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                                       by Cheeko Cotta
                                    torida Conference laity believes that children are the
                                    heart of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In just 10
                                    short years, Pathfinder membership has grown from
                                    980 to more than 5,000. Last year alone—the 1996-
                                    97 Pathfinder year—Florida Pathfinder volunteer
                                    leaders donated 262,000 hours in the ministry of
                                    youth. Their efforts were done from the heart to the
                                    glory of God—to bring or to further children
                   in their relationship with Christ for the sake of their salva-
                     Who are these volunteers? They are the directors, instruc-
                   tors, counselors, moms and dads, staff, and
                   Counselors in Training (CITs).
                       And to meet the many club meetings,
                   outings, appointments, investitures,
                   and more, these dedicated, committed,
                   and devoted volume of leaders drove
                   284,000 miles altogether. That's
                   more than a trip to the moon. How
                   can words describe the appreciation
                   for their selfless ministry?
                     Pathfinder Management—PAC. The
                   managing body of the Pathfinder
                   program is the Pathfinder Administrative Committee, known as PAC.
                   This committee of loyal laity meets twice a year to lay plans and
                   develop new "paths" for Pathfinders. It is because of this committed
                   group of individuals that Pathfinders has grown so far, so fast. From
                   Eager Beavers to the CIT's—a teen program—PAC has overseen this
                     Area Councils. All regional Adventurer, Pathfinder, CIT, and admin-
                   istrative directors make up Area Councils for four geographic regions
                   of the Conference. The Councils meet twice a year with PAC in
                   attendance and it is from these meetings that the agenda is formed
                   for the PAC year.                                                     B
                   Cheeko Cotia is the Florida Conference Pathfinder director.

Southern Tidings                                                                   October, 1997
                                                     Cover Captions: /; Florida Pathfinders—Hits 5,000 In mi mbers and staff,
                                                     2) CITs chill out at the CIT retreat. 3) Adventurers gulf down delicious
                                                     watermelon at the semiannual Adventurer Fun Day. 4) Bi :nnle Tlllman, as-
                                                     soclate lay director, center, plays juice harp at North Ar ;a Camporee. 5)
                                                     A young Adventurer learns the In's and cut's of driving. 6) Jne. Two. Three,
                                                     CITs enjoy the tug of war games at Amber Zone. 7) Hu -ry up and watt.
                                                     Adventurers wait their turn for Balloon Toss at Adventuie Zone. 8) CITs
                                                     enjoying their CIT Tent at the last Camporee. 9) Members o 'PAC (Pathfinder
                                                     Administration Committee) gather for photo opportunity I* ft/i North Amert-
                                                     can Pathfinder director Wlllle Oliver (top far right). Sail  Hand, Potomac
                                                     youth ministries director (middle right), Ron Whltehead, Youth Resource
                                                     Center director (5th from right top row), and Allan WHII.imson, Southern
                                                     Union youth director (4th from right bottom row.) PHOTO CREDITS: Photos
                                                     numbers 1-7 Don Wilson; photo number 9 Kathy Connaiser.

                               .                  the last 10 years arc monumental, comprehensive, and
                 cutting-ed§iff^cHIP^s|lprth American Division.
                       refitted the Pathfinder Council into PAC and local Area Count ils
                       switched from age requirements to grade, requirements
                       instituted Reveille — a program designed to bring I'alhlindcrs b;iel\ lo i.s roots whit h
                 include nature study, crafts, and camping, with a top priority plated on spiiilual
                 renewal and values
                       instituted Island Navigator — a series of honors which relate to water, laughl on the
                 island of Molasses Key in the Florida Keys
                       upgraded the leadership convention from "just marking time" to teat hing relevant
                 subjects: child abuse prevention, positive discipline, teen/parent relationships, and
                 how to adapt to social changes and keep your spirituality
                       Uniforming the Uniform — a committee under the auspic.es of the new Inspet tor
                 Advocate Director (IAD) to evaluate and make recommendations lor Pathfinder dress
                 and dress code
                       added a Drill Instructor Advocate (D1A) lo reinstate' drill in the clubs
                       age-specific, programs were developed and implemented:
                                          in Training (CIT) — to teach teens the importan           and how t
                             be leaders in the Pathfinder ministry Adventurer — expanded the grade I - •'<
                             schedule to create an atmosphere of education, parental love, and at.t.eplant e
                             f.ager Beaver — pre-Adventurcrs are taught the values ol lo\e and receive
                             exercises in various activities
                             Cybertalk — a unique bureau that follows the' admonition of the late Senator
                             Robert Kennedy, "Some men see things as they are and ask wh\. I dream
                              things that never were and ask why not?"
                     Kids across this great Conference enjoy the venues ol Pathfindering because- of the
                 compassionate volunteerism of so many laity who live by the' words ol Jesus, "If I be
                 lifted up I will draw all men unto me."

                Votome87                    SOUTHERN TIDINGS (USPS607-000)
October, 1997   Published monthly by the Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Free to members.
                                                                                                                 Southern Tidings
                $8 yearly subscription to others. Second-class postage paid at Decatur, Oa., and at additional
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                849. Decatur. QA 30031.
                by Marvin Hunt                                                               ing of the Holy Spirit that brought
                                                                                              him from a submarine on the
           ill's mother joined the Sev-                                                         ocean floor to the foot of the
          enth-day Adventist Church                                                              cross on Calvary's mountain.
          when he was 12 years of                                                                     Today Bill is an elder in
          age. Bill didn't think he                                                                 the Sommerville Community
          could be a "real" man and                                                                 Seventh-day Adventist
a Christian at the same time, so                                                                    church. Bill Waterhouse will
he didn't join "ma's church." In-                                                                  tell you that anybody can be
stead, when he got old enough.                                                                    a nobody, but it takes a real
Bill joined the Navy and spent the                                                                man or woman to stand for
next 24 years riding submarines                                                                 the Lord.
and punching holes in the ocean.                                                                 Bill's message to all is: "Moth­
It was a good life for someone                                                               ers and fathers never stop pray­
who liked to work hard and play                                                              ing."
hard. Religion had no place in Bill's        After his mother's death in 1983, Bill opened     At age 52 and 10 years after his
life.                                        a letter she had left that had the following    mother's passing he finally followed
   After his mother's death in 1983,         instructions: "To be opened when I am           through and was baptized in 1993.
Bill opened a letter she had left            gone." Ma.                                      Now he looks forward to seeing
that had the following instructions:                                                         his dear mother—in the mornin'—
"To be opened when I am gone. "                  Bill's heart was not touched. It            on the great resurrection day. 03
Ma.                                           would be years later when he heard
Her letter reads:                             a pastor of another denomination
                                              ridicule those "Adventists and their           Kolando San Pedro depends on Bill's eyes
                                              prophet" that Bill got started on              for transportation to prayer meeting—Bill
                                              the road to truth. The attack on               relies on Rolando's piano accompaniment
                                              his mother's church so upset him               for special music.
                                              that he decided to investigate the
                                              organization that had "trapped" his
                                              dear mother. He wondered how
                                              she could have been so wrong.
                                                 Bill started by examining the lives
                                              of all the Seventh-day Adventists
                                              he knew as a kid growing up—and
                                              found them to be kind, loving
                                              people, "The Lighthouse in the
                                              Storm." Through a free gift offer
                                              he heard on a Charleston radio
                                              station, Bill received and read The
                                              Great Controversy. His conviction
                                              began to grow, and Bill became
                                              more and more interested in his
                                              mother's church. He started study-
                                              ing her personal Bible, the one
                                              she had given him at his request.
                                              Bill studied, especially the texts
                                              she noted, and he continued to
                                              grow in the Lord.
                                                 Finally, it was during a Revela-
                                              tion Seminar Bible Study in Som-
                                              merville, South Carolina, that Bill
                                             (gave his heart to the Lord. The
                                              words of Jesus pierced his heart,
                                              "And other sheep I have, which
                                              are not of this fold: them also
                                              I must bring, and they shall
                                              hear my voice; and there
                                              shall be one fold, and one
                                              shepherd." John 10:16.
                                                 Unintentionally, he had
                                              done just what his mother
                                              had asked and prayed for.
                                              He had read the Great Con-
                                              troversy and taken a series
Today Bill is an elder in the Sommerville     of Seventh-day Adventist Bible
Community Seventh-day Adventist church        studies. Bill knows today that
in South Carolina, where he actively leads    it was the influence of his
out in the Midweek and the Sabbath ser-       mother's prayers and the lead

4 • Southern Tidings
                                                                                Brittany Affolter   Georgia
                                                                                Jennifer Attaway    Alabama
                                                                                Lisa Becker         Georgia
                                                                                Trent Bell          New York
                                                                                Joseph Bieksza      Tennessee
                                                                                Lori Brannan        iHorth Carolina
                                                                                Lisa Bricker        Wisconsin
                                                                               Jill Brittain        North Carolina
                                                                                Barbara Bryant      Florida
                                                                                Monelle Burrus      Tennessee
                                                                               J. Carlos            0hio
                                                                                Adam Case           Ohio
                                                                                Donene Caster       New York
                                                                                Heather Charlton    Alabama
                                                                                Luis Checo          New York
                        By Jennifer Artigas                                    Chris Cobb           North Carolina
               eventy-seven Southern Adventist University students and          David Collins       Tennessee
                                                                               Travis Dean          Pennsylvania
              graduates have devoted one year or more to being a stu-          Jackie DeGrave       Tennessee
              dent missionary.                                                 Jamie DeLay          Tennessee
                 "I want to tell the world about my Jesus," said accounting    Tim DeLay            Tennessee
              junior Chris Cobb, who will be teaching at a high school         Herbert Dennison     Maryland
              on the island of Pohnpei.                                        Matthew Dodd         Tennessee
                 Jonathan Vigh, a physics/mathematics sophomore, said          Dori Ebersole        Tennessee
              his mission is, "to be used by God to lead the kids in the      •Heidi Ehlert         Tennessee
              school and the people to Christ through friendship and           Laurella Fillman     California
                                                                               Jodi Fore            Tennessee
              service." Vigh will be teaching math on the island of Chuuk.     Ellen Gibson         Hawaii
  Jenny Reifsnyder, a nursing senior who served last school year as a          Shelley Hagar        Tennessee
nurse on the Amazon said it was a life changing experience. "When              Traci Hagele         rtprida
you're out there basically alone in the jungle, you learn to appreciate        Melissa Mailman      Mississippi
a lot of what you normally take for granted. Most importantly, you learn       Loran Haugsted       Oregon
to rely on Qod, and Qod alone."                                                Kimberly Haupt       Florida
  To the 77 student missionaries going to 28 countries, including eight        Heidi Higgs          Tennessee
who have served since last school year, Matthew 28:19 has a new                Kriston Hindman      North Carolina
                                                                               Matthew Holm         California
meaning.                                                                       Kimberly Hyde        Tennessee
  "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name          Adrienne Jones       ftlorida
of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."                         Joseph Kim           Maryland
                                                                               Veda Knight          Florida
                                                                               Keely Kuhlman        Tennessee
                                                                               Jim Lounsbury        South Carolina
                                                                               Jana Beth Marlow     Tennessee
                                                                               Beth Messenger       Iowa
                                                                               Nicole Meyer         Hawaii
                                                                               Chad Moffit          Tennessee
                                                                               Noelle Moffit        Tennessee
                                                                               Erik Mundall         Washington State
                                                                               Marcus Mundall       Washington State
                                                                              •Collete Muth         Ohio
                                                                                  Nicolaides         North Carolina
                                                                              "Julie Norton          Tennessee
                                                                              •Ken Norton            Tennessee
                                                                               Amy Paulson           Tennessee
                                                                               Charles Phillips      Florida
                                                                               Inyoung Reyes         Florida
                                                                               Gregory Rice          Tennessee
                                                                               Tammy Rick            Alabama
                                                                               Heather Rimer         Alabama
                                                                               Melissa Rodgers       Tennessee
                                                                               Brent Ruckle          Tennessee
                                                                               April Russell         Maryland
                                          Australia                            Mark Sandoval         Florida
                                          Azerbaijan     Majuro                Jimmy Self            North Carolina
                                          Belize         Malaysia              Heather Shank         West Virginia
                                          Brazil         Nepal                 Jason Shaul           Alaska
                                          Cambodia       Palau                "Chris Sorensen        Michigan
                                                                               Christy Tate          Ohio
                          rs              Chuuk                                Lara Thurmond         Tennessee
        Maintenance v>                    Ebeye          Poland                Nathan Tidwell        New Dehli, INDIA
        nurses (5)     kers               Ecuador        Renunion Island       Veronica Van Oils     Maryland
                                         Germany         Saipan                Jonathan Vigh         New York
                    o                    Guam            Tahiti               •Kelli Vincent         Georgia
                                                         Taiwan               •Todd Vincent          Georgia
                                         Honduras       Thailand
                                         Jeh                                   Tyrone Walker         Florida
                                         Korea          Yap                    Emilie Wilson         Maryland
                                                                               Anita Zinner          Ontario, CANADA
                                                                              *SM's from 1996-97    school year

October, 1997                                                                              Southern Tidings

CAROLINA                            tian School. Elsa                      and one-half years.
                                    teaches grades                         In addition to the re-
  Ed Herzel, direc-                 three-four at Beryl                    sponsibilities of the
tor of the Morgantpn                Wisdom School in                       secretariat he will
church community                    Orlando.                               serve as adult min-
services depart-                                                           istries and commu-
ment, received an                                                          nications director.
award in recognition                  Nike Harrell of                      He replaces John
of his faithful years               the Port Charlotte                     Fowler who has ac-
of service in com-                  church was elected                     cepted a call to be
munity services and                 president of the                       an evangelist with "It
disaster relief. The                Florida Society for                    Is Written."
award, presented at                 Respiratory Care
the Morganton church May 3,         (FSRC) for 1997-                       SOUTH ATLANTIC
recognized the hard work of Ed      1998. The FSRC has
and his wife Mary during their      more than 4,000                          Dorothy Singleton was the
40 years in pastoral ministry as    members and is the                     speaker for the commencement
well as the 15 years they've        official spokes-orga-                  exercise at Ephesus Jr. Acad-
worked since retirement.            nization for approximately 8,000       emy. She has been in public
                                    licensed respiratory care practi-      education for 20 years. Single-
   Pam Forbes, an                   tioners in the state. The FSRC         ton is the coordinator of stu-
elementary teacher                  president is elected by the            dent services at Winston Salem
at Salem School in                  FSRC membership and donates            State University. She is a strong
Salem, South Caro-                  his/her time to the organization.      believer in Christian education
lina, has received                  Harrell, who is blind, founded         and knowing who you are in
two awards from the                 the disabilities awareness             Christ.
Southern Union                      ministry at the Port Charlotte
Conference educa-                   church.                                   When the Zapara
tion department. Jim                                                       award winner was
Epperson, Ph.D.,                    KENTUCKY-TENNESSEE                     announced for the
former director of                                                          1996-97 academic
education of the Southern Union,                                           year at the Berean
presented the awards at the            Grace Alien Scott
                                    celebrated her 90th                    Elementary School
Carolina Teachers' Convention                                              graduation exercises
at Nosoca Pines Ranch, August       birthday July 26. She
                                    was born in Moore                      in June, it was no
6. The first award was the                                                 surprise that the win-
"Innovative Teaching Award" of      County in 1907 and
                                    was one of ten chil-                   ner was Princess
$500, which the teacher may                                                Connor. After all,
use at her discretion. This         dren born to Lee and
                                    Cynthia Alien. She                     Ms. Connor exemplifies everything
award is presented to a creative                                           and more that this award lists as
teacher who is recognized for       was married for 65
                                    years to George                        criteria for its recipients; she is
her ability to motivate students                                           original, she demonstrates excel-
by a variety of creative teaching   Scott, now deceased.
                                    Grace's party celebration was          lence in teaching, and she is
approaches. The second award                                               creative. Connor is an eleven-year
was the "Small School Program       hosted by her four children at
                                    the historic Horton House in           veteran to the teaching field. She
Award" of $2,000 which the                                                 started her career in New Orleans,
teacher uses for an educational     Tullahoma. There were approxi-
                                    mately 150 friends and relatives       Louisiana, later moving to Little
project as agreed upon by the                                              Rock, Arkansas, and then to
school board, in consultation       who attended the come-and-go
                                    event. Grace attributes her long       Atlanta, Georgia. Connor also
with the teacher.                                                          received the teacher of the
                                    life to several things: she never
                                    smoked nor drank liquor, has           year award from Berean
FLORIDA                             taken an afternoon nap when            Elementary.
                                    possible, and her genuine love
  Zapara Excellence                 for and association with people.         Jucinta Vernita
in Teaching Awards                  She is still a very active mem-        Naylor, a student
and $1000 each                      ber in the Tullahoma Adventist         from     Southern
were given this year                church where she occasionally          Adventist University,
in Florida to Jean-                 gives a mission story or offers a      is included in this
nette Zesch, Patri­                 morning prayer. She also still         year's edition of
cia Reese, and Elsa                 drives her own car and lives           Who's Who Among
Skeete. Jeannette                   alone in a small apartment.            Students in Ameri-
teaches grades                                                             can Universities and
seven-ten at Walker                                                        Colleges. Jucinta
Memorial Junior                        Marvin Lowman has joined            graduated Cum
Academy in Avon                     the Kentucky-Tennessee Confer-         Laude with a major in psychol-
Park.      Patricia                 ence as the executive secretary.       ogy and a minor in behavioral
teaches grades one-                 He previously served as the minis-     science. While at Southern, she
two, at the West                    tries coordinator of the Mid-America   was president of the black
Palm Beach Chris-                   Union in Lincoln, Neb., for six        Christian Union, a member of

6 • Southern Tidings                                                                            October, 1997
the National Honor Society in             Rhonda J. Scott-Ennis, Ph.D., is                          has taught chemistry at Loma Linda
Psychology (Psi Chi), and assis-       the new chair of Southern's chemis-                          University, California, and at its
tant women's dean. Jucinta             try department. Since earning her                            School of Medicine, and at the
plans to pursue a social work          doctorate at the University of                               University of Wisconsin.
degree and master's degree.            California, Riverside, in 1984, she
   The     1997-98                                                                             TRANSITIONS
school year at
Oakwood Academy
began with a new                        On the Move                                                                   South Central
principal and a                                               Florida                                  Debra Fryson has replaced Eula Washing­
                                                                                                    ton as the associate superintendent of edu-
record enrollment of                       Jeff Cinquemani and Stan Dobias now serve                cation. Joseph Jones has been assigned to
more than 400 (K-                       as associate pastors at the Florida Hospital                the Maranatha church in Qulfport and was
                                        church. Cinquemani transferred from a chap-                 replaced in Qreeneville, Tennessee, by dis-
 12) in new uniforms.                   lain position at Florida Hospital College of Health
Ellen T. Bagley is                                                                                  trict lay assistant pastor Edwin Crump. James
                                        Sciences, and Dobias transferred from a pas-                Harris is the new pastor of the Natchez, Fayette,
the new principal.                      toral position in the Qeorgia-Cumberland Con-               Woodville district and district lay assistant
She is a graduate of                    ference. Alvin Fayne and Orlando Lopez,                     pastor Clifford Wright oversees the north
                                        Jr., have completed theology studies at Southern            church in Covington, Ky.
Oakwood College. She also received      Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennes-
a master's degree in curriculum         see. Fayne now serves as youth pastor for the
and instruction from Cleveland          North Miami church, and Lopez is youth pastor
                                        for the Apopka Highland church. John Fox
State University.                       has retired as pastor of the Boynton-Delray                           KABANEK - CURRIER
                                        church. Jacksonville-area Hispanic Evangelist                 Gladys Currier and Jules Kabanek
  Ruby D. Lathon,                       Oliver Hastrapa has filled the pastoral va-                 were married June 8, 1997, in Massachu-
                                        cancy at the Melbourne Spanish and Poinciana
a 1992 Oakwood                          Spanish churches, creating a new district. Florida
                                                                                                    setts. Ms. Currier is a member of the
College graduate,                       Conference has sponsored Rey Descalso at                    Vero Beach church, Mr. Kabanek, a win-
was included in this                    the Andrews University Theological Seminary                 ter resident, is a member in Mew York.
                                        in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Brooksville/Spring            The couple resides in Vero Beach, Fla.
year's Who's Who                        Hill district pastor Hershel Mercer now pas-
Among Students in                       tors the Inverness/Spring Hill district. Former                       BUTLER - BARNHART
American Universi-                      Inverness pastor Mel banders now pastors the                  Christian Marie Barnhart and Cyrus
ties and Colleges.                      Brooksville church. Carlton Anderson, who                   Butler were married June 8, 1997, at the
                                        was on special assignment as a Conference                   Mandarin church in Florida. The bride is
While at Oakwood,                       family life worker, now serves as associate
she majored in com-                                                                                 the daughter of Laura and Richard Barnhart.
                                        pastor of the Miami Springs church.
                                                                                                    She graduated from Forest Lake Acad-
puter science and                       Qeorgia-Cumberland                                          emy and is attending Florida Community
business and information                   David Fenno is pastor of the                             College at Jacksonville. The groom is the
systems. Lathon is a Ph.D.              Atlanta Southside church. He                                son of Bessie and Abdel Rodriguez. He
candidate in industrial and             previously served in the Qrif-                              graduated from Qainesville High School
systems engineering at the              fin/Thomaston district.                                     and is attending Santa Fe Community
University of Alabama in Hunts-                                                                     College. He is employed by north Florida
ville (UAH). Lathon has recently                                                                    Regional Hospital. The couple will reside
represented and presented                                                                           in Qainesville.
papers for NASA's Marshall
Space Flight Center at an
international conference in
Paris, and for UAH at the                 You can provide for the future security of your family
National Black Graduates Stu-             members and your church with a properly drafted will.
dent Conference at the Univer-
sity of North Carolina, Chapel            DON'T DELAY . . . ACT NOW!

SOUTHERN ADVENTIST                         USE YOUR
  Sheila Smith has joined the staff
of Southern's recently established
office of student support as              For more information send your
director of the Center for Learning
Success.                                  NAME ___________________
  Brandon Beck is joining the             ADDRESS.
School of Music at Southern
Adventist University as an associate      CITY ___                          ST                ZIP
professor of music. His experience
includes band director for Auburn         TELEPHONE                                                                            to the:
Adventist Academy, Cedar Lake
Academy, Shenandoah Valley                                                                                              Southern Union
Academy, and Hermiston Jr. Academy.                                                                                      Trust Services
                                          NAME OF YOUR CONFERENCE                                                       P.O. Box 849
                                                                                                                     Decatur, GA 30031
October, 1997

                         Morganton church elder and business         years. The church was formed in 1972
                       owner Ted Bracket! hired a new truck          with 123 members, and has grown to
                       driver for his lumber business. He told       432 members.
                       the driver he would not have to work             For more than 18 years, Kingstree's
                       Saturdays because it is GOD'S SAB­            Nadine Qreenlee operated a COMMUNITY
                       BATH. The man quickly exclaimed, "I've        SERVICE CENTER with the help of a
                       been looking for a church home, I want        handful of women from the community.
                       to come visit your church this Satur-         Qreenlee was honored with a plaque and
                       day."                                         surprise banquet June 19 at Hancocks
                         Each summer, the Lenoir church mem-         Restaurant. During the years of opera-
                       bers gather children from the area for a      tion, the center provided 11,042 indi-
                       VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL. This year,             viduals with clothing and other items in
                       55 children came out for the "Promise         their times of need.
                       Builders" VBS and learned about won-             Members of the Matthews church gath-
                       derful Bible stories.                         ered recently for PRAISE IN THE PARK.
                         THE ARDEN CHURCH IS CELEBRAT­               The group spent Sabbath morning under
                       ING 25 YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR                the shade of several oak trees and spent
                       LORD, JESUS CHRIST, on October 4 by           time in nature worshiping Qod. After the
                       holding special services honoring all those   inspirational worship time, everyone stayed
                       who have helped the church through the        around for a picnic lunch.

                          THE PALM COAST CHURCH HAS RE­              for more than 15 years. Those who at-
                       CENTLY REALIZED A COMMENDABLE                 tended heard music from Darmody's latest
                       INCREASE IN TITHE. The church be-             of four albums, simply titled Hymns. The
                       lieves the increase resulted from the         album of hymns and gospel medleys
                       discussions of a weekly Bible study           focuses on Christ's second coming and
                       hosted by its personal ministry depart-       the joys of heaven.
                       ment. For a time, the topic of the study        ELEVEN STUDENTS FROM EAST PASCO
                       group focused on properly returning           ADVENTIST EDUCATION CENTER WERE
                       tithe.                                        BAPTIZED MAY 17 after completing
                          THE EAST PASCO CHURCH HOSTED               baptismal classes held by East Pasco
                       A CONCERT on July 5, performed by             church pastor Bill McVay. Ten more stu-
                       Steve Darmody, an inspirational sacred        dents are currently in McVay's class and
                       vocalist who has sung at gospel concerts      anticipate baptism in October.

                         ACADEMY ENROLLMENTS ARE UP FOR              Obdulio Segui and the First Atlanta His-
                       THE 1997-98 SCHOOL YEAR WITH A                panic church.
                       TOTAL OF 681: Atlanta Adventist, 127;           THE KNOXVILLE, TENN., FIRST
                       Collegedale, 347; and Georgia-Cumber-         CHURCH DECIDED TO PROVIDE, FOR A
                       land, 208.                                    SECOND YEAR, $30,OOO FOR HISPANIC
                        STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN THE 1O-            EVANGELISM IN 1998. Eduardo Rodriguez
                       WEEK MAGABOOK PROGRAM HAD                     is serving as a Bible worker.
                       TOTALED SALES OF $93,997. Nearly                THE HIXSON, TENN., CHURCH RE­
                       10,000 homes were visited each week.          PORTS A MARKED INCREASE IN MEM­
                         SUMMER CAMP ATTENDANCE WAS                  BERSHIP PARTICIPATION. New Sabbath
                       1,121. Decisions for Christ totaled 817       school rooms, a gymnasium, and grounds
                       with 142 decisions for baptism.               improvements are completed. A clothing
                         The Cookeville, Tenn., church had a         and food bank has been organized for
                       GROUND BREAKING July 31 for a new             community involvement.
                       building.                                      DR. EARL MCGHEE AND BERNICE
                       FIRST OF THREE CHALETS AT CO­                 DENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE
                       This one will have three levels, four         SOCIATES AUGUST 13.
                       bedrooms, three baths, and two meet-            Carlos Henriquez, South Georgia His-
                       ing rooms.                                    panic pastor, reports FIVE GROUPS ARE
                       GROUP HAS BEEN ORGANIZED INTO A               with more than 130 individuals in atten-
                       COMPANY. This is an outreach of pastor        dance.

8 • Southern Tidings                                                                             October, 1997

   Erwin Qane was the speaker for the           prizes and more. This is sponsored by
NORTH MISSISSIPPI AREA CAMP MEET­               the Birmingham First church.
ING and Todd Parrish presented a vocal            The DECATUR WOMEN'S MINISTRY
concert. The Water Valley church was            made up 20 personal toiletry bags, in-
packed. A larger location will be used          cluded the book. Steps to Christ, and
next year.                                      gave them to residents at a group home
  The Qoodwater Nursing Home in                 of mental health.
Sylacauga is using KIDS IN THE KITCHEN            THE DECATUR, CULLMAN, AND ATH­
COOKBOOK for cooking classes with the           ENS CHURCHES RECENTLY HAD A
residents.                                      RETREAT WEEKEND at Camp Alamisco.
  HIS KIDS CLUB is a youth ministry in          Special features included speaker Ty
the Chelsea, Ala., area aimed at non-           Qibson, music, fellowship, and recreation.
Seventh-day Adventist youngsters age 6-         On Sunday, the members enjoyed water-
12. Ron Moore, program director, says           skiing, swimming, horseback riding, hik-
God has opened many doors for them,             ing, and canoeing.
including securing a one-year lease on a          THERE ARE 112 STUDENTS WHO HAVE
former church building. Object lessons          REGISTERED AT BASS MEMORIAL ACAD­
the first ten Sabbaths will focus on the        EMY this year, which is a good number
Ten Commandments as explained by ten            after graduating a large class of seniors.
commando story tellers. Participants share      The elementary schools show an increase
in an active time of singing, playing games,    in students around the conference.

   The Ridgetop, Tenn., church took a           ning of the school year provided the
step of faith and ADDED A KINDERGAR­            opportunity for parents, teachers, chil-
TEN PROGRAM to its elementary school            dren, and church members to mingle and
this year. This decision included hiring a      get acquainted. A special season of prayer
third teacher, completely refurbishing a        was held prior to the supper.
classroom, and redesigning another room           MORE THAN 40 CHILDREN EN­
for the library, completed improvement          ROLLED IN THE RIDGETOP, TENN.,
plans for the summer. Myrna Smith is the        VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL held for five
kindergarten and first-grade teacher in         evenings in July. About one-third of
charge of the renovation of the class-          the children were from nonmember
room. The kindergarten and after-school         families. The theme was "Friends For-
program the school offers were adver-           ever." Each evening the junior youth
tised in the community. Private music           helped lead the song service and pre-
lessons are also available. A well-attended     sented a skit to highlight the theme.
supper and ice-cream social at the begin-       The VBS leader was Becky Massey.

  Fresh fruit, muffins, fruit bars, and juice   ics students was presented by Ray
were assembled into gift bags from the          Hefferlin, Ph.D., at the INTERNATIONAL
Collegedale church to WELCOME STU­              CONFERENCE ON MATHEMATICAL CHEM­
DENTS on the first Friday evening of            ISTRY, held in Qerona, Spain, this sum-
SmartStart. The summer session which            mer.
precedes the fall semester enrolled 491            President Gordon Bietz is the speaker
students, including 247 freshmen, 64            for his INAUGURAL CONVOCATION on
transfer students, and 160 who had al-          October 23. It is his goal to communi-
ready attended Southern, and 20 special         cate Southern's shared vision, and reaf-
students.                                       firm commitment to mission.
  Faculty and staff attending SOUTHERN'S           STUDENTS IN THE VIDEO PRODUC­
FALL COLLOQUIUM participated in semi-           TION CLASS offered by the journalism
nars which included one on "Creating a          and communication department now learn
Respectful Environment." An afternoon           studio production techniques using a Media
was devoted to brainstorming and dia-           100XS digital editing system. This recently
log, "Visioning Our Future," with Roy           acquired nonlinear equipment greatly
Naden, an Adventist management con-             enhances the capabilities of Southern's
sultant.                                        video lab and better prepares students
  The work of former and current phys-          for career opportunities.

October, 1997                                                                                 Southern Tidings • 9
                                                                    aware of the conse-                NEWSTART® physi-
                                                                    quences of these elevated          cians, nurses, counse-
                                                                    levels, and admits she             lors and other staff.
                                                                    was frightened.                    Physicians Alex Norzow,
                                                                      Fortunately, she                 M.D., and Ronald
                                                                    learned about a new                Lynch, M.D., advised
                                                                    health renewal program             her to put on her
                                                                    offered by East Pasco              support hose and walk.
                                                                    Medical Center,                    She's been walking four
                                                                    Zephyrhills, Fla., called          to five miles a day ever
                                                                    NEWSTART® Challenge.               since, and her varicose
                                                                    In fact, the first session         veins are gone. Her
                                                                    began the same day she             cholesterol level
                                                                    learned about it.                  dropped 20 points, HDL
                                                                      "This is an answer to            (good cholesterol)
                                                                    my prayers," Daniel said.          improved 17 points,
Gladys Mather of Collegedale is shown getting her blood pressure    That afternoon she                 and glucose (fasting)
taken by nurse Jean LeFleur as part of the Heartbeat '97 process.   registered in the program          level dropped more
                                                                    at the Florida                     than 70 points. By
 Samaritan Center                questionnaire. A light,
                                 healthy breakfast was
                                                                    Conference's Pine Lake             following a healthy
                                                                                                       eating program and
                                                                    Retreat Center in
 Sponsors                        offered once the                   Qroveland.                         regular exercise, five
 Heartbeat '97                   testing was finished.
                                    Participants returned
                                                                      NEWSTART® Chal­
                                                                    lenge is a medically
                                                                                                       months after the retreat,
                                                                                                       she's cut her medications
                                 two weeks later for a              supervised live-in                 in half, and dropped four
   Georgia-Cumber­               cardiac profile. Kerry             health retreat designed            dress sizes.
land—Each year, cardio-          Friesen, M.D., an                  to help people prevent,               In addition to im-
vascular disease is              internal medicine                  stop, or reverse the               proved health, Daniel
responsible for 42.1             physician, was on hand             effects of many lifestyle-         was impressed with the
percent of all deaths in         to explain the profile             based diseases. The third          individual attention she
the United States. As a          and answer individual              session this year is               received from the
community service, the           questions about the                scheduled October 26 to            NEWSTART® staff. Of
Samaritan Center in              various risk factors.              November 13.                       her three weeks at the
Ooltewah, Tenn., spon-               Heartbeat '97 was                In 19 days, Daniel's             retreat, she says, "We
sored Heartbeat '97, an          one of a series of                 health improved dra-               lived in an atmosphere
innovative medical               monthly health screen-             matically as she                   of love and caring."
education program                ings offered on the                worked with                                              Jane Alien
coordinated through the          second Sunday of each
Adventist Health network.        month through the
   In July, 22 people            cooperative efforts of
participated in blood            the Samaritan Center,
tests for cholesterol,           Memorial Hospital in               Mobile First                       services dedicated to
                                                                                                       "those who serve and
diabetes, lipids and             Chattanooga, Tenn.,                Honors                             those who have lost
triglycerides, and re-           and Southern Adventist
ceived a personalized            University's School of             Enforcement                        their lives in the line
                                                                                                       of duty." A number of
profile of their cardio-
vascular health.
                                 Nursing. In addition to
                                 flu shots and school
                                                                    Officers                           police officers were in
                                                                                                       attendance including
   Four area nurses              physicals, community                                                  sheriff, chief of police,
volunteered their time to        residents have been                  Gulf States—The                  and police chaplain.
draw blood. The pro-             screened for blood                 Mobile First church                The flag detail from the
gram also included               sugar, cholesterol,                honored the men and                Mobile Police Depart-
checking blood pressure,         vision, skin cancer, and           women of law enforce-              ment took part in the
weight, and a lifestyle          hearing.                           ment Sabbath, May 17,              program conducted by
                                                                    with special church                Duane Brown, pastor.

 Registered                       feared she was dying.
                                    "Please, Lord, provide
 Dietician Enjoys                 me a better way of
 Improved Health                  healing," she prayed.
                                    Kathleen not only had
                                  the flu, she also suf-
  Adventist Health                fered with varicose
Center—Kathleen                   veins and walked with
Daniel didn't know                a cane. To make
where to turn for help            matters even worse,
when she had the flu              she had high blood
last December. She had            pressure, high blood
an allergic reaction to the       sugar and high choles-
antibiotic prescribed by          terol. As a registered
her doctor, and actually          dietician, she was well           Color Quard of Mobile police department visited Mobile First church.

10      Southern Tidings                                                                                             October, 1997
    Chief Cochran and                  ment, dedicated the               attendance and about              to make their service
 Sheriff Tillman spoke                 newborn son of Sgt.                12 area churches                 have more of an
 of sleepless nights,                  and Mrs. Kevin Ander-             represented.                      impact. Everything
 "new" gray hair and the               son of the Saraland                  Marilyn Justesen,              came off without a
 life-and-death, drugs-                Police Department.                Toni McLawhorn, and               hitch. Junell Vance
 and-abuse element they                Both sets of grandpar-            Bess Hall all planned             from the Atlantic Union
 deal with on a day to                 ents were also in                 ahead and secured a               Conference in her usual
 day basis as they and                 attendance.                       Lutheran church to                upbeat style preached
 the other officers                       Each guest was                 accommodate the                   quite a stirring sermon
 attempt to keep the                   presented with a                  overflow. Many men of             that kept people on their
 city crime-free.                      certificate of apprecia-          the church, under the             toes for the divine hour.
     On a happy vein,                  tion and a book of                direction of Jerry                The theme for the day
 Chaplain Wigley,                      daily devotions.                  Justesen, pastor, took            was "Coming Home."
 Saraland Police Depart-                                Barbara Rhodes   over the positions in the           The Greenville
                                                                         Sabbath school classes            women's ministries
                                                                         that the women usually            group has been actively
                                                                         teach and even prepared           involved in baptisms
                                                                         and served the luncheon           and reclamations so far
                                                                         for the ladies and visitors       this year. To date,
                                                                         of the church.                    there have been four
                                                                           Les Leicht and Larry            baptisms, one
                                                                         Moses put their special           rebaptism, and one
                                                                         touches on their duties           rededication as a result
                                                                         of the day. Some of               of women "getting
                                                                         the men sported chefs'            busy" for the Lord.
Quilts were displayed at the ladies prayer breakfast.                    aprons in their efforts                               Debbie Rapp

 Westminster                           deacon Bill Barker, and
                                       Elmer Bass, head elder,
 Ladies Sponsor                        spoke a few words of              Couple Nurtures                   with recognition of this
                                                                                                           caring ministry.
 Prayer Breakfast                      praise for the tireless
                                       efforts that went into the
                                                                         Members                             "It's a little hobby
                                       mostly hand-appliqued,                                              that I have arranged for
                                                                           Florida—Roy and                 myself, to do a little
   Carolina—From the                   year-long project.                Pauline Williams touch            missionary work and at
 start, you could tell it                 Ci Heizer, active in           many fellow Deltona               the same time keep
 was going to be an                    the local quitter's guild         church members'                   busy doing something
 exceptional ladies'                   that donates its work             hearts by sending                 worthwhile," says Roy,
 prayer breakfast in                   to various shelters, has          birthday cards, con-              a retired associate
 Westminster, S.C., in                 attended the                      gratulatory cards for a           secretary of the Gen-
 June. The fellowship                  Westminster church for            special achievement,              eral Conference of
 hall was bustling with                several years. Ci                 get well, sympathy,               Seventh-day Adventists.
 about 30 ladies who                   donated all the materi-           some anniversaries or             "It's good when people
 graced the hall with                  als and volunteered to            special events, and               have a hobby, espe-
 warm, friendly faces.                 lead the band of eight            Christmas cards.                  cially as we get farther
 Even Virginia Stubbs'                 apprentice quilters in            They've been doing                along the track, age-
 92-year-old mother,                   their venture. About 20           this for five years. It's         wise. It keeps our
 affectionately called                 women of the church               one of their spiritual            minds busy and at the
 "grandmother," was her                attended the prayer               gifts—their nurturing             same time we think of
 usual upbeat self.                    breakfast.                        ministry. Recently, their         how the Lord is bless-
    It was a day for a                    Years from now                 church honored them               ing us and we try to
 special presentation. As              members and visitors
 Crystal Earnhardt,                    will gaze at the quilted
 women's ministries                    hangings and perhaps
 leader and pastor's                   turn them over to look
 wife led out, it was                  at the back of the work
 time for the women's                  and notice the names of
 ministries group to                   the eight "friends" who
 present the "perfectly                stitched their names on
 stitched" quilted wall                these labors of love and
 hangings they had                     represented scriptures
 crafted. John                         that would inspire others.
 Earnhardt, pastor, head                                 Debbie Rapp

 Greenville                            carried out by the
                                       women's ministries
 Honors Women                          ladies of the Green-
                                       ville, N.C., church in
   Carolina—Trading                    May. It was a special             Pauline and Roy Williams of the Deltona, Florida, church send cards
 places with the men                   Women's Day with                  for many occasions to members. This nurturing ministry maintains
 for a Sabbath was                     more than 200 in                  ties with the active and inactive members.

October, 1997                                                                                                  Southern Tidings • 11
 share those blessings            month. Sometimes I                at the Federal Correc-              more than 20 years, it
 with others." Pauline,           include a poem I think            tional Institute (FCI) at           wasn't until 1995 that a
 his wife, is a retired           would be appropriate              Tallahassee.                        regular prison ministries
 proofreader from the             to cheer them up."                  The FCI houses approxi-           program consisting of
 Review &; Herald                    Williams is well-              mately 30 women and                 Bible studies and
 Publishing Association           known in the congrega-            about 300 men in a sep-             visitations was estab-
 and keeps the cards              tion for his love of              arate holding section.              lished. "There are
 going to their personal          poetry. He often shared              "Our members are                 currently no full-time
 family members.                  poems at the conclu-              very enthusiastic about             chaplains at the FCI so
    Does he send cards            sion of his sermons               supporting this minis-              the Tallahassee
 to everyone? "No, yet            when he served as                 try," says Gordon                   church's program, along
 we started it long               associate pastor of the           Henderson, pastor. "The             with assistance from a
 enough ago that it               Deltona/DeLand district           weekly Discover Bible               Catholic nun, has been
 does represent a cross-          before his re-retirement.         school classes we've been           filling the chaplaincy
 section of the church.              He mails the cards four        holding are packed."                void," says Henderson.
 As the church grows, it          or five days before the             Tallahassee church                   Things have also opened
 could be a little diffi-         event "so it won't be too         member Kathy Pierce                 up so that Henderson
 cult for one person to           early, but at least get           directs the Bible study             presents weekend chapel
 keep up with it unless           there on time."                   classes with help from              services throughout the
 they were given that as             What's the response            church members who also             summer. "It gives us the
 a special mission by             from members? "Some               visit with female inmates.          opportunity to let more
 the church and had               seem happy to receive                "Our outreach covers             people know about our
 help with the finances.          some notices. Others              the gamut of backgrounds            Bible school. A lot of the
 We've kept it so that we         call me up or send a              represented in the                  prisoners never hear about
 can handle it ourselves."        note. Some don't make             prison," Henderson says.            it until then."
    What's his system?            mention of it, so it              "Church representatives                A Breathe free Stop-
 "It's a simple plan. I           goes by, he explains."            who visit with the inmates          Smoking Plan for inmates
 find out when a                     "Whatever we do, we            are Spanish, English,               is in the works. The
 person's birthday is or          do it because we love             Portuguese, and African-            Tallahassee church will
 whatever 1 want to               the Lord and we love              American. Bible studies             also expand the visitation
 recognize, and I have a          people," smiles Pauline.          are also available in               portion of this ministry to
 file-by-the-month for            "Whatever little we can           Spanish and Portuguese."            include the men's section
 the year. As I get the           do, to me, it's the                 Although the Tallahas-            of the prison once the FCI
 cards for the various            least that we can do              see church has been                 hires full-time male
 people, 1 get them all           for Him. Right?"                  situated across the                 chaplains.
 stamped and put them                             Cindy Kurtzhals   road from the FCI for                     Lisa Ziegele, Cindy Kurtzhals
 in the corresponding

                                  criminal lawyer, F. Lee
 Tallahassee                      Bailey, in March of
 Members                          1996, Tallahassee
                                  church members help
 Minister to Inmates              spread the word of
                                  Qod through the
   Florida—Today, in              Discover series of
 the same correctional            Bible studies. Their
 facility that temporarily        inmate neighbors are
 housed the well-known            right across the street

                                                                    Students participated in a variety of activities.

                                                                    Greenville                          around fun.
                                                                                                          Each evening, a
                                                                    Sponsors VBS                        drama team presented
                                                                                                        a skit about the impor-
                                                                      Carolina—June 23-                 tance of eating the
                                                                    28, the Greenville,                 right foods. The team,
                                                                    N.C., church was the                headed by Les Leicht,
                                                                    headquarters for the                kept the young people
                                                                    "Kids in the Kitchen-               on the edge of their
                                                                    Take Two" vacation                  seats. A recreation
                                                                    Bible school. Approxi-              team kept the ener-
                                                                    mately 30 young                     getic boys and girls
                                                                    people came out for                 busy with games such
                                                                    the sequel to last                  as kick ball, tug-of-war,
                                                                    year's successful                   and even a water relay.
 Tallahassee church members now conduct Discover Bible studies      nutrition clinic, bakery              The week-long ex-
 with their neighbors right across the street at the Tallahassee    class, Bible class,                 travaganza concluded
 Federal Correctional Institution.                                  music class, and all                Sabbath morning, July

12      Southern Tidings                                                                                                October, 1997
28, with a graduation            the week. The co-                part in turning them to    summed it up like this,
ceremony and service             directors, Claudia Perry         God," said Brandy          "Before the trip I knew
for the participants.            and Jerry Justesen,              Patterson, Choralaires     God existed, but He
Each student received            gave special thanks to           member. One young          wasn't in my life. Now,
a diploma with a                 those who made this              man traveled three         Jesus is really my
picture of himself or            vacation Bible school a          days by bicycle to         friend. He is real to
herself taken during             SUCCeSS. Gene Schermerhorn       attend camp meeting.       me." Jessica Braden,
                                                                  He wanted to know          Choralaires member,
                                                                  what Adventists be-        commented, "I never
                                                                  lieve. Next year, he       prayed or spent time
                                                                  plans to be baptized.      with God. But now
                                                                  After returning home,      when I wake up, I
                                                                  Jessica Winters, SAU       think of God; when 1
                                                                  student and choir          go to sleep I remember
                                                                  member, sent him a         to pray. I truly believe
                                                                  Bible with study helps.    God used this experi-
                                                                     How did this trip       ence to touch my life
                                                                  affect the participants?   and draw me closer to
                                                                  Stephanie Peden, a         Him."
                                                                  Choralaires singer,                      Patricia Foster

                                                                  Spartanburg                Borton speaking.
                                                                                                The group completed
                                                                  Members Return             a building with four
                                                                  from Mission               rooms, and a shingled
                                                                                             roof. They were disap-
Choralaires with several young fans at City Hall in Ztociemiec,
Poland, following an afternoon of street evangelism.
                                                                  Trip                       pointed that the Bible
                                                                                             worker they had hoped
                                                                    Carolina—On Tues-        for to set the ground-
Choralaires Take                 were Christians." riot           day, June 24, a group      work for the meetings
                                 only their faces, but
Mission Trip                     their actions displayed          of weary missionaries
                                                                  arrived at the
                                                                                             did not come to frui-
                                 their love for Christ                                       tion. However, the Holy
  Georgia-Cumber­                and one another as               Spartanburg church         Spirit still brought
land—"Mission Trip."             they traveled on                 parking lot after spend-   close to 100 attenders
The words conjure up             planes, trains, buses,           ing the previous 16        to the meetings each
visual pictures of young         and stayed in tents,             days on a mission trip     night for Borton's first-
and old working in the           hotel rooms, and                 in Zimapan, Mexico.        ever crusade. By the
hot sun in primitive             generally cramped                Twenty-four Anglos         concluding meeting, 13
locations building a             quarters. No matter              joined another 15          people had made their
church, school, or clinic.       how tired, they were             Mexicans from the          decision for baptism.
This story, however, is          willing and always               Spartanburg church to      In addition, there are
about a different type of        ready to sing and share          work on two major          another 20-25 who are
mission approach—young           with anyone who                  goals: building a          enthusiastically studying
people witnessing                wanted to listen.                church for 200 and         for baptism.
through song.                       Miracles big and              holding evangelistic                      David Borton
  Twenty-six singers from        small were part of the           meetings with David
A.W. Spalding Elemen-            experience. For one
tary School, Collegedale         singing appointment,             County Fair and            Palm Coast area.
Academy, and Southern            the weather made it
Adventist University             impossible for the               Picnic Gain                   Earlier this year, the
                                                                                             church participated in
formed a special touring
group call the
                                 group to perform. The            Friends For New            the Flagler County
                                 young people prayed if                                      Home Fair held at
Choralaires. On July 15,         it was God's will for            Church                     Flagler High School. A
the group left for a             them to perform the                                          14-inch replica of the
three-week tour to               rain would stop. When               Florida—The 77          statue in Daniel 2
Poland and Romania to            they arrived at their            members of the Palm        highlighted the exhibit
do singing evangelism            destination, the sun             Coast church don't         which also included a
and street witnessing.           was shining. After               have a church building     huge banner showcas-
  Director Jeffrey               completing their con-            yet, but they're not       ing the Seventh-day
Lauritzen said, "I saw           cert and working with            waiting for their new      Adventist name. Coordi-
Jesus in these young             the literature evangelist        church doors to open       nators Herbert Martin
people as they wit-              distributing tracts, it          before reaching out to     and Jim McNally report
nessed on the planes             started raining again.           the area and making        around 200 people
and in the streets, met             "One of the best              friends in the commu-      stopped to ask ques-
new people, and grate-           things about this                nity. Twenty-eight-year-   tions. Various pam-
fully ate strange food."         mission trip was seeing          old David Graham,          phlets were also distrib-
A passenger on one               34 people in Poland              pastor, says his congre-   uted.
plane stated, "You could         baptized and knowing             gation is "really on          A more unique ap-
tell by their faces they         we may have played a             fire" about reaching the   proach to community

October, 1997                                                                                  Southern Tidings • 13
 outreach was a picnic             site on Belle Terre                 Florida August 1-3, which     techniques. These new
 held at Florida Park in           Road was purchased                  the Conference family life    skills carry over into
 Palm Coast. The Sab-              for the new church,                 department co-sponsored       relationships with chil-
 bath school committee             and $130,000 is                     with Carlton and Doreen       dren, co-workers, and
 sponsored the event.              currently in the build-             Anderson, both certified      other church members,
 Organizer Linda Morgan            ing fund. Vespers has               family life educators.        thus improving the unity
 says the target audi-             been held on the                    Carlton is associate          in and outside of the
 ence for the Sunday               property with                       pastor of the Miami           home.
 afternoon July picnic             groundbreaking eagerly              Springs church and the           For the 19 couples who
 was the after-services            anticipated around                  couple holds family life      attended, the weekend
 Sunday church crowd.              Thanksgiving.                       seminars in Broward and       involved much more than
 Advertisements promot-              According to Graham,              Dade county churches.        sitting through lectures.
 ing the event were                the Palm Coast area                    "We believe family is      Husbands and wives
 posted at stores, and             has tremendous growth              very important to the          composed love letters to
 members told their                potential and is one of             strengthening of the          each other, took walks
 friends.                          the fastest growing                 church and society at        together, participated in
   At seven dollars a              areas in Florida. Gra-              large," says Anderson.       the Ordinance of Humil-
 person, more than                 ham, who also pastors               "When there is a break-      ity, and renewed their
 $600 was raised for               the St. Augustine                   down of the family, there    wedding vows. "It was
 the building fund.                church, says he enjoys              is a breakdown of the        very moving. There are a
   Members currently               the cultural diversity of           church and society."         lot of tears by that time,"
 meet for worship                  the Palm Coast congre-                 "Family is the basic      says Bryant.
 services at the Wickline          gation and the enthusi-            building block of society        One of the couples,
 Center in Flagler                 asm members display                and church," Bryant           married by a justice of
 Beach, part of the                for building a new                 explains. "Family gives a     the peace 43 years ago,
 public school system              sanctuary.                         sense of security, belong-    had never had an official
 facilities. A $90,000                                  Jeff Borger   ing, self-esteem, and         wedding ceremony. The
                                                                      identity. When the basic      renewal of their wedding
                                                                      building blocks begin to      vows at the seminar was
                                                                      break down, society           their first religious
 Marriage                          their commitment to                begins to crumble."           wedding ceremony. "They
                                   maintain healthy, loving
 Commitment                        relationships. "We
                                                                      parenting, sexuality,
                                                                                                    were both glowing,"
                                                                                                    Bryant says.
 Weekends Enrich                   address husbands and               finances, self-esteem, role      Mearly every weekend
                                   wives, not the whole
 Family Life                       church, the kids and
                                                                      expectations, and priori-
                                                                      ties were the focus issues
                                                                                                    of the year, the Bryants
                                                                                                    travel to Florida Confer-
                                   everyone, like we do at            of the Marriage Com­          ence Adventist churches
   Florida—Twice each              our regular weekend                mitment Weekend. By           to hold family Life
 year, the Conference              seminars," says Family             administering the 16          Seminars. These semi-
 family life department            Life Department Direc-             Personality Factor Inven-     nars, which are open to
 holds Marriage Com­               tor Ken Bryant.                    tory (16PF) test, which       the entire church body,
 mitment Weekends,                   The Lauderhill church            helps identify individual     are designed to improve
 designed to help                  hosted the most recent             strengths and weaknesses      communication in the
 couples improve their             Marriage Commitment                in every area of life, the    home, develop relation-
 marriages by renewing             Weekend for South                  family life department        ship skills, and encourage
                                                                      helped couples build          continuing romance.
                                                                      understanding and                              Alicia Qoree
                                                                      improve communication

                                                                      ACT Airs On                   that at Three Angels
                                                                                                    Broadcast Network.
                                                                      3ABIN                            "This was a special
                                                                                                    opportunity for us,"
                                                                        Kentucky-Tennessee          explained Brett Hadley,
                                                                      —Adventist Christian          director, "because
                                                                      Theater (A.C.T.) is the       normally, with live
                                                                      drama team at Madison         theater, the audience
                                                                      Academy. Every year           you can reach is
                                                                      the group tours the           dictated by the size of
                                                                      North American Divi-          your church or audito-
                                                                      sion with one purpose:        rium. With television,
                                                                      To lift Jesus up              your potential audience
                                                                      through their drama           obviously becomes
                                                                      presentations and their       remarkably increased."
                                                                      personal lives, so He           A.C.T.'s skits will be
                                                                      can draw others closer        aired around the
                                                                      to Him. This past year        world, via satellite, begin-
 A husband gives his wife a rose as an affirmation of love (luring    the members had the           ning this year and run-
 a Marriage Commitment Weekend at Camp Kulaqua.                       opportunity to do just        ning potentially through

14       Southern Tidings                                                                                       October, 1997

                                                                             STAFF CHAPLAINS
                                                                             ADVENTIST HEALTH SYSTEM
                                                                               HINSDALE HOSPITAL
                                                                               HINSDALE, ILLINOIS
                                                                              Hinsdale Hospital, the 2nd largest hospital in the
                                                                           ::A£lvehtist::Hea]fh System is currently seeking caring,
ACT on the set after a long night of taping.                               ! t^passionate ancl p&rspriable staff chaplains to share
 the next century on the            places we travel to                    ;:the:"rniriistries and- mission" of Adverttist Health     .
 show "It's All About Love."        from year to year."                       .S^sferrisrRespdnsibtlities include pastoral care and: :
    The opportunity for                When asked if the                      counseling while ptovidtrtg spiritual and emotional
 A.C.T.'s performance at            students were nervous                     education to : patients families and hospital staff.
 3ABN came at the invita­           about performing for                      Individuals wi It. work in collaboration with community
 tion of Patrick and Ullanda        television cameras, Noelle              : on developing programs.                         '....[.
 Innocent, who saw the              Kirkham-Hadley, the                     : Qualified applicants must possess a College of '
 team perform at Madi­              team's assistant direc­                ; Ghapi^ins, certification OF Eligibility as a Board Certified:
 son Campus church in               tor, explained, "At first,             ;;.teh|iptafti,^&iy,/:Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries ".
 Nashville, Tenn. Ullanda,          all of us were very ex­                 :endorsefrient, ordination:, and one year of residency in :
 who hosts the show,                cited about going. Then,                  CliniealPastOral Education training.              ;
 invited A.C.T. to per­             once we got there,
 form their original skits          reality set in and the                              e salary and comprehensive benefits package
 for different segments             students realized that                           ; (Sanciictates should fax or send a curriculum vitae
 of the program. "That's            this was going to be                    to: Judy Bunting, Hinsdale Hospital, Human Resources,
 how we get many of                 very different than                                                i (I fax: (630)856-7323
 our invitations," com­             anything else we had
 mented Hadley, "Some­
 body sees us at a per­
 formance and invites
                                    ever done. Live stage
                                    acting and studio act­
                                    ing for cameras are
 us to their church,                very different. But the
 school or youth rally.             production crew at the
 It's part of our belief            studios were wonderful                                  iqiiatCtpportunityEmployer
 that God guides in the             to work with." Brett Hadley
                                                                         long overdue ministry.               with disabilities and their
                                                                         Since that time, disabili­           immediate and church
                                                                         ties ministries directors            families.
 "How To"                           Florida Conference office            have been organized on                  "We find that most
                                    in Winter Park, to begin             the union, conference,               people have a genuine
 Manual Created                     the development of a                 and local church                     interest in ministering to
 For Disabilities                   manual for disabilities              levels.                              people with disabilities,"
                                    ministries leaders for use              The seven-member team             says Joan Bova, Southern
 Leaders                            at all church levels.                representing the Atlantic,           Union Conference and
                                       "Ministry To People               Southwestern, Mid­                   Florida Conference disa­
   Florida—Seven mem­               With Disabilities" was added         American, and Southern               bilities ministries director.
 bers of the north Ameri­           to the Church Manual in              Union conferences, and               "They just need instruc­
 can Division's Commis­              1995 after having been              the local Allegheny West             tion on the 'how to's' and
 sion For People With               identified by the NAD Office         and South Atlantic                   this manual will give them
 Disabilities met at the            of Human Relations as a              conferences, is creating             that."
                                                                         the resource guide as a                 Completion is slated for
                                                                         vehicle to aid the Church            the end of this year.
                                                                         in reaching out to people                                    Joan Bova

                                                                         Southern's VP
                                                                         Succumbs to
                                                                         Heart Attack
                                                                           Southern Adv.
 NAD Commission for People With Disabilities met at Florida Conference   Univ.—Sept. 8 Jack
 to develop a resource manual. Pictured are disabilities ministries
 directors Art Orayman, Mid-American Union Conference (left); Rosemary   McClarty, vice presi­
 Graham, South Atlantic Conference; Catherine Burks, Allegheny           dent for development
 West Conference; Charlotte Thorns, Atlantic Union Conference;           at Southern Adventist
 Joan Bova, Southern Union/Florida Conferences; and Eunice Bailey,       University, died sud­                Jack McClarty, vice president
 Southwestern Union Conference.                                          denly of an apparent                 for development.

October, 1997                                                                                                     Southern Tidings • 15
 heart attack. He was 59.         1938, Jack McClarty
    In July he had               received both his
 completed 25 years of           bachelor of music
 service at the univer­          education and his
 sity. He joined the             doctorate in education
 faculty originally as           at the University of
 professor of music and          Montana. His master's
 band director, but had          degree was from
 directed fund-raising           Andrews University in
 efforts at the school           Michigan. His musical
 since July of 1980.             instrument of choice
    Over the past 17             was the trumpet. He
 years he was instru­            served in the U.S. Army
 mental in raising millions      national Quard, and
 of dollars, not only increas­   was a graduate of the
 ing endowments from             U.S. Army Cook School.          Exhibiting gave Harriman church members an opportunity to interact
 zero to over $12 million,       He taught for 17 years,         with their community.
 but helping to fund con­        both on the high school
 struction of classroom          and college levels.             the Universe" produced            church, and lesson one
 buildings Mable Wood Hall,         McClarty had served          by Martinsound of Cali­           of the Discover Bible
 Brock Hall, and the             for several years as an         fornia. The new Seventh-          Guides were distributed.
 new $6.6 million                elder in the Collegedale        day Adventist Church                  Members felt the
 Hickman Science                 church. He also had             logo was displayed and            exhibit achieved its
 Center dedicated last           coached with Little League.     literature was available          objective. Fair officials
 February. The fiscal               His wife, Wilma              to visitors. More than            invited the Harriman
 year which ended May            (Doering) McClarty,             300 booklets, "In                 church to exhibit next
 31 was his banner               Ph.D., chairs Southern's        Search of the Past," by           year in the number one
 year, with $2.4 million         Department of English.          George Sharpe, pastor             fair exhibit location.
 received in cash gifts          Their son, Stacey Jack,         of the Harriman                                     David Manzano
 for scholarships, Hick­         is a 20-year-old senior
 man Science Center,             biology major at South­
 and other purposes.             ern Adventist Univer­
    Last summer McClarty
 received the prestigious
 Trailblazer in Philan­
                                 sity. Their daughter,
                                 Julie Smith, of Bolton,
                                 Missouri, is a 1987
                                                                       Are You Clear
 thropy award at the             elementary education
 triennial convention of
 Seventh-day Adventist
 development officers.
 He was a Certified
                                 graduate and the
                                 mother of their grand­
                                 sons, Shawn and Tyler.
                                    Memorial gifts may
                                                                       Of Parasites?
 Fund Raising Executive          be directed to the
 and had served as
 president of the South­
                                 McClarty Family Schol­
                                 arship Endowment
                                                                          "85% of adult North Americans
 eastern Tennessee Chap­         Fund at Southern                           are infected with parasites."
 ter of the national Society     Adventist University,
 of Fund Raising Execu­          Collegedale, Tenn.                                                     Dr. Hazel Parcels
 tives from 1993-95.             37315-0370.
    Born in Kalispell,                           Doris Burdick
 Montana, on July 11,                                                  Do you experience...
                                                                        • Chronic Fatigue                   Overweight
Harriman Members                 a life-size sculpture of               • Forgetfulness                     Constipation
                                 the head of a tricer-
Interact with                    atops was displayed                    • Arthritis                         Headaches
Community                        August 4-9, 1997, at
                                 the Roane State Com­
                                                                        • Skin Problems                     Menopause
                                 munity College's Expo                  • Gas and Bloating                 •PMS
   Georgia-Cumberland            Center. Children 12
—When Roane County               and younger were
officials announced
they were having a               asked to submit a                                  THERE IS HELP!
county fair, the first in        name for the sculpture.
20 years, the Harriman,          First prize winner was
Tenn., church was the            awarded $10; second
                                 prize winner received a
                                                                     Learn about America's hidden epidemic.
first group to apply and         bone fragment from a
rent an exhibit space.           dinosaur.
The purpose was to                                                                  For Free Audio Tape
present a positive                   The backdrop
awareness to the                 consisted of a 4' x 5'                             Call 1-800-562-7772
community.                       picture of Christ en­
    To attract attention.        titled "Earth, Theater of

16      Southern Tidings                                                                                         October, 1997
                                                                  driver kept the man on          chosen not to forgive
                                                                  the road a lot. In late         him," recounts Pimentel.
                                                                  May, while on a job that       After hearing the sermon
                                                                  required him to travel         about forgiveness, the
                                                                  from the west coast to         man realized his behavior
                                                                  Texas, he made a stop          was wrong and decided
                                                                  inTucumcari, New Mexico,       he better take care of it.
                                                                  for the Sabbath. He found      Because the two had been
                                                                  the local church and went      estranged for more than
                                                                  to worship services.           five years, the man was
                                                                     "It just so happened        afraid his son's response
                                                                  the local pastor was away      would not be positive.
                                                                  serving another church in         The man rushed back
 Each day thousands pass by the Smoky Mountain church on a hill   his district," explains        to his hotel room after
 off Highway 66 next to the Little Pigeon River.                  Pimentel. Since the            church, called his son,
                                                                  church had downlinked          and the two were able to
Smoky Mountain                   ing a place for worship          and recorded the Florida       repair their broken
                                 services, cooking schools,       Conference camp meeting        relationship.
Church Celebrates                health lectures, and             evening programs, the             "Hearing this testimony
10 Years                         other community service          pastor opted to show           was a stunning event in
                                 activities. Official organi­     Pimentel's Wednesday           my life and it really
                                 zation of a church was           night sermon while he          bolstered my faith,"
   Georgia-Cumberland            held in August, 1987,            was at his other church.       Pimentel says. "You kind
—Sevier County, one of           with 44 charter members.            Pimentel's sermon           of wonder whether the
the fastest growing                Steady growth neces­           recounted the life of Jose     time and money and
counties in east Tennessee,      sitated the need for             and emphasized that            effort that go into camp
had no Adventist church          another facility. Land           forgiveness is the key to      meetings are worth it. But
in 1985. With over               was donated and a                all successful relation­       just from this one story, I
50,000 residents and             church was built and             ships. It struck a cord in     realized that we just have
close to nine million            occupied in 1995.                the man's heart as he          to know that the Lord
visiting Qatlinburg,               August 9, 1997, the            listened. "He had a            always leads and directs.
Pigeon Forge, and the            Smoky Mountain church            longstanding disagreement      It's just a wonderful thing."
Great Smoky Mountain's           in Sevierville, Tenn.,           with his son and had                             Alicia Qoree
National Park, retired           celebrated its 10th
pastor Bill Peeke had            anniversary. More than
a dream to have a visible        200 attended the day's
presence in the community.                                        Bethel Celebrates              also international, there
   Peeke, along with             events. Friends and                                             were some in atten­
volunteers and support           former pastors partici­          International Day              dance from several
of the Knoxville, Tenn.,         pated in the service.                                           African nations, there
First church, began              Roy Caughron, vice                  South Atlantic—             was also a representa­
holding services in the          president for pastoral           Bethel church in               tive from Cuba, Ja­
Sevierville Community            ministries for the               Asheville, N.C., cel­          maica, and France.
Center. Sabbath after­           conference, spoke for            ebrated International             The sermon con­
noons were spent dis­            the worship service.             Day, sponsored by the          cluded with the assur­
tributing literature, visit­       Under the leadership           family life department.        ance that when Jesus
ing homes, and plan­             of current pastor                   Sandy Smith dressed         stands on the sea of
ning for a permanent             Rob Clayton, the church          in Hawaiian garb and           glass, there will be
church facility. A building      continues to serve its           preached an informa­           people of every race,
on Dolly Parton Park­            90 members, the                  tive and thought               nationality, and color,
way was rented and               community, and the               provoking sermon.              together singing praises
later purchased, provid­         visitors to the county.          Using the Bible and the        to their Lord and
                                                 Ross E. Hughes   Spirit of Prophecy he          Saviour, Jesus Christ.
                                                                  traced the origin of all          An international
                                                                  the races from Noah's          dinner was served
 Father and Son                  worthwhile. Now he's sure        Ark to the present day.        following the service.
                                 they are. The Holy Spirit           The congregation was                       Anthony Davis
 Reconcile                       used his sermon to bring
 Following                       together an estranged
                                 father and son.
 Downlink Sermon                    "While at one of our
                                 western conference's
   Florida—Jim Pimentel,         camp meeting, a man
 a guest speaker at Florida      approached me," says
 Conference's camp               Pimentel. "He leaned over
 meeting '97 and pastor of       into the truck I was riding
 the San Jose, California,       in and told the driver,
 church, used to wonder if       This man really helped
 the hours and dollars           me and he probably
 involved with camp              doesn't even know how.'"
 meeting preparation are            Working as a truck            Bethel members dressed in native costumes.

October, 1997                                                                                        Southern Tidings • 17

      HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ADVERTISEMENT: (1) Have a local church                   DIRECTOR OF NURSING. Applications are being taken for director
   elder write "Approved" and his signature on the sheet of paper con­          of nursing for 120-bed skilled long-term care facility. From time to
   taining the advertisement, (2) write your name and address on the            time housekeeping, maintenance, activity, dietary and social services
   same sheet, (3) specify how many rence office 6 weeks in advance             supervisory positions are also available. Located in beautiful rural
   of the publication date and (5) don't forget to enclose payment in full.     setting directly across from SDA boarding academy. Send resume to:
   Make checks payable to SOUTHERN TIDIMGS.                                     Administrator, 6428 US Hwy. 11, Lumberton, MS 39455.             (10)
      RATES: Southern Union: $25 for 20 words or less, including ad­
   dress. $35 for anything longer than 20 words up to 45 words. $1.15                 NON-MEDICAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE
   per word beyond 45. Out of Union: $30 for 20 words or less, including          MISSIONARIES NEEDED in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia.
   address, $40 for anything longer than 20 words up to 45 words. $ 1 .30       The Northern Asia-Pacific Division English Language Schools seek
   per word beyond 45. Accepted as space is available. Ads may run in           volunteers to teach conversational English and Bible. Teaching re­
   successive months as space permits.                                          quirements: Adventist and native English speaker. Degreed and non-
      SOUTHERN TIDINGS makes every reasonable effort to screen all              degreed positions. Dedicate one year serving Christ. Contact Ray
   advertising, but in no case can the periodical assume responsibility         James (209) 267-0416; Fax: (209) 267-0342; E-mail: jamegr®-
   for advertisements appearing in its columns, or for typographical            cdepot.net.                                                          (C)
   errors.                                                                        MISSIONARIES NEEDED IN KOREA: SDA native English speaking
                                                                                volunteers; singles or couples (without children) who are college
                                                                                graduates with bachelor's degrees or higher to teach conversational
                                                                                English and Bible for one year or more at the SDA Language Institutes
                     PROPERTY AVAILABLE                                         of Korea (teaching experience not necessary — we train you). Volunteer
     GATLINBURG STREAMSIDE CONDO 8C MT. VIEW CHALETS FOR                        missionaries are approved by the General Conference. Benefits in­
  KENT. 2 to 5 bdrms., fireplace, full kitchens, heart-shaped Jacuzzi           clude: round-trip ticket, housing, utilities, insurance and stipend. For
  spa, heated pool, cable T.V.'s, Dollywood, winter skiing, and hiking.         more information contact Ray James, 40 Pleasant Drive, Sutter Creek,
  Let us build an investment vacation chalet for you. Reserve early. John       CA 95685. Email: jamegr@edepot.net or phone (209) 267-041 6 or Fax
  or Lois Steinkraus (423) 428-0619.                                      (C)   (209) 267-0342.                                                      (C)
     BED 8f BREAKFAST, CABIN RENTALS, GREENEVILLE, TN. Come                       ATTENTION OWNER/OPERATORS. Access Transportation Systems,
  and be spoiled with our fantastic mountain views, full breakfasts,            formerly Montana Conference Transportation, is looking for Owner/
  Jacuzzi. Modern, fully-equipped cabins, New B&B. Asheville, Qatlin-           Operators to join our team of transportation professionals. Naturally,
  burg, historical sites, antiques, fishing, Appalachian Trail nearby. From     our drivers never work on Sabbath and when you drive under our
  $360/week, daily rates available also. For brochure or reservations           authority, we can supply you with profitable loads and timely pay. If
  call (800) 842-4690.                                                    (C)   you want to join a quality team of Christian driving professionals, we
     COLLEQEDALE, TENNESSEE— SDA Realtor Team. Lyle Spiva and                   want to hear from you. Access Transportation Systems, 1201 Franklin
  Sherry Rogers. Buy, build, or sell. We'll arrange everything. (800) 227-      Blvd., Nampa, ID 83687. (80O) 525-1177, Fax (208) 463-1788. (C)
  0879. Re/Max Action Realtors.                                      (10,11)
     FOR SALE. Seven and a half wooded acres with a creek in Sequatchie         ley Qrande College of Health and Technology is seeking an occupa­
  Valley. Call (423) 447-7030.                                          (10)    tional therapist to serve as program director for its occupational
                                                                                therapist assistant program. Candidates should have minimum of
     NEW CUSTOM HONES St LOTS IN CENTRAL FLORIDA. (Avon Park                    bachelor's degree in occupational therapy and eligible for current
  and Sebring) Close to new Florida Hospital, minutes from several              Texas license. Teaching experience an advantage. At least two-three
  Adventist churches, 13 golf courses, state park, Lakeshore Mall and           years clinical experience. Fine SDA schools, elementary to 12th lo­
  72 lakes for all kinds of water sports. Single family custom built            cally. Contact: President, Valley Grande College of Health and Tech­
  homes from the $60's to the $80's including lot, landscaping, sod,            nology, Weslaco, TX 78596. (888) 973-1945). EOE.                   (10)
  appliances, blinds, etc. Two, three, and four bedroom floorplans. For
  more information, call (800) SEEKING (800-732-7464). E-mail:                     PROGRAM DIRECTOR/TEACHER. Due to program expansions. Val­
  sebring@ct.net. Ask for Doug Walz.                                      (C)   ley Grande College of Health and Technology is seeking a physical
     MOVE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE COUNTRYI For Sale— new 6600 sq.                  therapist to serve as program director for its physical therapist assis­
  ft. steel building and 1000 sq. ft. two bedroom brick residence or use        tant program. Candidates should have minimum of bachelor's degree
  as office in N.E. Mississippi on four acres. Located near a thriving SDA      in physical therapy and eligible for current Texas license. Teaching
  church and school. Corinth, MS. Call (601) 287-3653.                  (10)    experience an advantage. At least two-three years clinical experience.
                                                                                Fine SDA schools, elementary — 12th locally. Contact: President, Valley
     FOR SALE. Nice mobile home on large lot in Adventist community             Grande College of Health and Technology, Weslaco, TX 78596. (888)
  of Eden Gardens, Inverness, Florida, new porch, two bedrooms, two             973-1945. EOE.                                                     (10)
  baths on small lake. For inquires contact Dianne Ruckle (615) 325-
  6027.                                                              (10,11)       PARK RIDGE HOSPITAL seeking a Vice President for Patient Care
                                                                                Services needed in beautiful western North Carolina. Position re­
     WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA AREA near Fletcher Academy,                         quires significant experience with MSN or MHA. Please send resume
  Park Ridge Hospital and Pisgah Academy. Almost new family care                to: President, Park Ridge Hospital, P.O. Box 1569, Fletcher, N.C.
  home which provides a lovely large home plus facilities for six               28732.                                                             (10)
  clients. Sale includes operational items: furniture, linens, and
  van. 4446 sq. ft. plus detached garage with workshop. $339,000.                  PARK RIDGE HOSPITAL seeks an Executive Director for Park Ridge
  Call Cathy for details. Have other listings too! Wilkie-Moore Real            Hospital Foundation. Previous fund raising experience is a must,
  Estate. (800) 252-5247.                                           (10,11)     bachelors degree in communication or relevant field, must be bold,
     FOR SALE. Join other Adventists in Citrus County, FL. Two fenced           self motivated and obtain results. Competitive salary with benefits.
  acres, a main house with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 25' family room, den            Park Ridge is an AHS facility located 25 minutes south of Asheville,
  w/fireplace, caged, heated pool. The guest house: 1 bedroom, 1 bath,          N.C. Send resume to: President, Park Ridge Hospital, P.O. Box 1569,
  living room, kitchen, screened porch, 3-car garage. Two roofs for two         Fletcher, N.C. 28732.                                              (10)
  families? $154,900. Call Jackie or Bob Davis, ERA American, (8OO)                SOUTHERN ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY seeks Organic Chemistry Pro­
  476-2590.                                                         (10,11)     fessor with doctorate for teaching and research which involves student
     FOR SALE. Mobile home on 3 acres with large addition garage with           participation. Position available June or August 1997. Send resume
  shop. Mear church school. Deer Lodge, Tenn. Phone: Cooks (805) 646-           and three reference names to Dr. Rhonda Scott-Ennis, Chair, Chemistry
  5620. $28,500.                                                        (10)    Dept. Tel: (423) 238-2201; e-mail: rscottenn@southern.edu.         (10)
                                                                                   ADRA HEADQUARTERS SEEKS COMPUTER PROGRAMMER ANA­
             MEDICAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE                                        LYST with a minimum of four years experience developing business
                                                                                applications on a PC network. Applicants should have a BS degree
     POSITION AVAILABLE. Highland Manor is seeking an RN to direct              in computers, and experience with Windows-based development
  the training of nursing assistants. Other areas of responsibility would       tools and DBMS packages. Knowledge of Delphi Oracle, SQL, Novell
  be infection control, staff inservicing, and quality assurance. Prefer        Netware and/or Windows NT, and experience in web-based applica­
  a candidate that has one year of experience in a skilled or interme­          tion development a plus. Please send resume to: Richard O'Ffill,
  diate setting. Conveniently located on the same campus as Highland            ADRA International, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD
  Academy and Elementary. Send resumi to Jean Crittenden, 215 Highland          20904. Phone (301) 680-6725. Fax (301) 680-6759. E-mail:
  Circle Drive, Portland, TN 37148. (615) 325-9263.           (10,11,12)        roffiliacompuserve.com.                                            (10)
     REGISTERED NURSES WANTED. Adventist Health / Redbud Com­
  munity Hospital, a 40-bed JCAHO accredited, community hospital in                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR POSITION at Cohutta Springs Conference
  northern California has the following full-time openings for RN's: 1CU,       Center available. Cohutta Springs is a 640-acre year-round retreat
  OB Surgery/PACU, Surgery Manager and Nursing House Supervisor.                center in the north Georgia mountains. 25 regular employees. $1
  Redbud Community Hospital, one of the newest members of Adventist             million-plus annual budget. Fax resumes to Search Committee, (706)
  Health, is located in Clearlake, CA. Lake County offers clean air,            625-3684 or call Pat at (706) 629-7951 ext. 342.                   (10)
  affordable housing, rural living, and the largest natural lake in Cali­          CLINICAL OR COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST. Walla Walla College
  fornia. Redbud offers competitive salaries, relocation allowance and          seeks applicants for tenure-track position in Department of Education
  certification bonuses. Three SDA church schools (grades 1-8) in the           and Psychology. Department offers BA in Psychology and master's
  area. Approximately one hour from academy and Pacific Union Col­              degrees in Counseling Psychology and School Counseling. Broadly
  lege. To join our growing healthcare team contact: Jeff Joiner, Assis­        trained candidates are sought who can contribute to graduate instruc­
  tant Administrator, Adventist Health / Redbud Community Hospital,             tion and research as well as undergraduate instruction in psychology.
  P.O. Box 6720, Clearlake, CA 95422, phone (707) 994-6486, ext.                Candidates should hold doctorate in counseling or clinical psychology
   126, fax (707) 995-3516.                                   (10,11,12)        from accredited institution and be Washington State license-eligible.

18 • Southern Tidings                                                                                                                   October, 1997

   Women and minorities encouraged to apply. Interested Adventists                        CONTROL WEIGHT, CHOLESTEROL. DIABETES. THE RIGHT WAY
   should contact Dr. Ralph Coupland, Chair, Department of Education                  at Wildwood. Ten and 17-day live-in Lifestyle programs plus hospital-
   and Psychology, Walla Walla College, 204 S. College Ave., College                  based alternative treatment for the acutely ill. Hydrotherapy, cooking
   Place, WA 99324; (509) 527-2212; E-mail: coupra8wwc.edu. (10)                      c asses, lectures, mountain trails. (800) 634-WELL. Wildwood Lifestyle
                                                                                      Onter and Hosnital, PO Rox 1?<M 1. Wildwood. QA 30757,            (10)
                    MERCHANDISE FOR SALE                                                  CHRISTIAN PERSONAL CARE HOME. Serving healthful food, coun-
     DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON. More Americans are hospitalized                                                                                         Call
                                                                                      ' ry atmosphere in McDonough, Qa., 42 miles southeast of Atlanta. (10)
                                                                                        770) 957-6721.
   Polluted colons become storehouses for toxins and parasites. For                   LOVE TO COOK? Cook for those too busy, old or ill as an in-home
   free audio tape concerning bowel function restoration, detoxifica-             personal chef. Great income potential. Call Dawna evenings (937)
   tion. and parasite elimination, call Lloyd Babb (888) MY COLON                 866-2909.                                                             (10)
   (692-6566).                                                          (C)           BUYING REAL ESTATE IN ORLANDO? Use a no-cost buyer's
      SAVE ON RVS FROM ADVENTIST DEALERSHIPI Most major brands                     Ijroker for the purchase of your next home. We pay $200 of your
   available, nationwide we've saved SDAs money for 25 yearsl Six                 c losing costs! If selling, home listing fees are only 5%; E-mail:
   million dollar inventory! Call NATIONWIDE toll-free (888) 933-9300             j drealtyeaol.com.                                                   (10)
   and ask for Lee Litchfield and be sure to tell me you're SDA! Lee's                COLLOIDAL MINERALS-PLANT derived direct from the distributor.
   RV City, Inc., 131 11 Broadway Ext., Oklahoma City, OK 73114. (C)              r [o middle man, no MLM sales. The finest products available from one
      JOHANNUS CHURCH ORGANS for church or home. World leader in                  < )f the oldest, most reputable Health Food Mfg. Call (888) 554-4105
   "real time" digital tone sampling of finest pipe organs. IT'S THE SOUND        1 or free brochure and price list. Valley Health Builders Dist. Pikeville,
   THAT COUNTS. Walper Music Services, 5520 Rosewall Circle, Leesburg,            1'enn. 37367.                                                         (10)
   FL 34748. Phone/Fax (352) 323-1446.                                  (C)           CHURCH FACILITY CONSULTANTS. The leader in saving churches
      DINING ON THE WILDS, six hour video set plus two manuals. Ideal             rnoney throughout the planning and design of a church facility. We
   for Pathfinders, schools, churches, individuals. Edible Wild plant iden-       1 >rovide Facility Planning Seminars for member education and pre-
   tification, preparation, herbal usage, etc. Books/correspondence course.       1 jlanning, Feasibility Studies for realistic cost effective planning and
   Outdoor Eduquip, 24414 University, #34-H, Loma Linda, CA 92354.                I)esign Phase Cost Management to ensure on-budget building design
   (909) 796-8501.                                                     (10)       a t bid-time. We achieve measurable results....."Saving Churches Money."
      YOU CAN UNDERSTAND YOUR SABBATH SCHOOL LESSON                                  313) 653-4343. Visit our
                                                                                  i^hurchFacilityConsultants.web site at www.freeyellow.com/members/    (10)
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October, 1997                                                                                                                    Southern Tidings • 19
                                           Ted and Genie
                                           and Bob Cundift.

Florida: Amy and Edgardo Santana (left), Juan and Hivrys Sorto, David and Jill Barnett, Amarillys and Dalberto Torres, and tighia and Kirn Pham X.

    20 • Southern Tidings                                                                                                            October, 1997
Roy Brown officially introduces new youth director
Roy Parham on June 21 under the senior youth
tent at camp meeting.

                                                        grams. The first Sabbath program was pre­
by Willie L. Taylor                                     sented by Ocala/Shiloh. It approached the
                                                        subject of how people should be greeted
                he 1997 camp meeting bless­             when they come to our churches regard­
                ings are still causing many             less of their status. Pastor John Damon
                around the conference to                utilized the services of church school teach­
                "praise God from whom all               ers to illustrate various methods that can
                blessings flow." Conference             be used to teach the Sabbath school les­
                president Roy Brown stated              son.
                in his welcome remarks, "The              The second Sabbath program was pre­
                camp meeting is one of the              sented by Tallahassee/Maranatha. The
                most important agencies in              participants presented a dramatization of
                our work. It is one of the most         the Lord's supper. Each character in the
                effective methods of arrest­            drama gave a brief description of his back­
                ing the attention of the                ground before becoming a disciple of Christ.
 people and reaching all classes with the               Carl Ware led out in the lesson study. I. L.
 gospel invitation. .. ."                               Harrell, Conference Sabbath school direc­
   "In Step With Christ" was the theme                  tor, served as superintendent for the adult
 used to extend the gospel invitation to                Sabbath school. Jackie Waldon served as
 the camp meeting crowds. Greater New                   superintendent of the cradle roll and kin­         Charles Bradford deliv­
 York's evangelist Robert C. Connor spoke               dergarten division, and Sharon Smith Browne        ering sermon in pavilion
 nightly, dealing with Bible truths for these           was superintendent for the primary divi­           on June 28.
 times. Former Southwest Region presi­                  sion. The annual Thursday children's pro­
 dent W. C. Jones started a new series                  gram was a success.
 called the "Early Word," just before the                 The camp meeting spirit still went higher
 nightly services. He focused on themes                 with a well-planned, spirit-filled ordination
 with practical spiritual topics designed               service. Five pastors and one prison chap­
 to encourage Christians in these last days.            lain were ordained June 28. Chaplain Mark-
 The pavilion weekend speakers were                     Anthony Brown, along with pastors Sherwin
 Joseph McCoy, president of South Cen­                  Callwood, Lucious Hall, Ronald Jean-Baptiste,
 tral Conference, and Charles E. Bradford,              Larry E. Johnson, and Abner Laurent were
 former North American Division president,              ordained. Each stood with his wife and
 who delivered a powerful message the                   humbly accepted the gospel mantle of
 second Sabbath.                                        ordination. Dennis Ross, Southern Union
   William Dawson of the Southern Cali­                 evangelist, gave practical and challenging
 fornia Conference, guest youth speaker,                words of counsel to the ordainees. The
 stirred the hearts of the senior youth                 Conference welcomed them into the gos­
 each night with his messages based on                  pel ministry with gifts.
 the theme "A Rescue of Love." Morning                     Following ordination, the Pathfinders
 devotions were presented by conference                 presented its program and commenced the
 youth including. Earl Davis, Jr., Prince               traditional march around the lake, followed
 Lewis, John Boston, Winston London II,                 by a dramatic concert at the senior youth
 Richard Tramel, Nicole Fils, Irvin Daphnis,            tent.
 and Brionne Gillion. Claudette Barrett-                  The first weekend concert at the pavilion
 Flintroy was featured during the Spiri­                featured the group Connect Five. This group,
 tual Emphasis period.                                  whose musical talents are bringing them
   One of the highlights of camp meeting                            international acclaim, started here
 was the unique adult Sabbath school pro-                           in Southeastern at the Delray/
                                                                    Daughter of Zion church. On the
                                                                    second Sabbath, soprano Edrene
                                                                    Malcolm and baritone Marshal
                                                                    Kelly of Huntsville, gave a con­
                                                                    cert in the pavilion. To close out
                                                                    the many blessings of camp meet­
                                                                    ing 1997, Roy R. Brown gave the
                                                                    vesper thought and send off
                                                                    message to the campers. Imme­
                                                                    diately following, the members
                                                                   joined hands around the pavil­
                                                                    ion and sang "When We All Qet
                                                                    To Heaven" as a closing song.
                                                                       If you missed camp meeting
                                                                    this year, we hope you will ac­       South Central Conference
                                                                    cept our gospel invitation to come    president Joseph McCoy
                                                                    and share the blessings firsthand     preaches in the pavilion
                                                                    next year. By all means, let us       during the first Sabbath of
  Abner and Angelet Laurent (left), Larry and Carol Johnson                                               camp meeting.
  Ronald and Juliette Jean-Baptiste, Lucious and Betsy Hall
                                                                    all plan to be at that great camp
  Sherttin and Pamela Calluood, and ,*larfc and Sandra Brown        meeting "up yonder."             Ml

                                                                                                 Southern Tidings • 21
Carolina mmtmm^^^^^^^^^                          Estate Services Clinics
                                                   Nov. 1. Ft. Lauderdale Spanish.
                                                                                                       S       M     T       W       T      F       S
Pathfinder Camporee—Oct. 2-5. Fall Mills lake,     Nov. 2. Ft. Lauderdale.
  M.C. Speaker: Fete McLeod.                       Nov. 8. Maranatha.                                                        1       2       3           4
Spanish Women's Retreat— Oct. 3-5. No-             Nov. 15. Norland.
  soca Fines Ranch.                                                                                   5       6      7       8       9      10         11
Caring for Marriage— Oct. 10-12. Home of           Nov. 22. Eden.                                    12      13      14      15     16      17         18
  Mike and Lynn Ortel, Charlotte.                High School. College/Young Adult Re­
                                                  treat—Nov. 21-23. Camp Kulaqua. De­                19      2O      21      22     23      24         25
Caring For Yon for Men—Oct. 17-19. Home           tails: (407) 644-5000.                             26      27      28      29     30      31
  of Mike and Lynn Ortel, Charlotte.             Pathfinder Lost Sea Caving Trip—Nov. 27-
Next-Step Training Seminar—Oct. 1 8. Caro­        30. Sweetwater, Tenn. Details: (407) 644-
  lina Conference Office. Charlotte.              5000 x 127.
Lay Advisory—Oct. 24-26. hosoca Fines            1998 New Year's Singles' Retreat—Jan.
  Ranch.                                           1-4. Camp Kulaqua. Fre-registration and
Eastern Carolina Camp Meeting and Youth            payment required. Details: (904)454-1351.     17. Calhoun, Qa.
  Rally—Oct. 31 -Nov. 2. Oak Island, N.C.        Wedgewood Trio, MacAlpine Trio, and           New Member Retreat—Dec. 12-14. Cohutta
  Speaker: Morris Venden. Musician: Joe           Kress Trio Concert—Nov. 1. Forest Lake        Springs.
  Fearles. Youth Speaker: Danny Savino.           Academy. Details: (800) 500-7747, ext.
                                                  4438.                                        Gulf States •••••••M^M^M
Evangelistic Meetings                                                                          Secular Campus Bible Retreat—Oct. 3-5.
  In progress-Nov. 1 . Dennis Ross. north        Georgia-Cumberland ^^mmmm                       Camp Alamisco.
    Miami.                                       Family Fall Festival—Oct. 24-27. Cohutta      Pathfinder Camporee—Oct. 9-12. Camp
  In progress-Nov. 22. Bill and Cora Waters.      Springs. Details: (423) 263-5759. Speak­       Alamisco.
    Titusville.                                   ers: Chuck Jenkins and Wayne Owen.           Decatur District Meeting—Oct. 10-11.
  In progress-Nov. 30. Tony Zman. South          Adventist Singles Ministries Harvest Moon       Brookhaven Middle School. Speaker: Lewis
    Orlando.                                      Retreat—Oct. 31-Nov. 2. Cohutta Springs.       Walton. Details: (205) 353-8530.
  Oct. 17-Nov. 22. tester and Zula Fratt          Details: (706) 629-7870. Speakers: Kay       Conference Executive Committee—Oct. 14.
    and Roy and Amy Fauley. Deland.               Kuzma and Dwight Herod. Musician: Bill         Montgomery.
  Oct. 17~Nov 22. Ric Swaningson. South           Young.                                       North Ala. Camp Meeting—Oct. 17, 18.
    Brevard.                                     Youth Festival '97—Nov. 1. Collegedale          Huntsville Central Church. Speaker: Lewis
  Oct. 18-Nov. 22. Art and Margo Swaningson.      Academy.                                       Walton.
    Riverview.                                   Medical/Dental Retreat—Nov. 7-9. Cohutta      Women's Retreat—Oct. 31-Mov. 2. Holiday
  Oct. 28-Nov. 22. Bob Qoransson. Lady            Springs.                                       Inn, Destin, Fla. Speaker: Jill Kennedy.
    Lake.                                        Church Ministries Sabbath School 2OOO—        Pathfinder Honors Workshop—Nov. 7-9.
Bookmobile Schedule                               Nov. 21, 22. Macon, Qa., Church.              Camp Alamisco.
  Oct. 18. Jacksonville Mandarin.                Health Conference—Dec. 5-7. Cohutta           Conference Executive Committee—Nov.
  Oct. 19. Jacksonville Ephesus, Jackson­         Springs.                                      9. Montgomery.
                                                 Conference Executive Committee—Dec.
    ville First, Jacksonville Southpoint, St.
    Augustine, Falatka.
                                                                                               Kentucky-Tennessee mmmmmmm
                                                                                               Women's Retreat—Oct. 3-5.
  Oct. 25. Maranatha.                                                                          Pathfinder Camporee—Oct. 8-12.
  Oct. 26. Ft. Lauder-                                                                         1OOO Missionary Board—Oct. 16.
    dale, Lauderhills,                                                                         Highland Academy Finance—Oct. 16.
    Fompano Beach,                                                                             Women's Ministry Leaders Training Semi­
    Daughter of Zion.                                                                            nar—Oct. 17-18.
  Nov. 1. St. Peters­                                                                          K-12 Board—Oct. 21.
    burg.                                                                                      ABC/Publishing Committee—Oct. 24.
  Nov. 2. Clearwater,
    New Fort Richey,                                                                           Southern Adventist University
    Brooksville, East                                                                          Midterm Break—Oct. 17.
    Pasco, Plant City.                                                                         Vespers
 Nov. 8. Key West.                                                                               Oct. 3. CARE.
 Nov. 9. Marathon,                                                                               Oct. 10. Missions.
    Islamorada, Key                                                                              Oct. 24. Homecoming '97. Speaker: Andy
    Largo, Florida                                                                                 McDonald.
    City, Homestead,                                                                             Oct. 31. John Cress.
    Miami Temple.                                                                              Church Pulpit Guests
 Nov. 15. Qaines-                                                                                Oct. 18. Gordon Bietz.
    ville.                                                                                       Oct. 25. Tony Mavrakos. Jim Cress.
 Nov. 16. Ocala, Sil­                                                                          Steve Darmody Concert—Oct. 25. Church.
    ver     Springs                                                                            Special Events
    Shores, Belle-                                                                               Oct. 5-6. ViewSouthern. Details: Call 1-
    view, Inverness.                                                                               800-SOUTHERN.
 Mov. 22. Tampa                                                                                  Oct. 11. Mission Callbook Fair. Student
    First.                                                                                         Center.
 Nov. 23. Brandon,                                                                               Oct. 19. Symphony Guild flea market.
    Plant City, Lake­                                                                            Oct. 23-26. Homecoming '97.
    land, Winter Ha­                                                                             Oct. 26-Nov. 1. Community service week.
    ven, Lakeview.                                                                             SDA Marriage Encounter Weekend—Nov.
North Florida Youth                                                                              7-9. Details: (615) 863-8268.
 Vespers—Oct. 24,
 31, Nov. 7, 14, and
 Dec. 5 6:30 p.m.
 Ocala church. De­

 tails: (352) 625-
Adventist Singles
 Ministries Fellow­
 ship Dinners
 Oct. 25. Kress Me­                                                                                                   Oct.   Oct.   Oct.   Oct.   Oct.       Nov.
    morial.                                                                                                             3     10     17     24    31          7
 Nov. 8. Forest Lake                                                                                                  7:17   7:08   7:00   6:52   5:45       5:40

                                                                                                Atlanta, Ga.
    and First Church                                                                            Charleston, S.C.      7:00   6:51   6:43   6:35   5:28       5:23
    of West Palm                                                                                Charlotte, N.C.       7:02   6:52   6:44   6:35   5:28       5:22
                                                                                                                      7:22   7:13   7:04   6:55   5:48       5:41
    Beach.                                                                                      Collegedale, Tenn.
                                                                                                                      6:25   6:15   6:07   5:58   4:51       4:45
 Nov. 15. Apopka                                                                                Huntsville, Ala.
Pathfinder CIT Re
                           We at Indian River Fundraisers ship                                  Jackson, Miss.
                                                                                                Louisville, Ky.
                                                                                                Memphis, Tenn.
 treat — Camp
 Kulaqua. Oct. 31-
                           only the Freshest citrus. Call us today for                          Miami, Fla.
                                                                                                Montgomery, Ala.
 Nov. 2. Details:
 (407) 644-5000 x
                           your fundraising packet. 1-800-336-9647                              Nashville, Tenn.
                                                                                                Orlando, Fla.
                                                                                                Wilmington, N.C.      6:51   6:42   6:34   6:26   5:19       5:13

22 • Southern Tidings                                                                                                               October, 1997
                                                                                                                   1 Peter 3:8 comes to mind where it
                                                                                                                says, "Finally, be ye of one mind hav­
Volume 91, no. 10       October, 1997                                                                           ing compassion, one of another, love
Official Organ of the Southern Union                                                                            as brethren, be pitiful (Greek word
Conference of Seventh-day Adventists                                                                            meaning compassionate), tender­
                                                                                                                hearted, be courteous (humble minded).
                                                                                                                  Courtesy seems like such a small
                SOUTHERN UNION                                                                                  thing, but to be discourteous tells a
             CONFERENCE DIRECTORY                                    The Nan Who Tipped His Hat                 great deal about ourselves, doesn't it?
                 3978 Memorial Drive
Mail Address • P.O. Box 849 • Decatur, Georgia 30031                 "Courtesy Almost A Lost Art'               It says, loud and clear, I am more
             Telephone (404) 299-1832                               It was one of those picture perfect         important than you. My time much more
President ..................... M. D. GORDON                     days at the beach. It was early in the         valuable and my immediate convenience
Secretary ..................... W. D. SUMPTER                    day and the sun had just started to            is paramount. "1" deserve the best,
Treasurer ....................... R. P. CEMTER                                                                  right now, if not sooner. On the other
Undertreasurer ................ L. D. BEERS, JR.                 make its way up into the sky. Already
                    Departments                                  folks were picking up souvenir shells,         hand, "A kind, courteous Christian is
Association Treasurer ............ LARRY L. DAVIS                children were hard at play as they             the most powerful argument that can
Church Growth ...............             ROD MALVORSEM          fashioned their sand castles, while            be produced in favor of Christianity."
Church Ministries (Adults), AS1 ... W. M. ABBOTT, JR.            others were just strolling, relaxed and        (Gospel Workers, p. 22)
 Children, Stewardship . . . OLIVER J. McKIMNEY, JR.                                                              God's servant in the little book, My
 Youth, Pathfinders, family Life . . A. R. W1LLIAMSOM            carefree, soaking up sun, sand, and
 Civilian Chaplain ............... LESTER RILEA                  sea breezes. I was walking briskly,            Life Today, p. 192, reminds us that,
Communication ............................                       determined to try once again to take           "We should be self forgetful ever
 Marketing ................... MART1M BUTLER                     that daily walk so necessary for good          watching for opportunities to cheer
 Publications................... OLSON PERRY                     health and well being.                         others and lighten and relieve their
 Sign Engineer ........... DAMMY L. McDONALD                        Not far down the beach a man, well          sorrows and burdens by acts of tender
Computer Services ..........................                                                                    kindness and little deeds of love.
 Associate................................                       into retirement but still obviously ac­
Education ................. K. JAMES EPPERSOM                    tive, was running at a surprisingly brisk        "These thoughtful courtesies that,
 Elementary ............ MORWIDA A. MARSHALL                     pace. Taunt muscles revealed his               commencing with our families, extend
 Secondary .............. QERALD M. KOVALSKI                     dedication to running. As he ap­               outside the family circle, help make
Evangelism .................. DENNIS ROSS, JR.                   proached, without missing a beat, and          up the sum of life's happiness."
Health/Temperance ........ ALLAN R. W1LLIAMSOP1                                                                   As we think about our heavenly home
Inner City ..................... W. D. SUMPTER                   in a courtly manner his fingers lightly
Medical/Dental .........         W. MAURICE ABBOTT, JR.          touched the brim of his cap in a gra­          and prepare for heaven's citizenship,
  Medical Secretary .........          HAROLD W. MOODY           cious old world jester harking back to         "We shall realize that angels are watching
  Associate................... MONICA P. REED                    a more gentle time—those bygone years          us, and our manner will be gentle and
  Dental Secretary .......... ROBERT W. ADDISON                  when manners were the norm and                 forbearing. We shall be fitting up for
 Associate ................. GARY M. EDQEMON
Ministerial.............. OLIVER J. McKINNEY, JR.                respect and deference were practiced           an entrance into the courts of heaven
Public Affairs and Religious Liberty ..... L. A. STOUT           daily. As we are all aware of in today's       by cultivating courtesy and godliness."
Publishing. .................. B. J. BECKWORTH                   world one is more likely to be "cut off"       (My Life Today, p. 98)
  HHES Treasurer ............... PETER DEVRIES                   at the drop of a hat on the highway.             How about it, let's look around us
  FHES .......................... T. R. SMITH
                                                                 This elderly gentleman graced my day.          and "Tip our hats" as it were, every
  Adventist Book Centers ....... DOUQ AF1DERSON                                                                 possible chance we have. You can make
Trust Services ............... STEWART J. CROOK                  It was indeed a lovely experience.
Women's Ministries ............           EVIE VANDEVERE            In contrast, Malcolm and I were             someone's day just as this courtly
                                                                 spending some time with our oldest             gentleman did for
           Local Conference Directory                            grandson, Kurt. At last it was time to         me. Who knows,
CAROLINA—Kenneth R. Coonley. president; Ronald Q.                take him to catch his plane home. Just         maybe I'll meet
  Schmldt, secretary; Randee R. Reynolds, treasurer; 2701        as we were starting to disembark from          him again in
  East W.T. Harris Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28215 (P.O. Box          the airport shuttle train on our way to        heaven and once
  560339, Charlotte, NC 28256-0339), Telephone (704)             the concourse a well dressed man               again he'll tip; this
  596-3200. Adventist Book Center—Telephone (704)
                                                                 suddenly seemed to come from no                time his crown, as
  599-0699, Fax: (704) 596-5775.                                                                                we pass on the
FLORIDA—Gordon Retzer, president; Gloria Becker, secre­          where. Proudly I had been watching
  tary; Stephan Wilson, treasurer; 655 N. Wymore Rd.,            Kurt politely letting others go ahead of       streets of gold.
  Winter Park, FL32789-2865 (P.O. Box 2626, Winter Park, FL      him, when this man physically and rudely            —Hazel Marie
  32790-2626). Telephone (407) 644-5000. Adventist Book          pushed Kurt out of his way, with an                        Gordon
  Center—Telephone (407) 6444255, (800) 765-6955.                unmistakable air of superiority. Mis was
QEORGlA-CUMBCRLAnD—Larry R. Evans, president; David
  Cress, secretary; Errol Eder, treasurer; 1-75 at Highway 156
                                                                 a blatant and haute display of a most
  (P.O. Box 12000), Calhoun, GA 30703-7001. Telephone            discourteous manner. For a moment              Hazel Gordon speak­
  (706) 629-7951. Adventist Book Center—P.O. Box 3204,           we all looked on in shock as this man          ing to the Loma Linda
  Collegedale, TN 37315. Telephone (615) 396-2814.               disappeared into the crowd.                    University student
GULF STATES—Melvin Eisele, president; Don Eckenroth,                In the dictionary "courtesy" is de­         body sharing the
  secretary; Dennis Milburn, treasurer; 6450 Atlanta High­       scribed as "gracious or considerate            topic, "From Orphan­
  way (P.O. Box 240249; Zip: 36124-0249), Montgomery,            behavior," also as "habitual politeness."      age to Parsonage."
  AL 361 17. Telephone (334) 272-7493. Adventist Book
  Center—Telephone (334) 272-6450, (800) 467- 6450.
KENTUCKY-TENNESSEC^R. R. Maliock, president; Marvin
  Lowman, secretary; Douglas A. Hilliard, treasurer; 850
  Conference Dr., Goodlettsville, TN 37072 (P.O. Box
   1088), Goodlettsville, TO 37070-1088. Telephone (615)
  859-1391. Adventist Book Center—Telephone (615)                                                          Editor    OLSON PERRY
  859-1125.                                                                                   Editorial Assistant    IRISENE FIELDS
SOUTH ATLANTIC— V. J. Mendinghall, president; Ralph
  Franklin, secretary; Linwood C. Stone, treasurer; 294
                                                                                               Consulting Editor     MARTIN BUTLER
  Hightower Road, N.W., Atlanta, GA 30318. Telephone
  (404) 792-0535. Morris Brown Station, Box 92447, At­                                               Circulation     ARD1TH BEERS
  lanta, GA 30314. Adventist Book Center—Telephone                                                   Production      WILLIAM VARGAS
  (404) 792-0535.                                                                             Design and Layout      THE COLLEGE PRESS ART DEFT.
SOUTHCErfTRAL-^J. W. McCoy, president; Benjamin Browne,
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October, 1997                                                                                                                Southern Tidings • 23
            TREK                THE
 November 1 - December 6
       Ni»hth      ondav and Thursday

Ask \our pastor about this opportunity.
         Plan to be involved.
                                          0- 0- 204                     PKG I
                                                   GEN CQNF            SACK i
                                          12501 OLD COLUMBIA PIKE
                                          SILVER SPRING MD 20904660!

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