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					230                   THE LONDON GAZETTE, 8- JANUARY, 1943
  NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE ACT, 1936                    L M Property .Company (No, i) Limited,, ,
   Notice is hereby given 'under 'the 'Rules 'Publica-   L M Property Company (No 2) Limited
 tion'Act, 1893', that it is'proposed by the National    Liddles Opticians; Limited.
Health Insurance Joint Committee'and the Minister        O'Gurmet, Limited
of Health, acting jointly after the expiration of at     P H Edwards (Seaford Downs) Limited
least forty days from' this date, in exercise of the     Park Farm (Coven), Limited
powers conferred on them' by the National Health'        Pearl Productions, Limited
Insurance Act, 1936, and of all'other powers en-         R C Bmgham & Company Limited.
abling them in that behalf, to make regulations to       R. Ouston Limited
beti entitled the National Health Insurance (Dental      Rationalization Limited
Benefit) Amendment Regulations, 1943;                    Reigate Hippodrome, Limited.
   And that, on account of urgency, the National         Richard Balls and Son Limited.
Health Insurance Joint Committee and the Minister        River Street & George Street Hulme Limited "
of Health, acting jointly under Section 2 of the         Robert Purdue & Son Limited.
Rules Publication Act, 1893, made regulations dated      Romford Lodge Farm Dairy Limited
December 29, 1942, and entitled the National Health      Roxy Modes Limited
Insurance (Dental Benefit) 'Amendment Regulations
<No 2), 1942, to come into operation forthwith as        Sidarblen Engines Limited
provisional rules and to continue in force until         Tele-Radio Limited
regulations have been made in accordance with the        Thomson, Foster, Lamg & Co. Limited
provisions of Section i of that Act                      Tn-Ergon Holding Company, Limited.
   Copies of the provisional regulations so made,        Tru-Arch Patents Limited
wh'ich constitute tje draft of regulations to be made    Weatherproofs (Southport), Limited
as aforesaid, can be purchased directly from H M         Whitton Land Development Company, Limite-i
Stationery Office at the following addresses —York
House, Kmgsway, London, W C 2, 120, George               Winram & Co Limited
Street, Edinburgh 2, 39-41, King ( Street, Man-          Wonderland Snack & Refreshment Bar Limited
chester 2, i, St Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff, 80,                 P Eke, Assistant Registrar of Companies
Chichester Street, Belfast, or through any bookseller      Companies Registration Office,
   Dated this 8th day of January, 1943                       Grand Hotel, Llandudno,
   Ministry of Health,                                         Caernarvonshire
     Whitehall, London, S W i                                8th January, 1943

                                                                         H.M LAND REGISTRY
                                                            The following land is about to be registered Any
             COMPANIES ACT, 1929.                        objections should be addressed to " H M Land
                                                         Registry, Brooke Street, London, E C i," before the
  Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 295 (5)    22nd day of January, 1943
of 19 "& 20 Geo V ch 23 (Companies Act, 1929),
that the Names of the undermentioned Companies                                  FREEHOLD                      •
have been this day struck off the Register, and            (1) Inglenook, Hawkwell Chase, Hawkwell, Essex,
such 'Companies are hereby dissolved —                           by K M Turner, c/o E M Mickleburgh,
A Hird Limited                                                   Flat 112, 6, Charterhouse Square, E C 2
A F Tansell Limited                                        (2) [Land at junction of Petts Wood Road, and
A. Tarcha. & C6mpany Limited                                     Woodland Way, Petts Wood, Kent, by J Cast,
Ancoats Picturedrome (1,939) Limited                             4, Towncourt Crescent, Petts Wood, Kent
Anderson Engine Company Limited                            (3) 12, St Andrews Road, N-W n, by S
Auto-Cap Fountain Pen Co Limited                                 Holomstock, of that address
Baslow Estates Limited                                     (4) 27, Fourth Avenue, Bordesley Green, Bir-
Ben G Jessop Limited                                             mingham, by P J Allport, 89, Soho Hill,
Broadcast Bargains Limited                                       Handsworth, Birmingham
Bullock Auto-Gear Limited."                                (5) 60, Ellington Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, by
Butterworth (Transport) Limited.                                 H R R Stock, of that address
C H Hartt Limited                                          (6) 92, Greenhayes Avenue, Banstead, Surrey, by
Carlton Castors Limited                                          J A Wheeler, of that address
Clayton Gears Company Limited                              (7) " Birch Trees," Fernden, North Ambersham,
Communal Bakeries Limited.                                       Sussex, by Dame C C Bennett, 104, Park
Denton Manufacturing Company, Limited                            West, W 2 . '
Duplex Relay Limited                                       (8) 3, Ashburn Gardens, Glen Avenue, Herne Bay,
E K Hambleton, Limited.                                          Kent, by A M Carpenter, of that address
Elbarsa Limited                                            (9) " Westlands Cottage ", Dorking Road, Epsom,
Emery & Gara Limited                                          . Surrey, by C J Bentley, 76, Moorgate, E C 2
Ernest Carter, Limited                                   (10) Land in Long Lane, Purley, Berks, by E G
Ernest Thorne, Limited                                           Spong, " The Bedford Arms ", Bedford Road,
Fernday Bros Limited                                             Reading, Berks
Forserdep, Limited                                       (n) Staunton Park Estate, Staunton-m-Arrow, Pem-
Frank Bostock Limited                                            bndge & Shobdon, Hereford, by E M
Frank Murdoch Limited                                            Countess Castle Stewart, Old Lodge, Nuliley,
Goodval Limited          i                                       Sussex
Grace Carburettors Limited                               (12) 35, Maldon Road Walhngton, Surrey, by J A
                                                                 Smith, of that address
H & G Estates Development Limited
H Wemtraub Limited                                                             LEASEHOLD
Harwood Welders Limited                                    (1) 114, Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware, Middlesex,
Herbert Smethurst (Knutsford) Limited                            by F C J Howard, of that address ^       • '
Hirst Firth & Co (1937) Limited
Homolka Limited            ''                              (2) 40-50 (even) Maskell Road, S W i ? , by W 'R
                                                                 Hitchcock, 22, Kemlworth Avenue, S W 19,
Insall, Andrews Limited                                          and E A Weeks, 35, The Drive, Shoreham-bn-
International Paper Converting Machinery Company                 Sea, Sussex             ' (
  Limited                                                  (3) 23, Farnngdon Avenue, E C 4, by R P.
J C Ventura Limited                                              Jenkins, 2, Old Burlington Street, W i,< and
J Tamblyn Limited                                                E M Adams, " Ravensworth ", Regents Park
Tarries Thwaites, Limited ,         '                            Road, N W i
Jefferyes & Brine Limited                                 '(4) 15, 'Newstead Road, S E 12, by H 'Ross,
Joseph Yates & Co (Yarns) Limited .                              " Doiran ", Cross 'Lane, Chalfont-St Peter,
Josiah Morgan & Co , Limited '                                 ' Bucks
Kathleen Iddon Limited'.                                                  R M Lowe, Chief,Land Registrar /'

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