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									   Corvallis High School                                                                             April 2010

  It is official, spring is here! New life is springing up everywhere and
we here at CHS are eagerly looking forward to next year as we complete the
course registration process and build a master schedule to serve the needs for
all of our students. I hope that you each had a chance to go over the course
catalog with your students and spent time together as a family in selecting                 What’s in this issue?
courses that will help your student achieve his/her goals. But there is a lot of    Asst.Principal’s Greeting . . . . . . 1-2
year left and we will need to all work together to help all Corvallis High School   District Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
students achieve. Please remember the importance of attendance. Students            Spring One Acts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
miss out on so many incredible learning opportunities when they are not in          Report Cards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
class. Attendance is the number one indicator of student academic success.          Students Working . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Thanks for partnering with us to help ensure that every student is in class.        Beyond CHS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
  I wanted to highlight a few, of the many, incredible success we have had in       Safety Town Volunteers . . . . . . . . . 3
the classroom so far this year.                                                     Counselor Assignments . . . . . . . . . 3
  First, I want to recognize the efforts of our math department in implementing     Wellness Survey. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
a Credit by Proficiency model for our Algebra 1 classes. In this model, the         School Board - Calendar . . . . . . . . 4
math department identified those standards which are essential for passing          Flu Season Still Here . . . . . . . . . . . 4
the course and moving on to the next level of math successfully. These were         Mr. Spartan Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
the standards on which students were evaluated. Students were given multiple        After Graduation Transition Fair . . . 5
opportunities to show proficiency on these standards since we understand            Conferences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
that all students learn at different rates and all students were expected to        Luncheon Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
pass the standards several different times to show that their understanding         Parent Connection . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
was enduring. These Algebra 1 and Algebra 1a/1b teachers spent countless            2010-11 Budget Preparation. . . . . . 6
hours collaborating about what was helpful in ensuring that all students were       Senior All Night Party . . . . . . . . . . . 7
learning these essential skills and what teaching strategies were effective         CHS Website . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
in reaching all students. Their efforts, combined with the efforts of the           Spartan Athletics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Tutoring Center, our Counseling Department, the Learning Lab, and many              Boys and Girls Club . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
community volunteers have yielded incredible results. In just the first year        Soccer Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
of implementation, our passing rate in each of these classes has increased by       CHS Library News . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
20%! These are phenomenal results given that we do not offer pre-algebra any
longer. Students who are below grade level are now given the opportunity to           Dates to Remember
be in a grade level class but are given more time to meet the standards. These      4/5	   Parent/Teacher	Conference	signup
are truly phenomenal results and we look forward to this program growing            4/9	   Counselors	visit	Cheldelin
and helping more students find success in the coming years.                         4/9	   Highlighter	Dance,	8-11	p.m.
  Also, we have had some wonderful success in our English language                  4/10	  ACT	Exam	given	at	CHS,	7:45	a.m.
learner program at Corvallis High School. These are a group of students             4/12	  Wellness	Committee,	9	a.m.		
who speak English as a second, third, or even fourth language and are learning             Sunnyside	Up	Café
English while they master their academic content as well. This year, our ELL        	4/13	 Counselors	visit	Waldorf	School
department along with many core academic and elective teachers have been            4/15	 No SCHool –	Conferences
working with these students to gain mastery of the English language which will
                                                                                    4/16	 No SCHool –	Conferences
enable them to be successful in school and in life beyond. Of the 56 students
                                                                                    4/17	 CHS/CV	Golf	Fundraiser
who took the English Language Proficiency Exam, 29 passed out of the ELL
program altogether! These are incredible numbers and evidence of the great          4/20	 Parent	Connection	Meeting
things happening in the classroom and the hallways of CHS to help support           4/21	 Spanish	Speaking	Parent	Night,	
                                                                                           6:30	–	8	p.m.,	Rm.	120
the learning of these kids.
                                                                                    4/24	 Mr.	Spartan	Pageant
  There is so much to be excited about at Corvallis High School. I was moved by
                                                                                    4/27	 Transition	Resource	Fair
the music at the Spring Choir concert. Hearing all different types of students
                                                                                    4/28	 Site	Council	Meeting
                                     Asst. Principal’s letter continued on page 2   4/28	 Jazz	Concert
                                                                                    4/30-5/1			Spring	One	Acts
	 Corvallis	High	School	Newsletter	                         	                                                 April	2010

                                              Asst. Principal’s letter continued            CHS Parent’s
make beautiful music together (literally) and singing a piece in Italian about       We will NoT be printing, handing
the Ganges River, a classical piece in Latin, African American Spirituals, and     out or mailing the nine week report
many other songs reminded me of the importance of the arts in the education        cards home during Parent-Teacher
of every student.                                                                  Conferences in April.
  Thank you, Corvallis, for your continued support of our schools. Our               This decision was made based on
elective programs, fine and performing arts courses, clubs and athletics, and      the following:
incredible staff help to make CHS a place where students continue to learn to      1. The majority of our parents are
become responsible, highly engaged global citizens.                                   using PINNACLE on a regular
                                             —Eric Wright , Assistant Principal       basis to check their kids grades.
                                                                                   2. We are trying to use our limited
                                                                                      printing and mailing budget as
                                                                                      wisely as possible.
District Studies High School Schedules                                               We will have a computer and
  The Corvallis School District has launched an in-depth study of how              printer set up by the Spartan
instructional time at Corvallis and Crescent Valley high schools can be used       statue during conferences and our
more effectively.                                                                  counselors will assist any parent(s)
                                                                                   at that time who might want a
  A new Guiding Team for Instructional Time (GTIT) committee is researching
                                                                                   hard copy of their child’s report
the schedules of distinguished, high-achieving high schools throughout the
                                                                                   card. Our registrar, Karen Nelson
country to see how they might be used in Corvallis. They also will gather input
                                                                                   will be happy to print copies of
from high school staff, students and parents to produce two to three options
                                                                                   individual report cards as well. We
for a common schedule at both high schools which would most benefit student
                                                                                   encourage you to come talk with
                                                                                   our administrative team if you have
  For years, the district has heard a number of concerns from parents, students    any questions or concerns around
and staff about the 90-minute teaching blocks in some subjects, long gaps in       this decision. Thank you for your
instruction and open blocks when students are not required to be in class.         support!
  The district also wants to review the schedules in light of changing
demographics among students at the same time that more stringent graduation
requirements have heightened concern about students who need extra time              our students - in the
and help to graduate.                                                                    REAl world!
  The committee is made up of seven representatives from each high school             CHS Theater students will be
including the principal, two teachers, one classified employee, one counselor,     staffing the Arlo Guthrie Family
one student and one parent. Human resources director Jennifer Duvall and           Rides Again concert, Thursday
Sally McAfee, the district’s high school curriculum coordinator, also serve on     April 29 at La Sells Stewart Center.
the GTIT committee.                                                                   Jobs include live sound assistant,
  The committee will present its recommendation(s) in December with the            lighting design and operation,
goal of implementing the new schedule in 2011-2012. More details about the         hospitality, box office, and ushering.
committee’s work are available on the district Web page,             What a great experience for our
                                                                                   students, working at a professional
                                                                                   showing of a national touring artist!
Spring one Acts
  CHS is pleased to announce their Spring One Acts, featuring plays by Nobel
Laureate winning playwright Eugene O’Neill. These student directed pieces
showcase the talents of student directors, actors and technicians. Under the
                                                                                                CHS Black Box Theatre
supervision of CHS theatre program director Laura Braibish, spring one-acts
                                                                                                  1400 NW Buchanan
promises to be a night of compelling and enjoyable theatre.
                                                                                                  Corvallis, OR 97330
Performances: April 30 and May 1 at 7pm
Tickets: No advance tickets are available. Seating is on a first come, first
  seated basis and the doors will close when the theatre has reached its
  capacity.Admission is free, although donations are accepted at the door.                               (541) 757-3820

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	 Corvallis	High	School	Newsletter	                           	                                                April	2010

     BCHS ~ BEYOND Corvallis High School                                                        AP Exams
                                                                                     Monday, May 3
  SAT & ACT registration is filling up for all of these tests and it is on a          A.M. – US Government & Politics
first come, first served basis which we have no control over. You must register       P.M. – French Language
for these tests on-line.
  The ACT will be given at CHS on April 10.       Signup is at www.actstudent.       Tuesday, May 4
org. All students should sign up for the ACT with writing. If your student             P.M. – Statistics
is planning to attend BYU in a year, I believe that they are now also going to
require the writing. I have indicated to several students that they might want       Wednesday, May 5
to take the ACT rather than SAT based on their PSAT scores.                           A.M. – Calculus
  The SAT at CHS will be given on June 5.       If your student is just now taking   Thursday, May 6
Algebra 2 second semester then they should register for the SAT in June. If            A.M. – English Literature &
your student took precalculus or college/alg trig last semester, they should                Composition
sign up for the March test. If your student is going to take precalculus or            A.M. – German Language
college/Alg trig next semester and may want to go to a more select school, they
also should take the SAT in March leaving room then to take the subject tests        Friday, May 7
in June. Financial aid is available, have your student see Nancy.                      A.M. – U.S. History
  AP Exams – To the right is the schedule, the cost is $95 per exams and
I will try to get a break on the two physics exams (TBA). Starting Tuesday,          Monday, May 10
January 19, we will be taking a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of $15 per exam.                 A.M. – Biology
Final payment will not be due until late April. All morning exams will start           P.M. – Physics
at 7:30 a.m. All afternoon exams at 12:00. Please have your student see Nancy
Shaffer for financial aid.                                                           Tuesday, May 11
                                                                                       A.M. – Chemistry
                                                                                       A.M. – Environmental Science
              Mr. Spartan Events                                                       P.M. – Psychology
    4/1	 Rock	&	Jock	Basketball	Fundraiser
    4/6	 A	Cappella	Night	Fundraiser                                                 Wednesday, May 12
    4/9	 HS	Highlighter	Dance                                                         A.M. – English Language &
    4/10	 Silent	Auction                                                              Composition
    4/14	 Talent	Show	&	Video	Night
    4/17	 Car	Wash/Can	&	Bottle	Drive	Fundraiser
    4/24	 Mr.	Spartan	Pageant                                                        Counselor Assignments
                                                                                       Counselors have changed their
                                                                                     alphabetical division by a few
Safety Town Volunteers                                                               letters, here is the new division of
  Applications for this summer’s Safety Town Volunteer program will be               the alphabet. We have done this in
available April 1st. Safety Town is a safety education program for pre-              an effort to balance the numbers
kindergarten children and recruits teens to help with field trips, art projects,     of students between all counselors.
supervision, and teaching. The program will be held at Franklin Elementary           We will be calling the affected
and includes morning sessions.                                                       students into the counseling center
Session Teen Training Day                           Safety Town Classes              over the coming week to let them
   1     Monday, June 28, 9:30-11:30 Tues-Fri, June 29-July 9, 9:30-11:30
                                                                                     A-C       Josh Miller – but keeping
   2     Monday, July 12, 9:30-11:30        Tues-Fri., July 13-23, 9:30-11:30
                                                                                        all D & E seniors and some others.
   3     Monday, July 26, 9:30-11:30        Tues-Fri., July 27–Aug 6, 9:30-11:30
                                                                                     D-K       Keri Phipps
  Volunteer slots fill up quickly, so be sure to turn your application in soon!
                                                                                     L-Ri      Matt McDonough –
Sessions are filled on a first come, first served basis. NEW THIS YEAR! The
                                                                                        staying the same
Club has implemented a new Teen Volunteer Selection Process. Visit the
Boys & Girls Club web site ( for more information and           Ro-Z Cathy Wright – staying the
to download the application.                                                            same

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	 Corvallis	High	School	Newsletter	                          	                                               April	2010

School Board Postpones Calendar Vote                                                    Wellness Survey
  Corvallis school board members have decided to wait until their April 5                                 Oregon’s
board meeting to vote on the proposed 2010-2011 school calendar to provide                              Student Wellness
more time for public feedback. The vote was originally set for Monday, March 8.                          Survey is an
  The district’s calendar committee presented its recommended calendar                                    anonymous,
during a special board meeting on Feb. 22.                                                                 research-
                                                                                                            based survey
   The first day of school for students next fall will be Wednesday, Sept. 8,                              of youth
if the 2010-2011 calendar proposed by the district’s calendar committee is                              in grades 6,
approved by the school board in its April 5 meeting.                                                  8 and 11. It is a
   Winter break would be Dec. 20-31 and spring break would be March 21-25,                         source of data about
2011 the same as Oregon State University. The last day of school for students      health risks such as depression,
would be June 16.                                                                  alcohol, tobacco and drug use;
   The proposed calendar includes 2.5 snow make-up days and a new, “pilot”         and delinquent behaviors such as
schedule for fall grading and parent-teacher conferences. The committee has        bullying, fighting and harassment.
recommended a Thursday/Friday/Monday schedule on Oct. 28-29 and Nov.                 The Student Wellness Survey
1 for the elementary and middle grade levels. High school conference days          examines factors that protect young
would still take place on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 28-29.                         people like supportive parents,
   If the response is positive, the calendar committee may propose similar         good friends, safe neighborhoods,
Thursday through Monday schedule in future years for both the fall and spring.     community connections and
   The new calendar also changes the schedule of staff development days in         schools. It also provides teachers,
order to provide consistent collaboration opportunities for teachers as part       administrators and school boards
of the district’s focus on implementing Professional Learning Communities at       with school climate data -- the
every school in support of student learning. The committee has recommended         degree to which students feel they
trading two full staff development days during the year for eight early-release    belong, are valued and are physically
days evenly dispersed throughout the school year.                                  and emotionally safe at school.
   Teachers would use these two-hour blocks of time to work together to clarify      In spring 2010, the Student
what students should be learning, to develop common ways of measuring              Wellness Survey is being conducted
student progress, to decide how to help students who are struggling and to         in lieu of the Oregon Healthy
plan how they can continue to challenge students who have already learned          Teens survey. In the future the
the material.                                                                      Student Wellness Survey will be
   A link to the proposed 2010-2011 school calendar and details about how the      administered to students during
committee decided on its recommendations is available on the home page of          the spring of each even numbered
the district Web site ( under the “Spotlight On . . . “ heading.   year and the Oregon Healthy Teens
   Comments on the proposed calendar may be sent to Jennifer Duvall at             Survey will take place during the or to the school board at schoolboard@         spring of each odd year.                                                                 The two surveys share a large
                                                                                   common core of questions, but are
                                                                                   somewhat different. Combined, they
                                                                                   provide school districts with timely
Flu Season Still Here!                                                             and comprehensive data about their
  Continue to follow these important Flu-Fighter                                   students.
strategies:                                                                          For more information on the
· Wash your hands often with soap and water!                                       Oregon Healthy Teens Survey, visit
· Cover your cough and sneezes!                                                    their Web site: www.dhs.state.
· Stay home when you are ill!                                            
· Get vaccinated. (This is recommended even if you think you had the flu!)         index.shtml or contact Eric Wright
  For more information, visit:                                                     at CHS.
· Benton County Public Health:
· Oregon State Public Health:
· Concerned about vaccines? Check out:

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	 Corvallis	High	School	Newsletter	                          	                                                 April	2010

                          Mr. Spartan up and coming                                      After Graduation
                          events!                                                           Transition
                            Mr. Spartan is a dedicated group of 32 seniors and            Resource Fair
                          juniors raising money for the Mario Pastega House
                                                                                             Tuesday, April 27
                          and the Good Samaritan Regional Cancer Center.
                          Please note that dates/times are subject to change.                  6:30 to 8 p.m.
                          Refer to the Mr. Spartan website for up-to-date                     Harding Center
                          information:                                (Conference Room 2)
April 1st- Rock and Jock:                                                                     510	N.W.	35th	St.
  7:00pm in the CHS Gym. Mr. Spartan and Mr. CV Boys compete in a gag-
basketball game. Each dollar donated by the fans equals one point on the score               Tips for Success:
board, and officials are subject to bribes! The Spartan Girls and Ms. CV Girls        Information and resources to assist
head off at half time in a dance off.                                                 students in their transition to “life
                                                                                                after high school”.
April 6th- A cappella Night:
                                                                                      This workshop is for juniors and
  7:00pm in the CHS Auditorium. Come hear some nationally-renowned
                                                                                    seniors receiving special education
singing groups from the area! Featured a cappella groups include University of
                                                                                    services and their parents. It is an
Oregon’s On the Rocks (, UO’s Divisi (http://
                                                                                    opportunity to learn more about, Oregon State’s Outspoken (,
                                                                                    the upcoming transition from high
Corvallis’ Absolute, and the talented local high school men’s and woman’s
                                                                                    school to the adult services available
groups The Aviators and The Unmentionables. This is a spectacular mix of
                                                                                    upon graduation.
talent, all in our home theater! Tickets cost $8 for students and $10 for adults.
                                                                                      During the workshop, families will:
April 9th- High School Highlighter Dance:
                                                                                    • Learn about the Transition
  8-11pm in the CHS Upper Gym. This second annual Highlighter school
                                                                                       process and Transition Plan as
dance is an informal and fun dance where the brighter the costume, the better!
                                                                                       part of their IEP.
Tickets are $6 and students must have their student ID.
                                                                                    • Learn about Oregon Parent
April 10th - Silent Auction:                                                           Training and Information Center
  7:00pm in the CHS Commons. Spectacular baskets and items from local                  and offered resources.
businesses will be up for bidding. Such items include a Senior Photo Session        • Meet the Life Skills teacher and
from Thistledown, a weekend at a Black Butte cabin, and a guided wine tour of          learn about this class option
Mid-Willamette Valley wineries. Come enjoy food courtesy of El Presidente,
                                                                                    • Meet a representative and
Qdoba, Pilos Bakery and more. Live entertainment by Hilltop Big Band, dance
                                                                                       learn about Benton County
floor included!
                                                                                       Developmental Disability
April 14th- Video and Talent Night:                                                    Services.
  7:00pm in the CHS Auditorium. This night includes the Mr. Spartan videos,         • Meet a representative and learn
as well as acts by the most talented students at CHS. Tickets cost $5 and DVDs         about Brokerage Services
of the Mr. Spartan videos will also be available for a $5 suggested donation. If
                                                                                    • Meet a representative and learn
you are interested in competing in the talent show, auditions will be held in the
                                                                                       about Vocational Rehabilitation
choir room after school at 3:30 on April 1st and 6th.
April 17th- Car Wash/ Can Drive:                                                    • Meet a representative and learn
  11am -3pm in the AutoZone parking lot. We will make your car sparkle for             about support services options at
a donation. Bring your returnable pop cans/ bottles along, or drop them in the         both LBCC and OSU.
blue bins in the CHS main office anytime before the event. If you would like,         Refreshments will be provided.
contact us at to arrange a time for us to pick          For additional information, please
up your cans.                                                                       contact SEAC Co-Chairpersons
April 24th- The Mr. Spartan Pageant:                                                Kathy Eckert-Mason at 738-2955,
   7:00pm in the CHS Auditorium. This is the culmination of our efforts. Come or
see the Mr. Spartan boys compete with dance moves and various talents. The          Denise Cardinali at 929-2645, dvc_
final sum raised will be announced and Mr. Spartan 2010 will be crowned.  
Tickets are available pre-sale only for $15.

                                                           ~	5	~
	 Corvallis	High	School	Newsletter	                               	                                                 April	2010

CHS Spring Parent-Teacher Conference schedule:                                               The luncheon line
Date                       Scheduled                     Drop-In                            Freshman and sophomore
Thursday, April 15         12:00-1:00 PM                 1:00-3:30 PM                     families fed the CHS staff on Feb.
                           3:30-4:30 PM                  5:30-6:50 PM                     25. One hundred baked potatoes
                           7:00-8:00 PM                                                   became well-rounded meals with
Friday, April 16           8:00-10:00 AM                 10:10 AM-12:00 PM                cheese, chicken, salsa, chili and
                                                                                          veggie toppings. Butter and sour
   Parents are welcome to call the CHS Main office @ 757-5871 starting at
                                                                                          cream were amply supplied, so the
7:30 am on Monday, April 5th to begin scheduling conference appointments.
                                                                                          hungry were insured an indulgent
Please be aware that part time staff (who we share with other buildings) and
                                                                                          meal. Thank you to all who came
coaches (with practice obligations) may have abbreviated conference schedules.
                                                                                          forward with topping contributions,
ALL conferences will be in the cafeteria commons area. Although, we have
                                                                                          salads, and desserts. Financial
hired additional staff members to assist us with the increased volume of phone
                                                                                          contributions provided the funds for
calls during this time; please be patient! It is not necessary to call multiple
                                                                                          the potatoes and catering essentials.
times. The student assistants and parent volunteers answering the phones will
                                                                                           Clare Staton
add the date and time of your call to the form they fill out. We always call back
                                                                                           lisa Mykrantz Brown
in that order and promise to get back to you within a 24-48 hour time frame.               Wendy Asano
To assist us, please be prepared to answer these questions:                                Anne Flannery
1. Be sure to give us your name and the name of your student (especially if the last       linda Seker
  names are different.)                                                                    linda Burke
2. Which day (Thursday or Friday) and what time (see the above times) do you               Jeannie Sifneos
  prefer to schedule the conference for?                                                   Anita Guerrini
3. Is there an alternative date/time that might work for you (if so when) if your first    Ellen Beier
  choice is booked solid?                                                                  Peggy Spiegelberg
4. Which teachers do you want to see? Please have their names ready. We have two           Cynthis Cox
  teachers with the last name of Skillings (Kevin or Mary) and Williams (Casey or          Paige olsen
  Julie.) So please know which one you want to see.                                        Dawn Gonzales
  Our teachers and counselors look forward to this second opportunity to                   Sandy Fichtner
meet with you to discuss the academic progress of your children. If you have               Theresa Dawley
any questions or concerns, please call Sherry Faller, Operations Assistant.                Chris Carlson
Her phone number is: 757-5872.                                                             Jeff leonard
                                                                                           Christine Stillger
                                                                                           Sally olson-Edge
Parent Connection - April 20 • noon                                                        Jimmy Falkner
  Parents, guardians, grandparents and incoming 8th grade parents: please                  Anneliese Moran
join us for our informal noon meetings held in the CHS Band Room. Feel free                Blake Rodman
to bring your lunch and eat. April’s agenda: Dawn Granger, principal, will                 ladona Martin-Frost
update us on CHS news and there will be presentations about the sophomore                  Jan Shroeder
service learning projects and the Leadership Class.                                        Kristine Hennessy
                                                                                            Reminder: In order to eliminate
Final meeting: May 18 • noon                                                              unnecessary contributions to
                                                                                          our landfills, we are collecting
2010-11 Budget Preparation                                                                your neglected Corelle plates and
  The process of developing the 2010-11 budget for the Corvallis School                   straggling stainless spoons and
District is underway. Administrators and school staff are currently working to            forks. When you clean out your
identify budget needs and priorities and to develop funding proposals.                    cupboards, please keep the PC
  The public may comment on what priorities should be reflected in next                   luncheon committee in mind for
year’s budget during school board meetings over the next four months. Parents             these donations. Bring them to the
and citizens also may offer feedback during a series of public budget forums,             CHS office. Thanks.
beginning in February, during which information about expected revenue                             —Staff Luncheon Committee
resources and proposed expenditures will be shared.
  Check the district’s Web site at for a schedule of future
board meetings and guidelines for giving public testimony. Once the dates,
times and locations of the public budget forums are finalized, that information
will be posted on the Web site as well.
                                                                ~	6	~
	 Corvallis	High	School	Newsletter	                          	                                                 April	2010

                                                                                      DATES to Remember
                        Bookmark the SANP Website!                                  April 7-Cover important dates for
                          If you haven’t already done so, bookmark the new            graduation
                        website that has been created specifically for the 2010     April 28-Speaker
                        Senior All Night Party! Refer to it often!
                                                                                    May 13-Prom talk and video in
                                                                                    May 20-Seniors will pick walking
Save Money – Get Your Tickets Now!                                                    partners. We will meet at the
  Order your ticket THIS MONTH and save money before the cost goes up!                football stadium.
Just fill out the form below, attach a check or cash and turn it into the main      May 26- Dawn Granger will talk to
office. The cost is only $25 if purchased NOW; after spring break the price           her seniors then there will be a
goes up to $30. Final time to purchase tickets will be at the door and the cost       ‘Senior Secret Meeting’. This is a
will be $35. Please make checks payable to CV/CHS SANP.                               20 minute advisor.
  Student Name:_________________________School__________________                    May 27 - senior potluck at 6:00 in
                                                                                      the cafeteria
  Parents Name(s):_______________________________________________                   June 8 - Senior Awards Night.
  Address:______________________________________________________                      Seniors are also invited to make
                                                                                      a memorial tile which will be
  Phone:_ _______________ Email:__________________________________                    placed on the wall of the cafeteria
                                                                                      In mid-May. The date and time
Senior Slide Show                                                                     (usually right after school) will be
  Jan Walker is accepting the pictures for the ‘slide show’. You may send them        announced at a later date.
electronically to or bring them to the school in     June 10 - All senior work is due
an envelope with your students’ name on the back of each picture. The pictures        by Thursday, June 10th. Seniors
are usually of the students as they have grown. Group shots are great fun.            will receive their paperwork to
                                                                                      get cleared for graduation the last
SANP Gift-Wrap Sale Continues!                                                        week of school. All fines and fees
                                                                                      must be taken care of and all work
  Sally Foster products & Entertainment Books are available on-line for your
                                                                                      finished in order for students to
purchases. Simply input our CVHS/CHS joint account number (#355744) at
                                                                                      receive their cap and gown.
the SALLYFOSTER.COM website and select your items. Your purchases will
be sent directly to you - while our students receive 50% of your total!             June 14 - Graduation is at Gill at
                                                                                      7:30. Seniors need to be at Gill
  (Of course, you are always welcome to donate 100% straight to our students’
                                                                                      at 10:00 a.m. Monday, June 14th
celebration! Checks can be left in the office, c/o SANP Treasurer.) Thank you
                                                                                      for practice, then be at Gill again
for your continued support of the Class of 2010!
                                                                                      that night at 6:45. There are no
                                                                                      tickets needed and there is a
lots of Volunteers Needed!                                                            handicapped area available.
  Please consider volunteering for the Senior All Night Party on June 14th. We        Please call Cindy Gulledge if you
still need parent volunteers for the night of the party. Contact Nell Kolodziej     have questions or concerns. 541-
at if you want to be a part of this fun evening. It is       757-0968.
not necessary to be a senior parent. We invite all parents to join the fun and
volunteer! E-mail Nell Kolodziej for information or to be put on the list of                  CHS Website
                                                                                       Available on CHS website via
                                                                                      QUICKLINKS box on front page:
Memory Collages
  Senior Parents plan ahead! Gather pictures that give a reflection of your child
growing up, during school, sports and other activities with family and friends.        Master Schedule
Memory collages will be displayed at the High School and the 2009-2010 Senior          Course Catalog
All Night Party in June. Details are available on the CHS website (Parents –           Grades - Pinnacle
Senior All Night Party – Docs) and in a letter home in April. Questions can be         Current shows in the theater
directed to: AJ Campbell ( at 752-0799.                               Staff emails
                                                                                       CHS calendar of events
                                                           ~	7	~
	 Corvallis	High	School	Newsletter	                            	                                              April	2010

      SPARTAN Activities and Athletics                                                    Sports Hotline
Spartan Spring Sports                                                                 We encourage parents to use the
Baseball (Varsity/JV/Freshman)        Coach: Eric Dazey            757-3801        PARENT HOTLINE. It is now
Softball (Varsity/JV)                 Coach: Rich Scott            760-8822        working and each day’s events will
Boys/Girls Track                      Coach: Mark Hulburt          928-9544        be put on the hotline by 9:00am.
Girls Tennis                          Coach: Andy Hackethorn       753-5321        Please call 766-4877, extension
Boys Tennis                           Coach: Ken Stevenson         974-4281        8073 for information about events
Girls Golf                            Coach: David Zajicek         231-7778        scheduled each day. The hotline is
Boys Golf                             Coach: Marc Arey             760-3857        updated daily sometime between
Girls Lacrosse                        Coach: Monette LeMay         754-7709        2:15 and 3:00pm. When the hotline
Boys Lacrosse                         Coach: Josh Parker           231-5124        is used, the regular office phone
                                                                                   lines are kept free for making
                                                                                   necessary calls due to cancellations.
                                                                                      Remember, if a game is cancelled,
AYSo Soccer Registration                                                           a practice is usually scheduled
  AYSO soccer registration for the Fall/Spring 20010-2011                          (except tennis). The students are
season will be held on Saturday, May 1, 2010 from 9:00am-                          to check outside the Athletic Office
12:00pm at Adams Elementary Gym. The cost is $55 per player                        door for their final instructions.
ages kindergarten (2010-2011) through high school. All players                     Reminder – Golf and Track events
must pre-register by going to; fill out the player application form      do not rain out!
and print two copies to bring with you to the registration.
  Scholarships are available for those who qualify for the free or reduced lunch
program. If you have any questions, call 929-7422 and a volunteer will return
your call after 6:00pm or email your questions to
All players will be placed on teams for next season if they register during this       Highlighter Dance
time. Visit our website at for more information about how
to register for AYSO.
                                                                                       April 9 • 8-11 p.m.
                                                                                        CHS Upper Gym
Boys & Girls Club April News
• The Clubhouse After-School Program is open to
  all MEMBERS, grades 1-12, 2:45 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
  Cost is $25/year.
• The Clubhouse Non-school Day program is open to all MEMBERS in                            CHS/CV
  grades K-12 on non-school days from 1-6 p.m. The program will run this
  month on April 14-16.                                                                Golf Fundraiser
• We are accepting applications for Safety Town Teen Volunteers beginning              April 17 at 8 a.m.
  April 1st. Applicants must have completed the sixth grade and must be
  willing to commit for the entire session chosen. Each session is preceded          Trysting Tree
  by a Teen Training Day. Volunteer slots fill up quickly, so be sure to turn         Golf Course
  your application in soon! Sessions are filled on a first come, first served
• NEW THIS YEAR! The Club has implemented a new Teen Volunteer
  Selection Process. Visit the Boys & Girls Club web site (www.bgccorvallis.
  org) for more information and to download the application.
• The Clubhouse is no longer open on Saturdays for the remainder of the
  school year as of March 20.                                                        Jazz Concert
• The Club hosts Venture Crew for teens (coed) ages 16 & up. Contact Jack               April 28
  Standeven at 745-3914 or if interested in
  joining.                                                                             7:30 p.m.
• Current Membership is required for all programs. Register for all programs        CHS Auditorium
  online at
                                                          ~	8	~
	 Corvallis	High	School	Newsletter	                         	                                                 April	2010

                                                                                  Thank you library/
Making Reading Easy: The CHS library/Bookroom                                     Bookroom Volunteers!
        “I used to go to the library all the time when I was kid. As a
   teenager, I got a book on how to write jokes at the library, and that,           As usual, we are grateful for our
                    in turn, launched my comedy career.   ”                       regular volunteers: Wendy Asano,
                                                                                  Mary Ellen Brown, Pat Collier,
 ~Comedian Drew Carey, who appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,
                                                                                  Lynne Kane, Monette LeMay, Paige
where he announced that all of his winnings would go to Ohio public libraries.
                                                                                  Olsen, Sally Olsen-Edge, Maureen
Carey donated nearly $600,000 to the Ohio Library Council.
                                                                                  Puettmann, Donna Rinaldi, Jennie
                                                                                  Vlastelica and Melinda Winograd.
New Book: Going Bovine by libba Bray                                              They come in on a regular basis to do
                            This book has a little bit of everything a teenager   whatever tasks we throw their way.
                         can imagine, from parallel universe-hopping
                         physicists to bizarre television shows to snow globe     Donations and lost Books:
                         vigilantes. It is very entertaining and will keep you
                                                                                     Please continue to donate books
                         engrossed from the beginning to the end. It tells
                                                                                  and supplies to the CHS Library or
                         the story of sixteen-year-old Cameron Smith, who
                         is diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob (aka mad cow)
                         disease and told that he will die. But he soon meets        We appreciate the donation of
                         Dulcie, a loopy punk angel/possible hallucination,       books of any level. If we are unable
                         who tells him that there is a cure if he searches for    to use your donations we send them
                         it. He decides to go on a road trip to find the cure     to the elementary or middle schools
                         with Gonzo, a death obsessed, video-gaming dwarf,        in the district. We also donate
                         and a yard gnome who might be the Viking God             them to the public library or trade
                         Balder. He has many adventures and makes some            them for something else through
new friends along the way. The ending has a twist that will surprise you. This    paperback swap (see below).
book just won the prestigious 2009 Michael Printz Award for excellence in            Book Donations for
young adult literature.                                                           PaperBackSwap: Do you have
  Libba Bray is the author of the New York Times bestselling Gemma Doyle          gently used paperback or hardcover
Trilogy, which comprises the novels A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angel,     books you just don’t want taking up
and The Sweet Far Thing. Libba Bray lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her         room on your bookshelf anymore?
husband, son, and two cats. You can visit her at               Consider donating them to the
                                                                                  CHS library. If they are in good
                              ~reviewed by Lorrie Collins, CHS Library intern
                                                                                  condition, CHS has an account at
                                                                         that we use
Kay Snow Writing Contest open to Submissions                                      to swap books at minimal cost to
  The purpose of this annual contest, named                                       CHS. Thanks to folks who have
in honor of Willamette Writer’s founder, Kay                                      donated many books during the
Snow, is to help writers reach professional goals                                 first half of the semester. We have
in writing in a broad array of categories. Student                                been able to trade some of them on
writers are awarded $50 for first place, $20 for                         for books our
second place and $10 for third. The deadline for                                  library collection needs!
the next contest is April 23. If you’re interested, a
Google search will give you more details.
                                                                                  Supplies Needed:
                                                                                  •   Black Sharpies
Treasure our Books
                                                                                  •   Kleenex
  We do charge for damages, especially to our brand new books. Please remind
students to take notes elsewhere, protect their books from moisture and           •   Scotch tape
physical damage, and keep track of them, so they don’t get lost. In addition,     •   Swiffer refills
please remind students                                                            •   Large sheets of paper to cover
that all textbooks should Judy Westlake, Librarian                                    books, about 24” by 27”
be covered with a sturdy 757-5900 or
paper cover.                 Judi Welever, Textbook Coordinator
                             757-5896 or         Enjoy reading!
                                                         ~	9	~

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