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					                                                      Maryland State
                                                        Music Teachers
Affiliated with Music Teachers National Association

  www.msmta.org                              A bi-monthly publication of the Maryland State Music Teachers Association         June 2007

Two important items:
1. It is undeniably true that one of the two most                                 2. For those of you who do have
   common ways of communicating in our society is                                    email capability, our webmaster
   now by email, second only to the telephone, and in                                has recently made it possible
   many instances it is far preferable. It is efficient,                             for all of us to edit our own
   quick, and extremely convenient. MSMTA’s                                          information on the MSMTA
   webmaster, John Ralph, has just told me that                                      website. When your telephone
   200 of our 700-plus members do not have email                                     number, email address, street address, etc. change,
   addresses listed in the online database. What that                                you can make those changes on the website,
   means is that when an important mass email is                                     thereby insuring that our information about you
   sent out to the membership, as has occurred twice                                 is correct and current. Please avail yourselves of
   very recently, nearly one-third of our membership                                 this new convenience by clicking on the
   will not receive it.      I am encouraging those                                             “Members/Member Login”
   members who do not yet have this capability to                                    link on the website, or go to:
   think seriously about acquiring it. Free email is                                  http://www.msmta.org/members/mem_login.php
   available from a number of sources; all that you                                  Your password is your MTNA membership number,
   need is a means to access the internet.                                           and your “login” is your name.
It has been a great pleasure to serve MSMTA in the capacity of Membership Vice President for the past four years.
                                                                           With best regards, Richard Hartzell

When a small group of teachers gathered together in 1957 to form the nucleus of the Maryland State Music Teachers
Association, they could not have envisioned the vibrant and professional organization of more than 700 members
that is now today’s MSMTA. Of those original members who signed the incorporation papers in 1960, only Gail
McDonald is still an active member, and the first president, Elizabeth R. Davis, is now remembered as the honoree of
our Elizabeth R. Davis Memorial Piano Competition.
To commemorate this golden anniversary, the Board of Directors of the MSMTA is asking each Local Association
to conduct a state Fund-Raising Project of its own choice. The proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald Houses
in the Washington Metropolitan area, who offer a home-away-from-home to families with very ill children in local
hospitals. Further information will appear in next season’s newsletters, as the local associations share their ideas and
suggestions with us all.
Carol Wolfe-Ralph will present a plaque on behalf of the MSMTA to the local association which raises the largest
contribution to the Ronald McDonald Fund through its event. What a great way to celebrate our 50th Anniversary
and benefit children and their families at the same time!                                           Carol Wolfe-Ralph
     Carol Wolfe-Ralph
     6102 Gallery Street
                                   from the President...
     Bowie, MD 20720
     301-464-0146                                           As I sit at my computer preparing this message, I can’t help but
    VP CERTIFICATION                                        think of all the teachers who are preparing for the end of the year
     Donna C. White
     21815 Three Notch Rd Ste E                             studio recitals. The whirlwind activity can be quite draining,
     Lexington Park, MD 20653                               and I’m sure we share a sense of relief when the conclusion of the
     Richard L. Hartzell                                    academic year is reached. It’s time to do something refreshing
     1817 Arcola Avenue                                     and energizing so that we can be ready to begin again in a few
     Silver Spring, MD 20902
                                                            months. I think of the hundreds of members in our organization
     Claudette Horwitz                                      and the number of students each one has . . . we touch a lot of
     5004 Barkwood Place
     Rockville, MD 20853                                    lives with our work, so that they in turn can touch others. I’ve
    VP STUDENT ACTIVITIES                                   been thinking of cutting back, because I need more balance in
     Carol Wolfe-Ralph                                      my life. I shared that with a student who had a sibling sitting on
     6102 Gallery Street
     Bowie, MD 20720               the couch in my studio. He saw a plaque on my windowsill, but it was partially hidden,
    CORRESPONDING SECRETARY        so he only saw the first line. He said, “Oh, is that what you mean,” and he read from the
     Helen Smith Tarchalski
     17737 Stoneridge Drive        plaque, “One day I would like to teach just a few people?” I laughed, because he didn’t
     Gaithersburg, MD 20878        see the rest of the “Teacher’s Prayer: One day I would like to teach just a few people many
     Betsy Green                   and beautiful things that would help them when they will one day teach a few people.”
     386 Riverside Drive           And that’s what we do! Have a wonderful summer!
     Pasadena, MD 21122
     Judith E. Parks
     6300 Farmington Lane
     Woodbine, MD 21797
     Kathryn P. Stansbery
     16130 Patapsco Overlook Ct
     Mt. Airy, MD 21771
                                                         July 1st will usher in several new officers for the Board of
    MEMBER-AT-LARGE                                      Directors. The positions of Vice President for Membership,
     Maxine Lewack                                       Student Activities and Publications will see new officers, as well as
     1614 Peacock Lane
     Silver Spring, MD 20904                             Recording Secretary and treasurer (see page 11).
    IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT                             This is the last issue of the MSMTA Newsletter to be published
     Joselyn Cross Makowski
    LOCAL ASSOCIATION PRESIDENTS                         during my two terms. It has been a great honor and a fascinating
    ANNE ARUNDEL MTA                                     experience to gather, edit and bring to you all the news and
     William Bloomquist
                                                         results of our wonderful student activities program, our growing
     Faith Wenger                                        membership rolls, the exciting news from our Local Associations,
    MTA BOWIE                      MTNA, and our colleagues in other organizations. We also took a moment to reflect
     Marcia Slentz-Whalen
                                   on and remember our fellow teachers who have passed away.
     Karen Mihalko                 Our web site at www.msmta.org is included in the office of publications. The site has
    MTA CHARLES COUNTY             grown enormously and now brings together all the information you need to be aware of
     Judith Dalton
                                   and to participate in our many activities. The newsletter is posted on the site, and can
     Helen Weems                   be read even before it reaches your mailbox. Online registration will be available for
    EASTERN SHORE MTA              most events starting next season, and you are strongly urged to take advantage of it as
     Raymond Hobbs
                                   the number of participants continues to grow in our performance events.
     Karen Skelly                  MSMTA is an active and vital organization, with excellent teachers who are friends
     Kathryn Stansbery             as well as cooperative colleagues. The newsletter is an important link keeping us in
    GREATER LAUREL MTA             touch with each other throughout the state. So keep sending us your pictures and your
     Douglas Guiles                reports and any news you feel would be of interest to us all, and we’ll share them.
     Jean Lauderdale               Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the conduit of this information.
     Linda Head                                                                   Claudette Horwitz, VP for Publications
     Donna White
                     STUDENT ACTIVITIES

             DISTINGUISHED MUSIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS                                                          ADVERTISING
                                                                                                              Robert Hauptman

This year’s Distinguished Music Achievement Awards were given to 45 students in the Junior                   BYLAWS/
division and 28 in the Senior division, from the studios of 26 MSMTA teachers. As the                         David Holmes
chairperson of the DMA Awards, I would like to express my gratitude to all the participating
teachers, and my congratulations to all the recipients for their outstanding accomplishments                  Ann Matteson
over the years.
                                                                                                             COLLEGE FACULTY
                                    2007 DMA RECIPIENTS                                                       Matt Edwards
SENIOR:                                                                                                      COMMUNITY OUTREACH
Caleb Fan................... (Faye Bonner)            Kelly Kim .................. (Sima Elkis)              AND EDUCATION

Ben Strauss ................ (Dr. Deborah Brown)      Chi Chi An ............... (Christopher W. Hall)        Deborah
Roisin Anne Bautista . (Gary W. Dinn)                 Allan Huang .............. (Christopher W. Hall)
Jamie L. Garcia .......... (Gary W. Dinn)             Kevin Yu ................... (Christopher W. Hall)     COMMISSIONING
Jeffrey Chu ................ (Bonnie Kellert)         Radd Guarin ............. (Claudette Horwitz)           Li-Ly Chang
Monica Hwang ......... (Bonnie Kellert)               Daniel Miller ............. (Claudette Horwitz)
Neena Satija .............. (Bonnie Kellert)          Wanida Suanpan ....... (Claudette Horwitz)              Ann McCandliss
Casey Jao ................... (Dr. Bok Hwa Kim)       Cynthia Chiang ......... (Cherie Jeng)
Caroline Kim ............ (Dr. Bok Hwa Kim)           Matthew Lu .............. (Cherie Jeng)
                                                                                                              Lois Jones
Charles Pao ............... (Dr. Bok Hwa Kim)         Joshua Tseng ............. (Cherie Jeng)
Melody Kung ............ (Teresa Kung)                Andrew Hwang ......... (Bonnie Kellert)                FUND RAISING
Henry Chen .............. (Olga Kuperstein)           Eunice Hwang ........... (Dr. Bok Hwa Kim)              TBA

Alan Drayton ............ (Olga Kuperstein)           Gabrielle Le ............... (Dr. Bok Hwa Kim)         INDEPENDENT MUSIC
Hannah Silverman .... (Olga Kuperstein)               Jessica Park ................ (Dr. Bok Hwa Kim)
                                                                                                              Helen Smith Tarchalski
Pamela Hsu ............... (Hyun Park)                Jonathan Gao ............ (David Kuperstein)
Andrew Hung ........... (Hyun Park)                   Jeanny Wang ............. (David Kuperstein)           LOCAL AND STUDENT
Ruby Wang ............... (Hyun Park)                 Elissa Lin ................... (Mei-Yu Lin)             Kathryn Stansbery
Vicky Yao .................. (Hyun Park)              Andrea Yang .............. (Hyun Park)
                                                                                                             MTNA FOUNDATION
Lucas Roe .................. (Marcia Slentz-Whalen)   Jiaqi Liu .................... (Ruth Peng)
                                                                                                              Michele Hobart Rohan
Daniel Choi .............. (Shisa H. Suskey)          Evan Peng ................. (Ruth Peng)
Jenifer Mohler ........... (Janet Swaney)             Henry Van Engen ...... (Marcia Slentz-Whalen)          MSMTA FOUNDATION/
Tiffany Chao ............. (Luba N. Turkevich)        Sarah Hefner ............. (Shisa H. Suskey)            TBA
Erica Duh ................. (Luba N. Turkevich)       Julia Gao ................... (Luba N. Turkevich)
Baijia Jiang ................ (Luba N. Turkevich)     Caleb Lee .................. (Luba N. Turkevich)
                                                                                                              Richard Hartzell
Fannie Jou ................. (Luba N. Turkevich)      Ganesh Subramaniam (Luba N. Turkevich)
Melinda Jih ............... (Dr. Chen-Li Tzeng)       Tony Tang ................. (Luba N. Turkevich)        MULTIMEDIA
Meghan Forry ........... (Deborah White-Bondhus)      Grace Wang ............... (Luba N. Turkevich)          Ina Nacev Allen

Heather Murdock ...... (Deborah White-Bondhus)        Jeffrey Wei ................. (Luba N. Turkevich)      NOMINATING
                                                      Robert Chen ............. (Dr. Chen-Li Tzeng)           Claudette L. Horwitz
JUNIOR:                                               Angela Wei ................ (Dr. Chen-Li Tzeng)        PUBLICATIONS
Christopher Shupe .... (Patricia Blanchard)           Emily Yan .................. (Dr. Chen-Li Tzeng)        Claudette L. Horwitz
Iris Cheng ................. (Faye Bonner)            Sarah Korapati ........... (Dr. Svetlana Volkova)      PUBLICITY
Clara Huang .............. (Faye Bonner)              Stephen R. Christian . (Helen Weems)                    Mary Wolf
Jenna Yi ..................... (Faye Bonner)          Christa Jones ............. (Deborah White-Bondhus)
                                                                                                             STUDENT ACTIVITIES
Matthew Tsang .......... (Li-Ly Chang)                Elizabeth Leidich ....... (Dr. Carol Wolfe-Ralph)       Carol Wolfe-Ralph
Peter Weng ................ (Li-Ly Chang)             Brian Luo .................. (Dr. Carol Wolfe-Ralph)
                                                                                                             TALENT RESOURCE
Victoria E. Youn ........ (Gary W. Dinn)              Caroline Wolfe-Ralph (Dr. Carol Wolfe-Ralph)
                                                                                                              Jeffery Beaudry

                                                                                        Bok Hwa Kim          TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                                              Helen Smith Tarchalski

STUDENT ACTIVITIES                             CONTINUED        Montgomery Blair High II – Hui-Yen Chang
                                                                Quince Orchard High I – Rosanne White
                                                                Quince Orchard High II – Cherie Jeng
HIGH SCHOOL PIANO EXAMINATIONS – 2007                           Richard Montgomery High – Carolyn Booth/Ellen Sakai
   FOR SCHOOL RECOGNITION/CREDIT                                Southern Maryland – Patricia Blanchard
                                                                Whitman High I – Lois Jones
The High School Piano Examination Program for School            Whitman High II – Kristin Butler
Recognition/Credit was designed to encourage high school        Wootton High I – Luba Turkevich
piano students, give them an incentive to continue studying     Wootton High II – Jane Oleshkevich/Ellen Sakai
and give them the recognition they deserve through their        Special thanks go to Constance Fischel, our registrar
school. This connectedness with the schools is a unique         extraordinaire, who spent many hours receiving and
way that private teachers and school professionals can work     recording the grades and sending out the critiques, reports
together to promote this important aspect of our students       and certificates.
learning. This is the 28th year that the auditions have been
held in April and May.                                          Thanks to the 2007 judges: Betsy Jo Angebranndt, William
                                                                Bloomquist, Faye Bonner, Deborah Bondhus, Carolyn Booth,
The following statistics are based on the number of people      Joyce Crist, Wendy Dengler, Gary Dinn, Constance Fischel,
who enrolled to take the examinations in 2007. There is         Dina Fleming, Stephen Gibson, Douglas Guiles, Nancy
usually about a 5-6 % of the students who elect not to take     Hallsted, Linda Head, Cherie Jeng, Lois Jones, Donna Koh,
the exam after they have enrolled.                              Mei-Yu Lin, Joselyn Makowski, June Miller, Alice Maxfield,
Of the total of 315 students who applied to take the High       Kay Patterson, Maxine Russell, Betsy Stocksdale, Marcia
School Examinations in 2007                                     Slentz-Whalen, Helen Weems, Faith Wenger, Elizabeth
                                                                White and Mary Wolf.
    297 applied to take the examination for recognition
    18 applied to take the examination for credit               Congratulations to all the above-mentioned chairs, judges and
                                                                committee members who entered students in the examinations
    87 were in the 9th grade                                    and to the following teachers who also entered students:
    94 were in the 10th grade                                   Nicole Amyot, Elena Arsenyev, Ruth Balis, Hedy Bannon,
    98 were in the 11th grade                                   Leia Bennett, Maja Blagojevic, Donna Bridgland, Jeannine
    36 were in the 12th grade                                   Case, Li-Ly Chang, Georgia Chen, Elena Dubovitsky, Irina
    20 entered at the Intermediate I Level                      Gurevich, Christopher Hall, Isabel Hernandez-Cata, Harvey
    75 entered at the Intermediate II Level                     Doster, Sima Elkis, David Holmes, Philip Hosford, Wei-Der
    176 entered at the Advanced I Level                         Huang, Edwina Hunter, Wendy Johnston, Heesun Kim, Jean
    44 entered at the Advanced II Level                         Kim, Teresa Kung, Olga Kuperstein, David Kuperstein, Elaine
                                                                LeBar, Chia-Hsuan Lee, Chieh-Ming Lee, Ned Lewis, Virginia
    92 different schools were represented by students           Manchester, Doris Mattingly, June Miller, Ingrid Mongini,
    18 students were home-schooled                              Dmitri Nazarenko, Marina Ovtcharenko, Jamie Fan Pasho,
    92 different piano teachers were represented.               Ruth Peng, Lisa Rehwoldt, Martha Sallet, Fun Jung Shon,
We thank all Center Chairs whose role is absolutely essential   Joy Slavens, Susan Smith, Joan Spicknall, Marilyn Stoughton,
for the running of this program.                                Janet Swaney, Kristina Suter, Helen Tarchalski, Alta Thomann,
                                                                Joyce Tsau, Phillip Vendemmia, Thanh Vo and Barbara Wing.
Annapolis Area – Cecelia Wyatt
Ann Arundel MTA – Donna Ervin                                   We were very grateful for the use of the following places
Baltimore – Ruth Peng                                           where the auditions were held: Jordan-Kitts Music Store
Bowie Area – Maxine Russell                                     (College Park and Baltimore); Laurel Presbyterian Church;
Churchill High I – Hyun Park                                    St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, Annapolis; Maryland Hall for
Churchill High II – Bonnie Kellert/Ellen Sakai                  the Creative Arts, Annapolis; Peabody Preparatory, Towson;
Eleanor Roosevelt – Hui-Yen Chang                               Belcroft Bible Church, Bowie; Howard County Community
Greater Columbia I and II – Constance Fischel                   College Fine Arts School of Music, Columbia; the Piano
Howard County Community College I and II – Kay Patterson        Studio of Constance Fishel, Columbia, the Studios of Hyun
Jordon-Kitts Music Store – Gary Dinn                            Park and Bonnie Kellert, Potomac; Grace Brethren Church,
Laurel Area – Wendy Dengler                                     Waldorf; River Road Unitarian Church; and the above
Montgomery Blair High I – Ae Ja Park                            mentioned high schools.

                                                                               THEORY HONORS
                                                                   MSMTA 5 YEAR/ 300 POINT THEORY AWARD
Participating Students’ High Schools:                              Congratulations to the following teachers who nominated
Academy of the Holy Cross         Notre Dame                       students for the MSMTA 5 year or 300 point Theory Award.
Annapolis                                   Preparatory School     64 Students were awarded the Theory Award for 2007.
Annapolis Area Christian School   Oakland Mills                    Congratulations to you and your students for your hard work
Archbishop Spalding               Old Mill                         and dedication.
Arlington Baptist School          Oldfields School
Arundel                           Oxon Hill                        Teachers:
Atholton                          Paint Branch                     Janet Berg, Patricia Planchard, Faye Bonner, Lisa Bussing,
The Avalon School                 Parkville                        Hui Yen Chang, Joan Chovanes, Anne Chen, Colleen
Bethesda-Chevy Chase              Poolesville                      Craven, Gary Dinn, Carol Edison, Carole Gauthier,
Bishop Ireton                     Quince Orchard                   Claudette Horwitz, Bok Hwa Kim, Teresa Kung, Olga
Bishop McNamara                   Reservoir                        Kuperstein, Chieh-Ming Lee, Cathy O’Donovan, Ae Ja Park,
Bishop Denis J. O’Connell         Colonel Richard
                                                                   Hyun Park, J. Erin Runkles, Luba Turkevich, Susan Smith,
James Hubert Blake                River Hill
Montgomery Blair                  Rockbridge Academy
                                                                   Yie-Chen Tsau, Chen-Li Tzeng, Svetlana Volkova, Susan
Bowie                             Eleanor Roosevelt                Ward, Deborah White-Bondhus, Carol Wolfe-Ralph, Tzi-
Broadneck                         Sandy Spring Friends School      Ming Yang
Cedar Brook Academy               Seneca Valley                    Students:
Centennial                        Severn
Winston Churchill                 Severna Park                     Rhiannon Aguilar, Thien-An Ha, Shannon Barton, Roisin A.
Connelly School of the            Sherwood                         Bautista, Aaron Chan, Justin Chang, Kevin Chang, Tiffany
         Holy Child               Sidwell Friends                  Chao, Robert Chen, Patrick Chin, Christopher Choi, Amy
Damascus                          Charles E. Smith Jewish          Deloriea, David Dickey, Greta Erickson, Julia Gao, Jami
DeMatha Catholic                            Day School             Garcia, Michael Harper, Elizabeth Heilser, Tammy Huang,
Dulaney                           South River                      Andrew Hung, Eric Hsuannie Jeng, Francis Kang, Clare
Albert Einstein                   Springbrook                      Kim, Dorothy Kim, Matthew Kim, Rachel Kim, Seyoun
Fairfax                           St. Andrew’s Episcopal School    Kim, Sarah Korapati, Serena Lao, Gabrielle Le, Clare Lehnus,
French International School       St. Anselm’s Abbey School
                                                                   Olivia Leung, Cynthia Li, Ryan Liu, Stephanie Liao, Allyson
Georgetown Visitation             St. John’s College High School
Glenelg                           St. Mary’s                       Luo, Brian Luo, Oliver Luu, Jelani Lyles, Brook McKeown,
Eglenelg Country School           St. Mary’s Ryken                 Daniel Miller, Eve Mobley, Kathy Mun, Christina Nolen,
Gonzaga College High School       St. Timothy’s School             Elizabeth O’Day, Daniel Phan, Katie Pfeiffer, Jacob Porch,
Grace Brethen School              Stone Ridge School of            Todd Roberts, Kelly Roden, Ankit Sarkar, Audrey Shi, Julie
Great Mills                                 Sacred Heart           Squire, Laura Squire, Ganesh Subramaniam, Casey Trimpin,
Harbour School                    Rockbridge Academy               Catherine Wang, Grace Wang, Jamie Wang, Stacy Wang,
The Heights School                Towson                           Kelley Yang, Tiffany Yen, Sherri Zhang
Hereford                          Urbana
High Point                        Victory Baptist Academy          Congratulations to the following teachers who nominated
Holton-Arms                       Watkins Mill                     students for the MSMTA 10 year or level 12 Distinguished
Howard                            Westfield                        Theory Award. Three students were awarded the MSMTA
Thomas Jefferson                  Westlake                         DISTINGUISHED THEORY AWARD! Congratulations
Walter Johnson                    Whitman                          to you and your students for your hard work and dedication.
The Key School                    Wilde Lake
Lackey                            Wootton                          DISTINGUISHED THEORY AWARD
LaPlata                                                            Teachers:
Loyola Blakefield
Mariotts Ridge                                                     Deborah Brown                    Ben Strauss
McDonogh School                                                    Gary Dinn                        Jennifer M. C. Loya
Richard Montgomery                                                 Hui Yen Chang                    Nona Jiang
Mount de Sales Academy
Mount Hebron                                 Ann Matteson
National Cathedral School                  and Ellen Sakai,                                       Deborah White-Bondhus
Northwest                                         Co-chairs                                                 Coordinator

STUDENT ACTIVITIES                              CONTINUED
    KEYBOARD MUSICIANSHIP REPORT                                            MSMTA FESTIVAL
The Keyboard Musicianship Program, now in the twenty-
second year, had a record enrollment of 1003 students from
                                                                             PIANO SOLO
the studios of 78 teachers. With the exception of a few, all                      MAY 26, 2007
students played to receive the Gold Seal certificate (4, 5, or
6 modules).
                                                                 Our annual Piano Solo Festival was held at the
The Keyboard Musicianship Committee is grateful to the           University of Maryland, Clarice Smith Performing
dedicated chairpersons for arranging testing locations,          Arts Center, on Saturday, May 26, 2007. Over
selecting the volunteer judges and monitors, scheduling
                                                                 900 students participated, with over 1,800 pieces
mailing, record keeping etc. Many teachers contributed
freely of their valuable time to make this a successful          performed.
                                                                 These students represented 112 studios. There were
The teachers who chaired the twelve chapters are:                89 recitals, 83 competitive and 6 non-competitive.
    Joanna Greenwood, Jeannine Case, Sarah Crandall,
    Carol Gauthier, Mary Wolf, Kim Roberts, Olga                 The day ran fairly smoothly with the unsolicited
    Kuperstein, Lisa Bussing and Erlinda Ng, Bonnie              help from many wonderful people. There were
    Kellert, Hui-Yen Chang and Mary Stevens.                     many people in and out of the office during the
I also thank Bonnie Kellert and Mary Ann Parker for their        day, but there were a few that made it just a little
invaluable contribution.                                         easier to manage. My thanks go to Miriam Fung,
During the 2006-07 academic year, 106 trophies were              Chris Hall, Mei Yu Lin and Annie Hou. I would
awarded in the categories of Advanced Honors, Intermediate       also like to thank Hyun Park for supplying our
Honors, Five Year Honors and the Keyboard Musicianship           lunch.
Summary of Awards: 42 Keyboard Musicianship Award,               In addition, there were two very special teachers
38 Intermediate Honors, 10 5-Year Honors, 16 Advanced            who agreed to judge although they were not
Honors, 106 Total                                                required to help. Thank you, Janice Wood and
Students of the following teachers received the MSMTA            Maxine Russell!
Keyboard Musicianship trophies in 2007:
    Patricia Blanchard, Lisa Bussing, Jeannine Case, Hui-
                                                                 And a very special thanks to my husband, John
    Yen Chang, Anne H. Chen, Gary Dinn, Constance                Ralph, who helped every step of the way, from
    Fischel, Miriam Fung, Carole Gauthier, Christopher           database organization to computer and office
    Hall, Linda Head, Claudette Horwitz, Bok Hwa Kim,            assistance.   Speaking of John, the MSMTA
    David Kuperstein, Olga Kuperstein, Ruth Peng, J.Erin         webmaster, results of the competition can be found
    Runkles, Shirley Smith, Shisa Suskey, Janet Swaney,          on the website at msmta.org.
    Luba Turkevich, Svetlana Volkova, Hsiu-Hui Wang,
    Helen Weems, Mary Wolf, Carol Wolfe-Ralph.
                                                                 It’s always a learning experience, and I have learned
Congratulations to all of the above teachers and their hard      just a little more which will enable things to run
working students. For more information about the trophies        even smoother next year.
and how a student may qualify, please consult the MSMTA
Student Activities Packet. Please feel free to call me for       If you have any suggestions or comments, please
more information about participation in this valuable
                                                                 feel free to email me. Hope to see you next year!
                                  Luba Turkevich, Chair                                     Carol Wolfe-Ralph, Chair

COMPETITIONS                                                                                      CONTINUED

                                              MAY 19, 2007

The 2007 Elizabeth R. Davis Memorial Piano Competition held at the Baltimore Campus of the
University of Maryland was a very successful all-day event that began at 8:30 a.m., on Saturday, May 19,
and ended at 4:00 p.m. when final deliberations by the judges were completed.
There were a record number of students participating this year—a total of 48, in three different divisions,
with 23 teachers participating—Shaowu Zhu, Marian Hahn, Yevgeniya Oleshkevich, Irene Kreymer,
James Litzelman, Carol Wolfe-Ralph, Bonnie Kellert, Elizabeth Stephenson, Jeon Eun Kang, Deborah
Brown, Scott Beard, Faye Bonner, Philip Hosford, Rosita Kerr Mang, Thomas Pandolfi, Jia-Yue Yang,
Chieh-Ming Lee, Hyun J. Park, Patricia Blanchard, Ruth Balis, Eui H. Park, Elena Arseniev, Bok Hwa

The winners of this year’s E.R. Davis Competition are:
    High School Division: Grades 9-10
    FIRST PRIZE         $100        George X. Fu            Teacher: Scott Beard/Faye Bonner
    SECOND PRIZE         $80        Sam Barham              Teacher: Carol Wolfe-Ralph
    THIRD PRIZE          $60        Hanbo Liu               Teacher: Rosita Kerr Mang
    High School Division: Grades 11-12
    FIRST PRIZE         $100        Lance Zhao              Teacher: Elizabeth Stephenson
    SECOND PRIZE         $80        Simone Baron            Teacher: Rosita Kerr Mang
    THIRD PRIZE          $60        Brian Chang             Teacher: Philip Hosford
    College Division:
    FIRST PRIZE           $100         Solomon Eichner      Teacher: Irene Kreymer
    SECOND PRIZE           $80         Hyejin Kwon          Teacher: Marian Hahn
    THIRD PRIZE            $60         Hana Cai             Teacher: Carol Wolfe-Ralph

Thank you to the judges who gave generously of their time and expertise. Gary Mullenax and Linda Head
judged Grades 9-10. Grades 11-12 and the College Division were judged by Chen-Li Tzeng and Roseanne
I also would like to thank the few teachers who gave up their Saturday teaching schedule to assist in the
many administrative duties that are inherent in an event such as this. It is unfortunate that the majority of
teachers, a number of whom entered several students, were unavailable to help when called upon to do so.
If teachers are unwilling or unable to change their teaching schedule for a competition event, they should
not enter their students. It is unfair to the organization when a few have to shoulder the responsibility for
Several people had difficulty in finding UMBC. Perhaps some thought should be given to finding a more
reachable venue.
                                          Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                   Dina T. Fleming, Chair
                                                            Elizabeth R. Davis Memorial Piano Competition

                     2007 JACK WEAVER MEMORIAL COMPETITION
                             FOR HIGH SCHOOL STRINGS
The Jack Weaver Memorial Competition was held this year on April 28, 2007 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church,
Gaithersburg, MD. Beautiful music filled the church all afternoon as 18 talented young musicians, representing 10
teachers, competed for the top prize.
The winners this year are:
             PLACE              AWARD            CONTRIBUTOR                  STUDENT                      TEACHER
          First Place            $500            Weaver Violins             Hoorig Poochikian           Olga Khroulevitch
          Second Place           $300            Potter Violins             Laura London                Laurien Laufman
          Third Place            $200            Potter Violins             Josh Chik                   Adrian Semo
          Fourth Place           $150            Weaver Violins             Emily Owsinski              Rebecca Henry
          Fifth Place            $100            Weaver Violins             Patricia Wnek               Rebecca Henry
Teachers participating in this event were:
Klara Berkovich, Richard Chang, Duck Hee O’Donnell, Benedict
Goodfriend, Rebecca Henry, Kelly Hsu, Olga Khroulevitch, Laurien
Laufman, Adrian Semo and Julius Wirth.
Special thanks to Lya Stern and Jennifer Ries for their wonderful hard
work in serving as judges. Their comments were insightful, constructive
and supportive.

                                                                                              Laura London (second place), Hoorig Poochikian
                                                                                                   (first place) and Josh Chik (third place)

                                                                                           Thanks also to Kelly Hsu and Don Wernly
                                                                                           for serving as monitors and helping greet
                                                                                           competitors as they arrived and find practice
                                                                                           rooms for warming-up on their instruments
                                                                                           before performing.
                                                                                           Thank you, above all, to Bill Weaver of
                                                                                           Violin House of Weaver and Dalton Potter
                                                                                           of Potter’s Violins, for their support of
                                                                                           the Jack Weaver Memorial Competition,
                                                                                           supporting the highest standard in string
                                                                                           playing for high school string players.
                                                                                           Bill Weaver and Dalton Potter presented
                                                                                           the awards checks on May 5 at the Violin
                                                                                           House of Weaver.
    Mrs. Chik, Kristi Weaver, Laura London, Adrian Semo, Hoorig Poochikian, Bill Weaver,
                        Josh Chik, Dalton Potter, and Mrs. Poochikian.                                             Jeanne Wernly, Chair

It is with a heavy heart and much sadness
that I must report that Jeanne McCormick
passed away Tuesday, June 19 at
Georgetown University Hospital after a          Two events have rounded out the year for MTAGB. On
twelve-month long battle with lung cancer.      June 2 our annual Honors Recital was held at the Towson
                                                Unitarian Church, chaired by Barbara Gruver. Five students,
She is survived by her husband William,
                                                two Middle school and three High School, each performed
and her three children and their spouses,
                                                two contrasting pieces. All students received comments from
Cathleen (Sean), Maureen (Richard) and
                                                adjudicator Doug Guiles. Middle School student, Vincent
Joseph (Ann Marie). She was also the
                                                Henningfield, student of Reynaldo Reyes, was awarded the
proud grandmother to four grandchildren,
                                                MSMTA Student Scholarship for Performance. A reception
Caitlin Grant, Molly Grant, Mary Fromm
                                                honoring all of the performers was held following the recital.
and Griffin Fromm.
                                                On Friday, June 8 the final General Meeting was held at the
Please join me in passing along                 home of Pat Graham. The annual election of officers took place
condolences, prayers, and best wishes for       and the following persons were elected to Board positions.
their entire family in this time of grief.
                                                President: Pat Graham, Coordinator of Student Recitals:
Donations may be made in memory of              Betsy Stocksdale, Historian: Wendy Balder, Membership
Jeanne McCormick to                             Secretary: Ruth Peng and Ann McCandliss co-chairs,
    Lab Rescue                                  Recording secretary: Shisa Suskey, Newsletter editor: Susan
    PO Box 1741                                 Schnering, Treasurer: Allen Good.
    Silver Spring, MD, 20915                                            Faith Wenger, Former President
                              Richard Grant                                          Montgomery County
                  EVP/Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                     Music Teachers have
                         Jordan Kitts Music
                                                                                     enjoyed a busy and
                                                                                     productive      teaching
                                                                                     year. To cap the year’s
                                                activities members enjoyed a pot-luck luncheon on May 15 at
                     Marilyn Neeley,            Stone Ridge School and were entertained by Bonnie Kellert
                     concert pianist,           and a string trio with Hedy Bannon and friends. Carol Rose
                     director of piano          Duane’s harp performance enhanced the delicious lunch. The
                     and chamber music          Program Committee, Barbara Wing and Maxine Lewack,
                     studies at Catholic        has arranged for excellent speakers for six of our monthly
                     University and the         meetings.
former dean of the CUA Music School,
died of pneumonia May 30 following              MCMTA activities for our students have included three
cancer surgery.                                 Elementary Recitals, three Intermediate/Advanced Recitals,
                                                five judged recitals, a Festival of Music featuring works by
Ms. Neeley appeared frequently in duo           Romantic composers, junior, intermediate and advanced
concerts with her husband, violinist Robert     concerto competitions, the Swarthout/Hayes Competition
Gerle, who passed away in 2005. She was         for Piano, the H. Stevens Brewster, Jr. Competition for
a frequent judge for MTNA and MSMTA             Strings and a Senior Recognition Day.
piano competitions.                             Incoming President Junko Takahashi met on June 12 with the
She is survived by their son, Andrew Gerle,     Executive Board and next year’s offerings will be building on
who is a composer.                              this strong foundation.
                                                                              Jean Lauderdale, President
                                                                                              Continued on Page 10

LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS                                                                                                  CONTINUED

                                                                  and Vice-President Marcia Slentz-Whalen deserve great
                                                                  credit for proposing and working out arrangements for this
                                                                  new event with the Londontowne Symphony Board.
                                                                  Following the reports the Slate of Officers for the 2007-
                                                                  2008 academic year was presented and unanimously elected.
                                                                  The Officers are as follows: President: Bill Bloomquist;
The spring season – always busy – has flown by. At the final
                                                                  Vice-President: Marcia Slentz-Whalen; Treasurer: Betsy
General Meeting of the season on June 8th reports were given
                                                                  Green; Recording Secretary: Martha Blakely; Corresponding
on recent events and future plans revealed.
                                                                  Secretary: Shiela Ruth; Immediate Past President: Betsy
In April the biennial concerto competition was held               Green; Directors: Helen Smith Tarchalski and Katya
in conjunction with the Chesapeake Youth Symphony                 Merchant. The meeting was concluded with a potluck lunch
Orchestra. Five piano students from three studios competed        and round-table discussion on ideas that work in our studios,
for the privilege of performing a movement of Mozart’s Piano      ending the 2006-2007 academic year on a “high note!”
Concerto #21 with the Orchestra. The winners were as
                                                                                            William Bloomquist, President
follows: Ruth Bright (movement I), Chelsea Lo (movement
II) and Alice Feng (movement III), all from the studio of
Helen Smith Tarchalski.                                                                                   As we come to the
                                                                                                          end of our 2006-
The final major student event of the academic year was the                                                07 program year,
annual Solo Festival. Forty students representing eight studios                                           the Music Teachers
participated in this all-day judged event in two competitive                                              Association       of
and two non-competitive programs on May 19th.                     Bowie has much to celebrate. It was another banner year
(This year there was for the first time a competition for         marked by steadily growing membership. Our student
middle school students; in previous years only high school        activities were capably managed by dedicated event Chairs,
students could compete.)                                          providing performance opportunities for hundreds of student
                                                                  performers representing dozens of studios. Our monthly
Winners and studios from the competitive events are as            program presentations were particularly interesting and well-
follows:                                                          rounded, offering opportunities for professional growth and
High-School Division Winners:                                     development for all our member teachers – pianists, flutists,
First Place: Maddie Wilson (Katya Merchant)                       harpists and singers.
Second Place: Lionel Yu (Helen SmithTarchalski)                   Even as we look forward to the relatively relaxed pace of the
Third Place: Elizabeth Nonemaker (Helen SmithTarchalski)          summer months, our Board already is planning for the 2007-
Honorable Mentions: Lauren Pack (Betsy Green) and Noel            08 program year. Event Chairs are being identified as member
Patrick Benton (Ellen Winner)                                     teachers step up to the podium to take a turn at helping to lead
Middle-School Division Winners:                                   our association into the future. New ideas are being presented
First Place: Henry Van Engen (Marcia Slentz-Whalen)               and long-standing events are being analyzed and re-evaluated
Second Place: Harish Chatrathi (Martha Blakely)                   as we build on many decades of success and continue to fine-
Third Place (tie): Elizabeth Embser (Marcia Slentz-Whalen)        tune all our activities to make them even more user-friendly
and Alexa Stillwell (Katya Merchant)                              and valuable to both students and teachers
Many thanks to Marcia Slentz-Whalen for her outstanding           It has been a joy this year to work with the dedicated team of
job chairing this event!                                          colleagues who, in their positions as Event Chairs, Business
                                                                  Committee Chairs and Officers, comprise the Executive
The Board announced the creation of a new concerto
                                                                  Board of MTAB. Once again I express my humble gratitude
competition; this will be a collaborative effort of AAMTA and
                                                                  to each and every one of them, and I look forward with
the Londontowne Symphony, an excellent community based
                                                                  excitement to the second year of my term as President of this
orchestra. AAMTA members were delighted to learn that the
                                                                  fine organization. Thank you, MTAB, for a terrific year of
Londontowne Symphony competition will take place on “off ”
years from the CYSO event, resulting in an annual concerto
competition for our organization! President Bill Bloomquist                              Marcia Slentz-Whalen, President

                                                                                         PGMTA’s Saul Roas Broad Creek Music
                                                                                         Festival was held on two consecutive
                                                                                         weekends in March.
                                                                                         The competition, in which over 200
For all of our competitions, congratulations to our winners                              students participated, was held March 11
and their teachers, as well as their dedicated families! Many                            at Prince George’s Community College.
thanks go to our chairs this year: Christopher Hall for the                              Judges were Jeannine Case, Frances Cheng-
Piano Ensemble, Bok Hwa Kim for the Miriam Thomann                                       Koors and Allen Good. The Concert of
Piano Solo Competition on April 28-29, David Kuperstein                                  Winners was held at Harmony Hall in Fort
and Judy Parks for the Three-Piece Piano Solo Competition                                Washington on March 18.
on May 5-6, and Sima Elkis for the High School Award                                     Teachers who participated in Broad Creek
Competition on May 12. A special thank-you goes to Kris             were Patricia Blanchard, Hui-Yen Chang, Gary Dinn, Linda
Suter, whose help at Howard Community College made these            Head, Mei-Yu Lin, Ann Matteson, June Miller, Dimitri Nassar,
events go smoothly and efficiently!                                 Philip Rogerson, Martha Sallet, Shirley Smith, Janet Swaney,
                                                                    Virginia Wallace, Carol Wolfe-Ralph and Janice Wood.
As of the publication of this newsletter, we have no President
for the coming year! I am not certain what will happen to our       Winners of the Saul Roas Memorial Scholarship Competition
organization if there is no one at the helm! It is possible to      also performed at the Concert of Winners. That competition,
have Co-Presidents, so if there are several of you who could        held earlier in the year and chaired by Dr. Gail McDonald, was
possibly share this job, please let the Nominating Committee        judged by Chaira Selby. Participating teachers were Patricia
(Thanh Vo, Hsiu-Hui Wang, and Helen Weems) know! I                  Blanchard, Hui-Yen Chang, Mei-Yu Lin and June Miller.
will continue to help out in whatever way I can.                    The newly elected officers of PGMTA for 2007-2009 are:
                                                                    Ann Matteson, President, Ellen Sakai, Vice President, Mei-
Congratulations to Larissa Karp Sanders on the birth of Katherine
                                                                    Yu Lin, Corr. Sec., Linda Head, Rec. Sec., Shirley Smith,
Grace Sanders, born on April 10 and to Lisa(Rehwoldt) and
                                                                    Treasurer, June Miller, Historian,
Andrew Wasyluszko on the birth of their boy, Roman Gregory
Wasyluszko, born on Wednesday, May 16.                              These officers were elected at the final meeting of the year,
                                                                    May 24, at Ann Matteson’s home. We finished off the year
                          Katherine Stansbery, President            with our traditional - and yummy - potluck lunch.
                                                                                     Linda Head, Former President, PGMTA

                                                                                MSMTA NEWS
Greater Columbia Music Teachers ended a wonderful year                                  MSMTA WEBSITE
with our Spring Competition and High School Award events            Montgomery County is asking if this is possible:
in April. Thanks to all the chairs of our events this year:         MSMTA has a “hosting account” at a company named
Debbie Bondhus, Olga Kuperstein, Alla Merport, David                Globat. As part of their hosting account, MSMTA
Holmes, Kay Patterson, Gina Eichman, Constance Fischel              can have an unlimited number of sub-domains (like
and Douglas Guiles. I hope I haven’t left anyone out!               mcmta.msmta.org or mtab.msmta.org) for a small yearly
One new project this year was to enter the role of benefactor       fee of $19.95 and permits unlimited subdomains as shown
to a music program at an inner-city Baltimore school, Samuel        above.                                         John Ralph
Coleridge Taylor Elementary School. We donated $800 to the                                      MSMTA Website Administrator
schools string program to be used for instruments, music, or
other musical needs, and are quite impressed with the teacher.          MSMTA SLATE OF NEWLY ELECTED
This was a big decision, and we hope that this decision will               OFFICERS FOR 2007-2009
not put us into any financial straits! GCMTA has been for           Vice President for Membership: ............ Marina Ovtcharenko
some years a benefactor of other local musical programs, but        Vice President for Publications: ...... Deborah White-Bondhus
this was a big leap. Many thanks to Constance Fischel, who          Vice President for Student Activities:............ Richard Hartzell
drew the opportunity to our attention.                              Vice President for Finance:........................Claudette Horwitz
                                   Helen Weems, President           Recording Secretary:.................................. Kathryn Stansbery

     Please email all notices and                 PLEASE UPDATE THE FOLLOWING MEMBER
     copy for inclusion in the
     September MSMTA newsletter                      INFORMATION IN YOUR DIRECTORY
     by August 25, 2007, to:
                                                                        Thank you,
                                                                                 Richard Hartzell, VP Membership
     or mail to:
       Deborah White-Bondhus
       MSMTA Newsletter Editor
       10637 Green Mountain Circle                             WELCOME NEW MEMBERS
       Columbia, MD 21044-2336
                                                 Florence Ahn                       Carlos Fagundo
     The MSMTA Newsletter                        13910 Shannon Avenue               1178 Rose Arbor Court
     is published bi-monthly by                                                     Charlottesville, VA 22901
                                                 Laurel, MD 20707
     the Maryland State Music
     Teachers Association, Inc.                  (301) 466-1775                     (804) 365-8971
                                                 florence.ahn@utoronto.ca           caf613@yahoo.com
     Circulation: 725
                                                 Piano                              Piano

       Tsai Chen Lee                             Kathleen McWilliams                Justine Miller
       4835 Cordell Avenue, Apt. 820             10013 Gable Manor Court            5012 Bangor Drive
       Bethesda, MD 20814                        Potomac, MD 20854                  Kensington, MD 20895
       (626) 757-5848                            (301) 983-8232                     (202) 487-0548
       music_janet@hotmail.com                   kfm6@verizon.net                   justinemmiller@yahoo.com
       Music Education, Piano                    Piano                              Trumpet

                               OTHER ORGANIZATIONS
       SKILLS FOR GRADES 5 AND 6                                          AND PIANO COMPETITION
Regina Di Medio Marrazza and Andrew Luse, instructors           The William Garrison Festival and Piano Competition
 Sundays, Sept. 30, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, Dec. 16, 2007 and         under the auspices of the Baltimore-Washington Chapter
       Jan. 20, Feb. 24, March 30, April 13, 2008               of the American Liszt Society will take place September
                     3:30-5:30 p.m.                             14 through 16 at College of Notre Dame in Baltimore, MD.
   Music Center at Strathmore, Education Room 402
                                                                The weekend consists of three competitions, American
              Tuition: $320 (eight classes)
                                                                Pianist, Young Artist, and Collaborative Pianist, master
Strathmore’s Education program will initiate “Crescendo,” a     classes, lectures, panels, recitals and the gala concert
series geared towards the curious and serious intermediate-     featuring Ann Schein and Earl Carlyss. For further
level instrumental musician. Individuals who complete the       information please visit the Festival website at
interview/audition process will participate in 8 monthly        www.garrisonpianocompetition.org
“musical enrichment” Sunday afternoons. The program
include student ensemble performances, critiques, and
                                                                Mann Music Center. Marrazza was the director of the Levine
discussions on how to prepare for a performance. Eligible
                                                                School of Music, MD campus until 2005, and is presently
students must have studied an instrument for at least
                                                                the staff accompanist at the Department of Performing Arts
two years. Regina Di Medio Marrazza enjoys a multi-
                                                                at American University.
faceted career as a pianist, accompanist, teacher and arts
administrator. As a solo pianist, she has performed with the    Auditions will be held June 10 & September 9, 2007. For
Philadelphia Orchestra at the Academy of Music and at the       more information, email bscott@strathmore.org.