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					    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
     Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
     “Ohio Chapter of the Year!”

                 General Body Meeting
                    June 20, 2009

• Impactful social action programming that mobilizes the chapter
• Contributing $30,000 over the next 5 years to our chapter scholarships and
• Reclaiming at least 50 sorors over the next 5 years
• Enhancing our internal policies and procedures for better chapter
• Increasing chapter visibility within the community and the sorority.

Regional Goals:
• 200 delegates at DDNC
• 100% Chapter Compliance
• 7000 Members by June 30, 2009
• 200 DIDs (Delta Internal Development workshops)
• 8 State Meetings (e.g., Delta Days, Statewide Founders Day, Training
  Clusters, etc.)
• Launch a State Program Initiative for all 8 states
• Submit 4 articles from the Midwest for the Delta Journal
• 100% attendance by chapters at the Regional Conference
• Full slate of candidates for 2009 Regional Conference
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                          Ohio Chapter of the Year!”
                           General Body Meeting
                                June 20, 2009
                             ORDER OF BUSINESS

Δ Meeting Call to Order                     Δ Committee Reports

Δ Adoption of the Agenda                             – Ways & Means
                                                       /Golf Outing
Δ House Keeping                                      – Delta GEMS
                                                     – Cotillion
Δ Minutes of Previous                                – Membership
  General Body Meeting
   – Read Silently                                     Intake
                                                     – Delta Gateway
Δ Correspondence
Δ Officer’s Reports                         Δ Unfinished Business
   – President
                                            Δ New Business
   – 1st Vice President
                                               – Macy’s Music
   – 2nd Vice President                          Festival Ticket
   – 3rd Vice President                          Promotion
   – Financial Secretary
                                            Δ Announcements
   – Treasurer
                                            Δ Ritualistic Closing

Note: Italic and shadowed items are reports
containing recommendations and will require action
 2008 - 2009                                                           2
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                     General Body Meeting Minutes
                               May 2009
The May 2009 meeting was called to order at 6:50 pm at College Hill
Presbyterian Church. A quorum was present with___ financial members
and ___ non-financial/ v isiting sorors. Sor. Nancy Moody moved to adopt
the agenda. The motion was seconded. Motion passes. The April
General Body Meeting minutes were read silently. Motion to approve the
minutes by Sor. Tina Welch. Seconded. Motion carries.

Sor. Charlotte McKenzie gav e her report. Inv itation to sev eral ev ents
around the city. Welcome card to neophytes from Sor. Octav ia
Matthews, Thank you card from the Bright family. Requests to be cov ered
under new business.
Sor. Veronica Chapman gav e her report. Celebrating our 50 th
anniversary year. Local and State updates. Violets to committees and
sorors for successful programs and activ ities.
1st Vice President
Sor. Tina Welch gav e her report. Rev iew of chapter program proposals for
„09-10 sorority year. Motion to accept the program proposals by Sor.
Danelle Carter. Seconded. Discussion. Motion Carries.
2nd Vice President
Sor. Danelle Carter gav e the report. Reminder to MW regional
conference attendees to let her know they will be attending and a roster
will be sent out to the group for contact info. Time to submit nominations
for v iolet and fortitude awards by May 22nd, Recognition of v isiting sorors
and May birthdays. Violets to Sor. Carmen Jett for soror integration
activ ities. June luncheon and meeting to be held at the Columbia
Center RSVP by June 5th. Acknowledgement of new sorors.
3rd Vice President
Sor. Veronica Chapman gav e the report. Informational. In need of all the
policy and procedures templates to be returned for offices and
2008 - 2009                                                             3
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                    General Body Meeting Minutes
                       May 2009 ….continued

 Financial Secretary
 Sor. Ligaya West gav e her report. Up to 145 members. Up to 86 members
 of 0910.

 Sor. Gayle DeBrossard gav e her report. Rev iew of the proposed budget
 for ‟09-10 sorority year. Motion to accept the budget as read by Sor.
 Shawnda DeRamus. Seconded. Motion carries.
 Appointed Officers
          • Nominating Committee: Sor. Carmen Jett gav e the report. 51
            sorors v oting. Election Results: President - Tina Welch; 1st Vice
            President – Danelle Carter; 2nd Vice President – Gail McCullom;
            3rd Vice President – Shawnda DeRamus; Treasurer – Gayle
            DeBrossard; Financial Secretary – Ligaya West; Recording
            Secretary- Shonda Daniels; Corresponding Secretary – Kim Hull;
            Nominating Committee Chair – Charlotte McKenzie;
            Nominating Committee: Stacey Fulgham, Reynell Frazier,
            Ronnise Handy and Cheryl Lett
          • Ways and Means: Soror Lisa Rowell gav e her report. Golf Outing
            on Saturday at 11am Walden Ponds. Violets to all sorors who
            helped to raise funds for the golf outing.
          • Delta Academy: Sor. Candice Higgins gav e her report. Asking
            sorors to attend the closing ceremony for the program on June
            13th. Still accepting March of Dimes donations and cell phones.
            Asking sorors to wear red shirts and jeans. Processional starting
            at 1pm.
          • Physical & Mental Health: Sor. Yv onne Coursey gav e a
            presentation on Stroke awareness.

2008 - 2009                                                                  4
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                     General Body Meeting Minutes
                        May 2009 ….continued
      Unfinished Business
      Sorority found out that as a chapter we cannot support Sor. Marcia
      Fudge because she is a public political figure and as a non-partisan
      organization we can only donate indiv idually.

      New Business
              • Soror Soraya Williams Farv er is seeking donations for her
                candidacy as Midwest Regional Director. No set amount
                on donations. No motion by the chapter.
           • Cincinnati Queen City Alumnae Chapter will celebrate
             their 20th Anniversary Celebration June 12-14, 2009. Their
             Program Booklet features ads for Cov ers/$100; full
             page/$40; half page/$30; quarter page/$20; eighth
             page/$10. Photo with ad for an additional $10. Deadline
             is May 15, 2009. Motion to donate a full page with picture
             by Sor. Tina Welch. Seconded. Discussion. Motion Carries.

              • Sor. Candice Higgins reiterating that all sorors are inv ited to
                the June 13th activ ity -- activ e and inactiv e
              • Invitation from the Urban League for their annual gala on
                June 6th 8-12 @ the Hilton Netherland Plaza
              • Art Beyond Boundaries Gallery Exhibit highlighting art by
                people with disabilities June 12-July 22
              • Allen Temple AME hosting an Opera ev ent on June 15th
              • This weekend is Cinci NPHC Black Greek full of activ ities
              • Sor. Camille Woods looking for Co-Chair for the Delta
                GEMS for next year
              • Sor. Kara Jones graduating on Saturday from Xav ier
              • Urban League Guild selling tickets to the Negro League
                baseball game for $20 game on June 20th at 7pm

2008 - 2009                                                                    5
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                   General Body Meeting Minutes
                      May 2009 ….continued

     Sor. Stacey Fulgham mov ed to adjourn. Seconded. Motion carries.

     Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm followed by the Ritualistic Closing.

     Stacey Fulgham                            Veronica Chapman
     Recording Secretary                       President

2008 - 2009                                                              6
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                       Correspondence Report
                            June 20, 2009
  Greetings Sorors! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you
  in service to our chapter. Thank you for your sisterly ways and also
  keeping our chapter in the loop! Please continue with your
  submissions over the summer.
  •All committee meetings, updates, announcements, etc. that you
  would like included in the upcoming CAC Weekly Update should be
  submitted each week, no later than Sunday, 5:00pm to You must write your own
  submission in its’ entirety. This will insure inclusion of any early week
  meetings, as the Update will be emailed during the early part of each
  •Please submit your info in the format as you would like for it to
  appear in the update. Your info should be inclusive but brief, in
  STANDARD TYPE AND FONT. Include pertinent info such as date, time,
  location, contact person, email, phone number, etc. Only minor
  editing will be done.
  Therefore, submit your info as bullet points that can be included in the
  body of the update or send an attachment that is small in capacity.
  ETC. with our Sergeant at Arms as you sign in for the Chapter Meeting.
  Also, if you hav e information that is currently not on file for another
  Soror, please prov ide it to us. We need correct information so that
  we can keep you in the communication loop of CAC.
  •Your suggestions and comments are welcome. Remember, ALL

  • Thank you card to the chapter from Soror Maya Owens.
  • Thank you card to the chapter from Soror Kamille Turner.
  • Postcard from Soror Krystal Hardy. Soror Hardy can be reached at
  8397 Prestine, #302; Cordov a TN 38018.
  • The Ohio Commission on Minority Health has announced the
  av ailability of requests for proposals (RFP). Call 614-466-4000 or for information.
2008 - 2009                                                                   7
                      CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

               Correspondence Report continued…..
 •     UMADAOP Statewide Conference will take place August 20-21,
       2009. Registration opens June 1.
 •      Soror Phyllis Harden Carter is seeking our support for her
       candidacy as Member National Nominating Committee.
 •      The “Essence of a Delta” doll is av ailable for $129. You can order
       through June 28. To v iew,; or call Soror
       Niccole Grav e, CEO at 708-991-7446.
 •      Souv enir booklet and thank you letter receiv ed from the
       Inaugural Walnut Hills Black Alumni Network Reunion.
 • The Midwest Region is requesting each chapter to contribute $75
    that will be used towards gifts for outgoing Midwest Region
    officers. The gifts will be presented in July at the 44th Regional
    Conference in Charleston, WV.
 •     Stop Aids, a community based organization serv ing 13 counties in
       OH, IN, and KY is seeking a financial contribution to support their
       serv ices.
 •     Ralph McClinon, a Cincinnati nativ e, 2007 Grad from the School
       for the Creativ e and Performing Arts, and freshman at Central
       State Univ ersity is requesting a donation to assist him with the high
       cost of tuition.
 •     Div ine Women Production, a newly created faith based semi
       professional fashion show promotion entity is requesting a
       donation to help them assist organizations in their causes.
 •     Alpha Pi Chapter of Kentucky State Univ ersity is seeking an ad
       donation to celebrate their 75th anniv ersary this year that will take
       place at their homecoming in the fall. Ad prices are $5/patron;
       $10/business card; $20/quarter page; $35/half page; $50/full
       page; $75/cov er, front or back. Deadline for a response is
       September 30, 2009.

 Thank you, Sorors! Have a fantastic Summer!
 Submitted in the spirit of Delta,
 Charlotte McKenzie
 Corresponding Secretary
2008 - 2009                                                                     8
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                       Presidents Report
                         June 20, 2009

  We hav e come to the end of another successful sorority year! I thank
    you all for making my job easy as President due to the dedication,
    enthusiasm and sisterly encouragement you hav e displayed.
    Together we established some lofty 5-year goals and I can honestly
    say that we achiev ed most of them within 3 years. It takes
    TEAMWORK to Make the Dream Work and I am extremely pleased
    with the progress that this Dream Team has accomplished. Although
    the end of my tenure is bittersweet, I take pride in knowing that the
    chapter is in a better place and that we hav e elected a strong new
    administration that will take the chapter to ev en higher heights.

  Local Updates
  ▲ Violets to Lisa Rowell and Golf Outing committee on another
    outstanding event. Our golfers continue to remain loyal to our ev ent
    and comment on how well organized we are and how much fun
    they had and it‟s all because of you!
  ▲ Violets to Delta Academy and the Delta GEMS committee for your
    successful year end celebrations. Our programs are the heart of the
    chapter and you definitely demonstrate the lov e we hav e for our
  ▲ Represented the Chapter at Queen City Alumnae Chapter‟s 20 th
    Anniversary Dinner Dance.
  ▲ Begun planning for 50 th Anniv ersary Celebration – please contact me
    or Danelle if you are interested in serv ing on the committee.
  ▲ Discussed opportunity to help promote Macy‟s Music Festiv al tickets
    with Lem Jenkins (promoter).
  ▲ Participated in Ohio President‟s Conference Call on June 11 th.
      ― Focused on Compliance deadlines
                ― Due June 30 th - Transition of Officers Form, Chapter
                     Programming Calendar, Chapter Rules of Order
                     Rev isions, Chapter Policy & Procedures
                ― Due August 31 st – Chapter Audit Forms
2008 - 2009                                                            9
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                       Presidents Report
                         June 20, 2009

    Regional Updates
    ▲ Counting down to the MW Regional Conference
        ▲ Onsite Volunteer Opportunities (All volunteers must be
          registered for the Conference.)
                ▲ Fitness Trainer and Health Specialist
                ▲ DeltApollo participants and hostesses
                ▲ Closing Banquet hostesses
                ▲ Choir
        ▲ Let me know if you are interested and I‟ll provide you
          with an application. You must email your completed
          application to mightymidwest_ 22@yahoo. com by
          Friday, June 19, 2009, but the sooner the better!

    National Updates
    ▲ Request to Support Sonia Sotomayer by contacting your
      Representatives in Congress and the Senate.

    Yours in Delta,
    Veronica L. Chapman

2008 - 2009                                                        10
                         CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                        First Vice President Report
    The program committees were on the MOVE in the Greater
    Cincinnati area and has just completed another successful
    program year. Below are program highlights:
              ∆ Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy - Young ladies grades 5th
                through 8 th, focus on math/science, chaired by Sorors
                Candace Brooks-Higgins and Tamia Collins implemented /
                participated in the following programs:
                   Three educational modules: ISPACE Blast Off, Bridge
                     Building and Lights! Camera! Action
                   Wins GOLD (Elementary Div ision)at The Alpha Esquire Black
                     History Bowl
                   Winter retreat, Mind, Body, and Soul
                   Raised money for the Water Project, Inc. Water for
                   Children in Africa and March of Dimes Walk for Babies

              ∆ Delta Academy II: Delta G.E.M.S. (Growing and Empowering
                Myself Successfully) – Young ladies grades 9th through 12th,
                focus on self esteem and leadership, chaired by Soror Camille
                Woods participated in the following programs:
                   Volunteer at the Ebony Fashion Fair
                   Three educational components: Sisterhood, Scholarship,
                    and Show Me the Money
                   Wins SILVER (High School Div ision)at The Alpha Esquire
                    Black History Bowl
                   Two retreats: Winter retreat, Mind, Body, and Soul and the
                    Spring College retreat at Miami Univ ersity, Oxford, Ohio
                   Raised money for the March of Dimes Walk for Babies

              ∆ Scholarship Committee - chaired by Soror Kim Hull
                implemented a v ery successful College Prep Workshop for
                grades 7th – 12th focused on college selection, testing,
                application submission, interv iews and financial aide. Also
                ev aluated and selected 4 scholarship recipients awarding
                $2,300 to the following seniors: Kimaya Hudgins- Princeton;
                Malaika McCoy- Sev en Hills; Ciera Brooks- Roger Bacon; and
2008 - 2009
                Diamond Austin- Withrow High School.
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                      First Vice President Report

          ∆ Debutante Cotillion - Young ladies that are High school Juniors
            and Seniors, focus on dev eloping and enhancing the
            debutante‟s personal, educational, cultural, spiritual, and social
            liv es. Chaired by Sorors Shawnda DeRamus and Marv iette Dale
            presented 18 debutants and distributed ov er $15,000 in
            scholarships and stipends.

          ∆ Social Action committee - Collaboration with community
            partners to enhance the political and social awareness of the
            Cincinnati community residents. Chaired by Soror Deatria
            Walker the committee coordinated the chapter participation in
            sev eral v oter registration driv es at the National NAACP
            Conv ention, Black Family Reunion, and National Baptist
            Conv ention registering ov er 150 people through our efforts. We
            also conducted our 2 nd Delta Days at City hall Adv ocacy in
            Action-Renewing Our Purpose”.

          ∆ Physical and Mental Health Committee – focused on Stroke and
            Stroke prev ention in addition to Breast Cancer Awareness, and
            Heart Disease. This committee chaired by Sorors Stephanie
            Morton and Ev elyn Ellington presented some great information
            to the chapter and prov ided us with reference material.

          ∆ Financial Fortitude Committee – will focus on home ownership
            and prev entative maintenance. No activ ity during the
            2008/2009 program year

          ∆ Adopt-a-Family – prov ide Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets
            for a deserv ing family as well as collect and distribute personal
            care items for our sick-n-shut-in sorors during Christmas. Chaired
            by Sorors Cheryl Meadows and Tina Bowen, the committee
            collected $985.00 in cash, checks and gift cards which assisted
            35 families from the Help Me Grow Program at Lighthouse Youth
            Serv ices. The Help Me Grow program prov ides support and
            serv ice coordination for families of infants and toddlers who are
            at risk for or are experiencing dev elopmental delays.

2008 - 2009                                                                12
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                   First Vice President Report

  The program committees would like to thank the chapter for
  their support and generosity during the 2008/2009 program
  year. We look forward to your continued support during the
  upcoming program year. We have some exciting events and
  activities planned.

  Yours in Delta
  Tina A. Welch
  First Vice President

2008 - 2009                                                13
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                     Second Vice President Report

  •Thank you for allowing me to serve as your 2 nd Vice
  President for the past four (4) years! It has been great!

  •Soror Monica Burns, Farwest Regional Representative, will
  be relocating to Cincinnati at the beginning of August to
  attend graduate school at Xavier University. She is seeking
  housing and interested in any rental opportunities Soror‟s
  may have available. Her contact information is below:

                               Monica Burns

  •Thank you to the Membership Services Chairpersons and
  committee members for an awesome year! Your
  contributions and time spent were greatly appreciated. It
  was a pleasure working with you!

          –   Delta Dears ~ Betty Davis and Sallie Berry
          –   Fall Round-Up ~ Esther Cash-Mills & Rhonda Twitty
          –   Founders Day ~ Michelle Toney
          –   Sisterhood ~ Frances Glover and Rhonda Twitty
          –   Soror Integration ~ Carmen Jett

2008 - 2009                                                       14
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                    Second Vice President Report

  •     It is time to head to Charleston, WV for the Midwest
        Regional Conference!!! As we prepare to depart we
        would like to be able to contact you! Please provide to
        me via email at or cell
        phone at 513.312.9596 your travel information as noted

                               – Name
                    – Roommate Name (If applicable)
                           – Date of arrival
                                – Hotel
                         – Cell Phone Number

  •     Delta Sigma Theta is a Lifetime Commitment! Let us
        recognize those Sorors who were reclaimed during 2007-
        2009. Thank you for coming back home and helping to
        make the CAC even better!!!

  •     Please join me in congratulating the following Sorors on
        their dedication to our illustrious sisterhood. These Soror
        have served Delta for 25+ years!

                   •   Soror Vickie Fairley – 25 years
                   •   Soror Sylvia Young – 50 years

2008 - 2009                                                           15
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

            Second Vice President Report Continued
   To be eligible for the Violet Award, one must be:
   • Nominated by a member of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
   • Over the age of 50
   • An activ e member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for ov er twenty
   • A financial member of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter in the current
       Sorority year
   • Committed to the steadfast support of chapter projects and
   • A representative of strength, wisdom and commitment to the
       Delta Nine Cardinal Virtues as ev idenced through her conduct
       and demeanor
   To be eligible for the Fortitude Award, one must be:
   • Nominated by a member of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
   • A financial member of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter in the current
       Sorority year
   • Hav e consistent inv olvement in a broad spectrum of Chapter
       projects and programs
   • Show commitment to and unsung support of Chapter projects
       and programs
   • Promote sisterhood and unity within the Chapter
   • Exemplify Delta‟s Nine Cardinal Virtues through her conduct and
   • Demonstrate outstanding leadership of a chapter project or
   • -OR-
   • Be responsible for the conception or initiation of a project or
       program that fosters Delta‟s public serv ice goals
   • -OR-
   • Demonstrate persev erance and unrelenting dedication to a
       Chapter project or program in spite of adv ersities

    2nd Vice President
2008 - 2009                                                         16
                       CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                      Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
                    Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
              Third Vice President’s Report – June 2009
     Violets to all Resources Management Committee Chairs and
         committee members and sorors for another stellar
         sorority year! You are simply the best!

     Ways & Means Committee ~ Soror Lisa Rowell
     • Violets to Soror Rowell, the golf committee and sorors for
       an outstanding 2009 Annual Golf Outing on Saturday –
       May 16th. Thanks to all hole sponsors and goody bag

     Parliamentarian ~ Soror Esther Cash Mills
     • Chapter policies and procedures template document is
         ready for review. Violets to Sorors Mills, Deloris Elliott,
         Carol Mundy and Kedra Fairley for volunteering to
         support this effort!

     Historian ~ Soror Ebonie Byndon
     • Violets for coordinating and archiving chapter materials.

     Journalist ~ Lynadius Joseph & Camille Woods
     • Violets for preparing our Minerva’s Pen Newsletter.

     Web Mistress ~ Soror LaCosta Mackey Moore
     • Click for happenings. Violets for efforts
       in keeping our website current.

     Publicity ~ Soror Katelyn Jackson
     • Violets for coordinating publicity of chapter events and

2008 - 2009                                                         17
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                   Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
                  Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
              Third Vice President’s Report cont’d
    Audit ~ Soror Mary Coleman
    • Violets for maintaining our internal controls and financial

    Custodian ~ Soror Sandra Wiggins
      Violets for your on-going efforts in maintaining chapter
       properties and supporting chapter meetings and
       program activities.

    Chaplain ~ Soror Wanda Owens
    • Violets for keeping us spiritually grounded and proving
       appropriate words of wisdom in a myriad of programs
       and chapter meetings.

    Dial-a-Delta ~ Sorors Melba Morgan & Pearline Singletary
    • Violets for your many calls and consistent support of all
       Omega Omega services and other calls as needed.

    Sergeant at Arms ~ Soror Maurine Allen
    • Violets for consistently maintaining a professional
       meeting environment

    Housing Management ~ Soror Glenda Wilkinson
    • Violets for efforts to date in coordinating our housing
       feasibility study.

    YID - Soror Vickie D. Fairley
    Third Vice President

2008 - 2009                                                         18
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                        Monthly Report
                          May 2009

  Income                                   Amount
  Membership Dues 2009-2010                      555.00
  Chapter: Gift                                  130.00
  Golf Outing: sponsorship & fees                965.00
                        Total Receipts       $1650.00

2008 - 2009                                               19
                    CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                           Monthly Report
                             May 2009

Expenses                                              Amount
Duplication                         FedEx Kinkos        62.92
Website , Telephone Listing         Cincinnati Bell     94.24
Meeting Location - April            College Hill       100.00
Mailings: Meeting Change Notice     Veronica            32.40
Membership Dues 2008-2009           DST HQ             155.00
Custodian: dry cleaning for robes   Sandra Wiggins      42.00
Membership Intake: initiation       Gail McCullom      507.38
Membership Intake: test retake      College Hill        50.00
Membership Intake: orientation      Veronica            20.24
meeting supplies                    Chapman
Membership Intake: duplication      FedEx Kinkos        66.60
Soror Integration: gifts            Danelle Carter      70.00
Soror Integration: flowers for      Carmen Jett         20.00
church visit
Regional Conference: registration   Danelle Carter     250.00
Sisterhood: flowers                 Francis Glover      93.19

2008 - 2009                                               20
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
                               Monthly Report
                                 May 2009

Expenses                                                       Amount
Ad/Donation: 20th year              Queen City Chapter            50.00
Golf Outing: signage                Fast Signs                   259.78
Golf Outing: golf equipment         Lisa Rowell                   71.97
Golf Outing: supplies               Ronnise Handy                 32.40
Golf Outing: food                   The Dukester                 750.00
Golf Outing: petty cash             Ronnise Handy                200.00
Delta Academy: April meeting        Candice Higgins              156.50
Delta GEMS: retreat mailings and    Tikica Benjamin              151.74
Scholarship: mailing                Kim Hull                       2.94
Scholarship: "scholarship checks"   Kim Hull                      55.38
Social Action: food for DDACH       Sandra Wiggins               261.98
Cotillion: Ad Booklet refund        Michael Wolfork              150.00
Cotillion: Ad Book Repository       Hilltronics Computer         175.00
Cotillion: checks for account       Deluxe Business Checks &     158.05
                                    GRAND Total Expenses       $4039.71

2008 - 2009                                                         21
                      DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                            CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                                     Financial Roster
A                         E                         L                          S
Adams-Davis, Sherri       Ellington, Evelyn         Leonard-Wilkinson,         Sams, Vanessa
Allen, Maurine            Elliott, Deloris          Glenda                     Shands, Mardia
Archable, Victoria        Everett, Minnie           Lewis-Thornton, Jennifer   Shirley, Virginia Faye
Armour, Tanya                                       Love, Melinda              Singletary, Pearline
Austin, Terricka          F                                                    Smith, Alesia
                          Fariley, Kedra            M                          Stallworth-Lett, Cheryl
                          Fairley, Vickie           Mackey-Moore, LaCosta      Stewart-Tyson, Karla
B                         Fears, Kristal            Madry, Trina               Story-Stewart, Michelle
Baker, Erica              Ferguson-Booker, Sheila   Marshall, Mikaela          Strudwick, Casandra
Bankston, Karen           Foree, Marthella          Matthews, Keianna
Barnes, Donnia            Frazier, Josephine        McCray, Adrienne           T
Barnes, Vanessa           Frazier, Reynell          McCray, Jacquelyn          Taylor, Nikki
Benjamin, Tikica          Fulgham, Stacey           McCullom, Gail             Thomas, Latania
Berry, Sallie             Fultz, Betty              McDonald-Gordon, Robyn     Thomas, Nikki
Black, Monica             Fuqua, Jaekeia            McKenzie, Charlotte        Tillery, Irma
Bowen, Tina                                         Meadows, Cheryl            Toliver, Ernestine
Boyce-Mathis, Angela      G                         Merrida, Chemere           Toney, Michelle
Brooks-Higgins, Candice   Gayle-Rucker, Gracie      Montgomery, Olivia         Turner, A. Kamille
Brown, Elsie              Glaspie, Geraldine        Moody, Nancy               Turner, Jacqueline
Brown, Marena             Glover, Frances           Moore, April               Twitty, Rhonda
Burton, Kyndal            Goodloe, Celestine        Morgan, Melba
Byndon, Ebonie            Graham, Scharleen         Morton, Stephanie          V
                          Green, Tamara             Murphy, Eunice             Veals-Pierre, Bennette
Cargile, Lori             H                         N                          W
Carter, Danelle           Handy, Ronnise            Newberry, Lillie           Walker, Beulah
Cash-Mills, Esther        Hardy, Krystal                                       Walker, Deatria
Chapman, Sheryl           Hardy, Tywauna            O                          Walters, Lottie
Chapman, Veronica         Heard, Danyelle           Owens, Maya                Ward, Gloria
Cleveland, Mary           Henry, Martha             Owens, Vera                Watson-El, Jasmin
Cole, L’Tanya             Hillman, Adrienne         Owens, Wanda               Weber-Lashore, Akiliah
Coleman, Mary             Hollinger, April                                     Welch, Tina
Collins, Ashani           Horton, Margaret          P                          Wesley, Florence
Collins, Tamia            Howard, Carla             Paddio, Lillie             West, Ligaya
Cook, Angela              Hudson, Lucia             Pankey, Danielle           Wheeler, Tisha
Cornelius, Tamekka        Hull, Kimberly            Pennington, Monetta        White-Heisel, Regina
Coursey, Yvonne                                     Potter, LeQuita            White, Dorothy
Crawford-Hemphill, Ruby   J                                                    White, Marie
                          Johnson, Ruth             R                          Wiggins, Sandra
D                         Jones, Kara               Reed, Allene               Wills, Tiffani
Dale, Marviette           Jones, Nikita             Reed-Jett, Carmen          Winston, Tiffani
Davis, Betty              Joseph, Lynadius          Rogers, Michelle           Woods, Camille
Daniels, Shonda                                     Rogers, Shawana
DeBrossard, Gayle         K                         Rowell, Lisa               Y
Dees, Ashley              Kearney, Rose                                        Young, Sylvia
DeRamus, Shawnda          Kendrick, Crystal
Dixon, Sheree             King, Angela                                         TOTAL
 2008 - 2009                                                                                        22
                     DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                           CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                                      Treasurers Report

General Body Account
Beginning Balance May 1, 2009                                                               $ 9,597.41
Income Generated:

       Pass the Hat - Gift for Exec Board                                    $ 130.00

      Total Income                                                                             $130.00

Expenses Generated:
      Cincinnati Bell - Telephone $9.56, Website $37.28                         $46.84
      Sandra Wiggins - Custodian - dry cleaning                                 42.00
      Kim Hull - Scholarship - Printing of Checks, Stamps                       58.32
      Danelle Carter - Soror Integration gifts $70, Regional Conference Registration $250
      Gail McCullom - MIT - Induction food                                      507.38
      Tikica Benjamin - Delta GEMS - Supplies, mailing for programs             151.74
      Candice Higgins - Delta Academy - April Program (Food, Supplies)          156.50
      Sandra Wiggins - Social Action - Delta Days @ City Hall food              261.98
      Carmen Jett - Soror Integration - Sisterhood Month flowers                20.00
      College Hill Presbyterian Church - MIT $50, Chapter Meeting April $100 150.00
      Cincinnati Bell - Telephone $9.56, Website $37.84                         47.40
      Cincinnati Queen City Alumnae Chapter of DST - AD - 20 year Anniversary50.00
      Fed Ex Office - Duplication - MIT $66.6                                   129.52
      Frances Glover - Sisterhood - flowers                                     93.19
      Veroncia Chapman - Postage $32.40, MIT orientation $20.24                 52.64

      Total Expenses                                                                        $ 2,087.51

                                                     Ending Balance May 31, 2009            $ 7,639.90

 2008 - 2009                                                                                       23
                     DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                           CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                          Treasurers Report ….continued
Ways and Means Account
Beginning Balance May1, 2009                                                     $ 14,158.42
Income Generated:
        2009 Gof Outing                                 $    965.00

         Total Income                                                            $    965.00

Expenses Generated:
         Cash - Seed Money 2009 Golf Outing              $   200.00
         Fast Signs - 2009 Golf Outing Signage               259.78
         Lisa Rowell - 2009 Golf Outing - Golf Equipment      71.97
         Ronnise Handy - 2009 Golf Outing - Supplies          32.40
         The Dukester - 2009 Golf Outing - Food              750.00

         Total Expenses                                                          $   1,314.15

                                                   Ending Balance May 31, 2009   $ 13,809.27

Sisterhood Account
Beginning Balance May1, 2009                                                     $ 10,935.46
Income Generated:
        Interest                                        $      0.95
        2009-10 Membership Dues                              555.00
         Total Income                                                            $    555.95

Expenses Generated:
       DST HQ - 2009-10 Membership Dues                 $    155.00

         Total Expenses                                                          $    155.00

                                                   Ending Balance May 31, 2009   $ 11,336.41

  2008 - 2009                                                                          24
                     DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                           CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                         Treasurers Report ….continued

Scholarship Account
Beginning Balance May 1, 2009                                                   $ 14,190.60
Income Generated:
       Interest                                                 $      1.20

      Total Income                                                              $      1.20

Expenses Generated:
      No Activity
      Total Expenses                                                            $       -

                                                                                $ 14,191.80
                                             Ending Balance Before Restricted Funds

Restricted Funds:
       Scholarship Funds Reserved                                   5,000.00

      Total Restricted Expenses                                                 $ 5,000.00

                                             Ending Balance May 31, 2009        $ 9,191.80

Certificate of Deposit Account
Beginning Balance May 1, 2009                                                   $ 6,277.82
Income Generated:

      No Activity - Maturity February 2010

                                             Ending Balance May 31, 2009        $ 6,277.82

  2008 - 2009                                                                               25
                       DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                             CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                          Treasurers Report ….continued

Cotillion Account
Beginning Balance May1, 2009                                                     $ 18,605.33
Income Generated:
         No Activity                                                $        -

        Total Income                                                             $         -

Expenses Generated:
        Michael Wolfork - Ad Booklet Refund #192                    $   150.00
        Hiltronics Computer Associates - Ad Booklet - Repository        175.00
        Deluxe Business Checks & Solutions - Checks for Account         158.05

        Total Expenses                                                           $    483.05

Ending Balance Before Restricted Funds                                           $ 18,122.28

Restricted Funds:
        2007-08 Cotillion Scholarships                                  $3,000

        Total Restricted Expenses                                                $   3,000.00

                                               Ending Balance May 31, 2009       $ 15,122.28

  2008 - 2009                                                                         26
                      DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.
                            CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                         Treasurers Report ….continued
                                                               GRAND TOTAL   $ 63,377.48

Ads / Contribution Year-to-
       date $1,200          $1,200
Jul-08                      $0.00
Aug-08                     $0.00

                                       Delta Research & ED
                                       Foundation - Donation
                                       Queen City Chapter -
Sep-08                     ($100.00)   Walkathon
                                       Delta Sigma Theta Rho
                                       Xi - Contribution -
Oct-08                     ($100.00)   Scholarship Luncheon
Nov-08                     $0.00
                                       Cincinnati Youth
                                       Collaborative $125 ,
                                       Omega Psi Phi $110,
                                       American Cancer
Dec-08                     ($335.00)   Society $100
Jan-09                     $0.00
Feb-09                     $0.00
                                       Delta Sigma Theta
                                       Sorority - Queen City
                                       Alumnae - AD for
Mar-09                     ($125.00)   Beautillion
                                       Queen City Chapter
                                       of the Links - Jazz
                                       Brunch $100, Walnut
                                       Hills Black Alumni
                                       $60, Charleston
                                       Institute Alumnae
                                       Chapter Regional
                                       Conference Sovenir
Apr-09                     ($410.00)   Journal $250
                                       Cincinnati Queen City
                                       Alumnae Chapter of
                                       DST - AD - 20 year
May-09                     ($50.00)    Anniversary
Jun-09                     $0.00
Currently Available        $80.00

  2008 - 2009                                                                      27
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE
              Ways and Means/Golf Outing Report
                        June 20, 2009

   The golf outing was May 16, 2009 at
   Walden Pond Golf Course.

   Our Sponsors were
              KEESH Construction, PAR LEVEL
              PEPSICo, Drink Sponsor
              DRAKE Hospital, Golf Ball Sponsor
              DARTEC Solution, Inc, Golfer Gift Sponsor

   Violets to all committee members and volunteers.

   Final report will be given at September, 2009 meeting
   as we are still collecting funds.

   Respectfully Submitted:
   Lisa Rowell, Ways & Means Chair

2008 - 2009                                                28
                        CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

              Delta G.E.M.S. June 2009 Informational Report
     •April 25-26, 2009 Delta GEMS Spring College Retreat-Miami
     University Oxford, Ohio. There were a total of 16 GEMS, 11 CAC
     Sorors, and 5 Zeta Mu Sorors!

     Weekend activities included: Admissions 101 Session, Campus Tour,
     Community Service at Oxford Community Arts Center, Stroll/Step
     Competition, Beautiful Flower Affirmation Exercise, Picture
     Frame/Craft Activity and March of Dimes/March for Babies Walk.

     Violets-to the entire Delta G.E.M.S. Committee and a special thanks
     to Erica Clark, Miranda Holloway, Tikica Benjamin, Kamille Turner,
     Candice Higgins and Dana Washington.

     •May 5, 2009-Our last program meeting for the 2008-2009 G.E.M.S.
     program year. The GEMS selected the program topic and led the
     entire meeting. There were 16 GEMS and 11 Sorors in attendance!

     •June 12, 2009- End of the Year Activity at GAMEWORKS in Newport,
     KY. There were 19 GEMS and 9 Sorors in attendance to celebrate
     another successful program year!

     •We are in the process of implementing a mentoring program within
     the G.E.M.S. program and connecting GEMS with Sorors in order to
     develop and maintain a strong personal relationship with one

     •Congratulations to our seniors: Alandria Allen-Tuskegee University;
     Jasmyne Walker-The Ohio State University and Keshar Smith-
     University of Cincinnati.

     •Violets, Violets, Violets- 2008-2009 Delta G.E.M.S. Committee and
     the NEOS on the committee that knew to come in and flow to the
     work that needed to be completed by June 2009.

2008 - 2009                                                                 29
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

    Name of Program/Project Membership Intake
    Date of Program/Project October 2008-April 2009
    Brief Description of Program/Project: The planning and
    implementation of all membership intake activities including
    Induction, Initiation, and orientation of new members into Delta
    Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
    Location of Program/Project Various Locations including College Hill
    Presbyterian Church, Grace Episcopal Church, Xavier University,
    Columbia Center, Xenos Christian Fellowship, and Six Acres.
    Number of Participants: 18
    Agency/Business Representatives _______________________________
    Lay People_______________________________
    Young Adults (13-18 yrs.)_______________________________
    Delta Sorors 50 Trained Sorors; Other Sorors-approx. 30-50 Others

    Committee Observation: The Minerv a Circle did an outstanding job of
    coordinating and implementing all membership intake activ ities. The
    Minerv a Circle and participating trained Sorors did an excellent job
    of planning and deliv ering material for J nights. Ev eryone‟s time,
    hardwork, and creativ ity is appreciated. Many positiv e comments
    were receiv ed from v isiting Sorors regarding the Induction and
    Initiation ceremonies.
    •Suggestions for next Minerv a Circle Include:
    •Planning more space on calendar for screening and selection to
    allow time for v erification,
    •The Minerv a Circle continue to comprise a mixture of Neos and
    •Line names are selected by the Minerv a Circle only.
    •Locating meeting sites earlier.
    •Leav e time at the end of sessions for pyramids to ask questions
    regarding information clarification.
    •Select an initiation location with separate space for gift display.
    •Consider giv ing pyramids input in Spec selection.
    •Stressing the importance of more trained Sorors attending J nights.

    Committee Minerva Circle
    Committee Members : Gail McCullom, Veronica Chapman, Tina
    Bowen, Esther Cash Mills, Danelle Carter, Betty Davis, Gayle
    DeBrossard, Shawnda DeRamus, Stacey Fulgham, Lynadius Joseph,
    Cheryl Meadows, Michelle Toney, Tina Welch, & Ligaya West
2008 - 2009                                                                30
                     CINCINNATI ALUMNAE

                              EXPENSE REPORT
I.    REVENUE                             PLANNED         ACTUAL
      A. Grants                                   0              0
      B. Sorority Contributions              $500.00       $500.00
      C. Generated Income                  $19,927.50    $19,927.50
         Total                             $20,427.50    $20.427.50

A. Accommodations (eg. Facility, location) $2,860.00     $3,457.50
B. Communication (eg. Printing, publicity) $1,500.00     $1,179.13
C. Visual Documentation (eg. Photography)          0             0
D. Entertainment (eg. Musicians)             $419.75       $419.75
E. Facility Décor (eg. Decoration)                 0             0
F. Food Service (eg. Refreshments, catering) $2000.00     $1471.62
G. Gratuities (eg. Souvenirs, Gifts)          $475.00      $360.00
H. Special Recognition (eg. Awards, plaques)       0             0
I. Transportation (eg. Buses, air fare)            0             0
J. Miscellaneous (Nat’l HQ fees/Local      $12,175.00    12,175.00

Total                                     $19429.75     $19063.00

REVENUE (item I)                     $20,427.50         $20,427.50
EXPENDITURES (item II) minus         $19429.75          $19063.00
GROSS PROCEEDS                          $997.75           $1364.50
SORORITY CONTRIBUTION (item IB) minus $500.00              $500.00
TOTAL NET PROCEEDS                      $497.75            $864.50

Committee Minerva Circle
Submitted by: Gail McCullom, Chairperson
Signature: _____________________________________________________
Date: June 16, 2009

2008 - 2009                                                     31

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