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									                                      Website Proposal

                                      Katzen Eye Group

                                       August 4, 2010

Suzanne Rothrock
Director of Marketing & Development
616 Water Street, Suite 225
Baltimore, MD 21202
410.752.8950 x123
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY__________________________________________________

For over 40 years, Katzen Eye Group has been building a brand and a reputation in the
greater Baltimore market. Now a thriving private practice with 17 doctors and 120 patient
care professionals, Katzen Eye Group continues to add new products to their suite of
offerings and now provides full eye care services for every member of the family. Katzen
Eye Group recently added a highly reputable Pediatric Ophthalmologist to the staff, and has
increased services from Aesthetics by Katzen, newly relocated into a beautiful, soothing
space. To further extend customer service, Katzen Eye Group is on the brink of a launching
a 3rd party software that will allow patients to make appointments, pay bills, order supplies
and manage their overall eye care account online.

It is essential for Katzen Eye Group to provide their clients and potential clients with an
engaging, user friendly website that compliments their established brand and supports their
premier customer service experience. The website must achieve many goals, including:
attracting new customers; building confidence and trust for current and potential customers;
providing a predetermined level of information; helping clients to realize and utilize the full
array of services available; and offering an easy portal to personal account information. An
outstanding user experience – a combination of intuitive navigation; simple, useful
functionality; and a pleasant and engaging environment - is the key to successfully
relaunching the Katzen Eye Group website. Mission will provide a thoughtful approach to
navigation and design, to ensure a flawless user experience.

Another goal for the new website is to clearly distinguish Katzen Eye Group’s site from the
competitors’ sites. In researching similar businesses, the Mission team found that many of
the websites have a very similar look and feel. We recommend capitalizing on this
opportunity to make the new website stand above the competition. During the strategy and
design process, we will consider imagery and color palettes that reflect the lifestyle achieved
by clear vision, healthy eyes, and a healthy self image.

Mission Media will adhere to Search Engine Optimization best practices when designing the
new website, as it is critical that the site remain highly ranked in organic search results.
Although most of the current site traffic comes from users that include “Katzen” in their
search terms, there is still ancillary business that will come through additional search terms.
As an optional service, Mission can provide a full SEO report to further inform key words and
optimized copy.

Another critical component of the new Katzen Eye Group site will be an integrated Content
Management System. This will help the Katzen staff to very easily keep the site current with
relevant, dynamic content. During the initial strategy session, we will determine which areas
will be content managed, and will program the site for maximum flexibility.

Our work style at Mission Media is very collaborative. We recognize that you understand
your business goals and clientele best, and feel the best path to a successful site is to
combine your knowledge with our years of industry experience delivering strategic solutions.
We take time to understand your marketing and communications strategies on a global level
before honing in on your interactive project. We are very familiar with all aspects of
interactive technology and Internet marketing to ensure your website receives the maximum
traffic possible and produces the best results.

             MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010

The Katzen Eye Group website will include the following:

      Easy-to-use navigation
      Updated and unique design crafted specifically for Katzen Eye Group. This may
       include a distinct but related design for the Aesthetics by Katzen section.
      Website integration with Katzen’s 3rd party client software
      Integration with a 3rd party email system
      Email template design
      Media players strategically positioned throughout the site, including YouTube, Vimeo
       and/or Flickr
      Integration of existing Katzen blog, or development of new blog platform. Includes
       design elements as allowed by platform.
      Custom Content Management System (CMS) (Includes training)
      Links to social media
      Analytics reporting process to measure traffic and other data
      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through alt tags, meta tags, descriptions and
       keyword content integration
      Optional: Formal SEO report and recommendation
      Optional: Website copywriting for SEO
      Optional: Additional photography
      Optional: Production of corporate or product/issue-specific video
      Optional: Formal paid search keyword report and recommendation
      Optional: Pay-Per-Click campaign implementation and management
      Optional: Social media campaign management
      Optional: Ongoing email campaign management
      Optional: Universal password-protected area for staff (intranet)

   Easy-to-use navigation
   Mission Media feels strongly that thoughtful, organized navigation is the key to providing
   users with a pleasing and useful website experience. Before beginning the project,
   Mission will spend time with the Katzen Eye Group staff to plan and organize content,
   utilizing best practices, research and understandings about Katzen’s audiences and
   ranked website objectives. The new website will only be successful if the user can easily
   find the information he or she needs.

   Updated and unique design
   Creative and vibrant design is crucial to users’ impressions of the Katzen Eye Group.
   Through a mix of HTML Technology, Cold Fusion and Flash or Java Script programming,
   the site will be professional and polished, and will appeal to the Katzen Eye Group’s
   diverse range of audiences. It will support and promote the overall Brand Identity,
   business and community objectives. A distinct but related design could be developed for
   the Aesthetics by Katzen section.

            MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
Website integration with Katzen’s 3rd party client software
The new Katzen Eye Group site will seamlessly integrate with various 3rd party software
products, as determined by the client. The user will have a personal log-in on the
website, which will allow access to the scheduling and billing software, for example.
Other software integration could include tie-ins with human resources tool that allows for
recruiting, including job postings and online employment applications. Design elements
and templates will be provided.

Integration with a 3rd party email system
The website will be built to collect emails and other user information, which will tie into a
mass email database and 3rd party system for the Katzen staff of communicators to

Email template design
As a way to reach out to registered users and build relationships, Mission Media will
design an online email template that graphically compliments the new Katzen Eye Group
website. Mission Media will be available for consultation on email best practices for
maximum reach and exposure.

Embedded photography and video hosted on 3rd party sites
Photos and video will be embedded in appropriate positions throughout the site, and will
pull dynamically to create a fresh user experience. Media will be hosted on third party
site(s) such as Vimeo, YouTube or Flickr.

Integration of existing Katzen blog, or development of new blog platform
The new website will integrate the existing blog content into the site as appropriate. The
blog serves as an additional tool to help the Katzen Eye Group staff provide relevant and
dynamic information, and also helps strengthen organic SEO. To strengthen the brand
and compliment the website, Mission will provide design templates that are consistent
with the site design.

Custom Content Management System (CMS)
A website is only as good as its ability to share relevant information. Working with
Katzen staff members, Mission Media will build a robust custom CMS that allows staff to
update, change and add new content. The CMS will utilize straightforward and intuitive
functionality. Initial strategy meetings will determine the various levels of controlled
access and workflow. Please see “The Process” section of this proposal for additional

Links to social media
Social media is increasingly a preferred way to “push” relevant, dynamic content and to
build relationships and frequent conversations with constituents. Embedded social media
links will provide easy access to the Katzen Eye Group’s social media outlets for web

Analytics reporting process to measure traffic and other data
Via Google Analytics, the new website will allow the Katzen staff to track information to
determine the effectiveness of different aspects of the site. Using this data, staff
members will be able to make strategic decisions to best utilize the new website.

         MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engines are one of the primary ways Internet users find websites. Depending
upon the industry, up to 90% of site traffic is generated by search engines. To ensure a
competitive position in the marketplace, it is critical for Katzen Eye Group to be proactive
in including SEO as a marketing strategy. Mission Media will work throughout the
planning and development stages on incorporating SEO best practices. Please see “The
Process” section of this proposal for additional details.

Optional: SEO report
An outside organization will provide research, analysis and recommendations for
keywords and advanced SEO best practices. Mission Media will utilize these findings in
the production of the Katzen Eye Group site.

Optional: Copywriting for SEO
Upon request, Mission media will support the Katzen Eye group by providing professional
copywriting. Our copywriters are experienced and skilled at utilizing SEO best practices
to maximize organic search results.

Optional: Additional photography
Mission Film, the sister company of Mission Media, is available to shoot additional
professional quality photography to enhance the new Katzen Eye Group website. The
breadth of work can include people (doctors, staff, clients, etc), spaces, equipment,
special events, procedures or simple lifestyle shots.

Optional: Corporate or product/issue-specific video
Mission Film can produce a high quality, dynamic, engaging video to showcase the
doctors, staff and services provided by the Katzen Eye Group. The video can be used to
further the public’s understanding of the realm of services, and to build trust and
confidence in the care they will receive. The video can include interviews with staff,
clients, partners, etc. Voice-over and/or content derived from the interviews will advance
the exposition/narrative.

Optional: Paid search keyword report and recommendation
An outside organization will provide research, analysis and recommendations for
keywords and paid search (Pay-Per-Click) best practices. Mission Media will utilize these
findings in the production of the Katzen Eye Group paid search campaign.

Optional: Pay-Per-Click campaign implementation and management
As a way to further increase search engine visibility and drive traffic to the Katzen Eye
Group website, a Pay-Per-Click campaign can be created and deployed. The campaign
is developed and managed by Mission staff, and monthly analytics and recommendations
are reported to the client.

Optional: Social media management
Mission Media will maintain the Katzen Eye Group’s social media properties including
Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Specific outlets will be determined by the Katzen staff.

         MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
   Optional: Ongoing email campaign management
   Mission Media will manage up to two email campaigns for the Katzen Eye Group,
   including importing content, segmenting and managing lists, deploying the emails and
   monitoring and reporting results.

   Optional: Universal password protected area (intranet)
   A universal password protected area will give the Katzan staff access to sensitive or non-
   public information, such as a FAQ resource, additional procedural information, training
   materials, staff communications, etc.

SCOPE OF WORK & PROCESS_________________________________________

This project is categorized into 3 core deliverables:

1.) Briefing / Strategic Planning
2.) Website Graphic Design & Usability
3.) Website Production and Programming

Phase 1. Briefing / Strategic Planning

In the first phase of the project, we will explore in greater depth the Katzen Eye Group’s
needs and goals with special attention given towards your target audiences and users. We’ll
spend time defining and fine-tuning navigation, as this is the key to a successful site.

We will meet with you to review service objectives, stakeholder profiles and any market/user
findings we glean from collective research. We’ll review the structure of your current site,
and identify areas to refine and improve. At this meeting, Mission Media will develop a
strategic plan for the development and production of your website.

Phase 2. Website Graphic Design and Usability

Discovery and Website Usability
Following the planning session, the first goal will be to begin the dissection and structuring
phase of the website’s site map/architecture. Site map creation (or flowcharting) is important
to the overall understanding of site structure and content organization. A site map shows a
high-level view of the site, including main areas of content within each section.

It is important to keep the site map as updated as possible and to have sign-off on each
version created. Each change in scope and structure affects the development process and
the timeline. Keeping an updated site map circulating will help all members of the project
stay “on the same page” during all phases of the project. Ultimately, the information
architecture developed during this process will translate directly to usability and user

Interface Design
With the site map and navigation overview complete, the next phase of the project can begin:
Interface Design. The new design will be influenced from input provided in the planning
stage. We want to be sure to not alienate users who are interested in a more utilitarian type
product. This balance of design sophistication and inclusiveness will certainly elevate your

             MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
online presence. We ask that you provide any examples of websites you are drawn to and
reference likes and dislikes at this meeting.

During the interface development phase, Mission Media’s designers will work closely with the
project manager and programmers to ensure that all design elements are standardized and
reflect an underlying technology that is within industry standards. Our designers will create
the website’s look and feel, showing both entrance and interior section pages. From these
designs, revisions of the final interface design will continue until all of your concerns and
considerations are addressed. Also during the design phase, email and blog templates
consistent with the design of the website will be developed. Once approved, the website
design will receive a written acceptance from you and be turned over to Mission Media’s
programming and production team.

Phase 3. Website Production & Programming

Upon your approval of the final design, Mission Media will then begin the production phase of
the Katzen Eye Group website. Mission Media will create the code underlying the website in
accordance with the approved final design. The final designs will be coded to function and
link live on the Internet. The next stage requires the submission of updated content that you
would like added to each section. All content and images must be delivered in electronic
format. Mission Media will provide limited stock photography if images are not available.

Interface Programming – Content Management System (CMS)
The new website will provide visitors with a rich and informative experience. Though the site
will be partially produced within HTML and/or Java Script, some sections will be dynamically
driven by Coldfusion and a SQL2008 database, and managed by a custom-built Content
Management System (CMS). This CMS will enable Katzen Eye Group staff to update,
change, add and delete content. During our initial site map and usability meetings, Mission
Media and Katzen staff members will determine the sections of the website that require CMS
capabilities. The custom CMS is based on existing CMS modules written and owned by
Mission Media. The delivered product will be non-proprietary and royalty-free. Katzen will
own all code written by Mission Media during the development process. Mission Media will
retain the rights to all software code and knowledge obtained during the development

While the primary administrator may have full access to the site’s administration section, it
may be decided by Katzen that certain staff members and content contributors have a lower
level of access to only certain sections. This will enable workflow through a hierarchy system.
Mission Media’s password-protected content management system will provide a repository
for all data, enterprise security, and most importantly, ease of website maintenance. The
CMS will allow the Katzen Eye Group staff to control:
Other components as mutually agreed by Katzen Eye Group and Mission Media.

             MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
Potential CMS Module Descriptions:

       Asset Management
       Images and other files can be managed in galleries to avoid redundancies and
       provide easy handling of assets. The galleries may be quickly accessed by the
       WYSIWYG editor.

       WYSIWYG Editor
       Editing within a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get module allows editing pages similar
       to popular office applications. No HTML knowledge is required to modify a page, yet
       an integrated source code editor allows experts to control the HTML source. With the
       help of the editor, pages with "complex layouts” can be created that insert images or
       links to downloads from galleries, create complex tables and add links with the link
       dialog. Generally, the WYSIWYG editor is available on a PC, whereas Macs have the
       ability to directly edit the HTML in code view. It’s recommended that PCs be used for
       general site editing, as well as mass email campaigns.

       Mailing List (Database)
       Mission Media offers various levels of support for Mass Email Marketing Services,
       from dedicated management of your lists and campaigns, to basic integration into
       your website. Mission Media offers modules allowing your visitors to sign-up and
       "Join the email list," which in turn saves the visitor information into a database for
       mass email campaign purposes. Mission Media has dedicated staff trained in the
       latest techniques for building and “blasting” emails. At the basic level, Mission Media
       can incorporate a low-cost solution such as Constant Contact into your website,
       where visitor email addresses are stored in your Constant Contact account. This
       allows your staff to blast emails to your lists. At the more advanced level, Mission
       Media offers dedicated management of your campaigns via Blue Sky Factory, a
       business-class email marketing system. Currently Mission Media's systems blast
       more than a million outgoing emails per month. As part of this contract, Mission will
       create a template for mass emails and provide the HTML. Mission Media will tie
       visitors’ email sign-ups directly to Katzen’s mass email service if the service has an

       Download Module
       Many sites allow users to download Ring Tones, Buddy icons, wallpapers and PDFs.
       The CMS may include an option to allow the download of such items for users.

       Password-Protected Area (Optional Intranet)
       A password-protected content area can be constructed for the website where staff
       members can access information not available to the general public. Usernames and
       passwords will need to be assigned and maintained for approved staff by Katzen

       Note: Any or all of the above modules may be integrated into the Katzen Eye Group
       CMS; however, this will not be determined until Mission Media conducts the initial
       data flow of documents in the first stage of the project.

All of Mission Media’s programmers have between six and fourteen years of experience
writing website code. Our application development skill set is robust and expansive. We are
very comfortable developing as well as hosting mission critical websites and applications.

            MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
We have first-rate experiences with building Content Management Systems and custom
website applications. Mission Media programmers write code using the latest Adobe
ColdFusion language, which has become one of the industry standards. Adobe provides top-
of-the-line software and support for their suite of tools. Mission Media utilizes Microsoft 2008
SQL Database Server for the back-end of mission critical web applications. The combination
of ColdFusion and MSSQL 2008 provides a state of the art enterprise platform for Mission
Media’s development clients.

Website Optimization (SEO) & Internet Marketing
The launch of a new website is just the beginning of a successful online marketing effort for
the Katzen Eye Group. As part of the standard production process for every website Mission
Media creates, a series of optimization techniques are executed that allow the leading search
engines to more thoroughly crawl your website. The leading search engines include Google,
Yahoo and Microsoft MSN, who all use crawlers to find web pages hosted on the Mission
Media servers. As an optional service, advanced SEO tactics and recommendations can be

Mission Media runs a premier hosting network, featuring multiple redundant Internet
connections that utilize "best path" configuration. Our network is less than one millisecond
away from the New York and Virginia hubs, through which more than 90% of the world’s
online traffic travels. Mission Media's advanced hardware- and software-based firewalls
keep the bad crawlers out and the good ones in. Our servers are crawled daily with new
websites being indexed in as little as 2-4 weeks. The optimization techniques used by
Mission Media for all our clients include proper formation of clean and compliant HTML code
and the integration of Meta Tags and Alt Tags. While not all engines use Meta Tags as the
primary method of indexing, it's crucial for use in heavy media sites such as Flash sites.

Search engine crawlers may look at a number of different factors when crawling your site.
Therefore, not every page is automatically indexed by the search engines. For this reason,
Mission Media provides a series of paid services to aid in better search engine inclusion.
Some of the techniques include using Google's Webmaster Tools, specifically the Site Map
toolset, which ensures all relevant pages are found and crawled. This is crucial for your
webpages that may not normally link directly from your main navigation, or that may be
buried within your site. Mission Media's professional online marketers create maps and
optimize your code, as well as utilize Google Webmaster tools to further analyze and ensure
your site is compliant for crawling and indexing by the major search engines. Mission
Media's advanced knowledge and in-house tools additionally allow us to analyze and
discover malformed pages/code and correct any errors in advance that would otherwise
result in poor indexing and ranking from the start.

Mission Media utilizes Google Analytics for website tracking and reporting. Google Analytics
shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their
visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website’s return on
investment and increase any related conversions. The Analytics reports show a wide variety
of information broken down into date ranges, including Number of Visits, Pageviews, Pages
per Visit, Bounce Rate, Average Time on Site, and New Visits. Additionally, Analytics data
provides more detailed information such as visitor trends including your most popular web
pages, whether your visitors are PC- or Mac-based, their location in the world via a graphic
map, and what Internet browsers are most popular.

             MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
QA Testing/Proofing
It is critical for all individuals participating in the creation of the site to be involved with testing
and proofing. Various methods will be used to ensure all aspects are tested. This includes
multiple browsers, platforms, screen sizes and connection speeds. For thorough testing, all
target browsers on both MACs and PCs will be tested. We will assign various members of
the team different sections of the site to test.

From time to time you may request that Mission Media make content, production,
programming or design changes. Requests for these types of changes from Mission Media
will be billed at an hourly rate.

Mission Media is one of Maryland’s premier mission critical hosting providers. Mission Media
servers are housed in the Edge Web Hosting facility in Baltimore. Edge is one of the top
privately held facilities on the East Coast. Our network at Edge features top of the line Cisco
gear, as well as an application firewall called DotDefender that blocks hack attempts, mainly
SQL Injection and cross-site scripting attacks. Edge has 23 different Internet carriers and is
located in one of the top carrier hotel buildings in the city. The Edge facility has 7 bandwidth
paths out of the building, 24/7 on-site support and redundant power. Hosting is suggested
for this website.

              MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
DEVELOPMENT CALENDAR______________________________________________

Strategy meeting                                                    TBD

Site map designed                                                   1 week

Site design                                                         4 weeks

Site design changes                                                 2 week

Production & programming                                            5 weeks

Content loaded                                                      3 week

Beta testing                                                        1 week

Final site delivered                                                TBD

TOTAL                                                               16 weeks

* Suggested timelines reflect the approximate duration for the completion of each phase.
The timeline for each section is contingent upon final approval of the previous deliverable. It
is imperative that communication, approvals, and file transfers happen in a timely fashion in
order to deliver the final product on schedule.

* Optional items, including external reports, may impact the overall timeline.

               MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
HOURS & FEES ________________________________________________________

The fees and expenses quoted below are estimates based on our current understanding of
the project. Further, the fees represent an estimated two hundred and sixteen (216) hours of
planning, design, production, programming, content flow and testing. Should the scope of
work change at the client’s request, our estimates will be revised and submitted to the client
for authorization prior to continuing work.


DESCRIPTION                                                               HOURS
     Meetings & Project Management                                        16

       Usability and Architecture                                         8
       Interface Design                                                   72

       Production                                                         40
       Programming                                                        48
       Content Flow and Integration                                       24
       QA Testing                                                         8
       TOTAL HOURS                                                        216

Total hours                                                               216
Mission Media rate $125.00 per hour X 216 =                               $27,000.00
Preferred customer discount 15%                                           $(4,050.00)
TOTAL Katzen Eye Group:                                                   $22,950.00

ONGOING MAINTENANCE                                                       $100.00 per hour
HOSTING                                                                   $50.00/month

Mission Media charges $100.00 per hour for any changes, with a minimum of 1 hour;
therefore, you should bundle any requests to maximize the use of maintenance time.

Mission Media offers website hosting for $50.00/month.

Optional: SEO report and recommendation                                   $1,000.00 flat fee
Optional: Copywriting for SEO (minimum 8 hours required)                  $75.00/hour
Optional: Additional photography                                          $1,800.00/day
Optional: Video production                                                TBD
Optional: Paid search report and recommendation                           $1,000.00 flat fee
Optional: Pay-Per-Click campaign                                          TBD
Optional: Social media campaign management                                TBD
Optional: Email campaign management                                       TBD
Optional: Universal Password Protected Area                               $2,300.00

            MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010
PAYMENT SCHEDULE & DELIVERY___________________________________________

34% of the project price is payable upon execution of this contract, 33% after acceptance of
the interface design phase, and 33% upon project launch and acceptance.

ACCEPTANCE OF PROPOSAL________________________________________________
To signify acceptance of this proposal, please sign below and return a copy to:

                                        Mission Media
                                616 Water Street, Suite 225
                                   Baltimore, MD 21202
                                   tel.    410.752.8950
                                   fax.    410.752.8951

Name (sign): ___________________________________________________
Name (print): ___________________________________________________
Title (print): ___________________________________________________
Date:          ___________________________________________________

Name (sign): ___________________________________________________
Name (print): ___________________________________________________
Title (print): ___________________________________________________
Date:          ___________________________________________________

            MISSION MEDIA Website Proposal for Katzen Eye Group, August 4, 2010

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