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									Etienne Tinant                                                                                      Mobile Phone:         +32 478 30 18 36
41 B, rue du Moulin                                                                                 Private phone:        +32 81 56 98 75
E-mail address:                                                              Date of birth:        June 28th, 1960.

Senior marketing manager
OBJECTIVES        After having aquired years of very good knowledge and experience in purchasing and marketing in both food and non-food
                  markets, I would like to give my professional career an additional dimension. Therefore I am looking for a job as manager
                  to be able to build projects, be responsible for the expected results and managing a team in an open and direct way.

EXPERIENCE        7/2002 - today                                                   BRICO Belgium                          Berchem St Agathe
                   Category Manager
                  Responsible for the development, implementation and follow-up of all strategic plans related to wood and sanitary
                  offerings. Reporting to the director purchasing and marketing.
                  N-2. Turnover: 80 million euro. Employees reporting to me: 2.
                  4/2005 - today
                  E business Manager
                  Responsible Strategy, KPI's, E commerce, marketing mix, IT developments, …

                  1/2002 - 06/2002
                  Marketing Manager International                   BRICO International ( AKI Spain, Portugal, OBI France) Berchem St Agathe
                  Responsible for the developement of business strategies for the Brico-branded "international garden" and "sanitary"
                  offerings in Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain.
                  N- 2. Turnover: 92 million euro. Employees reporting to me: 3.

                  11/2000 - 12/2001
                  SAP R/3 retail Project Users Manager                             CARREFOUR                              Evere
                  Responsible representative for core business during the implementation of SAP R3 for the hypermarket segment of
                  Carrefour Belgium. Including responsibilities: knowledge transfer, training and strategic and operational follow-up.
                  Interface between the operational business management and the IT team.

                  N-1. Employees reporting to me: 6.

                  7/1999 - 11/2000
                  Marketing Manager dairy products, frozen food, sliced cold meat                 CARREFOUR           Evere
                  Responsible for the development and implementation of the annual business plan for these product offerings. Responsible
                  for the sales results and marketing mix. Challenging the purchasing department.

                  N- 4. Turnover: 325 million euro.

                  6/1998 - 7/1999
                  Marketing Manager Hypermarkets food                                           GB                  Evere
                  Setting-up the marketing department for "labels" = new hypermarket strategy. Development and implementation of the
                  different "univers" products and the merchandising plans.

                  N-3. Turnover : 1,5 billion euro.

                  2/1999 - 9/2003
                   Professor in merchandising at the Cooremans School (evening courses) COOREMANS                         Bruxelles
                  Responsible for the merchandising course - 30 hours - Marketing graduate cycle.

                  1/1996 - 5/1998
                  Manager for the frozen goods and salted goods categories                      GB                      Evere
                  Responsible for the purchasing and marketing team.
                  Development, implementation and follow-up of the product plans related to the different shelve-offerings.
                  Responsible for turnover, contribution and ROI of the different offerings.
                  Launch of 150 private label products per year.
                  Responsible for launching the 'produits du terroir' products.
                  Designing and launching of 60 bio products under the 'La Vie' label.
                  N-3, Turnover: 280 million euro. Employees reporting to me: 6.

                  1/1994 - 12/1995                                                                  GB                    Evere
                   Category Buyer sweeten goods
                  Responsible for the purchasing team. Reporting to the Catégory Manager.
                  Responsible for negotiating national labels and self owned labels.
                  Responsible for training and managing 2 junior buyers.
                  N-3. Turnover: 250 millions euro. Employees reporting to me: 4.
              11/1992 - 12/1993                                                             GB                   Evere
              Product Manager canned goods and pet food
              Development and implementation of the marketing and purchasing plan for all related products.
              Responsible for the results and the marketing mix.
              Direct import.
              N-3. Turnover: 125 millions euro. Employees reporting to me: 4.

              5/1988 - 10/1992                                                              GB                   Evere
              Buyer fruits and vegetables
              Set-up and implement a system of direct purchasing from the suppliers.
              Set-up a system of "total follow-up" for potatoes and vegetables.
              Buying cherries.
              Responsible for the marketing mix and the results of the POS-team handling the vegetables.
              International purchases and maintain these relations.
              N-3, Turnover 100 millions euro. Employees reporting to me: 4.

              9/1987 - 4/1988                                                               GB                   Wavre, Woluwé
              Sales training
              Hands-on training in the different divisions by the division responsible.
              Ordering system, leading a team and planning. Store management with the store managers.

              7/1986 - 8/1987                                                               Navy                 Zeebrugge
              Reserve Officer - Platoon Commandant

              9/1985 - 6/1986                                                               Institut St Joseph   Carlsbourg
              Professor in Agriculture

EDUCATION     1979/1985
              Engineer in agriculture                                                       UCL                  Louvain-la-Neuve
              With honours
              Specialisation: phytopharmacie
              Stage of 1 year in fruited arboriculture in Agadir (Tunisia) in 1983.

              Secondary school: Sciences A                                                  Institut St Joseph   Carlsbourg
              Obtained result: 82 %

SKILLS        Ms office                                         expert                      15 years
              English                                           expert                      15 years
              Dutch                                             expert                      15 years
              SAP R/3                                           average                     1 year
              AS 400                                            average                     10 years

ADDITIONAL    Hobbies:
INFORMATION   - sports at high level: tennis, table tennis.
              - motorbikes and old-timers.
              - Gardening.
              - Nature and travel.

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