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      2006 Annual Report
Eastern Oregon University Foundation
highlights 2006

     STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION                                                   STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES

ASSETS:                                                                  REVENUE	AND	GAINS:
	 Total	investments	                                    $2,652,841       	 Contributions	                                          $973,212
	 Cash	                                                 $1,026,659       	 	 Allowance	for	uncollectible	pledges	                   ($6,878)
	 Pledges	receivable,	net	                                 $99,578       	 Investment	income	                                      $230,720
	 Intangible	assets,	net	                                  $16,127       	 Other	revenue	                                           $62,683

Total assets                                            $3,795,205       Total revenues and gains                                 $1,259,737

LIABILITIES:                                                             EXPENSES:
	 Accounts	payable                                                       	 Administrative	and	general	                              $81,826
	 and	accrued	expenses	                                       $840       	 Fundraising	support	                                    $129,937
	 Deposits	Payable	                                        $35,389       	 Other	University	support	                               $348,035
	 Refundable	advance	                                     $102,565
                                                                         Total expenses                                            $559,798
Total liabilities                                         $138,794

NET	ASSETS:	                                                             Increase	(decrease)	in	net	assets	                         $699,939
	 Unrestricted                                                           Net	assets,	beginning	of	year	                           $2,956,473
	 	 Undesignated	                                         $114,038       Net	assets,	end	of	year	                                 $3,656,412
	 	 Designated	by	Board	                                   $96,927
	 Temporarily	restricted	                                 $998,290
	 Permanently	restricted	                               $2,447,156

Total net assets                                        $3,656,412

AND NET ASSETS                                          $3,815,417

Financial	information	excerpted	from	the	2006	audited	statements.	Complete	statements	will	be	posted	at
                        Foundation	Total	Assets                                EXPENSES
                                                                               Administrative	and	general	                    $81,826
                                                                               Fundraising	support	                         $129,937
                                                                               Other	University	support	                    $348,035
2000000                                                                        Total expenses                               $559,798

1000000                                                                                               Administrative and
                                                                                                      general 15%             Fundraising
 500000                                                                                                                       support 23%

             1996       1998       2000      2002       2004       2006
1996	     $1,466,697	      2000	     $1,816,032      2004	     $2,746,730
1997	     $1,602,042       2001	     $2,451,321      2005	     $2,921,290
1998	     $1,768,283	      2002	     $2,702,849      2006	     $3,815,417
1999	     $2,000,804	      2003	     $2,358,391

                                                                                                    Other University
                                                                                                    Support 62%
                        EOU	Foundation	Donors


 800                                                                           REVENUE
 600                                                                           Contributions	                               $966,334

                                                                               Investment	income	                           $230,720
                                                                               Other	revenue	                                 $62,683
                                                                               Total revenues and gains                    $1,259,737
         1996       1998           2000     2002         2004           2006
1996	        361	   	      2000	    1,008            2004	       496
1997	        587           2001	      774            2005	     1,114                                   revenue 5%
                                                                                                                            income 18%
1998	        774	   	      2002	      673            2006	       620
1999	        972	   	      2003	      449

Improvements	in	accounting	and	gift	processing	allowed	for	greater	
separation	of	revenue	types	in	2006.	In	previous	years	some	non-gift	
revenue	was	recorded	in	the	chart	above	resulting	in	higher	totals.

Honor Roll of Donors
The EOU Foundation wishes to recognize and thank all of our donors in 2006. The following list recognizes
each donor who gave to the Foundation, including gifts to the EOU Booster Club, EOU Chamber Choir and
many other organizations around campus. Donors are listed by the total amount given in 2006.

                                         McMahan Family Dentistry            Bob and Bev Moody                Marilyn and Darrell Muller
$500,000 and over
                                         Olson LLC                           Kathy Nantz                      Joyce and Ronald Osterloh
Irma Klinghammer
                                         Lanetta and Don Paul                Jean Neely                       Ronald and Linda Palmer
                                         Dave and Judy Rama                  Sheldon and Jamie Nord           Nancy Pelpherey
$20,000 - $499,999
                                         Lyle Schwarz & Janet Hume-Schwarz   Douglas Reynolds                 Seydel, Lewis, Poe,
Kinsman Foundation
                                         Southern Utah University            Evelyn Riggan                         Moeller, & Gunderson, LLC
Loren Nebeker
                                         Valley Concrete Pumping, LLC        Geo and Val Royes                Sarah Stanton
                                         Wal-Mart                            Rod and Sheila Sands             David and Phyllis Walch
$10,000 - $19,999
                                         Western Communications, Inc.        Shawn Mangum of                  Victor and Carol Walch
The Oregon Community Foundation
                                         Dennis and Pamela Wilkinson              Edward D. Jones & Company   Robbie Waller
U.S. Bank La Grande
                                         $1,000 - $1,499                     Greg and Sherri Smith            Mike and Karen Westmoreland
                                         AAUW La Grande Chapter              Jim Tooke                        Meredith and Jack Wilson
$5,000 - $9,999
                                         Cliff and Lindsey Bentz             Mary Ruth and Glenn Troyer
Fred Cuellar
Donald and Zola Dunbar
                                         Edna Bernhardt                      Eric and Margaret Valentine      $250 - $499
                                         Mrs. Helen Briggs                   James and Connie Voelz           3rd Street Station
Bonnie Kearns
                                         C. Joseph Grover, D.M.D., M.S.      Beau Willadsen                   Mark and Sallie Aldape
Michael Becker Construction
                                         Douglas and Carol Campbell          Peter and Lisa Wordelman         Marie Balaban
Mountain West Moving & Storage
                                         Audrey Carey                        Jerry and Arlene Young           Glen and Joan Bates
Emilie Plants
                                         LeeAnn and Jim Case                                                  Phil and Eloise Beauchamp
Soroptimist International of La Grande
                                         Rob and Heather Cashell             $500 - $999                      Brian and Teresa Biddle
                                         Mike and Susan Daugherty            Les and Carol Balsiger           Blue Mountain Auto Parts
Waldrop Oil
                                         Jerry and Alta Deats                Julie and John Bodfish                & Machine Shop
Jeffrey and Sandy Wells
                                         EZ Wireless, LLC (Fred Ziari)       Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Breiner    Gary and Sheila Bores
                                         Khosrow and Marcella Fatemi         Robert and Xana Brice            James and Ruth Boyle
$1,500 - $4,999
                                         Rema Fleener                        Douglas Carter                   Gary and Charlotte Brockway
Avista Corp.
                                         Dave and Carolyn Gilbert            Muriel Danforth                  Grover and Patricia Brooks
Daniels Chapel of the Valley
                                         Grady and Mikiko Goodall            Dr. Gregg S. Densmore, M.D.      Bryan and Danette Brophy
DMC Enterprises Inc.
                                         Robert S. Grable                    Dynamic Pizza, Inc.              Ruth and Bob Carollo
Eastern Oregon Rental & Sales
                                         Grande Ronde Chiropractic Center    Mike and Carolyn Ferguson        Colleen and Eddie Cascio-Dunne
Frontier Motors, Inc.
                                         Bill and Jodi Hermann               Steven and Mindy Gilmore         Rich Cason
GCT Land Management Inc.
                                         Ron Horton                          Caroline Glassman                Gloria Chastain
Denver and Jean Ginsey
                                         Harry Hunt                          Globe Furniture Co., Inc.        Charles and Joyce Coate
William E. Gunn
                                         Michael and Marilyn Jaeger          Mel and J.E. Holmes              Richard Cook
JJ and Deb Howard
                                         Ronald and Carolyn Jensen           Edward Holter                    Chris and Dan Cronin
John Borden Consulting
                                         La Grande Inn                       Tom and Emily Insko              Jack Daugherty
Juan Young Trust
                                         Mary Lewis                          Rick and Gayle Jacobson          DCT Controls Inc.
Legacy Ford Lincoln Mercury
                                         Dixie and Ed Lund                   David and Teri Jordahl           Jan and Steve Foltz
Mary Jo and Terry Lemon
                                         Mr. Robert Lundeen                  Kohr’s Body Shop, Inc.           Marty and Mike Frasier
Les Schwab Tires - La Grande
                                         Jim and Judy Lundy                  Lisa Mangum                      Claude and Myra Fullerton
Lisa Mangum of Edward D. Jones &
                                         Gail and Jack McAllister            Patricia McManus Brand           Doug and Teri Garton
                                         Abel and Sherry Mendoza             Pat McPherren                    Cally and Mark Goss
Loveland Funeral Chapel
                                         John and Linda Miller               Deborah and David Miller         Sandra and Andrew Gregg
Honor Roll of Donors cont.
Brent Gyllenberg                     Mr. and Mrs. Henry Basso           Elizabeth Cooper                   James Higgins
Lois Herron                          Jeannette Baum                     Matthew Cooper and Sharon Porter   Paul and Cathy Hodsdon
Lee and Beth Insko                   Tina Beeck and Greg Thurman        Owen Cotter                        Flint Holland
Mary Koza                            Donna and Arleigh Berget           Jim and Doris Courtney             Paul Hughes
Bud and Lorene Lewis                 Sandra and William Bigelow         Richard Croft                      Deborah and Michael Hurd
Ryan Looney                          Harold Blank                       Tom and Beth Crow                  Ray and Betty Hyde
Steve Looney                         Joan and James Bock                April Curtis                       Majken and John Hynd
Corey and Mandi Maag                 Cynthia Bodes                      Tim and Margaret Daly              Constance Johnson
Shawn and Lisa Mangum                Brenda and Kent Bomberger          Bernard and Jean Damon             Marilyn Levine and Scott Kellogg
Larry and Cheryl Matson              Kenneth and Karen Bork             Flo Davidson                       Pat and Joan Kelly
Dr. Michael H. McQueen, M.D.,P.C.    Mary and Mark Bousquet             Gregg and Linda Densmore           Leonard and Mary Kennedy
Mike and Linda Moore                                                    Bob and Donna Detrick              Erin Kinzer
Sarah and David Moore                               Bequests            Joella DeVillier                   Nancy Knowles
Mountain Valley Therapy, Inc                                            Richard and Diane Domey            Kathleen and L. M. Koger
Orbis Group, Inc.                        The following individuals      Dormer’s Screenprinting            Andrew and Zona Koopman
Chloe and Frank Pearson
                                      have committed planned gifts of        & Sports, LLC                 Ellen Krieger
                                          over $2.2 million to the
Drinda Preston                               EOU Foundation             Tyler Dubsky                       Carol and Laurence Kroll
John and Becky Preston                                                  Jack and Marcy Earnest             Jack and Sandy Lane
Dr. E. Robert and Shirley Quinn                 Anonymous               David and Nicki Ebel               Ida Lange
Riverside Greens
                                                Anonymous               Kathleen Edvalson-Almquist         Carol and Dale Lauritzen
Romano and Linda Romani                Michael and Susan Daugherty      Delbert and Jessie Ellis           June Leafgren
Jim and Judy Seydel                             Anonymous               Marvin E. Endicott                 Vickie and Gary Lee
Kim Sorenson                                                            Doug and Janet Eustace             W.T. Lemman
Steven and Carol Tanaka                                                 Denny G. Evans                     Marjorie and Harold Liesegang
Robert and Maria Anne Tolar          Jeanne and Jeffery Bowden          Sharon Evoy                        Garnet Luciano
Frances Tubbs                        Bradham Equities, LLC              Gary and Marilyn Feasel            Rob and Gwen Luper
Anji Weissenfluh                     Jerry and Terri Bradshaw           Richard and Cindy Finlayson        Tom and Suzanne Madden
Lynn Wheeler                         Regina Braker and John McCallum    Ella and Brian Fitzgerald          Dale and Ginny Mammen
Jim and Sharon Wilson                Mary Brock                         Jeffrey and Helen L. Ford          Laurie and Jeff Mapes
Dale and Lorrine Wordelman           Brooks Painting Contractor         Theresa Fowler                     Mark Mathes
Marie and Mark Wyzgala               Ann Brown                          Janis Friedly                      Steve Maurer
Ed and Susan Young                   Rosemary and Jack Burton           Brad and Lora Fritz                Shari and Mike McCall
                                     Rebecca Cady                       Walter and Velva Fulton            Robert and Connie Meier
$100 - $249                          Doug and Carol Campbell            Dennis and Martha Glaser           Janet Millay
Africa’s Tomorrow                    Jamie Jo Cant                      Larry and Patty Glaze              Chad and Bonnie Mitchell
Larry Allmann                        Bud and Annie Carpeneti            Grande Ronde Hospital              Janet and Richard Mollerup
American Choral Directors Assoc.     Karen Carter                       William and Joanne Gregor          Greg Monahan
Peggy Anderson                       Thomas and Peggy Cashell           Bill and Rosalie Groth             Fred and Marla Morscheck
Anderson, Perry & Associates, Inc.   Central Oregon Combined            Neil Gustafson                     Bennie Moses
Michael and Adelaide Andrews              Federal Campaign              Greg and Kim Hales                 Patrick Nearing and Barbara Zukin
Anonymous                            Kenneth and Ellen Chasteen         H. Jack Harmon                     Betsy Neeley
Phyllis and Fred Arnst               Judith Chinn                       Lynn and Janice Harris             Neva Neill
Sheila and R.J. Ascherl              Kent and Jennifer Chittenden       Josie and Rollie Heath             Lyle and Suzanne Nelson
John and Janine Attila               Orson and Diana Christensen        Julie and Jon Hickerson            Gordon and Sandy Northrup
Douglas Bansch                       Doyle and Candi Connall            Graham and Barbara Hicks           LaVern Partlow
Honor Roll of Donors cont.
Alan Patten                        Sarah Witte and Joseph Nelson        Jeff Dense                          Christabel and Robert Lauinger
John Patterson                     Bret and Linda Young                 Justin and Gabrielle Diedrick       H.B. and S.K. Lewis
Michael Petersen                                                        Anna Maria and Dwight Dill
Darrell and Jean Peterson          $50 - $99                            Jena and John Doherty
William and Julie Pettit           Jessica and Richard Adams            Bud and Jeanette Down                       Matching Gifts
Robert Pierce                      Kent Anderson                        Dianne and Rob Ellingson
Carolyn Prescott                   Sheryl Anderson                      Korth and Joan Elliott                Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Norris and Lucy Preyer             Anonymous                            Sandra and Carl Ellston
                                                                                                                 Wells Fargo Foundation
Thomas and Gayle Ragsdale          Joseph E. Baird                      Vern and Ruth Farrow                    Educational Matching Gift
Gerald Ramey                       Mildred and Harold Baker             Terri and Terry Feller-Paulsen                  Program
John and Jean Reinking             Treva Bakken                         Jim Fenwick
                                                                                                              Boeing Gift Matching Program
Joel and Martha Richardson         Meg and Jon Bassett-Anderson         Billie Fetz
Betty Rietmann                     Joe Batty                            Janet Figg                                 Tektronix Foundation
Shirley and Chris Roberts          Judy and Charles Becker              Elizabeth Fortune
Robert and Susan Schlimgen         Katherine Becker                     Claudia Fredricks
Sea Brite                          Katherine Blazer                     Janet and Tim Gallagher             Cindy and Stan McDonald
Linda Settje                       K.O. and Dorothy Bomberger           Sue Garrick                         George McGhee
Jerry and Elaine Sherwood          Roberta Borgonovo                    Barbara Garrison                    Meredith McKittrick
Nasser Shoaee and Terri Chandler   Dick and Pat Brandl                  Elaine and Ken German               Larry and Juanita Mitts
William and Lisa Shumway           Bernie and Harvey Brewer             William and Terri Gilbert           Edward Mosiman
Jo and Jerry Simpson               Doug Briney                          Theresa and Charles Gillis          Joeann and Louis Murphy
Barbara Smith                      Jessyca Brooks                       Charlene and Ralph Giuffre          John Nesemann
Scott and Christine Smith          Eric and Kendra Bucks                Timothy and Linda Gleeson           Roberta Church and Ronald Nilson
Dyan and Matt Snook                Dr. Kerry and Gloria Burtis          Dr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Greer          Jeanine and George Nordling
Anonymous                          Kay and Jim Carlson                  Milodene and John Groupe            Barbara Odegaard
Jolynne and John Spencer           Nancy Ann Corbin                     Erildean Hand                       Patricia A. Odom
Howie and Jennifer Stalwick        Jean Cuthbert                        John and Leora Hemphill             Sue Orlaske and Mitchell Wolgamott
Brian and Marci Stark                                                   Barrett Henderson                   Linda B. Overlock
Clara and Ben Stenkamp                                                  Bill Hettick                        Scott and Lillian Payne
Charles and Andrea Stine                                                Larry Hibbeln                       Judith and Ted Pitsaros
Joanne Strickler                                                        Larry and Patti Howard              Vernon and Mary Pound
                                    Warren Gilstrap - Gilstrap Winery
Luke Swanson                                                            Mr. Richard D. Hutchison            Grady Rawls
                                              New Vizions
Gary and Ina Syphers                                                    Carl and Beverly Iseri              Della K. Richman
                                             Carolyn Young
Gordon and Rhonda Syphers                                               Colleen Johnson                     John Rinehart
                                           Robert Swalberg
Theodore Taylor and Denise Stone                                        Jeff Johnson                        Lisa Robertson
                                          Dynamic Pizza, Inc.
Peggy Timm                                                              Judith and John Johnson             Margaret and Earle Rother
                                       La Grande Tiger Boosters
Jacob and Majalise Tolan                                                Sharon and Gene Jones               Mrs. C. Audrey Rowland
                                           Fitzgerald Flowers
Carol Vedder                                                            Kaan Kaleli and Alexandra Aguirre   Sam C. Saunders
                                         Mohsen Mohammadi
Ronald and Sandra Walk                                                  Mary Karl                           Tasha Schacher
                                           Fitzgerald Flowers
Tyler Whitmire                                                          David and Flossie Keeler            Tim and Ellen Schoenfelder
                                           Fitzgerald Flowers
Derrick and Megumi Whittle                                              Dave and Nancy Kerley               Andy and Rachel Severns
                                          William R. Benson
Rhys and Gail Wilkie                                                    Nita and Dan Kinney                 Tim and Tressa Seydel
John and Hazel Wilmarth                                                 Ken and Beccy Kramer                Nathan and Joyce Smith
Richard and Marian Wilson          Kathleen Dahl                        Tim and Amy Labrousse               Wayne and Vickie Spencer
Jim and Joanne Wiseman             Terry and Mike DeBruyne              Lois and Rodney Lanthorne           Heather and Stephen Stanhope
Sarah Swanson                   Erin Culley                        Steve and Brenda Lawson            John Thurber and Janet Cremin
Priscilla Synan                 Leroy and Mary Damewood            Greg and Kathleen Letts            Diane Tomono
T & C Pop                       Christopher Dantic                 Ralph and Merry Beth Lewis         Cathy and David Trochlell
Terry and Kathreen Thimmes      Ted and Sheila Davis               Ken and Rose Lilly                 Evan and Joann Waite
Cheryl Thornton                 Cathy Decker                       Lee Lindsey                        Roger and Judy Washbond
Mark Tipperman                  Michael J. DeFelice                Patricia Lucas                     Steven and Jan Watson
Mick and Susan Tolar            Dolores DePell                     Kazue and Andrew Marlette          Bailey Wiggs
Mel Towne                       Carol and Floriano Dianda          Richard Mason                      Lorna and Trevah Williamson
Bill and Bonnie Van Atta        Elsie Donaldson                    Colin Mathewson                    Jackie Willmarth
Helen Virgin                    Mel and Eddie Elder                David Mayes and Anna Cavinato      Sarah J. Wilmot
Robert Waite                    Zelma Engle                        Sally and Mike McCraw              John and Deborah Winn
Michael S. Walker               Leandro Espinosa                   Valerie and Cameron McGinnis       Don and Susan Wolff
Pamela Walker                   Shane and Angela Essency           Michael McGuire                    Florence Workman
Loretta Wallace                 Jean and Pierre Etchamendy         Jim and Rita McMahan               Paul and Anita Wynes
Terry and Anne Watson           Carol Farris                       Margaret and George Mead           Mr. and Mrs. Yeoman
Marilyn and Jack Watts          Scott and Nancy Findholt           Leslie and R. Kendrick Moholt      Peggy and Dale Young
Mike and Nancy Weaver           Lorri and Rick Fischer             John Morrison
Sally and Michael Wiens         Linda and David Fratzke            H. David Nelson
Robert W. Wilkins               John Frederiksen                   Joseph and Vicki Neveau
Don Wolff                       William Gaertner                   Obsidian Urgent Care
Richard J. and Betty Jo Wood    Gary and Tracy Gammell             April Olds
Carolyn and Ronald Young        George and Mary Helen Garoutte     Dorothy and Lewis O’Mohundro
Jess and Esther Young           Jill Gibian and Larry Smith        John and Tamalyn Page
                                Vivian Giles                       Ken and Joanne Parsons
$1 - $49                        Annamarie Goshorn                  Kay and Jack Peterson
Lois and R. L. Acquistapace     James and Vicki Grammer            Susan Peterson and Danny Aynes
Holly and James Akenson         Anne Greenlee and Brian Mitchell   Jessica Plattner
Athic Enterprises Inc           Tammy and Nick Greenwell           Rosemary Powers
Judith A. Baker                 Carol and Richard Haddock          Stephanie Price
Loretta and Eric Beeson         Warren and Marcene Halversen       Audrey Puscas
Cla Bogle, PC                   Mandy Halverson                    Betty Ragsdale
Lola and James Booth            Allen and Karen Hasel              Linda and Richard Reed-Jerofke
George and Wilma Bowers         Margaret Head                      Arthur Reiff
Quentin and Phyllis Bowman      Fred Hill                          Mary and Gary Richards
Mandi and Douglas Boyce         Raymond Hinchliffe                 Jeff Ritter
Susan Boyd and Ira Cohen        Donald Hodge                       Fauntella and Michael Rutherford
Brenda and Dale Brady           Gary and Sharon Holmes             Sandra Rutherford
Dorothy A. Bryson               Linda Honeywell                    Jean and Steven Schiewe
Della and Robert Burgess        Vicki and Earl Gasaway Hunsinger   Mary and Donald Scott
William Burns                   Anita and Tom Hutchison            Edwin and Muriel Shaul
Laura and Sam Byrnes            Rita and Charles Iverson           Bruce Shelquist
Natalie Carey                   Kenric Jones                       Nikki and Ken Skipper
Anna Cavinato and David Mayes   S Lee Jones                        Kim Sorensen
Jeff Church                     Louise Kienzle                     James Spring
Kent and Priscilla Coe          John and Nena Lamoreau             Judy Steele
Scott and June Colony           David Lattin                       Robin Stone
Rayna Cothren-Peyron            Dennis and Teresa Lawrence         Sandra and Boyd Tandy
Brandon Criss                   Sandra Lawson                      Maxine Thomas
     F O U N D AT I O N

    One University Boulevard
  La Grande, Oregon 97850-2807

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