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					  AAUW Legal
 Advocacy Fund
The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund
   assists women challenging sex
 discrimination in higher education.
  LAF is the nation’s largest legal
 fund focused solely on this issue.

Because equity is still an issue.™
                     LAF Quick Facts
• Since its founding in 1981, LAF has supported more than 80 cases,
  contributing more than $1 million in direct support to women fighting
  discrimination in the courts.

• Since 1986, LAF has provided programs on campus to educate interested
  individuals about sex discrimination in higher education and offer
  strategies to address and prevent discrimination.

• Since 1987, LAF has awarded money to college programs and initiatives
  working to achieve equity for women on campus.

 “I could never have endured the last 10 years without the emotional and financial
   support of AAUW and LAF. … This organization made it possible for me to
   continue to fight for myself as well as others.”
                                                Shelley Weinstock,
                                                LAF-supported plaintiff
AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund

      LAF supports four key

      • Case Support
      • Legal Resource Referral
      • Campus Outreach
      • Progress in Equity Award
       Case Support Program
LAF supports sex discrimination cases brought
by students, faculty, college/university staff, and
administrators in the courts in areas such as
•   Sexual harassment
•   Pay inequity
•   Unfair denials of tenure or promotion
•   Retaliation
•   Access to athletic opportunities
  Case Support Program Guidelines
• The complaint must include sex
  discrimination as a cause of action.
• The complaint must name a college or
  university as a defendant.
• The case must already be filed in a state or
  federal court at the time the application is
  submitted to LAF.
        Case Support Program
          Selection Process

1) The LAF staff reviews the applications.
2) The advisory committee reviews the
   applications and makes recommendations.
3) The board reviews the recommendations
   and makes the final decision.
   Case Support Program Facts
• LAF awards plaintiffs funds to help offset
  legal expenses.
• LAF continues to support a plaintiff
  throughout her case.
• Moral support, particularly through AAUW
  members, is provided to plaintiffs.
• LAF helps draw media attention to cases.
Case Support Program Application

• April 15
• August 15
• December 15
   Legal Resource
  Referral Network

LAF’s network of attorneys
and experts offer consultation
to attorneys, plaintiffs, and
others with questions regarding
sex discrimination in education.
Legal Resource Referral Network

      What do network partners offer?

• Sound legal advice, litigation strategies,
  and representation
• Expert witness services
• Advice on alternatives to litigation and
  navigating through the campus structure
        Legal Resource Referral
            Network Facts
• LAF has more than 300 network participants
  from 48 states and the District of Columbia.
• LAF makes more than 250 referrals each year.
• Of the calls for referrals LAF receives each
  year, about 50% are from faculty, 20% from
  students, 11% from college/university staff,
  and 9% from administrators.
LAF Campus Outreach Program
            LAF provides workshops
            on campus to educate
            participants about sex
            discrimination in higher
            education and strategies
            for addressing and preventing
            sex discrimination.
   Campus Outreach Program
• Launched in 1986, the program educates
  campus communities about sex
  discrimination in higher education.
• Presentations address sex discrimination in
  higher education, provide strategies to
  prevent and resolve discrimination when it
  occurs, and describe the services LAF
  provides to campus women.
    Campus Outreach Program
How are campuses selected?
• By invitation – LAF is invited to speak at
  conferences and programs on campus.
• Through partnerships – LAF forms a
  partnership with an institution, or a
  department at the institution, to provide a
  workshop on campus.
  LAF Progress in Equity
LAF offers an annual award to a college
 or university program or initiative that
 has resulted in significant progress in
       equity for campus women.
   Progress in Equity
      Award Facts
• The winner receives up to
  $10,000 for the program.
• LAF presents the award in an
  on-campus ceremony.
• The annual deadline for
  submitting applications is
  March 15.
  Important Resources for LAF Liaisons
         and AAUW Members
• LAF provides Plaintiff Travel Grants for LAF-
  supported plaintiffs to speak at AAUW state
  conventions. Applications are due Oct. 15.
• Branches can borrow a plaintiff video from
  LAF’s library.
• States and branches can invite consultant network
  participants and plaintiffs to speak at their events.
          LAF Publications
Join our listserv to stay current on LAF-supported
      cases, publications, and other important
        information or visit
        Contributions Overview
                    Ways of Giving

• Outright gifts through         •   Stocks and bonds
  branches and states            •   Planned gifts
• Outright gifts sent directly   •   Retirement plans
  to LAF                         •   Life insurance policies
• Gifts through your             •   Savings accounts
  workplace (i.e. CFC            •   Tributes or memorials
  campaign and matching
  gift programs)
                                AAUW Legal
                               Advocacy Fund
                             To learn more about the Legal
                                   Advocacy Fund, visit
                              call 202/785-7750, or send an
                               e-mail to

                             To learn more about donating
1111 Sixteenth St. N.W.             to LAF, contact
Washington, DC 20036  or
 Phone: 202/785-7750                 202/728-3307.
  TDD: 202/785-7777
  Fax: 202/785-8754

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