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					Emanuele Vara

Personal Information
Address: 12 Ventnor Road, London, SE14 5QT (UK)
Telephone: (+44) 07553 115 637 - (+39) 333 812 4696
Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 14/11/1984
Gender: Male

Work experience:
  2010 - Present: Selected as artist in residence at the Sumei Multidisciplinary Art Center of Newark (NJ,
                  USA). During the time in New Jersey he wrote and directed a (still untitled) documentary
                  film about Newark’s industrial history and urbanism. He also cured some promotional vi-
                  deos of the art gallery’s website.

                  Co-producer & director of a (still untitled) experimental documentary film commissioned
                  by Al Riwaq Art Space (Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain). To found the movie he developed
                  a Web 2.0 crowd funding campaign. The film is part of the contemporary art project Living
                  Bahrain (On show at the Venice Biennial 2012, Istanbul Biennial 2013, Art Dubai 2013).

  2009 - 2010:    Six months internship (EVS program funded by the European Commission) at the Flemish
                  cultural centre De Zeyp of Brussels (Belgium). At De Zeyp he worked as filmmaker, audio
                  & video editor, photographer and assistant to the cultural programmers.

  2007 - 2008:    Assistant director, screenwriter, director of photography, co-producer and editor in several
                  productions of the Spanish independent film company & film school Estudiodecine (Bar-

                  Cultural correspondent for the online cultural magazine from the 58th Berlina-
                  le (Berlin international Film Festival).

  2005 - 2006:    PR for Arte Fiera, International Fair of Contemporary Art, Bologna, Italy.

                  He wrote an open letter about the problem of Italian independent music & culture publi-
                  shed on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

  2007 - 2008:    Postgraduate education:
                  Diploma in Digital Cinema (Curso Superior de Cine Digital ) at Estudiodecine, film school
                  & independent film company, Barcelona, Spain. Main subjects of the course (939 hours):
                  Film direction - History of Cinema and Criticism – Screenwriting - Video & audio editing -
                  Direction of photography - Production - Postproduction.

  2003 - 2006:    Bachelor of Arts:
                  Graduated in Musicology at the DAMS (Departement of Arts, Music and Performing Arts)
                  of the University of Palermo with the best mark (110/110 e lode). Degree thesis title: Har-
                  monic houses: places of interaction between music and visual arts from historical avant
                  garde to art video (Supervisor: Professor Eva Di Stefano). Main subjects studied: Mu-
                  sicology, History of Art, History of Cinema, History of Theatre, History of Photography,
                  Aestethics, Ethnomusicology.
  2002 - 2003:   .A-levels at Liceo Classico Giovanni Meli, Palermo (Italy). Graduated with the best mark
                  (100/100). Main subjects studied: Latin language and literature - Ancient Greek language
                  and literature - Italian language and literature - English language and literature - History
                  of Art - Informatics

Workshops & courses:

  2010:          Workshop on Film Distribution 2.0, held by Thomas Mei (producer, international distributor
                 & sale agent). Organized by Antenna Media Torino. Turin, Italy, April 2010.

                 Workshop on Development and production of documentary films organized by the cultural
                 association Documentary in Europe. Turin, Italy, April 2010.

                 Workshop on The sound of Palermo, held by Leonardo Sangiorgi, founder of the Italian
                 experimental video art group Studio Azzurro. Goethe Institut, Palermo, Italy, March 2010.

  2009:          Studies in synchresis. The audiovisual creation. Workshop held by the member of the
                 experimental art video trio @c+Lia (Portugal, Austria). The workshop was part of the con-
                 temporary art festival Perugia Arti Contemporanee - Le Arti in Città. Perugia, Italy Sep-
                 tember 2009.

                 Admitted to the foundation course of the Italian Experimental Film Institute of Palermo,
                 Italy - Course on historical and docu-fictional documentary films (Centro Sperimentale di
                 Cinematografia, Sede Sicilia - Corso di documentario storico artistico e docu-fiction).

Language competences:

                 Mother tongue: Italian
                 Spoken languages: English (Proficient user); Spanish/Castilian (Proficient user); French
                 (Proficient user); Catalan (Basic user); Dutch (Basic user).

                 Language certificates:
                 - ETS TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) certificate provided by the TOEFL
                 Education Testing Service (USA).
                 - DELF B2 certificate (knowledge of French as a foreign language) provided by French Mi-
                 nistry of National Education, of Superior Teaching and of Research. National Commission
                 of DELF and DALF.

Technical skills & competences:

                 - Filmmaking;
                 - Audio & Video editing;
                 - Shooting with video/HD cameras;
                 - Arts & cultural programming.

Computer skills & competences:

                 - Apple Mac OS operating systems;
                 - Final Cut Pro + Compressor - DVD Studio Pro - Soundrack Pro;
                 - Logic Pro;
                 - Adobe Photoshop;
                 - Adobe Illustrator;
                 - Adobe InDesign;
                 - Social networks & Web 2.0 funding strategies;

Abroad experiences:
                 Spain - Belgium - Germany - UK - Switzerland - France - Serbia - Croatia - Sweden - Nor-
                 way - Denmark - Netherlands - Portugal - EIRE - Hungary - USA - Canada
Emanuele Vara
Filmmaker &Visual Artist

Filmography (as director/scriptwriter/director of photography/editor) +
Selected Screenings & Exhibitions:

White Out & Thurston Moore Live At The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn (USA, 2010, video, 40
min., color)
Production: Nonoproduktion

Junk (Italy, 2009, video, 2 min. 26 sec., color)
Production: Emanuele Vara
             - Screened at The Sound of Palermo - Wintercase Festival 2010, Goethe Institut, Pa-
             lermo, Italy, March 2010. Exhibition cured by Leonardo Sangiorgi (Studio Azzurro).

In bloom (Belgium/Italy, 2009, HD, 15 min., color)
Production: Nonoproduktion
            - Visual Games (group exhibition), Al Riwaq Art Space, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain,
            January 2010.
            - Official competition at the 27th Torino Film Festival. Turin, Italy, November 2009.
            - The film was part of the Don’t talk to the driver (please) video installation set up for the
            FolkUs Festival. London, UK, September 2009.

            The distribution department of the Rome Independent Film Festival is also distributing
            In bloom in several international TV channels (IPTV, Pay TV, free TV, VOD), in other 40
            international partner festivals and, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign
            Affairs, in 90 Italian Cultural Institutes all over the world.

#6 Rennes (Italy, 2009, video, 2min. 26.sec., color)
Production: Emanuele Vara
            - Screened at the Perugia Arti Contemporanee - Le Arti in Città Festival, ex Saint Be-
            vignate Church, Perugia, Italy, October 2009. The exhibition was cured by Portuguese
            and Austrian video artists @c + Lia.

Youthquake (Spain/Italy - 2008, video, 26 min, color)
Production: Estudiodecine (Barcelona); Emanuele Vara; Salvo Cutaia.
            - Official selection at the Piemonte Movie Film Festival 2010, Turin, Italy, March 2010.
            - The film was part of the Don’t talk to the driver (please) video installation set up for the
            FolkUs Festival. London, UK, September 2009.
            - Official selection at the 9th Festival del Cinema di Frontiera di Marzamemi, Marzame-
            mi (Syracuse), Italy, July 2009.
            - Official selection at the 24th Torino GLBT Film Festival 2009, Turin, Italy, April 2009.

Film realized during the academic year (Master in Digital Cinema) at Estudiodecine, Barcelona:
- Dessau, 2037 (Spain/Germany - 2008 video, 10 min, color);
- Pankow (Spain/Germany – 2008, video, 5 min, color);
- Moss Garden (Spain - 2007, video, 3 min, color);

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