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					Beers by the BOTTLE                                                              Beers by the BOTTLE
European/Belgian/Trappist (Style) Large Bottles to Share                         European/Belgian/Trappist (Style) Large Bottles to Share
 (Local Belgian Style by the Bottle)                                             Goose Island Pere Jacques- Illinois (22oz)                                15.00
Rock Mill Organic Belgian Witbier- (25.4oz)                              22.50   strong and rich mahogany Belgian ale (8%)
delicious Belgian style wit brewed with pure Ohio well water (6%)                Goose Island Matilda- Illinois (22oz)                                     15.00
Rock Mill Organic Abbey Dubbel (25.4oz)                                  24.00   Matilda is made with a rare yeast & offers a complex maltiness balanced with a
spicy German opal & spalt select hops balance rich brown malts (8%)
Rock Mill Organic Saison (25.4oz)                                        22.50   profuse amount of hops (7%)
light yet rustic and complex w/spice in the aroma from the breweries own         Hop Ruiter by Scheldebrouwerij-Belgium (750ml)                            16.00
Belgian yeast strain (6.5%)                                                      Belgian tripel that is dry hopped with a rustic malt body that pairs Belgian
Rock Mill Organic Tripel (25.4oz)                                        26.00   yeast-driven flavors w/ American assertive hoppiness (8%)
true to style delicious Golden Belgian strong ale (9%)                           Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel- (750ml)                              14.00
(Domestic & International Belgian/European Style)                                unique marriage between the English IPA, the new American Imperial IPAs
Achel Extra Trappist- Belgium (750ml)                                    24.00   and the classic Belgian (9%)
huge copper colored brown with a little malt sweetness, dried fruit and sherry   Karmeliet Triple (Brouwerij Bosteels)- Belgium (750ml)                    14.00
notes and brisk backdrop of balanced hop bitterness (9.5%)                       Blond, robust, smooth, & fruity three grain top fermented beer refermented in
Alesmith Grand Cru- California (750ml)                                   20.00   the bottle (8%)
near perfect Belgian Strong that quite simply is a thing of beauty (10.6%)       La Trappe (Koningshoeven) Quadruple- Belgian (750ml)                      16.00
Bornem Triple Abbey- Belgium (750ml)                                     14.00   very strong trappist full malt richness and brandy like alcohol (10%)
Golden shining and soft feel in the mouth, balanced taste, full body and a       Lindemans Gueuze Cuvee Rene- Belgium (750ml)                              14.00
splendid aroma, w/dry long finish (9%)                                           possibly the oldest Belgian beer style, Gueuze, (pronounced "GOO-za") is
Bruery Mischief- California (750ml)                                      16.00    unseasoned and wild-fermented beer. The brewers blend aged lambic and
Belgian-style golden and hoppy ale not to be trusted; dry and crisp (8.5%)        younger lambic, to taste, and a bottle refermentation occurs after capping (5%)
Bruery Orchard White- California (750ml)                                 16.00   Meantime Scotch Ale- England (750ml)                                      15.00
Belgian-style witbier brewed with unmalted flaked wheat, oats, malted barley,    a purist expression of traditional Scotch malt character (8%)
corriander, orange peel, and lavender (5.7%)                                     Maredsous Bruin- Belgium (750ml)                                          14.00
Bruery Saison De Lente- California (750ml)                               16.00   A brown ale brewed under the supervision of the monastic community
light blonde w/ a fresh hoppiness & wild and rustic Brett character (6.5%)       of Maredsous according to Benedictine tradition (8%)
Chimay White- Belgium (750ml)                                            15.00   Ommegang Biere De Mars- New York (750ml)                                  17.00
quintessential abbey triple- golden slightly hazy appearance enhanced aromas     dry hopped Belgian style amber spiked with Brettonomyces yeast (6.5%)
of fresh hops and yeast (8%)                                                     ( Sierra Nevada) Ovila Abbey Dubbel- California (750ml)                   15.00
Chimay Red –Belgium (750ml)                                              14.00   copper dubbel w/rich malty sweetness a& hints of clove spice (7.5%)
trappist ale from the largest monastery brewery in Belgium founded in 1850; a    Piraat Triple- Belgium (750ml)                                            13.00
strong copper colored abbey dubbel still light on the palate (7%)                a wickedly rich & rounded Belgian IPA that packs a mighty punch (10.5%)
Chimay Blue- Belgium (750ml)                                             15.00   Rivertown Lambic- Cincinnatti, Ohio(750ml)                                18.00
Belgian strong ale with a light and flowery aroma (9%)                           Tart, vinous, & delicious true to style unsweetened lambic that was the winner
De Proef brouwerrij Signature Ale- Belgium (750ml)                       22.00   of the Sam Adams long shot award (6%)
collaborative Belgian strong that combines the enormous talents of Dirk          St Feuillien Triple- Belgium (750ml)                                      13.50
Naudts, at Belgium’s De Proef Brewery, and Tomme Arthur of Port Brewing          effervescent pale golden; spicy and fruity w/ distinctive malt (8.5%)
and Lost Abbey in southern California (8.5%)                                     Timmermans Limited Oude Gueuze- Belgium (25.4oz)                          16.00
Delerium Nocturnum- Belgium (750ml)                                      14.00   tart and sour with lemon and orange peel notes and a petrol nose (5.5%)
world class dark Belgium strong ale with strong malt flavors (9%)                Troubador Obscura- Belgium (750ml)                                        17.00
Drie Fontenien Oude Gueuze- (15.4oz) Belgium                             11.50   Belgian Stout produced with four different malts for a deep red color and
lambic from the last free standing blender (negociant) in the world;              malty aroma with a pleasingly bitter aftertaste (8.5%)
each bottle has been aged over three years (6%)                                  Unibrou Blanche De Chambly- Canada (750ml)                                14.00
                                                                                 Belgian style white beer aged on lees (dead yeast) for body (5%)
Beers by the BOTTLE                                                         Beers by the BOTTLE
Import Fruit Ale & Lambics                                                  Import Ales/Porters/Stouts & Lagers
Lindemans Cassis –Belgium mild black currant lambic             8.50        Bass -England- (5%) a classic bitter pale                     4.00
Lindemans Framboise -belgium-mild raspberry lambic              8.50        Flag Porter- England                                          6.00
Lindemans Kriek -Belgium-mild cherry lambic                     8.50        full bodied porter brewed with kent hops and fermented with
Lindemans Peche -belgium-mild peach lambic                      8.50        yeast salvaged from a 19th century shipwreck (5%)
Samuel Smith Organic Cherry Ale- England              18.7oz    8.50        Fullers ESB -premium English bitter ale (5.9%)                4.00
Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Ale- England 18.7oz             8.50        Newcastle Nut Brown -England- the original (4.7%)             4.00
Samuel Smith Organic Raspberry Ale- England 18.7oz              8.50        Old Speckled Hen -England-14oz                                5.00
Wells Banana Bread Beer- England                     16.9oz     6.50        pub draught style can, creamy olde English ale (4.7)
a dark golden colored ale with gentle banana aromas (5.2%)                  Samuel Smith Nut Brown -England-                      18.7oz 8.00
                                                                            significantly bitter and rich (5.0%)
German Pilsners & Ales & Wits
                                                                            Samuel Smith Organic Ale -England-18.7oz                      8.00
Paulaner Hefewiezen -Germany-                                     4.00
                                                                            pleasant and mild English ale        (5.0%)
light and drinkable citrus and honey wheat flavors (5.6%)
                                                                            Samuel Smith Taddy Porter                              18.7oz 8.00
Jever Pilsner- Germany                                            4.00
                                                                            intensely dark, full bodied and flavorful porter
typifies the dry style, north German pils w/ a clean bitter finish (4.7%)
                                                                            Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout -England-                  18.7oz 7.00
Schlenkerla Rauchbier-Germany 16.9 oz                             7.00
                                                                            the classic oatmeal stout depth without compromise (5.0%)
smoked beer whose flavor comes from beechwood chips under the
malting kiln; dark & aromatic bottom fermented, cellar matured (5.1%)       Samuel Smith Organic Lager -England-                  18.7oz 8.00
                                                                            dry and citrusy with decent bitterness (5.0%)
American Craft Ales/Porters/Stouts & Lagers
Anchor Steam Liberty -California-(6.0%)                         4.50        Assorted Import Lagers
Great Lakes Burning River- Ohio’s favorite pale (6.0%)          4.00        Amstel light -Netherlands-(3.5%)                             4.00
Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald -Ohio-                            4.00        Corona Extra -Mexico- (4.2%)                                 4.00
chocolate creamy and sweet with a hoppy aftertaste (5.8%)                   Dos Equis Amber - Mexico- (4.7%)                             4.00
Great Lakes Elliot Ness Amber -Ohio                             4.00        Estrella Damm Daura-Spain- (Gluten free) (5.4%)              4.00
Flawless construction of a German style (6.2%)                              Harp-Ireland- (4.3%)                                         4.00
Sam Adams Boston Lager -Massachusetts- (4.9%)                   4.00        Heineken & Heineken Light - Netherlands- (5.0%)              4.00
Sierra Nevada Pale -California- still one of the best (5.2%)    4.00        Kingfisher -India- well balanced and smooth (4.8%)           4.50
Stone IPA -California-                                          4.50        Kirin Ichiban -Japan pale lager, slightly malty (4.9%)       4.50
delicious fresh citrus hops balanced with decent malt (6.9%)                Negra Modelo -Mexico- dark lager (6.0%)                      3.50
Stone Arrogant Bastard –California (22oz)                       8.50        Red Stripe -Jamaica- (4.7%)                                  3.50
a great beer for the for the name and the taste (7.2%)
Victory Golden Monkey -Pennsylvania-                            5.00        Asst. Domestic Lager
enjoyably sweet and drinkable American Triple (9.5%)                        Budweiser - Missouri - king of beers (5.0%)                  2.75
                                                                            Bud Light- Missouri- the light version (4.2%)                2.75
Cider                                                                       Miller Lite - Wisconsin - gold medal winner (4.5%)           2.75
Strongbow Cider- England- dry cider (5.3%)                      4.00        PBR - Illinois - the blue ribbon (5.0%)                      2.00
Crispin Dry Cider- Minnesota                                    4.00        Coors Light -Colorado- the silver bullet (4.2%)              2.75
crsip and refreshingly natural dry cider served over ice (5%)               Michelob Ultra -Missouri-low carbs (4.2%)                    2.75
                                                                            Miller High Life -Wisconsin- champagne of beers (4.2%)       2.75

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