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					    Webliography of Interactive Educational
              Websites for Kids

                                         By: Erin Dievendorf

Interactive educational websites for kids was the topic of my search. Kids love playing on the computer
and when I am a teacher I will want my students to still be learning even if they are playing on the
computer. Having a list of interactive educational websites for students to use will be good to have on
hand. The students will have fun playing the games and watching the videos and I will feel confident
knowing that they are still learning.


This website offers free educational games, online books, and comics. Funbrain was created for kids,
preschool through grade 8 and it offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math,
reading, and literacy. When students play the games they choose their grade level so they are answering
age appropriate questions. There are also links for teachers to find games and activities from the site
that best fits their curriculum and standards. I like how this website is very kid friendly and educational.
I also like how it offers something for a wide range of ages.

Grade: A

Activities on this website are offered in the major subject areas for the elementary grade levels: math,
language arts, science, and social studies. All of the activities are based on educational standards and
cover hundreds of topics. You are able to choose your grade level and what subject you want from the
main page. I like that this website has a lot to offer but a down side is that there are a lot of
advertisements that pop up and you also need a subscription to access everything. Without a
subscription you can only play certain games.

Grade: B+


This website is designed for kids ages 3-12. There are interactive games, brain teasers, jokes and links to
other educational websites. This website is designed to help children explore their young minds and
exercise their imaginations. I like how there are a lot of games to choose from and it allows kids to post
their own jokes but I don’t like how this website has advertisements.

Grade: B


This website creates animated, curriculum-based content that engages students and supports
educators. This website is ideal for both group and one-on-one settings. BrainPOP is used in numerous
ways, from introducing a new lesson or topic to illustrating complex subject matter to reviewing before
a test. The content on this website is aligned to academic standards. This website is compatible with
interactive white boards as well. I have used this website while substitute teaching and like it a lot. It is
a good way to introduce a new topic. The videos are usually 3-5 minutes long and pack a lot of useful
information. The only down side is you need a subscription to access the videos and activities but I
know that some schools buy the subscription for classroom use. If you wanted to buy it to use in your
home it is between $75 and $99 a year depending on what program you buy, BrainPop Jr., BrainPop,
BrainPop ESL, or BrainPop Espaool. If you subscribe to more than one the price goes down a little. The
price is a little expensive for home use but if you can get your school to order a subscription it is great to
use in the classroom.

Grade: A+


4kids.org is a weekly newspaper feature and website produced at the University of Kansas by a team of
educators and students with support from Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortium
(ALTEC). Their vision is to promote reading and intellectual interests by providing children and parents a
variety of high-quality websites that demonstrate learning can be a safe, fun and adventurous
activity. This website has educational games, videos, and a search engine that kids can look up
information safely and get high-quality information. The website also has an Ask Amy section where
you can ask questions about how to use the internet for homework or where to find fun games and cool
sites. There are also links to websites that can help kids with their homework. My favorite thing about
this website is the kid friendly search engine that keeps kids from surfing the web and getting
inappropriate information. Using this search engine they can still look up information but they will be
getting useful information that is meant for kids.

Grade: A


This website offers a ton of educational games for kids. The games are categorized into subjects,
Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. This site is a little overwhelming with the amount of
activities that it offers and there are also a lot of advertisements. The website can be fun once you
finally get to a game you like. I think this website should be used in higher elementary grades and
middle school.

Grade: B

This website offers games for kids preschool to grade six. This website is very kid friendly and is making
learning fun through games and fun activities. Kids can choose games from many different subject areas
to play and there is also a section for teachers and parents that offers printables, games and activities by
grade level, and craft ideas and you can also sign up for the sites newsletter using your e mail address. I
like this website and think the games would be fun for kids but I don’t like all the advertisements and
videos that pop up on the side.

Grade: B+


Yahoo! Kids is a browsable, searchable directory of Internet sites for kids. Each site has been carefully
checked by an experienced educator to ensure the content and links are appropriate for kids aged 7-12.
In addition to the directory, the site also has a number of fun features, including Yahoo! Kids Games,
Sports, and News pages, Movies, Animals, Science, and Dinosaurs, a Reference section, and a Parents'
and Teachers' Guide. I think this site would be great for kids to use at school and home. Students can
still search the internet and you don’t have to worry they are getting inappropriate information.

Grade: A+


PBS KIDS GO! is an engaging multimedia destination specifically created for kids in their early
elementary school years. With a fun, quirky setting full of surprises, PBS KIDS GO! empowers kids to
discover themselves, define the diverse world around them, explore new relationships and embrace a
love of learning. The website features video clips, games, activities and resources. I like that this site is
designed for early elementary students and how it uses popular PBS series to get students engaged in
the games and learning.

Grade: A

This website is designed to help kids in elementary and middle school practice their math skills. The site
offers fun and engaging games that help students feel more confident about their math skills and helps
them form more positive attitudes toward the subject of math. Math can be a hard subject to master
and can be very frustrating to kids so a site that offers interactive games that tries to make learning
math fun is a great tool to use in the classroom and at home. You just have to be careful when using
this site because there are a lot of advertisements across the top and sides that are linked to different

Grade: B

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