Dan Maffei Announcement by CelesteKatz


									Since January a shock wave of Tea Party driven partisanship and inflexibility has rolled across
Congress. When I lost my election last November by 648 votes, I hoped that such a close
result would convince our new Congresswoman to put aside her radical ideology, and set about
finding ways to bring people together and create new opportunities for Central New Yorkers.
Instead, she has marched in lockstep with her Tea Party friends, and voted time and again with
the special interests who spent so many hundreds of thousands of dollars on the attack ads that
helped her win.

Rep. Buerkle’s actions, now that she is in power, have clearly shown her dangerous priorities.
She has already voted to end Medicare as we know it while protecting tax breaks for oil
companies and billionaires. She has made her right-wing social agenda her priority while
ignoring the real needs in this District for infrastructure funding and public education. And she
was part of the extreme group that refused any compromise, and nearly plunged the nation into
economic catastrophe.

Over the past 9 months I have done a great deal of listening to friends, neighbors and former
constituents across Central New York about what they feel about the direction of the country,
and whether I should be a candidate in 2012. The overwhelming refrain has been that it’s time
for Congress to stop wasting time, and start working together to solve the very real problems
that we face.

Sometimes, people are so frustrated that they are tempted to throw up their hands in disgust
and walk away. I understand this feeling. But I know that there is a bright future in front of us
as long as we don’t give up on Central New York, America, or ourselves. Working together, we
can do better! That is why I am running for Congress in 2012. Our campaign will offer the
people of Central New York a better future than the divisive politics of Ann Marie Buerkle.

People have had enough, and they want and deserve a representative who will offer solutions
to modernize our infrastructure, to protect seniors and our middle class, and to get our deficit
under control while jump-starting our economy. I have always worked hard to find solutions,
and have been successful at doing so both inside and outside of government. The people that
know me best know how passionate I am for the future of my home and birthplace, Central New
York, and that passion gives me great energy. But I can't change things without your help. I am
running for Congress and I ask for your active support.

Thank you,

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