we constantly plan and evaluate different programs so that we can make
    certain they are diverse, well-attended, and innovative;
    • Our focus in Structure is that of making certain that our organization is both effective and efficient, and
    currently we are moving toward hiring our first Executive Director, which will have a dramatic impact on all
    areas of OPALGA; and,
    • Finally, the Finance area needs attention so that we take all steps necessary to assure the financial viability
    and growth of OPALGA.
    One of the first tasks of the newly elected Officers and Directors will be to schedule a Board Retreat so that
    we can take a close look at this plan together and map out our direction for the coming year. Our purpose in
    publishing the outline form of the plan was to give you, our members, a close look at the document so that
    you might understand what we are planning in the future. As always, we welcome your input and invite you
    to submit any questions, ideas, or other suggestions to our attention at The Center.

    With all of the problems going on around us, and particularly with the economy, it is often easy to lose sight of
    all that we do have. On behalf of the Board of Directors, please accept our best wishes for a happy and healthy
    Thanksgiving. May you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday.

2                                                                                           Empower • November 2008
                                                                                                HIV Testing - A
                      Recipe Corner
                                                                                                Personal View
       Several years ago, OPALGA talked             In the meantime, we plan to
                                                                                         by Susan Abbott
  about putting together a cookbook             publish a few of the recipes that we
  containing our members’ favorite              have already received in upcoming
                                                                                             The availability of HIV testing through OPALGA began in April
  recipes. Now, in anticipation of our          issues of Empower.
                                                                                         of this year. Since that time, we have tested 48 people. Of those,
  organization’s 20th anniversary, we
                                                                                         three have tested HIV+. Although providing HIV tests is new to
  have decided that the time is right                 Italian African                    OPALGA, it is not to me. Prior to my work at OPALGA, I was an
  for this tasty project!
                                                          Sausage                        HIV counselor at Children’s Memorial Medical Center, where I
       Talk to your family, your friends,                                                worked with women and children. Although working at OPALGA
                                                    Submitted by Jim Boushay
  and your neighbors to find those                     and Rickey Sain                   and providing much-needed HIV prevention education is a crucial
  recipes that you really enjoy and                                                      service in our community, I had forgotten how much I enjoy HIV
  want to share with other OPALGA                   2 lbs. hot Italian sausage
                                                    ½ c. light brown sugar,              counseling and testing.
  members. Please feel free to submit
                                                          loosely packed
  any of your favorite recipes, and be                                                       Through this program, we are being given the opportunity
                                                    4 tbsp. tarragon vinegar
  sure to give a credit for the originator          3 tbsp. honey                        to provide targeted risk reduction counseling and to work on
  of the recipe, if applicable.                     4 tbsp. Dijon mustard                a prevention plan that is individually tailored to each client we
       All recipes should be submitted              4 tbsp. soy sauce                    serve. When we give positive test results to a client, it is certainly
  to jeziebarth@comcast.net. Please                 splash of water                      a challenge, but we also know that we have given information that
  include the word “RECIPE” in your                 cayenne pepper to taste (optional)   may save lives. Hector Salgado and I have been able to connect
  subject line, and be sure to attach               Sauté sausage until lightly          with people in the community to bring them a service to which they
  your recipe to the e-mail as a                browned. Place in baking pan.            may otherwise not have access. HIV testing is free and anonymous,
  Microsoft Word document.                          Combine remaining ingredients        and results are received in 20 minutes.
       Thank you!                               in a bowl and pour over sausage.
                                                                                             According to a report from the Cook County Department of
                                                    Bake uncovered in a preheated
                                                                                         Public Health, from 2001–2005, 99 Men Who Have Sex with
                                                350-degree oven for one hour.
                                                                                         Men (MSM) were diagnosed HIV+ in West Suburban Cook
                                                                                         County, which includes the Oak Park area. Of these men, 30 were
                                                                                         Caucasian, 27 were Hispanic, 39 were African American, 1 was
                                                                                         Asian, 1 was Native American, and 1 was unknown.
Madonna from page 1
  segment to introduce it, she               instrumentation and let everyone                Knowledge is power in the fight against HIV.
urged people to vote and save                hear why Andrew Lloyd Webber
the planet. She of course had                wrote the song especially for her               OPALGA tests in the community, at bars, and at The OPALGA
McCain’s picture in with the                 for the film Evita.                         Center. If you have an event or group who would like testing, you
“bad guys,” while making sure                                                            can contact us to set up an appointment. If you would like an
her “good guys” section included                 Madonna wrapped up the                  individual test, we can schedule an appointment at The Center. We
our own Oprah and ended                      show with Rave, and while the               are also available to talk about whether or not you need a test. For
with Barack. Unfortunately, she              younger generation might have               more information, please call us at (708)386-3463.
didn’t treat the Chicago crowd               expected the noun, one has to
to one of her anti-Sarah Palin               use the verb to describe this
                                                                                         rapid succession of these huge hits was almost mind-
rants! This section began on the             arc. After a video opening of
                                                                                         boggling, but there was no time to reflect yet as she
runway with “Devil Wouldn’t                  “Get Stupid,” she delivered (with
                                                                                         closed her show with “Give It to Me.”As the giant video
Recognize You” and moved into                the help of Justin Timberlake
                                                                                         screens then proclaimed “GAME OVER,” the crowd left
an incredible “Spanish Lesson”               on video screens) a full-throttle
                                                                                         the arena to a prerecorded “Holiday” playing in the
that featured eight of her dancers           version of her recent megahit “4
as monks dressed in hooded                   Minutes.” Although there was no
black robes.After a moving “Miles            need, she exhorted “Chi-town”
                                                                                            Yes, another Madonna concert had come and gone,
Away” that left no doubt as to               to jump, and one would have
                                                                                         but the recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall
whom she wrote this song about,              thought that the United Center
                                                                                         of Fame proved again why she belongs there. One of
she performed a flamenco-type                might not survive the pounding
                                                                                         the hardest-working entertainers gave the crowd all
version of “La Isla Bonita” that             it was taking from 20,000 people
                                                                                         she had, and those two hours of memories would hold
also featured a sampling of “Lela            jumping up and down.After going
                                                                                         them over until her next tour.
Pala Tele.” To the utter delight             into “Like a Prayer” and “Ray of
of everyone, she then wrapped                Light,” she then did a few lines
up the arc with “You Must Love               of “Beautiful Stranger” before
Me,” where she toned down the                moving into “Hung Up.”Again, the

Empower • November 2008                                                                                                                                      3
       Chicago Lesbian & Gay Film Fest to Hold Two
                   Events in Oak Park
     Reeling 2008: The Chicago                               C’mon Get Happy Party                                        Steamy Friends &
Lesbian & Gay International                                  Saturday, November 8, 11:00 p.m.                             Lovers After-Party
Film Festival begins this month.                                 A whole lotta fun is what                                Friday, November 14, 11:00 p.m.
As the second-oldest LGBT film                               we’ll be bringing—all you have                                   Join us for a steamy after-party
festival in the world, Reeling                               to bring is yourself and your                                with the directors (and maybe some
continues to push boundaries                                 friends! Mark Payne, world-                                  surprise stars!) of Steam and Friends &
and keep its programming                                     renowned female impersonator                                 Lovers and indulge in tasty appetizers at
fresh by presenting work from                                and make-up artist, will be                                  the posh club, the Velvet Rope. Thirsty?
multiglobal perspectives and in                              performing at the Velvet Rope,                               No sweat! With two-drink tickets good
genres ranging from insightful                               a chic ultra lounge in Oak                                   for Blue Moon Beer and Three Olives
experimental to romantic comedy. Reeling 2008          Park. We will also be screening Payne’s colorful,      Vodka cocktails, plus live music, karaoke, and
will screen approximately 70 independent films         coming-of-age musical short, Get Happy. Enjoy          Rock Reeling music videos on the screen, you’re
over 11 days, from November 6–16, 2008.                the entertainment, watch music videos, and eat         sure to be in high spirits.
                                                       appetizers while drinking Blue Moon Beer and                For more information about the film festival
    This year, there will be two events in Oak Park.   Three Olives Vodka cocktails with your two-drink       and to buy tickets, visit www.reelingfilmfestival.
Both events will take place at the Velvet Rope, 728    tickets.                                               org. For more information about the Velvet Rope,
W. Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60301.                                                                              visit www.velvetropeoakpark.com.

YYAAC Convened!                                        November Coffeehouse

                                                       to Feature OUTspoken
    OPALGA’s youth committee has
now been reinvigorated. We have                           The November coffeehouse will
tried to match the name to the groups                  feature OUTspoken, OPALGA’s creative
we serve, so we are now known as                       group for young adults from the ages of
the Youth and Young Adult Advisory                     18–25. The group focuses on individual                 If you are interested in becoming an
Committee (YYAAC). The committee                       creativity, using creative writing, poetry,              OPALGA volunteer or in learning
includes some OPALGA old-timers,                       acting, original art, and other forms                     more about OPALGA activities or
some current active members, and                       of expression, all in an accepting                    volunteer opportunities, please contact:
some youth representatives. Our task is                environment that encourages group
to provide ideas, suggestions, and help                members to express themselves, grow,                           The OPALGA Center
in planning very important programs                    and have fun.                                                    947 Garfield St.
for youth and young adults. We are                                                                                    Oak Park, IL 60304
excited about current plans to sustain                    The coffeehouse will be held on                                708.848.0273
the program, add HIV counseling and                    Friday, November 21, at 7:00 p.m. at the                        info@opalga.org
testing at different venues, and develop               Barrie Center, 1011 S. Lombard Ave., Oak                        www.opalga.org
various education approaches.                          Park, IL 60304. Join us for the always-
                                                       popular OUTspoken and watch these                        We would love to hear from you!
   If you are interested in participating,             creative minds at work! As always, the
drop an e-mail to Nathan Linsk                         coffeehouse is free of charge and open
(nathanlinsk@yahoo.com) or to Jim                      to the public thanks to the support of
Aull (jim@chicagoyouthcenters.org).                    the Oak Park Area Arts Council.

                                                                                                           Operating since 1955
                                                                                                       Ph: 708.562.5200
                                                                                                      Fax: 708.562.5208

                                                                                           1,2 & full-color printing - Cannon color copies
                                                                                               High speed copying - Graphic Design
                                                                                                        Direct mailing services

4                                                                                                                       Empower • November 2008
Out and Proud Book
Tour Stops by Oak Park
   by JoAnn Ziebarth                             support their LGBT friends and colleagues
                                                 in everyday, easy ways.
   On Saturday, October 11, we had a
very enjoyable National Coming Out Day               Tracy, editor of the book, spoke about
at Borders in Oak Park. The reason for           its genesis and the unbelievable speed
the gathering was to celebrate the recent        (about six weeks) with which it was put
publication of the first full-length history     together. If you look at this book, as I have
of the LGBT community in Chicago, Out            been doing, you will be amazed at the
and Proud in Chicago: An Overview of             wealth of information that Tracy and her
the City’s Gay Community. Published              team of contributors were able to produce
as a companion piece to the WTTW                 in such a short amount of time. Tracy also
public television documentary aired              reminded us that 10 years have passed
earlier this year, and to the Web site www.      since the brutal torture and subsequent
ChicagoGayHistory.org, Out and Proud in          death of Matthew Shepard.
Chicago spans our LGBT history from the
prairie settlement to the present.                   Marie talked about what National
                                                 Coming Out Day means to her, and Mel,
   Participating in the panel discussion         who had a very different kind of coming
were:                                            out story, talked about the early days of                     Advertising Info
   • Tracy Baim, publisher and executive         activism in Oak Park,“Not,” he said,“to build
editor of the Windy City Media Group             a separate community, but to empower the                            Business card size ad
   • Marie Kuda, prominent local LGBT            community.” Finally, Ron read his piece on                     3 months $75, 6 months $140,
historian and writer                             the 1911 Chicago Vice Commission, whose                               12 months $250
   • Mel Wilson, a cofounder of OPALGA           job was to eradicate “sex perversion” and                         1 month flyer insert $100
and longtime Oak Park activist and writer        “sodomy, or other crimes against nature.”
   • Ron Dorfman, a founder of the                                                                                Call 708.848.0273
pioneering Chicago Journalism Review                It was truly an interesting and
and veteran writer and editor                    informative discussion, and our thanks
                                                 to Tracy, Marie, Mel, Ron, and John for
   Also in the audience was John Cepek,          “bringing the show on the road.” Signed
National President of PFLAG. John spoke          copies of the book are available at Borders,                        19 YEARS OF
about the PFLAG National project Straight        and Marie has donated a copy to The                             COMMUNITY

for Equality, which is an initiative to help     OPALGA Center library.
the straight community find ways to

       Mel Wilson & Tracy Baim          Ron Dorfman & Mel Wilson          Tracy Baim & John Cepek

                                                                                                            In the Village, Realtors                     R

                                                                                                            189 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, IL
                                                                                                            (708) 386-1400

                                                                          Donna Karpavicius             Joe Langley                    Gary Mancuso
                                                                               www.Donnakhomes.com   www.YourRealtorInTheVillage.com    www.GaryForHomes.com
                                                                                 (708) 227-8799            (708) 243-0330                 (708) 819-3005

                                                                              Proudly Serving Our Community

Empower • November 2008                                                                                                                                        5
       Book Club Announces New Selections
           by Andrea Kemp
    At the October meeting of the OPALGA book club, the group decided on their selections for the next several months.
    Note that the book club will not meet in December because of the holidays.
    We encourage anyone who loves to read to join us for the upcoming meetings of the book club. The discussions are informal and enjoyable, and we
    always have a lot of laughs. So, if you want to find out what you’ve been missing, check out the OPALGA book club!
    Following are our upcoming selections:

          November 16         The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie
                              A young Indian on a reservation wants to become a comic author.
          December 21         No meeting because of the holidays.
      January 18, 2009        J.D. Salinger Duo!
                              The Catcher in the Rye (1951)
                              The influential and widely acclaimed story details the two days in the life of 16-year-old Holden Caulfield after he has been
                              expelled from prep school. Confused and disillusioned, he searches for truth and rails against the “phoniness” of the
                              adult world.
                              Franny and Zooey (1961)
                              Franny is an intellectually precocious late adolescent who tries to attain spiritual purification by obsessively reiterating the
                              “Jesus prayer” as an antidote to the perceived superficiality and corruptness of life. Her older brother, Zooey, attempts to heal
                              Franny by pointing out that her constant repetition of the “Jesus prayer” is as self-involved and egotistical as the egotism
                              against which she rails.
    February 15, 2009         The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian
                              A young social worker and survivor of a near-rape stumbles across photographs taken by a formerly homeless client and tries
                              to understand how a man who had taken snapshots of celebrities might have wound up on the streets.
The book club meets every third Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at The OPALGA Center, unless otherwise specified. All books are available through www.
amazon.com. In addition, copies can be requested from the Oak Park Public Library (834 Lake St., Oak Park) or ordered from The Book Table (1045 Lake
St., Oak Park). Remember, OPALGA receives a charitable donation from The Book Table for each book purchased there (regardless of whether it is a book
club selection). Please let them know that you are purchasing your book as a member of OPALGA.

6                                                                                                                      Empower • November 2008
                                              Join Us for Our
                                              Year-End Potlucks
                                              The OPALGA monthly potlucks are held on the second Friday of
                                              each month at 7:00 p.m. in a member’s home. The potlucks are our
                                              longest-running tradition and provide a great opportunity to connect
                                              with others in the LGBT community. Please bring a dish to share, and
                                              note that hosts are asked to provide soft drinks only. If you want to
                                              enjoy a glass of wine or stein of beer, please bring your own. Note that
                                              since alcoholic beverages may be available, anyone age 20 or younger
                                              must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

                                              In addition, potluck attendees are asked to bring soft drinks, snacks,
                                              Dominick’s gift cards, paper products, or hand soap to donate to our
                                              youth group programming. You will receive a gift-in-kind credit for
                                              your donation.

                                              Hosts for the remainder of 2008 are:
                                              November 14                          December 12
            Dr. John Brancel                  Denise Reed and Ruth Teplitz         Jerry Eherenberger
              708.524.9720                    1638 N. Normandy                     5749 W. Race
                                              Chicago, IL 60707-3922               Chicago, IL 60644
         1013 Madison, Oak Park, IL
                                              773-804-1328                         773-287-3213
                                              mmonroe2@prodigy.net                 xmashouse@earthlink.net
         Providing Loving Care
      For Your Pets For 20+ Years
                                               2009 Potluck
                                               Hosts Needed
                                                 by Jim Kelly

                                                 Have you always dreamed of hosting an OPALGA
                                              potluck, presiding over an evening’s get-together of
                                              scintillating women and men engaged in highbrow
                                              conversation and delicious gossip? (Okay, so maybe
                                              “highbrow” is an exaggeration and “scintillating” is a
                                              stretch, but the potlucks are really fun!) NOW’S YOUR

                                                 The monthly potluck is OPALGA’s longest-running and
                                              most successful social activity. Held on the second Friday
                                              of each month, the potlucks are a great opportunity to
   OPALGA Board Members                       share a meal with friends and to meet new people who
   Co-Chairs              Members-at-Large    are interested in the organization. Many of our members
     Mike Cochran           Bruce Broerman    were first introduced to OPALGA through attending a
     Liz Stallone           Kim Hefner        potluck.
                            J. Lee Latham
   Treasurer                Rick McVey           Planning is well under way for 2009, and we are still
     Anita Csuk             Lisa Pearson      looking for volunteers to host potlucks. If your abode
                            David Rappoport   can accommodate upwards of 50 people and you would
   Secretary                Davida Williams   like to join the legendary ranks of potluck hosts, please
     Sherrie Wolfe          JoAnn Ziebarth
                                              contact Jim Kelly and Bruce Broerman at jamesbkelly@
                                              comcast.net or at (708)524-2542.
Empower • November 2008                                                                                             7
Support Our 2008                                                                                                       OPALGA Annual
                                                                                                                       Meeting Set for
Gala    Sponsors                                                                                                        November 18
RAINBOW LEVEL                                                       INDIGO LEVEL
Dominick’s - The Fresh Food Store                                   Judy Beeson                                        Do you feel like getting together with some friends and talking
Grocery Chain                                                       204 Maplebrook Ct., Schaumburg, IL 60194       over the election results? Looking for some low-cost (that is, free)
Area Locations:                                                     Telephone: (208) 841-2347
259 Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60302
                                                                                                                   food and refreshments instead of cooking dinner? Want to explore
7501 W. North Ave., River Forest, IL 60305                          Community Bank of Oak Park                     a great piece of Oak Park architecture? Well, OPALGA can allow
3141 N. Thatcher, River Grove, IL 60171                             and River Forest
3240 W Roosevelt, Chicago, IL 60612
                                                                                                                   you to become the ultimate multitasker and do all of these things
                                                                    1001 Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60301
7000 W. Forest Preserve Dr., Norridge, IL 60706                     Telephone: (708) 660-1000                      at once. Join us on Tuesday, November 18, at Unity Temple (875
3300 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60618
Web site: www.dominicks.com
                                                                    Web site: www.cboprf.com                       Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60301) for our Annual Meeting.
RED LEVEL                                                           Jim Beckwith                                        Starting at 7:00 p.m., this free meeting is always a great way
Time Out Chicago                                                    1120 Chicago Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302          to keep up with what is going on in our organization. In addition
Magazine: Authoritative view and reviews of                         Telephone: (708) 848-0686
everything that’s great in Chicago                                  Web site: www.fastframe.com                    to telling you some of the things that we have been up to, we will
247 S. State St., 17th floor, Chicago, IL 60604                                                                    share some plans for the future. And, our election results will be
Telephone: (312) 924-9555                                           Fitness Thru Health
Fax: (312) 924-9560                                                 Mary Kay Lopardo
                                                                                                                   announced, so you will see the individuals who will be working on
Subscriber info: 1-877-843-8862                                     Oak Park, IL                                   your behalf in the coming twelve months.
                                                                    Telephone: (708) 445-6075
ORANGE LEVEL                                                        Cell phone: (708) 261-5858
                                                                    Fax: (708) 445-6076                                Mark your calendars now and plan to join us on November 18
Dr. John Brancel -                                                  E-mail: FitThruHealth@comcast.net
Prairie State Animal Hospital                                       Web site: www.Nikken.com
                                                                                                                   for a great evening of food, drink, and conversation. Did we tell
Animal Hospital                                                                                                    you that it’s free? Just call Jan at The OPALGA Center at (708)848-
1013 Madison St., Oak Park, IL 60304
Telephone: (708) 524-9720                                           Kelly Fondow                                   0273 to RSVP as soon as possible so that we know how many
                                                                    Nickel Real Estate Group                       people will be there. We hope to see you on the 18th.
                                                                    Telephone: (708) 848-5550
YELLOW LEVEL                                                        Telephone direct: (708) 445-6223
Carnegie Printers, Inc. -                                           Cell phone: (708) 902-1019
Liz Stallone and Nancy Sexton                                       E-mail: kfondow@gmail.com
P.O. Box 7136, Westchester, IL 60154                                Carol S. Goldbaum, PhD, LCSW
                                                                                                                                 News from
Telephone: (708) 562-5200                                           Program and Clinical Consultation
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Insurance: Auto, Home, Life, Business, Health,
Annuities, Mutual Funds
101 W. Madison St., Suite 101, Oak Park, IL 60302-4210              Jim Kelly and Bruce Broerman                       To our BUNGALO friends and members,
Telephone: (708) 848-8025                                           1043 S. Harvey Ave., Oak Park, IL 60304
E-mail: cochram1@nationwide.com                                     Telephone: (708) 524-2542
                                                                                                                       The BUNGALO Board of Directors had a busy spring and
RE/MAX In The Village, Realtors®                                    McAdam Landscaping, Inc.                       summer. May saw the inclusion of sexual orientation in Berwyn’s
Real Estate Services                                                2001 Des Plaines Ave., Forest Park, IL 60130
189 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302                            Telephone: (708) 771-2299                      human rights ordinance. We hosted two Out After Work gatherings:
Donna Karpavicius (708) 227-8799, e-mail: karp21@netzero.net, Web   Fax: (708) 771-4553                            drinks at Olive or Twist and an ice cream social at Over the
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site: www.garyforhomes.com                                          158 Forest Ave., Oak Park, IL 60301
                                                                                                                       We screened the Academy-Award-winning film Freeheld at the
                                                                    Telephone: (708) 848-1500                      16th Street Theater as part of the Pride Week celebrations. The
GREEN LEVEL                                                         Web site: www.visitoakpark.com                 celebration for BUNGALO’s anniversary and Berwyn’s centennial
J. Lee Latham -                                                                                                    held at Salerno’s was a big success.
Edward Jones Investments                                            Oak Park Dental Studio
316 Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60302                                    Joseph Lepkowski, DDS
Telephone: (708) 524-6009                                           6630 W. Roosevelt Rd., Oak Park, IL 60304
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                                                                                                                       The BUNGALO Board helped to staff a booth at North Halsted
                                                                    Web site: www.oakparkdentist.com               Market Days with the Berwyn Development Corporation (BDC).
BLUE LEVEL                                                                                                         There, we met many festivalgoers from Berwyn, Oak Park, and
Salon 212 and Day Spa                                               Donna and Ron Serpico
                                                                    Nickel Real Estate Group                       Forest Park who were very impressed by the BUNGALO-BDC
Salon and Spa Services
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Sophie Kaluziak                                                                                                    make sure that our e-mail lists are accurate. Look for the redesign
Financial Planning                                                  Unity Temple
101 N. Marion St., Suite 306, Oak Park, IL 60301                    Unitarian Universalist Congregation            of our Web site and logo coming soon. Membership renewal letters
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                                                                    Web site: www.unitytemple.org
8                                                                                                                                           Empower • November 2008
Dr. Cheryl Haugh, President

            831 S. Oak Park Ave Oak Park
              nutritional counseling-rehabilitation
                craniosacral therapy-laboratory
              psychotherapy-pastoral counseling

                                                         OPALGA Center Seeks
                                                       Bookshelves, File Cabinets
                                                          The OPALGA Center Library Rejuvenation Project
                                                      has been a phenomenal success so far! To date, over 100
                                                      books have been donated by OPALGA members and
                                                      friends to The OPALGA Center library - thank you all for
                                                      your generosity!

                                                          The Center is now in need of additional bookshelves
                                                      to store these books. We hope to organize all of these
                                                      books in order to create a usable, all-member-lending
                                                      library. If anyone has any bookshelves that they would
                                                      like to donate, please call Susan at (708)386-3463 to
                                                      make arrangements.

                                                          We are also looking for file cabinets to store all of
                                                      our important organizational records.Again, if any of you
                                                      have file cabinets that you would like to donate, please
                                                      call Susan at (708)386-3463.

                                                         Thanks again to all of you who have supported this
                                                      project with such enthusiasm, and we encourage you to
                                                      keep up the book donations!
                                                    November 2008
      SUNDAY                      MONDAY                         TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY                                FRIDAY             SATURDAY

                         2                                 3                    4                  5              6                       7                      8
                                         OPALGA                       OPALGA ALAS         OPALGA RED   OPALGA Prism



                                  Spectrum Youth

                         9                               10                    11                 12             13                     14                     15
                                         OPALGA                       OPALGA ALAS         OPALGA RED   OPALGA Prism               OPALGA


                                  Spectrum Youth                                                                                   Potluck

                      16                     17                                18                 19              20                     21                    22
               Book Club                OPALGA                        OPALGA ALAS


                                                                                          OPALGA RED   OPALGA Prism               OPALGA



                                 Spectrum Youth                                                                               Coffeehouse

                                                                     Annual Meeting
                  23                         24                                25                 26              27                     28                    29
       Women Like Me                    OPALGA                        OPALGA ALAS
     

                                                                                          OPALGA RED   OPALGA Prism


                                 Spectrum Youth
      PFLAG Oak Park


Events for November 2008
 14 OPALGA potluck hosted by Denise Reed and Ruth Teplitz, 1638 N. Normandy, Chicago, IL 60707-3922, (773)804-1328 7:00 p.m. Potluck attendees,
          besides your dish to share, please bring soft drinks, snacks including chips, crackers, or cookies, Dominick’s gift cards, paper towels, toilet paper, or hand
          soap to donate to our youth group programming. You will receive a gift-in-kind credit for your donation, and these donations greatly help to offset the cost
          of running these programs! If you have allergies, please call the host to inquire about the presence of pets. There is no minimum age for potluck attendees,
          but because alcohol may be served, individuals of age 20 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please call the host if you plan to attend
          with children of age 10 or under.
 16 OPALGA Book Club, 2:00 p.m. Open discussion of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexien. The OPALGA Center.
 18 OPALGA Annual Meeting, 7:00 p.m. The OPALGA Center. Unity Temple, 875 Lake St., Oak Park, IL 60301. OPALGA Board Meeting will follow the Annual
          Meeting at Unity Temple.
 21 OPALGA Coffeehouse, 7:00 p.m. The Barrie Center, 1011 S. Lombard Ave., Oak Park, IL 60304. OUTspoken will appear.
 23 Women Like Me, 2:00 p.m. The OPALGA Center.
 23 PFLAG Oak Park, 3:00 p.m. First United Church, 848 Lake St., Oak Park.
 24 OPALGA Social Committee Meeting, 7:00 p.m. The OPALGA Center.

                                   To Sign Up For Empower
                             947 Garfield • Oak Park, IL 60304 • (708) 848-0273

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