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Cocaine Anonymous SVI News


									                            Cocaine Anonymous SVI News
                              Sun Valley Intergroup Public Information, Volume 8, Issue 2,

                                             July, August, September 2009

                               Cocaine Anonymous SVI PO Box 60153 Phoenix, AZ 85082
                                               The primary publication are:
Keep coming back!!                             Info line (602)279-3838                              It works if you work it!

                                                                                             The primary purposes of
          Our Leaders are but trusted servants……………                                          this publication are:
                              Meet Joanna S., an SVI advisor                                    x     To report on
                                                                                                      items of interest
     Sun Valley Intergroup of Cocaine Anonymous has three advisors. These trusted
                                                                                                      within the local,
     servants help us maintain the traditions. Our current advisors are Duane C., Jason
                                                                                                      national and
     S. and Joanna S. This quarter the SVI News is proud to present an interview with
                                                                                                      worldwide CA
     Joanna S.
     SVI News: What is your sobriety date?                                                      x     Share articles and
     Joann S.: July 21, 1996                                                                          columns from
     SVI News: Where did you get sober/clean?                                                         fellowship
      Joanna S.: Des Plaines, IL. (suburb of Chicago)                                                 members
     SVI News: What is your favorite thing about Cocaine Anonymous?                                   describing their
     Joanna S.: The fellowship
                                                                                                      Hope, Faith and
      SVI News: What is your home group?
     Joanna S.: New Freedom and Saturday Night Live
      SVI News: In your opinion, what is the most important thing for the newcomer to           x     Showcase creative
     hear at his/her first meeting?                                                                   items: cartoons,
     Joanna S.: They are no longer alone and that there is life after active addiction.               poems, songs,
      SVI News: What is one thing you remember from your first meeting of Cocaine                     prose...anything
     Anonymous?                                                                                       that celebrates
      Joanna S.: The feeling of peace and finally not feeling alone.                                  the life provided
     SVI News: How do you think SVI is doing in terms of the traditions of Cocaine
                                                                                                      by CA and a
                                                                                                      power greater
     Joanna S.: I feel we are doing exactly what’s needed to stay in compliance.
      SVI News: What is your "favorite" tradition and why?                                            than us.
     Joanna S.: 3rd - because the only requirement is the “desire” to change and live                 “There is a
     life on life terms.                                                                              solution; we can
      SVI News: What does an advisor do?                                                              recover from
     Joanna S.: Assist the fellowship with staying in compliance with the traditions.                 addiction. One
     SVI News How do you like being an advisor for SVI?                                               day at a time, it is
     Joanna S.: I enjoy service work period. Lately my business has not allowed me to                 possible to live a
     be very active but again I realize more than ever that God and the fellowship of
                                                                                                      life filled with
     Cocaine Anonymous saved my life and gave me the courage to live again.....
                                                                                                      hope, faith and
                                                                                                      courage. HF&C II
     You need to spend some time in jail!! HELP IS NEEDED FOR CHAIRING MEETINGS                       page 233.
     AT THE MARICOPA COUNTY JAILS. CONTACT CA IPI – Rivka G. at 480.430.4226
               Cocaine Anonymous SVI News Sun Valley Intergroup Public Information, Volume 8, Issue 2, p.2

                                                       Why we need Public Information
                          The purpose of the Public Information Committee is to carry the message of Cocaine
SVI PI Committee          Anonymous to the still suffering addict. We achieve this by making our presence known
                          to the person, community groups and interested parties affected by drug addiction. We
Chair: Barb M.            also have the task of keeping our own fellowship members informed and up-to-date (on
                          the changes) with respect to Cocaine Anonymous. (PI Workbook p.6) {CAWSO}

Co-Chair,                     Your SVI Public Information Committee of Cocaine Anonymous Needs YOU!
Community                 We have several service openings on the SVI P I Committee.
outreach: John K.              x Can you make a better newsletter? I sure hope so, and hope you’ll step up to fill
                                  this great need.
480.430.6772                   x Do you attend a lot of CA meetings? Community Outreach would be a super spot
                                  for you to fill.
Treasurer, Media               x They say “God is in the details.” Are you detail oriented? PI needs a new
Chair: James H.                   meeting list chair. This is an extremely vital service commitment.
                               x How about schedules, calendars and typing? If these are your things PI needs a
480.495.7826                      secretary.
                               x Have you considered a career in show business? PI needs a media chair to keep
Secretary, Meeting                our public information newspaper, radio and television spots up to date!
List Chair: Sandi F.      SVI Public Information Committee meets the last Sunday of the month at The
                          Riversource, 108 E. 2nd Avenue in Mesa, AZ 85201 between Main and Broadway, E. of
                          Center-.Contact Barb M. 480.228.0023

The Cocaine                There is action and more action. “Faith without works is dead.”……..To be
Anonymous Sun                             helpful is our only aim. Alcoholics Anonymous, pp. 88-89.
Valley Intergroup
Public Information               “Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern…….”
Committee reserves
                                             SVI Area Service Committees and Contact numbers:
the right to edit sub-
missions to this            Sun Valley Intergroup {SVI}of Cocaine Anonymous meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at St.
                            Luke’s at 7:00 pm, 1800 E. Roosevelt, S. of Roosevelt West side of Campus in the Behavioral Health
newsletter for length,      Resource Building.
clarity, grammar and
                            Hospitals & Institutions: Meets on the Wednesday before the Second Thursday of the month at JB's
suitability. We are         Restaurant 32nd St. and Indian School at 7:00pm. What is H&I? Contact Duane C. 602.481.6371to get
under no obligation         involved...

to print submissions,       Chips and Lit: Jeff J. 480.544.6457 See service lit central for the Chips and Lit Donation form for Home
                            Group GSRs. Please print, fill out and bring to SVI.

                            CAHope: Contact Dan F. at 602.367.8354 for those who cannot get to a scheduled meeting (sick, in the
                            hospital, house arrest, etc) and one will be brought to you!

                            Information Line Committee: Contact Michael H. meets the 3rd Thursday on the month at JB's
                            Restaurant at 32nd St & Indian School at 7:00pm

                            Area Internet Committee: Contact Randall O. 602.232.7345 your trusted web servant regarding
      “What my              website content or other related matters.
     book said is           SVI Board of Directors: Meets Sunday prior to SVI at St. Luke's Hospital at 8:30am. See SVI meeting
       exactly              information above for location. Call Boomer (480)242-6078
                            2008 AZ Area Committee: Meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at Jerry's on Thomas just west of 24th
     happened.”             St at 7:00pm.

                            2009 SVI Roundup Committee: SVI Roundup Committee Meeting32nd St. and Indian School, JBs
                            Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ Contact: Tim B. 602.677.0194 meets the 1st Thursday 7:00 pm.

                            Advisors: call Joanna S. (480) 227-1822, Duane C. 602.218.8623 or Jason S. (602)316-5826
                           Cocaine Anonymous SVI News Sun Valley Intergroup Public Information, Volume 8, Issue 2, p.3

                             “We are not a glum lot!!” What’s happening in the Fellowship?

                                                                       2009 AZ AREA CONVENTION
Willingness and Open-Mindedness
                                                                    July 3rd, 4th and 5th 2009 Hilton East
We may still occasionally find ourselves asking, "What                         7600 E. Broadway Blvd
am I going to do now that I'm sober?" At these times
we can ask a trusted servant, such as the group's                                    Tucson, AZ
Secretary or GSR, or look on the internet at for information on C.A. activities and
events. We can also ask our sponsors, friends, or
fellow home group members for suggestions on new,
fun things to do. Each time we make the effort to have
open minds, try something new and end up enjoying                          New meeting in Prescott, AZ!!
ourselves, we add to our recovery foundation. As we
grow more spiritually fit, we may find we can                       Friday 7:00 pm Leave Your Ego at the Door
participate in activities we chose to forego when we
first got sober. Before long, it becomes easy to have
                                                                                     Serenity Place
fun in recovery. Instead of feeling like we are missing
out on having a good time, we become grateful for the                              723 Montezuma
new opportunities we have to celebrate being happy,
joyous and free.                                                                    Prescott 96303

                                                                          Tucson’s 4th Step Campout
       Save the Date: CAWSC will be in Phoenix!!
                                                                              Whitetail Campground
    (Cocaine Anonymous World Service Convention)                                  Mt Lemmon, AZ
                                                                               Aug. 21, 22 & 23 2009
 Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Memorial Day Weekend 2011!

                       CAWSC World Convention Theme and Logo Contest

                   PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN BY July 31, 2009
                        You may also mail a design to the following address:
                                          Attn. CAWSC
                                             Miguel M
                           1987 W. Mandalay Bay Dr., Tucson, AZ 85746
                   Cocaine Anonymous SVI News Sun Valley Intergroup Public Information, Volume 8, Issue 2, p.4

                                             Happy Sobriety Birthday!!
               Becky H.      7/1/2006        Shawna N.       8/3/2006        Mark T.          9/1/2002
               John B.       7/1/2004        Sheri G.        8/3/1988        Joaquin R.       9/5/2004
               Rafael S.     7/1/2005        Chris A.        8/5/1999        Jenn C.          9/6/1994
               Billy H.      7/2/2005        Matt M.         8/8/2004        Leanna P.        9/6/2005
               Nikky K.      7/2/2004        Ramona M.       8/8/2004        Mike C.          9/9/2006
               Charlie G     7/4/1995        Megan K.        8/9/2006        Rafael L.        9/9/2004
               Lisa D.       7/4/2000        Gene R.         8/11/2004       Jessica D.       9/13/2006
               Nick C.       7/4/2003        Lin Z.          8/11/1999       Joe V.           9/13/2003
               Steve R.      7/4/2003        Thomas G.       8/11/2006       John K.          9/15/2003
               Maury H.      7/5/1990        Katie H.        8/12/2006       Lisa F.          9/17/2003
               Yvette P.     7/8/2003        Hodge G.        8/14/2001       Becky B.         9/18/2003
               Kyle S.       7/9/2006        Sabica J.       8/14/2005       Caveman          9/18/1991
               Dale S.       7/10/2006       Dusty H.        8/15/2000       Rivka G.         9/19/2004
               Ben F.        7/13/2006       Ted W.          8/15/2006       Shannon M.       9/19/2000
               James O       7/13/1988       Bridgette C.    8/19/2006       Erik L.          9/24/2004
               Rita O        7/13/1988       Josh G.         8/21/2006       Rob E.           9/25/1987
               Michael H.    7/14/1994       James C.        8/22/2005
               Jerry B.      7/15/2007       Joshua H.       8/22/2004
               Dave B.       7/17/1999       Jaclyn H.       8/27/2004
               Laney F.      7/18/2006       Rick M.         8/27/1989
                                                                                Keep coming back!!
               TJ B.         7/18/2004       Chris K.        8/28/2002
               Lena C.       7/19/2004       Joe D.          8/28/2004
                                                                                We’re all working on our
               Ev. P.        7/20/1989       Jay F.          8/30/2001
               Patrick F.    7/20/2002       Aaron A.        8/31/2009          next sobriety birthday--
               JoAnna S.     7/21/1996       Nora Meg H.     8/31/2005          one day at a time with the
               Rob B.        7/21/2001       Devin M.        8/01/2004          help of the fellowship and
               Lora S.       7/24/1994
                                                                                our own higher powers.
               Charmin C.    7/26/2007
               Jeff B.       7/27/2003
                              / /

SVI News presents                                 Some things overheard at 12 step meetings……………….
experiences and opinions
of Cocaine Anonymous
                            *Treat your mind like a bad neighborhood - don’t go there alone. *Ten out of ten people die, so
members, not to be
                            don’t take life too seriously. *Be profound, funny or quiet. * Now I can wake up and say, “Good
                            morning, God!” rather than “Good God, it’s morning!” *When I turned myself over to God, I took
endorsements by
Cocaine Anonymous or
                            my life out of the hands of an idiot. *When the world comes to an end, it will do so without my
SVI News.                   permission. *If you pray for a Cadillac and God sends a jackass, ride it.* I know that I’m not yet
                            the person I can be, but I thank God I’m not the person I used to be**

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