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					                                Three Rivers Chapter
American Society of Safety Engineers                                              September 2008

                               It’s easy to just work your day
                                                                  ►Chicagoland Safety Conference
                               to day jobs, and collect your      Drivers & Fatigue
                               paychecks, and be here 20
                                                                  Governmental Affairs - DUI
                               years from now, but what have
                                                                  ASSE Members Only
                               you changed? Make sure that        Chapter Website - Redesigned!
                               we’ve proven that a small group    October 10th Meeting
                               of people, focused on a mission,
                                                                  Future Chapter Meetings
                               can make change happen.
                                                                  Job Opportunities
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                               Carolyn Merritt
                                                                  Tribute to Carolyn Merritt
                               In her farewell address to the     ►CSB safety video
                               Chemical Safety Board              Chapter Board Members
 Carolyn Merritt (1947-2008)                                      ► Hyperlink leaves ASSE

President's Corner                                        Brenda McCracken
Welcome to the start of a new chapter year! This     If you haven’t registered to attend the
year holds the promise of many positive changes      ►Chicagoland Safety Conference (9/15-18),
for the chapter, both internal and external.         please take a moment to browse the ►seminars
Whether it’s “change you can believe in”, or you     being offered. Located at ►NIU Naperville, it
believe that “change is coming”, it’s an exciting    offers quality personal development at a great
time.                                                value. If you indicate your affiliation when you
                                                     register, your attendance will directly support the
The Executive Board changed over on July 1. I’m      Three Rivers Chapter.
excited about the opportunity to work with the
new officers, and serve our chapter. We held our     On October 10, the chapter will hold a breakfast
first board meeting on July 15, and have been        meeting (7-9 am) at the ►Lisle Naperville Hilton.
busy working on the strategic plan and organizing    Pat Genovese secured the speaker, Tom Miller,
activities for the year. You can read the meeting    who will be discussing fire protection. Tom is a
minutes on our newly redesigned website.             PE, graduate FP Engineer from IIT, and former
                                                     Lieutenant on the Glen Ellyn VFD. He currently
The chapter is now a non-profit, incorporated in     works for the second largest Fire Protection
Illinois. Brian Rimbo submitted the chapter Star     Engineering Consultant firm in the world. Your
application to ASSE headquarters in August, which    evite should arrive soon.
is required to maintain our incorporated status.
The chapter will be recognized for last year’s       The board is looking forward to working with you
performance at the 2009 PDC.                         this year. We welcome you to attend any board
                                                     meeting. Our contact info is below and on the
Past Presidents, Brian Rimbo (07-8) and Bill         website. Please contact us with your concerns,
Linneweh (06-7), attended the Quad Cities            questions, or offers to volunteer. We hope to see
Chapter Golf Outing on August 22. They brought       you at the conference at NIU and chapter
back great ideas to ensure the Three Rivers          meetings. Networking is a good investment in
Chapter Golf Outing is a success in Summer 2009.     your career, especially during these times of
                                                     economic instability!

                                           Table of Contents
   Truck Drivers & Fatigue*                                  Governmental Affairs
     By Scot Salzman, CSP, ARM, CPCU, ALCM
                                                        Wisconsin, Badgerland, and Nicolet ASSE Chapters
It is well known and generally accepted that fatigue    are moving and shaking their state legislators with
can contribute to accidents. When we consider           a request to enact stricter measures to combat
fatigue as a factor we usually think of a driver        drunk driving:
falling asleep at the wheel. But fatigue usually does    Second conviction a criminal offense with
not have such a severe result. Inattentiveness, loss      mandatory jail time;
of alertness, carelessness, and poor judgment are        Third conviction a felony;
just some of the reported accident causes that may       Repeat offenders required to install a Breath
have a root in fatigue. Fatigue is most severe with       Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) at their
24 hour a day operations… Click here to open              own expense.
article and continue reading.
                                                        Illinois already has similar laws, which are outlined
*Published in RM/Insight, Spring 2008.                  in the ►2008 Illinois DUI Fact Book. Starting in
 ______________________________________                 January of 2009, ►Illinois will require first-time
                                                        DUI offenders to have a BAIID installed on their

       ASSE Members Only                                vehicle as a condition of driving relief.
                                                        If you feel passionate about an ►Illinois Law that
You must logon to use the features available in         impacts safety and you want to champion a
ASSE Members Only. To logon, enter your ASSE ID         movement to improve government, contact your
in the User ID box and your last name for the           Governmental Affairs Chairperson, Pat Genovese.
Password. Enter your last name exactly as it            _______________________________________
appears on your membership card.
The ASSE Membership Directory allows you to
search for colleagues or submit a request to update
                                                                    October Meeting
your directory listing. To ensure you receive           Date:       October 10, 2008
information from ASSE and the chapter, verify your      Time:       Luncheon, 12 to 2 pm
contact information in Members Only. If you have        Cost:       $25
problems updating your information, please contact      Topic:      Fire Protection
your Membership Chair, Mery Sennett.                    Speaker:    Tom Miller, PE
_______________________________________                 Location:   ►Lisle/Naperville Hilton Hotel
                                                                    3003 Corporate West Drive

         Chapter Website                                            On S. side of Warrenville Rd.
                                                                    E of Naperville Road ►Map
                                                        RSVP:       Please respond to your evite.
Our new website was designed by Matt Mesker, the                    If you don’t receive one, email
Web Developer at ASSE Headquarters in Des                 
Plaines, Illinois. Matt earned a B.A. in Studio Art                 or call 815-741-3927.
from NIU, and came to work at ASSE in 2006.
Cleary, his talent raised our website to the next        ______________________________________
Matt transformed our passé website, to create a                           Region V
truly professional presence on the Internet. As you
browse through our new website, you’ll find the         Three Rivers is part of ASSE Region V which
information is well organized and presented. Make       includes 16 chapters, 3 sections, and 8 student
sure you visit frequently, because Matt’s               sections in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota,
turnaround time for updates is phenomenal!              Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota,
                                                        Wisconsin, & Egypt.

                                             Table of Contents
                             Tribute to Carolyn Merritt
                “The Mentoring Spirit at the Chemical Safety Board”
                                                      “People are not expendable. And people who work
                                                      in industry should not be considered the cost of
                                                      doing business. They are people, human beings,
                                                      with lives, and with hearts, and souls, and
                                                      families. And they should be protected in every
                                                      way possible . . . And blowing them up or burning
                                                      them down makes no sense from a fiduciary
                                                      perspective. I think there’s a real moral obligation
                                                      for companies to say they value people, to value
                                                      people more than they value equipment and their
                                                      facilities. People are irreplaceable, and they
                                                      should be protected. Boards of directors that do
                                                      not have that as a moral compass are really
                                                      missing the boat.”

                                                      Carolyn Merritt
                                                      Chemical Safety Board Director 2002-2007
Carolyn Merritt, who served as chairman of the        You can honor Carolyn’s memory by taking the time
►Chemical Safety Board from 2002-7, died on           to view and share the ►CSB safety video posted to
August 29 at 61, after a tough battle against         YouTube on September 5, 2008. This video relates
metastatic breast cancer. Carolyn didn’t let breast   to everyone, whether your employer falls under the
cancer scare her, and moved forward to enjoy          Process Safety Standard or not. It tells the story of
eight wonderful years after her diagnosis. A          CSB’s investigation of a chemical explosion in
website for remembrances has been set up at           Danvers, Massachusetts. The explosion occurred at
►CaringBridge, where her daughter hopes that          ink manufacturer, located adjacent to residential
“everyone who works in some area of chemical          homes, the day before Thanksgiving in 2006. The
safety will take a moment to reflect on the           facility was destroyed, and scores of nearby homes
contributions Carolyn made.”                          and businesses were damaged. A number of
                                                      residents were hospitalized, but the accident
Carolyn’s colleagues at the ►CSB are mourning         occurred at 2:46 am, so the plant was unoccupied.
her passing. In her ►farewell video to the CSB,       The CSB explains the root cause and discusses
Carolyn hoped to be remembered as “a leader           several corrective actions that may be needed in
that brought them along with patience,                your own community.
persistence, and with a mentoring spirit.” Carolyn           _____________________________
reflected on her hope for the CSB: “Root causes
don’t stop with the event or the broken widget.                 Some Informative Links
They really go to the deepest culture of an
organization. And until those cultures change,
you’re just not going to be able to prevent
accidents from happening … carrying that
message forward in our future investigations, and
our outreach, our videos, and other things, is just
critically important to its future.”

                                            Table of Contents
                          Tentative Chapter Meetings
                       Meetings are at the ►Lisle Naperville Hilton unless otherwise noted.
                     Date                 Time             Details
                     Sept. 15-17          3 Days           ►
                     Oct. 10, 2008        7-9 am           Fire Protection
                     Nov. 14, 2008        12-2 pm          Sustainable Ergonomics
                     Dec. 9, 2008         6-11 pm          Holiday Social
                     Jan. 9, 2009         12-2 pm          Illinois Workman’s Comp
                     Feb. 13, 2009        12-2 pm          Industrial Hygiene
                     March 13, 2009       6-8 pm           Construction Safety
                     April 17, 2009       8-noon           Environmental Protection
                     May 8, 2009         12-2 pm           NAOSH

                            2008-2009 Board Members
                                                       Active Past Presidents
                                                       Treasurer & Conference Organizer
  Brenda McCracken
                                                         Joseph L. Lasky, CSP, CHMM
1st Vice President
                                                       Delegate & Golf Outing
   David Boor, CSP
                                                         Brian Rimbo, CSP, EMT-P
2nd Vice President & Government Affairs
                                                       Bylaw Revisions & Conference PR
   Pat Genovese, CSP
                                                         Amy Gibson, CSP
Secretary & Newsletter Content
                                                       Summer 2009 Golf Outing
  Scot Salzman, CSP, ARM, CPCU, ALCM
                                                         Bill Linneweh, CSP
Membership Chair & Diversity
  Mery Sennett                                         PDC & Website Content                                     Mike McGawley, CSP
Delegate & Programs                                      773-847-2100
  Anita Worden                                         Diversity & Community Outreach                               Mary Prisby

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                                               Table of Contents

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