2010 Keynote Speakers by yaofenjin


SEPTEMBER 8 - 9, 2010

                                                                   www.WVBROWNFIELDS.com                                                               VOLUME 5, ISSUE 1

2010 Keynote Speakers                                                                 5th Annual West Virginia What is a Brownfield?
                                                                                      Brownfields Conference expansion, redevelopmentproperty, the
                                                                                                               Brownfields are real
                                                                                                                                       or reuse of
                                                                                         The West Virginia Brownfields Con-          which may be complicated by the pres-
                                                                                       ference is the statewide event that com-      ence or potential presence of a hazard-
                                                                                       bines exceptional educational programs        ous substance, pollutant or contami-
                                                                                       with outstanding networking opportu-          nant. Also includes petroleum sites,
                                                                                       nities between communities, develop-          mine-scarred land and the manufacture
                                                                                       ment professionals and service provid-        of illegal drugs.
                                                                                         The conference is hosted annually by
                                                                                       the WV Brownfields Assistance Cen-
                                                                                       ters at West Virginia University and
                                                                                       Marshall University in cooperation
                                                                                       with the West Virginia Department of
                                                                                       Environmental Protection, West Vir-
                                                                                       ginia Development Office, the Air and
Special Guest Speaker West Virginia Con-   Keynote Address by West Virginia State Sen- Waste Management Association as well
gresswoman Shelley Moore Capito will       ator Brooks McCabe will take place at 8:30 as event sponsors.
speak at lunch Thursday, September 9th     am Thursday, September 9th

FOCUS WV Program Enters its 3rd Year
   In 2008, the WV Northern Brown-         tion Planning.
fields Assistance Center at West Vir-         The FOCUS WV Program is split
ginia University, with support from the    into two one-year grants. In Stage I,
Benedum Foundation, created its Foun-      each community generates a concep-
dation for Overcoming Challenges and       tual design for redevelopment, as well
Utilizing Strengths (FOCUS) Brown-         as a community outreach plan to solicit
fields program. This program serves        input from affected stakeholders. These
to help communities cultivate and          outreach plans include, for example,
implement a redevelopment vision for       a public presentation of the award, as
brownfield properties of strategic com-    well as an incorporation of stakeholders
munity interest.                           in the visioning process.
   To date, the Northern WV Brown-            In August 2009, five of the first
fields Assistance Center has awarded       year’s projects were selected to receive
grants and assistance to 26 (15 first      $12,000 for Stage II: Site Design and
year, 11 second year) communities          Marketing Implementation.         These
throughout West Virginia that identified   projects were targeted toward creating
underutilized sites with prime locations   a site design and market implementa-
and development potential. These proj-     tion plan in order to bring the project    West Virginia State Senator Robert Plymale was a sponsor of Senate Bill 603 which established
ects were selected to receive $5000 for                                               the 2 State Brownfields Assistance Centers. He also shared his vision as a speaker at the
Stage I: Site Analysis and Revitaliza-       see FOCUS WV on PAGE 17                  2006, 2007 and 2008 Statewide Brownfields Conferences.

  INSIDE                                                                              Special Thanks to Conference Planning Committee
                                                                                      Teresa Buckland                        David Lieving                      Greg Tieman
 2 Conference Hosts                        9    Initiatives                            Catlin Buckley                         Don Martin                       Glenn Waldron
 3 Conference Sponsors                     11   Speakers                               George Carico                          Bill O’Brien                     Marlo Scruggs
 4 Exhibitors                              17   Brownopoly!!!                            Luke Elser                          Dave Saville                     Tamara Vandivort
 5 Session Summaries                       20   Agenda                                  Patrick Kirby                        Larry Sirinek
       2              HOSTS                                                                        BROWNFIELDS POST              SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

The West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Centers
  The West Virginia Brownfields As-         munity involvement as well as helping     plan and implement brownfields rede-
sistance Centers were created to pro-       communities with grant writing and le-    velopment projects.
mote economic development and envi-         veraging project funding.                   In an effort to provide comprehensive
ronmental and public health protection        Many small communities in rural         assistance to communities throughout
through innovative redevelopment of         West Virginia do not have the staff       West Virginia, the two centers coordi-
brownfield sites. The Centers pro-          or technical expertise to undertake       nate by producing state-wide confer-
mote and coordinate the development         brownfields redevelopment projects on     ences, collaborating on regional proj-        WV Department of
of brownfield property by providing         their own. The Northern and Southern      ects, and by sharing current brownfields   Environmental Protection
training and technical assistance, fa-      Brownfields Assistance Centers were       information.                                  The WVDEP manages the remedia-
cilitating site preparation efforts, com-   created to empower communities to                                                    tion of lands that are affected by con-
                                                                                      ports a Water Research Institute in each   tamination under the Division of Land
                                                                                      U.S. state and territory. The West Vir-    Restoration. The WVDEP Office of
                                                                                      ginia Water Research Institute has been    Environmental Remediation oversees
                                                                                      in existence since 1967 and has served     the State’s voluntary Remediation
                                                                                      as a statewide vehicle for performing      Program, assisting property owners in
                                                                                      research related to water issues.          identifying and addressing potential
                                                                                         WVWRI is the premier water research     contamination of brownfield property.
                                                                                      center in West Virginia and, within se-
   Center for Envionmental,
                                                                                      lected fields, an international leader.
   Geotechnical and Applied                                                           WVWRI serves as the coordinating
      Sciences (CEGAS)                                                                body for the following programs: the
                                                                                      National Mine Land Reclamation Cen-
   The West Virginia Brownfields As-                                                  ter, Appalachian Clean Streams Initia-
sistance Center at Marshall University,
located in Huntington, is housed within     Forty-Plus Years of                       tive, Acid Mine Drainage Technology
The Center for Environmental, Geo-             Water Research                         Initiative, Geo-Technical Center, West
                                                                                      Virginia Water Gaging Council, North-
                                                                                                                                 West Virginia Development
technical, and Applied Sciences (CE-          The Northern WV Brownfields As-
                                                                                      ern West Virginia Brownfields Assis-                 Office
GAS).                                       sistance Center is housed in the West                                                 As the State’s chief economic and
                                                                                      tance Center, and Hydrology Research
   CEGAS was established in May             Virginia Water Research Institute (WV                                              community development agency, the
1993 through a cooperative effort be-       WRI) at the National Research Center                                               WVDO improves the quality of life for
tween Marshall University the West          for Coal & Energy at West Virginia                                                 all West Virginians by strengthening
Virginia Graduate College, which have       University in Morgantown, WV.                                                      the State’s communities and growing
since merged.                                 Under Federal legislation, the United                                            its economy to expand, retain and cre-
   The goal of the center is to forge       States Geological Survey (USGS) sup-                                               ate more and better jobs.
close relationships among the busi-
ness community, higher education in-               Northern West Virginia
stitutions, and government agencies, in         Brownfields Assistance Center
technology-based endeavors.                                  at
                                                  West Virginia University
      West Virginia Brownfields                   Morgantown, WV 26506
         Assistance Center
                  at                               304-293-2867 ext 5459
        Marshall University                          (304) 293-7822 fax
       Huntington, WV 25755
                                            E-mail: Patrick.Kirby@mail.wvu.edu        US Environmental Protection Air & Waste Management
        Phone: (304) 696-3568                    www.wvbrownfields.org                     Agency Region 3         Association, WV Chapter
         Fax: (304) 696-5454                                                             EPA is a federal agency that aims to      The Air & Waste Management As-
                                                            Staff                     protect human health and the environ-      sociation is a non-profit, non-partisan
   E-mail: CEGAS@marshall.edu                      Patrick Kirby, Director            ment through a wide variety of pro-        professional organization that enhances
     www.wvbrownfields.org                      Tamara Vandivort, Program             grams. Under the Brownfields program,      knowledge and expertise by provid-
                                                        Administrator                 EPA provides technical and financial       ing a neutral forum for information
               Staff                            Luke Elser, Project Manager           assistance for community revitaliza-       exchange, professional development,
Dr. Tony Szwilski, CEGAS Director            Dave Saville, Outreach Coordinator       tion through an approach based on four     networking opportunities, public edu-
George Carico, Program Coordinator            Glenn Waldron, Special Events           main goals: protecting the environment,    cation and outreach. The Mission of
 Teresa Buckland, Development &                          Coordinator                  promoting partnerships, strengthening      AWMA is to assist in the professional
            Operations                       Catlin Buckley, Graphic Design &         the marketplace, and sustaining reuse.     development and critical environmen-
Randy Rutledge, Research Associate                   Web Development                  Region 3 serves the Mid-Atlantic States    tal decision-making of our members to
                                                                                      including West Virginia.                   benefit society.
                                             SPONSORS                                                                                                         3

       GOLD SPONSOR                         geotechnical and mining engineering
                                            and design, surveying and mapping,
                                                                                        have successfully completed thousands
                                                                                        of projects utilizing their expertise in
                                                                                                                                    scientists trained in hazardous materi-
                                                                                                                                    als management, industrial hygiene,
  Triad Engineering, Inc. (Triad) is a
dynamic employee-owned firm of en-          drilling and investigations, construction   Brownfields / Voluntary Remediation         ecological mitigation and delineation,
gineers and scientists who take pride       inspection, laboratory testing, and land-   Program (VRP) sites, Phase I and Phase      and mining-related services.
in providing practical solutions to meet    scape architecture, Triad can provide a     II environmental site assessments, wa-        For more information about Triad,
your project needs and exceed your ex-      true turnkey package – supporting cus-      ter quality testing, and EPA and state      please contact our offices in Morgan-
pectations. With multidisciplinary ser-     tomers from conception to completion        regulatory assessments. Triad currently     town and St. Albans, WV, Winchester
vices including environmental assess-       of their project efforts.                   has seven Licensed Remediation Spe-         and Ashburn, VA, Hagerstown, MD, or
ment, remediation and permitting, civil,      Since the firm’s inception in 1975,       cialists (LRSs) and five Professional       Greensburg, PA, or visit our website at
                                            Triad’s environmental professionals         Geologists (PGs) on staff, as well as       www.triadeng.com.

      SILVER SPONSOR                        assessment and cleanup grants and re-
                                            volving loan fund grants. The Firm’s
                                                                                              SILVER SPONSOR                        the sweltering heat of the Persian Gulf.
                                                                                                                                    Our scale and scope mean that whatever
   The Jackson Kelly PLLC Brown-                                                           Our shares are traded on the London
fields Practice Group has utilized its      attorneys serve as counsel to the South-    Stock Exchange, where the company           the territory or the technical challenges
experience and knowledge of environ-        ern West Virginia Brownfields Assis-        is included in the FTSE 100 index and       we face, we are well versed in deliver-
mental laws to complete many types          tance Center at Marshall University.        listed in the Oil Equipment and Servic-     ing safe and sustainable projects.
of redevelopment projects. The attor-                                                   es sector (LSE:AMEC).                         We believe that we can only grow and
                                              Jackson Kelly PLLC represents lead-                                                   succeed if we prioritise the long-term
neys at Jackson Kelly regularly provide                                                    With annual revenues of over £2.5
                                            ing global corporations, national com-                                                  interests of our customers and the com-
counsel to clients regarding remediation                                                billion, we have major operations in the
                                            panies, entrepreneurs and individuals                                                   munities in which we work.
and redevelopment projects under the                                                    UK and Americas and work interna-
                                            in areas of law such as environmental,                                                    Our Operational Excellence pro-
Federal Brownfields Program and the                                                     tionally for customers from the Arctic
                                            business, labor and employment, fed-                                                    gramme is helping us create a success-
West Virginia Voluntary Remediation                                                     to Australia, employing some 23,000
                                            eral and state workers’ compensation,                                                   ful, sustainable company for the long
& Redevelopment Program, including                                                      people in around 40 countries world-
                                            civil litigation and occupational safe-                                                 term and will be a major contributor to
review of loan documents, financing of                                                  wide. From scientists and environmen-
                                            ty and health. The firm has offices in                                                  AMEC delivering our margin target of
projects, negotiation of land use cov-                                                  tal consultants, to engineers and project
                                            Colorado, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, the                                                   8.5 per cent in 2010.
enants and certificates of completion                                                   managers, it is our people who drive
                                            District of Columbia and West Virginia.                                                   AMEC plc is registered in England
and advice regarding prospective pur-                                                   our success.
                                            Visit us online at www.jacksonkelly.                                                    No: 1675285 Registered office: Booths
chasers, institutional controls, windfall                                                  We work in diverse and often chal-
                                            com                                                                                     Park, Chelford Road, Knutsford,
liens, site assessments, All Appropriate                                                lenging environments, from sub-zero
Inquiry (AAI) Rule, risk assessments,                                                   temperatures in the north of Canada to      Cheshire, WA16 8QZ, UK.
        4             SPONSORS                                                                      BROWNFIELDS POST               SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

                                                                                                                 BRONZE SPONSORS

                                                                                         Tetra Tech is a leader in environmen-
      SILVER SPONSOR                        ployees working toward a common
                                            goal to complement each other to de-
                                                                                       tal and engineering services worldwide,
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  Terracon is a dynamic and grow-
                                            liver success for clients and employees.   on natural resources, infrastructure, and
ing employee-owned firm of consult-
                                            Our services are delivered on a timely     the environment.
ing engineers and scientists providing
multiple related service lines to clients   basis with consistently high value and
at local, regional and national levels.     attention to client needs. Terracon has                                                  Building on a tradition of excellence
Since 1965, Terracon has grown from a       consistently achieved growth above the                                                 in community banking that stretches
small Iowa geotechnical firm to a large,    industry average. This is evidenced by                                                 back to 1872, BB&T continues to of-
multifaceted national firm. With more       a current ranking of 41 in Engineering                                                 fer clients a complete range of financial
than 2,700 employees and more than          News-Record’s 2010 listing of the Top                                                  services including banking, lending,
                                            500 Design Firms, as compared to a           KU Resources, Inc. provides a full
100 offices nationwide, Terracon has                                                   range of environmental management           insurance, trust, and wealth manage-
the resources of a large firm with the      ranking of 103 in 1995.                                                                ment solutions. We invite you to learn
                                                                                       and site development engineering ser-
atmosphere of a small one. This growth                                                 vices to industrial, commercial, and        more about us, our company, and our
is the result of talented, dedicated em-                                               communicty-based clients                    philosophy.

                        • Triad Engineering                                                                 • Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.
                                • AMEC                                                     • Wes-Mon-Ty Resource Conservation & Development
                              • Terracon                                                                             Project, Inc
                             • Tetra Tech                                                              • Coal Heritage Highway Authority
                                • BB&T                                                   • Upper Guyandotte Watershed Association, Inc. (UGWA)
                           • Terradon Corp                                                • Central Appalachia Empowerment Zone (CAEZ) of WV
                • Veolia ES Technical Solutions                                                                • City of Parkersburg
        • Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc                                            • Morris Creek Watershed Association (MCWA)
                     • Hull & Associates, Inc                                                         • Friends of Deckers Creek (FODC)
             • Integrated Analytical Laboratories                                       • Webster County Economic Development Authority (EDA)
             • Environmental Field Support, LLC                                                          • Shepherdstown Public Library
                         • Burgess & Niple                                                                        • Town of Ansted
                     • SRA International, Inc                                           • Wastewater Treatment Coalition of McDowell County, Inc
                      • Friends of the Cheat                                                • Brooke-Hancock Regional Planning & Development
                   • Friends of Deckers Creek                                                                    Council (BHJMPC)
           • Rowlesburg Revitalization Committee                                                                       • ICMA
                          • City of Ranson:                                                    • Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
                       • City of Morgantown                                                                        • Region III EPA
                        • City of Shinnston                                                    • West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Centers
  • Marion County Redevelopmen Authority: Owens Illinios                                           • Air and Waste Management Association
                         • City of Wheeling
                                                  SESSIONS                                                                                    5
          Wednesday, September 8                                           2010 FOCUS WV Brownfields Showcase
                1:00 pm - 1:30 pm
       SHOWCASE Kick-off & Project Introductions
                                Welcome                                        Welcome and Presentation of 2010 FOCUS projects including: (a) project name,
  Patrick Kirby - Director, Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center                  (b) grantee, (c) lessons learned, (d) success, (d) next steps

                          Project Introductions
     Luke Elser, Project Manager - FOCUS WV Brownfields Program

                          1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
                Chairman of the (Brownopoly!) Board                                                         HOW TO PLAY
              Luke Elser, FOCUS WV Program Coordinator                          One representative from each FOCUS project will be at their exhibit,
                                                                              which will serve as one stop along the Brownopoly!! game board. This
                 BROWNOPOLY! DIRECTIONS                                       representative will pitch their project by summarizing its history and end
                                                                              goals of their redevelopment plan, including work done during the FOCUS
                                 OBJECT                                       year. They will also answer questions from the participants on topics
  With the WV Brownfields Assistance Centers, your community can              including community engagement, sustainable practices, and how the
win big! Unlike most board games where one player attempts to win out                                 project leveraged resources.
over others, the object of Brownopoly!! is to create a better situation for
                                everyone.                                                                        Attendees
                               THE BANK                                         You are the players! Start at the property whose title deed you were given
  All attendees remember that you can vote with your Brownopoly!!             at registration. After 12 minutes of listening to the community pitch their
money for awards. Use this time to either market your project, or ask tough   project, and you asking them difficult questions, someone will roll the die,
questions guided by award titles. Awards include: Most Creative Display,      indicating how many property “spaces” you should advance CLOCKWISE
Most creative Community Engagement, Finalcial Resourcefulness and                  around the room/game board. You will have three rounds of this.
                          COMMUNITY CHEST
         Guidance for Decision Enhancer Tool and other resources.

             3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
   BYOB Panel (Bring Your Own Brownfield)
   Patrick Kirby, Director, Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center                                             Description
                                                                                The Bring Your Own Brownfields Workshop is intended to be an informal
                                                                              brainstorming session involving a panel of community and economic development
                                                                              experts from various agencies and organization to help move your brownfields
                  Mary Hunt-Lieving - Benedum Foundation
                                                                              project forward. This year the FOCUS 2009 Stage 2 Winners will be presenting
           Joe Nowak - Region 3 Environmental Protection Agency
                                                                                          their projects to an expert panel to see where to go next.
                    LaReta Lowther - WesBanco Bank, Inc.
           Don Martin - WV Department of Environment Protection
         Pete Minter - Department of Housing and Urban Development
               Joseph Brouse - Natural Capital Investmnet Fund
                             Maja Holmes - WVU
                    Craig Kasper - Hull and Associates Inc.
              5:00 pm - 5:30 pm                                                         Tips for overcoming challenges in the redevelopment process
    Keynote Address and Showcase Awards
        Christy Bailey, Executive Director - National Coal Heritage Area

                    Redevelopment Reception                                              The state’s premiere brownfields power networking event.
   6             SESSIONS                                                              BROWNFIELDS POST              SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

                          Thursday, September 9                                     Session Summaries
                     9:00 am – 10:15 am
                     Brownfields Update                                                                       Description
                                                                            General overview of brownfield basics, with updates on new developments and
                        “What’s New?” &                                   assistance provided by the WV Brownfield Assistance Centers. This is a “must
              Targeted Brownfields Assessment Review                      attend” session for attendees new to brownfields, or for attendees needing a
                                                                          brownfields refresher session. The session will include an extended review of one
                            Moderator                                     type of brownfield assessment grant called, “Targeted Brownfield Assessments,”
George Carico - WV Brownfields Assistance Center at Marshall University   or TBA’s, and will include a case study from a current West Virginia TBA project
                                                                                             (former Ansted High School, Ansted, WV).
                  Pete Hobbs - Mayor of Ansted, WV

                    9:00 am – 10:15 am
                  A Lender’s Perspective
                        Financing Your Project
                            Moderator                                       A round table of lenders will discuss the current market for realestate and
                     Tom Heywood - Bowles Rice                            brownfield redevelopment. The discussion will focus on what steps and project
                                                                                     characteristics are needed to get funded in today’s market.
                       Peter Dollander - BB&T
                         Bob Boder - BB&T
                    Tom Bailey - Fifth Third Bank
  Craig O’Leary - Regional Economic Development Partnership (RED)
                William Rish - Hull & Associates, Inc.

                   9:00 am - 10:15 am                                                                          Description
               Licensened Remediation                                       A critical objective of the West Virginia Voluntary Remediation Program (WV-
           Specialist Training Data Validation                            VRP) is that field and laboratory analytical data be collected, managed, and
                                                                          validated in a manner to meet not only the requirements of the legislative rule, but
                                                                          also the expectations of the WVDEP and the public. Under the WV-VRP, a primary
                                                                          means to achieve this objective is the requirement for the LRS’s to prepare and
    Dr. Larry Sirinek - WVDEP Office of Environmental Remediation
                                                                          implement a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), which includes data QA/
                                                                          QC and that a minimum of 10% of the data be validated. This year’s LRS session
                                                                          will focus on what should be included in a QAPP and what constitutes proper
      Ruth Porter - WVDEP Office of Environmental Remediation
                                                                          data QA/QC, management, and validation, from the perspective of the WVDEP,
                    Lydia Work - Triad Engineering
                                                                                                        laboratories, and LRS’s.
                  Julie Szymanek - Triad Engineering

            10:45 am -Noon
  EPA Region III Grant Writing Workshop
             EPA Brownfield Clean-Up Grants                                                                  Description
                                                                            Last year’s conference devoted a full session to applying for EPA brownfield
                                                                          assessment grants. This year the EPA Region III representatives will be reviewing
    Teresa Buckland - Marshall University Center for Environmental,
                                                                          procedures on applying for EPA brownfield clean-up grants, and will include a
             Geotechnical and Applied Sciences (CEGAS)
                                                                          case study from a recently completed EPA-funded West Virginia clean-up project
                                                                                           (Barboursville Brickyard, Barboursville, WV).
 Stephanie Branch - EPA Region III Brownfields and Land Revitalization
    Felicia Fred - EPA Region III Brownfields and Land Revitalization
                                                SESSIONS                                                                                           7
                  Thursday, September 9                                     Session Summaries (continued)
                    10:45 am - Noon
            Renewable Energy Research &
       Potential Economic Impact on Brownfields
                                Moderator                                     Browfields are being targeted for potential renewable energy applications all
               Jeff Wood - West Virginia Division of Energy,                across the country, including in West Virginia. This session will discuss on-
               Office of Coalfield Community Development                    going research and related activities regarding solar, wind, and bio-mass energy
                                                                            production. Completed evaluation studies and on-going site research updates will
                                   Speakers                                  be reviewed, including former chemical plant sites and surface mine properties.
        Lars Lissel - USDOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory
   Christine Risch - Marshall University Center for Business and Economic
                      Steve Giles - Hull & Associates Inc.

                      10:45 am - Noon                                         A critical objective of the West Virginia Voluntary Remediation Program (WV-
                                                                            VRP) is that field and laboratory analytical data be collected, managed, and
                  Licensed Remediation                                      validated in a manner to meet not only the requirements of the legislative rule, but
            Specialist Training – Data Validation                           also the expectations of the WVDEP and the public. Under the WV-VRP, a primary
                                                                            means to achieve this objective is the requirement for the LRS’s to prepare and
                               Moderator                                    implement a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), which includes data QA/
      Dr. Larry Sirinek - WVDEP Office of Environmental Remediation         QC and that a minimum of 10% of the data be validated. This year’s LRS session
                                                                            will focus on what should be included in a QAPP and what constitutes proper
                               Speaker                                      data QA/QC, management, and validation, from the perspective of the WVDEP,
                       Drew Lausch - EPA Region 3                                                         laboratories, and LRS’s.

                   1:15 pm - 2:45 pm
                Vacant Properties Forum                                                                          Description
                                                                              Most communities in the region have experienced population reductions in
              Blight, Brownfields and Bulldozers                            recent years. As a result, communities are experiencing extensive problems with
                                                                            abandoned / vacant housing and building issues. This forum will present multiple
                               Moderator                                    facets of the problem, with resources and potential solutions, including “right-
                      George Carico, Coordinator                            sizing” planning strategies and a vacant properties toolkit designed specifically for
          WV Brownfields Assistance Center at Marshall University           West Virginia communities. At least one West Virginia case study will be included
                                                                                                 in the proceedings (City of Huntington).
                           Marlo Scruggs - BB&T
                     Heather Napier - Triad Engineering
              Josie Cuda - WV Community Development HUB

               1:15 pm - 2:45 pm
     State and Federal Regulatory Updates
                    CERCLA/RCRA MOAs,                                                                          Decsription
                  WV Land Stewardship Trust,                                  The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection - Division of Land
                                                                            Restoration will be providing a review of various brownfield-related updates and
                  DEP Rail-to Trail Guidance
                                                                            new developments within their program and how these changes may affect future
                              Moderator                                               brownfield remediation strategies and redevelopment plans.
                   Gale Lea Rubrecht - Jackson & Kelly

            Ken Ellison - WVDEP, Division of Land Restoration
                       Denise Chamberlain - Arcadis
    8            SESSIONS                                                         BROWNFIELDS POST          SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

                Thursday, September 9                                 Session Summaries (continued)
                    1:15 pm - 2:45 pm
                 Brownfield Case Studies
                   Reinventing Country Roads
                                                                         West Virginia Communities will share how they have successfully
                                                                           maneuvered the curvy road through brownfield redevelopment.
                                                                      Redevelopment stories will range from the southern coalfields to growing
          Stephanie Timmermeyer - Timmermeyer PLLC
                                                                       areas in the north and east of the state. No one says success is easy or
                                                                      quick…but come learn the steps that will help you begin the journey, and
                                                                                      what pitfalls you may face along the way.
                  Dave Mills - City of Ranson
Peni Adams - Wastewater Treatment Coalition of McDowell County
       Tom Rebar - Core Environmental, Quality Glass site
   Todd Kelvington - Thrasher Engineering, Fostoria Glass site

                   3:15 pm - 4:45 pm                                                                  Description
          Vacant Properties Forum (continued)                          Most communities in the region have experienced population reductions
                                                                        in recent years. As a result, communities are experiencing extensive
                          Moderator                                     problems with abandoned / vacant housing and building issues. This
                 George Carico - Coordinator                            forum will present multiple facets of the problem, with resources and
     WV Brownfields Assistance Center at Marshall University             potential solutions, including “right-sizing” planning strategies and
                                                                          a vacant properties toolkit designed specifically for West Virginia
                             Speakers                                 communities. At least one West Virginia case study will be included in the
                      Marlo Scruggs - BB&T                                                proceedings (City of Huntington).
                Hessie Crislip - City of Huntington
         Josie Cuda - WV Community Development HUB

                   3:15 pm – 4:45 pm
                A Developer’s Perspective
                     West Virginia’s Tool Box
                              Moderator                               In this interactive session, come see the redevelopment process in action.
Patrick Kirby, Director - Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center      Experts will illustrate the tools available for redevelopment in West
               Nicole Henderson - Sra International
               Noah Merkham - Arcland Group LLC
               Greg Tieman - Acacia Environmental

                  3:15 pm – 4:45pm
           Jobs: A Brownfield’s Perspective                                                            Description
                                                                      In this economic downturn, for any project the case must be made for jobs,
                          Moderator                                      jobs, jobs. This session will make the case that WV brownfields jobs
                  Dave Parker - WVU Extension                           provided positive economic impact to our local communities. Panelists
                                                                        will share resources on job training program funding and strategies for
                            Speakers                                                  capitalizing on brownfield job opportunities.
                Ron Gaydos - MOVE IT Founder
             Evans Paull - Redevelopment Economics
                Tom Brown - Raze International
Alternative Energy Research Continues West Virginia Voluntary Land
          on Brownfields Sites        Stewardship Program Initiative
                SOLAR                                      WIND                            In February 2009, the West Virginia      additional sites into the program. The
   West Virginia has long been known          The West Virginia Brownfields As-         Department of Environmental Protec-         program will be available for sites with
for its extensive energy production.       sistance Center at Marshall University,      tion (WVDEP) established the WV             IECs remediated or closed under any
Coal and natural gas have played sig-      as part of the Center for Environmen-        Institutional Controls Focus Group (IC      federal or State environmental or re-
nificant roles in the shaping of our na-   tal, Geotechnical and Applied Sciences       Focus Group) to provide an indepen-         mediation program, including brown-
tion. As new fossil fuel and alternative   (CEGAS) has successfully began ex-           dent perspective to WVDEP about the         fields, underground storage tanks, land-
energy forms are being developed, so-      tensive wind analysis data collection on     feasibility of utilizing a public-private   fill closures, open dumps, hazardous
lar energy has not been viewed as hav-     surface mine properties in WV. Fund-         land stewardship program for the long-      waste sites, or sites with ongoing water
ing significant value in West Virginia.    ing for this important research project      term safeguarding of remediated sites       treatment as part of mine reclamation
Recent studies have indicated that so-     came jointly from the West Virginia Di-      using institutional controls (ICs) and      efforts. More detailed information is
lar, while not expected to be a major      vision of Energy and the Appalachian         engineering controls (ECs) (collec-         available in the WV Institutional Con-
energy source in the region, may have      Regional Commission. Sonic Detec-            tively, IECs) to ensure that the remedy     trols Focus Group Interim Report dated
value if generated from marginal lands.    tion and Ranging (SODAR) equipment           remains protective of human health and      September 9, 2010.
Lands that have minimal value due to       is being utilized, which is the latest and   the environment. The IC Focus Group            The voluntary stewardship program
past use and present conditions are now    most innovative method available for         includes representatives from the WV        will consist of four (4) service com-
being evaluated for potential solar en-    wind analysis related to feasibility stud-   Manufacturers Association, WV Cham-         ponents: 1) tracking, 2) inspecting, 3)
ergy development. The EPAs Repow-          ies for commercial or community wind         ber of Commerce, WV Coal Associa-           maintaining, and 4) notifying services
ering America Program has selected         power generation.                            tion, WV Development Office, FMC            for sites with IECs. The objective is
the Nitro, WV area as a study project to                                                Corporation, Dow Chemical Company,          to create a comprehensive oversight
evaluate solar energy’s potential.            An active surface mine operation,         U.S. EPA and the Center for Business        framework that protects these remedies
                                           operated by International Coal Group         and Economic Research (CBER) at             and provides the public with a dedi-
   The West Virginia Brownfields As-       in Webster County near the town of           Marshall University. The Center for         cated entity whose primary mission is
sistance Center at Marshall University     Cowan, has been selected as the first        Environmental, Geotechnical and Ap-         to furnish a central web-based source
compiled and submitted this proposal       site for wind analysis. Personnel from       plied Sciences (CEGAS) at Marshall          of IEC information on land-use restric-
through the EPA Region III Brown-          CEGAS installed the SODAR equip-             University and ARCADIS U.S., Inc.           tions, and inspect, monitor and provide
field Program office. This proposal was    ment at the site in May of 2010, and         are part of the working group that is       other remedy protection and mainte-
based on site inventory work conducted     plans to leave the unit at this location     leading this government and business        nance services. This comprehensive
as part of an ongoing EPA brownfield       for several months for data collection.      partnership effort.                         approach will protect human health
assessment project by the City of Ni-      “Surface mine sites could be a valuable         The primary outcomes of this ini-        and the environment and further facili-
tro. The Nitro solar evaluation project    resource for future renewable energy         tiative will be recommendations and         tate the reuse and redevelopment of the
is 1 of 13 nationwide projects selected    production,” said Jeff Wood, Energy          pre-implementation activities concern-      formerly used commercial, industrial,
by EPA headquarters and will be per-       Development Specialist with the West         ing the structure and operation of the      or mining sites. Also it will provide the
formed in partnership with the Depart-     Virginia Division of Energy. While           voluntary land stewardship program.         public with easy access to site and en-
ment of Energy’s National Renewable        International Coal Group is currently        To date, this effort has resulted in an     vironmental information, for assurance
Energy Laboratory (NREL). This study       mining in one area, the SODAR unit is        agreed organizational structure, site ac-   that the sites will remain protective,
will determine the potential solar en-     collecting valuable data from a nearby       ceptance criteria and procedures, model     and facilitate further economic devel-
ergy that can be generated from aban-      reclaimed ridge top. After it has been       agreements, as well as approaches to        opment and reuse opportunities.
doned and underutilized properties cur-    determined that sufficient data has been     inspection, monitoring, reporting and          When the voluntary land stewardship
rently existing in the Nitro area. This    obtained from this site, the SODAR           notice.                                     program is implemented, remediation
study will be useful for the Nitro area    unit will be moved to another surface           Beginning later this year, several       parties and site owners of remediated
and will serve as a base study for much    mine location, the location still to be      pilot projects will be conducted to         sites will have the option, for a fee, to
of central and southern West Virginia.     determined, for the next study.              demonstrate, strengthen and refine the      participate in this program. Potentially
                                                                                        proposed program. The pilot sites in-       responsible parties will not be transfer-
                                                                                        clude sites from the State Voluntary        ring their environmental liabilities, but
                                                                                        Remediation Program (VRP) and com-          will have an effective risk-management
                                                                                        pleting corrective-action under the Re-     mechanism to keep IEC sites protected.
                                                                                        source Conservation and Recovery Act           A comprehensive voluntary land
                                                                                        (RCRA). In addition, financial analysis     stewardship program will increase the
                                                                                        will be conducted to ensure the design      supervision and substantially enhance
                                                                                        of a viable entity with the necessary       federal and State regulators’ oversight
                                                                                        safeguards and standards needed for a       of these sites, and thus strengthen and
                                                                                        permanent perpetual-care solution. Ap-      supplement the regulatory agencies’
                                                                                        proximately a year after the pilots are     ability to assure themselves, the State
                                                                                        implemented, the voluntary land stew-       and the public that these remedies re-
                                                                                        ardship program will begin to offer its
Detail of south facing solar array         SODAR unit in operation at ICG’s Cowan       services to the public and will accept
                                           surface mine complex                                                                     see STEWARDSHIP on PAGE 10
     10                NEWS                                                                          BROWNFIELDS POST               SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

Decision Enhancer Tool is Useful Resource for Redevelopment
   The Decision Enhancer Tool is a re-           The Land Use Decision Enhancer         ble land use options, users will consider   allows communities to perform a quick
source to help facilitate the redevelop-     Tool is part of a three-stage planning     the potential land use options and de-      evaluation of the viability of a reuse op-
ment of underutilized and/or abandoned       process for developing sites:              velop a conceptual site plan that identi-   tion on a site. It is recommended that
properties that may be contaminated in         • Land Use Decision Enhancer Tool:       fies the size, scope and characteristics    multiple reuse scenarios, or concepts,
West Virginia’s communities. The Tool        The Tool is a dynamic spreadsheet-         of a potential development. The final       be evaluated for financial feasibility.
can help local governments, communi-         based resource that supports the evalu-    output of this phase is referred to as a       Each community and redevelopment
ty groups, and development authorities       ation of reuse options for sites under-    redevelopment concept.                      site in West Virginia is unique and not
consider land reuse options and think        going revitalization. By collecting           • Financial Feasibility Analysis: Pro    all sites are at the same stage in the re-
about future uses for complex sites that     community and site-specific data in a      Forma: The final phase of the site reuse    development process. This Tool has
are economically and environmentally         comprehensive and organized way, the       planning process is to perform a simple     been developed to encourage commu-
sustainable.                                 Land Use Decision Enhancer Tool pro-       pro forma or financial feasibility analy-   nity discussion, professional planning
   The information gathered through the      vides guidance to communities about        sis on the selected redevelopment con-      and sound decision making. Com-
use of the Tool will help its users assess   what to consider when identifying po-      cept to determine the potential financial   munities can use this process to gain a
the strengths and weakness of particu-       tential reuse options for a site.          feasibility of a real estate project. The   better understanding of each property’s
lar parcels of land and prepare proac-         • Redevelopment Planning Exercise:       pro forma provided in this Land Use         potential and the factors affecting its re-
tive strategies that lead to productive      After using the Land Use Decision En-      Decision Enhancer Tool is a simplified      development.
redevelopment of these properties.           hancer Tool to identify potentially via-   “back-of-the envelope” worksheet that

What Types of Grants Does the EPA Provide?                                                   STEWARDSHIP
   Site Assessment: Funding to inven-                                                      Continued from PAGE 9
tory, characterize, assess and plan at                                                  main protective. Participating parties
brownfield sites.                            EPA IS CURRENTLY ACCEPTING                 will have an effective method to ensure       For more information contact:
   Cleanup Grants: Funding to pay for             GRANT APPLICATIONS                    that IECs remain in place and that new        Ken Ellison, Director, Division of
site-specific cleanup.                             DUE OCTOBER 15, 2010                 owners and tenants are aware of the re-     Land Restoration
   Cleanup Loan Funds (RLF): Fund-           Contact The Brownfields Assistance         quirements as future property transfers       WV Department of Environmental
ing to establish a revolving fund to pro-          Centers for More Details             occur. This program, created with a         Protection
vide no/low interest loans or subgrants                                                 viable nonprofit entity whose primary         (304) 926-0499 Ext. 1263
to pay for site cleanup.                                                                mission is to protect IEC sites, provides
   Job Training: Funding for environ-                                                   many benefits to a number of parties as
mental job training programs.                                                           reflected in the table on page 2:
                                                SPEAKERS                                                                                                     11
BIOGRAPHIES                                 Title III Enforcement Manager, RCRA
                                            National Lead Region Coordinator, Ur-
                                            ban Smart Growth Coordinator, and a
                                                                                         security of our service men and women.
                                                                                           In her push for energy independence
                                                                                         she has argued that West Virginia’s coal
                                                                                                                                     private side, enjoys hunting and fish-
                                                                                                                                     ing, and spending time with wife and
          PENI ADAMS                        Virginia Congressional & State Liai-         reserves must play a part in an all-of-
   Peni Adams graduated from Concord
                                            son Officer. She holds degrees from
                                            Indiana University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                         the-above solution to our nation’s en-
                                                                                         ergy needs. She’s introduced legislation
                                                                                                                                     DENISE K. CHAMBERLAIN
College in 1986 with a BS in Business                                                                                                   Denise K. Chamberlain is the Direc-
                                            (BS - Environmental Science) and the         to jump-start investment in clean coal      tor of Risk Management of ARCADIS
Administration, Accounting concentra-       University of Delaware (MS – Marine          technology and joined with a bipartisan
tion. Earned CPA license in 1990 and                                                                                                 G&M Inc., and offers more than 20
                                            Studies).                                    coalition of Republicans and Democrats      years of experience in the areas of en-
worked in accounting for a number of                                                     to introduce a comprehensive energy
years. Worked as a field representa-                                                                                                 vironmental law, environmental regula-
tive for Secretary of State Betty Ireland             JOE BROUSE                         plan to expand domestic energy explo-
                                                                                         ration and invest billions in alternative
                                                                                                                                     tions and property redevelopment pro-
from 2005-2009. Became the Execu-              Joe Brouse is a business lender for                                                   grams. Throughout her career, she has
                                            Natural Capital Investment Fund.             energy resources, clean coal technol-       advised business, federal, state and lo-
tive Director of the Wastewater Treat-                                                   ogy, and environmental restoration.
ment Coalition of McDowell County in        NCIF is a non profit dedicated to debt                                                   cal government representatives, as well
                                            and equity financing for sustainable           Capito has also been a strong voice       as communities about environmental
March 2009. Peni is married to Chris                                                     for healthcare accessibility and af-
Adams and are the proud parents of          business development. Joe was a Vice                                                     cleanup and redevelopment programs
                                            President for Bank One and BB&T and          fordability, particularly in rural areas.   so they can benefit by using elements
two sons, Branden and Dylan.                                                             Throughout her career she has been a
                                            is a resident of Beckley. He isa gradu-                                                  such as funding, tax incentives, buyer/
                                            ate of Concord College and also serves       strong supporter of the State Children’s    seller agreements, public outreach,
       ROBERT BODER                         as chairman of The New River Com-            Health Insurance Program and played
                                                                                         an integral role in creating the Medi-
                                                                                                                                     structured phases of remediation, envi-
  Robert Boder graduated from West          munity and Technical College Founda-                                                     ronmental insurance, institutional con-
Virginia University in 1973 with a BS       tion Board.                                  care prescription drug program which        trols and other financial and technical
in Mechanical Engineering and started                                                    benefits thousands of West Virginians.      mechanisms to redevelop properties.
                                                                                         Previously the Vice Co-Chairwoman of
his working career in the steel industry.
After moving to Charleston West Vir-
                                                    REP. SHELLEY                         the House Prescription Drug Taskforce,
                                                                                                                                        Prior to joining ARCADIS, Denise
                                                                                                                                     was Principal and Senior Environmen-
ginia Mr. Boder transitioned to banking             MOORE CAPITO                         she now serves as the Co-Chair of the       tal Counsel at SRA International where
with Charleston Federal Savings and            Rep. Shelley Moore Capito proudly         Long-Term Care Caucus where she             she advised senior EPA officials on key
Loan in 1982. Charleston Federal be-        serves the people of West Virginia’s         continues her work to support health-       Brownfield, Superfund and financial re-
came Magnet Bank which was acquired         Second Congressional District in the         care issues important to West Virginia      lated policies and projects. Previously,
by Atlantic Financial Federal which         111th Congress, where she represents         seniors.                                    she was appointed Deputy Secretary of
was purchased by One Valley Bank in         a diverse constituency stretching from         With such a large population of veter-    Air, Recycling and Radiation Protec-
1991 which merged into Branch Bank-         the Ohio River Valley through the            ans in West Virginia, Capito is commit-     tion for the Pennsylvania Department
ing and Trust Company in 2000.              state’s eastern panhandle. Capito is a       ted to improving the support structure      of Environmental Protection (PA DEP).
  As a business development officer         former member of the West Virginia           for our service men and women. She          As part of a core executive team, De-
and relationship manager in with the        House of Delegates and a committed           strongly supported the new GI Bill that     nise developed the Pennsylvania Land
commercial banking department at            public servant who prides herself on         will provide enhanced educational ben-      Recycling Program, a comprehensive
BB&T, Mr. Boder works with small to         being approachable and accessible to         efits to our nation’s younger veterans,     brownfields program that was selected
corporate sized clients to provide finan-   her constituents. She is currently the       and she has been a consistent voice in      by the Ford Foundation and Harvard
cial services to support a their business   only Republican and the only woman in        the push for improved healthcare acces-     University, Kennedy School of Gov-
operations.                                 West Virginia’s congressional delega-        sibility for veterans in rural states.      ernment as the Top Ten Innovations In
  Mr. Boder is married to Daphne            tion. Capito serves on the House Finan-                                                  Government Award Winner, 1997, and
and they have 3 grown children. In          cial Services Committee as the Rank-               GEORGE CARICO                         recognized, in April 2002, as one of
his spare time he enjoys backpacking,       ing Member on the Subcommittee for              Currently Environmental Specialist       the 15 best programs honored since the
swimming and reading.                       Housing and Community Opportunity,           for 14 years at Marshall University’s       award’s creation in 1986.
                                            where she’s worked across the aisle to       Center for Environmental, Geotechni-           Denise has worked with mayors,
                                            stem the tide of home foreclosures. She      cal and Applied Sciences (CEGAS);           chambers of commerce representa-
   STEPHANIE BRANCHE                        also sits on the House Committee on          and Program Coordinator since 2005          tives, environmental groups, lenders,
   Stephanie Branche is an environmen-      Transportation and Infrastructure - the      of the West Virginia Brownfield As-         and economic development and envi-
tal scientist who works for the US EPA,     panel which will direct important high-      sistance Center at Marshall University;     ronmental agencies in states and com-
Region III in Philadelphia as a Brown-      way legislation during the 111th Con-        B.S. Geology 1985, Marshall Univer-         munities such as: District of Columbia,
field Project Manager. Ms. Branche          gress - and on the House Select Com-         sity, Registered Professional Geologist     Kentucky, Iowa, Virginia, New York,
has been with the agency for over two       mittee on Energy Independence and            since 1992; Over 20 years experience        and other mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes
decades. (She started working when          Global Warming.                              in environmental consulting, including      states. For specific redevelopment
she was 10) Stephanie has extensive            With her record of bipartisan coop-       environmental site assessments, reme-       projects, end uses include commercial,
environmental experience. She has           eration, she strongly believes that the      diation design / implementation / oper-     office, residential, recreational and park
worked as: Marine Scientist - RCRA,         challenges of our day demand biparti-        ation, abandoned mine-land geotechni-       developments. Most notably, Denise
Small Quantity Generator Program            san solutions. With that spirit in mind,     cal and environmental studies, building     worked with Bethlehem Steel and local
Manager, Underground Storage Tank           she has been an advocate for a range of      and highway geotechnical construc-          community representatives to redevel-
Program Manager, RCRA State Grant           policies that directly impact her constit-   tion, and environmental management          op the nation’s largest brownfield site,
Manager, RCRA Permit Writer, Re-            uents, including energy independence,        consultation for private businesses and
gion III’s Asbestos Coordinator, SARA       quality healthcare and the safety and        various government entities. On the             CONTINUED on PAGE 12
     12               SPEAKERS                                                                       BROWNFIELDS POST               SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

     BIOGRAPHIES                           Achieving Excellence in Community
                                                                                        EPA for 20 years serving in many posi-
                                                                                        tions. Currently she is a Project Man-
                                                                                                                                    als, chemicals, and biotech/biosciences
  Continued from PAGE 11                                                                ager in the Brownfields and Land Re-
a 1,800-acre site, into a multi-purpose         PETER DOLLANDER                         vitalization Branch where she provides
                                                                                        technical assistance, guidance and sup-
                                                                                                                                              STEVE GILES
development that is an EPA national           Peter Dollander is an Environmental                                                      Steve Giles possesses extensive
                                           Risk Officer in the Environmental Risk       port on 12 Brownfields projects. She        business development and financial
model for redevelopment.                                                                has held positions in the Water Protec-
   Prior to joining PA DEP, Denise was     Management Department at Branch                                                          experience. He has nearly 25 years of
                                           Banking & Trust (BB&T). He is re-            tion and in the Hazardous Site Cleanup      experience in the energy industry en-
an Associate Counsel & Vice President                                                   Divisions. Before beginning her career
at Mellon Bank, N.A. practicing in the     sponsible for evaluating and manag-                                                      compassing a wide range business de-
                                           ing environmental risk in conjunction        at EPA she worked as a Disease Inter-       velopment activities including, project
areas of brownfields and environmen-                                                    vention Specialists for the Centers for
tal law, business lending, corporate       with residential/commercial real estate                                                  development and corporate mergers
                                           transactions. Duties include review of       Disease Control. She has Master’s De-       & acquisitions. Steve’s experience in-
bankruptcy, and foreclosure. During                                                     gree from Penn State University and
her tenure at Mellon Bank, Denise          environmental assessments (Phase I/                                                      cludes developing electric generation
                                           II ESAs, etc.) while keeping constant        earned her undergraduate degree from        and distribution projects in the Unit-
worked with a team to develop a na-                                                     Indiana University of PA. In her spare
tionally recognized environmental risk     communication with loan officers, bank                                                   ed State and internationally. He has
                                           clients, consultants, attorneys and regu-    time she likes travel, read, entertain      worked in the energy markets of Eu-
management program for the financial                                                    family and friends at home.
institution, with $39 billion in assets,   lators in an effort to properly assess en-                                               rope, Asia and South America.
to substantially reduce the risks of en-   vironmental risk.                                                                           He is currently focused on develop-
vironmental liability while developing        Mr. Dollander has over five years of          RONALD S. GAYDOS                        ing solar, wind and biogas projects in
methods to maintain or increase busi-      experience in the environmental risk            Mr. Gaydos is a former teacher, busi-    the Midwest markets.
ness, and finance the redevelopment of     management field and was previously          nessman in construction and commu-             Steve holds a Bachelor of Science,
hundreds of brownfield properties.         employed by Regions Financial Corpo-         nity development, and economic de-          double major in Accounting and Fi-
   Denise is the Executive Chair and       ration, where he managed the Environ-        velopment project manager in county         nance, and a Master of Science in Busi-
creator of The Phoenix Awards™,            mental Risk Management Department’s          government. A graduate of the Univer-       ness Administration from the Univer-
served on the Board of Directors of        special assets (problem loan) portfolio.     sity of Pittsburgh and the Heinz College    sity of Dayton.
the National Brownfields Association,      Prior to joining Regions, Mr. Dollander      at Carnegie Mellon University, he has
chaired an American Bar Association        worked as a Project Manager for Ter-
                                           racon, a consulting engineering firm.
                                                                                        had leadership roles in several develop-
                                                                                        ment projects during his tenure at the
                                                                                                                                        NICOLE HENDERSON
Lender Environmental Committee, and                                                                                                    Ms. Henderson has more than nine
co-founded the Environmental Bankers       Responsibilities included performing         Allegheny County Department of Eco-         years of experience in environmental
Association, an international banking      Phase I and Phase II ESAs, oversight         nomic Development.                          communications. At SRA, Ms. Hender-
trade association.                         of UST removals, asbestos inspections,          As Vice President for Community          son has supported projects involving
                                           mold investigations and various other        and Economic Development at Heri-           brownfields, Superfund, RCRA, Fed-
         MARY J. CUDA                      environmentally-related assessments,
                                           investigations and remediation activi-
                                                                                        tage Community Initiatives, he direct-
                                                                                        ed a training program funded by the
                                                                                                                                    eral Facility, and Underground Storage
  Mary J. (Josie) Cuda is a consultant                                                                                              Tank issues. Ms. Henderson provides
                                           ties.                                        US Environmental Protection Agency          communication and outreach support,
who most recently served as a coach for                                                 known as “Mon Valley Environmental
ten housing agencies who participated                                                                                               as well as direct technical assistance to
in a year-long program designed to                   KEN ELLISON                        and Innovative Training” (MOVE IT),
                                                                                        which is designed to prepare people for
                                                                                                                                    further policy efforts. Recently, she sup-
help them integrate performance-based         Ken Ellison is the Director of the                                                    ported the EPA Office of Underground
                                           Division of Land Restoration. The            entry level positions in emerging indus-    Storage Tanks (OUST) in developing
change into their agencies. She has                                                     tries.
done community development work in         Division supports the Agency mission                                                     a Petroleum Brownfields Action Plan
                                           to Promote a Healthy Environment by             Mr. Gaydos has worked with several       which promotes communication, tech-
Bolivia and Ecuador. For 14 years, she                                                  communities’ business and civic lead-
was the Executive Director of a non-       its focus on the restoration of formerly                                                 nical support, and partnerships in sup-
                                           mine scarred and contaminated land           ers to address common issues and op-        port of sustainable redevelopment of
traditional housing authority in Ran-                                                   portunities and to explore new ways of
dolph County. Early in her tenure, she     and the transformation back into pro-                                                    petroleum brownfields sites.
                                           ductive use for West Virginia citizens.      facilitating effective civic engagement.       Ms. Henderson initiated the develop-
initiated construction, rehabilitation,                                                    Since leaving Heritage in 2010, Mr.
home ownership and YouthBuild pro-         The Division houses the Environmental                                                    ment of an approach to determine the
                                           Remediation, Special Reclamation, and        Gaydos has applied his energy and ex-       feasibility of remotely collecting and
grams. She supported the start-up of                                                    perience to various projects as an inde-
other non-profits that became partners     the REAP Program.                                                                        analyzing data on post-remedial leak-
                                              Ken has 25 years of experience work-      pendent consultant. Recently he has         ing underground storage tank (LUST)
in meeting affordable housing demand.                                                   served as a project leader to establish a
  Josie holds a BS in English and a        ing in the waste management, environ-                                                    sites to determine current use for the
                                           mental remediation and land reclama-         program in the Mon Valley of Allegh-        Delaware Department of Natural Re-
Secondary Education Certificate from                                                    eny County to bridge family and school
Southern Connecticut State, and a Mas-     tion programs for the Agency. He was                                                     sources and Environmental Control
                                           Director of the former Division of           life that will improve middle and high      (DNREC). In addition, she supported
ters of Arts in Religion from Yale Di-                                                  school student performance. He is also
vinity School. She earned a Certificate    Waste Management. He has a Bachelor                                                      EPA Region 3 in developing an inven-
                                           of Science in Wildlife Biology and a         currently working with the Battelle         tory of land use/reuse of Superfund,
in Community Economic Development                                                       Memorial Institute’s Technology Part-
from the Development Training Insti-       Master of Science in Plant & Soil Sci-                                                   RCRA, and Federal Facility sites. Ms.
                                           ences from West Virginia University.         nership Practice on a state-wide tech-      Henderson has provided community
tute and a Certificate from the Ken-                                                    nology based economic development
nedy School of Government, Harvard                                                                                                  outreach and technical support to stake-
                                                                                        strategy for TechConnect West Virginia
University in conjunction with Neigh-              FELICIA L. FRED                      involving the advanced energy, materi-
borWorks America for completing              Felicia L. Fred has worked for the                                                         CONTINUED on PAGE 13
                                                 SPEAKERS                                                                                                    13
     BIOGRAPHIES                             of the DaimlerChrysler Jeep Assembly
                                             Plant in Toledo, Ohio; the Lakeview
                                                                                         co-chairs the West Virginia Brown-
                                                                                         fields Conference Planning Committee.
                                                                                                                                      ROBERT “DREW” LAUSCH
                                                                                                                                        Drew is a lead environmental sci-
  Continued from PAGE 12                     Bluffs redevelopment in Painesville,           Mr. Kirby also sits on the Engi-          entist and Site Assessment Manager
                                             Ohio; and former GM Assembly Plants         neers Society of Western Pennsylva-          in EPA Region III’s Hazardous Site
holders in Hazleton, Pennsylvania and        in Baltimore and Linden, New Jersey,        nia Conference Planning Committee,           Cleanup Division. He currently serves
site specific redevelopment planning         and the expansion of the University of      and serves as an ex officio member of        as the team leader in the Site Assess-
support to Weirton, West Virginia, Bay       Dayton’s campus on the former NCR           numerous local brownfields task force        ment and Non-NPL Federal Facilities
City, Michigan, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsyl-       manufacturing plant.                        throughout West Virginia. In an effort       Branch. He is also responsible for
vania, and Ogden, Iowa.                         In addition to routinely speaking at     to increase brownfields awareness, Mr.       managing EPA Region III’s Targeted
                                             national venues, Craig was invited to       Kirby teaches a class on redevelopment       Brownfields Assessment program. For
 ROMIE A. “PETE” HOBBS                       present as a guest lecturer at the Har-
                                             vard University Graduate School of
                                                                                         at the Osher Lifelong Learning Insti-
                                                                                         tute at WVU, and gives presentations
                                                                                                                                      the past nine years, Drew has served
  Mr. Hobbs is retired from the tele-                                                                                                 as a Quality Assurance Coordinator in
communications industry where he             Design. His presentation, “Value Add-       at local meetings, state conferences and     EPA Region III dealing with Superfund
held various management positions for        ed Strategies for Design Firms,” pro-       workshops, and national conferences.         Site Assessment (pre-remedial) and
C&P Telephone Companies, American            vided perspective on the environmental      Mr. Kirby is also proud to be Ameri-         Brownfields sites. Drew has provided
Bell, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies          industry and how to overcome “com-          Corps National Civilian Community            technical and programmatic support
currently; he is a licensed realtor repre-   moditization” through value added           Corps alum, as well as a former Rotary       to EPA staff, States and recipients of
senting Southern Realty Company.             strategies. Based on the overwhelming       Exchange Student.                            Brownfields funding, including assis-
  He is President of ANHCIA (Ansted          response to the presentation, Harvard                                                    tance in QAPP and SAP development,
New Haven Community Improvement              invited Craig to participate in addition-
                                             al guest lecturing opportunities as part
                                                                                              TODD KELVINGTON                         as well as review of environmental as-
Association), Secretary of The New                                                          Todd Kelvington is a West Virginia        sessment reports.
Haven Foundation, past president and         of an overall series for the Graduate       Licensed Remediation Specialist (LRS)
                                             School of Design. He also participated
current member of the AIM Commit-
tee, past president and current member       in a comprehensive case study of the
                                                                                         with over 12 years of experience in the
                                                                                         environmental consulting field. Mr.
                                                                                                                                                LARS LISELL
                                             1,100-acre Lakeview Bluffs redevelop-                                                       Lars Lisell has a Bachelor of Sci-
of Ansted Lions Club.                                                                    Kelvington is the Principal Consultant       ence degree in Mechanical Engineering
  “Pete” is the Mayor of the Town of         ment prepared by the Harvard Design         for The Kelvington Group, Inc. and
                                             School in the spring of 2007.                                                            from the University of Minnesota. He
Ansted, and was Fayette County Man                                                       serves as a contract consultant to A&E       is currently an engineer at the National
of the year in 2008 a honor which rec-          Craig has testified before a U.S.        Firms throughout the state.
                                             House subcommittee on the impacts of                                                     Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
ognized his untiring dedication to the                                                      Mr. Kelvington is currently represent-    in the Integrated Applications Office
people of Ansted and Fayette County.         brownfields in the Midwest and before       ing Thrasher Engineering as the Project
                                             the Ohio legislature in support of state                                                 (IAO). His primary focus includes on-
                                                                                         Manager for Brownfield Projects in           site energy audits, HVAC system analy-
                                             Issue 1, the $400 million Clean Ohio        Charleston, Clarksburg, and Mounds-
  MAJA HUSAR HOLMES                          Fund. As one of the original authors of     ville, West Virginia. He recently fa-
                                                                                                                                      sis, facility energy modeling, energy ef-
                                                                                                                                      ficiency analysis within buildings, and
  Maja Husar Holmes, Ph.D is an assis-       Ohio’s brownfield legislation, he was       cilitated the successful completion of
tant professor in the Division of Public     appointed by former Ohio Governor                                                        renewable energy screenings and tools.
                                                                                         a clean-up grant at the Former Fostoria
Administration at West Virginia Uni-         George Voinovich to serve on a steering     Glass Plant, a manufacturing facility
versity. Her research area reflect the       committee that developed Ohio’s VAP.        with a 100 year legacy in Moundsville,           LARETA J. LOWTHER
intersection energy and environmental        In addition, he was invited to speak be-    WV.                                            LaReta J. Lowther is the Vice Presi-
policy and collaborative governance.         fore former Ohio Governor Bob Taft’s           Mr. Kelvington specializes in envi-       dent of Community Reinvestment Act
She can be reached at maja.holmes@           cabinet to share his ideas on improving     ronmental remediation projects which         Compliance for Community Develop-
mail.wvu.edu.                                the state’s environmental programs and      contain unique and challenging demo-         ment at WesBanco Bank. WesBanco
                                             has presented at numerous state and         lition and construction demands. His         Bank is the banking subsidiary of Wes-
        CRAIG KASPER                         national conferences, including the Na-
                                             tional Brownfield Conference. He cur-
                                                                                         expertise in industrial hygiene and de-      Banco Inc., a multi-state bank holding
                                                                                                                                      company with assets of $5.4 billion,
   Craig Kasper is Chief Executive Of-                                                   molition planning are assets to projects
                                             rently serves on the Board of Directors     like the Fostoria Glass Plant and others     operating through 113 locations in West
ficer of Hull. In addition to his business
                                             for the Ohio Chamber of Commerce            which require knowledge beyond con-          Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. A 30-
leadership, Craig is one of the early
                                             and is involved in many other commu-        ventional remediation projects.              year veteran of the banking industry,
pioneers in brownfield redevelopment.
                                             nity groups.                                   Mr. Kelvington also has a passion for     Mrs. Lowther’s area of expertise has
He is recognized throughout the coun-
try for his creative strategies and lead-                                                the public relations side of projects and    focused on bank regulatory compliance
ership in this emerging field.                       PATRICK KIRBY                       enjoys interacting with the public on        issues, with the last nine years being
   He has directed many notable brown-         Patrick has been the Director of the      complex or controversial projects. He        concentrated on compliance with the
field redevelopment projects that have       Northern West Virginia Brownfields          is currently serving Pentree, Inc. and       Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)
reshaped and stimulated local econo-         Assistance Center since 2006. Mr. Kir-      the Jefferson County Public Service          and community development issues.
mies, including the Red Bank Road            by earned a Master’s Degree in Public       District in their outreach efforts to gain   Under her leadership, WesBanco has
(former Ford Transmission Plant) re-         Policy from West Virginia University        public acceptance of a planned 25 mil-       received four consecutive “Outstand-
development in Cincinnati, Ohio; the         and received his B.S. degree in Political   lion dollar sewer system expansion.          ing” ratings on its federal CRA exami-
Springfield Regional Cancer Treat-           and Environmental Science from Shep-           Todd is a graduate of Norwich Uni-        nations. She received her BA degree
ment Center in Springfield, Ohio; the        herd University. Mr. Kirby developed        versity and currently resides in Harp-       with honors from Wheeling Jesuit Uni-
luxurious Miranova high rise along           the FOCUS WV grant program to as-           ers Ferry, WV with his wife and three
the Scioto River in downtown Colum-          sist communities overcome barriers to       children.
bus, Ohio; the $1.2 billion expansion        brownfield redevelopment. Mr. Kirby                                                          CONTINUED on PAGE 14
     14                SPEAKERS                                                                        BROWNFIELDS POST                SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

     BIOGRAPHIES                            ducing assets. Current projects include
                                            a 400-acre master planned community,
                                                                                         field Assessment Grant.                       Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce,
                                                                                                                                       Kiwanis Club of Wheeling, Children’s
  Continued from PAGE 13                    a Brownfield redevelopment involving
                                                                                                 JOSEPH NOWAK                          Museum of the Ohio Valley, and Centre
                                            new construction of a 40,000 square-                                                       Market Commission.
versity. Professionally, she is a gradu-                                                    Joe Nowak has been a Project Man-
                                            foot office building, a five pad site re-                                                   Craig and his wife Emma reside in
ate of the National Bank Compliance                                                      ager in the Hazardous Site Cleanup
                                            tail center, and multiple self-storage                                                     Wheeling with their three children.
School, the West Virginia School of                                                      Division, Brownfields and Land Revi-
                                            facilities. Prior to founding Arcland,
Banking and has completed over 600                                                       talization Branch of the United States
hours in continuing education. Mrs.
                                            Mr. Mehrkam sourced and managed
                                            development projects for The Rector
                                                                                         Environmental Protection Agency Re-                 DAVID C. PARKER
Lowther is a charter member of the City                                                  gion III since December 2004. He is             Dave Parker currently serves as the
                                            Companies based in Manassas, Virgin-                                                       Program Coordinator for West Virginia
of Shinnston’s Blueprint Community                                                       currently responsible for managing
                                            ia. His work involved the development                                                      University Safety & Health Extension.
and ON TRAC Community commit-                                                            Brownfields projects, Targeted Brown-
                                            of condominium and other residential                                                         His private sector experience is in the
tees, both initiatives designed to foster                                                fields Assessments, and redevelopment
                                            land, build-to-suit warehouse space for                                                    transportation industry, principally with
revitalization in the City of Shinnston,                                                 activities in Pennsylvania and West Vir-
                                            a multi-national client, retail and office                                                 Roadway Express, where he worked for
West Virginia, her hometown. She                                                         ginia. He also serves as EPA Region 3
                                            properties, as well as a self-storage fa-                                                  ten years.
serves on the Federal Home Loan Bank                                                     West Virginia State Coordinator to help
                                            cility.                                                                                      From 1980 to 1983 he was attached
of Pittsburgh’s Blueprint Community                                                      develop a relationship of Federal/State
Advisory Board and was included in                                                       partnership. In addition to the State         to the Vatican Mission to the United
the “50 in 52 Journey”, a national ini-               DAVID MILLS                        grant coordination, he serves as point of     Nations where his work focused on the
tiative featuring America’s community          David has been Ranson’s City Man-         contact for VCP’s, MOA’s, Brownfield          Israeli – Palestinian issue and economic
problem-solvers.                            ager since 1998. As a Ranson native,         education, site revitalization, State site-   development issues.
                                            he considers his efforts to revitalize the   specific assessments, and data manage-          He has been an Episcopal priest for
          DON MARTIN                        urban core, while growing the newly
                                            annexed areas, more of a calling than
                                                                                         ment. This current position is a detail
                                                                                         from the US Army Corps of Engineers,
                                                                                                                                       more than twenty-five years and served
                                                                                                                                       in West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana. He
   Don Martin holds a B.S. degree in        a job. During his tenure David se-                                                         has been engaged in community and
                                                                                         Philadelphia District, where he has
Biology from West Virginia Wesleyan         cured annexations that have increased                                                      economic development throughout this
                                                                                         worked since 1995 as a Project Man-
College in Buckhannon and is the As-        the corporate boundaries by more than                                                      time. In 1992 he represented the Epis-
                                                                                         ager for Military, Environmental, and
sistant Director of the Division of Land    six times its original size, which has al-                                                 copal Church USA in Liberia, West Af-
                                                                                         Work for Others design and construc-
Restoration of the West Virginia De-        lowed him to more than quadruple the                                                       rica, during the civil war there.
                                                                                         tion projects.
partment of Environmental Protection.       City’s revenue stream. These actions                                                         Dave served as the Executive Direc-
   Don has been protecting the environ-
ment for the State of West Virginia for
                                            have positioned the City to grow from
                                            its current population of 4,000 to an
                                                                                                 CRAIG O’LEARY                         tor of Mountain Partners, based in El-
                                                                                                                                       kins, West Virginia and was a leader in
over 31 years, and has worked in all 55                                                     Craig O’Leary is the Program Di-
                                            expected 20,000 over the next two de-                                                      a number projects in the region includ-
West Virginia counties during his dif-                                                   rector of the Regional Economic De-
                                            cades, making it one of the largest cities                                                 ing the redevelopment of the Elkins
ferent stints with forest fire prevention                                                velopment Partnership (RED), a non-
                                            in West Virginia.                                                                          rail yard, the creative reuse of the for-
& control, water pollution prevention &                                                  profit development corporation, based
                                               He holds a Bachelor of Science in                                                       mer St. Brendan Church as it became
control, the underground storage tank                                                    in Wheeling, West Virginia. His re-
                                            Government from Campbell University                                                        the Randolph County Community Arts
program, and the Voluntary Remedia-                                                      sponsibilities with RED include deal
                                            in Buies Creek, North Carolina and a                                                       Center, the restoration and reuse of the
tion program.                                                                            structuring, tenant management, lease
                                            Dual Masters in Public Administration                                                      Darden House in Elkins, the Helvetia
   He has been with the Office of En-                                                    negotiation and renewal, and building
                                            and Business Management from Web-                                                          Shepherds Wool Project to enhance the
vironmental Remediation for the last                                                     maintenance.
                                            ster University in St. Louis, Missouri.                                                    household incomes of farmers in the
dozen years, with expanding responsi-                                                       Since graduating from West Virginia
                                               David served for ten years in the                                                       Helvetia – Pickens area and other proj-
bilities overseeing the state programs                                                   University with an Electrical Engineer-
                                            United State’s Army’s Special Opera-                                                       ects in the region.
associated with the Voluntary Re-                                                        ing degree, he has been active in eco-
                                            tions Command, where he participated                                                         He has worked closely with elected
mediation & Redevelopment Act (or                                                        nomic development in West Virginia
                                            in operations in Somalia, Panama, Jor-                                                     and appointed officials at the state, lo-
Brownfields) program, the Superfund                                                      for the past 20 years. Prior to joining
                                            dan, and Mongolia.                                                                         cal and federal levels as well as with the
program, the Leaking Underground                                                         RED, Craig worked with electric util-
Storage Tank program, the Landfill              HEATHER A. NAPIER                        ity companies in customer service, en-
                                                                                                                                       private sector and private foundations
                                                                                                                                       in support of community and economic
Closure Assistance Program (LCAP),             Heather A. Napier is a 2001 graduate      gineering, and economic development.
                                            of Marshall University with a bache-                                                       projects. His present work focuses on
and RCRA Corrective Action sites.                                                           Craig provided project management
                                            lor’s degree in Environmental Science.                                                     training for brownfield workers, safety
                                                                                         on the Wheeling Stamping Building,
                                                                                                                                       and health training for emerging green
       NOAH MEHRKAM                         For the past nine years she has man-
                                            aged a wide variety of environmental
                                                                                         a project which used Brownfield Eco-
                                                                                         nomic Development Initiative funds,
                                                                                                                                       and sustainable energy industry work-
   Noah Mehrkam is founder and part-        site assessment projects for Triad Engi-                                                   ers and related areas of activity. Prior
                                                                                         Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits and
ner of The Arcland Group, LLC, a real       neering, Inc., specializing in the areas                                                   work with West Virginia University in-
                                                                                         New Market Tax Credits. Craig’s cur-
estate development and investment firm      of Superfund and Brownfield assess-                                                        cludes service as the Interim Manager
                                                                                         rent project, the Stone Center @ Mar-
focusing on commercial properties in        ments. Heather is also active in vari-                                                     and later as Assistant Director of Jack-
                                                                                         ket Plaza, also included Tax Increment
the western suburbs of the Washing-         ous community development efforts,                                                         son’s Mill.
                                                                                         Financing and Historic Rehabilitation
ton, DC metropolitan region. Primar-        including Create Huntington and Cre-         Tax Credits.
ily engaged in developing portfolio         ate West Virginia. Currently, she is the        Craig is a graduate of Leadership
commercial properties, Arcland also         project manager assisting the City of        Wheeling and is active in many com-
provides real estate consulting services    Huntington with their US EPA Brown-          munity organizations including the
and invests in value-added income pro-                                                                                                     CONTINUED on PAGE 15
                                                SPEAKERS                                                                                                   15
     BIOGRAPHIES                                   THOMAS REBAR
                                               Thomas Rebar is a West Virginia Li-
                                                                                       analysis. Bill received a Ph.D. in Engi-
                                                                                       neering and Public Policy from Carn-
                                                                                                                                    is a member of the Advisory Team to
                                                                                                                                    the Southern West Virginia Brownfields
  Continued from PAGE 14                    censed Remediation Specialist (#109)
                                                                                       egie Mellon University.                      Assistance Center at Marshall Univer-
                                                                                                                                    sity and the Waste Team for the West
       EVANS PAULL                          and the Senior Project Manager and
                                            Operations Manager of the Morgan-                CHRISTINE RISCH                        Virginia Manufacturers’ Association.
   Evans Paull is Principal at the con-                                                  Christine Risch is the Director of Re-     She served on the Technical Subcom-
                                            town office of CORE Environmental
sulting business, Redevelopment Eco-                                                   search for the Center for Business and       mittee of the West Virginia Voluntary
                                            Services, Inc. (CORE). Mr. Rebar has a
nomics, which offers services to busi-                                                 Economic Research at Marshall Uni-           Remediation and Redevelopment Act
                                            Bachelor of Science degree in Geology
nesses and state/local governments in                                                  versity. Prior to joining the CBER in        Steering Committee for the drafting
                                            from California University of Pennsyl-
the areas of brownfields and sustain-                                                  2004, she worked as a contractor for the     of the Guidance Manual. Before join-
                                            vania and over 14 years of experience
able urban redevelopment. Redevelop-                                                   Department of Energy in Washington,          ing the Environmental Practice Group
                                            as an environmental consultant work-
ment Economics has current or recent                                                   DC, bigdough.com in Maryland and             of Jackson Kelly PLLC, Ms. Rubrecht
                                            ing with petroleum industry and site
involvement in: tax increment financ-                                                  ICF, Inc. in Virginia. Christine’s work      was a member of the Firm’s Litigation
                                            development clients in West Virginia
ing feasibility analysis; development of                                               for the CBER focuses on regional and         Department. In addition, Ms. Rubrecht
                                            and throughout the mid-Atlantic re-
green job strategies, policy analysis of                                               local economic impact analysis, and          served as a law clerk to the Honorable
                                            gion. Before starting CORE’s Morgan-
state financial incentives with respect                                                energy and environmental policy analy-       K. K. Hall, Judge of the United States
                                            town office in September of 2003, Mr.
to smart growth objectives, and quan-                                                  sis. She also designed the West Virginia     Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.
                                            Rebar worked at the Pittsburgh office of
tification of the climate change benefits                                              Stock Index, which tracks the top 20         Ms. Rubrecht received her Bachelor
                                            a national Consulting firm as the Proj-
of smart growth redevelopment proj-                                                    publicly traded firms that do business in    of Arts degree from Hollins College
                                            ect Manager of their entire portfolio of
ects. Evans has also served as a Senior                                                West Virginia. Christine holds a Mas-        and her law degree from West Vir-
                                            West Virginia projects. Mr. Rebar rou-
Policy Analyst for Northeast-Midwest                                                   ter’s degree in Energy Economics from        ginia University. She is a member of
                                            tinely manages and serves as LRS on
Institute, and the Director of Policy                                                  the Pennsylvania State University and        Phi Beta Kappa and Order of the Coif.
                                            redevelopment projects in compliance
Analysis and the Brownfields Initiative                                                a bachelor’s degree in Economics from        Assistance Center at Marshall Univer-
                                            with West Virginia’s Voluntary Reme-
for Baltimore Development Corpora-                                                     Marshall University.                         sity and the Waste Team for the West
                                            diation & Redevelopment Program
tion. Mr. Paull has received the Na-                                                                                                Virginia Manufacturers’ Association.
                                            (VRRP) and Uniform Environmen-
tional Phoenix Award (for brownfield                                                                                                She served on the Technical Subcom-
redevelopment), the (Maryland) Gov-
                                            tal Covenant Act (UECA) program.              GALE LEE RUBRECHT                         mittee of the West Virginia Voluntary
                                            CORE offers complete site assessment,         Gale Lea Rubrecht is a member of
ernor’s Smart Growth Award, and the                                                                                                 Remediation and Redevelopment Act
                                            remediation & engineering services,        Jackson Kelly PLLC and its Environ-
Professional Achievement in Economic                                                                                                Steering Committee for the drafting
                                            risk based closure, environmental com-     mental Practice Group. Her practice
Development Award (from the Ameri-                                                                                                  of the Guidance Manual. Before join-
                                            pliance & auditing, safety training, UST   focuses upon environmental, ener-
can Planning Association’s Maryland                                                                                                 ing the Environmental Practice Group
                                            closure assessment, expert testimony,      gy, and natural resources matters for
Chapter).                                                                                                                           of Jackson Kelly PLLC, Ms. Rubrecht
                                            and complete environmental consult-        the alumina industry, banks, barge-
   Paull received his Bachelor of Arts                                                                                              was a member of the Firm’s Litigation
                                            ing services from our offices located in   cleaning operations, coal companies,
from the College of Wooster and a                                                                                                   Department and represented clients in
                                            Morgantown and Ripley, West Virginia,      chemical companies, electric utilities,
Masters of Urban Planning from the                                                                                                  environmental insurance coverage mat-
                                            and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.              manufacturers, petroleum retailers, real
University of Illinois.                                                                                                             ters. In addition, Ms. Rubrecht served
                                                                                       estate developers, and other clients.        as a law clerk to the Honorable K. K.
         RUTH PORTER                               WILLIAM R. RISH                     Ms. Rubrecht concentrates on air and         Hall, Judge of the United States Court
                                               Dr. Bill Rish is a Principal at Hull    waste issues involving compliance ad-        of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Ms.
   Ruth graduated Marshall University                                                  vice, agency rulemakings, administra-
                                            & Associates and heads up Hull’s En-                                                    Rubrecht received her Bachelor of Arts
with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chem-                                                  tive and civil enforcement proceedings,
                                            vironmental Market. He has over 25                                                      degree from Hollins College and her
sitry. She has been a Project Manager                                                  litigation, and appellate advocacy. She
                                            years experience in risk assessment,                                                    law degree from West Virginia Uni-
with WVDEP Office of Environmental                                                     has represented a variety of clients on
                                            decision analysis, and environmental                                                    versity. She is a member of Phi Beta
Remediation since 2004 working on the                                                  remediation and redevelopment proj-
                                            consulting. As a Certified Professional                                                 Kappa and Order of the Coif.
voluntary remediation and LUST proj-                                                   ects under the West Virginia Voluntary
                                            under Ohio’s Voluntary Action Pro-
ects. She is a member of the Agency’s
Quality Management Team and serve
                                            gram, he has worked on many of Ohio’s
                                            largest and highest profile Brownfield
                                                                                       Remediation & Redevelopment Pro-
                                                                                       gram and counseled clients concern-                MARLO SCRUGGS
sas the division’s Quality Assurance                                                   ing U.S. EPA’s brownfields program,             Marlo Scruggs, Vice President/Com-
                                            projects. His project for the Catholic
Manager. Prior to this, she worked as                                                  including prospective purchasers, in-        munity Development Specialist, with
                                            Charities won a Phoenix Award for best
a consultant and as a laboratory Chem-                                                 stitutional controls, windfall liens, site   BB&T’s CRA & Community Develop-
                                            Brownfield project in USEPA Region
ist. She has 24+ years of work expe-                                                   assessments, All Appropriate Inquiry         ment Department manages the banks
                                            5. He has been active for many years
rience in the environmental field with                                                 Rule, risk assessments, assessment           Community Reinvestment Act activi-
                                            in the development of federal and state
10+ of those years performing labora-                                                  grants, and revolving loan funds. She        ties for the states of West Virginia and
                                            regulatory rules, guidance and cleanup
tory analysis. She has a considerable                                                  has written the West Virginia Chapter        Kentucky. Marlo graduated from the
                                            standards. In addition, Dr. Rish has
background in environmental assess-                                                    for the 2nd and 3rd editions of the ABA      College of Charleston, SC where she
                                            been on the forefront of environmental
ment and remediation. She is very                                                      Brownfields book and has also written        received dual Bachelor of Science de-
                                            liability evaluation, including the de-
experienced in data validation, writing                                                the West Virginia Chapter for the 2nd        grees in the life and physical sciences.
                                            velopment of probabilistic techniques
SSHPs, SAPs, QAPPs, and field and                                                      edition of the ABA Institutional Con-        Marlo is certified Economic Develop-
                                            for quantifying environmental liability
lab SOPs.                                                                              trols book. She serves as co-chair of        ment & Housing Development Finance
                                            associated with contaminated sites, in
                                                                                       the Waste Subcommittee of the West           Professional by the National Devel-
                                            financial terms. He is a published ex-
                                            pert in risk assessment and uncertainty    Virginia Chamber of Commerce and
                                                                                                                                        CONTINUED on PAGE 16
     16                SPEAKERS                                                                        BROWNFIELDS POST               SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

     BIOGRAPHIES                                GREGORY E. TIEMAN                        Significant Accomplishments of the
                                                                                         West Virginia Brownfields Assistance
                                              Greg Tieman, PG, LRS is a Senior
  Continued from PAGE 15                    Consultant with Acacia Environmental

                                                                                             Centers Over the Past 5 years.
                                            Group LLC (AEG) in Charleston, West
opment Council and a graduate of the        Virginia with over 25 years experience
Economic Development Institute. She         in environmental consulting. He is a
is a former Community Development           Licensed Remediation Specialist (LRS)           Since inception in 2005 by state legis-   nering resources for alternative energy
Representative with the West Virginia       under the WV Voluntary Remediation           lation, the Brownfields Assistance Cen-      research and development on former
Development Office and Program Co-          Program and a Professional Geologist         ters have been involved in a number of       industrial and surface mine properties.
ordinator for a non-profit job training     (PG) in Pennsylvania. At AEG, he fo-         exciting and innovative projects and ac-        • Placed 40 participants from the
service provider.                           cuses on environmental issues on behalf      tivities, which continues to expand.         Brownfields Job Training Program in
   Marlo is currently serving as a mem-     of clients in the economic development,         A few noteworthy results include:         gainful environmental employment.
ber of the Community Development            energy, manufacturing, transportation,          • Assistance to over 40 communities          • Created a library of resources on
Advisory Board for the Federal Reserve      utility, and governmental sectors. He is     in obtaining and administering over $6       redevelopment for the public and pri-
of Richmond, an Advisory Board mem-         active in a number of professional orga-     Million in EPA, WVDEP and private            vate sector.
ber of the Neighborhood Investment          nizations including: serves as the Chair-    foundation funds.                               • Started a Rail-Trail Initiative to as-
Program, Board Member of the WV Af-         person of the WV Chapter of the Air             • Approval of eight Targeted Brown-       sist communities across the state work
fordable Housing Trust Fund, and par-       & Waste Management Association, as           field Assessment grants through EPA          with WVDEP, WVDOT and the rail-
ticipates with several other boards and     co-facilitator of the Waste Team of the      Region III’s Brownfield Revitalization       road industry to overcome the environ-
committee’s throughout WV and KY.           Environmental Committee of the WV            Program or WVDEP’s Land Restora-             mental barriers to creating new trails.
                                            Chamber of Commerce, represents the          tion Division, at an estimated value of         • Successfully launched an Alterna-
  LAWRENCE P. SIRINEK                       WV Coal Association on the WVDEP             $250,000.                                    tive Energy on Brownfields Initiative
   Dr. Sirinek has been employed as an      Institutional Controls Focus Group, and         • Conducted four state-wide Brown-        that has resulted in $750,000 in fund-
environmental toxicologist with the         is a member of the American Railway          field conferences, the most recent at-       ing for researching and implementing
West Virginia Dept of Environmental         Development Association. Greg Tie-           tended by over 200 participants.             green energy on brownfields projects.
Protection, Division of Land Restora-       man is a graduate of West Virginia Uni-         • Recognition by EPA Region III              • Developed over a dozen partner-
tion since January 2004. His primary        versity with Bachelors degrees in Geol-      as a unique and successful model for         ships with other state agencies, and
responsibility is to provide technical      ogy and History, and Masters degree in       providing brownfields assistance, not        resource providers to enhance the op-
support to the Office of Environmental      Geology.                                     available anywhere else in the U.S.          portunities available to West Virginia
Remediation in the areas of toxicology                                                      • Obtaining various funding and part-     communities.
and risk assessment.
   Prior to joining DEP, he spent 10
                                                       JEFF WOOD
                                                                                         Recent EPA Brownfields Grants Map
                                               Jeff Wood is an Energy Develop-
years as Risk Assessment Coordinator        ment Specialist for the Division of
for Federal Facilities in the Division of   Energy. Jeff is coordinating the Divi-
Emergency and Remedial Response at          sion’s efforts in the Office of Coalfield
the Ohio EPA.                               Community Development. One of his
   Larry received his doctorate in human    responsibilities is to ensure that the Of-
anatomy from The Ohio State Univer-         fice is meeting its legislative mandate
sity College of Medicine in Columbus,       as well as help local and state develop-
Ohio, where he also completed post-         ment groups assess opportunities in the
doctoral training in the Departments of     reuse of surface mined lands. Wood
Medicine and Surgery. Before joining        also works with the coalfield counties
Ohio EPA, he held several administra-       in implementation and amending their
tive and faculty positions at Ohio State    land use plans for surface mine sites.
University and Columbus Children’s
                                                      LYDIA WORK
      JULIE SZYMANEK                          Lydia is the Branch Manager/Senior
                                            Chemist of Triad Engineering’s Mor-
  Julie Szymanek is an Environmen-          gantown branch. With her background
tal Scientist with TRIAD Engineer-          in chemistry and 10+ years of analyti-                                                                EPA Brownfield Assessments
ing, Inc. Julie acquired a Bachelors of     cal laboratory experience, Lydia has                                                                  (WVDEP statewide assessment grant
                                                                                                                                                  not represented)
Science in Environmental Protection         completed hundreds of data validation
from WVU and is currently pursuing a        projects. She currently performs data                                                                 EPA Brownfield Clean-ups
Masters in Safety Management. Julie         validation services for other LRSs, risk                                                              Targeted Brownfield Assessments
performs Phase I ESA, Phase II ESAs,        assessors, and regulators. She has also
SPCC Plans and assists TRIAD LRS’s          assisted clients, colleagues, and regula-
                                                                                                                                                  2010 EPA Brownfield Grants
                                                                                                                                                  (WVDEP statewide assessment grant
in performing tasks for VRP, UECA,          tory agencies in QAPP and SAP devel-                                                                  not represented)
and Brownfields projects in addition to     opment.
data validation.
                                             The Players                                                  BANKER
                                                                                              • Provides financing in the form of
                                                                                                                                            DEVELOPER/ INVESTOR
                                                                                                                                           • Partners with other financing sourc-
                                                                                            loans to support the cleanup and rede-       es to redevelop brownfields real estate.
                                                RESOURCE PROVIDERS                          velopment of properties.                       • Requires due diligence perfor-
                                                                                                                                         mance before investment in properties.
                                                • Assits in facilitating the community
                                                                                                                                           • Assists in determining marketable
                                             input process for the identification and
                                             prioritization of brownfields properties.
                                                                                                       COMMUNITY                         reuses of a property.
                                                                                               • Contributes input to create redevel-      • Responsible for property marketing
                                                • Helps identify and recruit diverse        opment vision, including identification
                                             funding sources from private, non prof-                                                     and end-user recruitment.
                                                                                            and prioritization of brownfield sites.
                                             it, and governmental sectors.                     • Provides access to the property for
                                                • Acts as a key liaison between pub-
                                             lic and private sectors and the commu-
                                                                                            redevelopment activities.                              REGULATOR
                                                                                               • Conducts due diligence in the form         • Offers grant funding to assist in
                                             nity to sustain the relationships neces-       of phase I and II site assessments to es-    the assessment, cleanup and redevelop-

                                             sary for project advancement.                  tablish historical uses of the property      ment of brownfield properties.
                                                • Disseminates information related to       and the presence of any environmental           • Performs or monitors cleanup ac-
                                             cleanup activities to community stake-         contaminants.                                tivities on the property.
  With the West Virginia Brownfields         holders and other interested parties.             • Selects environmental consultants          • Develops and approves risk based
Assistance Program your community               • Supports end use planning through         to perform cleanup activities.               standards for cleanup to ensure health
can really win big. Unlike most board        facilitation of public meetings, stake-           • Provides input on site redevelop-       and safety.
games where one player attempts to           holder advisory groups and other com-          ment and end-use design to achieve              • Evaluates cleanup efforts to ascer-
win out over others, we strive to create     munity input mechanisms.                       economic and community revitaliza-           tain compliance with risk-based stan-
a better situation for everyone involved.       • Contributes to property promotion         tion.                                        dards and cleanup guidelines.
We can be a helping hand to guide you        and marketing strategies.                         • Participates in sale or transfer of        • Ensure continued maintenance of
to the finish.                                                                              property to designated end users.            treatment tools and systems.

                      TITLE DEED                                                   TITLE DEED                                                  TITLE DEED
     EnvironmEntal Education                                          Weirton north-end                                            LandfiLL to Library
         lEarning cEntEr
     Morris Creek Watershed Association                              Brooke-Hancock Regional PDC                                  Shepherdstown Public Library

                                                                   Brooke &                                                  Jefferson County
      Fayette County
                                                                Hancock Counties                                                 4.5 Acres
         .77 Acres
                                                                    50 Acres                                                • Use: public
    • Use: public

    • located one mile from           Contact                  • Use: industrial                                            • located one mile               Contact
        Montgomery                      Jen Garlesky           • located in northern               Contact                      from downtown                     Hali Taylor
                                   Morris Creek Watershed                                             JoHn Brown                Shepherdstown              Shepherdstown Public
                                                                   Weirton nearby Ohio
    • plans include green                Association               river                           City of Weirton                                                 Library
                                                                                                                            • plans include green
        building, education              Po Box 927                                                   PO Box 82                                                  PO Box 278
                                                                                                                                building, community
        center, and community      Montgomery, WV 26136        • planned redevelopment           Weirton, WV 26062                                          Shepherdstown, WV
                                                                                                                                activities, and outdoor
        center                         304-442-4581                to focus on river port           304-797-9666                                                   25443
                                                                                                                                learning areas
                                    morriscreekwatershed@          opportunities                  jbrown@bhjmpc.org                                            304-876-2783
                                           verizon.net                                                                                                    taylor_h@martin.lib.wv.us

         FOCUS WV                            proposals to move forward in their site
                                             remediation plans.
                                                                                            next stage of their project.
                                                                                               The Reedsville Revitalization Com-
                                                                                                                                         via Reedsville and encourage them
                                                                                                                                         to spend time and money in the local
   Continued from PAGE 1                        FOCUS projects have varied widely           mittee, another FOCUS WV Grantee,            economy.
                                             based on the needs of the individual           used their funding to build community           These tangible results and specific
from a concept stage through a design        communities. For example, Shepherd-            interest in redeveloping a defunct gas       examples highlight the opportunities
stage.                                       stown Public Library has used their            station in Reedsville. Their project in-     and successes of the FOCUS Program
   In the first year of the FOCUS WV         Stage I FOCUS WV funding to host a             cluded the creation of a website to high-    in its first two years. Now going into
Program alone, eight of the original 15      full day conference to educate the com-        light the businesses and recreational ac-    its third year, the FOCUS WV Program
communities have received additional         munity on plans to build a new green           tivities in the area. In addition, funding   will continue to be a source of support
project funding, catalyzed by the FO-        library on an old municipal dump site.         was used to solicit business proposals       to West Virginia’s communities seeking
CUS WV Program, of over $1.8 mil-            This conference was also used to solicit       for a coffee shop on the property, which     to redevelop their brownfield properties
lion dollars. Five of these communi-         ideas and interest from the community,         is now being used to attract the daily       and reinvest in their local communities.
ties have submitted EPA Brownfield           as well as serve as a starting point in the    commuters that travel to Morgantown
                    TITLE DEED                                                  TITLE DEED                                                       TITLE DEED
         Coal Heritage                                             Horse Creek Lake                                          JG Bradley CampGround
        DisCovery Center                                        Upper Guyandotte Watershed
   Coal Heritage Highway Authority                                                                                         Central Appalachian Empowerment Zone
                                                                      Association, Inc.

 Randolph County                                            Wyoming County                                                      Clay County
    90 Acres                                                  12 Acres                                                            8 Acres
• Use: environment                                        • Use: recreation
                                                                                                                           • Use: public
• located in National
    Forest land
                                   Contact                • located two miles west
                                                              of Baileysville
                                                                                               Contact                     • develop lodging and               Contact
                                    CHrisTy Bailey                                                  Val paGe                   local shops                        Connie lupardus
• planned demonstration      Coal Heritage Highway        • located in a wildlife                  UGWA, Inc.                                                          CAEZ
    site featuring                   Authority                                                  300 Front Street           • create campground                  135 Main Street
                                                              management area
    remediated forests              PO Box 5176                                                   PO Box 196                   venue to attract tourists           PO Box 176
                                Beckley, WV 25801         • redevelopment focusing             Mullens, WV 25882                                                 Clay, WV 25043
• currently in remediation         304-256-6941                                                                            • for sale or lease
                                                              on recreation                      304-250-7053                                                     304-587-2034
                              cbailey@coalheritage.org                                         vpage@ugwawv.org                                               clupardus@caez-wv.org

                    TITLE DEED
                                                         BROWNOPOLY! PLAYERS                                                                     TITLE DEED

               Reiss-Viking                                                     ResouRce                                    ArthurdAle revitAlizAtion
           Webster County EDA                                                   PRovideRs                                           Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.

                                                                                BankeRs                                        Preston County
    Webster County                                                                                                             3.15 Acres
    14.6 Acres                                                                  RegulatoRs
                                                                                                                           • Use: mixed

                                                                                                                           • located in historic
• Use: commercial
                                   Contact                                                                                     Arthurdale                       Contact
• Located along the                                                                                                                                             Jeanne GoodMan
                                                                                                                           • walking distance to
   Gualey River                      Geary Weird
                                  Webster County EDA
                                                                                develoPeR/investoR                            active rail trails
                                                                                                                                                           arTHurdale reViTalizaTion
                                                                                                                                                                  PO Box 850
• Nearby Monongahela               139 Baker Street                                                                                                        Arthurdale, WV 26520
                                  Webster Springs, WV                                                                      • revitalization plan in
   National Fores                                                                                                                                               304-865-3939
                                        26288                                                                                  development
                                     304.847.2145                               community                                  • for sale or lease             arthurdaleheritage.org

                    TITLE DEED                                                  TITLE DEED                                                       TITLE DEED

  Pioneer rocks Gateway                                  LittLe Kanawha RiveRfRont                                                Barton Bench
                                                                                                                              ecological restoration
        Friends of Deckers Creek                                       City of Parkersburg                                                Wes-Mon-Ty RC&D

                                                               Wood County                                                  Randolph County
Monongalia County
                                                               6.45 Acres                                                      90 Acres
     1 Acre
                                                          • Use: mixed use
• Use: mixed                                                                                                               • Use: environment
                                                          • downtown Parkersburg
• located along Route 7            Contact                    along the waterfront
                                                                                                Contact                    • located in National
    near Morgantown                   Mary luCkini                                              riCkie yeaGer                  Forest land
                                  Friends of Deckers      • vision includes                    CiTy of parkersBurG                                                   Jason TeeTs
• adjacent to Deckers                   Creek                                              One Government Square           • planned demonstration
                                                              recreation facilities                                                                             Wes-Mon-Ty RC&D
    Creek, plans include              PO Box 877                                                PO Box 1627                    site featuring
                                                              and small shops/                                                                                 200 Sycamore Street
    light commercial and         Dellslow, WV 26531                                      Parkersburg, WV 26101                 remediated forests
                                                              restaurants                                                                                        Elkins, WV 26241
    office space                    304-292-3970                                              304-424-8558
                                                                                                                           • currently in remediation              304-457-4596
                                 mary@deckerscreek.org    • for sale or lease                rmyeager@parkersburg-wv.com


                                                                PIONEER ROCKS                FAIRMONG                       PULLMAN SQR.             ROWLESBERG         CHARLES

            IE                                                     GATEWAY                  BOX FACTORY                                                SCHOOL            TOWN



                                                                  MONONGALIA                       MARION                           CABELL              PRESTON         JEFFERSON
                                                                    COUNTY                         COUNTY                           COUNTY              COUNTY            COUNTY


                                                                                                     ev  elop

                                                                                            mon ks a           men
                                                                                           projeey inre som          t Ba
                                                                                                                            nk L

                                                                                          ass ct. F the ewh

                                                                                         app  ess ear early at r                  oan

                                                                                         proje    m
                                                                                              rovin ent s ove stageticen
                                                                                                    g lo and c r una es o t to
                                                                                        to th ct. T a
                                                                                             is ru here ns fo  lean ntic f a b loan
                                                                                       Th         le.     are, r this up kipatedrownfie
                                                                                      lo ey a                  of c asp eep th cost ld
                                                                                      phans forre more
                                                                                                                    ours ect       e s
                                                                                                                          e, e of thm frofor
                                                                                            whethe re willin                  xce e
                                                                                                 n co deve g to                        ns
                                                                                                       sts lopm prov
                                                                                                               morent ide
                                                                                                                    e fix
                                JG BRADLEY




                                                                                                                                                                                                                               COAL HERITAGE

                                                                                                                                                                                                ment F

                                                                                                                                                                                     Tax Inc                       ncing

                                                                                                                                                                                                            nt Fina that

                                                                                                                                                                                                     remesumption g

                                                                                                                                                                                             Tax Inc      s       b n
                                                                                                                                                                                     Using ed on the a nt wille rirea. It

                                                                                                                                                                                           s             e         a
                                                                                                                                                                                     is baredevelopmes to th use those

                                                                                                                                                                                      any tax revenuunity to finance
                                                                                                                                                                                      newws a comm gains to

                                                                                                                                                                                      allo ntial futurelop-

                                                                                                                                                                                       poteent redeve.
                                                                                                                                                                                       currnt activities             $




                                WV MACK






                                                                                                                                                                                                                               CHEAT RIVER


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                COAL PREP






                              HORSE CREEK





                               FLAT GLASS




                                                                                                       d   Gr
                                                                                                    un          ide

                                                                                                 F          rov bal

                                 PUBLIC LIBRARY

                                                                                                         s p tri
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                BARTON BENCH

                                                                                           Lo        antl and ive for .

                                                                                         g       Gr ca ce on p


                                                                                             und , lo t re d -u

                                                                              evo oan F tateility po sse lean

                                                                                                       a c a
                                                                        AR            L as s ab be nt ore on

                                                                                  ing ch the en e d
                                                                            v olvs su nts n thessm ma nd               $
                                                                        Re titiernmet caass st be is a
                                                                         enove s thalds mue base.
                                                                          g nd nfie ions wid c sit
                                                                            u ow at ity- cifi
                                                                           f r ic
                                                                            b ppl un spe
                                                                             A omm r a
                                                                               c ot fo


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       at ds


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    lic iel

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  pp nf

                                                                                                                                                                           WEIRTON          WEIRTON RAIL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A w

                                                                                                                                   LITTLE               J&B FILLING

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               nt ro

                                                                   GLASS                                                                                                  NORTH END             YARD
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ra B

                                                                                                                                 KANAWHA                  STATION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            G PA

                                                                   MARSHALL                                                     RIVERFRONT

                                                                    COUNTY                                                                                 MONONGALIA
                                                                                                                                   WOOD COUNTY                           HANCOCK COUNTY      HANCOCK COUNTY

    Questions or Comments?                                                                                                                              Visit www.wvbrown elds.org
 20          AGENDA                                                   BROWNFIELDS POST            SPECIAL CONFERENCE EDITION

              Wednesday, September 8
10:00 am - 12:00 pm                                                   Display Set-up

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm                                            Registration, snacks, networking

 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm                                  FOCUS Showcase - Kick-off and Project Introductions

 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm                                                   BROWNOPOLY!

 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm                                        BYOB Bring your own Brownfield Panel

 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm                    Keynote Address: Christy Bailey, Executive Director National Coal Heritage Area

 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm                                               Redevelopment Reception

                 Thursday, September 9
 7:30 am - 8:30 am                                           Registration/Continental Breakfast

                                                               Welcome and Keynote Address
 8:30 am - 9:00 am                       West Virginia State Senator Brooks McCabe, 17th District, Kanawha County

                                                                                                           Licensed Remediation
                            Brownfields Update                    A Lender’s Perspective
9:00 am - 10:15 am     Targeted Assessment Overview               Financing your Project
                                                                                                            Specialist Training
                                                                                                              Data Validation

10:15 am - 10:45 am                                             Morning Networking Break

                                                              Renewable Energy Research and                Licensed Remediation
10:45 am - 12:00 pm       Grant Writing Workshop
                           EPA Clean-up Grants
                                                              Potential Economic Impact on                  Specialist Training
                                                                        Brownfields                           Data Validation

                                                             Lunch and FOCUS Grant Awards
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm                             Special Guest Speaker: Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito

                          Vacant Properties Forum                Brownfield Case Studies:                     State and Federal
 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm    Blight, Brownfields & Bulldozers          Reinventing Country Roads                    Regulatory Updates

 2:45 pm - 3:15 pm                                             Afternoon Networking Break

                          Vacant Properties Forum               The Develpoer’s Perspective                        Jobs;
 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm              (continued)                      West Virginia’s Tool Box                 A Brownfields Perspective

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