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									            Satellite Symposium Schedule
Sunday, January 30 • Dimanche 30 janvier                                 Alexander Turpie, MB, FRCP, FACP, FACC,
12:30-14:00 Satellite Symposiums                                         Hamilton Health Sciences Centre
            Luncheon included                                            General Hospital
            Symposiums satellites                                        Hamilton, ON
            Déjeuner inclus                                              Hosted by
             1. Update on Stroke Prevention in Atrial
                Fibrillation: A Case-Based, Practical
                DOMINION NORTH

               Kori Leblanc, PharmD, ACPR
                                                           17:30-19:30 Satellite Symposiums
               University Health Network
                                                                         (dinner included)
               Toronto, ON
                                                                         Symposiums satellites
               Jennifer Pickering, BScPhm, ACPR                          (dîner inclus)
               Hamilton Health Sciences
               Hamilton, ON                                            1. Critical Catches Following the
                                                                          Implementation of a Dose Error
               Hosted by                                                  Reduction Software
                                                                          ESSEX BALLROOM

                                                                         Eva Cohen, BPharm, DPH
                                                                         Jewish General Hospital of Montreal
                                                                         Montreal, QC
             2. Diving into the Recent ACS Trials on                     Hosted by
                Dual Antiplatelet Therapy: Design, Data,
                and Implications for Pharmacists
                ESSEX BALLROOM

               Claudia Bucci, BScPhm, PharmD, ACPR
               Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
               Toronto, Ontario                                        2. How Subsequent-Entry Biologics will
                                                                          Impact Your Pharmacy and Patient
               Heather Kertland, PharmD                                   Management
               St. Michael's Hospital
               Toronto, ON                                                DOMINION NORTH

               Patrick Robertson, BSP, PharmD                            Philip Schwab
               Saskatoon Health Region                                   BIOTECanada
               Saskatoon, Saskatchewan                                   Ottawa, ON
               Hosted by                                                 Geoff Eich
                                                                         Amgen Canada
                                                                         Thousand Oaks, CA

                                                                         Hosted by

Monday, January 31 • Lundi 31 janvier
06:30-08:00 Satellite Symposium
            Breakfast included
            Symposium satellite
            Petit déjeuner inclus

             1. New Prevention Paradigms in Atrial
                Fibrillation: A Review of the Latest
                Clinical Data
                ESSEX BALLROOM

               William Semchuk, BSP, MSc, PharmD
               Regina Regional Hospital
               Regina, SK
            Satellite Symposium Schedule
Tuesday, February 1 • Mardi 1er février                       Wednesday, February 2 • Mercredi 2 février
06:30-08:00 Satellite Symposium                               12:40-14:10 Satellite Symposiums
            Breakfast included                                            Luncheon included
            Symposium satellite                                           Symposiums satellites
            Petit dejeuner inclus                                         Déjeuner inclus

             Medication Reconciliation: Communication                     1. A New Look at MRSA Pneumonia:
             Must be Key                                                     Epidemiology, 2011 Guidelines and
              ESSEX BALLROOM
                                                                             Recent Clinical Trials
                                                                             ESSEX BALLROOM
             Margaret Colquhoun, RPh, BScPhm, FCSHP -
             Moderator                                                      Ethan Rubinstein, MD, LLB
             Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada                 University of Manitoba
             (ISMP Canada)                                                  Winnipeg, MB
             Toronto, ON                                                    Daniel J.G. Thirion, BPharm, MSc, PharmD,
             Debra Merrill, BScPharm, PharmD                                FCSHP
             William Osler Health System                                    Royal Victoria Hospital/
             Toronto, ON                                                    McGill University Health Center
                                                                            Montreal, QC
             Hosted by
                                                                            Hosted by

17:00-19:00 Satellite Symposium
            (dinner included)                                             2. Evolving Strategies in Antiplatelet
            Symposium satellite                                              Therapy in ACS
            (diner inclus)                                                   CITY HALL
              ESSEX BALLROOM                                                Jennifer Pickering, BScPhm, ACPR
                                                                            Hamilton Health Sciences
             The Essential Role of Pharmacists in Safer                     Hamilton, ON
             Healthcare Now!: VTE and Medication
                                                                            Claudia Bucci, PharmD, ACPR
             Reconciliation                                                 Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
             Margaret Colquhoun, BScPhm, FCSHP                              Toronto, ON
             Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada                 Hosted by
             Toronto, ON
             Artemis Diamantouros, BScPhm, MEd
             Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
             Toronto, ON
             Bill Geerts, MD, FRCPC
             Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
             Toronto, ON
             Hosted by

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