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					                    Straight Facts to Remove Pimples
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A pimple is the most common problem of teenagers and some adults. I had my own share of
experience and permanent reminders (scars) of this curse. If only I was educated earlier, I could
have been prevented these scars.

Straight Facts:

   1. Formation of pimple includes active sebaceous gland that produces sebum, bacteria and
      skin cells that naturally shed off but clogs the pores because the sebum glued it
      together. Bacteria trapped and will produce infection thus producing pimple.
   2. To eliminate pimple you have to eliminate what causing it.
   3. Eliminate bacteria by using soap and water and proper hygiene. Cleanser, antibacterial
      cream, and any other medium that contain antibacterial properties, antibiotic capsules
      and medications sometimes are used for worse condition.
   4. To prevent clogging of the pores you can naturally exfoliate your skin through proper
      face washing or using products that makes the skin sheds off fast like astringent and
      Retin-A. Make sure to use proper protection like sun block and moisturizer because the
      skin tends to become thin and sensitive.
   5. In a worse case, like the situation of having acne, hormonal therapy is utilized to make
      the sebaceous gland less active that leads to decrease production of sebum.
   6. For the redness and infection, it can naturally go away or the doctor may prescribe
   7. Never squeeze unless trained to do so, this can spread the infection in deeper tissue and
      can aggravate the infection.
       You have to know your skin type if it’s oily, dry or both. I have oily dry skin, sounds ironic
       but yeah, you can have both. If your skin is dry you can use products like cream. But if
       you are oily type and use cream or moisturizer, you might end up having more pimples.
       If you are oily you can use products that don’t contain oil and are not heavy in the skin.
       If you are both, in my experience it’s better to leave nothing on the skin just use other
       form of products or medication. Like in my case instead of putting antibacterial cream,
       oral antibiotics are more potent.

       I really advice you to go to a good dermatologist so that she/he can recommend the
       best products and treatment for you problem based on her assessment.

Wish you beautiful face and beautiful life,

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