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					Levi’s Jeans
Fitting your (life)style

 Amit Goel     Iravati Hingne
 Brian Kang    Kristen Karas
 Divye Rawat   Rebecca Kattleman
Business Situation Analysis
 Saturating jeans market
 Rapidly changing consumer
                                                                                            Declining Sales
 Increasing competition
 Weak brand identity

                                                                         North America Sales
                                                                             $2.53      $2.54

                                                  $2.50                                            $2.47

                              Sales ($ Billion)




                                                          2005            2006       2007       2008       2009
Business Objective
   Increase sales
   Increase market share of target segment
   Rejuvenate the brand and associate it with a strong
    brand identity
   Encourage switching behavior from competitor brands
Proposed Positioning


        Fleeting/ Trendy                               Lasting/ Classic


• Consistent and clear positioning as ‘Classic’ jeans that are accessible in terms of
reach, style, size and price
• Captures consumer’s aspirations during their transitory phase
• Provides sustainable competitive advantage due to strong heritage
Positioning Statement

“For style-conscious transitionals who are in between frivolous
fashion & boring basics, Levi’s is a brand of jeans whose
enduring story lets you know your style will last as well, while
still being relevant and accessible.
Strategic Value Customer
Customer Insight:
 Men and women (25-40 years) transitioning from self centered
  lifestyle to a more responsible phase comprising of career, family
  and responsibilities.
 They would be a loyal customer for life – once the connection is

Category Motivation:
 Look for casual clothing that is more classic, elegant, and relevant
  and one which symbolizes independence and maturity.
 Aspire to look stylish at the same time functional.

Relevance of Levi’s:
 History of innovation leading to trust.
 Brand that transitioned during various phases of American history.
Marketing Objective & Challenge

Objective                          Challenge
• Increase sales.                  • Make Levi’s the brand of choice
• Create an intelligent, mature      for SVC.
  persona that transitionals       • Instill belief in Levi’s new brand
  aspire to become.                  identity and persona.
• Refresh brand image while        • Remind customers of the
  preserving    Levi’s    iconic     heritage and quality unique to
Communication Goal

Make customers believe that Levi’s will be their
classically stylish partner during and after the
transitory phase of their lives.
 Remind SVCs about Levi’s heritage and the
  transitory times the brand has endured.
 Emphasize product relevance (style, comfort, size).
 Create opportunities to experience the brand.
Media Plan
Integrated Mkt. Comm. Flow Chart
Media Selection
Spending by Medium

                     Source: Benecol & DMI Case
Selection Process

              Source: Benecol & DMI Case, Data from Class instructor
AVO: Since 1853, Levi’s jeans have been there for all of America’s milestones.
AVO: The California Gold Rush,
AVO: the Roaring Twenties,
AVO: the end of the Second World War,
AVO: Woodstock,
AVO: the Internet age,
AVO: and the election of Obama.
AVO: Levi’s has experienced it all alongside us.
AVO: As you transition through the many stages of your life, Levi’s will be there for you too.
Levi’s Jeans: Fitting your (life)style since 1853.

      AVO: Levi’s Jeans: Fitting your (life)style since 1853.
Print Advertisements
Print Ad #1
Print Ad #2
You’re Invited
       What: Levi’s and Lingerie, a Fitting Event
       Where: Macy’s on Main Street
       When: August 28, 2010 from 1:00-5:00pm
       Why: Women always have a tough time finding
       well-fitting jeans and bras. Macy’s is offering a
       complimentary fitting session for our most
       valued customers. Find the jeans and bras that
       fit your body and your lifestyle.
Measurement Techniques
Brand Awareness & Interest
 Levi’s website visit frequency and duration
 Facebook fan count and page visits
 Customers surveys and enquiries at
    ◦ POS
    ◦ Online
   Click through Rate on search engine
 Store traffic before and after the start of ad
 Sales before, during and after the ad
 Coupons redemption rate
Impact of Positioning Decision
   Contemporary and classy styles only; might require reorganization
    of existing product lines
   Large selection in terms of styles, sizes and fabric might mean a
    higher inventory
   Affordable price points might require procurement and process
   Multiple retail channel partnerships

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