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Campbellsvillian Winter 2003 - Campbellsville University


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									                                                 WINTER ISSUE
                                                  DECEMBER 2002

The Magazine for Alumni and Friends of Campbellsville University
President’s Report                                                                 December 2002

     Slightly more than three years ago while making our first visit to Campbellsville
University, my wife Debbie and I drove through the campus and walked its tree-lined sidewalks,
greeted along the way by warm, smiling faculty and students. After we had toured nearly every
facility, it immediately struck me that Campbellsville University had no formal facility to hold
her corporate worship services. The nearly century old institution was in need of a chapel.
     All of us pray for many things--peace in troubled times, food and shelter for the hungry
and homeless, healthy and prosperous lives, successful careers, and safety of our children.
These, too, are part of my daily prayers. I must admit, though, I began earnestly praying that
God would somehow, someday bring to Campbellsville University an individual or family whose
heart burned with the same desire as mine and others on our campus to fund the construction
of a new chapel facility where our university community could praise and worship God.
     For the past several years, Campbellsville University’s continuous enrollment growth
has forced us to conduct chapel services in the gymnasium of the Powell Athletic Center.
Although we can worship God no matter the condition or location of our surroundings,
                                            we placed as the top priority the construction
                                            of a chapel.
                                                 After much prayer, God answered us by sending
                                            Louisville trustee George Ransdell and his wife,
                                            Marie. This godly couple recently announced their
                                            intention to provide a $1 million lead gift toward the
                                            construction of what will be known as The George
                                            W. and Marie T. Ransdell Chapel.
                                                 The heart of a Christian university is its chapel.
                                            The heart of George and Marie Ransdell is and has
Dr. George Ransdell, center, and his        always been to serve God through faithfulness and
wife, Marie, donate the largest capital
gift ever to Campbellsville University,     obedience.
$1 million, as a challenge gift for the          As we are called to provide an exceptional
construction of a chapel to be named in
                                            Christian-focused education to our 1,800 plus
their honor. Dr. Michael V. Carter,
right, who is in his fourth year as         students, the Ransdells were called to fund a facility
president, said a chapel on campus has      where the university community can always reflect,
been a dream of his since he became
president. (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)   praise and worship God on this campus until His

                                            Dr. Michael V. Carter
        The Campbellsvillian is                                                                                                                                                                         WINTER
      published four times yearly                                                                                                                                                                        ISSUE
   by the Office of Communications                                                                                                                                                                 DECEMBER 2002
 and Marketing for alumni and friends
     of Campbellsville University.

              Dr. Michael V. Carter                                       God Gave Us This Money a Dollar at a Time .................................4
                                                                          School of Theology Dean Praises Chapel ........................................5
                                                                          CU Now Presenting Sullivan Awards ..............................................5
                 Marcus C. Whitt
                   EDITOR                                                 Nevalyn Moore Honored For Hard Work and Dedication .............6
         COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING                        4              Dr. Bruce Heilman Challenges CU Supporters ................................7

                                                                          Covenant .........................................................................................8-9
                Joan C. McKinney
               MANAGING EDITOR
         DIRECTOR OF NEWS INFORMATION                                     CU Named As One of ‘America’s Best Colleges’ ..........................10

                                                                          Master Plan to Lead School ............................................................10
                Dr. Alan Medders
         VICE PRESIDENT FOR DEVELOPMENT                                   Alternative Certification Program Receives $1.7 million .............11
                                                                          Enrollment at Highest Ever at 1,811 ..............................................11
               Joseph D.W. Foster
DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT AND GENERAL COUNSEL                               Homecoming Proves To Be CU’s “Greatest Hit” .....................12-13
                                                                          U.S. Senator McConnell Declares Tech Center
                  Jackie Thomas                                           ‘Incentive for the New Economy’ ...................................................14
                                     Notes from Our Friends ...................................................................15

           —— Winter 2002 ——                               14             Nominations Needed for Athletic Hall of Fame ......................16-17

    OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS                                              FCA Head Visits Campbellsville ....................................................18
                                                                          CU Athletic Schedules ...................................................................19
   Campbellsville University
               1 University Drive                                         Remember When? ...........................................................................20
        Campbellsville, Ky. 42718-2799
          Phone: (270) 789-5213
                                                                          Tiger Tracks .................................................................................21-26
              Fax: (270) 789-5095                          18
                                                                          Scrapbook .........................................................................................27
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              - - - - -
       Campbellsville University is accredited             FACES OF HOMECOMING 2002 12-13                           ON THE COVER
  by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern
     Association of Colleges and Schools (1866                                                                                                                                         WINTER ISSUE
                                                                                                                                                                                        DECEMBER 2002

    Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia, telephone
  number 404-679-4501) to award the associate’s,                                                                                     The Magazine for Alumni and Friends of Campbellsville University

  bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The university is
 affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

     In compliance with federal law, including
provision of Title IX of the Education Amendments
of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
                                                                                                                                             George and Marie
of 1973, Campbellsville University does not illegally
                                                                                                                                             Ransdell never
discriminate on the basis of color, national or ethnic
   origins, age, disability or military service in its
                                                                                                                                             sought fame and
  administration of education policies, programs,                                                                                            fortune--they only
 or activities; admissions policies; or employment.                                                                                          sought to be obedient
                                                                                                                                             to God’s calling.
Design & Production: Freeman Melancon Bryant Advertising
          ‘God gave us this money a dollar at a time’

                George and Marie Ransdell never                “We have been excited to see                Ransdell said that he and his wife
          sought fame and fortune--they only              Campbellsville University’s constant        were “inspired to give” to the chapel
          sought to be obedient to God’s calling.         growth. When we first arrived on the        project because of Campbellsville
                But through their obedience they          scene, Campbellsville was largely           University’s unswerving devotion to its
          have received recognition, at least within      enrolling students from Campbellsville      Christian mission and to the fact that
          Campbellsville University                                                                                 “the students were in need
          circles, as the Louisville, Ky.                                                                           of a place of spiritual dignity
          couple has contributed                                                                                    to worship on campus
          the largest capital gift in the                                                                           throughout the week.”
          history of the university--a                                                                                    From the time the
          $1 million lead gift that will                                                                            Ransdells became involved
          go toward the construction of                                                                             with CU, they had wit-
          what will become the George                                                                               nessed the student body
          W. and Marie T. Ransdell                                                                                  grow from less than 900
          Chapel.                                                                                                   students to an enrollment
                “God gave us this                                                                                   of 1,811 this year. As a
          money a dollar at a time,”                                                                                result of this growth, the
          said George Ransdell, a long-                                                                             students were forced to
          time trustee at CU and a                                                                                  change locations of their
          successful, retired                                                                                       chapel and convocation
          distributor of medical and                                                                                services numerous times
          surgical products. “We now                                                                                during the past and current
          wish to give a portion back                                                                               decade. For the past five
          for the cause of Christian                                                                                years, the university
          higher education and to this                                                                              community has conducted
          institution we so dearly love.”                                                                           its weekly chapel and
                Ransdell, a native of                                                                               convocation service in the
          LaGrange, Ky., said that even                                                                             J.K. Powell Athletic Center
          though he and Marie never                                                                                 Gymnasium.
          attended college, they did                                                                                      “We have made this
          attend and learn through the                                                                              gift to Campbellsville
          “School of Hard Knocks.”                                                                                  University not to receive
                “We had to work for                                                                                 credit, but to give credit
          every penny we earned,”                                                                                   to God’s glorious love for
          he said. “Yes, at times, life                                                                             us all,” said Ransdell.
          was tough. But hard times                                                                                 “None of us, not even
          can make one grow quicker.                                                                                Marie and me and our
4         However, through it all,
          God has always been faithful
                                                                                                                    children and grandchildren,
                                                                                                                   would be anything had it
                                               Marie and George Ransdell
          to our family and us.”                                                                                   not been for the saving
                Introduced to                                                                                      grace of our Lord and Savior,
          Campbellsville University in the                and Taylor County. Today, students          Jesus Christ. It is imperative that each
          early 1970s by then-president                   from many parts of Kentucky, the nation     one of us, during this lifetime, takes a
          Dr. Randy Davenport, George and                 and the world are attending this great      stand for good and for God’s plan of
          Marie Ransdell’s love affair with the           Christian university. It just thrills our   salvation,” Ephesians 2:8-9.
          institution began. His first term as a          hearts.                                          “This gift toward the construction
          trustee began in 1970, and he continues              “For many years, Marie and I           of a much-needed chapel is our one
          in this role to this day.                       have been impressed by the excellence       way of taking that stand. Marie and
                “We simply love Campbellsville,”          and Christian commitment of                 I want those who come to the city of
          he said. “She stands for everything             Campbellsville’s faculty and staff and      Campbellsville and then onto this
          Baptists seek for their colleges to be:         of the three presidents with whom I have    campus to know that Christ is at its
          faithful to the cause of Christian              served as a trustee--Randy Davenport,       very center, its heart.”
          education, sensitive to God’s calling,          Ken Winters, and now, Mike Carter.
          willing to serve and to make life better        These three are Godly leaders. I can
          for the students, all the while never           truly say that God does, indeed, have
          forgetting her historic, Baptist roots.”        his hand on this institution.”

    December 2002 Issue
$1 million chapel gift is a ‘gift of gratitude to God’

      The Campbellsville University           spiritual ties that
family always finds a place to worship        already bind us together.
God, to witness for Jesus Christ, and         In that place, we can
listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit;    make and experience
but we have never praised the Lord in         great Christian music
our own chapel.                               and lift our praise to the
      For 96 years we have lifted our         Lord.
petitions heavenward asking for our                 We will experience
own house of worship. We have prayed          religious drama and
without shame for some dear Christian         possess a place for our
stewards to step forward to help us. At       dedicated Christian
times, we believed our prayers had been       scholars, technicians,
“locked out” by some celestial software       scientists and arts
glitch, out of sight and hearing of our       practitioners to share
great Lord God.                               their research and
      Now, that is a thing of the past, and   studies of the created
we give thanks to God for George and          order and the interac-        Dr. Morgan Patterson, scholar-in-residence who teaches in the
Marie Ransdell. We’re thrilled with their     tions of our human
magnificent and generous leading gift.        families. There we will       School of Theology, displays a page from a 1611 Bible. Patterson
It is a giant step toward our own             also listen to ministers      has donated the page to Montgomery Library. Accepting the gift
University Chapel. Surely on or before        of the gospel proclaim        is John Burch, director of library services. At left is Dr. Walter
our 100th anniversary in 2006 we will         the unsearchable riches       Jackson, dean of the School of Theology. (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHEIRO)
lift our voices in prayer and praise from     of God’s love and grace.
within our own University sanctuary                 With hopeful
dedicated to the worship of God. In           anticipation, the
George Ransdell’s own words, he and           Christian Studies faculty yearns for a             committed to the service of God and
Marie “earned their wealth one dollar         connecting School of Theology building.            all the families of heaven and earth.
at a time,” and their generosity toward       It will be designed for the teaching and                 We are well on our way, but we
the university at this time is “a gift of     learning of Biblical, theological and              have some distance yet to go. Now
gratitude to God.”                            historical truths. It will enable the              we travel with renewed hope. Already
      For Campbellsville University,          development of ministry gifts and                  others have begun to add gifts to the
our chapel will provide so many things.       competencies for the churches and the              treasury for the building of this chapel
The entire University family can sit          market places of the 21st and future               and School of Theology building. May
together in one room. The functional,         centuries.                                         their numbers grow. But we will always
family worship space will strengthen                Together, chapel and school                  remember those who launched us on
and enrich the weekly sharing of the          will serve as a workshop for ministers             the way.

CU joins leading Southern colleges and universities in
presenting Sullivan Awards

     Campbellsville University is             as distinct from high scholarship,                College and the University of North
joining a select group of Southern            athletic achievement, success in business,        Carolina.
colleges and universities to award the        professional ability, political leadership,             According to The Sullivan
prestigious Algernon Sydney Sullivan          or mere worldly prominence in any                 Foundation, these colleges and universi-
and Mary Mildred Sullivan Awards.             calling.                                          ties perceive the values affirmed by the
     The Sullivan Awards, one to                   The Sullivan Awards have been                Sullivan Awards to be representative of
be presented to a graduating senior           presented each year by 50 Southern                fundamental values of their institutions.
and one to an adult member of the             institutions such as the University of            Typically, the Sullivan Awards at these
university’s community, are in                Virginia, William and Mary College,               selected institutions receive prominence
recognition of their spiritual qualities,     Washington & Lee University,                      at commencement and/or honors
practically applied to daily living,          University of the South, Davidson                 convocations.

                                                                                                                                   December 2002 Issue
          Nevalyn Moore wins outstanding faculty award

               Nevalyn Price Moore was never the        Campbellsville University
          type of student who won awards in             Handbell Choir and serves
          school.                                       as staff accompanist and
               She won music competitions because       university organist.
          she worked hard, practicing piano for               Moore’s activities include
          five hours a day because she knew that’s      serving as a church musician.
          what it would take to win. She did            She is a volunteer choir
          whatever work was necessary to win            member at Campbellsville
          at other non-music competitions.              Baptist Church where she
               But this year has been her year.         also directs the Adult
               Moore, who has taught at                 Handbell Choir. Moore has
          Campbellsville University since 1980,         served as organist/handbell
          was recently presented the Campbellsville     coordinator at St. Matthew’s
          University Academic Excellence Award          Baptist Church in Louisville,
          for non-tenured faculty given by the          staff organist at Lexington
          University’s Board of Advisors. She was       Avenue Baptist Church in
          also selected as the 2002 Kentucky Music      Danville and as organist
          Educators Association College/University      for churches in Mississippi,
          Teacher of the Year.                          Alabama, Florida, Tennessee
               “I honestly thought I’d work my          and other churches in
          entire career without being singled out       Kentucky.
          for something like this,” she said. “I love         She was accompanist
          my job. For me, that really IS enough,        for the 2001 Kentucky
          but recognition sure is nice.”                Baptist All-State Youth            Nevalyn Price Moore, center, assistant professor of
               As an assistant professor of music       Choir and performed in             music, receives the Academic Excellence Award from
          at CU and mother of five children,            Europe during the summer
                                                                                           Roy Rich, left, chair of the CU Board of Advisors, and
          Moore said she could not have done all        of 2002 as accompanist for
          the many activities in which she’s            the Kentucky Baptist               Dr. Michael V. Carter, president of Campbellsville
          involved without the help of her “good        Women’s Chorale.                   University. (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHEIRO)
          guy” husband, Dr. Jim Moore, professor              In the fall of 1999 and
          of music at CU.                               again in 2001, Moore was
               Moore goes on two tours each year,       named KMEA Fourth District
          one with the CU Handbell Choir, which         College/University Teacher of the Year.               Moore received a bachelor of
          she directs, and one with the Kentucky        She was selected for the Bicentennial           arts in music from Judson College in
          Baptist All-State Youth Choir. Dr. Moore      Edition of “Who’s Who of American               Alabama and a master of music in
          stayed home with their five children.         Women” in 2000 and for “Who’s Who               organ performance from the University
               The Moores recently celebrated           in America” in 2002.                            of Mississippi. In addition, she has
6         their 32nd wedding anniversary, and they
          now have a grandson, Sammy McCarty,
                                                              Moore is frequently called upon
                                                        to present keyboard and handbell
                                                                                                        studied at Florida State University,
                                                                                                        The Southern Baptist Theological
          who was 18-months-old in October.             workshops and serves as an adjudicator          Seminary in Louisville and
               Moore is proud of her husband, who       for festivals and competitions. She             Westminster Choir College.
          was 1995 Composer of the Year for the         was the guest conductor for the 2001                  The non-tenured faculty award
          Kentucky Music Teachers Association.          Kentucky Baptist Ring and Share and             recognizes a high standard of excellence
          He had a commissioned work performed          has performed or presented lectures at          and performance in the classroom and
          at the University of Kentucky for the         state, regional and national music              community while fulfilling the goals
          KMTA Convention. In addition, Jim             conventions.                                    of the university. Roy Rich, chair of
          was the 1988 recipient of the Composers             She is a member of the American           the CU Board of Advisors, presented
          Grant awarded by the Kentucky Arts            Guild of Organists, the American                Moore with a $1,000 stipend plus a
          Council.                                      Guild of English Handbell Ringers,              plaque that will be displayed in CU’s
               The couple presents performances         Music Teachers National Association,            Montgomery Library.
          of folk music, combining singing with         Kentucky Music Educators Association,                 Moore and her husband have
          hammer dulcimer, Appalachian                  Kentucky Music Teachers Association,            five children, Bonnie McCarty, mother
          dulcimer, guitar and penny whistle.           Central Kentucky Music Teachers                 of Sammy; and Chris, Brian, Jenny
               A native of Mississippi, Moore           Association, Kentucky Baptist Music             Katie and Matthew Moore.
          teaches organ, handbells, piano and           Conference and Kentucky Baptist
          music lecture courses, directs the            Women’s Chorale.

    December 2002 Issue
‘Anticipate the future with courage’
as CU supporters challenged

      “I believe the role of Campbellsville   They encourage family life,
University and others of its kind will        ethical behavior, good character
be so important in the 21st century that      and other human qualities which
if these institutions did not exist today,    have been the backbone of our
there would be justification for creating     culture throughout history.”
them substantially as they are,” said
University of Richmond (Va.)
                                                   Heilman, recognized among
                                              America’s 100 best college
Chancellor E. Bruce Heilman, who              presidents, said that CU has a
challenged a Student Activities Center        special place as an example for
filled with Campbellsville University         other private Christian institutions
supporters at the annual President’s          to follow.
Club Dinner.                                       “While some have main-
      The President’s Club is a donor         tained a limited commitment
society whose members have contributed        to the characteristics which have
a minimum annual gift of $1,000 for           defined them, Campbellsville has
Campbellsville University.                    taken seriously its role in the
      Heilman, a 1948 CU alumnus who          preservation of the eternal virtues
currently serves on the Board of Trustees,    which have helped to define its
served as the dinner’s keynote speaker.       program and environment. It has
      “These private, Christian               not allowed fads of the moment
institutions preserve and perpetuate the      to erode the values it holds dear.
foundations of our faith,” he said.           The examples which inspired me         Dr. E. Bruce Heilman challenged CU’s President’s
“They embody the commitment to values         54 years ago still exist today,”       Club members to “anticipate the future with
on which our country was established.         Heilman said.                          courage.” (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)

                                                                                                                           December 2002 Issue
                                                           COVENANT                                                                                             A Financial Planning Guide
                                                                                                                                                                 for Alumni and Friends of
                                                                                                                                                                  Campbellsville University

                                                                                                                                                                   A Supplement to the Campbellsvillian

                                          Are you tired of the stock market?
                                                                   BY ALAN MEDDERS, VICE PRESIDENT FOR DEVELOPMENT

                 Last fall in this article, I shared                      income for gifts of appreciated assets.                      remainder of the annuity will be placed in her
          about the timeliness and unique                                 Any portion of your deduction you                            endowed scholarship fund.
          opportunities that a Charitable Gift                            are unable to use in the first year can                           This example is for one individual;
          Annuity affords individuals as a                                be carried forward and used in future                        however, charitable gift annuities can benefit
          giving option. It would have been                               years--up to a maximum of five                               two individuals. Contact the Office of
          difficult to imagine that the economy,                          additional years.                                            Development for Two Life Rates.
          interest rates, stock market, and                               3. Receive Guaranteed Income
          consumer confidence would continue                                  Payments for Life.                                         Single Life Suggested Gift
          to be a primary focus one year later.                                     Your income payments are
                 However, this has again created Dr. Alan Medders             fixed the day you fund your gift                                 Annuity Rates
          a wonderful, if not even better,                                    annuity and will never change.                             *Rates Effective 7/1/2002
          opportunity to support charitable and              These payments continue as long as you live,                                         AGE           RATE
          institutional interests through a Charitable       and you can add a survivor beneficiary to                                            50            5.8%
          Gift Annuity. Why is making a gift through         receive the same benefits if you desire.                                             55            6.0
          a Charitable Gift Annuity so advantageous          4. Receive Tax-Free Income.                                                          60            6.4
          at this time? First, returns on investments are           Part of each payment you receive is                                           65            6.7
          so low. A Charitable Gift Annuity provides         considered a tax-free return of principal that
          a fixed dollar return to the donor/s for life, no  can effectively increase your rate of return.                                        70            7.2
          matter what is happening in other economic         5. Receive Capital Gains Tax Savings.                                                75            7.9
          indicators. Second, the IRS discount rate is              If you fund a gift annuity with appre-                                        80            8.9
          at an all-time low. That means the donor/s         ciated assets, you will avoid the immediate                                          85            10.4
          will receive the greatest amount of charitable     capital gains tax on part of the appreciation                                        90 & over 12.0
          deduction and the highest return on a              in the asset. The remaining capital gain will
          Charitable Gift Annuity in history.                be prorated over your life expectancy.
                 Following last year’s article, several took                                                                           Rate Change Notice: American Council
          advantage of the benefits of a Charitable Gift     EXAMPLE:                                                                  On Gift Annuities approved a reduction
                                                                                                                                       in suggested gift annuity rates effective
          Annuity. If you have a low yielding stock or              A ’61 alumnus of Campbellsville College,                           January 1, 2003. Campbellsville University
          bond and a heart to support Baptist higher         Mary Smith is now 65 years old and has retired                            accepts all ACGA rate changes. Current
          education, a Charitable Gift Annuity may           from the local high school, where she taught music                        rates will continue in effect until then.
          be the right gift at the right time for you!       for 38 years. Mary credits Campbellsville with                            This is an opportunity to take advantage
                 A Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract     giving her a wonderful education and preparing her                        of the current higher rates.
          between you and Campbellsville University.         for her career, and she remains involved with the
          You make a gift of cash or securities in           University. Five years ago, she established an                              Single Life Suggested Gift
          exchange for a guaranteed, fixed income            endowed scholarship fund for students pursuing a                                  Annuity Rates
8         each year for the rest of your life.               degree in music education. Mary wants to make                                *New Rates Effective 1/1/2003
                 A gift annuity for the benefit of           additional gifts to her endowed scholarship fund, but
          Campbellsville University will provide you                                                                                             AGE           RATE
                                                             she no longer has the disposable income. However,                                   50            5.5%
          five benefits:                                     she learned she can make a gift, while still providing
          1. Receive the Satisfaction of Impacting                                                                                               55            5.8
                                                             income for herself during her lifetime, through a
          Campbellsville University’s Future.                                                                                                    60            6.0
                                                             charitable gift annuity agreement. Mary used funds
                 You can impact Campbellsville               from a $25,000 certificate of deposit that had just                                 65            6.3
          University’s future by partnering with the                                                                                             70            6.7
                                                             matured to fund the gift annuity. Based on her age,
          University through the creation of a gift                                                                                              75            7.3
                                                             Mary will receive $1,675 each year (6.7%) for the
          annuity.                                                                                                                               80            8.3
          2. Receive a Charitable Income Tax                 rest of her life. Establishing a gift annuity allowed
                                                             Mary to increase her income from the 5% she was                                     85            9.7
                 The Internal Revenue Service considers      earning on her CD. Another benefit to Mary is that                                  90 & over 11.5
          a large part of what you transfer for a gift       $1,018 of each annuity payment is tax-free.
          annuity as a charitable gift. This deduction is           In addition to her lifetime income, Mary also                      For more information about gift annuities:
          immediately available to offset taxes you may      received a charitable income tax deduction of $4,738.
                                                             Mary is pleased with the tax and financial benefits                       Use the Business Reply Envelope in the magazine to
          owe on other income. Your deduction may be
          used in the year of your gift to offset as much    her gift annuity is providing but is most pleased that                    request information, or call us at 1-800-264-6014
          as 50% of your adjusted gross income for cash      her money will be used to instill a love for music in                     ext. 5216 or e-mail us at
          gifts and as much as 30% of your adjusted gross    generations of students to come. At her death the                         for quotes on your specific age/s and amount.

              The Covenant Society is a cumulative recognition society for those who make Campbellsville University a part of their estate plan by including the university in their wills,
              making the university a beneficiary of insurance policies in which ownership has been assigned to the university, or by participating in any of the various life income plans
              Campbellsville University has available. Today, over 200 alumni and friends are members of the Covenant Society. If the university is part of your estate plan, let us know!

    December 2002 Issue
Helping people is passion for O.D. and Bessie Hawkins

     Helping people obtain a Christ-        serve on Campbellsville
centered quality education while            University’s Board of
developing exceptional personal             Trustees, a position at
character has long been a passionate        which he continues to
endeavor of O.D. and Bessie Hawkins.        serve.
     The first involvement of Mr. and             While the Hawkinses’
Mrs. Hawkins, residents of Owenton, Ky.,    commitment to higher
with then-Campbellsville College was        education has always been
helping to send young pastors in north      strong, their commitment                        FRONT VIEW
central Kentucky to college so they could   to Campbellsville
go on to pursue seminary degrees.           University was solidified
     It was not until several years later   by one single event in the
that Hawkins was appointed by the           late 1980s.
Kentucky Baptist Convention to                    Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins
                                            were passing through the
                                            region and decided to drive
                                            through Campbellsville
                                            and spend some time                               SIDE VIEW
                                            touring the campus.
                                                  While on campus,
                                            the Hawkinses noticed a
                                            bus unloading in front of the men’s         Board of Trustees recent naming of
                                            residence hall. Hawkins recalled,           the Hawkins Athletic Complex for
                                            “The young men were dressed in              which construction is expected to
                                            shirts and ties and very well               begin in early 2003.
                                            mannered.” The last gentleman                     Of particular interest, the
                                            off the bus, dressed in coat and            Hawkinses have made several gifts in
                                            tie, approached the Hawkinses and           the form of charitable gift annuities.
                                            introduced himself as Ron Finley,           Charitable gift annuities have allowed
                                            head football coach at CU.                  the Hawkinses to make a tremendous
                                                  They recalled, “Coach Finley          investment in the lives of CU students.
                                            explained that the young men were           Planned gifts in the form of charitable
        Bessie and O.D. Hawkins             members of the Campbellsville               gift annuities have allowed the
                                            University Fighting Tiger Football          Hawkinses to retain some financial
                                            Team, and they were returning from          return on their investment, as well as
                                            church. We knew that this was the           allowing a significant personal return,
         “We hope our                       caliber of program that we wanted to        that being the enrichment of the lives
                                                  True to their word, the Hawkinses
                                                                                        of countless student athletes.
                                                                                              Hawkins said, “Sports is not and
       gifts have and will                  have faithfully supported Campbellsville    should not be first in a person’s life.
                                            University, the athletics program and,      We hope our gifts have and will
     continue to create an                  specifically, the Fighting Tiger Football
                                            Team. Likewise, the couple has
                                                                                        continue to create an environment
                                                                                        where student athletes learn the
                                            established an endowed scholarship          importance of strength of character
 environment where student                  which benefits students from north
                                            central Kentucky.
                                                                                        and the value of Christian service.”
                                                                                              Campbellsville University
                                                  In addition, they have, in their      greatly appreciates the sacrificial
athletes learn the importance               words, “Given as God has given to them”     support of O.D. and Bessie Hawkins,
                                            so as to ensure that the University         as well as our many other donors,
 of strength of character and               student athletes have quality facilities
                                            in which to learn, practice and compete.
                                                                                        and specifically appreciates their
                                                                                        willingness to make gifts in the form
                                                  The Hawkinses’ sacrificial            of charitable gift annuities which,
    the value of Christian                  support of Tiger athletics, coupled
                                            with their making of a lead gift toward
                                                                                        while allowing some return to the
                                                                                        donor, make a tremendous difference
                                            the construction of the project, has        in the lives of countless University
             service.”                      resulted in Campbellsville University’s     students.

                                                                                                                      December 2002 Issue
      U.S. News & World Report taps CU ninth consecutive year
          For the ninth consecutive year,               “This ranking is truly a tribute      institution,” said Carter. “Needless to
      Campbellsville University has been           to the excellence of Campbellsville        say, we are pleased with this ranking
      named to U.S. News & World Report’s          University’s faculty and her students,”    among the South’s best master’s
      “America’s Best Colleges” issue.             said CU President Michael V. Carter.       universities.”
          Campbellsville is specifically           “For nine years in a row, U.S. News &           U.S. News & World Report ranked
      recognized among the best 64 master’s        World Report has recognized our            572 universities who provide a full range
      degree granting universities in the South.   rigorous academic program as well as       of undergraduate and master’s-level
      Other institutions noted alongside           our affordability which continues to       programs. The 572 universities in this
      Campbellsville University included           be ranked well below the national level    category are then ranked within four
      Auburn University-Montgomery, Pfeiffer       for private colleges and universities.     geographic areas--North, South, Midwest
      University, Northern Kentucky                     “Alumni of Campbellsville             and West--because, in general, they
      University, Morehead State University,       University, too, should be pleased with    tend to draw students heavily from
      Arkansas State University and                this announcement as this enhances         surrounding states, according to the
      Charleston Southern University.              the value of their diploma from this       magazine’s editors.

       Transforming ‘campus of the future’ - Trustees approve campus
       master plan

            During the past two decades, much      campaign as it lists those projects             The campus master plan also
      research has been done to determine          deemed to be most important to the         provides a list of facility projects
      the role and importance of campus            future of Campbellsville University and    determined by their mission and
      facilities and landscaping in terms of       to the way we better serve our students.   importance during the seven-year
      attracting and retaining students as         The plan will now become the guiding       period. Among those cited were the
      well as much-needed fund raising             document for facilities development at     construction of a dining hall, a student
      efforts. One such recent study, in fact,     the university.”                           center which would contain the book-
      points out that nearly 70                                                                        store, post office, student
      percent of an institution’s                                                                       lounge, and all Student Services’
      image is based on the con-                                                                        offices, student residences for
      dition of its facilities and                                                                      men and women, a chapel,
      grounds.                                                                                          an athletic field house,
            The Campbellsville                                                                          facilities for the School of
      University Board of                                                                               Theology and the proposed
10    Trustees recently approved
      a new campus master
                                                                                                        School of Nursing, a media
                                                                                                        center, an academic classroom
      plan, recognizing the                                                                             building, a sports arena and
      importance of enhancing                                                                           additional parking. The
      current as well as planning                                                                       renovation of the J.K. Powell
      for future facilities and                                                                         Athletic Center was also
      their landscaping needs.                                                                          noted in the report to the
            The plan, overseen by                                                                     board.
      a committee comprised of administrators,           Implementation of the new campus          “Students this century not only
      faculty, students and alumni along with      master plan will occur during a one-to-    are selecting colleges and universities
      the assistance of Perkins & Will, a          seven year period. The plan graphically    because of their rich heritage and
      nationally recognized architectural design   illustrates where future facilities may    academic excellence, but on the beauty
      firm based in Chicago, outlines facility     need to be located, as is the case with    and efficiency of the facilities they
      renovation, new construction and             the George W. and Marie T. Ransdell        will call ‘home’ as well,” said Carter.
      landscaping needs for the “campus of         Chapel and the Hawkins Athletic            “These facilities, too, will enable
      the future,” said University President       Complex, as well as the development        Campbellsville University to become
      Michael V. Carter.                           of new pedestrian walkways and             even more competitive with other
            “The campus master plan, in many       enhancement of the entranceways to         regional private colleges and
      ways, will drive our future capital          and from the campus.                       universities.”

 December 2002 Issue
Alternative certification program receives $1.7 million over five years
     Special education in Kentucky                 “Kentucky students need                      “This federal grant demonstrates
has received a boost thanks to a U.S.         qualified teachers and Campbellsville        tremendous faith and support of the
Department of Education Transition to         University is in a position to help          university’s School of Education,” said
Teaching Program grant.                       train and certify them,” said Lewis.         CU President Michael V. Carter. “For
     The grant will fund an                        Through TRAC, CU will                   many years, the education faculty at this
alternative certification program             annually place 40 qualified learning         university has been highly regarded as
for special education teachers                behavioral disorders teachers in 27          being among the best in Kentucky and
through Campbellsville University’s           high-need school systems in Kentucky,        the region. We are deeply committed,
School of Education. CU will receive          amounting to 200 teachers within             as an institution, to assist what has
$400,000 the first year that may              five years. This includes both an            become one of our Commonwealth’s
extend up to five years for a total of        undergraduate and graduate program           greatest needs--that being the teaching,
$1.7 million.                                 in special education, according to           training and retaining of special
     Announced by Kentucky U.S.               Dr. Brenda Priddy, interim dean of           education teachers for our classrooms.”
Representative Ron Lewis, the grant           the School of Education.                          The U.S. Department of Education’s
will enable CU’s program, Teacher                  Funds will provide scholarships         Transition to Teaching Program grant to
Routes to Alternative Certification (TRAC),   to students who commit to teaching           Campbellsville will provide the university
to work with school districts to recruit,     in high-need schools. The funds              with 64 percent of the project’s total cost.
train and retain qualified special            will also be used to provide online          Non-governmental sources will provide
education teachers for Kentucky so to         courses and other support to students        36 percent, or $986,588, during the
ease the shortage of teachers.                for the certification program.               five-year period.

Enrollment momentum continues at CU with record 1,811
      Campbellsville University has set       students,” Carter said. “The excellence of   Residential Village, a townhome
its second consecutive fall semester          our faculty, a wide selection of 40 majors   complex for women located on the
enrollment record and its largest             from which to choose, a competitive          campus’s north side near the Betty
enrollment in her nearly 100-year history.    financial assistance program for students,   Dobbins Heilman House (President’s
      Campbellsville has a head count         our national ranking as one of ‘America’s    Home).”
enrollment of 1,811 students; this            Best Colleges’ and our Christian mission           As for the ever-growing popularity
represents a 1.9 percent increase over        all combine to make Campbellsville           of CU’s master’s degree program, Carter
last year’s enrollment of 1,777.              University an attractive choice for a        said he is pleased by how well the
      In addition, Campbellsville             college education at the baccalaureate       program is beginning to capture the
University has recorded its best graduate
enrollment with 162 students in its seven
                                              and graduate levels.”
                                                    Carter also noted the record
                                                                                           interest of those seeking to perform
                                                                                           graduate work, whether it is in business,
master’s degree programs. The previous        occupancy in CU’s residence halls this       education, music, social science or
fall semester record for CU’s master’s        fall. Similar to what many public and        theology.
degree program was 147, set last year.        private colleges and universities across           Carter also announced that
      The fall 2002 enrollment represents     Kentucky have experienced this year,         the university’s English as a Second
82 Kentucky counties, 26 states and 24        Campbellsville was no exception with         Language Institute, a program for those
international countries.                      its seven residence halls marking a          international students who have not
      “We are extremely pleased with          record occupancy with 680 students.          yet been admitted as college students
the continued momentum we are                       The continued growth and interest      but who are studying on-campus to
experiencing at Campbellsville                of students wishing to live on campus        improve their English and study skills,
University,” said CU President Michael        caught the attention of CU’s Board of        has an enrollment of 22 students.
V. Carter. “Our admissions staff, faculty,    Trustees at its fall meeting. The trustees   Although not reflected in CU’s head
alumni and friends have all helped to         approved plans for the administration        count, these students, coupled with
make this fall’s enrollment a successful      to study the feasibility of constructing     this fall’s undergraduate and graduate
one for this institution.                     additional residential space.                enrollment, pushes the number to 1,833
      “Campbellsville University is                 “We anticipate that the new            students who are studying this semester
committed to providing an exceptional,        facilities,” said Carter, “will match the    at Campbellsville.
Christ-centered education to her              architectural design of the university’s

                                                                                                                            December 2002 Issue
       The faces of Homecoming

            Campbellsville University celebrated
       her 2002 Homecoming to the theme “CU’s
       Greatest Hits” Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4-5.
       During this weekend, various events were
       held including the 1952 class reunion, a
       barbecue, pep rally, Homecoming car show,
       an alumni Tiger baseball game, the annual
       football game and a parade in downtown
            “We were very pleased with the outcome
       of Homecoming this year,” Joseph D. W.
       Foster, CU director of development, said.
       “The crowds were large, the stadium was
       packed and the turn-out was very successful.
            “Homecoming at Campbellsville is about
       family. It is a time of fellowship with our
       ‘extended family’-- alumni, students,
       faculty, staff, parents and friends; a time for us                                                d
                                                             Faculty member Darlene Eastridge proclaime
       to come together and celebrate that sense of                                       of Social Work
       family and fellowship.”                               peace from the Carver School
            Coach Ron Finley’s Fighting Tigers went          float which celebrated the 1960s.
       up against Lambuth University but fell in             (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)
       a 35-28 upset with Lambuth taking home
       the win.
            Lindsay Ball, a junior from                                                                                          Lynne Pendygraft (’97), left, gets a
       Lancaster, Ky., and a representative                                                                                    hug from Marc Whitt, vice president
       of Fellowship of Christian Athletes,                                          Dr. W.R. Davenport,                        for communications and marketing,
       was crowned Homecoming Queen.                                                 right, president emeritus                       at the reunion of students who
       Tiffany Pennington of London, Ky.,                                            at CU, and his wife,                      worked on the Maple Trail, Campus
       representing the College Republicans,                                         Janet, were two of the
       was first runner-up and Virginia Kelly of                                                                                                  Times and TV-4.
                                                                                     faces of Homecoming.
       Dawson Springs, Ky., representing Phi                                                                                              (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)
                                                                                     (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHEIRO)
       Beta Lambda, was second runner-up.
12     Freshman attendant was Laura
       Garling of Louisville, Ky.
            Numerous campus clubs and organizations
       were represented in the 3rd annual parade and
       float competition. Winning first place and a
       prize of $300 was Kentucky Heartland
       Outreach’s float; winning second place and
       $200 was Student Service’s float and the
       Social Workers In Touch Can Help (S.W.I.T.C.H.)
       float came in third place and was awarded
            Reunions were also held for the class of
       1982, decade reunions for classes from 1950s
       through the young alumni 1990-2002, Tiger
       baseball players, University Chorale, Campus         Grant Miller (’97), his son, Hunter,
                                                                                                                                             t, brought her family
       Times, TV-4 and Maple Trail alumni.                  and daughter, Victoria, got in the                Rozy Kuriger Snider (’88), righ
                                                                                                                                            band, Tim, daughter,
            Concluding the Homecoming events                Homecoming spirit. As a student,                  to Homecoming, including hus
       was a Saturday night dance attended by               Miller was a CU sports writer.                    Jordan, and son, Jacob.
       approximately 225 students.                          (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)                                            IRO)
                                                                                                               (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHE

 December 2002 Issue
                                                                                              Newly-crowned Homecoming
                                                                                             queen Lindsay Ball, left, of
                                                         Bessie Hawkins, right, wife of
                      left, and Sylvia                CU trustee O.D. Hawkins, talks
                                                                                             Lancaster receives a hug from          Alumni gathering
    Al Hardy (’57),                  U,                                                                                                                at the football gam
                    f members at C                    with Dr. Brenda Priddy, interim
                                                                                             last year’s queen Heather             from left: Benji K                     e are
    (’73), both staf            ast rockers”                                                 Tapp of Louisville.                                     elly (’95); Larry Li
                     atus as “p                        dean of the School of Education,                                            (’93) and wife, D
    enjoyed their st                   l the                                                                                                          awn Welch Lipker
     as they rode a  float made by al                 at the Big Maroon Club tailgate.
                                                                                             (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)        Lena Campbell (a
                                                                                                                                                       ’02) and Luther Br
                                                                                                                                   (’94). (CU PHOTO BY                     amblett
     residence halls.             Y)
                                                             (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHEIRO)
                                                                                                                                                           C. MCKINNEY)
                BY JOAN C.
      (CU PHOTO
                                                                                              Don Bishop, center, former dire
                                                                                             of athletics, and Michael Blackb
                                                                                            (’99), acting president of the
                                     ge                                                                                    Alumni
     Graduates at the Golden Herita                                                           Association and Board of Adviso
Luncheon relived their college years as                                                      prepare to throw out the game
                                . From                                                                                        ball.
 they looked through yearbooks                                                                    At left is Jackie Thomas (’87),
left are Mary Ruth Wigginton                                                                      director of athletic promotions.
  (’51), Delores Dobbs Anderson                                                                         (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHE
              and Ina Blakeman (’40).
               (CU   PHOTO BY   TIAGO PINHEIRO)

                                               the                                                             Dr. John Hurtgen of the        Business faculty member Joe Foster
 Darel Barnett (’01), left, took a spin along
                                         Tom                                                                   School of Theology tastes      helped his wife, Margie, CU’s
 parade route with faculty member Dr.                   Holly Burton, center, portrays Jane Goodall
                                                 a                                                                                            bookstore manager, by selling CU
 Jeffries in Jeffries’ 1978 Corvette. Barnett is        on the Sigma Zeta float. From left are                 shaving cream as
                                                  .                                                            he got a pie in the face.      gear at the football game.
 medical student at the University of Louisville        Victoria Johnson, Josh Knifley and Amy Hall.
                                                                                                               (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHEIRO)   (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)

                                                                                                                                                                    December 2002 Issue
       U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell declares CU Tech Center
       ‘incentive for the New Economy’

             U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell
       (R-Ky.) assisted Campbellsville
       University Aug. 27 as the institution
       officially dedicated a $2.5 million
       Technology Training Center on the
       campus. McConnell, who was
       instrumental in securing funding for
       the facility, served as keynote speaker
       for the ceremony.
             This facility became reality in       Jean Pennebaker, center, receives help “signing”   U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, right, is welcomed
       direct response to the closure of Fruit     in on a laptop computer from Deborah Sullivan      to the dedication ceremony by Dave Morris,
       of the Loom’s Campbellsville plant,         of Team Taylor County. Pennebaker, a daily         chair of the CU Board of Trustees. Looking on
       which left 4,000 employees without          visitor to the Technology Training Center, is      are Virginia Flanagan, director of the Technology
       jobs. Since its opening last spring,        accompanied by friend, Lillian Clark, right, an    Training Center, and Dr. Michael V. Carter,
       the CU Technology Training Center           adjunct professor at CU.                           president of CU.
       has provided an opportunity for the
       area workforce to receive much-needed
       technical training and education.
             In addition, the Technology
       Training Center provides currently
       enrolled Campbellsville University
       students and new and existing regional
       industries and businesses with the
       latest technology-based equipment
       and facilities.
             McConnell commended the
       collective efforts of local, state and      President Emeritus Ken Winters, right, was         Virginia Flanagan, Technology Training
       federal government agencies working         instrumental in obtaining the funding for the      Center director, gives directions to Billy
       hand-in-hand with Campbellsville            Technology Training Center. At a reception         Ray Smith, commissioner for the Kentucky
       University to make the facility possible.   following the dedication, he and President         Department of Agriculture. Behind is
             CU President Michael V. Carter        Michael V. Carter, center, share a laugh with      Greg Gribbins, news director of WVLC -FM
       concurred. “This is a wonderful day
                                                   Fran Brickner, CU director of food services.       in Campbellsville.
       in the life of Campbellsville
       University,” said Carter before an
       audience seated outside in front of
14     the facility. “We are embarking on
       a new venture that will bring us
       new opportunities and challenges.
       The mission of this center is for
       Campbellsville University to assist
       business and industry in bringing an
       enhanced quality of life to this region
       through technological education.”
             “The Technology Training Center
                                                   On a tour of the Technology Training Center,       Cutting the ribbon for the dedication ceremony
       is a tremendous resource not only for
                                                   Virginia Flanagan, center, director, explains to   are, from left: Dr. Frank Cheatham, Dave
       Campbellsville and Taylor County, but
       our Commonwealth and the entire             U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell the various room         Morris, Dr. Ken Winters, Dr. Michael V.
       region,” Carter said.                       usages. From left are: Bob Ballard, director       Carter, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell and John
                                                   of telecommunications at the Center for Rural      Chowning. In the background are Ben Cook
                                                   Development in Somerset, Ky.; John Chowning,       (a ’64), director of community planning and
                                                   CU vice president for church and external          development in the Louisville office of U.S.
                                                   relations, who was responsible for obtaining the   Department of Housing and Urban
                                                   grant for the center; Jeffrey Schuhmann of Team    Development; and State Sen. Dan Kelly.
                                                   Taylor County; and CU trustee Larry Noe.           (CU PHOTOS BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)

 December 2002 Issue

    I love to read the Campbellsvillian            They say you never miss something               Praise the Lord! What wonderful
and see what everyone is doing. I really    ’til it’s gone; well, that is true. After four    news of the Ransdell $1 million gift to
appreciate all your work.                   years of complaining about being there            the university! Campbellsville Baptist
                                            (at CU), I realized how much I loved it.          Church rejoices with you in this good
             Marbara Baker Stivers, ’75     Campbellsville University helped me               news and blessings from the Lord.
                         Louisville, Ky.    tremendously by giving me a solid base
            from which to leap. I figured out who I                             Rev. Skip Alexander
                                            am, and being at CU and surrounded by                              Pastor, Campbellsville
                                            people who care gave me confidence in                                     Baptist Church
                                            myself and my decisions. After spending                              Campbellsville, Ky.
                                            some time in Beverly Hills and shopping
     When I reflect on my college days at   on Rodeo Drive, I have realized just how
Campbellsville University, delightful       much I miss the accent from Kentucky,
thoughts flood my mind. The memories        and when I meet anyone from the South,
of those days carry me back to a time                                                              My experience at Campbellsville
                                            it brings back all the warm memories of
when friendships were made, spiritual                                                         University was definitely worthwhile and
                                            my “home away from home.”
connections were strengthened, and life-                                                      something I will always remember and
long lessons were learned. I cherish                                                          appreciate. The small size of CU really
                                                                   Richard Blake, ’02
those memories and hold them near and                                                         does provide a good support system for
                                                                     Van Nuys, Calif.
dear in my heart.                                                                             students and makes a person feel at home
                                                                                              and appreciated. At CU, you’re not just
                        Patty Neal, ’80                                                       another student; you’re an important part
                 Altamonte Springs, Fla.                                                      of the whole University.
                                                                                                                Sindy Munson (a ’99)
                                                                                                               983 York Center Road
                                                                                                           Marshall, Wis. 53559-9443
     I don’t think anyone can understand
the passion I have for Campbellsville
University without understanding the        Two poems about the Maple Trail by William Brown (’55) and Mike Mason (’92)
circumstances I came under. I had left a
$150,000 scholarship at West Point the      The Maple Trail                                  The Maple Trail
year before and went from hometown          by William Brown (’55)                           by Mike Mason (’92)
hero to hometown zero. You know how
that can make a young guy feel...empty.
My pastor in Cincinnati, Campbellsville     When I am old and frail,                         A lonesome past came with me that day
alum Garry Stringer, turned me to           Lead me down the Maple Trail.                    upon my conscience it heavily lay
Campbellsville College. I originally
came to play basketball. Coach (Lou)        Let me talk with friends of old                  with welcoming eyes you opened your arms
Cunningham told me he was sorry but he      And walk once more on fields of gold;            dismissing the sorrows and all of life’s harms
had already given his last scholarship.     And hold the hand that once held mine            for there I took root and began to grow
Then God and destiny took over and
Coach Cunningham saw my honors in           And sing the songs of grace divine.              and actually blossomed to all who would know
football and said a football program was    Yes, when I am old and frail,                    love gushes forth from every nook and cranny
going to start that year. He introduced     Lead me down The Maple Trail.                    a sense of home abounds it seems so uncanny
me to Coach (Ron) Finley and the rest is
                                                                                             we are all diverse yet gather as one
history. Wow, how that single event
changed my life forever!                                                                     my adopted family shines bright as the sun
                                                                                             never judging, but encouraging me to set sail
                     Mike Mason, ’92                                                         OH how I love thee my old Maple Trail...
                      58471 Winston
             Washington, Mich. 48094                                                         GOD BLESS CAMPBELLSVILLE

                                                                                                                             December 2002 Issue
      Campbellsville University Athletic Hall of Fame
       Purpose:                                 • Only written nominations                  Selection Process:
            The purpose of the Campbellsville     made in the form of the official            • The selection committee will
       University Athletic Hall of Fame is to     Nomination Form will be                        thoroughly consider all timely
       recognize those persons who have           considered. The official nomination            nominations and will determine
       demonstrated the highest standards of      form is available on the following             two inductees for a given year.
       character and recognized athletic          page of the Campbellsvillian.                  Nominees who receive a majority
       achievement while at Campbellsville      • Nominations must be received by                vote from the selection committee
       University, or have exhibited great        Rusty Hollingsworth, director of               will be inducted. The Athletic
       leadership and direction in advancing      athletics, Campbellsville University,          Hall of Fame Committee may not
       the excellence of Campbellsville           1 University Drive, UPO 1316,                  annually induct individuals into the
       University’s athletic program.             Campbellsville, KY 42718 by                    University’s Athletic Hall of Fame.
                                                  February 3, 2003.                           • Selection Committee:
       Criteria and Procedure:                  • Nominees who are former university              - Director of Athletics, Chairperson
                                                  athletes must have graduated or                 - Director of Athletic Promotions
       Nominations:                               have been disassociated with
                                                                                                  - Sports Information Director
        • Nominations may come from those         Campbellsville University for a
                                                  minimum of five years prior to                  - One representative from the
          individuals or groups interested in                                                       Campbellsville University Athletic
          and who support Campbellsville          nomination. Coaches and
          university athletics. Former            university employees are eligible
                                                  for nomination.                                 - One representative from the
          university athletes and current                                                           Dave Fryrear 12th Man Club
          supporters of the athletic program    • Consideration will be given to those
                                                                                                  - Either the Chairman of the Athletic
          are strongly encouraged to nominate     involved with Russell Creek                       Committee of the Board of Trustees
          individuals for consideration as        Academy, Campbellsville Junior                    or a designee, or the Chairman of
          inductees into Campbellsville           College, Campbellsville College and               the Athletic Committee of the Board
          University's Athletic Hall of Fame.     Campbellsville University.                        of Advisors or a designee
                                                • Both living and deceased nominees               - Up to two designees by the
                                                  may be considered.                                Director of Athletics

            Campbellsville University Hall of Fame Members
             1994                                                                   2000
             Billy B. Smith                                                          Don Bishop
             Betty Conover
16           Abel Harding
                                                                                     Dr. Forest Shely
             1995                                                                    Ginger High Colvin
             James Boulware                                                                           Billy Wise
             David Voelker                                                                              William Gatton Kirtley

             Dr. Ralph Gardner
             Phillip Corbin
             Dr. Richard Sanders
             1998                                                                    Andrea Deaton Smith
             Lou Cunningham                                                          Dr. Danny Davis

 December 2002 Issue
Campbellsville University Athletic Hall of Fame

   Rusty Hollingsworth, Director of Athletics, Campbellsville University must receive the Nomination Form at address
   listed below by February 3, 2003. Nomination forms are also available by contacting the Department of Athletics at
   (270) 789-5257 or online at and go to athletics and special programs or fax at (270) 789-5048.
     Name of Nominee                   _______________________________________________________________________
     Address                           _______________________________________________________________________
     Phone                             _______________________________________________________________________
     E-mail                            _______________________________________________________________________
     (if available)

     Please briefly state why the above nominee is worthy of consideration for induction into the Campbellsville
     University Athletic Hall of Fame.

     Sport Played/Coached _________________________________                         Year __________________________

                      This nomination is made by:
                      Name             _________________________________________________________
                      Address _________________________________________________________
                      Phone            _________________________________________________________
                      E-mail           _________________________________________________________
                      (if available)

                                                     Campbellsville University dedicated a new soccer field Sept. 3 with donations from
                                                     Alex Montgomery and John Haydon. From left, cutting the ribbon, are Julie
                                                     Mattingly, Lady Tiger captain; Dr. Forest Shely, CU trustee; Paul Osborne, mayor
                                                     of Campbellsville; Eddie Rogers, Taylor County judge-executive; John Haydon;
                                                     Alex Montgomery, CU President Michael V. Carter; Director of Athletics Rusty
                                                     Hollingsworth and Joe Whitley, Tiger soccer captain. (CU PHOTO BY SCOTT MOONEY)

                                                                                                                            December 2002 Issue
       FCA national president shares message of Christ and character
       at CU

            Dal Shealy, national president of the
       Fellowship of Christian Athletes, shared
       the message of Christ along with encour-
       agement and motivational thoughts to
       athletes at a visit to Campbellsville
            He encouraged the young people, at
       several sessions, to seek discipline and
       character in their lives and to strive to be
       positive role models. He also spent time
       promoting FCA’s “One Way to Play” pro-
       gram, which works to keep athletes away
       from drugs and alcohol. He pointed out
       that most of the discipline and life prob-
       lems of players that he had to deal with
       as a coach almost always traced back to
       alcohol. He challenged each group to
       “be the very best they could be.”
            Shealy threw out the game ball prior
       to CU’s football game with Austin Peay                Dal Shealy, left, national president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, greets
       State University.                                     Brandon Holder of Westmoreland, Tenn. (CU PHOTO BY SCOTT MOONEY)

       New volleyball coaches no odd couple

            Two months before the school year         first time together, they
       started, Skeet Woolard and Billy Gregory       both agreed that they
       did not even know each other much less         wanted to bring values
       have any idea they would be coaching a         to the table in running
       college volleyball team together. While        the program.
       the two coaches and their situation are              “We wanted a
       different, they are certainly no odd           program that was a
       couple.                                        reflection of the
18          Woolard, the Lady Tigers’ head
       coach, is a 28-year-old native of North
                                                      Christian values and
                                                      mission of Campbellsville
       Carolina who was working in the bank-          University,” said
       ing and investment world and discovered        Woolard.
       Campbellsville through the CU web site               The second
       as he was looking into the field of sports     similarity in the two
       ministry. He played basketball at North        is the love for sports and
       Carolina Greensboro and had no                 young people. The
       experience in volleyball prior to taking       third similarity is        Skeet Woolard, left, and Billy Gregory discuss the game with the
       the job.                                       intensity. Woolard and
            Gregory is a 32-year-old native of        Gregory are intense        Lady Tiger Volleyball Team. (CU PHOTO BY SCOTT MOONEY)
       Franklin, Ky., who is a detective with the     coaches.
       Kentucky State Police. Gregory is also a             “God brought us here to do a job,               “I have learned most of the
       former CU student and father of two. He        and we have to get it done,” Gregory             volleyball I know from Billy,” Woolard
       has been involved with volleyball nearly       said. The two work hand-in-hand and              said. “He focuses on the tactics and
       all his life.                                  egos have never been an issue. Woolard           technique and I focus on the
            The similarity in the coaches is three    is learning from Gregory, who couldn’t           administrative and logistical stuff.
       fold. Foremost is character. They both         take the head coaching job because of his        We handle the leadership and
       have it and when they sat down for the         work schedule.                                   motivation together.”

 December 2002 Issue
Fall 2002 & Spring 2003 Sports Schedules
TIGER BASKETBALL SCHEDULE                                                                            TIGER SOFTBALL SCHEDULE
DATE           OPPONENT                                                          PLACE   TIME        DATE        OPPONENT                            PLACE     TIME
Dec. 6         Edward Water College                                              Away    6 p.m.      Feb. 24     Trevecca University                 Home      2 p.m.
Dec. 7         Spalding University                                               Away    6 p.m.      Feb. 25     Brescia University                  Home      2 p.m.
Dec. 13        Emmanuel College                                                  Home    8 p.m.      March 4     Midway College                      Away      5 p.m.
Dec. 14        Central State University                                          Home    3 p.m.      March 5     Rochester College                   Home      3 p.m.
Dec. 17        Shawnee State University                                          Away    7:30 p.m.   March 12    Lincoln Memorial University         Home      2 p.m.
Jan. 7         Central State University                                          Away    7:30 p.m.   March 14    Tennessee Wesleyan Tourney          Away      TBA
Jan. 11        Cumberland University                                             Home    4 p.m.      March 15    Tennessee Wesleyan Tourney          Away      TBA
Jan. 16        Athens State University                                           Away    8 p.m.      March 17    Trevecca Nazarene                   Away      3 p.m.
Jan. 23        Brescia University                                                Home    7:30 p.m.   March 21    Lambuth University                  Home      3 p.m.
Jan. 27        Knoxville College                                                 Away    7:30 p.m.   March 22    Lambuth University                  Home      11 a.m.
Jan. 30        Lindsey Wilson College                                            Home    7:45 p.m.   March 25    Kentucky Wesleyan                   Home      3 p.m.
Feb. 1         Pikeville College                                                 Home    4 p.m.      March 26    Martin Methodist                    Away      5 p.m.
Feb. 6         Cumberland College                                                Away    7:45 p.m.   March 28    Lindsey Wilson College              Away      5 p.m.
Feb. 8         Lambuth University                                                Away    5 p.m.      March 29    Lindsey Wilson College              Away      1 p.m.
Feb. 11        Athens State University                                           Home    7:30 p.m.   April 1     Union College                       Away      2 p.m.
Feb. 15        Georgetown College                                                Home    4 p.m.      April 2     Lincoln Memorial University         Away      1 p.m.
Feb. 20        Pikeville College                                                 Away    7:45 p.m.   April 4     Georgetown College                  Home      3 p.m.
Feb. 22        Lindsey Wilson College                                            Away    5 p.m.      April 5     Georgetown College                  Home      11 a.m.
Feb. 25        Brescia University                                                Away    8 p.m.      April 8     Northern Kentucky University        Home      3 p.m.
Feb. 27        Lambuth University                                                Home    7:45 p.m.   April 9     St. Catharine College               Home      3 p.m.
March 1        Cumberland College                                                Home    4 p.m.      April 11    Pikeville College                   Away      3 p.m.
March 7        Georgetown College                                                Away    7:30 p.m.   April 12    Pikeville College                   Away      11 a.m.
Mar. 13-18 Mid-South Conference Tournament                                       TBA     TBA         April 15    Martin Methodist                    Home      3 p.m.
Mar. 26-Apr.1 NAIA National Tournament                                           Away    TBA         April 16    Midway College                      Home      3 p.m.
All Times Eastern                                                                                    April 18    Cumberland College                  Home      3 p.m.
                                                                                                     April 19    Cumberland College                  Home      11 a.m.
                                                                                                     April 22    Centre College                      Away      5:30 p.m.
                                                                                                     April 23    Union College                       Home      3 p.m.
                                                                                                     April 29    MSC Tourney                         TBA       TBA

                                                                                                     TIGER BASEBALL SCHEDULE
                                                                                                     DATE          OPPONENT                          PLACE     TIME
                                                                                                     Feb. 14       Lee University                    Away      2 p.m. DH
                                                                                                     Feb. 15       Lee University                    Away      1 p.m. DH
                                                                                                     Feb. 21       Bellarmine University             Home      3 p.m.
                                                                                                     Feb. 22       Walsh University                  Home      Noon DH
                                                                                                     Feb. 28       Trevecca University               Away      3 p.m. DH
                                                                                                     March 1       Trevecca University               Away      1 p.m. DH
                                                                                                     March 3       Mid-Continent College             Away      1 p.m. DH
                                                                                                     March 5       Morehead University               Away      3 p.m.
                                                                                                     March 7       Indiana Southeast                 Home      3 p.m.
                                                                                                     March 8       Missouri Baptist                  Home      Noon DH
                                                                                                     March 11      Kentucky State                    Away      1:30 p.m. DH
DATE           OPPONENT                                                          PLACE   TIME
                                                                                                     March 12
                                                                                                     March 17
                                                                                                                   Viterbo University
                                                                                                                   Freed Hardeman
                                                                                                                                                               3 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                               2 p.m.
Dec. 6        Citizens Bank Holiday Hoops Classic vs. Indiana Univ. South Bend   Home    6 p.m.      March 1       Union University                  Away      2 p.m.
Dec. 7        Citizens Bank Holiday Hoops Classic vs.Auburn U. at Montgomery     Home    4 p.m.      March 19      North Alabama                     Away      1 p.m. DH
Dec. 14       Saint Gregory's University                                         Home    5:45 p.m.   March 21 Lambuth University                     Home      1 p.m. DH
Dec. 16       Emmanuel College                                                   Home    5:45 p.m.   March 22 Lambuth University                     Home      Noon DH
Dec. 18       Southern Tech                                                      Home    7 p.m.      March 25 Brescia University                     Home      1:30 p.m. DH
Dec. 28       Las Vegas Shoot-Out vs. Oklahoma City University                   Away    8 p.m.      March 27 Spalding University                    Home      3 p.m.
Dec. 29       Las Vegas Shoot-Out vs. Carroll College                            Away    4 p.m.      March 28 Lindsey Wilson College                 Away      2 p.m. DH
Jan. 7        Wilberforce University                                             Away    7 p.m.      March 29 Lindsey Wilson College                 Away      1 p.m. DH
Jan. 14       Spalding University                                                Away    7 p.m.      April 1       Indiana Southeast                 Away      3 p.m.
Jan. 25       Georgetown College                                                 Away    2 p.m.      April 2       Kentucky State                    Home      2 p.m. DH
Jan. 30       Lindsey Wilson College                                             Home    5:45 p.m.   April 4       Georgetown College                Home      1 p.m. DH
Feb. 1        Pikeville College                                                  Home    2 p.m.      April 5       Georgetown College                Home      Noon DH
Feb. 6        Cumberland College                                                 Away    5:45 p.m.   April 9       Spalding University               Away      6 p.m.
Feb. 8        Lambuth University                                                 Away    3 p.m.      April 10      C-ville/ TC HS Tourney            Home      2 p.m.
Feb. 13       Spalding University                                                Home    7 p.m.      April 11      Pikeville College                 Away      1 p.m DH
Feb. 15       Georgetown College                                                 Home    2 p.m.      April 12      Pikeville College                 Away      Noon DH
Feb. 20       Pikeville College                                                  Away    5:45 p.m.   April 15      Brescia University                Away      4:30 p.m DH
Feb. 22       Lindsey Wilson College                                             Away    3 p.m.      April 17      Mid-Continent College             Home      2 p.m. DH
Feb. 27       Lambuth University                                                 Home    5:45 p.m.   April 18      Cumberland College                Home      1 p.m. DH
March 1       Cumberland College                                                 Home    2 p.m.      April 19      Cumberland College                Home      Noon DH
Mar. 6, 8, 10 Mid-South Conference Tournament                                    TBA     TBA         April 22 Trevecca University                    Home      2 p.m. DH
Mar. 19-25 NAIA National Tournament                                              TBA     TBA         April 23      Belmont University                Away      6 p.m.
All Times Eastern                                                                                    Apr.30 -May 3 Mid-South Conference Tournament   TBA       TBA

                                                                                                                                                             December 2002 Issue
        Remember When?                                                                            BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY, MANAGING EDITOR

        Heritage Day 2002 celebrated the 1940s and 1950s. Below are pictures
        from those years which were used in a Sept. 25 presentation at Campbellsville
        Baptist Church.
        We wanted to share these days with you.

     Guess Who?
20                 These three young men lounged on the grass at        In the Last Issue...
              Campbellsville in the 1940s or 1950s. Can you guess who        We really stumped our readers in the last issue of the
              they are to win a Campbellsville University t-shirt?      Campbellsvillian with pictures of a current CU faculty/staff
                                                                        couple’s children. Only two people attempted to Guess
                                                                             The winner of a CU t-shirt was Karen Lynema, who is
                                                                        retired from CU’s Montgomery Library. The other person
                                                                        guessing the names of the children was Jana Martin Kemp
                                                                        (’78), who helped identify other pictures in the magazine as
                                                                             Also helping identify people were Teresa (TC) Phillips
                                                                        Travis (’83); Pat Neal (’80), who was in one of the pictures;
                                                                        the Rev. Ron Hicks (a ’80); Jim Haton (’83); Paula Settle
                                                                        (’77); and Marbara Baker Stivers (’75).

                                                                        Thanks so much for helping us!

 December 2002 Issue

From your president                                       COMPILED AND WRITTEN BY JOAN C.
                                                          MCKINNEY, MANAGING EDITOR
                                                                                               retired but works part-time as a
                                                                                               free-lance writer and composer.
ACTING PRESIDENT, CAMPBELLSVILLE UNIVERSITY                                                    His son attends Yale. Address:
BOARD OF ALUMNI AND THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                Editor’s Note: Years of graduation   4740 Shannon Place,
                                                          or attendance at Campbellsville      Pensacola, Fla. 32504.
      Homecoming 2002                                     University are determined by the
has come and gone and after
having fellowship with many
                                                          last year of attendance. For
                                                          example, (’65) is a 1965 gradu-
                                                                                               ’60sSCOTT RISK (’65)
alumni, I am left with a                                  ate; (a ’65) is someone who          is retired from the Bullitt
prevailing thought about
Campbellsville University
                                                          attended their last year in 1965;    County School System, where
and our Alumni Association.                               and (’65, M ’69) is someone who      she was a primary teacher. She
      Homecoming brought                                  graduated with a bachelor’s or       and husband, Owen, are enjoy-
back alumni from the Class                                associate’s degree in 1965 and a     ing grandchildren, Hannah
of 1942, Class of 2002 and                                master’s degree in 1969.             and Justin. She would enjoy
                                      Michael Blackburn                                        hearing from Campbellsville
many, many classes in between.
                                                                                               friends. Address: 132
Constituent groups like the 1992
and 1997 football teams, the Maple Trail, Campus          ’50s J.W. FARMER
                                                          THE REV.
                                                                                               Millwood Ct., Shepherdsville,
Times and TV-4 staffs and the 1962 basketball team                                             Ky. 40165. E-mail:
gathered to relive memories of their college days.        (’50) and his wife, BERNICE
      There were a variety of activities, including the   FARMER (’53), will celebrate
revived Homecoming Parade, the Big Maroon Club            their 58th wedding anniversary       DR. TOM CHEATHAM
Tailgate Party and the Homecoming Festival with           in December. Farmer is a             (’66) has been named dean of
booths, games and decade reunions. Homecoming             retired Baptist minister of 50       the College of Basic and
2002 provided something for every alumnus who             years. The couple has two            Applied Sciences at Middle
returned “home” for the weekend.                          children, a granddaughter and        Tennessee State University.
      As I took part in the events and chatted            three grandsons. Address:            The College has more than
with friends, old and new, I was reminded that            1259 Bordeaux Dr., Lexington,        3,900 majors and 175 faculty
Campbellsville University is still about family.          Ky. 40504-1559.                      members. Cheatham, a profes-
Campbellsville University alumni, friends, current                                             sor of computer science, served
students, parents of current and former students,         WILLIAM BROWN (’55)                  as interim dean of the college
faculty and staff make up an extended family that         worked in banking, served in         during the 2001-02 academic
takes a few moments every year to come together           the armed forces, taught in          year and has been a faculty
for food and fellowship like our own extended families    public schools, served in music      member since 1990.
do throughout the year.                                   ministry and earned four addi-       Cheatham’s wife, Carole, is a
      More than that, the alumni I spoke with             tional college degrees. He is        dietician at the Tennessee
expressed, in varied ways, their sincere appreciation
for the educational experience, the friendships they
forged and the memories they made whether at
Campbellsville Junior College, Campbellsville College
or, now, Campbellsville University.                                                                                                        21
      For those of you who were able to attend
Homecoming 2002, I hope you took home the
same feeling of pride in and thankfulness for our
extended family as I did. For all those alumni
who could not attend, and for those who did, please
make plans to take part in one of the regional alumni
and friends events near you which will be held in
the spring. Dates and locations will be available at
                                                                                                                                   ALUMNI NEWS after the first of the year.
Our regional events, like Homecoming, are a
wonderful time of fellowship for the extended
University family.
      As we approach the end of the calendar year
                                                          These CU alumni were inducted into the Golden Heritage Club
and spend time with our family and friends over the       and received their 50-year pins from Dr. Michael V. Carter,
holidays, make it a priority to contact and spend time    president, far right, with his wife, Debbie. From left are Jane
with members of your extended Campbellsville              Bourne Bryant, Delores Dobbs Anderson and Martha Dempsey.
University family as well.                                (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)

                                                                                                                 December 2002 Issue
Tiger Tracks
              Valley Health Care System         MARILYN BEARD ASH                          MARK S. LILLY (’79) has           MAE), assistant professor
              in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Their      (’78) is a guidance counselor              been called to serve as pastor    of education at CU; they
              son, Chris, is a physician in     at J.N. Kellett Elementary                 of Bethel Baptist Church,         have two children, Lorin
              Indiana, and their daughter,      School in Seneca, S.C.                     Gilbertsville, Ky. He and wife,   and Micah. Address:
              Emily, recently received her      She was recently honored                   SUSAN M. NUNNALLY                 228 Sheridan Drive,
              associate’s degree from the       as J.N. Kellett’s Teacher of               (’79), have two children,         Campbellsville, Ky. 42718.
              Fashion Institute of Technology   the Year. Her husband,                     Jennifer and Jonathan.            E-mail: Damon: deubank@
              in New York. Cheatham is          Mitch, is pastor of Flat                   Address: 2534 Tatumsville and Lori:
              the brother of DR. FRANK          Shoals Baptist Church.                     Hwy., Gilbertsville, Ky. 42044.
              CHEATHAM (’65), vice              They have a son, Aaron
              president for academic affairs
              at CU. Address: 2403 Long
                                                Mitchell Ash. Address:
                                                3067 Bowersville Hwy.,                     ’80s RON HICKS
                                                                                           THE REV.
                                                                                                                             JOY HUGHES HOSEY
                                                                                                                             (’81) was recently promoted
              Meadow Drive, Murfreesboro,       Bowersville, Ga. 30516.                                                      to assistant professor of
                                                                                           (a ’80) is pastor of Bethel
              Tenn. 37129.                      E-mail: (home)                                              mathematics at Volunteer
                                                                                           Baptist Church in Fairview,
                                                and (work).                                          State Community College,
                                                                                           Ky. Address: P.O. Box 156,
              ’70s MILLS SMITH
                                                DR. DAVID GORE (’78)                       Fairview, Ky. 42221. E-mail:
                                                                                                                             Livingston Campus. She
                                                                                                                             received “Who’s Who Among
                                                has retired from the U.S.                                                    America’s Teachers” recognition
              (’a 71) is a homemaker and        Air Force Dental Corps after                                                 in 2000. Her husband,
              is married to Bobbie Gene                                                    PATRICIA NEAL (’80),
                                                25 years of military service.                                                JIMMY HOSEY (a ’82),
              Smith, a machine technical                                                   a classroom teacher for 20
                                                He recently accepted a                                                       received his bachelor of
              analyzer with Texas Eastern.      professorship at the                       years, is now training teachers
                                                                                                                             science degree in forestry from
              They have a daughter,             University of Kentucky                     to integrate technology into
                                                                                                                             the University of Kentucky in
              Rebecca (Becky) L. Smith          College of Dentistry in                    the classroom. Address: 301
                                                                                                                             1992. They have a daughter,
              Alford. Address: 834 Harris       Lexington. Address: 501                    Forest Ave., Altamonte
                                                                                                                             Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Hosey.
              Creek Road, Stanford, Ky.         Raven Run, Campbellsville,                 Springs, Ky. 32701-3615.
                                                                                                                             Address: 122 Crawford St.,
              40484. E-mail:    Ky. 42718. E-mail:                         E-mail:
                                                                                                                             Livingston, Tenn. 38570.
                                                                                                   E-mail: Joy: joy.hosey@
              SYLVIA MORRIS (’73),                                                         DR. DAMON EUBANK
                                                                                                                    and Jimmy:
              dean of career services and                                                  (’81), professor of history at
                                                DR. SUSAN DAVENPORT                                                
              counseling at CU, has had                                                    CU, is one of 100 individuals
                                                STEWART (’78) completed
              a story published in College                                                 appointed to an advisory
                                                the doctor of musical arts                                                   CAROLYN EADIE
              Faith, a book featuring stories                                              committee of the national
                                                degree at Texas Tech                                                         HUNTSMAN (a ’82) is
              of 150 Christian leaders and      University in December                     Abraham Lincoln
                                                                                                                             pursuing an associate of arts
              educators. Her piece, “Walk       2001. She is professor and                 Bicentennial Commission.
                                                                                                                             degree at Pueblo Community
              in Faith,” recounts the           coordinator of choral activities           Established by Congress,
                                                                                                                             College. Her husband, Bruce,
              financial difficulties she        at Texas Woman’s University.               the committee will plan the
                                                                                                                             is a graphic designer at the
              encountered while a CU            Her son, BEN STEWART                       national observance of the
                                                                                                                             Pueblo Cheiften newspaper.
              student and the faith she had     (a ’02), is a senior at CU,                200th anniversary of Abraham      He also attends Pueblo Community
              that she would succeed and        and her daughter, Abbie, is a              Lincoln’s birth in 2009.          College, pursuing a degree in
22            graduate. Morris has been
              employed at CU since 1978.
                                                sophomore at the University                Eubank has been an active
                                                                                           participant in the American
                                                                                                                             medical transcription. Address:
                                                of Missouri-Rolla. Address:                                                  2819 Third Ave., Pueblo,
              Address: 1316 Elmhurst                                                       Civil War Institute at CU.
                                                P.O. Box 424553, Denton,                                                     Colo. 81003. E-mail: carolyn
              Drive, Campbellsville, Ky.                                                   He is married to LORI
                                                Texas, 76204-4553. E-mail:                                         
              42718. E-mail: slmorris@                          EUBANK (’87, ’92, ’94

                                      Dr. Joe Owens, (’77), center, senior pastor

                              of Shiloh Baptist Church in Lexington, accepts the
                                    Racial Reconciliation Award from Dr. Frank
                                  Cheatham, vice president for academic affairs.
                              At right is the Rev. John Chowning, vice president
                           for church and external relations, one of the founders
                            of the annual Dialogue on Race on CU’s campus for
                                             which Owens was the guest speaker.
                                                          (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)

         December 2002 Issue

                                   EARL WILSON (’85)                   THE REV. ED HAMLIN
                                   and KELLY WILSON (’85)              (’89) is a chaplain with the
                                   can be reached at ewilson@          United States Army at Fort
                          for Earl and          Wainwright in Fairbanks,
                          for Kelly.    Alaska. Hamlin is with a light
                                                                       infantry unit and ministers to
                                   DR. CYNTHIA WILLIAMS                about 600 young men and
                                   RESOR (a ’86) was awarded           their family members. He and
                                   her Ph.D. in medieval               wife, Pam, have three children,
                                   European history from the           Hannah, Matthew and Luke.
     Sue Curle Percell             University of Kentucky in           Address: 530 Knights Bridge        Melissa Lipps Netherland
                                   August. She is a visiting assis-    Road, Fairbanks, Alaska
SUE CURLE PERCELL (’84)            tant professor at Eastern           99709. E-mail: edpam84@           MELISSA LIPPS
is employed with State Farm        Kentucky University. Address:                      NETHERLAND (’95) has
Insurance in Winter Haven, Fla.,   308 E. Oak St., Nicholasville,                                        joined the Central Kentucky
where she was promoted May
2002 to team manager of workers’
                                   Ky. 40356. E-mail: clovisresor@
                                                     ’90s (’91) is a
                                                                       GIL WHEELER
                                                                                                         News-Journal in Campbellsville
                                                                                                         as an ad consultant. She also
compensation claims. In the                                            computer instructor at Central    has a license to sell health and
near future, she plans to pursue                                       Kentucky Technical College        life insurance with Banker’s
a law degree from Florida A&M                                          in Danville, Ky. Address: 309     Life & Casualty. She and
University. She has a son,                                             Village Loop, Lebanon, Ky.        her husband, Ben, have two
Timothy Jermaine (T.J.), who                                           40033. E-mail: gil.wheeler@       children, Shelby and John
is a junior at Florida Southern                                                      Michael. Address: 299
College. Address: 6555 Fox                                                                               Wolford Way, Campbellsville,
Tree Lane, Lakeland, Fla. 33813.                                       LESLIE BLANKENSHIP                Ky. 42718. E-mail: Melben1@
                                                                       (’92) received her master’s
THE REV. ALAN                                                          degree in education,
WITHAM (’84) is a church                                               counseling and psychology         CARLA MOSS KEMP (’96)
planting strategist with the              Cara Ballinger               in 2002 from Western              is a teacher at West Jessamine
Kentucky Baptist Convention                                            Kentucky University.              Middle School in Nicholasville.
where he helps train leaders to    CARA BALLINGER (’88)                                                  Her husband, TERRON
                                                                       Address: 555 Mile Lane,
start new churches throughout      has been named assistant                                              KEMP (’93), is an insurance
                                                                       Campbellsville, Ky. 42718.
Kentucky. He is pastor of the      vice president of accounting                                          adjuster for Nationwide
newly-formed Lakeside              with Investors Heritage Life                                          Insurance. Address: 2600
                                                                       MIELLE DISTEFANO (’92)
Community Church in Spencer        Insurance Company in                                                  Ashbrooke Drive, Lexington,
                                                                       is LaRue County High School’s
County, Ky. Witham and his         Frankfort, Ky. Ballinger,                                             Ky. 40513. E-mail: ckemp@
                                                                       new volleyball coach.
wife, JENNY MILLER                 a 14-year employee, is                                      
                                                                       Distefano is in her eighth year
WITHAM (’82), have two             responsible for statutory,
                                                                       of teaching and currently
children, Kelsie and Ryan.         GAAP and tax financial                                                BETHNEY JO (BETH)
                                                                       teaches psychology and
Address: 76 Nordic Court,          reporting for Investors                                               FOSTER (’97), news editor
Shelbyville, Ky. 40065.            Heritage and its parent
                                                                       American studies. Distefano
                                                                       played tennis, softball and       of the Central Kentucky                    23
                                   company, Kentucky Investors                                           News-Journal in Campbellsville,
                                                                       intramural volleyball at CU.
GARY LANDIS (’85) is               Inc. Address: 558 Manley                                              received three awards from
                                                                       Address: 189 Shawnee Drive,
manager of the intensive           Leestown Road, Frankfort,                                             the Society of Professional
                                                                       Apt. 22, Hodgenville, Ky.
out-patient care at Casey          Ky. 40601.                                                            Journalists. She won a
County Hospital. He is a                                                                                 first-place award in editorial
licensed marriage and family       THE REV. GARY                                                         writing and a second-place
                                                                       BYRON MICHAEL
therapist and a certified          DURHAM (’89) is the new                                               award for column writing.
                                                                       (MIKE) MASON (’92) is
alcohol and drug counselor.        pastor at Green River Memorial                                        Foster and Rebecca Dial, a
                                                                       employed with Ford Motor
                                                                                                                                            ALUMNI NEWS
He and wife, Mary Linda            Baptist Church in Campbellsville,                                     News-Journal reporter, shared
                                                                       Co. He and his wife,
Landis, have three children:       Ky. He graduated from The                                             a first-place award for deadline
                                                                       Stephanie, have twins,
Eric, Dane and Alicea.             Southern Baptist Theological                                          reporting. Address: 116
                                                                       Jeremy and Jacob.
Address: 1586 Lower Brush          Seminary in Louisville in 2001.                                       Durrett St., Campbellsville,
                                                                       Address: 58471 Winston,
Creek Road, Greensburg, Ky.        He and wife, Lynn Combs, have                                         Ky. 42718. E-mail: kentuckyjo@
                                                                       Washington, Mich. 48094.
42743. E-mail: gmlandis@           two sons, Patrick and Adam.                                 
                                                                       E-mail: MSMASON                           Address: 3441 Old Columbia
                                   Road, Campbellsville, Ky.
                                   42718. E-mail:

                                                                                                                          December 2002 Issue
Tiger Tracks
              KERRY (K.O.) OVERFELT
              (’98) is a personal trainer at   ’00s                               DAREL BARNETT (’01)
                                                                                  is a medical student at the
                                                                                                                     AARON LINNE (’02) is
                                                                                                                     technical program specialist
              Lanham’s Health and Fitness      JACKIE GEURIN                      University of Louisville           for student events at Lifeway
              in Bardstown, Ky., and           BISHOP (’00) is campus             School of Medicine.                Christian Resources in
              defensive coordinator for        events manager at The              Address: 720-B East Madison        Tennessee. He serves as
              Bethlehem High School                                               St., Louisville, Ky. 40202.        the lighting designer, audio
                                               Southern Baptist Theological
              football. In 2002, he broke                                         E-mail: ddbarn01@                  engineer, video producer,
              two amateur world records.       Seminary. She is over all              and computer help desk for
              He then turned pro in May        internal and external events                                          FUGE camps, Centrifuge,
              2002 in the Scottish Heavy       at Southern. She is married        SAMANTHA                           M-Fuge, Crosspoint and
              Athletics and competes           to JEREMIAH BISHOP                 BARNSFATHER (’01) is a             Centri-Kid. Address: 600
              across the country. Overfelt     (’99). Address: 1540 Beckley       first-year graduate student at     Blue Lake Trail, Antioch,
              was captain of the 1997          Hills Rd., Louisville, Ky.         Belmont University in              Tenn. 37013. E-mail:
              Fighting Tiger football team.                                       Nashville, Tenn. She is  
              Address: 6406 New                                                   working toward a master
              Shepherdsville Road, Cox’s                                          of music degree in vocal           JUSTIN SMITH (’02) is a
              Creek, Ky. 40013. E-mail:        AMBER BECHTOLD                     pedagogy/performance.              technology teacher with the
           JENKINS (’00) is a                 Address: 1302 Enclave Circle,      Metcalfe County School
                                               membership extension               Nashville, Tenn. 37211.            System. Address: 238 Roberts
              HOLLY ROBINSON (’98)             specialist with the Great          E-mail:    Road, Center, Ky. 42214.
              is a Peace Corps volunteer                                                                             E-mail: justindouglas@
                                               Rivers Council of the Girl
              and teaches marketing and                                           BRIAN (’01) and ANNA     
              advertising at a technical       Scouts. Her husband,               ROGERS WIGGLESWORTH
              college in Southern Ukraine.     ROBERT JENKINS                     (’00) have a new address,          JON SPRATT (’02) is cash
              Address: a/c 38, Odeska          (a ’00), is pursuing a clinical    101 Greenway Blvd.,                application analyst/control
              Oblast, Izmail, Ukraine,         laboratory technician degree       Frankfort, Ky. 40601.              analyst in the patient financial
              68617. E-mail: hdrobins@         at Cincinnati State. He is         E-mail: brian.wigglesworth@        services department at Norton
                                                                   Healthcare in Louisville.
                                               also an airport security guard
                                                                                                                     He and TIFFANY RICE
              KEVIN J. BAILEY (’99)            with Allied Security. Address:     KELLY JARVIS (’02) is              (’02) were married Aug. 10,
              is manager of student            805 Oak St., Apt. 1, Ludlow,       teaching at the International      2002. Mrs. Spratt is employed
              computing at Yale Law            Ky. 41016. E-mail: Amber:          School in Tegucigalpa,             by Humana as a customer
              School. Address: 228 Edwards             Honduras. She has 31 first         relations representative for
              St., Apt. 1A, New Haven,         Robert: hiemdall2000@              graders, most of whom do not       the Chicago area. Spratt
              Conn. 06511. E-mail:                            speak English well. E-mail:        expressed his appreciation to
                                             Sylvia Morris, dean of career
                                               DANIEL LONDON (’00)                                                   services and counseling at
              TIM (’99) and JENNY              is political director for United                                      CU, for her help in his job
              SPARKS GREEN (a ’99)             States Congressman Ron                                                search. Address: 9706
              are living at 5469 Andover                                                                             Hawkins Rill Court, Apt. 3,
24            Ct., Burlington, Ky. 41005.
                                               Lewis in his campaign.
                                               Address: P. O. Box 307,                                               Louisville, Ky. 40291. E-mail:
              E-mail: tgreen221@               Elizabethtown, Ky. 42702.                                   

              ANTHONY A. WATKINS
                                               FARRAH SULLIVAN
                                               McLEAN (’00) is the new
              (’99) graduated May 19,          head girls’ basketball coach at                                       TONYA RENA MORGAN
              2002 from the Louisville         Taylor County High School.                                            (’95) was married to Douglas
              Presbyterian Seminary,           McLean is the all-time leading        Krista Kingery Levee            Wayne Wilson Sept. 15, 2001.
              receiving a master of arts       scorer in Taylor County High                                          She is social services director

              in marriage and family           School girls’ basketball history   KRISTA KINGERY LEVEE               for Jackson Manor Nursing
              therapy. Address: 60 High St.,   with 1,770 points and ranks        (’02) is a new admissions          Home and Adult Day Health
              Owenton, Ky. 40359.              sixth on the CU Lady Tigers’       counselor at CU. She is            Care Center. Address: 2200
                                               scoring ledger with 1,768.         married to DAVE LEVEE              Cornetts Chapel Road,
                                               McLean is married to John          (’97). Address: 215 College        Annville, Ky. 40402.
                                               McLean. Address: 75 Cox            St., Hodgenville, Ky. 42748.       E-mail: twilson@
                                               Cove, Campbellsville, Ky.          E-mail: Krista: kklevee@ 

         December 2002 Issue

                                  counseling. Caso is employed     WAYNE SHERRELL (’02)
                                  with Ford Motor Company.         married July 20, 2002 in
                                  Address: 25 W. Curly Ct.,        London, Ky. Address: 3207
                                  Rineyville, Ky. 40162. E-mail:   Chickering Woods Drive,
                               Louisville, Ky. 40241.

   Dawn Richardson                                                                                      Carlisle Elizabeth
   & Dr. Ryan Starkey                                                                                    “Carli” Clifford

DAWN MARIE                                                                                         BRIAN CLIFFORD (’97, M
RICHARDSON (’97) and                                                                               ’02), and his wife, JENNIFER
Dr. Ryan Peter Starkey were                                                                        SHOEMAKER CLIFFORD
married June 15, 2002.             Jennifer Davis & Jeffrey                                        (’97, M a ’02), announce the
Mrs. Starkey is employed with            Schuhmann                                                 birth of their second child,
the Jefferson County Public                                                                        Carlisle “Carli” Elizabeth,
School System and is pursuing     JEFFREY THOMAS                     Cameron Elliott Sydnor        Sept. 16, 2002. She joins a
a master’s degree at Bellarmine   SCHUHMANN (’00) and                                              brother, Nathaniel Bradley.
University. Starkey is a          JENNIFER DAVIS (a ’02)           DR. CARL W. SYDNOR              Clifford teaches arts and
faculty research scientist in     were married April 5, 2002.      (’85) and his wife, Roxanne,    humanities and eighth grade
the University of Maryland’s      Schuhmann is employed            announce the birth of their     chorus at Taylor County
department of aerospace.          with Team Taylor County as       third child, Cameron Elliott,   Middle School, and Mrs.
Mrs. Starkey’s grandfather,       coordinator of grants and        Aug. 9, 2002. He has two        Clifford teaches Title 1
DR. ROBERT S. CLARK,              downtown development.            siblings, twins, Avery and      reading and writing at
former vice president for         He is contracted to write        Ashley. Sydnor is an            Mannsville Elementary
academic affairs at CU,           grants for the city and county   optometrist at Brandenburg      School. Address: 512 Willow
performed the ceremony.           and is the county’s contracted   Eye Care. Address: 290          Way, Campbellsville, Ky.
Address: 3513 Sheffield           solid waste coordinator and      Windsor Place, Brandenburg,     42718. E-mail: clifford5@
Manor Terrace, Silver             main street manager.             Ky. 40108. E-mail: foureyes@
Spring, Md. 20904. E-mail:        Mrs. Schuhmann is a senior        at CU majoring in elementary
                                  education. Address:              AMY SMITH WILLIS (’96)
                                  64 Peachtree Circle,             and her husband, Chad,
                                  Campbellsville, Ky. 42718.       announce the birth of
                                  E-mail: Jeffrey: jeffrey@        Hannah Kathryn Willis,
                                    Feb. 4, 2002. Willis is a
                                  Jennifer: happymelvin@           stay-at-home mother who
                                               will be attending Bellarmine                                               25
                                                                   University to begin work
                                                                   on her master’s degree in
                                                                   teaching. Address: 288             Conner Davis Roney
                                                                   Hundley Lane, Lebanon, Ky.
       Kelly Creech                                                40033. E-mail: Willis_6049@     DANA RONEY (a ’02) and
      & Thomas Caso                                                              her husband, Mark, announce
                                                                                                   the birth of their second child,
KELLY DENISE CREECH                                                                                Conner Davis, Aug. 4, 2002.
                                                                                                                                      ALUMNI NEWS
(’98) and Thomas Caso were                                                                         Roney is secretary at the
married June 23, 2001. Their                                                                       Carver School of Social
maid of honor was TAMMY                                                                            Work at CU. The couple
HINKLE (’99). Mrs. Caso               Tanya Lynn Raney                                             has a daughter, Morgan.
teaches seventh grade             & Christopher Wayne Sherrell                                     Grandparents are NORMAN
language arts at Stuart Middle                                                                     SMITH, who is employed
School. She is pursuing her       TANYA LYNN RANEY                                                 in CU’s physical plant, and
master’s degree in school         (’02) and CHRISTOPHER                                            his wife, PAM SMITH (’02),

                                                                                                                   December 2002 Issue
Tiger Tracks
              who works at Marion Adjustment      THE REV. SAMUEL GLEN-                                                  Ed Montgomery,
              Center as a case worker.            DON FERGUSON                                                           board of trustees’
              Address: 324 Hundley Lane,          (a ’51) died July 24, 2002                                             member, dies at 79
              Lebanon, Ky. 40033. E-mail:         as a result of an automobile
             accident. He was 79. He
                                                  was a pastor in Boone’s Creek
              TERESA HEISTAND                     Association for many years and
              BOYD (’92) and her husband          owned H & R Block in Irvine,
              announce the birth of a son,        Ky., for several years.
              David Michael, April 29, 2002.                                               Charles Cox
              He joins a brother, Matthew.        Keeton, former
              Boyd is employed as a customer      trustee, dies                     CHARLES “CHARLIE
              service representative/loan clerk                                     BOY” COX, founder of Cox                 Ed Montgomery
              at Heritage Community Bank.                                           Interior in Campbellsville,
              Address: 73 Meadow Lane,                                              died Sept. 30. He was 76.            EDWIN R. “ED”
              Huntsville, Ky. 40437. E-mail:                                        His company expanded from            MONTGOMERY, a member
                                                        a four-man business into an          of Campbellsville University’s
                                                                                    industry which now employees         Board of Trustees 18 years,
                                                                                    743 people. Cox and his wife,        died Oct. 18, 2002 at Caritas
                                                                                    Helen, who survives, were            Medical Center. He was 79.
              In Memoriam                                 Herb Keeton
                                                                                    significant contributors to both
                                                                                    the Hiestand House Museum
                                                                                                                         Montgomery Library on CU’s
                                                                                                                         campus was named for
              VIRGINIA ALCORN                                                       and the Atkinson-Griffin House       Montgomery and his wife,
              LUDWICK (’35) died                  HERB KEETON, a former             Museum. Cox retired in 1993          Ovaleta, who survives. He
              recently. Her step-mother,          trustee at Campbellsville         and turned the business over to      was the owner of Edwin R.
              FANNOLA CARR (a ’10),               University, died July 15, 2002.   his children. Cox Interior           Montgomery Realtor for 50
              attended Campbellsville.            He was 80. Keeton was a           continues to be a cornerstone of     years and an Army veteran
                                                  Campbellsville businessman        the woodworking business and is      of World War II having been
              DONALD PATRICK                      and inventor. He held many        the fifth largest buyer of wood in   a tank driver in Europe. He
              ASHCRAFT (’96) died June            patents, including several for    the United States. He and            was a member of Rockford
              26, 2002. He was 29. He was         herbicide applicators and         George A. Cox founded Cox            Lane Baptist Church, Greater
              the office manager for Crestwood    equipment that automated          Weather-Stripping, which later       Louisville Association of
              Plumbing, a member                  much of the machine work          became Mannsville Sash &             Realtors, Home Builders
              of South Oldham Fire                for Fruit of the Loom and other   Door and Cox Cabinet Co.             Association of Louisville
              Department and a member of          textile companies. He was the     Memorial donations can be            and Louisville Apartment
              Crestwood Baptist Church.           founder of Campbellsville         made to the Charles E. Cox           Association. Montgomery
                                                  Industries and had owned his      Scholarship Fund at Campbellsville   and his wife, Ovaleta Shaw
              MAURICE E. COPPOCK SR.              own business, Keeton Products.    University. Cox Interior             Montgomery, were married
              (a ’31), retired Taylor County      He was a veteran of World         established the endowed              57 years. He is also survived
                                                  War II.
26            High School agriculture                                               scholarship in memory of its
                                                                                    founder. Those wishing to
                                                                                                                         by a son, Guy Montgomery,
                                                                                                                         and his wife, Elizabeth; a
              teacher, former owner/operator
              of Campbellsville Ice Co., owner    CHARLES EVERLY                    contribute to the scholarship        brother, Leroy Montgomery,
              of Coppock Feed and Supply,         WOODBURN (’31) died               or who would like further            and his wife, Faye; a sister,
              and Coppock Appliance and           May 26, 2002. He is survived      information may contact the          Laverne Jackson; and
                                                  by his wife, Dianna, two sons     university’s Office of Development   grandchildren, Amy, Sara,
              Electronics employee, died
                                                  and three daughters.              by calling (270) 789-5211 or by      Anne, Timothy and Nora
              July 6, 2002. He was 90.
                                                                                    e-mailing development@               Montgomery. Burial was
                                                                                            in Cave Hill Cemetery.
              BEATRICE EVANS,                                                                                            Memorial gifts may be made

              a former CU professor, died                                                                                to Montgomery Library at
              July 20, 2002. She was 97.                                                                                 Campbellsville University.
              She specialized in bacteriology
              and taught for more than 50
              years at numerous colleges
              around the country.

         December 2002 Issue
  By Joan C. McKinney, Managing Editor

  Campbellsville University celebrated Family
  Weekend Sept. 20-21, Heritage Day Sept. 25 and
  a dedication of flags of the homelands of current
  and former students in observance of Sept. 11.
  Scenes from the events are featured below.

                                                                      Dr. Lynwood Montell (’56), right, of Bowling Green
                                                                     relaxes at a reception following Heritage Day with his
                                                                     grandson, CU student Frank Wright. Montell, former
                                                                    academic dean at CU, discussed memories in the 1950s.
                                                                                 (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)

    Billy B. Smith (’53), retired high school teacher
    and coach and member of CU’s Athletic Hall of
     Fame, gave a history of the 1940s and 1950s
    during Heritage Day. He relaxes at a reception
          at the Betty Dobbins Heilman House.

                                                             Dr. Forest Shely (’43) delivered memories of the
                                                             1940s at Heritage Day. He is a member of the
                                                                         CU Board of Trustees.
                                                                      (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHEIRO)                                            27

   Trent Argo, CU director of admissions, said CU has
   more than 130 international students enrolled from
  24 countries. This has jumped from 22 international
 students from five countries in 1989 when Argo began
working in admissions. Fifty-six national flags of current
    and former students’ homelands were dedicated in
  a “Flags of Nation” ceremony Sept. 11 in the Student
  Activities Center. The flags are on permanent display
in the building. Stan McKinney, left, assistant professor                Heather Tapp (a ’02), right, of Louisville visits
 of journalism, was the organizer of the event. At right                  with her mom, Sheryl, at Family Weekend.
     is Dr. Pamela Zhu, professor of education, who is                            (CU PHOTO BY TIAGO PINHEIRO)
 from China and who spoke of becoming a U.S. citizen.

                                                                                                                             December 2002 Issue
                                             ident and                                            Dr. Robert L. Do
                          ael V. Carter, pres                                                  looks through old ye ty, former adviser to the Maple Trail
       Dr. and Mrs. Mich llsville University, rode in                                        who worked on the arbooks during the reunion of alu ,
       first lady of Campbe rade.                                                                               Maple Trail, Camp                    mn
                                                                                                                                     us Times and TV-4 i
       the Homecoming pa           S)
                              PHILLIP                                                                                     (CU PHOTO BY
                                                                                                                                      CALEN MCKINN
                     A ARON
        (CU PHOTO BY                                                                                                                                 EY)

                                                         Laura Bandy of Nortonville has her
                                                  picture taken with CU’s Clawz, Adam Higgason.
                                                            (CU PHOTO BY JOAN C. MCKINNEY)

                                                   field for a                                Laura Beth Denn
                               Savasuk looks down                                                               is,
                                                                                               Ky., leads the Tige field commander from White Mills,
           Quarterback J.C. e Homecoming game, which                                                               r Marching Band
            receiver during th -28 to Lambuth University.                                                 (CU PHOTO BY             at Homecoming.
           Campbellsville lost
                                                                                                                        JOAN C. MC KINNEY)
                                        ON PHILLIPS
                                   A    AR
                      (CU PHOTO BY


Office of Communications & Marketing                                                                                                                   PA I D
                                                                                                                                                       Permit # 309
1 University Drive                                                                                                                                    Knoxville, TN
Campbellsville, KY 42718-2799

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