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Nimsoft for Cisco CallManager


									                                          NIMSOFT DATASHEET

                                          Nimsoft for Cisco CallManager
                                          The Nimsoft For Cisco Callmanager Solution Provides
                                          Proactive VoIP Monitoring
    Proactive monitoring of key
    CallManager health and                Introduction
    performance metrics                   Today’s successful Voice over IP (VoIP) deployments require incessant network availability
                                          and 360 degree transparency of the infrastructure. To achieve this requirement, it is crucial to
   Call summary reports and graphs
                                          proactively monitor end-to-end performance of all components for improved quality of service
    including attempted and completed
                                          and problem diagnosis. Specifically in Cisco VoIP deployments, the Cisco CallManager application
    calls (hourly/daily)
                                          is a mission-critical component. Proactively monitoring key server health as well as application
   IP Phone details extend               health, helps ensure higher quality of service.
    monitoring with user-defined
    performance objects                   Nimsoft For Cisco CallManager Probe
                                          The Nimsoft Monitoring Solutions (NMS), formerly
   Zero software installed on Cisco
                                          known as NimBUS, for Cisco CallManager probe
    CallManager servers
                                          monitors and manages key health and performance
                                          metrics and services on CallManager servers. The probe
MONITOrS                                  includes multiple predefined checkpoints and thresholds
                                          to enable easy selection of metrics to be monitored.
   Cisco TFTP
   Cisco CallManager                     The probe contains a comprehensive user interface
   Cisco H.323                           enabling easy definition of the hosts to be monitored,
                                          activation/deactivation of checkpoints, and configuring
   Memory                                thresholds. In addition, essential performance data is
   Disk                                  presented in real time graphs including hourly and daily call
                                          summary information. The probe is extensible to include all
   Processes
                                          available Cisco performance objects.
   Phones, Gateways, Devices
   Temperature, Fan, UPS                 This advance monitoring configuration can be achieved
                                          without installing any software on the Cisco CallManager
   Services and more…                    servers and can be combined with Cisco IPSLA monitoring
                                          for an end to end VoIP monitoring solution.
                                          Part of the NMS family
   Improved Cisco CallManager            In addition to the NMS for Cisco CallManager Monitoring
    availability and performance          solution, modules exist for other parts of the VoIP infrastructure,
   Proactive monitoring to ensure        such as Cisco IPSLA and network device and bandwidth monitoring. These are complemented
                                          by server monitoring for all common operating systems, database monitoring modules for all
   SLA compliance                        common databases, application modules for Exchange, Lotus Notes and other widely deployed
   Proactive notifications through       applications.
    e-mail, pager, SMS and other mobile
                                                                                                                                     NIMSOFT DATASHEET

Cisco CallManager:                                                                    Disk:
CallManagerHeartBeat                                                                      Free Megabytes C:
CallsActive                                                                               Free Megabytes D:
CallsCompleted                                                                       Process monitor:
CallsInProgress                                                                           ccm memory, cpu
DeltaCallRatio - (CallsCompleted /CallsAttempted)
                 in last period / 100                                                Phones/Gateways/Devices:
FXOPortsActive                                                                           ActivePhones
FXOPortsInService                                                                        InActivePhones
FXSPortsActive                                                                           ActiveGateways
FXSPortsInService                                                                        InActiveGateways
MOHMulticastResourceActive                                                           Temperature:
MOHMulticastResourceAvailable                                                             Sensor One and Two
MOHTotalUnicastResources                                                             Fan:
MOHUnicastResourceActive MOHUnicastResourceAvailable                                     Cpu Fan Status
MTPOutOfResources                                                                        System Fan Status
MTPResourceAvailable                                                                 uPS:
MTPResourceTotal                                                                         Fault Tolerance Power Supply status
RegisteredHardwarePhones                                                                  UPS Line Status
RegisteredMGCPGateway                                                                     UPS Estimated Battery Life
Cisco TFTP                                                                               Cisco CallManager Service
Cisco H.323:                                                                             Cisco CTIManager Service
     CallsActive                                                                         Cisco CTL Provider Service
     CallsAttempted                                                                      Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher
     CallsCompleted                                                                  Service
     CallsInProgress                                                                      Cisco TFTP Service
                                                                                          SNMP Service
Memory:                                                                                   SQLServer
     Commit Limit
     Committed Bytes
     % Committed Bytes in Use
     Available MBytes

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