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How To Make A Wordpress Website


									How To Make A Wordpress Website               

    How To Make A Wordpress

                 Quick guide to set up your own website!

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How To Make A Wordpress Website                        

1. Get a hosting account and domain name
GoDaddy is great for website hosting services if you want to build your own website and
have online storage space. Web hosting services usually include a domain name so you get
both of these at once and not separate.

Flexing hosting packages mean you can pay as little as £3-5 per month for hosting packages.
Website hosting gives you the freedom of building your own site and web pages. This is a
must if you are planning on having a blog.

Make sure you register a domain name too and any other bits you want like emails etc.

2. Login to hosting control panel
You will then receive an e-mail from GoDaddy with your hosting settings. You need to log in
to your hosting control panel. From there click databases and create a new database. Then
add a new database user with your password.

Make a note of the database name, the username and password for later.

3. Download Wordpress
Wordpress is the best (and totally FREE) management system for your website or blog. It is
very easy to use and once installed to your website your site can be managed from any
computer in the world with internet access, so no programmes needed. Click here to
download Wordpress.

Once its installed extract the files using WinZip to a folder.

4. Enter the database details from step 2
Now you need to enter the details from step 2 into the file called wp-config-sample.php and
then rename that file to wp-config.php. See the link below for detailed instructions.

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How To Make A Wordpress Website                      

5. Set up FTP software
I use Filezilla, a free open source solution that is the most widely-used FTP software
available today.

Note: Make sure you download the FREE “client” version.

Enter your FTP settings from the e-mail from GoDaddy into the FileZilla site manager.

6. Upload your site
Upload the files to your root folder on Filezilla. This may take around 10 minutes to do so as
there are quite a few files.

7. Go to your website
The final step is to go to your website and follow through with the simple set up process. Or
you can go to TO START THE SETUP

From there you need to have play with the themes and settings to find one that you want
and add new pages and blog posts.

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