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					   Scouting News for the Month of June, 2011
   Presented by the Fantastic Ft Vancouver District

Are Your Boys Signed-up for Camp?               several important changes to further             NYLT: National Youth Leadership
Cub Scouts (including Tigers) and Boy           enhance its Youth Protection policies:           Training (formerly know as Polaris) is an
Scouts can attend camp this summer; a           Effective June 1, 2010:                          exciting, action based program designed
tremendous way to keep them excited in          - Youth Protection Training is required for      to provide youth members of the B.S.A.
Scouting! Contact 360-693-1741 about            all registered volunteers.                       with leadership skills and experience
available sessions, or visit                    - New leaders are required to take               they can use. Applications are still open for an up-to-date list of        Youth Protection Training before they            online at
open dates and reservation forms. See           submit their application for registration.        ---------------------------------------
you at camp!                                    The certificate of completion for this           Wood Badge:
---------------------------------------         training must be submitted at the time           Wood Badge is the ultimate BSA
Compass Points Bulletin is available by         application is made and before                   Leadership Training. Today's Wood
signing up at             volunteer service with youth begins.             Badge course brings together Scouters
These emails provide periodic                   - Youth Protection Training must be taken        from all walks of life and from all BSA
information about council events &              every two years. If a volunteer’s Youth          programs--Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting,
activities relevant to Scouting. Email          Protection Training record is not current        Varsity Scouting and Venturing, as well
addresses are not shared or distributed,        at the time of recharter, the volunteer will     as district and council leaders.
so you can feel secure in signing up to         not be reregistered.                             Applications are open online
get info.                                            ---------------------------------------
You can also sign up for the Ft Vancouver       Adult Leader Training is available in our        ------------------------------------------
eNotes at just            area. Upcoming training opportunities            Tiger Cub Fun this Summer!
scroll down to Ft Vancouver and click on        include:                                         Saturday, June 11th- Free Tiger day at
“subscribe/manage my subscription”.                                                              OMSI- all Tiger cubs in uniform are given
--------------------------------------          All classroom training                           free entry; other youth and adults still
New Guide to Safe Scouting available            Saturday, Sep 24th, 8:30 am                      have regular entry fees.
now! You can find it at                         Vancouver, WA                                    Saturday, July 9th- Tiger day at camp         ?’s – John Snediker                              Lewis- FREE- a day of day camp for our
t/Home/HealthandSafety/GSS.aspx.                                    newest cub scouts. Register online at
     ---------------------------------------    Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills         
Important Changes to the Boy Scouts of          October 7th-8th, Camp Lewis                      ----------------------------------------
America’s Youth Protection Training             ?’s- Contact Dave Frank at                       Pioneer Ordeal & Work weekend
Policies. Youth safety is the No. 1                           Due to snow pack up at Pioneer, the
concern of the BSA. To increase                                                                  ordeal scheduled for June 17-19 has
awareness of this societal problem and          OWLS (Outdoor Webelos Leader Skills)             been moved to Butte Creek.
to create even greater barriers to abuse        Saturday, October 8th- Camp Lewis
than already exist today in Scouting, the       ?’s- contact Alan Davison at                     The volunteer work weekend that was
Boy Scouts of America is implementing                               scheduled for June 10-12 has been
                                                ---------------------------------------          moved to the following weekend, June
                      2011 Popcorn Sale
   Interested in selling popcorn? Turn the sign-up sheet in to                                               Webelos Woods
  DE Kate tonight, or email her with the contact info for the                                                  Camp Lewis
                person heading it up in your unit.
  Aug 18th- Vancouver kick-off & unit kernel training- Clark                                               October 21-23, 2011
          PUD Community Room (Ft Vancouver Way)                                                                      Sign ups will be available
            Aug 26th - Show-n-sell order due ONLINE                                                                         online soon at
                  Sept 16th- Popcorn distributed                                                           
                  Sept 17th-Oct 23rd- Sale dates                                                                      Questions? Contact Julia
       Oct 28th- Paperwork and product return deadline                                                                       MacDougall
            Nov 18th- Take order popcorn distributed                                                        360-
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                       Summer camp Leaders Meetings:
             Cub Scout Day Camp- Lewis- Tuesday, June 21st , 7 p.m. at
            the LDS Church at 14809 NE 259th St., Battle Ground, WA
            11 year-old day camp at Lewis- Tuesday, June 28th , 7pm, at
         the LDS Ridgefield Church, 21720 NE 29th Ave., Ridgefield, WA
            Boy Scout Resident Camp (Meriwether, Pioneer, Badwin): Fri,
          June 10, at 7pm or Sat, June 11, at 1pm at the Happy Valley
            LDS Church located at 10300 SE 132nd – Portland, Oregon
           (attend one meeting; pick the one that best fits your schedule)

                                                                                     Fall Round-up Kick-off
                                                                                          Tuesday, August 16th, 7pm
   Notes:                                                                              Clark PUD Community room on Ft
                                                                                                Vancouver Way
                                                                                        All packs must be represented
                                                                                       More info, contact Maxine Davison

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