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Engles Farm Greenhouses Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name 4


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									                                                                    Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                   4/12/2011
                                                              Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name    Name        Variety                                          Description
                                         A beautiful smaller maple shade tree. Bears attractively three lobed, ivy-like
                                         leaves with deep green coloring for unique foliage texture. Fall color is a
                                         vibrant burgundy red. Branches attractive in winter with interesting exfoliating
Acer                                     bark. Ideal accent tree for smaller sites.. Deciduous. Full sun. Fast growing 20
buergerianum     Maple   Trident         to 30 feet tall and about 20 feet wide.
                                         Height & spread 25-30 feet. Globular form. Small dark green leaves. Yellow
                                         fall color. Low height & slow growing makes excellent residential use. Sun.
Acer Campestre Maple     Hedge           Suitable as a large hedge.
                                         Height 35-45 feet, spread 30-40 feet. Upright, uniform habit. Outstanding
Acer freemanii   Maple   Celebration     compact tree. Red fall color turns gold. Seedless.
                                         Height and spread 15-20 feet. Small, dense form. Yellowish, white fragrant
                                         flowers in spring. Fiery red fall color. Slow growing and very cold hardy.
                                         Tolerates dry and alkaline soils. Grows well in shade and adapts to
                                         containers. Recommended street tree for under utility lines, between streets
Acer ginnala     Maple   Flame           and sidewalks.
                                         Ht. 20-30', spread 15-20'. Upright oval form. Slow grower. Cinnamon colored
                                         exfoliating bark at young age. Red fall color. Adaptable to acid or alkaline
                                         soils. Needs good drainage. Great for limited spaces or low clearance. Year
Acer griseum     Maple   Paperbark       round tree.
                         Fernleaf        Small tree growing 15 feet. Multi-divided and deeply cut leaves offering a fern
Acer japonicum Maple     Japanese Green like appearance. Spectacular scarlet red shades in the fall.
                                         Height 40 feet, spread 25 feet. Dark green exquisite foliage and interesting
                                         dark gray corky bark. Excellent ornamental character and good adaptability to
                                         a broad range of conditions. Very tolerant of heat, drought, salt and pollution.
Acer miyabei     Maple   State Street    Can be used as a shade or street tree.
                                         The deciduous foliage is dark, black-red in spring washing out some in the
                         Atrolineare Red summer. Leaves are very narrow and string like. Fall color is brilliant red.
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese        Grows to 12 feet high by 10 feet wide.
                                         In spring, foliage is brilliant scarlet-red. The leaves are irregular and small.
                         Beni Maiko Red Deciduous plant forms a bush-style, maturing at 6 feet. Good for containers
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese        and patio plants.

                         Beni Shichihenge
                         Variegated       Deciduous small tree that matures to 6-8 feet. The foliage is similar to that of
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese         the „Butterfly‟ Japanese Maple but the markings are orange rather than pink.
                                          Considered the most popular upright maples. New growth is brilliant reddish
                         Bloodgood Red purple and holds its color through summer. Moderate grower to 15 feet tall
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese         and wide.
                         Chitoseyama      Deciduous small tree that grows up to 10 feet. A cascading plant that offers
                         Weeping Purple- purple-red deeply divided leaves that turn bronze green in the summer and
Acer palmatum    Maple   Red Japanese     bright crimson in the fall.

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                                                                    Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                   4/12/2011
                                                              Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name    Name        Variety                                          Description
                                           Outstanding spring and summer red foliage, turning scarlet in fall. A low
                         Crimson Queen     branching dwarf tree with a delicate weeping effect. Heat resistant. Will grow
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese          to 10-12 feet in width, 10 feet high.
                         Crimson Queen
                         Red Laceleaf   Outstanding spring and summer red foliage, turning scarlet in fall. Truly a
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese       showpiece landscape specimen. Will grow to 10-15 feet in width.
                                        A deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 6 feet high by 9 feet wide.
                         Filigree Green The foliage is a yellow green with a white mid-vein in every leaf. The fall color
Acer palmatum    Maple   Dwarf Japanese is gold.

                                           Foliage is a red-orange like the name implies. Aggressive grower, will grow
                         Garnet Red        up to 3 feet per year with heavy fertilization. Deciduous plant matures at 10
Acer palmatum    Maple   Laceleaf          feet.

                                        With its delicate foliage, small crown, and naturally artistic form, it creates an
Acer palmatum    Maple   Green Japanese oriental effect in any garden Fall colors are inspiring in their brilliance.

                         Inaba-shidare     Upright form with weeping branches. Deeply cut, burgundy foliage. Full sun to
Acer palmatum    Maple   Red Laceleaf      part shade. Height 8 feet, spread 7 feet.
                                           A deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 6 feet. A dwarf red leaf that
Acer palmatum    Maple   Pixie Red         offers the color of „Bloodgood‟. Red fall color.

                         Red Dragon Red Deciduous shrub or small tree that grows up to 10 feet. Red dragon is the
                         Laceleaf       ultimate laceleaf. The spring color is Christmas-red fading back to deep
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese       purple-red. It holds its color well during the summer. Crimson fall color.
                                        Graceful deciduous tree displaying star-like leaves which hold an excellent
                                        reddish-purple coloring. Foliage makes an outstanding contrast with green
                         Red Leaf Jap.  leaved plants. Brilliant red fall color. Filtered sun. Moderately growing, open-
Acer palmatum    Maple   Maple          branched small tree to 18 feet, equal spread.
                                        A deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 6 feet. A dwarf linear lobum
                         Red Pygmy      type with red or bright red-maroon lace-like leaves that deepen into a more
Acer palmatum    Maple   Dwarf Japanese purplish tone in late summer.
                                        A deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 20 feet. The coral bark
                                        maple is known for its bright coral colored bark. The leaves are a bright tone
Acer palmatum    Maple   Sango Kaku     of green turning to gold in the fall.
                                        A deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 12 feet. This is a small round
                         Seiryu Green   headed tree with gracefully held finely cut foliage. The foliage is bright green
                         Laceleaf       through spring and summer and a golden yellow with orange-red tones in the
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese       fall.

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                                                                    Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                    4/12/2011
                                                              Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name    Name        Variety                                       Description
                                           This is an outstanding miniature maple. Small, regular leaves on a compact,
                                           densely branched, rounded shrub. Turns a deep red in the fall. One of the
                                           most attractive dwarf maples. Useful in a variety of landscape situations.
Acer palmatum    Maple   Sharp's Pygmy     Average mature height 3 feet.

                                           Graceful, ornamental deciduous tree with with lacy, finely divided foliage that
                         Tamukeyama        emerges deep crimson red and matures to a dark purplish-red in summer and
                         Laceleaf          fall. Ideal for container, accent or specimen use. Height 15 feet, spread 10-12
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese          feet.
                                           Deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at about 6 feet. The basic leaf
                                           color is purple-red to greenish-red, variegated with pink and white markings.
                                           Some leaves are completely pink when they first open in spring. Does best in
Acer palmatum    Maple   Toyama Nishiki    shade.
                                           This vigorous, upright, red tree develops an unusually columnar habit that fits
                                           into smaller spaces. Dramatic red color all season long, and after they drop,
                         Twombly's Red     the branches continue the colorful display. They darken to a deep, warm red
Acer palmatum    Maple   Sentinel          that stands out against the grays and whites of winter.
                                           A deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 6 to 7 feet. Most of the
                                           leaves are marked in varying degrees by white and pink spots, sometimes
                                           emerging into large areas. Some leaves are totally white or pink. This plant
Acer palmatum    Maple   Ukigumo           will take full sun.

                         Viridis Green
                         Laceleaf          Deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 6 feet. A green dissectum with
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese          orange fall color. There is no red that will give you this nice of a fall color.
                         Waterfall Green
                         Laceleaf          Deeply cut, green foliage. Fall colors are yellow and scarlet. Forms a
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese          rounded mass. Full sun to part shade. Height 5 feet, spread 7 feet.
                                           A deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 6 feet. Light green leaves
                                           with a red overtone on the new growth. Fall color is yellow. Foliage is
Acer palmatum    Maple   Villa Taranto     „Linearlobum‟ type leaf form

                         Fireglow Red      Deciduous shrub or small tree that matures at 15 feet. The tree offers new
Acer palmatum    Maple   Japanese          bright red foliage, not a purple tone like most. Bright red fall color.
                                           Ht. 30-40‟, spread 30'. Dense, round form. Maroon foliage all summer. Yellow
                         Crimson King      flowers. Moderate growth rate, producing dense shade.The most popular of
Acer platanoides Maple   Norway            all red-leafed Norways. Full Sun.

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                                                                        Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                   4/12/2011
                                                                  Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name      Name          Variety                                          Description
                                              Ht. 20-25‟, spread 15'. Narrow, compact, upright, columnar variety. Dark
                              Crimson Sentry purple leaves produce a dense wall when grouped together. Slow growing.
Acer platanoides Maple        Norway          Ideal for street plantings.
                                              Height 50-60', spread 40-50'. New foliage is bright red, turning to a vivid dark
                                              green. Vigorous grower with a straight central leader. Evenly branched
Acer platanoides Maple        Deborah Norway crown. Form is broadly oval to round.
                                              Height 30-40', spread 30'. Dark maroon foliage retains color throughout the
Acer platanoides Maple        Royal Red       growing season. Smaller than other Norways. Full sun.
                              Autumn          Height 30-60 feet spread 40 feet. Open rounded form. Consistent red
Acer rubrum         Maple     Radiance Red    coloring throughout the tree two weeks earlier into fall.
                                              Broadly columnar form. Consistently beautiful red fall color. Height 50 feet
Acer rubrum         Maple     Autumn Spire    spread 25-30 feet.
                                              Ht. 50-60', spread 40'. Dense, rounded form. Medium green, glossy foliage
                              October Glory   brilliant red in the fall. Colors change with weather conditions. Holds leaves
Acer rubrum         Maple     Red             late for extended color.
                                              Rapid growing that develops a broad, oval canopy. Distinctive fire-like orange-
Acer                                          red autumn foliage.Plant in full sun. Mature height 50-70 feet, spread 40-45
saccharinum         Maple     Bonfire Sugar   feet.
                                              Height 70 feet, spread 40 feet. Deciduous tree with a dense, upright crown
Acer                          Green Mountain and large broadly ovate, mid-green leaves. Foliage turns brilliant orange to
saccharinum         Maple     Sugar           red and yellow in the fall.
                                              Height 30 feet, spread 20-30 feet. Upright, rounded form. Dark green glossy
                                              leaves with early fall color of yellow-orange to bright red. Hybrid between
Acer truncatum Maple          Pacific Sunset  platanoides and truncatum.
                                              Colorful red stems. Thick green leaves and consistent red-orange fall color
                                              makes this a very useful tree for the yard. Persistent samaras occurring in
                                              June are a brilliant red. Handsome small tree. Average height 20 feet,
Acer truncatum Maple          Pattern Perfect spread 15-20 feet.
                                              Height 35 feet, spread 25-30 feet. Flowers are yellow-red 6” spikes at the end
Aesculus x          Horseches                 of branches. Dark green, shiny leaves turn vivid maroon-red in fall. Prefers
arnoldiana          tnut      Autumn Splendor moist fertile soils. Very attractive ornament hybrid.
                                              Ht. 40-50‟, spread 30‟. Broad, rounded, dense shade tree. Dark rosy-red 10”
Aesculus x          Horseches                 flowers bloom late spring to early summer. Prefers deep, well-drained soils
carnea              tnut      Briottii Red    but widely adaptable to soil types.
                                              Ht. 40-50‟, spread 30‟. Rounded, dense crown at maturity. Upright, dark pink
Aesculus x          Horseches                 panicles 6-8"; consistent bloomer in late spring. Foliage remains a dark green
carnea              tnut      Ft. McNair Red until dropping.
                                              Fast growing to form a broad crown and height of 35 feet. Adapted across a
                                              wide range. Best grown in full sun and droughty, high pH soils. A fine
Albizia julibrissin Mimosa    Mimosa          textured tree.

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                                                                         Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                                   Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name             Variety                                       Description

                                              Dense, upright form, green mildew resistant foliage. Small white
Amelanchier      Serviceber                   flowers.Foliage turns a brilliant red, orange and yellow in the fall. Excellent
canadensis       ry         Rainbow Pillar    for hedging or screen planting. Height 20 feet, spread 8-10 feet.
Amelanchier      Serviceber                   White flowers in spring. Superb autumn color. Sun to shade. North
canadensis       ry         Serviceberry      American native. Attracts birds. Height 6-8 feet.
                                              Ht. 20-30', spread 15-20'. Oval form. New foliage bronze turning
Amelanchier      Serviceber Snowcloud         to dark green. Heavy clusters of white flowers produce purple-blackberries.
laevis           ry         Allegheny         Bright coppery-orange to red fall color.
                                              Height 20-25', spread 15-20'. Fast growing and heavily branching. Reaches
Amelanchier x    Serviceber                   mature size early. Bright red fall color. Edible purplish-black fruit. Full sun to
grandiflora      ry         Autumn Brilliance partial shade.
                                              Ht. 20-25', spread 15-20'. Leathery dark green leaves are clean and robust.
Amelanchier x    Serviceber Forest Prince     Clear white flowers along the entire stems. Heavy bloomer. Abundant edible
grandiflora      ry         Apple             red fruit. Orange-red fall color.
                                              Clouds of pink & white fragrant blooms in the spring. Brilliant red & yellow fruit
Apple/Semi-                                   in the fall. Attractive deep green foliage all summer. On 1 tree, there are
Dwarf            Apple      4-N-1             varieties best for eating, baking, cooking and sauces.
                                              Large late season apple. Distinctive dark red skin, high quality fruit. Use
Apple/Semi-                                   Eating or cooking. Excellent storage life. Requires pollinizer, suggest Yellow
Dwarf            Apple      Arkansas Black Delicious, Granny Smith.
                                              The unique taste is similar to a pear, very sweet and juicy. The apples are a
                                              beautiful golden yellow with a pink blush. Very disease resistant. Has an
Apple/Semi-                                   exceptionally long storage life, up to 4 months after harvest! Pollinate with
Dwarf            Apple      Candy Crisp       Red Jonathan. Ripens in early October.
                                              Dark red with underlaid stripes. Crisp, tender, juicy flesh stays white after
                                              cutting. Good for salads, cider, and cooking. Consistent vigorous heavy
Apple/Semi-                                   producer. Pollinate with Red McIntosh, Delicious, or Red Jonathan. Winter
Dwarf            Apple      Cortland          hardy. Early to mid-season bloomer.

                                                Striking bright red skin with dusky film. Flesh is creamy, crisp, and juicy sweet
Apple/Semi-                                     with a hint of McIntosh flavor. Aromatic. Excellent eating apple. Suggest
Dwarf            Apple       Empire             Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Red or Golden Del , or Northern Spy as pollinizer.
                                                Large, bright red fruit on pale yellow background. Flesh is juicy, crisp, and
                                                good for eating and baking. Ripens with Red Delicious. Suggest
Apple/Semi-                                     Empire,Honeycrisp, Northern Spy, Rome, Red or Golden Delicious as
Dwarf            Apple       Freedom            pollinizer.
                                                Produces a red-striped, yellow-skinned fruit with crisp, firm flesh, good for
Apple/Semi-                                     fresh eating. Ripens late October. Semi-Dwarf. Requires pollinizer, suggest
Dwarf            Apple       Fuji               Gala

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                                                                    Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                   4/12/2011
                                                              Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name          Variety                                     Description
                                           Orange-red strain having produced red stripes. Ripens early Sept. Crisp,
                                           aromatic flavor. Superior for eating or cooking. Med. Size. Bears at young
Apple/Semi-                                age. Requires pollinizer, suggests Yellow Delicious. Mid to late bloom
Dwarf            Apple    Gala             season.
                                           Medium oblong fruit with flat base.Bright gldn yellow color when ripe. Flesh is
                                           crisp, creamy colored with a spicy, aromatic flavor. Superior dessert quality.
Apple/Semi-                                Exc for juice and cider. A good pollinator. Self fertile but crop improves with
Dwarf            Apple    Grimes Golden    pollinator.

                                           Nearly solid red apple with white, crisp, fine-grained, aromatic flesh. An all-
Apple/Semi-                                purpose apple with a balanced, tangy flavor and good crisp texture. Blooms
dwarf            Apple    Ida Red          early, but ripens mid-October. Excellent keeper, improves in storage.
                                           Vigorous trees bear heavy crops of Jonathan-like fruit with a bit less acid.
Apple/Semi-                                Harvest mid-September. Bred to resist disease for easier care. Best
Dwarf            Apple    Jonafree         pollinators: GoldRush or Enterprise.
                                           Large attractive apple-yellow with red blush stripes. Rich, honeyed, almost
Apple/Semi-                                aromatic flavor. Crisp and juicy. Delicious for eating fresh and baking.
Dwarf            Apple    Jonagold         Requires pollinator other than Golden Delicious.

                                           The Jonathon apple tree produces a medium sized apple with a bright red
Apple/Semi-                                blush and crisp, juicy yellowish/white flesh. Very aromatic and considerd one
Dwarf            Apple    Jonathan         of the best crisp apples. Excellent in pies and for snacking.
                                           Red skin. Medium tart, high quality eating and cooking apple. Flesh crisp,
Apple/Semi-                                juicy and sprightly. Early heavy bearer. Scab free and highly disease
Dwarf            Apple    Liberty          resistant. Requires pollinizer, suggest Lodi.
Apple/Semi-                                Yellow skin. Ripens in mid-July. Very early, crisp and tart. Good for pies and
dwarf            Apple    Lodi             sauce. Requires pollinizer, suggest Liberty.
                                           Macoun apples are an apple that is extra sweet, aromatic, juicy with a hint of
Apple/Semi-                                crunch. Flesh is white, firm, and juicy. Mid season bloom period. Pollinates
Dwarf            Apple    Macoun           early to late blooming varieties.

Apple/Semi-                                One of the most favored apples anywhere. Fruit produced is a sweet yet tart
Dwarf            Apple    McIntosh         apple with very juicy, soft white flesh. Excellent for eating and sauces
                                           Large yellowish apple with light red striping. Cream colored flesh with juicy,
                                           crisp, rich, aromatic flavor. Excellent for eating fresh and cooking. Tree is
Apple/Semi-                                large with an upright growth habit. Requires pollinizer, suggest Yellow
Dwarf            Apple    Northern Spy     Delicious

Apple/Semi-                                Beautiful red dessert apple. Ripens in late Sept. Compact and early coloring.
Dwarf            Apple    Red Delicious    Requires pollinizer, suggest Yellow Delicious. Mid to late bloom season.

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                                                                        Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                    4/12/2011
                                                                 Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name      Name         Variety                                        Description
                                             Red pin stripes over red. Cream colored, firm flesh. Ripens late October with
                                             Granny Smith. Very aromatic flavor. Stores well. Excellent for cooking and
Apple/Semi-                                  eating. Bears at a young age. Pollinate with any mid to late-season bloomer,
Dwarf             Apple     Red Fuji         suggest Granny Smith.
                                             Deep red strain of Jonathan. Flesh is white, juicy, spicy and tangy. Excellent
Apple/Semi-                                  for eating, cider, and keeps well. Requires pollinizer, suggest Yellow
Dwarf             Apple     Red Jonathan     Delicious. Mid-season bloomer.
                                             A red sport of McIntosh. Ripens mid-September. Excellent flavor with white
Apple/Semi-                                  fragrant flesh. Very hardy. All-purpose apple. Requires pollinizer, suggest
Dwarf             Apple     Red McIntosh     Red Jonathan. Early to mid-season bloomer.
                            Red Rome         Medium to large fruit is solid deep red with a rounded shape with flat base.
Apple/Semi-                 Beauty (Law      Flesh is a pale cream color with a mild flavor. Passable for cooking.
Dwarf             Apple     Strain)          Predominantly used for processing.
                                             Medium to large dark red apple with at green-yellow skin. One of the crispest
                                             winter apples. Moderately tart, wine-like flavor. Excellent eating & cooking.
Apple/Semi-                 Red Stayman      Ripens mid-October. Requires pollination suggest Golden Delicious, Granny
Dwarf             Apple     Winesap          Smith & Rome.
                                             A medium to large yellow green apple with mottled red stripes. Flesh is firm,
                                             crisp, yellow and aromatic. Flavor is somewhat spicy. Excellent for sauce and
Apple/Semi-                                  pies, cider and fresh
Dwarf             Apple     Smokehouse       eating.
                                             One of the oldest varieties. Large fruit is flat, oblate, greenish-yellow with
                                             pinkish red stripes. Ripens in early July. Excellent for sauce, and as it ripens
Apple/Semi-                                  further, a good eating apple.Tree is vigorous and resistant to disease. Dolga
Dwarf             Apple     Summer Rambo as pollinator.
                                             Medium to large yellow apple with blush. Flesh is fine grained, crisp, with very
Apple/Semi-                                  rich subacid flavor. Great for deserts. Excellent pollinator for Red Delicious.
Dwarf             Apple     Winter Banana    Tree is healthy and vigorous with spreading growth habit.
                                             Golden yellow skin. Ripens late Sept. A world wide favorite. All purpose
Apple/Semi-                                  apple. Sweet, full flavored, outstanding dessert qualities. Self fertile. Good
Dwarf             Apple     Yellow Delicious pollinator. Mid to late blooming variety.
                                             Tastes like a banana! Eat in hand as fresh fruit or use for desserts. Pest
                                             free. Likes neutral soil. Plant two varieties for proper pollination. Fruit ripens
Asimina triloba   Paw Paw   Paw Paw          in late September.
                                             Height 40-50 feet, spread 20 feet. Pyramidal to broad oval form with age.
                                             Yellow fall color. Creamy colored white bark that exfoliates, becoming
                            Heritage (River interesting with age. Moist or dry soils. Requires a fairly acid pH. Rapid
Betula nigra      Birch     Birch)           growing once established.

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                                                                      Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                 4/12/2011
                                                                Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name          Variety                                        Description
                                            Height 40-50 feet, spread 20 feet. Pyramidal to broad oval form with age.
                                            Yellow fall color. Creamy colored white bark that exfoliates, becoming
                          Heritage (River interesting with age. Moist or dry soils. Requires a fairly acid pH. Rapid
Betula nigra     Birch    Birch) Clump of 2 growing once established.
                                            Fast growing paper white birch displaying white bark. Pyramidal in shape.
Betula                    Renaissance       Yellow fall color. Superior bronze birch borer resistance. Extremely heat
papyrifera       Birch    Reflection Paper resistant. Height 50-70 feet, spread 15-20 feet.
                                            Height 30-40 feet, spread 15-20 feet. Attractive all season burgundy red
Betula                    Royal Frost ( 3   foliage contrasts nicely with the creamy white exfoliating bark. Grown in a
populifolia      Birch    clump)            sunny location, it can also tolerate moist, heavy soils.
                                            Height 30-40 feet, spread 15-20 feet. Attractive all season burgundy red
Betula                    Royal Frost (2    foliage contrasts nicely with the creamy white exfoliating bark. Grown in a
populifolia      Birch    clump)            sunny location, it can also tolerate moist, heavy soils.
                                            Height 30-35 feet, spread 15-20 feet. Narrow, pyramidal form. Chalk white
Betula                                      bark. Glossy dark green leaves turn yellow in fall. Does well in poor soils.
populifolia      Birch    Whitespire        Good in naturalized settings. Full sun.
                                            Height 30-35 feet, spread 15-20 feet. Narrow, pyramidal form. Chalk white
Betula                    Whitespire        bark. Glossy dark green leaves turn yellow in fall. Does well in poor soils.
populifolia      Birch    (Clump) of 2      Good in naturalized settings. Full sun.
                                            Height 8-10 feet, spread 6-8 feet. Top grafted pendulous weeper. Foliage is
Caragana                                    very fine and deeply cut, giving it a ferny appearance. Light green in color.
arborescens      Peashrub Walkeri           Abundant yellow pea-like flowers. Tolerates dry soils.
                                            Height 8-10 feet, spread 6-8 feet. Extremely cold hardy interesting
                                            ornamental. Top grafted weeper. Light green leaves. Bright yellow flowers
Caragana                  Weeping           mid-May on previous year‟s wood. Adapts to containers and small spaces.
arborescens      Peashrub Siberian          Tolerates dry alkaline soils.
                                            Height 20 feet, spread 10-15 feet. Rounded, dense, slow growing habit.
Carpinus                  European          Leaves are prominently produced at the ends of the branches. Yellow fall
betulus          Hornbeam Globosa           color.

Carpinus                  European            Height 8-10 feet. A pendulous form of European hornbeam with a formal
betulus          Hornbeam Pendula             growth habit. Yellow fall color. Good for low clearance and small spaces.
                                              European selection that is more columnar than other varieties. Does not tend
Carpinus                                      to broaden at the base with age. Good for narrow areas and screening.
betulus          Hornbeam Frans Fontaine      Height 30 feet, spread 10 feet.

                                              Height 25-30 feet, spread 20 feet. Dense, rounded form with smooth sinuous
Carpinus                                      bluish-gray bark. Slow grower. Branches are spreading and arching at the
caroliniana      Hornbeam American            tips. Yellow-orange fall color. An excellent tree for small areas.

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                                                                        Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                                  Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name           Variety                                         Description
                                               The best bonsai choice among the hornbeams because of its tiny leaves and
                                               tight internodes. Leaves often develop an almost geometric pattern of
Carpinus                                       autumn colors. Strong drought resistant root system. Excellent ornamental
coreana          Hornbeam Korean               features.
                                               Ht 20-30 ft, spread 25 ft. Small tree grown for its attractive foliage. Leaves
                                               are serrated, strongly veined and deep green. Branches form a distinctive
Carpinus                                       fanlike pattern. Prominent fruit bracts and good red fall color. Interesting gray
japonica         Hornbeam Japanese             fluted bark.

Carya illinoensis Pecan      Hardy Pecan
                                          Ht 25 ft. Dense globe shape.Unique med sized tree which adds a bold accent
                                          color. Large 4”, velvety soft, bright yellow leaves have a lime green tint by late
Catalpa                                   summer. White, fragrant flowers in July. Suitable for all well-drained soils.
bignonioides     Catalpa   Aurea (Golden) Full sun.
                                          Height 25 feet. A small, pyramidal round-headed tree. Rose-pink to white
Catalpa                                   flowers with purple and yellow markings inside. Dark green ovate leaves.
bignonioides     Catalpa   Bungei         Prefers full sun.
                                          A conical coniferous tree, later becoming more open, with fissured, silvery
                                          gray bark. Produces sharply pointed, glaucous blue foliage, silvery white at
                           Blue Atlas     first. The plant bears 2½" - 4" female cones. The plant matures at 60 feet
Cedrus atlantica Cedar     Glauca         high, by 20-30 feet wide
                                          Bluish-green short needles. Distinct weeping branches. Matures at a trained
                           Weeping Blue   height. Very strong grower. Sun to partial shade. Prefers well drained soil
Cedrus atlantica Cedar     Atlas          conditions. Very heat and drought tolerant.
                                          Height 30-40 feet, spread 30 feet. Rounded, open form. Moderate to rapid
                                          grower. Elm-like foliage, leaves 2-6 inches long. Distinct, warty, gray bark.
Celtis                                    Very hardy. Tolerates dry, alkaline soils and windy conditions. Red berries
occidentalis     Hackberry Hackberry      attract birds.
                                          Ht 40-50', spread 30'. Pyramidal in youth, full and dense even as a young
                                          tree. Heart shaped blue-green leaves. Yellow-orange fall color brings a
Cercidiphyllum                            cinnamon-sugar scent. Slow grower, trouble free tree. Prefers rich, moist,
japonicum        Katsura   Katsura        slightly acid soils.
                                          Height 15-30 feet, spread 12-15 feet. Small irregular tree with ascending
                                          branches and open form. Reddish-purple buds open to pure white flowers.
Cercis                     Alba White     Emerging heart-shaped leaves are a distinct lime-green color. Full sun to
canadensis       Redbud    Flowering      partial shade.
                                          Height 20-30 feet, spread 20-25 feet. Small, irregular tree with ascending
                                          branches and open form. Reddish-purple buds, open to purple-pink blooms.
                                          One of the earliest bloomers. Flowers often produced on old trunks. Heart
Cercis                                    shaped leaves. Yellow fall color. Adapts to acidic or alkaline soils. Full sun
canadensis       Redbud    Eastern Redbud to partial shade.

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                                                                      Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                        4/12/2011
                                                                Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name        Variety                                          Description

                                         Height 15-30', spread 12-15'. Small irregular tree with ascending branches
Cercis                    Eastern Redbud and open form. Reddish-purple buds open to purple-pink blooms. Flowers
canadensis       Redbud   (clump)        often produced on old trunks. Yellow fall color. Full sun to partial shade.
                                         Height 20-30 feet spread 30 feet. Spreading, often multi-stemmed, deciduous
Cercis                                   tree.Dark red-purple, heart-shaped leaves. Purple flowers in early spring.Full
canadensis       Redbud   Forest Pansy   sun to part shade.
                                         A unique weeping, twisting, dwarf red-bud growing to only 5-7 feet. The tree
                                         is hardy and branches eventually zigzag through-out enhancing winter
Cercis                    Weeping        interest. A vigorous grower with large dark green leaves that layer the
canadensis       Redbud   Lavender Twist canopy.

Chamacyparis                                 A columnar, coniferous tree with brown-gray bark, peeling in large plates.
nootkatensis              Weeping            The plants main leader goes straight up as all terminal branches bow out.
pendula       Cypress     Alaskan            Matures at 60 feet high by 25 feet wide.
Chamaecyparis                                A columnar, coniferous tree with brown-gray bark, peeling in large plates.The
nootkatensis                                 plants main leader goes straight up as all terminal branches bow out.
Glauca        Cypress     Blue Alaskan       Matures at 60 feet high by 25 feet wide.
                                             Clouds of cherry blossoms in spring followed by baskets of rich, juicy sugar-
Cherry/Semi-                                 sweet cherries. Plant them anywhere for delightful ornamental effects. Pick
Dwarf            Cherry   4-N-1              cherries for eating, baking, sauces and cooking.
                                             The standard for all black sweet cherries. Large fruit with dark red to black
                                             color. Rich, sweet, firm purplish flesh. Excellent for eating, canning and
Cherry/Semi-              Bing Sweet         preserves. Will not pollinate Royal Ann. Mature tree reaches 25-30'. Ripens
Dwarf            Cherry   Cherry             late June.
                                             Medium sized fruit is purplish-black in color. One of the earliest cherries, fairly
                                             firm when picked, but softens quickly. Semi-sweet, dark red, juicy, very rich,
Cherry/Semi-                                 del. flavor. Requires pollinizer such as Bing or Lapin. Good pollinizer for other
Dwarf            Cherry   Black Tartarian    trees.

                                          A large yellow cherry with a red blush that resembles Royal Ann, but is redder
Cherry/Semi-              Emperor Francis and more resistant to cracking. The flesh is firm, sweet, and juicy. The tree
Dwarf            Cherry   Sweet           is productive and hardier than Royal Ann. Pollinate with Hedelfingen.
                                          An old variety with exceptional firm, large, sweet, black fruits of exc quality for
                                          freezing, canning or fresh eating. Crack resistant. A good pollinator. This tree
Cherry/Semi-                              is winter hardy and bears heavy fruit early. Ripens mid-July. Pollinate w/Van
Dwarf            Cherry   Hedelfingen     or Ulster.
                                          A large dark cherry now replacing Bing. Split resistant, self-fertile with a firm
Cherry/Semi-                              rich flavor. Lapins resists late frosts and is an exceptionally heavy producer.
Dwarf            Cherry   Lapins Sweet    Ripens mid-July.

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                                                                       Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                  4/12/2011
                                                                 Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name          Variety                                         Description

Cherry/Semi-                Montmorency       Bright red, yellow flesh. Ripens mid to late July. Excellent tart pie cherry.
Dwarf            Cherry     Sour              Freezes well. Productive and hardy. Good branching habit. Self fertile.

                                         Golden yellow with red blush. Large, firm, juicy & sweet fruit. Vigorous, hardy
Cherry/Semi-                             and productive describes this variety. Resistant to cracking. Excellent
Dwarf            Cherry    Rainier       pollinator for most sweet cherry varieties. Suggest Bing pollinizer.
                                         Long-time favorite yellow sweet cherry for eating fresh or canning. Cream with
Cherry/Semi-                             red blush. Sweet, firm. Pollenizer required –suggest Black Tartarian (not
Dwarf            Cherry    Royal Ann     Bing).
                                         Black skin and flesh. Similar to Lambert but ripens earlier in July. Sweet juicy
Cherry/Semi-                             and moderately firm. Large sized fruit. Vigorous grower. Self-fertile. Good
Dwarf            Cherry    Stella Sweet  pollinizer.
                                         Large, firm, crack-resistant fruit. Reddish, yellow flesh. It produces
                                         consistent, heavy crop and is resistant to disease. Ripens early mid-season.
Cherry/Semi-                             Self-fertile. Delicious for fresh eating or canning. Pollinates most other sweet
Dwarf            Cherry    White Gold    cherry varieties.
                                         Medium-sized tree with dark, glossy leaves. A nut tree and a shade tree.
                                         Sweet-flavored nuts. Prefers acid, well-drained loamy soil. Blight resistant.
Chestnut         Chestnut Chinese        Grows to 40' to 60', 50' spread. (Plant two trees for pollination).
                                         Height 30-35', spread 20'. This fragrant, long drooping, wisteria-like panicle
Cladrastis       Yellowwoo               appear in early June. Smooth grey bark. Yellow fall color. Prefers well-
kentukea         d         Perkins Pink  drained soils.
                                         Spectacular large white flowers appear in spring. Hardy, vigorous and
                                         disease resistant. The fall color is a spectacular combination of orange and
Cornus florida   Dogwood Celestial       red. Exposure: Part Sun/Shade Height 10 feet, spread 20 feet.
                                         Large dark pink to red flowers, branches heavy and stays very compact.
Cornus florida   Dogwood Cherokee Chief Medium strong grower. Grows 8-10 feet in 10 years.
                                         Conical, deciduous tree or shrub. Mid-green leaves that are margined with
                                         white turn pink and deep red in autumn. Green flowers tipped in yellow in late
                           Cherokee      spring surrounded by white bracts. Flowers are followed by clusters of bright
Cornus florida   Dogwood Daybreak        red fruit. Matures at 20 feet high by 25 feet wide.
                                         An early flowering tree, consistently produces a heavy display of large white
                           Cherokee      flowers. The foliage turns brilliant red in autumn. Red fruit. Height 10-25 feet,
Cornus florida   Dogwood Princess        spread 10-25 feet.
                                         Conical, deciduous tree or shrub with mid-green leaves that have a broad
                                         margin of yellow that will not burn in the summer heat. Foliage turns pink, red
                                         and purple in autumn. Green flowers surrounded by red bracts in late spring
Cornus florida   Dogwood Cherokee Sunset followed by bright red fruit. Height 20 feet, spread 25 feet.

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                                                                      Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                                Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name      Name        Variety                                            Description
                                             This highly rated hybrid blooms heavily even when young. It shows a
                                             tolerance for a wide scope of environmental conditions. White flowers.
                                             Glossy red fruit. Leaves turn red in the fall. Height 15-20 feet, spread 15-20
Cornus florida   Dogwood   Cloud Nine        feet.
                                             Ht 20-30', spread 20'. Known for its white, star-shaped uniform heavy bloom.
                                             Large pinkish-red, edible strawberry-like fruit. Reddish-purple fall color.
                                             Exfoliating bark gives a year round effect. Suitable for small yards. Broad,
Cornus Kousa     Dogwood   Milky Way         bushy form.
                                             Height 16-18', spread 10'. Large creamy-white flowers bloom three weeks
                                             after Cornus florida. Upright, vase shaped form. Dark green foliage turns to
                                             shades of red in fall. Large strawberry like edible fruit. Tolerant of
Cornus Kousa     Dogwood   National          unfavorable sites.
                                             Vigorous growing and widely upright in habit. Branches low and stays uniform
                                             in width. Soft pink flowers. Burgundy fall color. No fruit is produced. Height
Cornus Kousa     Dogwood   Stellar Pink      20 feet, spread 18 feet.
                                             Ht. 20-25', spread 15'. Large, columnar, upright habit good for screening.
                                             Profuse bright-yellow flowers in early spring. Cherry-red. Edible fruits attract
                           Golden Glory      birds. Glossy green leaves turn red in fall. Drought tolerant. Adapts to
Cornus mas       Dogwood   (Corneliancherry) different soils. Virtually pest free.
                                             The #1 hazelnut. Tree produces big crops of delicious and flavorful nuts.
                 Filbert                     Tree grow 15-18 feet and are easy to train to tree or shrub form. Pollinate
Corylus          (Nut)     Barcelona         with Casina. Harvest in late summer.
                                             A heart-healthy new hazelnut. Heaviest producing filbert/hazelnut. Round
                                             nuts are exceptionally thin-shelled and product 50% mover meat than other
                 Filbert                     varieties. High in monounsaturated fat. Harvest in late summer. Pollinate
Corylus          (Nut)     Casina Hazelnut with Barcelona.
                                             Height 10-15 feet, spread 8-10 feet. Full sun to partial shade. Long-lasting
                                             looks to your landscape and the nutritious nuts are excellent for fresh eating
                 Filbert                     and baking. Fiery bronze or crimson leaves in the fall. Needs a pollinator -
Corylus          (Nut)     Hazelnut Tree     plant 2.
                           Contorta (Harry
                           Walkingstick)     Height & spread 8-10'. Stems and leaves twisted and curled. Top grafted.
Corylus avellana Filbert   European          Winter effect is highly ornamental with yellow catkins. Fruitless variety.
                                             New foliage is purple, fading to green in the summer. Young fruit, buds
Corylus avellana Filbert   Fusco-rubra       and catkins retain purple cast. Height 12-15 feet, spread 10-12 feet.
                                             Height & spread 8-10 feet. Distinct weeping branches. Moderate growth rate.
                           Pendula           Interesting focal point, top grafted on as a standard. Dark green leaves. Use
Corylus avellana Filbert   Weeping           as a focal point in small gardens.

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                                                                         Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                                   Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name           Variety                                         Description

                                                Height 40-50 feet, spread 20-30 feet. Broadly pyramidal. Thrives in adverse
                                                conditions including drought. Strong windproof tree. Ornamental catkins in
Corylus colurna Filbert      Turkish            early spring. Attractive corky, furrowed bark. Symmetrical form. Full sun.

                                              Height 8 feet, spread 6 feet. Brilliant, rich colors that vary from lime greens in
Cotinus                                       spring to golds and reds in fall. Grows best in well-drained soils. Its growth
coggygria        Smoketree   Golden Spirit    habit is broad upright and dense. A rapid grower. Full or partial sun.
                                              Height 20 feet, spread 15-20 feet. Massive pink flower panicles 14” high by
Cotinus                                       11” wide.Leaves are pale red when young, darkening to blue-green with age
coggygria        Smoketree   Grace            turning red, orange and yellow in the fall.
                                              Small tree with 3-inch rounded green to rich purple, almost black foliage.
                                              Lavender to purple plume-like panicles form in summer. Unusual accent or
Cotinus                                       specimen. The leaves hold purplish red color well into the summer, changing
coggygria        Smoketree   Nordine          to yellow to orange-yellow in the fall. Mature height 10-15 feet.
                                              Height 15-20 feet, spread 12-18 feet. Large, bright red flowers. Blight
Crataegus                                     resistant foliage. Glossy red fruits, persisting into the winter. Upright grower.
laevigata        Hawthorn    Crimson Cloud    Thornless. Attractive to birds.
Crataegus                    Washington       Height & spread 20-25 feet. Early profuse blooms. Fewer thorns and more
phaenopyrun      Hawthorn    Lustre           vigor. Good choice for urban settings.
                                              Height 20-30', spread 20'. Rounded habit. Glossy foliage, resistant to cedar-
                                              apple rust. Few thorns. White flowers in clusters. Large 3/8” orange-red fruit
                                              bear annually and heavily. Silver bark is attractive with persistant fruit. Good
Crataegus viridis Hawthorn   Winter King      street tree.
                                              The winter color of this conifer–purple-red–makes the rounded, somewhat-
Cryptomeria                                   conical shrub a standout in the winter scene. The rest of the year, the
japonica         Cedar       Nana Elegans     attractive, slow-growing form has soft, feathery, blue-green foliage.
Cryptomeria                  Yoshino          Very large growing, green evergreen lacy tree. May be slightly hardier than
Japonica         Cedar       Japanese Cedar other selections. Grows 12-16” per year.
                                              Medium size fruit, orange skin, and yellow-orange, non-astringent flesh.
                                              Good to eat. Characteristic flattened, squarish shape. Cool or hot summer
                 Persimmo                     climates. Full sun. Hardy attractive tree, free of pests and diseases. Self-
Diospyros kaki   n           Fuyu (Jiro)      fruitful. Harvest in the fall.
                                              Pucker-free! Hardiest of all Oriental persimmons, “Itchy” is sweet, even when
                 Persimmo                     firm. Starts bearing in 2-3 years. Reaches 10 feet. Ripens September-
Diospyros kaki   n           Ichi-ki-kei-jiro October.
                 Persimmo                     Lustrous dark green leaves. Tangy, golden fruit with reddish cheeks.
Diospyros kaki   n           Oriental         Ripens in early fall. Grows 20-35 feet, drought tolerant.

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                                                                    Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                              Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name        Variety                                       Description

                                          Height 40-60 feet, spread 30-40 feet. Rounded shade tree. Lustrous, Elm
Eucommia         Rubber   Hardy Rubber    shaped, green leaves. Very tolerant of may soils and drought conditions. Full
ulmoides         Tree     Tree            sun.
                                          Purple leaves with outer margins of pink and cream colors. Grows slow and
Fagus roseo      Beech    Tricolor        upright. Deciduous. Grows 15 feet in 10 years.
                                          The true or original purple leaf beech. The young leaves are a deep black-red
                          Attropunicea    and with time change to purple green and often almost green.
Fagus sylvatica Beech     Copper          Matures at 80 feet high by 50 feet wide.
                                          Weeping deciduous tree with 4” purple leaves. Narrow upright growth and the
                          Purple Fountain central stem from which the branches hand down in loose cascading fashion.
Fagus sylvatica Beech     Weeping         Matures at 12 feet high by 3 feet wide.
                                          Handsome deciduous tree with a broadly rounded, pyramidal outline and
                                          sturdy upright branches. Attractive purplish leaves turn dark green in
                          Rohanii         summer. Outstanding for specimen use. Tolerates poor soils. Matures at 50
Fagus sylvatica Beech     European        feet high by 40 feet wide.
                                          Weeping deciduous tree with elliptic-ovate, wavy-margined leaves. Silky-
                                          haired and pale green at first, turning glossy dark green, then yellow to orange-
                          Weeping         brown in fall. Height 25 feet, spread 25 feet.
Fagus sylvatica Beech     European        brown in fall. Height 25 feet, spread 25 feet.
                                          Densely compact, symmetrical tree with ascending branches. New leaves
                                          emerge reddish in color, then turn a deep purple throughout the summer.
                          Rivers Purple   Foliage changes to golden-bronze in fall. Matures at 30-50 feet hight by 40
Fagus sylvatica Beech     European        feet wide.
                                          Spreading, deciduous tree with slender leaves deeply cut into narrow lobed
                          Fern Leafed     silky-haired and pale green at first, turning glossy dark green. Fall color is
Fagus sylvatica Beech     Green European yellow to orange-brown. Matures at 80 feet high by 50 feet wide.

                                            Fast growing tree bears large, brownish-maroon fruit with sweet flavor. Can
Fiscus carica    Fig      Brown Turkey      bear 2 crops per season. Excellent table fruit.
                                            Height 30-40 feet, spread 20-30 feet. Upright, oval to globular form. More
Fraxinus                  Royal Purple      compact than other white cultivars. Shades of earthtones and purples in the
americana        Ash      White             fall. Seedless. Excellent street tree.
                                            Height 50-60 feet. Spread 25-30 feet .Upright oval. Superior new SEEDLESS
Fraxinus                                    culltivar. Fast growing. Rich green foliage turns to deep burgundy changing
pennsylvanica    Ash      Cimmaron          again to orange-red in fall. Salt tolerant.

                                            Height 40-50 feet, spread 20-30 feet. Tight growing, small ash. Pyramidal
Fraxinus                  Urbanite Green    growth habit. Leaves extremely heavy and lustrous turning deep bronze in
pennsylvanica    Ash      and Red           fall. Bark appears to resist sun scald. A seedless Wandell introduction.

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                                                                        Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                                 Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name      Name           Variety                                       Description

                                            Height 50-60 feet, spread 25-30 feet. Narrow pyramidal form. Strong central
                 Maidenhai                  leader produces well spaced branching without special pruning. Disease and
Ginkgo biloba    r Tree    Magyar           pest free. Brilliant gold color. Grafted male. Tolerant of urban conditions.
                                            This compact, bushy selection with fan-shaped green leaves that turn bright
                                            yellow in fall. Stays very small, its thick, spreading branches loaded with a
                                            dense arrangement of foliage. The slow-growing, deciduous conifer makes a
                 Maidenhai                  high-interest architectural feature, a flat, rounded, form, for either small
Ginkgo biloba    r Tree    Mariken          garden or container.
                 Maidenhai                  Ht. 60-70', spread 20-30'. Upright, columnar form. Pest and disease free.
Ginkgo biloba    r Tree    Princeton Sentry Slow grower. Golden fall color.

                 Maidenhai Princeton Sentry Ht. 60-70', spread 20-30'. Upright, columnar form. Pest and disease free.
Ginkgo biloba    r Tree     Multistem       Slow grower. Golden fall color.
                                            Ht. 50-60 feet, spread 25-50 feet. Full sun to partial shade. Excellent street
                                            and lawn tree because it is thornless and seedless. The dark green foliage
                                            turns yellow for great fall color. Fast growing tree with good trunk. The leaves
Gleditsia                                   are fine textured, medium green in color and seldom need raking because of
triacanthos      Locust     Shademaster     their fine texture. Full sun.
                                            Foliage emerges with a bright golden-bronze color that fades to green as it
Gleditsia                                   matures. Thornless and seedless. Valuable for light shade. Height 35',
triacanthos      Locust     Sunburst        spread 30-35'.
                                            Ht. 40-50 ft., spread 20-25 ft. Narrow young growth, broadens with age. New
                                            foliage is pinkish-tinged turning dark bluish in summer. One of the latest in
Gymnocladus                                 spring to leaf out. Fragrant white flower panicles. Reddish-pink seed pods.
dioicus          Coffeetree Kentucky        Full sun.
                                            Ht. 30-40', spread 20-35'. Small white, bell-shaped flowers produced freely in
                                            the spring in small clusters with or before the emerging foliage.It prefers rich,
                            Carolina        well-drained, moist, acidic soils and sun or part shade. Yellow to yellow-green
Halesia carolina Silverbell Silverbell      fall foliage.

                                               Height 30-40 feet, spread 20-35 feet. Rose-pink bell-shaped flowers in spring
Halesia                       Arnold Pink      and lime green four winged fruit adorn this beautiful flowering tree. Prefers
tetraptera       Silverbell   Carolina         organically rich, moist, well-drained soils and a shady habitat. Pest resistant.
                                               Height 15-20 feet spread 20 feet. Medium to large shrub. Upright spreading.
Hamamelis x      Witchhaze                     Excellent red-flowering form yet more copper-red than red. Yellow-orange-
intermedia       l         Diane               red fall color. Old leaves persist on this form.
                                               Height 15-20 feet spread 20 feet. Beautiful shrub becoming wide spreading
Hamamelis x      Witchhaze                     with age. Copper colored flowers that grow like copper from a distance. Rich,
intermedia       l         Jelena              orange-red fall color. Also known as Copper Beauty.

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                                                                       Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                   4/12/2011
                                                                 Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name         Variety                                       Description
                           Grandiflora     This tree form is very showy with its large white, round flowers that fade to
Hydrangea                  (Peegee         pinkisk-bronze in the fall. Deep green foliage changes to bronze in the
paniculata       Hydrangea Hydrangea) Tree autumn. Excellent for dried flowers. Height 8 feet, spread 8-10 feet.
                 Black                     Huge crops of light-colored, high-quality black walnuts. Nuts are thin-husked,
                 Walnut                    crack in large segments and offer a superior nutmeat-to-shell ration.
Juglans nigra    (Nut)     Black Gem       Delicious light flavor. A great cooking nut!
                 Black                     One of the best black walnut varieties available. Trees will produce nuts in 2-
Juglans nigra    Walnut                    3 years after planting. Extremely easy to shell with nut meats that are light
'Boellner'       (Nut)     Kwik Krop       colored and have a mild flavor.
                                           Height & spread 60 feet. Large, vigorous tree. Self-fertile but suggest
                 English                   planting two trees for best results. Produces thin shellled, mild nuts that ripen
Juglans regia    Walnut    Carpathian      mid-fall.

Koelereuteria    Goldenrai                 Rounded, medium landscape tree. Yellow flowers in midsummer. Tolerates
paniculata       n         Goldenrain Tree cold, heat, drought and poor soil. Mature height and spread 30 feet.
                                           Distinct weeping branches. Fine green blunt needles, turning spectacular
Larix decidua                              yellow in fall. Plant in full sun. Tolerates shallow, acidic soil. Matures at a
pendula          Larch     Weeping         trained height.
                                           Very upright form. A good fast grower. Fall color is yellow with burgundy
                                           tinges. Good for use as a hedge or border planting. Because of its minimal
Liquidambar                Slender         seeds this variety is not a problem in the landscape. Height 60 feet, spread 6-
styraciflua      Sweetgum Silhouette       8 feet.
                                           Height 40 feet, spread 25 feet. This cultivar is said to be cold tolerant to -
Liquidambar                                29°F. Pyramidal to oval form. Unique, narrow, deeply lobed leaves are light,
styraciflua      Sweetgum Worplesdon       glossy green and have consistent apricot orange to purple fall color.
                                           Fast growing shade tree with greenish-yellow leaves in summer turning bright
Liriodendron                               yellow in fall. Tulip-shaped flowers are greenish-yellow with orange base.
tulipifera       Tuliptree Tuliptree       Height 60-80 feet, spread 30-40 feet. Full sun.
                                           Height and spread 20-30 feet. Interesting amber or copper colored exfoliating
                                           bark is shiny and varnished looking. Dull white flowers with a grassy
Maackia          Amur                      fragrance appear in early summer. Plant in sun with loose, well-drained soil.
amurensis        Maackia Amur Maackia      Adaptable to difficult sites. Nice small tree for residences.
                                           Pyramidal shape with dark red-purple buds opening to lighter shade of red-
                                           purple fragrant flowers. Green foliage turns yellow in October. Full sun.
Magnolia         Magnolia Galaxy           Height 26 feet, spread 16 feet.
                                           A globe-shaped, low-branched plant with masses of purple-pink flowers in
Magnolia                                   early May, followed by green foliage that turns yellow in October. Height 13
loebneri         Magnolia Leonard Messel feet, spread 13 feet. Full sun to part shade.

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                                                                        Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                    4/12/2011
                                                                  Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name           Variety                                        Description

                                               Height & spread 15-20'. Upright spreading form. Leaves green with a distinct
                 Flowering                     burgundy overcast. Fragrant, abundant, double rose-pink blooms. Large 1"
Malus            Crabapple Brandywine          yellow-green fruit. Reddish purple fall color. Japanese Beetle resistant.

                                            HT. 8-10Ft. Spread 15-18 Ft. Horizontal form. Profuse blooms, deep carmine
                 Flowering                  in bud opening to single pink outlined in red. Purplish green cast foliage.Deep
Malus            Crabapple Candymint        purple fruit. Cherry-like,reddish-brown bark. Scab Resistant.
                                            Horizontal spreading form. Flowers are bright red pink. Dark red glossy
                 Flowering                  foliage highly resistant to scab and mildew. Deep ½” red fruit in the fall.
Malus            Crabapple Cardinal         Height & spread15-20.
                                            Height 8 feet, spread 5 feet. Dwarf, rounded upright form. Tiny red buds to
                 Flowering                  opening to snow-white flowers with small ¼ inch fruit lasting into late fall.
Malus            Crabapple Cinderella       Disease resistant.
                                            Ht. 35-40', spread 20-30'. Upright spreading form. Large fragrant white
                                            flowers. Large oval, red-purple fruit, ripening in Aug.-Sept. Excellent for jelly.
                 Flowering                  Extremely hardy. Popular pollinizer for early to mid-season apple varieties.
Malus            Crabapple Dolga            Golden yellow bark.
                           Golden           Height & spread 15-25 feet. Vase-shaped upright form. White blossoms in
                 Flowering Raindrops        spring turn to small ¼ inch golden-yellow fruit. Unique deeply cut, glossy
Malus            Crabapple (Schmidtcutleaf) green leaves appear to be disease resistant. Good fall color.
                                            Upright spreading form. Large fragrant single white flowers. „Hyslop‟
                 Flowering                  Large, red-purple skin, yellow flesh. Fruit ripens in Aug.-Sept.
Malus            Crabapple Hyslop           Excellent for jelly. Extremely hardy.
                                            Height & spread 18-25 feet. Small, dense, rounded tree with rose-red
                 Flowering                  blossoms. Bright-red fruit persist over a long period of time. Bronze-green
Malus            Crabapple Indian Summer foliage turns to orange in fall. Very good disease resistance.
                                            Height & spread 15-20'. Upright spreading rounded form. Single coral-red
                 Flowering                  blooms. Late season. Persistent dark, purple-red, firm, 3/8-1/2" fruit.
Malus            Crabapple Prairifire       Emerging red-tinged green foliage. Excellent disease resistance.
                                            Ht. & Spread 12-15'. Weeping. Deep pink buds open to profuse, single white
                                            flowers. Early to mid season bloomer. Persistent red, 1/2" fruit. Green
                 Flowering                  foliage. Long graceful branches. Moderate disease resistance. Scab
Malus            Crabapple Red Jade         Susceptible.
                                            Ht. 8'. GR slow to medium. Rounded, densely branched. Profuse pink buds
                 Flowering                  expand into white flower in May. Dark red apples begin the 3rd or 4th year
Malus            Crabapple Roseglow         remain all winter. Tolerant of most soil types. Needs sun.

                                               Height & spread 8-12 feet. Low spreading, horizontal, dwarf-habit. Red in but
                 Flowering                     opening to single late season, snowy white, fragrant blooms. Small scarlet
Malus            Crabapple Sargent             red fruit. Clean foliage. Great for small courtyards and patios.

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                                                                      Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                    4/12/2011
                                                                Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name          Variety                                         Description
                                              Ht. 5-8', spread 10-12'. Horizontal, spreading habit. Bright red buds followed
                 Flowering                    by single white fragrant flowers. Red fruit. Green lobed leaves display great
Malus            Crabapple Sargent Tina       fall color. Very disease resistant. Dwarf tree.
                                              Height & Spread 15-20 feet. Upright, spreading , broad form. Pink buds
                 Flowering                    opening to single white flowers.Long bloom period. Persistent salmon red
Malus            Crabapple Snowdrift          fruit. Glossy green foilage.

                 Flowering                Height & Spread 15-20 FT. Upright, oval form. Sugar-white fragant single
Malus            Crabapple Sugartyme      flowers. Red fruit, remaining throughout January. Good disease resistance.
                                          Height & spread 15-20'. Dark red-purple leaves. Compact, upright form.
                 Flowering                Single bright pink blooms. Dark red-purple 3/8" fruit. Resistant to fireblight.
Malus            Crabapple Thunderchild   Orange-yellow fall color.
                                          Ht 70-100 ft, spread 25 ft. Deciduous, fast-growing, pyrmd. conifer. Bright
                                          green needles turn yellow to golden red in the fall. Straight trunk. Fissured,
Metasequoia                               brown bark Prefers moist,deep well-drained soil but will tolerate most types.
glyptostroboides Redwood Dawn             Full sun.
                                          Height 70-100 ft, spread 25 ft. Creamy white almost snow-colored tips on the
                                          branches. Fast growing. Conical in shape but becomes rounded with age.
Metasequoia                               Broad, reddish-brown trunk. Needles are rich green in the spring turning
glyptostroboides Redwood Jack Frost       yellow-golden in the fall.
                                          Height & spread 15-20 feet. Moderate growth rate. Twisted, slender weeping
                                          branches make this tree a novelty. Dark green leaves turn yellow in fall.
                                          Fruitless. Can withstand dry, salty, alkaline conditions. Small to medium size
Morus alba       Mulberry Chaparral White tree.
                 Mulberry Illinois        Best flavor, cold hardy! Bears extra sweet 1½” long mulberries mid-June
Morus alba       (Fruiting) Everbearing   through August. Tolerant of dry, poor soil. Reaches 35 feet.
                                          White fleshed fruit, blooms prolifically and consistent cropper. Disease
                                          resistant.Flesh is firm, melting, and freestone. Flavor is sub-acid, very sweet,
Nectarine        Nectarine Crimson Snow   excellent quality. Ripens mid-season.
                                          Bright yellow skin with 75% red blush. Ripens mid-August to early
                                          September. Freestone with smooth firm flesh. Low chilling
Nectarine        Nectarine Fantasia       requirements.Vigorous and productive. Self-fertile
                            Honey Glo     Tree matures to a height of 4-6 feet and can be grown as a patio tree in a
Nectarine        Nectarine Miniature      large pot. Honey Glo ripens in early August.
                                          A large to medium-sized yellow-fleshed freestone nectarine. The flesh is
Nectarine        Nectarine Ovation        sweet and juicy. Self-fruitful.
                                          Crack and disease resistant, glossy deep-red skin and firm, slow-softening
                                          flesh. One of the longest storage and shelf lives of any nectarine or peach.
                                          High yielding tree produces uniformly large-size fruits. The freestone fruit has
Nectarine        Nectarine Red Gold       a rich pleasing flavor. Ripens mid-season.

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                                                                       Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                       4/12/2011
                                                                 Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name             Variety                                      Description
                                              Unusual chocolate colored blooms with strawberry like fragrance in early
                                              summer. Big, glossy green leaves. Deciduous. Plant in sun or shade.
Nectarine        Nectarine Sure Crop          Average height: 7 feet, width: 9 feet.
                                              Height 25-40 feet, spread 20-30 feet. Small to medium sized tree. Hop-like
                                              fruit. Pyramidal when young, becoming more rounded when mature. Good
                  Hophornb                    tree for lawns, parks, golf courses,naturalized areas and rural streets.
Ostrya virginiana eam      American           Tolerates dry, acidic and alkaline soils. Yellow fall color.
                                              Height 20-40 ft, spread 20 ft. Upright, oval, single-stemmed tree. Attractive
                                              mottled gray and white exfoliating bark. Dark green leaves turn from brilliant
                                              orange to scarlet. Resistant to disease and
                                              insects. Tolerates drought, heat, cold and wind. Full or partial sun. Prefers
Parrotia persica Parrotia   Persian           well drained, acidic soil.
                                              A beautiful, bright red freestone peach with clear yellow flesh. The fruit is very
Peach/Semi-                                   firm, freestone, with good shipping and storage qualities. The fruit and the tree
dwarf            Peach      Allstar           are very resistant to bacterial spot.
                                              A late-season white peach! Prolific mid-August harvests of beautiful freestone
Peach/Semi-                                   peaches. Firm, white flesh offers a unique, sweet flavor. These peaches also
Dwarf            Peach      Blushing Star     keep well.

                                              Easy-care and bacterial-leaf-spot resistant tree. Sweet, white giant peaches
Peach/Semi-                                   early in the season. Sugary-sweet flavor. The biggest of the white peaches, it
dwarf            Peach      Early White Giant also has an attractive fiery red skin and is semi-freestone.
Peach/Semi-                                   Yellow with red blush. Ripens late August to early September. High quality,
Dwarf            Peach      Elberta           fresh eating and canning peach. Freestone.
                                              Yellow with red blush. Ripens late August to early September. Large, high
Peach/Semi-                                   quality, fresh eating and canning peach. Freestone. A superior, early
Dwarf            Peach      Giant Elberta     selection of Elberta. Self-fertile. Excellent pollinizer.

Peach/Semi-                                   High quality, early peach. Large fruit. Attractive yellow skin with red cheek;
Dwarf            Peach      Golden Jubilee    freestone. Good quality, hardy tree. Ripens mid-August. Self-pollinating.
                                              Yellow skin. High quality. Heavy bearing. Freestone. Recommended for high
Peach/Semi-                                   dessert qualities. Bruise resistant. Mid-season bearing. Disease resistant.
dwarf            Peach      Hale Haven        Self-fertile.
                                              White skin with red blush. Ripens early July to mid-August. Freestone with
Peach/Semi-                                   white juicy flesh, excellent flavor, and high quality. Self-fertile. Good home
dwarf            Peach      Polly             orchard variety.
                                              Yellow skin with red blush. Ripens early July to mid-August. Flavorful, sweet,
Peach/Semi-                                   firm, fine-grained flesh. For eating, canning or freezing. Flesh resists
Dwarf            Peach      Red Haven         browning. Freestone when fully ripe. Self-fertile.

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                                                                    Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                              Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name          Variety                                      Description
                                           Medium-sized, yellow fleshed peach ripens mid-August. Flesh is soft and
Peach/Semi-                                juicy and flavor is good; freestone. Hardiest of all the Peach
dwarf            Peach    Reliance         peaches. Self-pollinating.
                                           Unique Pen-Tao peach is praised for its very sweet, mild flavor. Hardy and
Peach/Semi-                                disease resistant. Freestone fruit is flattened (donut shaped) and ripens early
Dwarf            Peach    Saturn           to mid-season. White flesh.
                                           Lovely, small ornamentals that bear luscious fruit. Pick 4 different kinds
Pear/Semi-                                 of pears from one amazing self-pollinating tree. Pears for eating, sauces,
Dwarf            Pear     4-N-1            cooking and baking.

                                           Medium to large fruit. Smooth, thin, yellow-green skin. White, sweet flesh.
                                           Stores well. Vigorous, upright tree. Used for fresh eating. Ripens best off the
Pear/Semi-dwarf Pear      Anjou            tree. Use Bartlett or Bosc as pollinizer. Mid-season bearing.

                                           Greenish-yellow skin. Ripens late Aug. to early Sept. Flesh is sweet, juicy,
                                           firm, aromatic and fine texture. Large bell shape. Fresh eating and canning.
Pear/Semi-                                 Excellent dessert quality. Bears heavily and consistently. Midseason
Dwarf            Pear     Bartlett         bloomer.
                                           Russet golden skin. Ripens late September to early October. Flesh is firm.
Pear/Semi-                                 Medium to large. Excellent dessert quality. Moderately vigorous, upright
Dwarf            Pear     Bosc             growing habit. Requires pollinzer, suggest Bartlett.
                                           Easy to grow! Pears look like apples, have the texture of apples, but they are
                                           a juicy, crisp pear. Ripens late August. Keeps well. Not self-fruitful, so plant
                                           with another Asian or Bartlett pear for pollination
Pear/Semi-dwarf Pear      Chojuro Asian
                                           Large, roundish. Green-yellowish skin with slight red blush. Rich, sweet,
Pear/Semi-                                 creamy flesh. Self-fertile but produces better with planted with Bartlett or
Dwarf            Pear     Comice           other pears. Ripens August.
                                           One of the largest pears available. Good quality fruit is borne heavily
Pear/Semi-dwarf Pear      Duchess          annually. Ripens early October
                                           The large, rounded fruits have creamy-yellow skin blushed red along with firm,
                                           creamy-white flesh that becomes meltingly tender, sweet and aromatic. Hardy
                                           and highly productive. Fruit ripens from mid-September to early October. Full
Pear/Semi-dwarf Pear      Flemish Beauty   sun. Requires pollination, suggest Bosc, D‟Anjou.

Pear/Semi-                                 Low growing Asian variety. Matures in Mid-September. Large fruit russet
Dwarf            Pear     Hosui-Asian      orange with crisp texture. Mildly sweet and of good quality. Self pollinating.
                                           Hardy and blight resistant, this Dwarf Kieffer pear is a late season pear.
                                           Excellent flavored fruit with golden skin and crisp white flesh. Ripens in
Pear/Semi-dwarf Pear      Kieffer          October and stores well.

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                                                                     Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                               Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name        Variety                                         Description
                                            Medium to small, bright yellow fruit with red blush. Excellent dessert pear.
Pear/Semi-                                  Very juicy and sweet. Good red fall leaf color. Very hardy. Not used as a
Dwarf            Pear     Luscious          pollinator. Anjou or Parker pollinizer. Fireblight resistant.
                                            An outstanding medium sized dessert pear. Skin is green, covered with light
                                            russeting. Flesh is soft and juicy, with a sweet flavor. Excellent quality. Tree
Pear/Semi-                                  is vigorous and spreading in habit. Requires pollination. Ripens early
Dwarf            Pear     Magness           September.
                                            A medium sized pear with yellow skin and soft white, sweet, juicy flesh.
                                            Combines high Moonglo Pear qualitwith resistance fo fireblight. Tree is
                                            upright, heavily spurred and vigorous, sometimes bearing early on in the life of
Pear/Semi-dwarf Pear      Moonglow          the tree. Fruit ripens early September.
                                            A deep red sport of the Barlett variety and of comparable quality to Bartlett.
Pear/Semi-                                  Moderately vigorous tree. Excellent for canning, eating, and dessert. Ripens
Dwarf            Pear     Red Bartlett      late August.

                                           Commonly called "sugar pear". Small, yellowish-brown russeted pear with an
Pear/Semi-                                 excellent flavor and firm flesh. Skin takes on a light red blush when ready to
Dwarf            Pear     Seckel           harvest. Productive tree, easy to grow. Ripens early to mid-Sept.
                          Twentieth        Yellow skin, white flesh, sweet, mild and juicy fruit. Best when tree ripened.
Pear/Semi-                Century Oriental Stores well. Ripens mid-season. Partly self-fertile, suggest Bartlett as a
Dwarf            Pear     Japanese Sand pollinizer.
                                           Conical evergreen tree when young that becomes columnar when mature,
                                           with red-brown bark and orange-brown shoots. Produces blunt 4-sided dark
                                           green 1” needles and cylindrical green 4-8” cones. Mature height 70 feet,
Picea abies      Spruce   Norway           spread 20 feet.
                                           Deep green short needles. Distinct weeping branches. True cascading form.
Picea abies                                Matures at a trained height. Tolerates many soil conditions. Plant in full sun to
pendula          Spruce   Weeping Norway partial shade.
                                           A stately evergreen with blue-green needles that tightly hug the trunk. A
Picea glauca     Spruce   Weeping White strong weeping habit will make a landscape focal point.
                                           This spruce thrives in full sun and well drained, moist soil. This tree can
                                           endure heat and drought better than others. Extremely hardy. Height up to
Picea glauca     Spruce   White            50 feet.
                                           Conical to columnar evergreen tree with scaly, purplish gray bark and thick
                                           orange-brown shoots. Stiff, thick, sharp-pointed baby-blue needles. Matures
Picea pungens    Spruce   Baby Blue Eyes at 30 feet high by 15 feet wide.
                                           Conical to columnar evergreen tree with scaly, purplish gray bark and thick
                                           orange-brown shoots. Stiff, thick, sharp-pointed silvery-blue needles.Matures
Picea pungens    Spruce   Bakeri           at 30 feet high by 15 feet wide.

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                                                                  Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                            Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name        Variety                                     Description

                                          Conical to columnar evergreen tree with scaly, purplish gray bark and thick,
                          Colorado Blue   orange-brown shoots. Stiff, thick, sharp-pointed, 4-sided blue-green needles
Picea pungens    Spruce   Spruce          covered in glaucous wax. Height 30 feet, spread 15 feet.
                          Columnar Blue   Columnar evergreen tree with purplish gray bark and stiff, thick, sharp-pointed
Picea pungens    Spruce   (Fastigiata)    blue-green needles. Matures at 30 feet high by 8-10 feet wide.
                                          Dense, upright, pyramidal form with good blue needle color. Evergreen tree
                          Fatalbert       with purplish gray bark and blue-green needles. Matures at 30 feet high by 15
Picea pungens    Spruce   Colorado Blue   feet wide.
                                          Dense, evergreen tree that has a pyramidal form with spreading branches,
                                          foliage is extremely glaucous (blue-white). This is perhaps the best grower of
Picea pungens    Spruce   Hoopsi Blue     the Blue Spruce. Matures at 30 feet high by 20 feet wide.

Picea pungens    Spruce   Weeping Blue    Lovely garden tree with weeping, cascading blue branches. Plant in full sun.

Picea pungens             Baby Blue       Uniform bright blue color. The plant maintains a tight, compact growth habit.
glauca           Spruce   Colorado        The needles radiate evenly, giving the branches a very full appearance.
                                          Dense, cone shaped evergreen. Slow growing. Plant in full to partial
Pinus aristata   Pine     Bristlecone     sun. Tolerates, poor dry soils. Matures at 20‟ high by 20‟ wide
                                          Narrow, columnar evergreen tree with smooth, dark gray bark, becoming
                                          fissured with age. Dark green leaves that are bluish white on the inner sides
Pinus Cembra     Pine     Swiss Stone     are borne in fives. Matures at 50 feet high by 20 feet wide.
                                          Broadly conical to rounded large evergreen shrub or small tree that becomes
Pinus Densiflora                          flat-topped. Slender, bright green leaves with distinctive yellow bands on each
Oculus-Dracon Pine        Dragon Eye      leaf. Matures at 15-20 feet high by 15 feet wide.

Pinus Densiflora          Weeping         A rather effective weeping form of evergreen tree that has rich green needles.
Pendula          Pine     Japanese Red    Needles are bright green. Matures at 50 feet high, by 30 feet wide.
                                          Tree reaches 10 feet in height. Variegated needles with nice yellow bands on
Pinus koraiensis Pine     Jack Korbit     green needles. Plant in full sun.
                                          Domed, evergreen tree with dense, spreading branches, plate-like dark brown
                                          or black bark, brown shoots, and broadly ovoid, sharp-pointed buds with
                                          papery scales. Dense, dark-green leaves. Matures at 60 feet high by 20 feet
Pinus nigra      Pine     Austrian Pine   wide

Pinus parviflora Pine     Cleary White    Blue needles. Dense and compact growth habit. Grows 45-90 feet. Full sun.

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                                                                      Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                      4/12/2011
                                                                Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name            Variety                                     Description

                                            A slow growing irregular pyramid with long blue, twisted needles. An
                                            attractive feature is its profuse production of cones which stand out nicely.
                                            Mature height 40 feet,
Pinus parviflora Pine      White Japanese spread 25 feet.
                                            Slender, conical, evergreen tree. Slender, gray-green needles that are borne
Pinus Strobus    Pine      Colunmar White in fives. Matures at 25 feet high by 12 feet wide.
                                            Slender, conical, evergreen tree when young, becoming irregular and flat-
                                            topped with age. It has smooth, gray bark, slender, gray-green leaves.Mature
Pinus strobus    Pine      Eastern White    height 60 feet, spread 25 feet.
                                            Long bluish green needles. Strong growing center leader staked upright and
                                            all sides are weeping. Will grow 18-24 inches per year after established in
Pinus strobus    Pine      Weeping White landscape.
Pinus Strobus              Dwarf Eastern    Compact, rounded or mounded, evergreen shrub. Needles are gray-green.
Nana             Pine      White            Matures at 6-8 feet high by 6-8 feet wide.
                                            A strong-growing, ground covering pine creating a beautiful spreading and
                           Hillside Creeper undulating look. The medium green color turns a lighter shade of green in
Pinus sylvestris Pine      Scotch           winter. 10 year height 7-10 feet. Full sun.

Plantanus x      London                      Ht 50-80', spread 30-40'. Wide spreading, open form. Medium to dark green
acerifolia       Planetree Bloodgood         foliage. Exfoliating bark. Rapid growing. Tolerates soil compaction.
Plantanus x      London                      A strong central leader with an upright pyramidal shape makes this tree
acerifolia       Planetree Exclamation       easy to grow. Height 55 feet, spread 35 feet.

                                             Greenish yellow skin. Ripens mid-August to early Sept. Flesh is tender,
Plum/Semi-                                   sweet, juicy, sprightly and rich in flavor. Use fresh, cooked, dried, or canned.
Dwarf            Plum      Green Gage        Medium sized, semi-clingstone. Self-fertile. Virus cert.
                                             Bright red fruit has a thick skin but its flesh is firm, juicy and of excellent
                                             quality. Stone clings to flesh. Vigorous, hardy tree is disease tolerant. Variety
Plum/Semi-                                   is self-fruitful. Fruit ripens mid-season. Pollinate with Starking Delicious,
Dwarf            Plum      Ozark Premier     Redheart or Shiro.
                                             Red skin. Sweet-tart flavor. Fruit is firm, large and keeps well. Excellent
Plum/Semi-                                   fresh eating. Clingstone. Requires pollinizer, suggest Satsuma. Ripens mid-
dwarf            Plum      Santa Rosa        August. Very productive.
                                             Deep red skin. Ripens mid-August. Fruit is large, round, firm and juicy.
Plum/Semi-                                   Flavor is sweet and intense. Outstanding fresh or canned. Needs Santa
Dwarf            Plum      Satsuma           Rosa as a pollinizer.
                                             Fruit is round, med to lrg, with a yellow color. Flesh is sweet, mild and juicy.
                                             Clingstone. Tree is hardy with a spreading habit and a productive and
Plum/Semi-                                   consistent bearer. Full sun. Fruit ripens late July/early Aug. Pollinate with
Dwarf            Plum      Shiro             Burbank or Ozark Premier.

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                                                                        Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                                  Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name           Variety                                         Description
                                               Large, red fruit, yellow flesh. Hardy, heavy producer. Bears at early age.
Plum/Semi-                                     Good quality. Ripens mid-season. Suggest Stanley or Toka pollinizer.
Dwarf            Plum        Superior          Vigorous.

                                              Dark blue skin. Flesh yellow, juicy, tender firm and sweet. Good for cooking
Prune/Semi-                                   and fresh eating. Bears heavy. Resistant to low temperatures. Mid-season.
Dwarf            Prune       Stanley          Ripens mid-September. Freestone. Self-fertile. Good pollinator.
                                              Ht. 20-25', spread 15-20'. Rounded form. Semi-double, deep pink in bud,
                 Flowering                    opening to light pink and fading to almost white. Blooms in fall and spring in
Prunus           Cherry      Autumnalis       warm climates. Young leaves are pale bronze to bronze green.
                                              Dense, very narrow columnar form. White flowers with deep purple fruit.
                                              Rich burgundy foliage accents orange-bronze new growth as it emerges.
                 Cherry                       Requires no pruning. Full sun to partial shade.. Height 20 feet, spread 5-6
Prunus           Plum        Crimson Pointe feet.
                                              Height & spread 15'. Rounded, dense branching, shrubby tree. Flowers
                 Flowering                    double pink, opening to double white. Yellow fall color. Excellent for small
Prunus           Cherry      Hally Jolivette  spaces. Full sun.
                                              Height & spread 15-20'. Upright, spreading, vase shaped form. Double, deep
                 Flowering                    rose pink blooms, 1 1/2 to 2" in diameter. Mid season bloomer. New foliage
Prunus           Cherry      Kwanzan          is bronzy and turns to orange-bronze in the fall.
                                              Height & spread 15-20'. Upright, spreading, vase shaped form. Double, deep
                 Flowering   Kwanzan High     rose pink blooms, 1 1/2 to 2" in diameter. Mid season bloomer. New foliage
Prunus           Cherry      Globe            is bronzy and turns to orange-bronze in the fall.
                                              Height & spread 15-20'. Horizontal spreading form. Abundant pink buds
                 Flowering                    open to large, 2" semi-double, fragrant, white blooms born in clusters. Small,
Prunus           Cherry      Mount Fuji       vigorous tree.
                                              Height & spread 20 feet. Upright, rounded dense form. Sport of „Newport‟
                                              having larger leaves, richer color and faster growing. Light pink blooms. Its
                 Cherry                       dark purple leaves retain color when grown in full sun. Does well in tough
Prunus           Plum        Mount St. Helens climates.
                                              Height 20-25 feet, spread 10-15 feet. Compact vertical form. Flowers at
                                              young age with an early spring display of single, bright carmine-pink long
                 Flowering                    lasting blooms. Dark green fine textured foliage, orange-red fall color.
Prunus           Cherry      Okame            Tolerates partial shade. Good narrow street tree.
                                              Height 6-10', spread 6-8'. Large upright shrub. Reddish-purple foliage
                 Sandcherr   Purpleleaf On    throughout the summer. Single, pink, fragrant flowers in late spring. Attractive,
Prunus           y           Standard         colorful, hardy, hedge. Prefers full sun.
                                              Height & spread 10-12'. Semi-double snow white flowers. Graceful
                 Weeping                      cascading branches. Orange fall color. Heat and drought tolerant. Smaller
Prunus           Cherry      Snow Fountain    than other weeping cherries making it ideal for small gardens.

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                                                                      Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                                Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name          Variety                                       Description

                                              Height & spread 10-12'. Semi-double snow white flowers. Serpentine trunk.
                 Weeping    Snow Fountain     Graceful cascading branches. Orange fall color. Heat and drought tolerant.
Prunus           Cherry     Serpentine        Smaller than other weeping cherries making it ideal for small gardens.
                                              Height and Spread 15-20'. Profuse, double pink flowers appear before the
                 Weeping                      leaves. Blooms are 3/4 - 1" in diameter. Most popular of the weeping
Prunus           Cherry     Subhirtella       cherries. On short graft.

                                              Height 20-25 ft., spread 15-20 ft. Upright, spreading, rounded form. Fragrant
                 Cherry                       single, soft pink blooms. Deep purple foliage through the summer. Sparse
Prunus           Plum       Thundercloud      fruit. One of the best purple leaf plums, often used in urban street plantings.
Prunus                                        Fragrant pink blossoms in early spring. Large crops, delicious almonds in late
glandulosa       Almond     Halls Hardy       summer. Bears early. Grows 15-20 feet tall.
                                              Height & spread 5-6 feet. Stems & shoots zigzag offering a unique form that
                                              supports profuse, tightly clustered white flowers with pink centers. Leaves
                 Flowering                    turn maroon in the fall. Perfect for small spaces. Prefers full sun to part
Prunus incisa    Cherry    Little Twist       shade.
subhirtella                                Graceful, long weeping boughs. Large magenta buds cover the tree, each
'Pendula plena   Weeping                   opens to perfect double pink flower in late spring. Slow growing to 15 to 20
rosea'           Cherry     Double Rosebud feet tall and as wide.

Pseudotsuga                                   Short, soft blue green needles. Grows best in moist, well-drained soil. Most
menziesii        Fir        Douglas           popular Christmas tree. Height 60 feet.

                                            Ht. 20-30', spread 20-30'. Pyramidal, open form. White flowers. Waxy green
Pyrus            Flowering                  foliage. Fall color is variable ranging from yellow to red. Wide branching
Calleryana       Pear      Aristocrat       angles make it more resistant to storm damage. Thornless and vigorous.
                                            Height 25-30 feet, spread 15-20 feet. Upright pyramidal form. Abundant
Pyrus            Flowering                  white flowers. Glossy green foliage. Purple, reddish-orange fall color. Good
Calleryana       Pear      Cleveland Select for street plantings.

                                            Branching is evenly spaced and yields a cone-shaped form. The trees are
Pyrus            Flowering Cleveland Select hardy with attractive glossy green foliage that turns reddish purple and orange
Calleryana       Pear      Multistem        in the fall. Height 25-30 feet, spread 15-20 feet. Multi-stem pear.
                                            Ht. 30-35', spread 20-30'. Dense, pyramidal form. Large white flowers.
Pyrus            Flowering                  Glossy green foliage. Yellow to red fall color. Very adaptable to city
Calleryana       Pear      Redspire         conditions.
                                            Height & spread 30 feet. Tight round crown. Glossy green leaves turn
Pyrus            Flowering                  orange to red in fall. Profuse single white blooms. Negligible fruit set.
Calleryana       Pear      Trinity          Withstands snow and ice storms better than Bradford.

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                                                                      Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                      4/12/2011
                                                                Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name           Variety                                   Description
                                         Height and spread 15-20 feet. Compact, rounded form. A much smaller,
                Flowering                shorter and rounded tree than any of the Calleryana varieties. Hardy!
Pyrus fauriei   Pear      Korean Sun Pea Outstanding red fall color.
                                         Height 50-60', spread 30-40'. Broad, open form. Leaves are dark green and
                                         white underneath. Yellow to red fall color. Distinct flaky brown bark.
                                         Excellent drought resistance and yet thrives in wet areas. Prefers moist acidic
Quercus bicolor Oak       Swamp White    soils. Easy variety to transplant.

                                             Ht 75-90', spread 40-50'. Broad round head. Rapid grower. New leaves and
Quercus                                      leaf stalks are deep red in spring. Large, oval-shaped, deeply lobed leaves
Borealis         Oak        Northern Red     turn dark red in fall. Pollution and salt resistant.
                                             A spectacular tree in the fall when leaves turn a brilliant scarlet-red. This
                                             native tree has broadly, pyramidal shape. Summer foliage is dark, glossy
Quercus                                      green. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Height 75-90 feet, spread 50-60
coccinea         Oak        Scarlet          feet.
                                             Ht 50-75 ft, spread 30-40 ft. Oval form.Very slow growing. Fuzzy pink new
                                             leaves turn glossy, bright green through summer. Fall color is scarlet red.
Quercus                                      Elliptic, chestnut brown acorns. Salt, drought, and heat resistant but intolerant
ellipsoidalis    Oak        Northern Pin     of flood conditions.
                                             This native tree has distinctive, corky bark on the branches. Forms an open
                                             rounded tree and the dark green foliage has a gray underside. Fall color is
Quercus                                      yellowish-brown to purple. Height & spread 60-80 feet. Full sun. Tolerant of
macrocarpa       Oak        Bur              wide range of soil types.
                                             Fruits have a pleasant spicy flavor when cooked. Trees are small (up to 12
Quince           Quince     Boyer            feet) and high yielding. Large white blossoms and self-fertile.
                                             Height 35-40 feet, spread 20-30 feet. Compact, rounded habit. Long
Robinia          Black                       pendulous flower clusters are magenta-pink and long lasting. Attractive
pseudoacacia     Locust     Purple Robe      bronzy-red new foliage. Drought tolerant.

Robinia                                      Height and spread 15-20 feet. Slow growing, interesting twisted and contorted
pseudoacacia     Locust     Twisty Baby      branches. Thinly set white flowers on small, drooping racemes.

                                             Height 50-70 feet, spread 20-30 feet. Round head. Weeping form, yellow
                            Niobe Golden     bark on young branches. One of the first to leaf out and last to drop leaves.
Salix alba       Willow     Weeping          Yellow fall color. Fast growing. Very hardy and attractive. Salt tolerant
                                             Height 6-8', spread 4-6'. The new growth is a glossy, bright pink which
                            Hakuro Nishiki   unfolds into variegated slender leaves dappled with colors of pink, white, and
Salix integra    Willow     Tree             green. Can burn in full sun. This variety is a unique accent plant.

Salix                                        Ht. 30-35'. Spread 15-20'. Compact habit. Gold spiral twisted branches.
matsundana       Willow     Golden Curls     Unusual ornamental tree. Ideal tree for small areas. Yellow fall color.

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                                                                       Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                     4/12/2011
                                                                 Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name  Name             Variety                                        Description
matsundana '                                  Height 30-35 feet. Spread 15-20 feet. Wide oval shape. Twisted spiral
Tortuosa'      Willow       Corkscrew         branches. Yellow fall color. Fast growing. Salt tolerant.
                                              Height 35-45 feet. Hardy cross with glossy green foliage and weeping yellow
Salix x           Willow    Prairie Cascade   branches. Golden bark.
                                              This dense, slow-growing selection of Japanese Umbrella Pine has a definite
Sciadopitys                 Mitsch Select     leader when young, but broadens with age. Short, dark-green needles and a
verticillata      Pine      Umbrella          compact stature distinguish the beautiful cultivar.

Sophora           Pagodatre                Lacy foliage, yet remarkably tough in its constitution. Makes an excellent
japonica          e         Japanese       shade tree for high stress, urban areas. Broad crown. Medium height.
Sorebus                     European       White flowers in spring and brilliant orange-red fruit in fall. Prefers moist, acid
Aucuparia         Ash       Mountain       soil. A very pretty tree. Height 20 feet, spread 25 feet.
                                           Among the most desirable of all deciduous landscape trees. Camellia-like
                                           flowers in early summer. Striking bark patches-like pieces of a puzzle.
Stewartia                   Japanese       Diminutive mature size: ideal as a small specimen tree! Red, yellow, and
pseudocamellia Stewartia    Stewartia      orange autumn leaf colors.
                                           Ht 20-30 ft, spd 12-15 ft. Small, rounded habit with horizontal branches.
                                           Dainty bell-shaped flowers fragrant in May/June. Leaves are perched like
                            Emerald Pagoda butterflies on the stems so the pendulous flowers are not hidden. Suitable for
Styrax japonicus Snowbell   Japanese       most any situation.
                                           Height 20-30 feet, spread 12-15 feet. Small, rounded habit with horizontal
                                           branches. Dainty bell-shaped flowers fragrant in May/June. Leaves are
                                           perched like butterflies on the stems so the pendulous flowers are not hidden.
Styrax japonicus Snowbell   Japanese       Suitable for most any situation.
                                           Height 20-30 feet, spread 20 feet. Pale pink bell-shaped flowers that appear in
                                           spring. Mildly fragrant. This upright small tree likes full sun to partial shade,
Styrax japonicus Snowbell   Pink Chimes    moist soil.
                                           Valiant is short in stature and compact branching habit. Excellent upright
                                           pyramidal form and attractive hunter green summer foliage. Height 25-30 ft.,
                                           spread 15-20 ft. Fall color begins in early autumn, changing to a blaze of
Syringa bailbelle Lilac     Tinkerbelle    crimson-red. Ex. street tree
                                           Height and spread 6-8 feet. Unique, dark-green fine-cut leaves. Delicate
                                           texture. Slender arching branches. Abundant, fragrant lavender-pink blooms.
                                           Very heat tolerant. Good mildew resistance. Does very well in dry soil
Syringa laciniata Lilac     Cutleaf        conditions.

                                              Dwarf Korean lilac is a popular dwarf plant with reddish purple flower buds
                                              that open a lavender-light pink. A strong bloomer with a light, pleasing
Syringa meyeri    Lilac     Palibin (std.)    fragrance. Full sun. Attracts butterflies. Height 4-8 feet, spread 2-4 feet.

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                                                                        Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                      4/12/2011
                                                                  Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name      Name            Variety                                         Description
                                               Ht. 15-20', spread 10-12'. Abundant white flower spikes. Its unique, uniform
Syringa                       Snowcap          branching habit and thick, dark leaves are outstanding. Tolerant of urban
reticulata        Lilac       Japanese         conditions
                                               A large, deciduous conifer that has great fall color. Conical tree, columnar,
                                               with pale brown bark. Bright green leaves turn rust-brown in the fall. This
Taxodium          Baldcypre                    plant is best known for its distinctive knees. Mature height 50-70 feet, spread
distichum         ss          Baldcypress      30 feet.
Taxodium          Baldcypre   Cascade Falls
distichum         ss          Weeping
Taxodium          Baldcypre   Falling Waters   Graceful arching form with bright green needles and interesting winter form.
distichum         ss          Weeping          Grows to 15-25 feet fall by 10-15 feet wide.
                                               Height 55 feet, spread 30 feet. This majestic tree is very narrowly pyramidal
                                               in form. Delicate and feathery foliage is deep sage-green in color. Ornate,
Taxodium          Baldcypre                    dark purple Taxodium distichum Taxodium distichum
distichum         ss        Shawnee Brave      seed capsules adorn the tree in the fall. Fall color is bronze-orange.
                                               A great 'front yard' tree. Symmetrical branching and broadly pyramidal shape.
                                               Fragrant yellow flowers in summer with large, dark green foliage that turns
Tilia americana   Linden      Frontyard        yellow in the fall. Height 60-75', spread 40'. Full sun.
                                               Height 40-50', spread 15-25'. Strong growing with straight trunk. Spicy,
Tilia cordata     Linden      Greenspire       fragrant, pale yellow flowers. Fast growing. Yellow fall color.
                                               This pyramidal shaped tree has fragrant yellow flowers. The dark green
                                               foliage turns yellow in the fall. Disease free. Height 35-45', spread 30-35
Tilia cordata     Linden      Littleleaf       feet. Full sun.
                                               This vigorous grower has a broad, conical form. The open branching creates
                                               a less dense shade. Fragrant yellow flowers in summer. The shiny dark
                                               green foliage develops a yellowish green fall color. Full sun. Height 40-50
Tilia cordata     Linden      Shamrock         feet, spread 30 feet.
                                               Upright growth habit. Exfoliating bark and glossy foliage with yellow fall color.
                                               High resistance to sun scald and leaf spot. Its glossy summer foliage
                                               changes to an Linden unusually bright gold in the fall. Height30-40 feet,
Tilia mongolica   Linden      Harvest Gold     spread 25-30 feet.
Tilia tomentosa   Linden      Sterling
                                               Broadly conical evergreen tree, often having several trunks, with deeply
Tsuga                                          furrowed, purplish gray bark and small-budded, slender, gray shoots. Height
Canadensis        Hemlock     Canadian         80 feet, spread 30 feet.

Ulmus                                          Height 60-80 feet, spread 40-60 feet. Upright growth habit. Highly resistant to
americana         Elm         Princeton        Dutch Elm disease. Fast growing, graceful, symmetrical brancing.
                              Weeping          A round-headed weeping form growing in height up to 20 feet. Leaves are
Ulmus glaba       Elm         Scottish         large and create a dense canopy. A landscaper‟s delight.

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                                                                     Engle's Farm Greenhouses                                      4/12/2011
                                                               Trees in Stock Listed by Botanical Name
Botanical Name     Name          Variety                                      Description

                                            Height 50 feet. Spread 25 feet. New Horizon has coarse textured dark green
                                            leaves similar to American elms. Wonderful shade tree, it is densely leafed
Ulmus japonica Elm          New Horizon     with a compact appearance and upright growth habit. Rusty-red fall foliage.
                            University of
Ulmus japonica Elm          Wisc. Select    Dutch elm disease resistant.

Viburnum                                    Height 7-8 feet, spread 5-7 feet. Creamy-white huge flowers cover plant in
lantana          Viburnum Mohican           May followed by orange-red fruit that eventually turn black. Full or partial sun.
                                            Height 15-20 feet. Light lilac-purple, 7-12 inch fragrant flower clusters late
Wisteria                                    May-June. Later, longer flowering period. Blooms are borne on current
macrostachys     Wisteria   Aunt Dee        seasons shoots. Prefers fertile, well-drained soil and full sun.
Wisteria         Chinese                    Ht. 6-8', spread 8-10'. Long, fragrant purple flowers racemes appear before
sinensis         Wisteria   Lavender Lace   the leaves. Prefers full sun.
Wisteria         Chinese                    Height 6-8 feet, spread 8-10 feet. Long, fragrant, pink pendulous flower
sinensis         Wisteria   Pink Pearl      racemes appear before leaves. Prefers full sun.
Wisteria         Chinese                    Ht. 6-8', spread 8-10'. Long, fragrant white flowers racemes appear before
sinensis         Wisteria   White Diamond   the leaves. Prefers full sun.
                                            Height 60-70 feet, spread 40-50 feet. Vase-shaped form. Bright green
                Japanese                    serrated leaves. Orange- brown to bronze-red fall color. Fast growing
Zelkova serrata Zelkova  Green Vase         producing a tall graceful tree.
                                            Height 45-50 feet, spread 15-20 feet. Very narrow upright vase shape.
                                            Summer foliage is large, 2-5 inches long, medium-green. Fall foliage is rusty
                Japanese                    yellow. Short trunk is ideal for street tree use. Vigorous growth rate,
Zelkova serrata Zelkova  Musashino          adaptable to soils, pest resistant and drought tolerant.

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