; Sheet1 - ABC Child Care and Learning Center
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Sheet1 - ABC Child Care and Learning Center


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									                  A.B.C. Child Care and Learning Center
                                 February Newsletter
                              Weekly Themes:
Color ~ Pink                          Shadows & Groundhogs / Letter Ii
Shape ~ Heart                         Valentine’s Day / Letter Oo
Number—33~                            Feelings & Emotions / Letter Kk
                                      Dental Health / Letter Ee

            WELCOME!                                     REVERSE RAFFLE
                                                       Our Annual Reverse Raffle is
      Welcome to all of the new families who
      have recently enrolled at A.B.C.
                                                       scheduled for Saturday, March 7th
                                                       Tickets are on sale NOW for $50.00
      Please call the center if your child will        per couple! This is a great night out
      be absent from A.B.C. We have a
                                                       for hard working parents, family and
      waiting list for most ages and can
      disenroll your child after three absences.       friends! If you would like to
                                                       purchase a ticket or sell tickets,
      Child Care Fees: Please make sure you
                                                       please stop by the office. If you
      are keeping up on your child care
      payments. We count on regular payments           have items for our Chinese Auction or
      so we can pay our bills to keep the center       something you would like to donate
      running.                                         for a door prize, PLEASE stop by the
                                                       office! We need support from
                                                       everyone for this to be a successful
                                                       fund raiser!

       PAJAMA DAY!
 We will be having pajama day on                       QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS
 Monday,February 16th. Please have
 your child wear his/her pajamas to                 If you EVER have any questions or concerns,
 A.B.C. on Monday!                                  please feel free to contact us. If we don’t know
                                                    there is a problem, we can’t try to fix it.
                                                            Larina, Jodi, Patty & Staff

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