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					                        RECOMMENDED WEBSITES FOR Pizza Enrichment

AAA Math Practice Grade 6 -lists general topics - more
        specifics – games/example problems/solutions/explanations
AAA Math Practice Grade 7 -lists general topics - more
        specifics – games/example problems/solutions/explanations
AAA Math Practice Grade 8 -lists general topics - more
        specifics – games/example problems/solutions/explanations
Basketball Math -very “old school”; can pick specific topics or
        just a random quiz; no link to the game of basketball (just an animation of someone dribbling a
        basketball in the top left corner)
Math Files Game Show -fun games;
        different ability levels; slightly limited topics
What’s the Point?
        Shorter links:
        -first website lists a point and the student must click where the point is located on a coordinate
        plane; second website displays a point and the student must choose the corrected order pair
        (multiple choice practice!!)
Number Cracker –practice
        with patterns/number series
Get Smarter –students enter information, such
        as their year in school, math topics they want to be quizzed on, gender, etc. (this is for the
        website‟s data collection); students are given multiple-choice quizzes; if answer is incorrect,
        the website automatically notifies the student by providing a hint; fun, more up-to-date
        animation; very kid-friendly –provides animated and interactive tutorials for many different math concepts; free
        30-day membership is available, then a login is necessary
E-Examples from NCTM –provides
        interactive tutorials on limited math concepts
Interactive Math - interactive manipulatives for numerous
        6-8 math concepts
Interactive Math Site -limited topics (graphs,
        algorithms, map coloring, etc.); however, several activities are available for each topic
Visual Fractions -thorough explanations of fractions, reducing,
        adding/subtracting, multiplying/dividing; includes games; graphics are slightly „old-school‟ -very kid-friendly; numerous online lessons, tutorials, activities,
etc. covering mathematical topics from elementary math to high school level courses
Fraction to Decimal Conversion -„cheat‟
        table of fractions and their equivalent decimals; has a thorough explanation of how to convert
        a fraction to a decimal and to convert a decimal (even repeating decimals!) to fractions
Math League Help -helpful resource for explanations of different
        middle school math concepts
Reading Grids -assists in reading grids
        in the first quadrant (positive x- and y-values)
Billy Bug’s Grids -assists in reading an
        ordered pair and finding that point on a coordinate plane (both negative and positive x- and y-
Math Goodies: Interactive Math Lessons With A Problem-Solving Approach! -kid-friendly; covers numerous topics with
        interactive activities, worksheets, tutorials, etc.

Numbers and Algebra -many tutorials,
      explanations, pictures, etc. for different math concepts
Equation Match -
       interactive game which has students solve equations (three different difficulty levels) and then
       play a „memory‟ game matching equations with same x-value answers
Algebra Solutions -contains
       explanations and tutorials on limited math concepts
Algebra Worksheet Generator -could be
       helpful for students to generate their own worksheets for additional problems with an option for
       an answer key to check answers; directions are slightly confusing – more appropriate for
       teacher use
SOS Math Algebra -contains step-by-step
       explanations with examples on algebra topics
Algebra Help -includes „lessons‟ with step-by-step explanations
       and generated worksheets
Purple Math -contains explanations of numerous math topics; also
       contains a list of websites containing „something immediately (and free) for algebra students;
       sites have all been reviewed by Purple Math and are guaranteed to be school-appropriate
Dr. Math’s Algebra Problems -contains
       real student questions sent in to „Dr. Math‟ about algebra topics with thorough answers,
       explanations, and examples
Graphing Equations -contains real
       student questions sent in to „Dr. Math‟ about graphing with thorough answers, explanations,
       and examples
Quick Math -contains tutorials, examples, etc. for numerous algebra topics

Geometry Geometry –numerous
      geometry topics; each topic contains a „first glance‟ (general info about the topic), „in-depth‟
      (more thorough explanations), „examples‟, and „work-out‟ (similar to online-quiz)
Geometry Formulas -lists formulas for areas of 2D
      figures and volumes and surface areas of 3D figures

Statistics by the Number -thorough explanation
        of statistics in general, as well as statistical vocabulary such as mean, median, mode, etc.
Wise Up (Mean, Median, Mode) -interactive activities to
        assist with data collection, mean, median, mode, and probability
Calculating Mean, Median, Mode -explanations and examples
        on how to find statistical information
Probability -contains real
        student questions sent in to „Dr. Math‟ about statistics with thorough answers, explanations,
        and examples

Illinois State Board of Education contains practice questions for science, math,
reading, and writing from past ISAT tests.

National Assessment for Educational Progress -
contains practice tests for science, math, and reading. These are the national tests administered to
various schools throughout the 50 states to report how the United States compares to other countries.

The list above is not extensive in nature. Other websites can be used to obtain the pizza

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