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					Press Release                ELTEC ELEKTRONIK AG                                    03.03.2009

S T R O K E S _____________________       Atom CPU on the COM
                                          Express Module with PCI
approx. 35/line
A D D R E S S ______________________      With its EUROCOM 500
                                          innovation ELTEC once again
ELTEC Elektronik AG                       underscores that it is one of the
Galileo-Galilei-Str. 11
                                          absolute pioneers in CPU board
55129 Mainz
                                          Mainz and Nuremberg, Germany,
Fon      +49 6131 918 0                   March 3, 2009 – In conjunction with
Fax      +49 6131 918 195                 the official announcement of the
Email                   launch of the new Intel nuclear
www                        processor, ELTEC Elektronik AG is
                                          debuting its EUROCOM 500. The
P R E S S C O N T A C T _______________   close cooperation of two companies
                                          made it possible: the combination of
Text     Daniela Höhn                     the benefits of two different worlds –                 of the established module standard
                                          COM Express with the new Intel
Picture Katalin Schmör                    Atom CPU. The result is a budget               priced CPU platform that consumes
                                          only a minimal amount of electricity
                                          when the computer is set at medium
P R O D U C T _____________________
                                          speed performance. The solution also
EUROCOM 500                               utilizes a form factor that offers
                                          customers the flexibility of not having
                                          to be tied to a specific manufacturer
                                          in the long term.
                                          With its 1.6 GHz fast Atom CPU
S T A T U S _______________________       (Z5xx) and its single chip system
                                          controller US15W, the COM Express
For immediate publication.                Module boasts a complete x86 core
                                          with integrated graphics. It also
                                          comes with a 1 or 2 GB memory,
                                          USB ports and hard disk connections
                                          via IDE or SATA. On this platform, all
                                          periphery expansions are connected
                                          via two PCI Express (x1) ports, which
                                          means that the solution provides an
                                          adequate bandwidth for industrial
                                          ELTEC has added a PCI Express
                                          Switch to ensure the optimum
                                          integration of the core into the COM
                                          Express Module. The switch handles
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Press Release                ELTEC ELEKTRONIK AG                                   03.03.2009

C O N T I N U A T I O N ________________   the distribution of the express buses
                                           and provides a bridge, which is
EUROCOM 500                                implemented on the parallel PCI by
                                           PCI Express. Consequently, all PCI
                                           periphery units are fully throughput
                                           connected. Moreover, one additional
                                           PCI Express x1port is provided for
                                           discretionary use.
                                           The EUROCOM 500 platform with its
                                           Atom CPU and the US15W chip
                                           system is supported by Windows XP
                                           – even its embedded version – and
                                           by Linux, including its real time
                                           versions. The module has been
                                           designed for expanded temperature
                                           ranges from -40 °C to + 85 °C.
                                           Typically, it requires only 6 W and,
                                           therefore, does not require a fan.
                                           Please find further information at


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