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									     Family Fitness
 Making physical activity a
priority for the whole family

              Ben Marx, MS
 Clinical Pediatric Exercise Physiologist
UW Hospitals & Clinics Pediatric Fitness
• Family Fitness
  – Consequences of sedentary behavior
  – Benefits of increased physical activity
• Exercise Recommendations
  – Current science-based recommendations
  – Age appropriate
• Family Fitness Plan
  – Creating your own family fitness plan
              Health & Fitness
• Definition of Sedentary Behavior
  – Below physical activity recommendations
  – General inactivity
• Health vs. Fitness
• The spectrum of health and fitness
  – Physiological
  – Academic
  – Social
  – Lifelong
Physiological Inactivity Consequences
• Several studies have demonstrated improved
  academic performance with improved fitness
  – During adolescence and even into collegiate levels
  – Possibly due to neurological growth

• Participation:
  Ability, self-esteem
• Self image
• Social interaction
• Psychosocial: Social
• Childhood Obesity related to adult chronic

• Fat Cells: size and number

• Learned behaviors and “habitual” lifestyles
  Current Exercise Recommendations
• American College of Sports Medicine
  – 60 minutes per day, 6-7 days per week
  – Moderate Intensity (heart rate and breathing)
  – Endurance type activities
  – High variety of activities

• Splitting 60 minutes into several sessions
  – 15 to 30-min sessions
          Age Appropriateness
• 6-9 year olds
Games, random play
• 9-12 year olds
Games, structured play, sports development
• 12-14
Games, structured play, sports skills development
• 14+
Structured exercise, sports skills advancement
           Family Fitness Plan
•   Prepare a plan
•   Define Goals
•   Determine Methods
•   Overcome Barriers
                Why a Plan?
• Parents are leaders of their children
• Parents must facilitate
  – Creating opportunities
  – Organizing time schedules
  – Arranging transportation
  – Creating a means of accountability
               Prepare a Plan
     Prepare the family for healthy changes
• Sharing education
  – Acquire appropriate, professional-based
    knowledge about health and physical activity
  – Educate the family

• Agree why these changes are important
  – Decide, as a family, why healthy changes are
                Define Goals
                      DREAM IT
•   Daring
•   Realistic
•   Elastic
•   Assertive
•   Measurable
•   Individual
•   Time-Orientated
     Methods – Modify Routines
• Change family routines and create a fitness-
  friendly environment
  – Use a calendar to create fitness opportunities for
    the family, as a unit.
  – Evaluate and change home floor space,
    equipment, and initiate restrictions on sedentary
    behavior opportunities.
• Create an organized schedule
  – What activity will be done?
  – When will that activity be done?
  – Hour-by-hour family time schedule
  – Make it visible
     • Calendar / Planner- next to each week
     • On a refrigerator / board in a common area
     • Posted on a wall that will be seen daily
•   What activities are the kids involved with?
•   How will the kids get there?
•   Can we multi-task during transportation trips?
•   What networking can we do to share
    transportation responsibilities?
• Benefits and consequences to our actions
  – All family members are role models for each other
  – 2-way reward system between parents and kids.
  – Recording progress on your calendar / planner
  – Social accountability with friends or neighbors
  – Financial accountability with purchases or
               Reward Systems
• Point System
  – Points for chores earns rewards
  – Points accumulated from physical activity
• 2-way system
  – Both parent and children give and received
     • New soccer ball, tickets to game, or sleepover if…
     • Parents sleep in on Saturdays if…
      Opportunities Made Easier
• Create networks for physical activity
   – Seek both school and community-based physical
     activity programs
   – Build relationships with other parents for sharing of
     leadership and information
   – Make use of health-care based physical activity
     programs and professional support

• Allow physical activity to be convenient and
   – Seek opportunities close to home that are FUN
        Family Fitness Contract
• Your Plan fits Your Desires and Environment
• Objective
• Family-Orientated; everyone involved
Family Contract
Family Contract
           Fitness as a Priority
• Fitness becomes a priority with behavior, not
• Success is inevitable with a well established,
  but adaptable plan and the ability to integrate
  it into your lifestyle
• We are all both leaders and pupils of fitness in
  our families

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