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           Grade 7 Social Studies
                      Ms Gilmet
 What is Habitat for Humanity?
The Habitat for Humanity movement
was founded in 1976 in Americus,
The program developed from the idea
of "partnership housing" where those
in need of adequate shelter work side
by side with volunteers from all walks
of life to build simple, decent houses.
            Who uses Habitat for Humanity?
The Habitat for Humanity helps build homes for families
who would not be able to afford one otherwise.

For a family to receive a Habitat for Humanity home they
1.    Need affordable housing and have an income below
     the poverty line for that region.
2. Must be willing and able to repay a lower mortgage
   (must have a job to earn money for mortgage.)
3. Must donate at least 500 hours of volunteer labor to
   Habitat for Humanity. This is called sweat equity.
  How does Habitat for Humanity work?
The Habitat for Humanity homes are built
using volunteers.

People donate either their time, their skills
(carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc),
materials (wood, nails, etc) or their money.

These donations in addition to the time the
recipients donate (500 hrs of sweat equity)
allows a home to be built cheaply.
In 1985 the movement spread to Canada
with the formation of the first Canadian
partner in Winkler, Manitoba. From these
simple beginnings the Habitat for
Humanity movement in Canada has grown
to 70 partners in 10 provinces and three
territories and has been successful in
placing more than 1,000 families into new
Habitat for Humanity now spans over 90
countries and is responsible for placing
over 225,000 families into new homes
around the world.
Here is a letter
written by the
Whalen family
of St. John’s ,
The Whalen
family is one of
many families to
receive new
homes through
Habitat for
          In your book:
Read pages 56 and 57. Learn
about another family, who like the
Whalen family received a home
from Habitat for Humanity.
         Briefly answer:
Who, what, when, where, and why.
Write a short sentence for each
summing up the article.
       Think and Respond:

In your own words explain how
Habitat for Humanity helps break
the poverty cycle for many
families. (Be ready to share your
response next class!!!)

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