BREATHE by tjwt1


    Blue Box – Begin to create your very own ‘Blue Box’. Throughout the year you will receive
    cute cards, drawings and letters from students, parents, and colleagues. Place these in a
    binder or box. On those rough days or ‘blue days’ open it up and it will put a smile on your

    Reflect – Your first year of teaching will be so busy. Make sure to take time for reflection.
    Reflect on the day, even keep a journal. Reflection on what worked, what you want to
    change or improve on. Make sure to celebrate successes, sometimes we can be so hard on

     Educate – Make sure to continue to educate yourself. Never stop learning. But also take the
     time to educate others. You have just come out of university- you are aware of the current
     knowledge and research. Share this with others.

A    Ask – If you don’t know something- A S K! It is okay to admit you don’t know . Also make
     sure to ask about all the school procedures and policies.

     Treasure and TEAM – You will never have a first class again. Treasure your moments with
     this class. You will always remember them and wonder how they have grown up. Take lots
     of pictures. Work on developing a TEAM. Relationships are the most important thing in our
     profession. Develop them with everyone - Your principal, colleagues, the secretary and of
     course the custodian.

     Health – Take care of yourself! Body, Mind and Soul! Eat Right, Get enough Sleep, Exercise
     and make sure to not let school consume your life- Make sure to have a life!

      Enthusiasm – Everyday bring your enthusiasm to teaching, learning and children. Some days
      it will be hard. But Bring IT! You are the only one that can set the tone for your day and your
      class. Bring your Enthusiasm and Excitement!

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