Paul Reed Smith by yaofenjin


									Who are your biggest influences musically? The Beatles, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Humble
Pie, ZZ Top, Free, Bad Company.
Any advice for someone interested in a musical career? Think of music as an art form that
needs to be learned in its entirety. Music has three parts: rhythm, melody and harmony—all
three need study, understanding and fluidity.
What do you do when you’re not playing music? What hobbies do you enjoy? Fly-fishing.
If you could open for any band in America who would it be? Carlos Santana.
Do you practice any particular rituals to prepare for a performance?
I just get my hands and voice warmed up.
Where do you see yourself/career in 5 years? Still playing music and building guitars, I hope.
Who are your biggest supporters? I feel very appreciative for the support I’ve gotten from my
family, everyone at PRS Guitars, the media, the local community, the music industry, and all my
What is more important to you? Fame or Fortune? Making really good guitars is important
to me…and playing music has not brought me fortune!
What do you like best about the local music scene? Where do you think it needs
improvement? The variety of good musicians that cover many different styles. I wish there
was more of a “walk around, listen to great musicians scene” like in Nashville and Austin. In
those towns, you can literally walk from club to club and see lots of great live music. In
Annapolis, there is the beginning of that scene, but I would like to see it grow.
At what age did you realize you wanted to be a performer? 13 years old.
What is your view on the music industry?It is constantly changing, both musically and
business-wise. I think that its changing musically is fairly well appreciated, but its changing
business-wise is generally unappreciated. To make a living playing music has always been
What do you think CMG could do better to promote local music? Nothing, I think the
newspaper is doing a great job.
Name your top 3 National Bands. Santana, Creed, Jeff Beck.
What is your least favorite type of music? Rap, because music combines the three things I said
before and Rap generally is missing melody and harmony; they are replaced with fast poetry.
But, I am enjoying the kind of Rap that is integrated in music with a melody and harmony.
If you could bring one performer back from the dead, who would that be? Jimi Hendrix.
Where is the furthest you had to travel for a gig? Hong Kong.
What is your favorite local venue to play? Why? Right now during the summer, Red Eyes
Dock Bar—they like the band and lots of people show up.
Favorite musical instrument? You’re kidding, right?
If you could play any stage in the world, which one would it be? Merriweather Post
Pavillion. I have played there in the past and I love it. There is not a better place for me to stand
and play.
Do you have any pet peeves? Playing a gig where everything goes wrong. No fun!
What’s your favorite food? Spaghetti Carbonara.
Favorite performer… Jeff Beck.
How long has the band been performing? The Paul Reed Smith Dragons have been together
for eight years. The Paul Reed Smith Band has been playing on and off for about a year. The
difference between the two bands is that the Dragons are much more of a concert band—we play
for the music industry all over the world, in concert listening environments. The Dragons do all
original songs. The Paul Reed Smith Band is a bar band whose main job is to have fun and to
make sure that the people who come get to dance, have a good time and listen to songs that they
know and hear a few tunes they don’t. Both bands have great musicians and I am fortunate to be
associated with all of them.
Any plans to put out a CD? Yes. We will be working on it over the next year.

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